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8/30 PWG in Reseda, Calif.: Results from Night 2 of All-Star Weekend

Sep 9, 2008 - 11:10:11 PM

PWG All-Star Weekend Night 2
August 30, 2008
Reseda, Calif.
Report by Matt Massingham, PWTorch contributor

Night Two Thoughts - This was definitely the stronger of the two shows. From the tag match with the Dynasty, to Rocky and Low Ki having a great match and then the last two matches make this show a definite must buy when it comes out on DVD.

Before the show began, Jon Ian greeted the fans in the building and welcomed everyone back to the show. He then goes on and tells everyone that the WWE House Show the previous night had a similar problem as well with they're sound system and having to use a mega phone to introduce everyone coming to the ring. Onto the show.

(1) Susumu Yokozua beat Alex Koslov. Match starts with both guys trading mat holds and Koslov gaining a slight advantage and looks for the Surfboard but Susumu counters it with a near fall and we get a stand-off. Koslov then looks to work the arm with a cross arm breaker but Susumu fights it off so Koslov settles on the leg. Susumu works back to a vertical basis and comes off the ropes but Koslov stops him and tell him to talk to the hand while he tries to start a "Russia" chant. Susumu doesn't take kindly to the gesture so he hits a tilt-a-whirl back breaker and targets Koslov's back.

Koslov fights back and locks in the Surfboard while hanging off the ring apron drawing a good round of applause from the crowd. Back inside, Alex hits a vertical suplex, knee drop, and then grabs his babushka and dances around Susumu as he kicks him all around his head and back. Koslov then goes to work with a series of near falls and looks to slow down Susumu with a chin lock but Susumu responds with a vertical suplex and both men are down.

Susumu reaches his feet and hits a big lariat followed by a T-Bone suplex but Koslov kicks out at two. Koslov recovers and grounds Susumu and heads to the top rope but Susumu runs up to the top and surprises Koslov with a top rope T-Bone suplex but that's only good enough for a two count. Susumu looks to finish off Koslov, but Alex snaps off a hurriconranna sending Susumu to the floor allowing Koslov to hit a suicide dive to the outside.

Back inside, Koslov hits an enziguiri, spring board cross body, and a super kick for another near fall. Koslov sets Susumu up for the Frog Splash but Susumu rolls out of the way, hits another brutal lariat and finishes the match with the Alkata for the win.

(2) "The Generic Luchador" El Generico beat T.J. Perkins. Both men start the match by trading holds with neither gaining the advantage until Generico hits a spring board huricanrana sending TJ to the floor. TJ brings the action back inside but Generico goes on the attack with a series of right hands in the corner and looks for the Tombstone but TJ reverses sending both men to the outside of the ring. Back inside, Generico hits a number of knife edge chops and then a tilt a whirl back breaker. Generico looks to finish off TJ early, but TJ trips him up and starts to work over the knee.

TJ then works over the leg with a large variety of submission holds until Generico breaks free and looks to attack but TJ drop kicks Generico's legs out and then loosens the top rope while the referee checks on Generico's condition. TJ then goes to work with a dragon screw leg whip, half nelson Boston crab, and then a modified Figure Four. TJ then looks to do more damage but Generico hits a Yakuza kick but can't follow up allowing TJ time to recover TJ then goes to work and hits a knee breaker and looks for a second but Generico counters and sends TJ to the floor and then hits a suicide dive to the outside.

Generico takes the action back inside and hits the Ole Ole kick in the corner but can't hit the Turnbuckle Brain Buster due to the top rope being loose. As Generico tries to figure out the problem, TJ sneaks up and locks in the Texas Clover Leaf but Generico reaches the ropes. While this is going on, a member of the ring crew comes and tightens the top rope as TJ looks on and is very upset as to what has happened. TJ then hits a running knee in the corner but Generico follows to the opposite corner and hits another Yakuza kick and the half and half suplex for a near fall. Generico looks to hit the Top Rope Brain Buster but TJ fights him off and sends him to the floor TJ then dives out to the floor but Generico catches him out of the air and hits a Brain buster on the ring apron and rolls TJ in and gets the win.

(3) "The Dynasty" Scott Lost & Joey Ryan defeated Vin Gerard & Chuck Taylor. Joey and Taylor start the match and end up poking each other in the eye, kicks to the gut, and hair pulling. Both men they try and say the other one is cheating but the referee has none of it and tells them to settle it in the ring. We then get a number of near hip tosses but neither one can get the advantage so they tag out to they're partner.

Scott comes in and quickly nails Gerard with a back heel kick as the Dynasty uses a number of quick tags working over the arm with axe handles including one from Taylor on his own partner. Joey then sends Taylor to the outside and then hits a scoop slam and then Scott hits a moonsault with an assist from Joey and then goes to work with the body scissors. Joey then gets the tag and pins Gerard in a number of sexual ways leading to Scott and Joey hitting a number of atomic drops on Gerard until Taylor comes in and clotheslines both members of the Dynasty and gets the tag.

