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Tape Review: PWG, "Enchantment Under The Sea," (5-20-06) with Sydal vs. B-Boy

Oct 26, 2006 - 11:34:00 AM

By Chris Vetter, Torch Contributor

Pro Wrestling Guerrilla returned to its home in Hollywood, Calif., on May 20, 2006, for “Enchantment Under The Sea.” (It’s not uncommon for PWG to have goofy titled shows like this.) This event, like most PWG shows, appears to be in an elementary school gym. The crowd is perhaps 300-400, and they are rabid and into the shows.

Lighting is so-so. I purchased a tape of this event, which does not have commentary. (The DVDs have the option to turn on commentary, but I generally dislike the commentary, that’s why I decided to save a few bucks and purchase the tape.) PWG also cuts out all entrances, so no copyrighted music appears on its shows. PWG, in general, doesn’t have any backstage segments. To the show!

(1) Hook Bomberry & Bino Gambino defeat Alex Koslov & Ronin at 10:50.
Solid match. Koslov is doing the Bolsheviks gimmick; his team is the heels. Hook wore basic red trunks, and Bino has shiny black pants. Ronin wears a red mask and red outfit, and the fans immediately taunted him with a “Hello Kitty” chant. Gambino and Koslov started, and they IMMEDIATELY traded hard chops, then slaps. Ouch! Gambino hit a nice double-underhook suplex, a headscissors takedown, and a dropkick! Ronin overpowered Hook, easily shoving him to the mat. Hook hit a nice basement dropkick, then some chops and a headscissors takedown on Ronin.

Gambino nailed a dive to the floor on both heels at 3:00. Hook airballed a basement dropkick to Ronin’s head, so he hit another one, and the crowd applauded. Ronin fired back with a T-Bone suplex on Hook, and the heels began to work over Hook. Ronin planted some HARD chops, then he applied a Camel Clutch at 5:30. In a nice spot, Koslov entered and did a Russian dance, kicking Hook in the face as Hook was tied in the Camel Clutch! Gambino made the hot tag at 8:00, and he hit an enziguri on Koslov.

Koslov came back with a Russian Legsweep (hey, he’s a Bolshevik, of course he should do that move!). Ronin hit a twisting neckbreaker on Hook for a nearfall; Hook hit a twisting neckbreaker on Ronin for a nearfall. Gambino hit a stunner across his knee for a nearfall. Hook nailed a springboard dive to the floor, drawing a “holy sh!t” chant. Ronin put Hook across his shoulders, setting up for a Death Valley Driver, but Hook escaped, got a rollup, and scored the pin.

(2) Scorpio Sky (w/Jade Chung) defeats Human Tornado at 14:09.
This is a rematch from the March “Beyond the Thunderdome” show I recently reviewed, where Jade turned heel and joined sides with Scorpio. Scorpio & Jade were wearing similar hot pink outfits, and Scorpio has turned into an awesome smug, narcissistic character, rubbing his toned abdomen. Tornado immediately hit some punches to start the mat, then he hit a leg lariat, and Scorpio bailed. Tornado beat up Scorpio on the floor, and the crowd cheered him on. Human Tornado hit a hurricanrana on the floor. However, when Tornado jumped to the floor a moment later, he re-injured his foot (he was in a walking cast at that March show).

In the ring, Scorpio immediately went to work on the injured foot, kicking it and twisting the leg. At 4:00, Jade slammed the foot into the ring apron. The crowd was hot, and surprisingly split, as there were many pro-Scorpio chants. Scorpio applied a Figure Four Leglock, with Jade grabbed Scorpio’s hands for leverage. Human Tornado was able to reverse the move. Tornado hit two enziguris, and they were both down at 7:00. Tornado went on offense, hitting a series of punches to the abdomen, a Mafia Kick to the side of the head, an inverted DDT on the ring apron, and an awesome flip dive to the floor. Back in the ring, Tornado hit a top-rope crossbody block for a nearfall, then a butterfly powerbomb across his knees for a nearfall.

Scorpio Sky came back with a nice backbreaker over his knee, then an anklelock at 10:00. Human Tornado hit his Tornado Clothesline, then he placed Scorpio’s feet on the top rope, and Tornado hit a standing neckbreaker. OUCH! Scorpio went back to the anklelock, then he grapevined the leg, and the crowd rallied for Tornado, who reached the ropes. Human Tornado did his dance steps/kicks spot in the corner, which drew a pop. Jade hit a low blow, but it hurt her, not Tornado! A woman jumped in the ring and attacked Jade! Human Tornado hit a back suplex on Scorpio, but the ref was out of position, clearing the women from the ring! Scorpio nailed a double-underhook DDT and scored the pin. Good match.

(3) Kevin Steen defeats Austin Aries at 16:11.
Aries wore colorful red trunks, and he immediately jawed with the fans; he’s a heel tonight. Steen was goofy early, mimicking Hulk Hogan’s offense, doing a lot of flexing and posing. They opened with some standing switches and trading armholds. Steen hit a shoulder tackle at 4:00 that knocked Aries down. In a comedy spot, Steen got winded running the ropes, and the crowd applauded at the silliness. Steen hit a drop-toe-hold into the corner. Aries missed a springboard back elbow, and he crashed to the mat. Steen went for a tumbleweed splash in the corner, but Aries moved, and Steen crashed into the turnbuckle. Aries then took over on offense.

