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5/13 PWG in Hollywood, Calif.: Styles vs. Daniels goes 60 Minutes, Pseudo Dragon revealed

May 14, 2005 - 4:10:00 PM

By James Caldwell, Torch Team Contributor

Pro Wrestling Guerilla presents: "Jason Takes PWG!"
May 13, 2005
Hollywood, California at the Los Feliz JCC
Report by James Caldwell, Pro Wrestling Torch Team Contributor

The Big Story: A.J. Styles and Christopher Daniels wrestled to a 60-minute draw in a match that featured both the PWG Title and TNA X Division Title on the line. After months and months of speculation, the Fake Dragon was revealed after a shocking turn of events when Excalibur turned on Super Dragon.


(1) El Generico defeated Human Tornado (w/Sarieha) at 11:35. El Generico came out first and danced to Human Tornado's entrance music as he entered the ring with the stunning Sarieha, one of So Cal Val's friends from TNA. Once the bell rang, the action didn't start as Tornado and Generico picked up where they left off from All Star Weekend with a major dance off. The very fun dance off turned into a game of one-upmanship until the action began with a standard tie up. Mid-way through the match, Generico sent Tornado to the outside then connected with an amazing springboard back flip plancha, propelling himself off the ropes and into Tornado. With Tornado recovering from Generico's assault, Sarieha decided to involve herself in the match by taunting Generico with a provocative advance. Sarieha stood on the apron and drew Generico towards her, causing Generico to nearly fall flat on his face in shock at the sight of Sarieha's sexual taunts. That allowed Tornado the opportunity to place Generico in the corner, leading to Sarieha delivering the most beautiful Bronco Buster ever seen. Tornado tried to pull Sarieha off Generico, but Generico wouldn't let go of Tornado's escort for the evening, as he wanted to enjoy the moment for as long as possible.

Tornado kicked Generico to the outside then leapt over the top rope with an amazing splash onto Generico. Tornado celebrated the move before taking Generico back into the ring where he connected with his trademark Tornado DDT out of the corner. Generico kicked out in time then took a release German Suplex, which he kicked out of as well. Generico regained the offensive momentum, scored a super stiff kick to Tornado's head in the corner, and followed up with a side belly to back suplex. Generico scored a two count and instantly went for his trademark "Brainbustah" suplex, only to have Tornado slip out and go for his Fisherman reverse slam, but Generico slipped out and his "Brainbustah" suplex for the victory. The finish was well executed and well received by the fans. Very hot match.

- After the match, Generico helped Tornado to his feet in order to partake in yet another dance off. Tornado struggled to dance considering he was selling the effects of Generico's suplex, but managed to get in a dance move or two much to the delight of Generico.

(2) Ricky Reyes defeated Nosawa at 11:35. This was originally supposed to be Rickey Reyes vs. Puma in a Submission Match, but Puma was unable to attend because he was on a plane to Japan. Prior to the show, Ricky was noticeably upset about not being able to face Puma in the much anticipated submission match, but Nosawa's presence certainly made up for Puma's absence. Prior to the match beginning, Nosawa bowed to all four corners of the ring before shooting the double middle finger to Ricky. The match boiled down to a very technical mat-wrestling match with plenty of nicely executed counters and reversals. Mid-way through the match, Nosawa scored a nice Dragon Screw leg lariat then followed up with a Shining Wizard. Nosawa proceeded to go into WWE-mode by utilizing the finishing maneuvers of several WWE wrestlers. First, Nosawa placed Ricky in the Walls of Jericho (actually more like Jericho's Liontamer from WCW), but Ricky escaped in time. Nosawa tried his hand at Chris Benoit's Crippler Crossface, but Ricky managed to escape once again. Nosawa connected with a Michinoku Driver as a follow up to his submission holds, but only scored a two count on a pin attempt. Nosawa did the "You can't see me" hand gesture in Ricky's face then set up for John Cena's FU, but Ricky slipped out and locked in a modified Dragon Sleeper with reverse chin choke, leading to Nosawa tapping out. Very sound technical bout.

