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Tape Review: CZW, "Best of the Best 6," May 13, 2006, with Hero, Ruckus, Aries, Strong, Dutt, B-Boy

Jun 22, 2006 - 11:00:00 AM

By Chris Vetter, Torch Contributor

Combat Zone Wrestling has been battling Ring of Honor since December 2005, when Chris Hero first challenged ROH World Champion American Dragon Bryan Danielson. That challenge has led to an invasion, as the two promotions have become involved in each other’s shows.

While much of the coverage has been on how CZW has infiltrated Ring of Honor shows… it has gone both ways. Ring of Honor wrestlers have entered CZW as heels, drawing tremendous heel heat from the CZW faithful. So, it was fun to check out the CZW-ROH war from the “CZW point of view.”

Combat Zone Wrestling returned to New Alhambra/former ECW Arena in Philadelphia, Penn., on May 13, 2006, for “Best of the Best 6.” This is another large crowd for CZW. “Best of the Best” is an annual tournament, and past winners, like B-Boy, Sonjay Dutt and Mike Quackenbush have gotten a big push after winning the tournament. This year, the tournament has shifted back to its original format, with a three-way dance in the opening round.

On commentary is Eric Garigulo, who did commentary on the very first couple of ROH shows! For the first few matches, Eddie Kingston joins him on color. Kingston is like Tazz on the mic, offering great insight into the moves and explaining how the moves hurt and why a wrestler is trying a hold. As with all CZW shows, this was taped with multiple cameras, and lighting is pretty good.

(1) Round 1: Austin Aries (and B-Boy) defeat Jigsaw at 5:36. Excellent action, and they did a lot for such a short match! Garigulo immediately called Aries a “jerk.” Aries had his ROH tag belt! Kingston pointed out that B-Boy is a former tournament winner. The crowd was hot and split between all these wrestlers, and Aries stalled on the floor. Jigsaw hit a hurricanrana on B-Boy, then a forward roll dive to the floor on both opponents. In the ring, Aries and B-Boy argued, and Jigsaw hit a springboard double dropkick on them both. B-Boy nailed a German Suplex on Jigsaw.

Aries hit a back suplex on B-Boy at 3:00. Aries hit his Power Drive elbow, then a Finlay Roll, on Jigsaw. Aries picked up B-Boy, and he hit a Finlay roll, dropping B-Boy on Jigsaw! Aries went for a frogsplash on his opponents, but he missed. B-Boy hit a running forearm and a basement dropkick in the corner on Jigsaw for a nearfall. Aries nailed a Missile Dropkick, then a running dropkick to B-Boy’s chin for a nearfall. Jigsaw hit the Jig N’ Tonic/reverse Tombstone Piledriver on Aries for a BELIEVABLE nearfall. B-Boy nailed a Shining Wizard on Jigsaw, and Aries rolled up Jigsaw for the pin. Very good for the time given.

(2) Round 1: Roderick Strong (and Claudio Castognoli) defeat Jay Lethal at 8:57. Another good match that deserved more time. Strong, like Aries, had his ROH tag title, and the crowd booed him. The crowd popped huge for Claudio, and Garigulo talked about how Claudio turned on ROH. Garigulo said that Lethal is definitely not on ROH’s side anymore, but he’s not a part of CZW either. Strong stalled. Eric called ROH wrestlers “scumbags.” Strong hit some chops on each opponent, so Lethal & Claudio worked together to chop Strong! Lethal got a rollup and some armdrags, then a basement dropkick on Claudio.

Strong hit a butterfly suplex on Lethal. Lethal and Strong traded punches and chops. Strong got in an Ocono Roll for a nearfall at 5:30 on Lethal. Lethal came back with a standing powerbomb on Strong. Lethal went for a move off the top rope, but Strong caught him with a dropkick. Strong hit a Superplex on Lethal, and he went for the Stronghold/vertical Boston Crab. Claudio hit some European Uppercuts on Strong, then a Polish Hammer. Claudio hit a spinning facebuster on Strong for a nearfall.

Lethal hit a brainbuster for a believable nearfall on Claudio at 8:00. Lethal hit a spinebuster on Strong, then a Benoit flying headbutt on Strong for a nearfall. Strong came back with a Gorilla Press Gutbuster over his knees on Lethal. Strong hit a dropkick on Claudio, sending Claudio to the floor. Strong then got a schoolboy rollup, with a handful of tights, on Lethal to score the pin.

