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11/19 PWG in Hollywood, Calif.: Steen vs. Bosh, Jack vs. Joey, Sabin, Petey, Kazarian, Yang vs. Romero

Nov 20, 2005 - 4:52:00 AM

By James Caldwell, Torch columnist

Pro Wrestling Guerilla presents: All Star Weekend 2: "Electric Boogaloo" night two
November 19, 2005
Hollywood, California at the Los Feliz JCC
Report by James Caldwell, Torch columnist

- PWG Commissioner Dino Winwood opened up the show as ring announcer for the evening. Dino joked about the late start of 7:55 p.m. after the show was advertised to start at 7:00 p.m. Dino also announced Quicksilver would not be competing because of concussion-related injuries.

(1) Human Tornado & T.J. Perkins (w/Jade Chung) beat Alex Koslov & Ronin at 15:09. Koslov came to the ring and tried to force his Russian values on an unappreciative audience in his PWG debut match, but many fans were receptive or simply Russian sympathizers. Tornado and Ronin started things off with Ronin shoving Tornado hard in the chest. Tornado brushed it off and began dancing on Ronin before Ronin answered with a casual slap across the face. Ronin took Tornado in a head lock before running him over with a shoulder block. Koslov and Perkins tagged in and Koslov tried to start a "Russia" chant, but to no success. Koslov took Perkins to the mat with a spinning toe hold before locking in an STF momentarily. Perkins quickly escaped and dropped Perkins with a monkey flip, but Koslov held on and snapped back to his feet to work on Perkins with a hammer lock submission. Perkins slipped out and slapped Koslov on the back before locking in a half crab, which Koslov escaped by reaching the ropes. Koslov answered with a European uppercut after hanging Perkins out to dry on the top rope. Koslov went to work on the mat with a side head lock before Perkins delivered a resounding chop to the face. Perkins and Koslov exchanged a series of great technical holds before standing off to a round of applause.

Tornado tagged in and dropped Koslov with a suplex before dropping a leg. Perkins tagged back in and delivered a slingshot head butt to Koslov's stomach. Koslov reversed a whip to the ropes and delivered a solid powerslam. Ronin tagged in and went to work on Perkins with stiff forearm blows before Koslov tagged in and locked Perkins in a reverse Tarantula while Ronin slapped Perkins across the chest. The action spilled to the outside with Tornado hitting a somersault dive over the top rope onto Koslov. Ronin went for a suicide dive on Perkins, but Tornado hit an uppercut on Ronin. Tornado distracted the referee allowing Jade Chung to enter the ring and hit a Bronco Buster on Ronin. Tornado knocked Ronin out of the ring allowing Perkins to place Koslov in a submission hold. Koslov tapped out, but the referee said Perkins wasn't the legal man. Tornado fixed the problem by placing Koslov in a Boston Crab while Perkins kept his hold locked in. Koslov tapped out for the second time, giving Tornado and Perkins the victory. JC: Interesting dynamic with Koslov earning the fan's respect with an outstanding technical display and getting cheers despite playing the heel. Good way to start the show off and Koslov should be back after a fine debut performance. (***)

(2) Joey Ryan beat Jack Evans at 12:14. Joey and Dino had a stare down in the ring before ring introductions. Joey tried to cut a promo, but he was drowned out by several anti-Joey chants. Joey extended his hand to referee Rick Knox to make up for last night's miscommunication. Knox accepted the gesture after a few moments of contemplation. Evans took Joey to the ropes with a side head lock before Joey pulled Evans's do-rag and took the momentary offensive advantage. They exchanged technical holds in the center of the ring as Joey tried to ground Evans on the mat. Joey broke free of the head lock with elbows to the gut before working on the shoulder. Evans escaped with a drop kick then hit a spinning elbow to the gut. Evans went for a back flip corkscrew splash from a standing position, but Joey moved out of the way and hung Evans in between the middle and bottom rope. Joey wrenched on a bow and arrow before bending Evans backwards with a knee to the back. Joey missed with a clothesline in the corner then Evans missed with a back elbow smash. Joey responded with a DDT out of the corner before Joey took too long with his next offensive move allowing Evans to hit a hangman's neck breaker.