Taylor then goes on the attack with a drop kick, back suplex, moonsault, eye rake and a back breaker. Gerard then comes back in and hits a leaping lariat followed by another drop kick by Taylor Gerard comes back in and looks to finish off Scott who counters with the Ace Crusher and makes the hot tag to Joey.

Joey comes in on fire with a number of fore arms to both men followed by a body slam and a running kick for a near fall. Taylor then comes in and looks to double team Joey but he avoids it and hits a spear on Gerard and Scott hits a super kick on Taylor for another near fall. Scott then goes up to and hits the Lost in Space elbow drop but Taylor breaks it up with a super kick of his own and Gerard hits a modified Small Package Driver. Joey comes back in and tosses Gerard to the floor but Taylor hits a release suplex and heads to the top for a "960" splash but Scott stops him and looks for the super plex but gets hung up on the ropes allowing Taylor to hit a back sent on while Scott is hanging on the ropes.

Taylor then turns his focus toward Joey and gives him some "Soul Food" followed by a spring board sentaun. Gerard then comes in and nails a power bomb and then locks in the STF but Joey breaks it up. Joey then turns into the "Game" with a running knee, face buster, and then a double pedigree on Taylor and Gerard. Scott comes in and locks in the double Sharpshooter and both forcing the tap out.

(4) "Mr. Wrestling" Kevin Steen beat Roderick Strong. Both men start the match looking to deliver some chops to one another but Roderick gets the upper hand and forces Steen to the floor. Steen comes back inside and both men exchange shoulder tackles until Steen decides to hit a cross body and some chops of his own. Steen then hits a back elbow to Roderick's neck and then a head butt. Roderick counters with a leg lariat and a head butt of his own sending Steen to the floor.

Roderick brings the action back inside and looks to go on the attack but Steen gains some momentum but Roderick goes on the attack with a series of right hand and strong fore arms. Steen looks to fight back and back drop Roderick to the floor, but Strong falls onto the apron and tries to get back in but Steen kicks the ropes between his legs, delivers an atomic drop, and a rolling sentaun in the corner. Roderick shakes the attack off and hits a clothesline in the corner and a back breaker drawing a near fall. Roderick then fires off a number of fore arms, gut buster, and then a running yakuza kick but Steen responds with a super kick.

Steen then climbs to the top and looks to finish off Roddy with the Swanton Bomb but gets nothing but knees and a half nelson back breaker for his trouble. Roderick then climbs to the middle rope and looks for a drop kick but Steen catches him in mid air with a sit down power bomb. Steen then looks for the Package Pile Driver but Roderick swings the momentum to him and looks to lock in the Strong Hold but Steen rolls through and gets the win.

(5) Low Ki beat Rocky "Azucar" Romero. Both guys begin trading mat holds but Rocky responds with a series of arm drags and looks for the cross arm breaker but Ki looks to kick Rocky from his back but gets rolled up for a near fall. Rocky then gets up and gives the crowd an "Azucar" dance which seems to irritate Ki who responds with some kicks of his own and a head scissors followed by an "Azucar" of his own.

Rocky then responds with some kicks and a head scissors that send Ki to the floor but Rocky attacks with a Plancha to the floor. Rocky tosses Ki back inside and focus on the arm with a number of submission holds forcing Ki to the ropes. Rocky then takes the fight back outside and throws Ki into the ring post and rolls Ki back inside. Rocky looks to chop Ki down but Ki shakes it off and his some chops of his own and drops him chest first over the top rope.

Ki then gains momentum with a reverse bear hug, belly to back suplex, and a number of hard kicks to the chest and looks for the submission with the abdominal stretch. Ki hits another kick and scoop slam and looks to lock in the bear hug but Rocky hits a Tornado DDT leaving both men lying on the mat.

Rocky hits a modified F-5, hard kicks of his own, and a running knee lift for a near fall of his own. Ki then responds with some kicks of his own and a front suplex. Rocky fires back with a kick and then a Tiger Suplex for a two count. Rocky then looks for the Cross Arm Breaker but Ki hits the "John Woo" kick and a running drop kick in the corner and locks in the Dragon Sleeper for the hard fought victory.

(6) Necro Butcher beat "The King of Diamonds" Eddie Kingston. Before the match begins Kingston gets on the mic and says he wants to "wrestle" Necro and not fight all over the building. Necro agrees to the stipulation but has his fingers crossed behind his back. The bell rings and Necro attacks Eddie with a number of right hands and throws him to the outside which leads to Necro beating Eddie all over the arena while Eddie tries to run for cover.

Necro looks to take the fight back inside but Kingston hits a low blow and then a number of right hands forcing Necro to go on the defensive. Kingston then hits a knee strike which seems to fire up Necro but King rakes the eyes and then more right hands. King looks to finish Necro off with a sleeper but the arm won't fall a third time allowing Necro to throw Kingston off and hit a number of right hands.

