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DVD review: Burgan reviews ROH Do Or Die: Samoa Joe, Homicide, Jody Fleisch, debut of John Walters

Feb 23, 2005 - 3:50:00 AM

By Derek Burgan, Torch Media Guy

Torch DVD Review
ROH Do or Die
May 31, 2003
Philadelphia, PA


This show follows Round Robin Challenge II: Retribution.

On to the show!


***Homicide and Julius Smokes were backstage to start off the show. Homicide talked about his past including the fact that ten years ago he was known as D and was doing every clich thug-act in the book like stealin and gettin locked up. Back in 94 Homicide turned down a scholarship for the Miami Hurricanes football team because he couldnt quit the gangsta lifestyle and surviving the streets. In 96, Homicides son was born and forced him to make sacrifices. This is why Im never having kids. Homicide said that Samoa Joes ROH World Title means more money which he can use to support his family. Homicide said he will do anything to win the title and is doing it for his son. Julius Smokes closed the promo by yelling LET THE GATES OF HELL OPEN! Excellent start to the show.

***Deranged was filming, via R U Hizigh Cam, a backstage rave with members of Special K. Hydro says there arent enough lights in the room to rave with, but there are plenty in the ring so the entire gang heads out. They confront the ROH Guy in Charge of Lights and he told them to get lost. Okay then. There was an extremely fine Special K Rat involved with all of this.

***Chris Lovey and CM Punk are the commentators for this evening.

Dan Maff squaring off against future tag team partner BJ Whitmer

(1) Dan Maff (w/Allison Danger) beat BJ Whitmer. From a visual standpoint, this was a major turning point in the production values of Ring of Honor as there is a noticeable improvement on how the product looks. Punk brings up that Whitmer might have Post Concussion Syndrome when he tried to shake Maffs hand before the match, forgetting that the Prophecy doesnt shake hands. The concussion of course suffered at the hands of Punk when Whitmer took a German Suplex through a table at Epic Encounter. The booking in ROH during 2003 was so intricate that seeds for angles would be set months in advance. Whitmer nailed Maff with an Exploder suplex early in the match which caused Maff to bail to the outside. Whitmer followed and threw Maff into the brand new ROH guardrails as the crowd went nuts.

Back in the ring Maff went on offense and threw some chops into the back of Whitmers neck and followed with a senton (ala Tog said Punk) for a two count. Whitmer returns the favor to Maff by throwing chops to Maffs neck along with stiff kicks to the back. Thats not just a receipt, thats the whole cash register. CM Punk is on a roll! Whitmer hit a nice looking high knee, followed by knee strikes into the corner and was CRUSHED when Maff countered him with a suplex in which Whitmer landed straight on his head. OUCH. Maff then hit another crazy suplex and went for the Burning Hammer but Whitmer slipped out and hit Maff with a German suplex of his own. While the ref checked on Maff, Danger came into the ring and crotched Whitmer when he went to the top rope which allowed Maff to hit the BURNING HAMMER!!! for the pin and the end of a great start to the show. (9:10)

***After the match, Maff stepped on Whitmer, who was still lying on the mat, and was confronted by Julius Smokes. J-Train had a Da Hit Squad t-shirt with him and said Maff forgot where he came from. Both Lovey and Punk admitted they couldnt understand a word Smokes was saying. Classic! Maff said he did what he had to do. The two stood face to face until Low Ki came to the ring and the crowd chanted his name. Kis arm was in a sling thanks to a match he had at Frontiers of Honor. Ki got into the ring and Maff bailed to the outside. Ki grabbed the microphone and asked Maff, Do you realize what youve done? Ki said that one day its gonna be me and you, and if you choose to wear those colors of the Prophecymay God help you. What a great promo.

Now, this brings me to you said Ki as he looked at Julius Smokes. Ki said they were standing in a ring for athletes, not thugs. Ki said the logo on the mat said Ring of Honor, not Thug Life. Smokes then did one of his struts that only he can do. Ki said that the streets dont belong here, and neither do you. Smokes took off his shirt. Its on now! Homicide came to the ring and stood between both men. Low Ki took off his sling and said he came out to the ring because tonight was a very big night for Homicide. Ki said Homicide doesnt need any distractions tonight and needs to get this (Julius Smokes) out of Ring of Honor. OH! Eventually things calmed down and Low Ki left the ring, but out of nowhere came Trent Acid with a Yakuza Kick to Homicides head! Wow! Acid bailed as the announcers brought up that Homicide and Acid had a feud going in CZW.