- After the match, Nosawa continued the WWE theme by posing for the fans as if he was Hulk Hogan. He invited Ricky to partake, but Ricky decided against posing with Nosawa.

(3) Aerial Express (Quicksilver & Scorpio Sky) (w/Dino Winwood) defeated Hook Bomberry & Top Gun Talwar and the Ballard Brothers at 12:15. PWG's website added this match to the line up earlier in the week, but also listed Los Luchas (Phoenix Star & Zokre) as participants, creating an advertised #1 Contender's match. No such contendership guarantee was mentioned prior to the actual match, meaning this match was a straight triple threat tag match. In a comical twist on ring entrances, Top Gun and Hook came out with "powder" on their noses while AXP came out to "Holla Back Girl" by Gwen Stefani. The uniqueness of AXP always seems to shine through their new ring entrance music for every show.

The first few minutes saw standard tag team action with only two wrestlers in the ring at one time, but the match quickly dissolved into an all-out six-man brawl. At times, one or two wrestlers would find themselves outside of the ring while action was hot inside the ring. The high spot of the match came when all six men gravitated to the corner turnbuckle where they teased a six-man pyramid suplex and slam combination, but the tease only resulted in a superb four-man suplex and clothesline combination involving the Ballards and AXP. After several more minutes of brawling action, AXP found themselves alone in the ring with Top Gun. Quicksilver held Top Gun in piledriver position, leading to Quicksilver delivering the piledriver just as Scorpio Sky connected with a drop kick to the stomach. To fend off any potential foes who might break up a subsequent pin, Scorpio Sky leapt over the top rope with a somersault splash on the Ballards, who were on the outside. Quicksilver made the cover on Top Gun for the pin and the win.

- Prior to our fourth match of the show featuring Kevin Steen and Sexxxy Eddy, Eddy – your basic Chipendale's dancer – came to the ring to introduce himself in his first PWG appearance. As a sign of thanks for the opportunity, Eddy called out PWG Commisioner, So Cal Val, to the ring. Val, looking amazingly stunning as usual, came to the ring in a schoolgirl/secretary outfit to listen to Eddy's comments. Eddy proceeded to offer sexual activity and comments to Val before stripping his shirt off for Val. Eddy finished the dirty deed by stripping off his warm-up pants revealing a leopard print bikini bottom. With half of Eddy's backside hanging out of his trunks, Steen came out to a very large babyface pop despite being portrayed as a heel in PWG for the longest time.

(4) Kevin Steen defeated Sexxxy Eddy at 13:55. The match began with a chant of "Mr. Wrestling" directed at Steen, who warmly accepted the accolades. Steen tried to play a traditional heel role to Eddy's babyface role, but the fans were much more accepting of Steen than Eddy, despite Eddy being portrayed as a babyface. Early on, Steen established a philosophy of using his "brain" as the basis for his offensive attack, consistently using heel tactics that displayed his brainpower, all the while drawing an outstanding response from the crowd. Eddy recovered mid-way through the match and scored an amazing wheelbarrow into release German Suplex that was simply awesome. That move led to Steen falling to the outside giving Eddy the opportunity to hit an Asai Moonsault off the ropes. It was a very nicely executed maneuver, but the fans were still less than receptive to Eddy.

Back in the ring, Steen recovered from the effects of the moonsault and placed Eddy atop the top turnbuckle. Eddy fought back with hard right hands then knocked Steen off the top to the mat. Eddy steadied himself then connected with a D-Lo Brown "Lo Down" maneuver, drawing a nearfall. Eddy took Steen up top where he set up for a huricanrana, but Steen jumped down to the mat and out of the way just as Eddy leapt up for the huricanrana, leaving Eddy crotched across the top turnbuckle. Steen placed Eddy in the corner of the ring then set up for a moonsault. Steen connected with an amazingly majestic moonsault, resulting in a two count only. After the moonsault resulted in a nearfall only, Steen instantly picked Eddy back up and delivered fall away, overhead reverse German Suplex, which he followed up with a pin to defeat Eddy. The fans were certainly in support of Steen throughout the match and celebrated with him afterwards as Sexxxy Eddy tried to recover to his feet to save face. Solid match.