Necro backs Kingston into the corner and goes to town with a flurry of right and hard chops but Kingston hits some rights of his own and manages to take him down. Kingston heads to the top but gets caught in the bread basket with a right and then is suprized when Necro comes off the top with a Cross Body and scores the shocking win. After the match, Eddie quiets the crowd and thanks them for the love and support over the weekend and heads to the back. Not sure what to make of the situation so let the speculation begin.

(7) "The Young Bucks" Nick & Matt Jackson beat "The Age of the Fall" Jimmy Jacobs & Tyler Black to capture the PWG Tag Team Titles. Jimmy and Matt start the match so Jimmy takes the liberty of knocking Nick off the apron only to get greeted with a right hand from Nick when he reaches the floor. Jimmy then rolls to his corner and tags in Tyler who goes to work on Matt but gets caught with a series of arm drags and a spring board huricanrana. The Bucks then isolate Tyler until Jimmy takes matters into his own hands and hits a knee to the back of Matt while coming off the ropes.

Jacobs and Black then look to isolate Matt until Nick comes in and the Bucks hits a double arm drag followed by a double drop kick on both members of the Age of the Fall. Tyler then gets tossed to the floor and then is greeted by a suicide dive on the floor. The Bucks look for the quick win with "More Bang for Your Buck" but Jimmy trips Nick off the top rope and then Tyler power bombs Matt into Nick who is hanging over the ropes. Age of the Fall then hit a double drop kick off their own in the corner and isolate Nick with a sit down F-5, and a standing side kick for a near fall.

Nick looks to have a shot at tagging in his brother but Tyler trips Matt off the apron and grabs a chair from the ring side area. As the referee is being distracted by Jimmy, Matt comes back in and gets the chair and nails Tyler with it and tosses him to the outside. Matt then falls to the mat and plays dead to the delight of Jacobs but gets caught in a small package and the surprise win for the Bucks.

(8) PWG World Champion Chris Hero (w/Candace LeRae) beat "The Man that Gravity Forgot" PAC to retain the PWG World Title. The match begins on the mat which you figure you favor Hero but PAC holds his own and hits an arm drag and drop kick that sends the champion to the floor and re-thinks his strategy. Hero comes back in and work over PAC with his power by slamming him to the mat and hits a reverse hand spring elbow. PAC quickly responds by snapping off a huricanrana and a standing corkscrew splash for a near fall. Hero shakes it off and tosses PAC up near the roof as he comes crashing down to the mat and then hits a back sentaun for a near fall of his own.

Hero then slows the match down to his pace with a number of knee drops to the head and then traps PAC in a submission working over the neck. Hero hits a big boot and a standing drop kick but PAC tries to fire back with some fore arms but Hero stops the comeback with some knife edge chop and a pair of roaring elbows that slow PAC down.

Hero then locks in the chin lock and then a back sentaun gaining a number of near falls and then some kicks to the head and a strong kick to the chest driving the air out of PAC. Both men then exchange mid ring chops but Hero gets the best of it and heads up to the top rope only to get caught with a huricanrana from the top rope, some hard fore arms of his own, and a spinning heel kick that sends Hero to the floor. PAC takes advantage and hits a big corkscrew dive to the outside wiping out Hero.

Back inside, PAC hits a sentaun of his own and a second rope Phoenix Splash drawing a huge ovation from the crowd. PAC then heads to the top rope but Hero hits a big Yakuza kick for a near fall. PAC then counters a pile driver and nails a kick to the head and another standing splash. PAC then hits some more fore arms only to see Hero hit a pair of roaring elbows, rights to the head and some chops. Hero sets PAC on the top and looks to finish him off but PAC fights him off and looks to finish off Hero only to get caught with the Cravate and running yakuza kick. PAC avoids the Hero's Welcome and gets a number of near falls with a series of roll-ups but it's all for naught as Hero hits another roaring elbow and an elevated Hero's Welcome for the hard fought win.

After the match, Hero gets on the mic and puts over PAC as an International Superstar and says the fans love him and hope he comes back real soon. PAC gets the mic and makes a vow to come back as soon as he can.

Overall Thoughts- Some fans might have been upset due to Battle of Los Angeles being postponed but I enjoyed the action this weekend. While it wasn't loaded with a large number of HUGE names, guys like Chuck Taylor and Vin Gerard got a chance to show what they can do and I hope both guys come back.

The highlight of the weekend for me was the Six Man Tag on Night One with Hero-PAC from Night Two not being far behind. The fans where into both nights and this weekend once again showed why PWG is considered one of the best companies going in wrestling today.

For more info on future shows be sure to check out PWG's website at www.ProWrestlingGuerrilla.Com and be sure to pick up a copy of their first Nationally Released DVD, "PWG Sells Out," which has a number of great matches featuring some of So Cal's best talent like Super Dragon, Joey Ryan, and B-Boy to international starts like CIMA, PAC, Kevin Steen, and El Generico. It also features match from WWE and TNA superstars including the World Heavyweight Champion C.M. Punk, AJ Styles, and Samoa Joe.

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