* Strong celebrated, and he displayed his tag title once more. “I hate every single thing that belt stands for,” Garigulo muttered. “When you start with Ring of Honor, your head starts to get big.”

(3) Round 1: Sabian (and Matt Sydal) defeat Sonjay Dutt (w/Pandora) at 4:56. Shockingly short, but fun. Sydal shook hands with the fans; he apparently is a face even though Strong & Aries played the role of heels. Sonjay and Sydal attacked Sabian. Sabian hit a nice armdrag on Sydal. Sonjay chopped Sabian. Sabian hit a spinning Reverse Rana on Dutt! Cool! Sonjay hit a double missile dropkick on his opponents. Sonjay then hit a Lionsault for a nearfall on Sabian. Sabian hit a back suplex on Sydal.

Dutt hit a leg lariat on Sydal, and all three were down at 3:30. Sabian hit a hurricanrana on Dutt. Sydal nailed the ‘Here it is’ Driver/pumphandle sitdown powerbomb for a believable nearfall on Sabian. Dutt hit a basement dropkick to the knee and a Glimmering Warlock/step-up enziguri on Sabian. Dutt then hit a standing Shooting Star Press on Sabian. Sydal got knocked to the floor. Sabian got an inside rollup on Dutt for the pin!

* Garigulo was shocked, and he said it was the first time a past “Best of the Best” winner has been knocked out in the first round. Dutt got on the mic and proclaimed that he was never coming back! Garigulo shouted that Dutt should “go back to the toilet bowl in Florida.” Ouch!

* Niles Young came out for the next tournament match. However, he said he refused to defend his junior heavyweight title throughout the tournament! CZW co-promoter Maven Bentley came out, and he told Young to leave! Bentley then opened the last spot to anyone who wants it! Chris Hero came out of the back. However, CZW champion Ruckus also came out. Hero told Ruckus to take the final spot in the tournament. Hero said that “the war with ROH has taught him that CZW has to stick together.” Hero said he would step aside, if Ruckus agreed to defend his title against Hero at “anytime, anyplace.” Kingston on commentary screamed that “you can’t trust Hero!” Bentley told Ruckus that, by entering the tournament, the CZW title was on the line in each match!

(4) Round 1: Christopher Daniels (and Ruckus) defeat Derek Frazier at 9:09. Another good match that was way too short. Garigulo said that Daniels has only loyalty to himself, and he’s not a part of the pro-ROH group. Ruckus hit a Japanese Armdrag on Daniels. Daniels chopped both of his opponents. Ruckus hit a double dropkick on both opponents. Ruckus missed a dive to the floor, but he landed on his feet. Frazier hit a hurricanrana on Daniels. Ruckus hit a Pele Kick on Frazier. Daniels hit an STO Uranage on Ruckus for a nearfall.

Frazier hit a missile dropkick and a Tornado DDT on Daniels. Daniels came back with a leg lariat for a nearfall at 4:00. Daniels simultaneously applied a Boston Crab on one opponent, while putting another opponent in a Camel Clutch! Cool. The CZW tandem started to work over Daniels. They hit a team superplex on Daniels, and they were all down. Frazier hit a piledriver on Ruckus for a nearfall. Daniels hit the Best Moonsault Ever for a nearfall on Frazier at 7:30.

Ruckus hit a nice flip neckbreaker for a nearfall. Ruckus hit a Gory Special on Frazier. Frazier got a rollup for a nearfall. Daniels then hit the Angel’s Wings/spinning Pedigree on Frazier for the pin. There was immediately a question of whether Daniels was now the champion! Daniels grabbed the mic and said, “I’d rather win it when we face each other, one on one.” Daniels handed the title to Ruckus, and they shook hands. Good match.

* Garigulo told us that Chris Hero has left the building, as he was heading to an ROH show that night. ROH trainees Rhett Titus & Pelle Primeau hit the ring, wearing ROH baseball jerseys, and the crowd heavily booed them. This brought out two CZW trainees, Drew Gulak & Andy Sumner.