***Highlights aired of a Showcase Match of Slugga & Hydro vs. Dunn & Marcos. I wasnt a big fan of this. I understand showing highlights of matches, such as the biggest matches in ROH history for their first anniversary, for example, but this match shown on this show made no sense to me.

(2) Tony Mamaluke beat Jason Cross. This is Cross first ROH match. Punk brought up that both men worked for NWA TNA and WildSide. Cross impressed me early after hitting an awesome corkscrew plancha from the ring to the floor. That was just incredible. Cross then came flying over with a somersault plancha. This guy is nuts. Mamaluke went on offense and hit a deadly looking rope assisted DDT. I think chiropractors would cringe watching an ROH show. Mamaluke hit a Dragon Screw followed by an interesting stretch Punk called a horse collar. Cross then dropkicked Mamalukes knees, and as Mamaluke bent over Cross came flying across with a SICK looking version of a Tomikaze. As Mamaluke slapped on an interesting stretch, Cross worked his way out of it by dumping Mamaluke hard into the corner. As the late Gorilla Monsoon would say, he bent him like an accordion! Cross then hit back to back brainbusters. Two count. Punk was aggravated that Cross never hooked the leg. Cross went to the top rope and went for a Shooting Star Leg Drop but Mamaluke rolled out of the way. Cross with a Dragon Suplex followed by another pin attempt for a two count. Cross went to the top rope, but was crotched by Mamaluke who then suplexed Cross off the top rope and rolled right into a front seated choke. Cross tapped. (8:55) Match was approximately one billion times better than what I thought it would be.

***He Who Shall Not Be Named is in the back earlier this evening and is approached by Iceberg, who thanked the former ROH Owner for bringing him into Ring of Honor. I can see that said He Who Shall Not Be Named, as Iceberg turned around and had the letters ROH, written in thumbtacks - I shit you not, thumbtacks - on his forehead. Now THAT is weird. The OutCast Killaz approached after Iceberg left and want to know why he was booked instead of them. The former owner told them they could fight Iceberg, and if they win they get to tell Iceberg hes never going to be booked in ROH again. Welcome to wrestling Oman Tortuga and Diablo Santiago!

Iceberg with "ROH" spelled out with thumbtacks

(3) Iceberg beat Oman Tortuga (w/Diablo Santiago). I still think Tortuga has a chance to make it big one day, but he still needs a lot of seasoning. Iceberg was announced as the No Pain Train and when he came out CM Punk wanted to know what the hell is that?! Punk then noticed Tortuga had small white Xs on his hands and wigged out. Thats gimmick infringement brutha! Iceberg, at 600 pounds, is quite the site to see in a ROH ring. He no sold everything from Tortuga. Chris Lovey said that Iceberg was really into serial killers and a really weird guy. And hes fat Lovey, dont forget that. Punk said they needed to add a sixth law to the Code of Honor and that is CM Punk will never get into the ring with Iceberg. Tortuga went for a monkey flip, was caught, and driven straight into the mat. That looked nasty. Iceberg than squashed Tortuga with a running senton and finally a three count. (3:00)

***After the match the crowd chanted DONT COME BACK! at Iceberg. As Diablo checked on Tortuga, Iceberg grabbed him and gave Diablo a German suplex. Iceberg than grabbed out what Chris Lovey called a pointy stick. Like I could make that up. Dunn & Marcos came in for the save.

If someone would have described what happened above to me before I watched this show I would have thought they were completely insane.

***Another clipped Showcase Match between Alexis Laree and Persephonie. I think the name Persephonie comes from Persephone, who in Greek legend was the daughter of Zeus and taken to Hell by Hades because she was so beautiful. Hell, of course, is a place that plays a constant loop of Iceberg matches with Kelly Osbourne songs as background music.