Evans sent Joey to the corner and ran in with a kick to the back before coming off the top rope with a springboard seated Sentaun. Joey reversed a whip to the ropes and hit a superkick beneath the chin before making a cover for a nearfall. Evans reversed a whip to the ropes and scored with a running reverse huricanrana after jumping off Joey's shoulders. Joey and Evans spilled to the outside with Joey missing a suicide dive before Evans flew off the apron with a 630 splash on the floor. Evans took Joey back into the ring and scored a nearfall. Evans went up top, but Joey crotched Evans on the top turnbuckle. Joey called for the Moustache Ride, but Evans blocked and went for a huricanrana. In mid-air, Joey blocked the huricanrana and hit a powerbomb instead. Joey made a cover and scored a nearfall.

Joey blocked a sunset flip attempt by Evans and went for a quick pin, but the referee caught Joey holding the ropes for additional leverage. Joey tried to use the ropes a second time, but the referee caught the cheating tactic again. After a series of reversals, Joey went for another quick pin and used the ropes for additional leverage to score the pin. This time, referee Knox didn’t catch the illegal tactics and awarded Joey the three count for the victory. Afterwards, Joey took the mic and bragged about his victory using the ropes. Knox took the mic and tried to explain that he didn't see the illegal tactics, but no one bought the explanation as Knox continued to take crap from the fans following the opening match from the previous night's show. JC: The match picked up in the final five minutes, but the first half was hurt by a clash of styles with Joey trying to work Evans's style and prove he's not just a technical wrestler. (**1/4)

- Before the next match of Scorpio Sky vs. Scott Lost, Lost jumped Scorpio from behind with a chair. Lost slammed the chair into Scorpio's back repeatedly before dropping Scorpio with a scoop slam on the padding outside of the ring. Lost sent Scorpio headfirst into the corner ringpost then slapped Scorpio across the face. Lost cleared one section of fans and sent Scorpio headfirst across several chairs. Lost took Scorpio back into the ring to officially begin the match.

(3) Scott Lost beat Scorpio Sky at 14:58. Lost went for several pin attempts immediately after bringing Scorpio into the ring, but Scorpio kicked out each time. Lost continued to inflict punishment on Scorpio before sending him outside of the ring to inflict more damage. Lost slammed Scorpio into the concession table then took him back into the ring. Scorpio tried to fight back with a few right hands, but Lost quickly dropped Scorpio with a drop kick. Lost locked in an arm bar and Scorpio eventually reached the ropes to break the hold. Lost sent Scorpio to the ropes and caught Scorpio in a sleeper hold. Scorpio fought out with punches to the gut before hitting a rolling belly-to-back side suplex. Scorpio came after Lost with a flurry of high knees before scoring with a back breaker across his knee. Scorpio went for a German Suplex, but Lost landed on his feet and kicked Scorpio in the face. Scorpio caught Lost running out of the corner and hit a Fireman's Carry into Ace Crusher for a nearfall.

Scorpio charged Lost in the corner and ran into a double foot to the face. Lost delivered a hangman's neck breaker then made a cover for a nearfall. Lost waited for Scorpio to get up then charged the corner for a spear into a DDT. Scorpio returned to his feet first then went up top for a frog splash, but Lost popped to one knee in time for Scorpio to land stomach-first on Lost's knee. Lost and Scorpio battled against the ropes then Lost tried to suplex Scorpio over the top rope, but Scorpio held on and both men went face-first over the top rope and directly onto the floor. Lost picked up the pre-match chair and began attacking Scorpio directly in front of Knox's face. Knox hesitantly pleaded with Lost to stop using the chair, but Lost continued to use the chair without Knox calling for a DQ in this standard singles match.

Lost took Scorpio back into the ring and slapped on the Sharpshooter. Scorpio struggled to reach the ropes as Lost screamed at Scorpio to tap out. Lost continued to apply pressure on Scorpio's back then Scorpio crawled for the ropes. Scorpio was inches away from the ropes, but Lost pulled Scorpio right back into the middle of the ring. Dino Winwood, Quicksilver, and Human Tornado came to the ringside area and cheered on Scorpio to muster enough strength to reach the ropes. Dino got on the apron with a towel in hand and teased throwing in the towel, but the fans pleaded with him not to. Dino finally gave in to his better judgment and threw in the towel, giving Lost the win as Scorpio lay motionless in the ring. Afterwards, Quicksilver and Tornado checked on Scorpio as Dino tried to console himself after making the tough decision. JC: Well-done grudge match. The pre-match sneak attack set the right tone for the bout because the match varied in context from the rest of the card with distinguishable animosity present in the storyline. Unless referee Rick Knox's officiating is part of a plan to turn him heel ala Nick Patrick with the NWO, the lack of a DQ call following Lost's chair attack during the middle of the match was inconsistent with the emphasis on rules beginning with the opening match of night one. (***1/2)