(5) Andy Sumner & Drew Gulak defeat Rhett Titus & Pelle Primeau at 8:06. Blah. Garigulo is now calling the action solo, and he (rightfully) ignores the slow action as he sold storylines for upcoming matches in the tournament. Gulak wore an ugly blue singlet and amateur wrestling headgear, and he faced Primeau, and they did some very basic mat wrestling. Sumner, who is pretty muscular, then faced Titus, and Sumner hit some nice shoulder tackles. Sumner did some one-armed pushups.

The crowd chanted, “Ring of Homos.” The ROH students tried to head to the back, but the CZW guys stopped them on the floor. Pelle hit some hard kicks on Gulak, then a flying knee to the head at 5:00. Titus hit a splash for a nearfall on Gulak, then a hard clothesline for a nearfall. Pelle accidentally splashed Titus, and Sumner made the hot tag at 7:30. Sumner hit an Exploder Suplex on Primeau, then a German Suplex for a nearfall on Rhett. Sumner applied a cross-armbreaker, and Titus tapped out. Garigulo never called the ROH students by name. This match was skippable and could have easily been cut.

(6) Cloudy & Cheech defeat Heretic & Ravage at 10:09. Blah again! Heretic wore red & black, and Ravage wore all black. Cloudy & Cheech actually came to ringside in their ROH Special K T-Shirts! However, once in the ring, they ripped them off and threw them in the crowd. Cloudy and Heretic started, and Cloudy hit a one-legged dropkick. Ravage and Cheech tagged in, and Ravage applied a headscissorslock. The crowd was really quiet.

The Special K guys hit a team Russian Legsweep on Ravage. Cheech picked up Cloudy, and he powerbombed his partner on Ravage for a nearfall at 4:00. Ravage hit an Air Raid Crash/Kryptonite Krunch on Cloudy for a nearfall. The CZW guys hit a team faceplant and a double basement dropkick on Cloudy, and they worked Cloudy over. Cloudy hit a Diamondust/overhead spinning neckbreaker, and they were both down at 7:00.

Cloudy went to the corner, but Cheech hopped off the ring apron, refusing to tag in! However, seconds later, Cloudy was able to tag in Cheech. Cheech hit a flipping back suplex, dropping Ravage on his stomach. Cloudy went for a cover, but Cheech distracted the ref, stopping Cloudy from getting the pin! Ravage hit a Flatliner on Cloudy. However, Cloudy nailed the Code red/sudden swinging sunset flip on Heretic for the pin! Cheech was upset, even though his team won, and he kicked Cloudy, and he headed to the back alone. This was awkward – didn’t Cloudy realize that Cheech turned on him midway through the match?

(7) Round 2: Austin Aries defeats B-Boy at 11:54. Good match. The crowd was definitely behind B-Boy. Aries slapped B-Boy in the face, then he quickly backed away, and the crowd taunted Aries. B-Boy hit some stiff clubbing forearms, and Aries bailed. B-Boy followed Aries to the floor, and B-Boy hit some chops at 3:00, then he tossed Aries into the guardrail. Aries dove through the ropes and hit a splash on B-Boy, who was lying on the floor. In the ring, Aries hit a catapult senton, and he planted his knee in the lower back. Aries hit a TKO/spinning cutter for a nearfall at 6:30.

B-Boy came back with a jumping DDT, and they were both down, and the crowd rallied behind B-Boy. (Note: B-Boy is usually a heel here, but he’s turned face just for this feud with ROH.) B-Boy hit his running basement dropkick in the corner, and he stood on Aries’ face! Aries came back with a low blow and a roaring elbow for a nearfall. B-Boy hit a Death Valley Driver for a nearfall at 9:00, then a doublestomp on Aries’ head, then a Michinoku Driver for a nearfall. Aries came back with a Brainbuster for a believable nearfall. B-Boy applied a Triangle Choke, but Aries reached the ropes. They traded chops, and B-Boy unloaded some stiff forearms. Aries nailed another Brainbuster and scored the pin. Very good match.

(8) Round 2: Claudio Castognoli defeats Roderick Strong at 12:05. The match began, and they took turns playing to the crowd. Strong stalled and he jawed at the fans. Claudio worked on Strong’s left leg, then he hit some European Uppercuts on the floor. In the ring, Claudio applied a Horse Collar, wrapping Strong’s leg behind his neck at 4:30. Strong fired back with some chops as they brawled on the floor, and he dropped Claudio throat-first across the guardrail.