(4) Matt Stryker beat The Technician Tom Carter. Tom Carter was formally known as Reckless Youth and I can not for the life of me understand why he changed names. Crowd was split behind both men early. Punk brought up that Carter once cracked Punks skull open in a match. Back and forth chess match as Lovey called it, and I was surprised to see Carter pull out a Swanton Bomb. Thats always been one of my favorite moves. Carter applied a leglock and Stryker got out of it by pounding away at Carters thigh. That was actually pretty damn smart. Carter got thrown out of the ring and Stryker came flying over with a plancha. Carter then gave Stryker a DDT on the ring apron. Sweet. Carter rolled Stryker into the ring and went to the top rope, only to be caught by Stryker who did a belly to belly suplex from the top rope. Punk left the commentary at this point to get ready for his match. Ray Morrow then joined Chris Lovey to call the matches. Carter hit a good looking brainbuster followed by a great frogsplash and only got a two count. A bunch of near falls came next followed by both men collapsing to the mat in exhaustion. Stryker rolled through a crucifix and hit a Death Valley Driver. That was cool. Stryker put Carter on the top rope and went for a Death Valley Driver, but Carter countered in midair and hit an inverted DDT. WOW! Crowd went hoss. Two count for Carter. Stryker ran over with a kick, but Carter countered with a Dragon Screw followed by a Texas Cloverleaf. Crowd yelled TAP! TAP! but Stryker made the ropes. Carter worked over Strykers leg some more and went for another Cloverleaf, but Stryker took his chance and rolled up Carter for the three count. (18:25) Very entertaining match, and thats saying something considering I dont really care for either guy.

***After the match Carter refused the handshake. Well that makes no sense. Gary Michael Capetta came to the ring. GMC wanted to know what was up with Carter not shaking hands. Carter grabbed the microphone and told Stryker he was the king of the independents and pioneered the junior style that everyone of the other marks in the locker-room copied. OH MY! Carter complained about being booked in a crappy four way match in his first ROH appearance and got screwed out of his tap out victory tonight. Carter said hes going to reinvent the Purist style in ROH. Carter then challenged Stryker to a Tap Out Match. Stryker agrees to the match, but only if Carter shakes his hand. Allison Danger came into the ring and told Carter that Christopher Daniels was waiting for Carter in the back. Carters response was to shake Strykers hand. Danger stormed off to the back.

Colt Cabana of the Second City Saints

(5) The Second City Saints (CM Punk & Colt Cabana w/Lucy) beat Special K (Izzy & Dixie w/Slugger, Slim J, Hydro and a Special K Slut) and The Carnage Crew (Loc & DeVito) and The Briscoe Brothers in a Scramble match. Colt Cabana and Jay Briscoe started the match, but

***The camera cut to the back and Gary Michael Capetta was getting a scoop from Samoa Joe. The Champ told Capetta to follow him and the two guys walked over to Dan Maff, who was sitting down in the locker-room, and Samoa Joe came over and started to knee Maff in the head. This was insane because that goof Capetta first sounded like an idiot almost yelling yippee! like Anakin Skywalker in The Phantom Menace when he found out he was getting a scoop to screaming HOLY SHIT! when he saw Joe attack Maff. Hearing GMC swear is quite the sound. Joe then told Maff that this was revenge for the Prophecy jumping him at the last show. Joe told GMC to use his cellphone to call a doctor. Just an insane segment, in a good way.

We then went back to the match where Cabana and Briscoe were still in the ring. Cabana got knocked to the outside and was nailed by Mark Briscoe who came flying over the top rope. Dixie and DeVito then went into the ring which led to Dixie taking a sick suplex into the corner. Izzy pulled out his beautiful dropkick-moonsault move on the Carnage Crew. This broke into a clusterf--- early. Izzy did a smoking weed hand signal to Punk and was given a stiff clothesline to the floor for his efforts. Cabana and Punk worked together on a nice backbreaker/springboard senton combo on Loc. Cabana then put Izzy up on his shoulders, and Punk hit Izzy with a top rope dropkick. HOWEVER, Izzy held on to Cabana with his legs and gave a GREAT looking hurricanrana. This looked awesome. Mark Briscoe hit an Exploder on DeVito while Jay came in and took Locs head off with a Yakuza kick. Mark Briscoe then did a crazy corkscrew like dive to take out the entire group of Special K out of the ring as the crowd chanted HOLY SHIT! DeVito then did a moonsault onto the entire group on the floor. Inside the ring Colt Cabana did a Colt .45 onto Dixie, then dragged Dixie over so that CM Punk could give a Pepsi Plunge to Izzy onto the body of Dixie. Now thats f---ing cool. Saints then got the pin. (11:10) Total spotfest and a hell of a lot of fun to watch.