(4) Super Dragon & Davey Richards beat Disco Machine & Excalibur at 22:35 to retain the PWG Tag Titles. Davey and Disco started things off with Disco grounding Davey with a hammerlock. Davey countered with an arm bar into a modified bow and arrow. Davey wrenched in a body scissors submission before Disco rolled out into a quick pin for a nearfall. Davey quickly went back to work with more submission holds to ground Disco and slow the tempo. Dragon tagged in and delivered two resounding chops to the chest before driving Disco to the mat with submission work. Dragon and Davey exchanged in and out tags to continue the pounding on Disco. Davey set up for a charging elbow smash in the corner, but Disco came out of the corner with a double drop kick to the knees. Disco crawled to his corner and tagged in Excalibur, who flew off the apron with a splash on Davey. The action broke down outside of the ring with Excalibur and Disco pounding on Davey. Back in the ring, Excalibur worked on Davey with a leg wrench. Davey tried to reach his corner for a tag, but Dragon was on the opposite side of the ringside area recovering from the beating he took. Disco and Excalibur exchanged tags to work on Davey in their corner as Dragon retreated to his corner.

Disco locked in a figure four leglock and Dragon casually walked into the ring to punch Disco square in the nose to break up the hold. Disco checked on his nose, which has a tendency to bleed during matches, before tagging out to Excalibur. Excalibur delivered a suplex before making a cover directly in front of Dragon for a nearfall. Disco tagged back in and locked in a modified cloverleaf with both of Davey's legs bent to one side. Excalibur tagged in and went for a German Suplex, but Davey rolled out and hit a release Tiger Driver. Davey crawled to his corner and made the hot tag to Dragon, who dropped Disco with a series of punches and back elbow smashes. Dragon worked on Disco's right knee before delivering a hard dragon leg whip. Dragon stomped on Excalibur and went up top, but Disco crotched Dragon on the top rope. Dragon blocked a double clothesline and drop kicked Disco and Excalibur to the outside. Dragon followed up by diving through the ropes onto his opponents. Davey took Disco back into the ring while Dragon worked on Excalibur on the outside. Davey caught Disco off the ropes and went for a small package into a rolling Crippler Crossface. Disco crawled to the ropes and broke the hold while Dragon dropped Excalibur with a back breaker on the floor.

Disco blocked a clothesline and hit a seated slam for a nearfall. Disco set up for his choke breaker slam, but Dragon entered the ring and slapped Disco across the back. Dragon delivered a series of stiff forearm blows before setting up for the Psycho Driver. Disco slipped out and drop kicked Dragon in the chest. Excalibur reentered the ring and hit a crunching neck drop. The action broke down in the ring before Davey knocked Disco to the outside allowing Dragon to hit a Curb Stomp. Davey followed up with a Shooting Star Press from a standing position and Dragon made a cover for a nearfall. Dragon set up Excalibur for a powerbomb then Davey presented his knees as a landing point for a sick double team powerbomb. Dragon made a cover, but only scored a nearfall as Disco broke up the pin. Davey drop kicked Disco in the chest, sending Disco flying neck-first into the bottom turnbuckle. Davey held Disco across his knees then Dragon flew off the top turnbuckle with a double foot stomp to the chest. Dragon covered Disco for the pin, but Kevin Steen ran to the ring and distracted referee Rick Knox, who inexplicably turned his attention to Steen rather than counting the visible three count.