In the ring, Strong applied a Camel Clutch, and he hit a backbreaker over his knee. Garigulo again reminds us that Hero left for ROH, leaving Claudio here alone. Wrestler Nick Gage joined the commentary booth mid-way through this match, and he talked about Strong’s dangerous backbreakers. Claudio hit a powerslam, and both wrestlers were down. Strong hit some stiff forearms.

Claudio hit a European Uppercut, a basement dropkick, and a flying basement European Uppercut to the back for a nearfall at 9:30. Strong hit a Tiger Driver/butterfly powerbomb. Claudio hit an enziguri, and he again tied Strong in a Horse Collar, and the fans chanted for Strong to tap. Strong escaped, and he hit a Gorilla Press Gutbuster over his knees, then a one-legged dropkick for a nearfall at 11:30. Claudio once more applied the Horse Collar, and this time, Strong tapped out. I liked this match a lot.

(9) Round 2: Sabian defeats Matt Sydal at 9:12. They opened by trading basic armbars. Garigulo compared ROH to CZW, saying, “They’ve got athletes; we’ve got fighters.” Sydal hit some chops and a snap headscissors takedown. Sabian hit a forward roll dive to the floor at 2:30, and they traded chops on the floor. In the ring, Sabian nailed a Divorce Court Armbreaker, and he worked over the left arm. Sabian hit a back suplex and a senton for a nearfall. Sydal came back with an enziguri.

Sabian applied a cross-armbreaker at 5:30, and Sydal sold a shoulder injury. Sydal came back with a standing moonsault for a nearfall, then he nailed a jump-up hurricanrana out of the corner for a nearfall. The announcers talked about Chri$ Ca$h, who died in the past year, and how he seemed destined to do well in this tournament. Sydal hit the ‘Here it is’ Driver for a believable nearfall at 8:30. Sabian hit a top-rope doublestomp to the chest for a believable nearfall. Sabian applied a stretch hold & armbar, and Sydal tapped out. Good match; Sydal worked as a face the entire match.

(10) Round 2: Ruckus (w/Robby Mireno) defeats Christopher Daniels at 10:19. The crowd was hot, and the announcers tell us this is their first-ever matchup. Daniels immediately went to work on the left arm. Ruckus hit a nice headscissors takedown and a clothesline to the floor. At 2:30, Ruckus nailed a top-rope moonsault to the floor! Wow! The announcers speculated that Daniels doesn’t know much about Ruckus, and he certainly didn’t scout Ruckus going into the tournament. Daniels went to work on Ruckus’ neck, and the crowd was evenly split between these two. Daniels hit a nice back suplex at 5:00, and he went back to work on the neck.

Daniels hit a Flatliner and he applied a nice headscissorslock, but Ruckus reached the ropes. Gage on commentary showed he is not only clueless about what is happening in ROH, TNA, but also clueless on what happened earlier on this show! Ruckus hit a flip kick, and both were down. Ruckus hit some punches, then he nailed the Razzle Dazzle/backflip back elbow into the corner. Ruckus hit an axe kick for a nearfall at 8:30. Ruckus hit a standing Shooting Star Press for a nearfall. They traded rollups, and Daniels hit the STO Uranage, but he missed the Best Moonsault Ever, landing on his feet. Ruckus immediately rolled up Daniels to score the pin! They shook hands after the match.

(11) Joker & Eddie Kingston defeat Super Dragon & Necro Butcher at 16:28 to retain the CZW tag titles. As expected, this was very hard hitting! Super Dragon and Kingston started, and they traded hard slaps to the face. Kingston applied an anklelock. Joker tagged in at 3:30, and the champs hit a double shoulder tackle on Super Dragon for a nearfall. Super Dragon hit a back suplex on Joker. Necro Butcher tagged in, and he chopped Joker, then he hit some doublestomps. Necro hit some stiff right & left punches on Kingston. Necro and Kingston brawled to the floor and through the crowd.

Necro slammed several chairs on Kingston. Kingston hit his chair-assisted bodyslam at 5:30. All four men brawled on the floor. Necro hit some suplexes on Kingston on the floor. Super Dragon hit a doublestomp on Kingston’s chest on the floor. In the ring, Super Dragon did the ‘Oh Canada’ groinstomp on Kingston as Kingston was in the Tree of Woe. Necro hit a hurricanrana at 9:30 on Kingston! Yes, Necro did a hurricanrana! Kingston hit a uranage on Super Dragon, and they were both down. Joker made the hot tag, and he hit an Exploder Suplex on Necro.