- Excalibur and former PWG Champion, Super Dragon, came to the ring to confront the imposter Super Dragon. Excalibur, speaking on Super Dragon's behalf, said Dragon is sick and tired of being haunted by the Fake Dragon and wanted to end the speculation, torment, and strife in a Guerrilla Warfare Match. Excalibur called out the Fake Dragon as Super Dragon grabbed a chair from underneath the ring. Dragon re-entered the ring inched closer to the front of the ring in anticipation of confronting Fake Dragon. Instead, Excalibur attacked Super Dragon from behind and hit a double underhook piledriver into the chair! Excalibur took the mic and ripped on Super Dragon, calling him selfish and all about himself, without considering anyone else's feelings. Excalibur said he was tired of being treated strictly as the person to carry Dragon's bags and informed Super Dragon that it's "P-W-G, not P-W-S-D." Excalibur said he had a master plan going back to six months ago and knew the identity of the Fake Dragon. Excalibur took Dragon up on the Guerilla Warfare Challenge Match and the match began.

(5) Excalibur defeated Super Dragon at 21:20 in a Guerrilla Warfare Match. As Dragon rose to his feet after taking the piledriver and verbal tongue-lashing, Excalibur picked up the chair and went for a chair shot to the head, but the chair slipped out of his hands and flew over Dragon's head straight into the front row. Excalibur quickly retrieved the chair then completed his initial goal of cracking the chair over Dragon's head! It was quite possibly the sickest chair shot I have ever seen or heard. Dragon appeared to be knocked out and done for the night as Excalibur made a cover for a short victory, but Dragon somehow managed to place his left foot on the ropes to break up the pin attempt. Excalibur was shocked by the turn of events and turned the match into an all out brawl. The action spilled to all four corners of the arena, with Excalibur delivering a vicious attack using chairs and the walls of the arena as his offensive attack. Dragon made his first recovery of the match with an amazing move where he took Excalibur in a headlock, ran off one of the walls of the arena, and flipped backwards for a head slam into the concrete floor. Simply amazing. Dragon returned the chair shot from earlier in the match with a sick chair shot over Excalibur's head. Dragon sent Excalibur back into the ring then went under the ring and pulled out a ladder!

Dragon sent the ladder into the ring then went back inside where he placed Excalibur's head inside the ladder and set up for the Curb Stomp. After teasing the move to milk the anticipation, Dragon delivered a simply awesome Curb Stomp with Excalibur's head inside the ladder! Excalibur reversed a power move from Super Dragon and turned it into a Tombstone Piledriver into the chair. Excalibur thought he had the match won, but only received a two count on a pin attempt. Excalibur locked in Dragon's trademark leg grapevine around the arms submission move then reached back for the chair and smashed the chair over the back of Dragon's head. Excalibur promptly took Dragon up top, but Dragon fought out and threw Excalibur to the mat. Dragon steadied himself then landed a flying butt smash to Excalibur's stomach. Dragon propped up the aforementioned ladder in the corner then attempted a running Gori Bomb, but Excalibur slipped out in time and countered with a Spinebuster into the ladder that absolutely broke the ladder! The impact of hearing Dragon crash through the metallic ladder was sick!

Somehow, Dragon recovered after the ladder incident and scored a combination of suplexes – a German Suplex, a side belly to back suplex, and a Tiger Suplex, which resulted in a nearfall only! Dragon took Excalibur up top, but Excalibur fought off Dragon and scored an amazing back roll flip-over German Suplex that sent Dragon stomach-first into the mat. Excalibur scored another sickening chair shot to Dragon's head then went for a Package Piledriver, but Dragon reversed it into the Psycho Driver! Dragon took a little too long to make the pin attempt, allowing Excalibur to kick out at two. Dragon promptly set up a chair in the center of the ring and placed Excalibur's head inside the chair then went up top. Dragon connected with a sick double foot stomp to the chair, crunching Excalibur's head.