Steen held Davey's feet as he tried for a Shooting Star Press from the top rope, which didn't prompt a DQ. Davey shook him off then went for an SSP, but Disco moved out of the way and Excalibur caught Davey in mid-air for an Ace Crusher. Dragon broke up a pin attempt then the action broke down with each team hitting a potential finishing move before the other team broke up a pin attempt. Following a Tiger Driver by Excalibur on Davey, Dragon broke up a pin attempt and hit a Psycho Driver on Excalibur for the pin and the win. Afterwards, Kevin Steen ran back into the ring and jumped Davey and Dragon. Steen cracked a chair over Dragon before hitting a Package Piledriver onto the chair. Steen left and Davey favored his knee as he tried to recover from Steen's attack. Officials checked on Dragon, who remained knocked out in the ring. Eventually, Dragon was dragged to the back while Davey limped to the back. JC: Great finishing sequence with several believable nearfalls. The continued inconsistent application of rules hurt the credibility of the match. (***1/4)

(5) Jimmy Yang beat Rocky Romero at 11:31. The battle between New Japan and All-Japan began with a quick lock up and stand-off before another series of counters resulted in a second stand-off. Rocky and Yang spilled to the outside before returning to the ring where Rocky locked in an Octopus submission hold in the middle of the ring. Yang powered out then caught Rocky off the top rope with a spinning martial arts kick from the apron. Yang caught Rocky with a charging kick in the corner before locking on a body scissors submission in the center of the ring. Jimmy sent Rocky out of the ring to the outside before taking Rocky by the head and throwing him into the padding along the walls of the arena.

Jimmy took Rocky back into the ring and hit a double axe handle after flying off the top turnbuckle with much anticipation. Rocky came back with a flying drop kick off the ropes before he scored with a kick to the face. Rocky went to the corner turnbuckle for a high-risk move, but Yang caught him in mid-air with a gut buster. Yang went for a corkscrew splash, but Rocky moved out of the way then caught Yang with a huricanrana from the top rope for a nearfall. Rocky delivered a nice Tiger Suplex and held on for a bridge pin, but it was only good for a nearfall. Yang quickly regained the offensive advantage and hit a corkscrew splash from the top turnbuckle for the quick pin and the win. JC: Unexpectedly short match with a surprise finish that was effective in reinforcing the idea that a finish can come at any point. With every other match featuring action outside of the ring, this match didn't need to move outside of the ring and could have relied on solid technical wrestling inside the ring to tell the story in order to stand out on the card. (**1/4)


(6) B-Boy beat El Generico at 21:45. After the initial lock up, a cell phone rang in the audience. Generico paused and looked for the ringing phone. Generico walked around the ringside area looking for a phone before mimicking a phone call. B-Boy wanted to run up someone's minutes as well, so he grabbed a cell phone and made a call. Generico finally finished his call and the action returned to the ring where both babyfaces tried to see who was more popular. B-Boy hit Generico in the head with a kick causing Generico to recoil in the corner and collect himself. B-Boy went to work on Generico with submission holds in the center of the ring before wrapping up Generico in between the ropes with a modified Tarantula. B-Boy continued to stretch Generico with submission holds before hitting a baseball slide on Generico as he was hung out to dry in the corner. B-Boy delivered a scoop slam then Generico rolled to the outside and fell on the floor. B-Boy followed out and delivered a suplex on the floor padding.

B-Boy sent Generico back into the ring and tried to climb in, but Generico met him with a drop kick square in the face. Generico hung B-Boy on the bottom rope and hit a moonsault splash as B-Boy dangled on the ropes. Generico sent B-Boy to the ropes then B-Boy held onto the ropes. Generico charged B-Boy and kicked him in the face, sending B-Boy flying over the top rope to the floor. Generico waited for B-Boy to reach his feet then hit a corkscrew splash over the top rope. Back in the ring, Generico flew off the top turnbuckle with a cross body block and scored a two count on the pin attempt. Generico hit a Michinoku Driver and scored a nearfall. Generico charged B-Boy in the corner for a running kick, but B-Boy blocked the move and hit an overhead slam sending Generico's neck into the bottom turnbuckle. B-Boy and Generico countered potential pin attempts then B-Boy rolled to his feet before delivering a Death Valley Driver. B-Boy kept the hold in place and locked in a submission hold. Generico struggled to the ropes before breaking the hold.