Joker and Necro traded punches at 11:30, and the crowd chanted, “CZW!” Joker applied a cross-armbreaker, but Necro reached the ropes. Kingston nailed a Mafia Kick and a German Suplex on Necro. Joker hit an elevated doublestomp on Super Dragon, and Joker immediately hit a flying headbutt on Necro. Cool move. Necro came back by putting a Claw on Joker at 14:00. Eddie and Necro traded stiff forearms. Super Dragon hit a back suplex on Kingston. Super Dragon then nailed a Psycho Driver/modified Michinoku Driver on Kingston! However, Joker got a Crucifix Takedown rollup on Super Dragon to score the pin. After the match, Super Dragon started to attack a fan!

(12) Niles Young (w/Chrissy Rivera) defeats Cloudy at 4:49 to retain the junior heavyweight title. Blah. They opened with some basic standing switches, and Niles hit a dropkick. Rivera choked Cloudy. Cloudy came back with a missile dropkick and a Tornado DDT, and both men were down at 3:30. The crowd was quiet. Cheech ran into the ring, and he hit the flipping back suplex, dropping Cloudy stomach-first to the mat. Niles then put a chair under his feet, leapt off the top rope, and slammed the chair into Cloudy’s head, for the pin.

(13) Nick Gage & Justice Pain defeat Lionel Knight & Christopher Bishop at 16:08. Better match than I would have imagined. This was my first time seeing Knight & Bishop. They wear identical black & blue gear; Knight is black and Bishop is white, and he looks a bit like Zach Gowen. Pain is muscular. Pain started against Bishop, and Bishop is much, much smaller! Pain hit a Blockbuster for a nearfall, and he tossed Bishop around the ring. Knight faced Gage, and Gage quickly beat Knight up in and out of the ring. Pain hit a belly-to-belly overhead suplex for a nearfall at 5:00.

Pain flipped Knight in the air, and Knight crashed on his stomach. Gage hit a chokeslam over his knee for a nearfall. Bishop fired back, knocking Gage to the floor and through a table. Knight hit a catapult elevated legdrop for a nearfall. Bishop hit a Samoan Drop with a bridge for a nearfall. Nice. Pain came back with a Death Valley Driver on Knight, then he applied a legscisslorslock on Knight at 9:00.

Gate hit a top-rope headbutt on Knight. Bishop hit a hurricanrana on Pain. Bishop tied up Gage’s legs, bridged backward, and he pulled on Gage’s head! This was more of a wrestling match than I expected! All four fought on the floor, and Gage nailed a chairshot on Knight’s head at 12:30 Gage & Pain tossed Knight into a guardrail. Bishop scaled a pillar in the building, which distracted Gage & Pain, allowing Knight to dive onto them! Pain powerbombed Bishop through some chairs on the floor. In the ring, Pain hit two spike piledrivers, and Gage pinned Knight.

* Maven Bentley announced the “Best of the Best” finale would now be a four-way, one fall, match! It was stressed that there are three CZW wrestlers in the final, and only 1 ROH wrestler, Aries. Eric Garigulo on commentary said that CZW promoter Zandig is brilliant. “He’s changed the rules of the game,” Garigulo said.

(14) Finals: Ruckus defeats Austin Aries and Sabian and Claudio Castognoli at 24:12 to win “Best of the Best.” Good match. Ruckus and Sabian are teammates in Blackout, but Robby Mireno & Eddie Kingston came out with Ruckus. Ruckus and Sabian started with a friendly exchange, and Sabian hit a Kip Up Rana (like A.J. Styles.) Aries tagged in at 4:00, and he chopped Sabian and hit a hard clothesline. Sabian hit a hurricanrana and a satellite headscissors on Castognoli.

Aries tagged in and locked up with Claudio at 8:00. Claudio applied a headscissorslock. Aries hit a basement dropkick to Claudio’s face, then a flying back elbow. Claudio came back with his European Uppercuts. Aries hit a nice neckbreaker in the ropes for a nearfall at 11:00. Claudio hit a backbreaker on Sabian, then a delayed vertical suplex for a nearfall. Sabian and Aries traded a series of chops at 14:30, and Aries hit a Rude Awakening-style standing neckbreaker. Aries nailed a kneedrop to the head, and the crowd chanted, “Let’s go Blackout!”