***After the match Punk grabbed a microphone and said the world just saw the first two casualties in a revolution. Punk told the still unconscious Izzy and Dixie that straight edge means Im better than you! Punk had to keep swatting a goofy Cabana away from him as he shot a serious promo about fans showing the X. Punk said the rest of the fans were weak for depending on weed to get through their lives. Punk called himself the voice of the voiceless. Punk ran down Raven and wanted to know where his soldiers were and then pointed out one, the former ECW Hat Guy, and trashed the fan. Well, he had it coming. Punk said his revolution was going to destroy Raven. Cabana then grabbed the mic away from Punk and asked Lucy to be his girlfriend. Lucy said she couldnt and then screamed something I couldnt understand to the fans razzing here. Punk grabbed the mic back and yelled, MY NAME IS CM PUNK. I AM STRAIGHT EDGE. I AM DRUG FREE. I AM ALCOHOL FREE. AND I AM BETTER THAN YOU! Great intensity from Punk throughout.

***Its intermission with Gary Michael Capetta and his guest is BJ Whitmer. Capetta said Whitmer has had a string of bad luck and asked what he is going to do about it. Whitmer said he will get his revenge on Punk. Out of nowhere, Christopher Daniels came running over and told Capetta that Maff was taken to the hospital and this was the type of crap hes been complaining about since day one. Whitmer asked Daniels what was up with Allison Danger interfering in his match and Daniels said he was just fighting fire with fire. Daniels told Whitmer that if his luck changes in the future hell think about letting him into the Prophecy. Daniels told Capetta to let Samoa Joe know he is challenging Joe to an Empty Arena Match after the show.

(6) Andy Anderson beat John Walters. This is John Walters debut match in ROH. Anderson is from IWA Puerto Rico. CM Punk came back on commentary and wanted to know who the two guys in the ring were. Punk ran down Raven again and said he had to get ready for his next match. In the ring Anderson hit a nice stalling Falcon Arrow for a two count. Walters came back with an awesome springboard powerbomb that was ripped out of the Briscoe Brothers playbook. Walters went to the top rope and went for a splash but found no one home. Anderson then hit a sweet looking Splash Mountain. The two traded forearms until Walters went for a backslide, but Anderson countered out of this and nailed Walters with a spinning backbreaker. Anderson then got the pin. (6:45) Meh.

Jimmy Rave and CM Punk about to go at it

(7) The Fallen Angel Christopher Daniels (w/Allison Danger) beat CM Punk (w/Lucy) and Frankie Kazarian and Jimmy Rave in a Four Corner Survival match. Crowd popped big for Daniels entrance. Rave and Punk started the match and Punk bailed after a particularly hard chop to the back from Rave. Punk gets back in but as soon as Rave starts to go on offense again he tagged in Kazarian. Punk is truly a great heel. Rave eventually tagged in Daniels, but after Kazarian hit Daniels with a couple moves he quickly tagged Rave back in. When Punk and Daniels finally squared off the crowd was firmly behind Daniels. Crowd chanted CM Suck! Punk and Daniels traded offense for a couple minutes leading to a good offensive flurry by Punk that was stopped when Rave tagged himself in. A couple seconds later Rave dived onto both Punk and Daniels outside the ring. Kazarian then followed with a dive of his own onto Punk and Daniels. Back in the ring Punk hit a brainbuster on Rave before tagging out to Kazarian. Rave had a hot stretch after hitting Kazarian with an enziguri, Punk with a Shining Wizard and Daniels with an inverted DDT. Punk went for a Tilt-A-Whirl Slam on Rave, but Jimmy held on and ended up applying a crossface on Punk! Daniels brought Rave to the top rope and tossed him to the floor. This allowed Punk to climb up and give a superplex to Daniels for a two count. Danger tripped Punk on one side of the ring leading to Lucy tripping Daniels. Lucy and Danger then got into the ring and were about to go at it when pulled apart by Punk and Daniels.