B-Boy worked on Generico's arm then Generico reversed the grip and ran to the corner turnbuckle before flying off with a Tornado DDT. Generico caught B-Boy off the ropes with an overhead slam then delivered a Shining Wizard for a nearfall. Generico went for a suplex out of a cradle grip, but B-Boy countered with a neck drop. Both men lay on the mat before B-Boy reached his feet and climbed the turnbuckle. Generico recovered and crotched B-Boy before setting up for a top rope brainbuster suplex. B-Boy kicked Generico away then fell off the turnbuckle to the mat. They went into the finishing sequence with B-Boy holding Generico in a wheelbarrow before delivering a front neck jam for the pin and the win. JC: Solid finishing sequence and the match was paced well to allow for time in between spots. Good return weekend for B-Boy, who looked very impressive both nights. (***3/4)

(7) Chris Sabin & Frankie Kazarian beat Petey Williams & Aaron Aguilera (w/El Jefe) at 17:18. To the sound of "Jesus Walks" by Kanye West, Aaron "Jesus" Aguilera came to the ring sporting an LWO t-shirt. Petey had an apparent change of heart after the previous night's show or decided he couldn't win a match without his patented moves and came to the ring with his Team Canada gear as opposed to the standard tights he wore last night. Kazarian and Petey locked up to begin the match before Kazarian snapped off a series of arm drags. Kazarian and Petey shoved each other then Petey called for Sabin. Kazarian walked over to Sabin and Petey jumped Kazarian from behind. Petey tagged out to Aguilera, who took a drop kick from Kazarian followed by a back elbow smash. Sabin tagged in and delivered a double foot smash before Kazarian snapped off a swinging neck breaker. Aguilera responded with a tight wrist lock on Sabin before Sabin ran off the corner turnbuckle and snapped off a nicely executed huricanrana. Sabin asked for Petey and Aguilera tagged in Petey. The two stood before Petey slipped out of the ring after teasing a bounce off the ropes. Aguilera came in from behind and smashed Sabin in the back allowing Petey to quickly run in and take advantage of Sabin in a weakened state. (Great fundamental heel tag work.)

Aguilera and Petey exchanged tags to work on Sabin in their corner. Sabin fought out of the corner and rolled past Aguilera to tag in Kazarian, who dropped Aguilera in the corner before stacking Petey on top for a sandwich kick. Kazarian tried to hit a back elbow off the ropes, but Aguilera caught Kazarian and scored with a side belly-to-back suplex. Petey and Aguilera continued to work on Kazarian in their corner before Kazarian countered a back drop into a reverse choke hold. Kazarian tried to make a tag, but Petey cut Kazarian off just before he reached Sabin. Aguilera and Petey worked on Kazarian near the ropes before Aguilera went for a move off the top turnbuckle, only to have Kazarian meet him with a kick in the gut. Sabin took a hot tag and slammed Petey into Aguilera with a running powerbomb. Sabin delivered a baseball kick to Petey then scored with a Tornado DDT on Aguilera.

Sabin went for the Cradle Shock, but Petey caught him with a body kick. Kazarian re-entered the ring and tripped Aguilera before making a cover for a nearfall. The action broke down in the ring with all four men scoring power moves only to have an opponent break up the subsequent pin. The action spilled to the outside with Sabin hitting a suicide dive on Aguilera. Kazarian and Petey did battle on the top turnbuckle before Petey teased a Canadian Destroyer. Kazarian blocked the move and hit a beautiful Flux Capacitor from the top turnbuckle for the pin and the win. JC: Aguilera fit in nicely to offer a balance against the mid-sized wrestlers, while also presenting himself as a formidable base to set up high-impact moves. Solid work in the semi-main event spot. (***1/4)

- Prior to the main event, Dino Winwood came to the ring and announced Scorpio Sky vs. Scott Lost in an "I Quit" match for the December 3 show. Dino apologized for throwing in the towel on Scorpio during his match against Lost earlier.

(8) Kevin Steen beat Chris Bosh at 20:37 to retain the PWG Title. Bosh took the mic and said he's frustrated with being screwed out of the PWG Title. Bosh promised to beat Kevin Steen then asked Steen if he's ready to lose to him. Steen ripped the mic out of Bosh's hand and promised he would beat Bosh. Steen tried to jump Bosh before the opening bell, but Bosh shook him off and landed punches to the head. Steen responded with punches of his own before squashing Bosh's stomach with a rear-end bomb. Steen slapped Bosh's pasty chest with a stiff chop then walked into a huricanrana. Steen rolled to the outside to recover and Bosh tried a reverse huricanrana, but Steen caught him in mid-air and slammed him onto the floor. Steen quieted the crowd then waited for Bosh to get up before delivering a ridiculously loud chop to the chest that nearly broke the sound barrier. Steen and Bosh returned to the ring where Bosh hit a neck breaker before dropping Steen across his knee with a back breaker. Bosh delivered straight punches to the head before missing a clothesline and running into a kick to the face.