At this point, the Fake Dragon ran into the ring and attacked Super Dragon from behind. Judging from the body shape of the Fake Dragon, the fans instantly guessed it was Kevin Steen, and the Fake Dragon took off the mask to reveal that the Fake Dragon is indeed, Kevin Steen! Despite the fact that Steen has been trying to play a heel, the fans still cheered for him, not wanting to boo him. Gradually, some fans booed as he pummeled Super Dragon with clubbing right hands. Steen went under the ring and pulled out a table then placed it in the ring. Steen and Excalibur set up the table in the corner of the ring then Excalibur climbed up to the top turnbuckle. Steen lifted Dragon up onto Excalibur in powerbomb position as Excalibur stood on the table. With so much weight on the gimmicked table, the table began to bend and actually broke in half before Excalibur could deliver the powerbomb. Yet, the impact of the table breaking in half as Excalibur delivered the powerbomb was enough for Excalibur to score a three count for the victory. Absolutely amazing match!

- After the match, Steen soaked in the boos and cheers from the fans as Excalibur got in some more licks on Dragon. Eventually, Disco Machine ran into the ring to save Dragon from further beat down. With Disco Machine and Excalibur scheduled to challenge Chris Bosh and Scott Lost for the Tag Titles later in the show, it was apparent Disco was going to need a new partner. Dragon was dragged to the backstage area under the guidance of Disco Machine and officials as Excalibur and Steen smirked at the job they did to Dragon.

[Intermission featuring So Cal Val at the autograph table!]

- Prior to the tag team title match that was supposed to feature Bosh and Lost vs. Disco Machine and Excalibur, Chris Bosh, Scott Lost, and Joey Ryan came to the ring to a chorus of "B-W-O" chants, referring to the Bosh World Order. Joey took the mic first and said he wasn't going to let Chris Bosh talk until he built up the anticipation. After rambling about not having a tag team to challenge, he handed the mic over to Scott Lost, who echoed Joey's sentiments. Eventually, Bosh took the mic to a major pop and promptly ran down the fans holding up a BWO sign, calling them "filthy Mexicans" as an extension of his racist gimmick. The fans holding up the sign merely cheered even louder for being part of Bosh's racial tirade. Bosh claimed to have helped run Frankie Kazarian out of PWG and said that when Kazarian comes back to PWG after being released from WWE in six months, he would gladly give him another beat down. Bosh continued to run down the fans then called out Disco Machine. Machine came to the ring and, instead of dancing as he usually does, Disco went straight to business and said he would take care of Steen and Excalibur later, but wanted to take care of the tag titles first. Disco brought out his replacement partner, Mr. Excitement. Bosh and Lost indicated they signed a contract to face Disco and Excalibur, not Disco and Mr. Excitement, so the belts were not on the line. To resolve the situation, PWG Commissioner So Cal Val entered the ring to clear up any confusion and declare that the match was indeed for the tag titles.

(6) Arrogance (Chris Bosh & Scott Lost) (w/Joey Ryan) defeated Disco Machine & Mr. Excitement at 16:20 to retain the PWG Tag Titles. The match began in typical Arrogance fashion with the tag champs exchanging quick in and out tags to work on a babyface opponent. For this match, Arrogance worked over Disco Machine for the majority of the match as Mr. Excitement stood on the apron in his corner anticipating a tag. At one point, Bosh ran over Disco with a shoulder tackle to set up a typical sequence of bounce off the ropes, leap frog, etc., but Bosh merely stood next to Disco's fallen body, not wanting to go into the expected sequence. Bosh stood there for about two minutes as Disco laid in the mat telling Bosh "F--- you." That only fed into Bosh's unwillingness to move, but eventually Bosh moved into the sequence after milking the crowd for several moments, and scored a knock down for his efforts. After taking a substantial heel beat down, Disco tagged in Mr. Excitement, who cleaned house until the numbers took over. Lost placed Mr. Excitement spread eagle in the corner then flew in with his trademark torpedo shoulder smash into Mr. Excitement's stomach. Lost followed up with his trademark Kung-Fu punch to the crotch and held the punch for dramatic effect, drawing a loud pop from the audience.