Daniels went for an Angels Wings, but reversed by Punk into a backdrop. Kazarian comes in an plants Daniels with a kick to the face. Kazarian then did a springboard legdrop onto Punk and was on fire. Punk nailed Kazarian with an innovative DDT and attempted a Pepsi Plunge, but Jimmy Rave broke it up. Kazarian returned the favor by hitting Rave with a Downward Spiral. Daniels gave Kazarian an STO followed a few seconds later with the Last Rites for a three count. (20:15)

****After the match Daniels grabbed a microphone and shot a promo on Steve Corino. Daniels said he was looking for new members of the Prophecy and said each guy in the match tonight impressed him. Daniels called in Punk and said they were both from Chicago, both kicked ass and.Daniels then paused to address a heckler by saying, Listen pal, if I wanted any shit from you Id scrape your tongue. Thats why I have the microphone and youre in the front row. You just got served boy, and you know this! Daniels then said Punk impressed him because he follows his own code. Daniels wanted to know what Punk would say if he was offered membership into the Prophecy right now. Punk said that, hypothetically speaking, if he was asked that he would think that the Prophecy may be running scared of the Second City Saints. Punk said he would join under one condition, and that is Daniels shaking Punks hand. Crowd chanted JUST SAY NO! Daniels went to shake Punks hand and then pulled up at the last second. Punk said somewhere down the line, youre a dead man.

(8) The Backseat Boyz (Trent Acid & Johnny Kashmere) beat Special K (Slim J & Jody Fleisch w/Hydro, Izzy, Lit, Slugger, Dixie & Special K Slut). Fleisch and Acid started the match and show right away this was going to be a fast paced match. Fleisch went for the 720 DDT early but it was blocked, and he blocked Acids Yakuza Kick in response. This was Slim Js Philly debut as he finally turned 18. Kashmere went for a handshake and Slim J grabbed his balls, Eminem-like. A couple minutes later Slim J jumped off the top rope only to be caught by Acid and Kashmere into a great looking powerbomb/neckbreaker combo. The Backseats then dived over the top rope and took out the entire Special K group. Back in the ring the Backseats do their trademarked ultra-choreographed spots. Acid hit a sweet looking reverse hurricanrana off of Fleisch who was on the second turnbuckle. Kashmere then speared both Slim J and Fleisch before bending Slim J in half with an insane looking driver. Slim J was then put through the Dream Sequence except Fleisch flew in with his 720 DDT to cut that short. The match went into the crowd and Fleisch and Slim J grabbed a gigantic piece of scaffolding and climbed to the top. They then did stereo moonsaults off this wobbly piece of steel. HOLY F---ING SHIT!!! This was seriously insane. Slugger carried Trent Acid back into the ring. Slim J made the cover and Acid kicked out at two. WTF?! Fleisch, selling a blown knee, went to the top rope but couldnt make it up with his knee. Either this is legit or Fleisch is one hell of a worker. Slim J went to the top, got caught by the Backseats and was given a T-Gimmick from the top rope. (15:50) What a spectacle. I loved it but I can see why some ROH fans wouldnt. Lots of missed spots, but the stuff that hit were amazing to watch.

Low Ki yelling words of encouragement to Homicide

(9) Samoa Joe beat Homicide (w/Julius Smokes) to retain the ROH World Title. Ray Morrow explained the ROH Title became the ROH World Title after a recent title defense by Joe in England against, and Im not making this up, the Zebra Kid. I guess Antelope Man wouldnt job. Lovey brought up that Homicide holds a victory over Joe at Scramble Madness. This match started off hot and carried the intensity all the way through. Homicide hit his running boot into the corner only to be on the receiving end of an STO shortly thereafter. Homicide got tossed outside and Joe set him up in a chair for a kick, but Homicide caught Joe with a forearm. Joe just belly to belly suplexed Homicide onto the floor. Joe then put Homicide back on the seat and did his first OLE OLE OLE kick. WOW! That looked great. Lovey said he thought that would catch on and he was right about that. Crowd asked for it a second time and Joe obliged, only this time the metal barrier behind Homicide was bent in half by Joes boot. Surreal.

