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Discover how much more you'll get out of being a pro wrestling fan as a PWTorch VIP member. Read... Listen... Learn… Discuss... with the best reporters and analysts with decades of experience. Here’s what you get with a VIP membership

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•Unmatched insider archives dating back to the late 1980s including over 1,000 back issues in PDF and Text Formats, thousands of audio shows and radio shows dating back to the late 1980s, and a library of insider Torch Talk interviews spanning several decades with many of pro wrestling’s biggest names.

•New VIP Audio Shows every day, anchored by PWTorch founder and editor Wade Keller’s Daily Wade Keller Hotline, covering the latest news with hard-hitting analysis, reviews of major TV shows including an in-depth rundown and analysis of Raw every week, and Ask the Editor editions with long-form answers to VIP members questions.

•The two-hour Bruce Mitchell Audio Show every weekend, featuring Keller’s conversation with senior columnist Mitchell, who has an unmatched combination of historical insider knowledge, analysis of the current scene, and a strong point-of-view.

•Ad-Free editions of the PWTorch Livecast every weekday including the VIP-exclusive Aftershows.

•Retro Radio Shows including the entire early-‘90s run of Keller’s KFAN “Pro Wrestling Focus” radio show featuring live callers, journalist roundtables, and big-name guest interviews. Also, new editions of the “Pro Wrestling Spotlight” radio show hosted by John Arezzi from the late 1980s to the early 1990s. Dozens have been added, and 150 more are still to go, with new editions being added every month, including big-name historical guests. Also, Jim Valley’s “Total Chaos” Attitude Era radio shows are in the mix, too.

•Our WrestleMania Audio Roundtable collection featuring our long-form reviews of WrestleManias 1 through 15, all recorded in recent years with Keller, Mitchell, and McNeill presenting insider backstage stories, alternative plans, analysis of match finishes, historical significance debates, and more on the first half of WrestleMania’s current history. More are added each year as we finish the series with reviews of WrestleManias 16-20. We also have our night-of-show post-PPV Roundtables available for WrestleManias 21-31 all available at this page: WRESTLEMANIA LIBRARY. That page includes links to Keller’s PPV Reports with star ratings, staff Roundtable Reviews, Reader Reax & Poll Results, and accompanying related stories from the PWTorch Newsletter over the years.

•A great array of other audio shows throughout the month including post-PPV Roundtables with Keller, Mitchell, and Pat McNeill (our most popular monthly show), Moonlight with Greg Parks and Radican’s Wrestling Community covering the indy scene and secondary TV shows each week, the NSFW East Coast Cast with Travis Bryan & Co., the Wayback Playback with Jim Valley & Pat McNeill PPV reviews where you can sync their commentary on events with your viewing of them on WWE Network or other means, and more.

•We also post our VIP Audio Shows from 10 Years Ago on an ongoing basis so you can hear our insider analysis, interviews, and show reviews from a time that you weren’t a VIP member and relive some of your favorite (or least favorite!) wrestling moments with our analysis and insights added to the mix.

•ALL AUDIO SHOWS ARE AVAILABLE TO DOWNLOAD OR STREAM VIA ITUNES OR ON YOUR SMART PHONES VIA THE BROWSER OR CERTAIN PODCAST APPS. You can subscribe as a VIP member to every VIP show in a single feed, or separate feeds for each show. They work on podcast apps on iPhones and Android devices, plus iTunes. You can also stream or download the shows right from our VIP website on your desktop or laptop computer.

•New editions of the weekly PWTorch Newsletter, which started it all, is posted in PDF and All-Text formats every week. This includes exclusive articles from the PWTorch Staff including Keller’s TV Reports (Raw, NXT, Smackdown, Impact, etc.), Keller’s PPV Reports, Staff PPV Roundtable Reviews, Torch Talk interview transcripts, feature columns from Greg Parks and Bruce Mitchell, Keller’s Cover Story and End Notes, Keller’s Pg. 2 Radar, the Torch Newswire, Ringside Beat house show reports, and more. The PDF online newsletter often features PDF-exclusive bonus pages with content not included in our 12 page paper copy edition. 

•Well over 1,000 back issues of the PWTorch Newsletter featuring Keller’s reviews of virtually every PPV and major TV show dating back to the late 1980s. Read along as you watch old shows on WWE Network or DVD and see what the backstory was on some of the matches, what star rating they earned, and reviews from the Torch staff with scores and analysis.

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-Torch Talk interview transcripts

-Top shelf feature columns from Greg Parks and Bruce Mitchell

-Keller’s Cover Story and End Notes

-Keller’s Pg. 2 Radar, the Torch Newswire

-Ringside Beat house show reports

-The Torch Newswire packed with a week of top stories selected by our editors

-Sean Radican’s exclusive indy coverage with analysis

•Take the newsletter with you wherever you do. Unplug and settle in for an immersive mix of news, top shelf analysis, the industry’s best interviews, hard-hitting editorials, and insider perspective from the best, most experienced pro wrestling staff in the industry who help you know not just what’s happening, but why it’s happening... Delivered to your home mailbox each week.

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