Eventually, Disco Machine took a hot tag from Mr. Excitement and scored a piledriver for an apparent victory, but Joey Ryan ran over to the referee's legs and pulled him out of the ring, stopping the count. Mr. Excitement, who was outside of the ring, was promptly dropped to his knees from a shot to the back from Joey Ryan, who was wielding the tennis racket that Bosh brought with him to the ring. After Excitement turned around, Joey connected with a sick super kick that sent Excitement onto his back. As Mr. Excitement crawled around the ringside area, even wiping his sweat onto my brother's pants, Bosh and Lost delivered a two-on-one attack on Disco inside the ring. Joey held off Excitement from re-entering the ring as Lost pinned Disco for the victory to retain the belts.

- After the match, Joey took a beat down from Mr. Excitement for good measure, laying him out outside of the ring. Bosh and Lost picked up their buddy and said they needed to turn Joey into a man as they dragged him to the exit. However, before leaving, Bosh called Mr. Excitement, "Mr. Gay" because he couldn't think of anything else, and then called him "Mr. Unexcitement" before leaving with Lost and Joey.

(7) A.J. Styles and Christopher Daniels wrestled to a 60 Minute Draw in a PWG Title and TNA X Division Title Match. After ring introductions, which outlined the match as a 60-minute time limit match, the fans greeted both competitors with dueling "Fallen Angel" and "A.J. Styles" chants. With the fans still chanting, Styles and Daniels went nose to nose in the center of the ring. This led to a solid five minutes of pure mat wrestling both men trying to find a body part on the opponent to work on. The mat wrestling turned into a submission move showcase with Styles and Daniels countering unique submission holds with another unique submission hold. (WWE wrestlers and staff should watch the first ten minutes of this match for about five months worth of submission rest holds.) After the initial batch of mat wrestling resulted in a stand off, Johnny Fairplay made an appearance ringside. Fairplay taunted Styles, prompting Styles to leave the ring and confront Fairplay. Fairplay backed away and Styles re-entered the ring. Daniels subsequently ducked out of the ring and stalled for time. At this point, it was apparent the match was going 60 minutes and both men were saving their energy for the allotted time.

Back in the ring, there was a stalemate after a series of shoulder blocks with both men standing their ground. Neither man wanted to bounce off the ropes, so they simply pointed at the ropes, without either one moving. The fans roared in approval then one fan shouted out, "Rock, Paper Scissors!" The fans instantly caught on and chanted, "Rock, Paper, Scissors," which Styles and Daniels agreed to. Daniels won the RPS contest, but the fans wanted it to be two out of three. Daniels obliged and Styles won the second RPS contest, which brought up a tremendous cheer. In an official move to recognize the RPS contest, the referee held up the score of one to one, before the third fall went to A.J. Styles, who scored paper to Daniels's rock! Simply awesome comedy spot to break up the mat wrestling sequences. An indignant Daniels bounced off the ropes once, but on the second bounce, held onto the ropes and ducked to the outside, knowing the sequence was going to finish with Styles's patented back flip drop kick. Daniels sat down in a chair on the front row and told Styles he knew what was coming and wasn't going to fall for it.

Daniels eventually re-entered the ring, but Styles decided he needed a time out, so he went to the outside in search for a refreshing beverage. After taking a swig of water from a fan, he took some Gatorade from the most annoying fan I've ever seen, who screamed out, "Come on A.J.!" for the entire 60 minute match. After Styles took a drink of the Gatorade, he declared, "I'm going to be drunk if I drink anymore of that Gatorade." Quite possibly the funniest line of the night. Styles eventually re-entered the ring and the mat broke down into another series of technical mat wrestling moves. As the match progressed, Styles – who was the babyface going into the match – turned to a more heel approach in the ring, working over Daniels for a solid ten minutes as Daniels seemed to be setting up the fans for a traditional "rally behind the babyface" moment. Eventually, Daniels rallied against Styles to the cheers of half the crowd, and took over for his own ten-minute set of offense, changing the match back to Daniels working as a heel.