Back in the ring Joe gives Homicide a German suplex followed by a Dragon suplex and finally a belly to back suplex. Homicide kicked out at two. Homicide and Joe then stood in the center of the ring and started to slap each other in the face until Homicide was able to hit Joe with a swinging DDT. Homicide looks like hes been in a war and he pulled out a table from under the ring. Homicide then went back in the ring and came out with a TOPE CON HILO, crushing Joe and the table. WOW!!!! Homicide is the greatest wrestler alive. Homicide threw Joe back into the ring but Joe went on offense and hit his patented Powerbomb into STF combo. Then Joe locked on The Choke!! Out came Low Ki to ringside! Low Ki was yelling to Homicide and Homicide powered out of The Choke and applied his own STF. This is incredible. Homicide gave two lariats to Joe but Joe countered the third with some stiff knees. Ki kept screaming at Homicide and Joe came over and said f--- you to Ki. Oh no you didnt! Ki told Joe you never beat me for that belt!

Samoa Joe, your ROH World Champion

Joe slapped Homicide silly in the ring and hung his head over the bottom rope. Ki then slapped Homicides face and told him to Get the f--- up right now! Homicides eyes lit up and he smiled. This is insane. Joe lifted up Homicide but it was reversed into a suplex by the Notorius 187! Crowd is going apeshit and Homicide hit an Ace Crusher! Homicide then stiff kicked Joes back and jumped off the top rope with double boots to Joes gut. Joe kicked out at two. Homicide gave Joe stiff boots to the face and then hit a suplex! Joe bailed to the floor. All the refs came out to check on Joe as the champ sold that he was dead on the floor. Back in the ring Joe somehow kicked out of a pin attempt. Homicide hit Joe in the head with some more kicks and Joes eye became swollen shut. Homicide then lifted Joe onto the top rope while outside the ring Low Ki and Julius Smokes started arguing with each other. This distracted Homicide enough to allow Joe to get the offensive and hit a Muscle Buster off the top rope. HOLY F---ING SHIT!!!! 123 Samoa Joe retains. (18:15) One of ROHs greatest matches ever.

***Both Joe and Homicide laid in the ring as the refs checked on them after the match. Julius Smokes called it a travesty. Joe made it to his feet and walked over to Homicide to shake his hand. Crowd chanted JOE! JOE! Homicide was eventually helped to his feet and seemed distraught as he kept saying, I had him. This was all done so well its beyond words.

***Backstage, Samoa Joe shot a promo with a closeup of his eye completely closed shut. Joe said this was an example of why the ROH World Title means so much. Joe put over the roster and said they put it all on the line for this belt. Joe told Christopher Daniels that they may have started the war, but he will do whatever it takes to finish it. I am Samoa Joe. I am pro wrestling. And I am your Ring of Honor world champion.

***Daniels is in the ring after the show waiting for Joe. Allison Danger said this wasnt a good idea but Daniels told her to stifle it. Joe came running to the ring and he and Daniels went at it until they were both swarmed by wrestlers and the ring crew. Daniels was screaming Get off me! Daniels told Joe there would be no one to separate them when he gets his title shot. The camera followed Daniels all the way to the back where he cut a show closing promo screaming at the camera that at Night of the Grudges the Prophecy will destroy The Group. I dont give a shit which one of you guys show up and finally told the cameraman to get the f--- out of here! Christopher Daniels is the MAN.

Overall Thoughts: As far as Im concerned this is one of ROHs best shows. CM Punk shined in both commentary and matches along with one of the best ROH Title Matches ever, and thats saying something in this company. I have to think Fleisch's injury wasn't a work and he was absolutely insane to do that spot with Slim J off the scaffolding. But I'll be damned if it didn't look cool. Click Here to purchase the disc or head on over to and check out all the other shows they have to offer. Highest recommendation possible for Death Before Dishonor, Main Event Spectacles, At Our Best and All Star Extravaganza II.

Special thanks to Torch Japanese Guy Keith Lipinski and Torch Evangelical Guy Mike Roe for their help in this review

ROH DVD Guy Derek Burgan has been writing for the PWTorch website for over three years. If you have any questions, corrections, feedback, comments and ideas, he can be reached at:

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