Sabian fired back with two enziguris and a dropkick, and he made the hot tag to Ruckus at 18:00. Aries dove to the floor on Claudio. Ruckus nailed the Sasake Special/cartwheel dive to the floor on both Aries & Castognoli. Sabian then hit a forward roll dive to the floor on all three opponents! In the ring, Aries nailed a running dropkick to Claudio’s face. Sabian followed that up with his own running dropkick to Claudio’s face!

Ruckus got a schoolboy rollup on Sabian for a nearfall, and Sabian was upset at his partner. Claudio hit a spinning facebuster on Aries. Ruckus hit a running Flatliner on Claudio at 21:30, then he hit a moonsault doublestomp on Claudio for a nearfall. Sabian nailed a top-rope doublestomp on Ruckus. Aries nailed a brainbuster on Sabian. Claudio hit a Ricola Bomb/cross-arm powerbomb on Sabian for a believable nearfall. Aries hit a back suplex on Ruckus. However, Ruckus landed a suplex, did a bridge for leverage, and cleanly pinned Aries!

* A large trophy was brought into the ring and presented to Ruckus. However, Chris Hero hit the ring and attacked Ruckus! “Kingston was right! You can’t trust him!” Garigulo yelled. Hero reminded Ruckus that Ruckus had promised to defend the heavyweight title, “any time, any place.”

(15) Chris Hero defeats Ruckus at 5:04 to win the CZW Heavyweight Title. “He’s got to be tired at this point,” Garigulo said as Hero beat down on Ruckus early. Hero hit a powerslam, a Mafia Kick, and a standing moonsault for a believable nearfall at 1:30. Hero hit some chops and stiff forearms. Ruckus fired back with a handspring back elbow and a Pele Kick. Ruckus went for the Razzle Dazzle/cartwheel splash, but he accidentally hit ref Bryce Remsburg.

Hero got a rollup for a nearfall, as another ref made a quick count. Garigulo muttered that he didn’t like this ref. Ruckus purposely hit the new ref! Bryce was back on his feet, and the match continued. Ruckus hit a 450 Splash for a believable nearfall. Hero nailed a cravate spinning neckbreaker, then a powerslam, for the pin. The match told the story it set out to tell.

* Castognoli ran to ringside and he hugged Hero, as “We are the Champions” played in the background. Garigulo shouted, “What a disgraces as a World Heavyweight Champion!”

* Ruckus was still in the ring, and Generation Next (Aries, Sydal, Strong) ran in the ring and attacked him. Christopher Daniels ran out and made the save. However, Daniels then turned and nailed Ruckus! Daniels gave Ruckus an Angel’s Wings on the trophy! The ROH foursome then completely destroyed the trophy. “What a bunch of scumbags,” Garigulo said. Blackout ran to ringside to chase off Generation Next to end the show.

Final thoughts: Tape runs 4 hours, 12 minutes. I really enjoyed this show. This was a good mix of CZW’s best light heavyweights with Ring of Honor’s best. All the tournament matches were above average. My only real problem with the tournament is that some of the matches were just wayyy too short.

I’ll give best match to Claudio Castognoli vs. Roderick Strong, as they traded some good, stiff offense, and it felt like a match “that could have gone either way.” I’ll give the four-way tournament finale second-best, as there was a lot of fun intrigue over how the two Blackout guys would interact. Third-best goes to the fun Daniels-Ruckus match, and the crowd was great in that match. The CZW tag title match was hard hitting and fun, and that deserves fourth-best.

As good as the tournament was, there were some sloppy non-tournament matches that could be cut. The ROH students vs. CZW students match was too slow, and nobody cared. The two matches with Cloudy also were sub-par, and I wouldn’t have been upset if those had been cut.

I hadn’t seen Bishop & Knight before, but I’d definitely be open to seeing more of them.

I said it already, but the ROH-CZW feud has been good for both promotions. The CZW faithful rallied behind their promotion, and the ROH fans were vocal here too. The crowd was large and into much of the action. However, this was a long show; perhaps if some of those unnecessary matches had been cut, the crowd would have been even hotter for the final few matches.

I give this show a thumbs up, and it can be purchased at for $15.

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