The match progressed to more mat wrestling exchanges with both men taking time to duck out of the ring every once in awhile to stall for time and take a breather. Part of Styles's reasoning for stepping out of the ring was to check on his head, which was apparently busted open hard way earlier in the match during a set of mat wrestling moves. The cut on his head never amounted to a gushing flow of blood, but was enough to woozy Styles once in awhile. With the match nearing the 45-minute mark, Daniels reversed a kick to the head and caught Styles in a neck grapevine submission, wrapping his legs around Styles's head. The move was straight out of the Iron Man Match from TNA's "Against All Odds" when Styles refused to quit as time expired. Staring right at my section, Styles began to drool from his mouth, selling the intensity of the hold as Daniels told Styles to quit. Styles eventually broke the hold and the match progressed to more technical wrestling. Just as it appeared the match was going to turn into a fast-paced finish, Daniels locked in another grinding submission move, cutting off the speed of Styles to drive him to the mat. Styles broke the hold and threw Daniels to the outside where he promptly leaped over the top rope with his patented somersault splash onto Daniels. Amazing!

Back in the ring, with time drawing closer and closer to the 60-minute mark, Styles and Daniels went into a sequence off technical moves with Styles trying to speed up the pace of the match to lure Daniels into a speed trap, only to have the savvy Daniels bring the tempo of the match to a slow down. With only two minutes left in the time limit, Styles gained the offensive momentum and worked over Daniels with some more submission move attempts. Daniels refused to give in once again. The match drew closer to the 60 minute mark when Styles caught Daniels off the ropes with an attempted Styles Clash, but Daniels fought for every inch of his life to avoid Styles stepping over to set up for his finisher. Eventually, time expired as an exasperated Styles dropped the Styles Clash attempt.

- After time expired, both men laid on the mat in sheer exhaustion as the fans stood on their feet and gave a rousing ovation. The fans chanted, "Thank you!" as both men were unable to move for several moments. The referee brought both title belts into the ring and awarded the belts to their respective owners. Daniels took the mic and – in between heavy breathing – asked if we wanted five more minutes. The fans wanted five more minutes, but Daniels – in typical heel fashion – said he wasn't giving five more minutes because he already did his time in the ring. Styles took the mic and challenged Daniels to five more minutes "anytime, anywhere, anyplace." Daniels teased returning to the ring then said he wasn't going five more minutes and left to the back. Styles took the mic and soaked in the cheers from the crowd. Styles said he hopes everyone got their money's worth with the match then declared that he was taking the belt from Jeff Jarrett Sunday night in TNA. The fans popped big time for that declaration as Styles left the ring. Styles took a victory lap around the ring, shaking hands with all the fans ringside. The show concluded on that high note.

Match View: Considering that Styles just won the PWG Title and there was no way Daniels was dropping the X Division Title on a non-TNA event, it was obvious the match was going to turn into a draw or double pin or some sort of non-finish. However, the way the match progressed was awesome to view first-hand. It was like watching two crafty veterans trying to set their own tempo for the match, not wanting to fall into the hands of the opponent, where the opponent might be able to take advantage and secure a victory. The mid-match stalling by both competitors took the match into complete slow down mode, which was fine, but the expected one - two minute sequence of rapid-fire moves never really occurred. However, the fact that we didn't see any fast-paces sequence of moves was a testament to the psychology inside the ring where Daniels did everything in his power to prevent that from happening. With two guys who know each other so well battling it out with blood and sweat in front of an appreciative group of fans and an eager locker room, the match certainly delivered an outstanding moment for So Cal wrestling.

Feel free to drop me a line at with any feedback on the show if you attended or didn't go and want to talk about what went down.

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