Steen completed a somersault leg drop then posed for the ringside cameras and made a cover for a two count. Steen followed up with a chop to the chest before charging Bosh in the corner, only to find a face-full of turnbuckle. Bosh flipped over the top rope and took Steen with him all in one motion to the floor without touching the apron in a crash-and-burn moment. Bosh went for a running move off the apron, but Steen caught him and delivered a suplex into the side of the apron. Steen took Bosh to the wall of the arena and scored with a fallaway slam, sending Bosh back-first into the wall padding. Steen took Bosh back into the ring and went for a pin, but only scored a two count. Steen caught Bosh off the ropes in the Gori Guerrero Special before swinging him over his shoulder into a back breaker. Steen stalked Bosh's fallen body while taunting the fans then locked in an airplane stretch while driving a knee into the back. Bosh rallied the crowd behind him then moved to his feet, only to be knocked back down by a Steen right hand.

Steen went for a reverse DDT, but Bosh flipped out and hit a Stunner before dropping Steen across his knee with a back breaker. Both men recovered to their feet and exchanged right hands against the ropes before Steen went for a powerbomb, only to have Bosh block. Steen quickly recovered and hit a back drop suplex. Steen went up top for a Swanton Bomb, but Bosh got his knees up in time to block Steen. Bosh hit a back drop suplex then made a cover, but scored a two count only. Bosh delivered two more back breakers before making a cover for an even closer nearfall as the crowd roared in anticipation of the finish. Bosh caught Steen off the ropes and delivered a quick jab to the groin before Steen responded in kind from his knees. Both men crawled on their knees before Scott Lost and Joey Ryan hit the ring. Lost distracted the referee then Joey Ryan entered the ring and superkicked Bosh, turning on his team member and following up the storyline tease from last night.

Steen made a cover, but Bosh kicked out. Steen went for a 450 Splash and hit the high-risk move before making a cover for a nearfall. Steen went up top once again, but Bosh recovered and crotched Steen. Bosh met Steen up top and went for a move of his own, but Steen blocked Bosh and hit a sick top rope Package Piledriver with amazing impact for the pin and the win. Afterwards, Scott Lost came to the ring and checked on Bosh despite his own partner, Joey Ryan, turning on Bosh. Bosh remained motionless in the ring before he was helped to the back. JC: Very engrossing match with strong transitions that had the crowd on edge in anticipation of the finish. Joey's turn on Bosh left many storyline-related questions in the air, especially with Joey scheduled to face Steen for the PWG Title at next month's show and Lost apparently not aware of Joey's idea to turn on Bosh ahead of time. (***3/4)

Overall Thoughts: The lack of consistency in the application of rules plagued tonight's show after PWG made a conscious effort to enforce rules last night. It seems rules are being enforced only when it's convenient for the finish of the match to set up the next match in the feud. Picking and choosing which rules to apply isn't going to establish credibility with referees or match decisions. Otherwise, the wrestlers worked hard and presented an entertaining card that made the two nights of wrestling quite successful. PWG continues to be one of the best forums in wrestling to see multiple in-ring styles and top performers put forth an unrestricted effort in the ring. In other words, Petey Williams and Chris Sabin can wrestle their style match without having to squeeze their effort into a tiny peg in TNA.

Matches Announced for December 3 show in Hollywood
- Kevin Steen vs. Joey Ryan for the PWG Title
- Super Dragon & Davey Richards vs. Human Tornado & El Generico for the PWG Tag Titles
- Frankie Kazarian & Chris Sabin vs. Disco Machine & Excalibur
- Christopher Daniels vs. T.J. Perkins
- Chris Hero vs. A.J. Styles
- Scorpio Sky vs. Scott Lost in an I Quit Match
- Chris Bosh vs. B-Boy

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