Aries hit a Power Drive Elbow for a nearfall at 8:30. Steen fired back with a series of punches. Aries hit a back rake, a knee drop to the face, then the slow-motion knee drop. Aries hit a basement dropkick to the groin for a nearfall, and he cranked on Steen’s head. The crowd rallied behind Steen, who hit a superkick, and they were both down at 12:00. Steen hit a nice powerslam for a nearfall. Aries tried to springboard into the ring, but Steen caught him with a Stunner! Steen hit a gutbuster over his knee.

Aries fired back with a running dropkick to the face in the corner for a believable nearfall. Steen went for the Package Piledriver, but Aries avoided it. Aries dove through the ropes to the floor, then he hit a catapult press into the ring for a nearfall. Aries hit a top-rope elbow drop for a believable nearfall at 15:30, and he got a backslide for another nearfall. Steen somehow got Aries up for the Package Piledriver for the pin. Good match, but I hoped & expected even more, as they did more comedy here than I would have preferred.

(4) Disco Machine & Nemesis defeat T.J. “Puma” Perkins & Rocky Romero at 15:38.
Solid match; despite being given ample time, it never shifted to the next level. Nemesis wore a black & white outfit with a mask, and he’s a bit goofy. Perkins and Nemesis started, with Perkins out-wrestling Nemesis early, then hitting a nice dropkick and a headscissors takedown. They traded armdrags, and Nemesis hit a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker. Romero entered at 3:30 and hit a spine kick. Disco entered for the first time, and he traded some nice mat wrestling holds with Romero, which drew an applause.

Romero and Disco took turns ramming each other’s head into the top turnbuckle. Disco hit a snap suplex for a nearfall at 7:00 on Romero. Romero hit some LOUD chops on Nemesis. Perkins went to work on Nemesis’ left arm, and the crowd rallied for Nemesis. Nemesis and Disco worked over Perkins, with Disco hitting a Panic Attack/running knee to the face in the corner. Romero made the hot tag at 12:00, and he hit a missile dropkick, some chops, then a Mafia kick on Nemesis.

Romero & Perkins hit simultaneous basement dropkicks on their opponents. Romero hit a running knee strike, then he applied a cross-armbreaker on Nemesis, but Nemesis reached the ropes. Nemesis hit a nice faceplant on Perkins. Perkins hit a brainbuster for a nearfall on Disco Machine at 14:30. Disco hit a backbreaker over his knee for a nearfall on Romero. Disco then hit a chokeslam across his knee to pin Romero.

(5) Chris Sabin defeats Joey Ryan via DQ at 16:18.
Ryan took the mic, and he showed off his “Best of American Super Juniors” medal. The crowd booed Ryan heavily. Commissioner Dino Winwood is the special referee for this match, and it’s obvious he wants to get the PWG World Heavyweight Title off of Ryan! Winwood encouraged the crowd as they chanted, “Die, Joey die!” The match began with the wrestlers trading quick arm holds, and the fans booing all of Ryan’s offense, and cheering all of Sabin’s moves! Sabin hit several quick armdrags, and Ryan collapsed at 3:00.

Sabin hit a LOUD chop, and Ryan bailed. Sabin hit a basement dropkick, a gutbuster, and he tied Ryan in a knot on the floor. Ryan rammed Sabin’s head into the ring post, and Sabin collapsed to the floor. Ryan was now in charge, as he rammed Sabin’s lower back into the ring apron on the floor. In the ring, Ryan got a snap suplex for a one-count at 7:30, and it’s obvious that Dino Winwood is going to have slow counts for Ryan! Sabin accidentally fell onto Ryan’s groin, and they were both down. Sabin fired up, and he a series of dropkicks, and he got a rollup for a nearfall at 10:00, with Winwood making a really quick count!

Sabin hit a Tornado DDT for another nearfall. Ryan fired back with a pumphandle overhead suplex, then a butterfly powerbomb for a nearfall (with a slow count!) Sabin hit an enziguri, then a faceplant off of his shoulder for a nearfall. Sabin hit a springboard dropkick on the knee, and Ryan bailed to the floor, where he got his title belt! He took the belt into the ring, and he hit Sabin with the belt, in front of the referee at 14:00! “Disqualify me now,” Ryan shouted at Winwood.

Winwood got on the mic and told Ryan he wouldn’t disqualify him, so Ryan hit Winwood! Sabin hit the Cradle Shock driver, and a new ref ran into the ring to make the pinfall count, but Scorpio Sky pulled the new ref to the floor! Sabin hit a dive to the floor on Scorpio Sky! Back in the ring, Sabin applied a cool modified Figure Four Leglock, and the crowd was HOT, begging for Ryan to tap out. After a few seconds, Ryan tapped! Sabin got the title and celebrated in the corner. However, the ring announcer announced that Sabin won… by disqualification, and that Ryan was still PWG champion. The crowd loudly chanted “Bullsh!t” at the announcement. Good match.

(6) Quicksilver & El Generico defeat Jay & Mark Briscoe at 17:59.
Excellent match. Mark wore red trunks, and Jay wore black, so they are easy to tell apart here. Jay easily overpowered Generico to start the match. Generico hit a chop and some nice armdrags. Jay hit a hurricanrana. Generico hit a leg lariat, and this is intense action. Quicksilver entered and hit a flying back elbow. Mark Briscoe tagged in at 3:00, and he hit a catapult doublestomp on Quicksilver for a nearfall. OUCH! Mark hit a hard headbutt. Jay hit a nice dropkick for a nearfall on Quicksilver, then a European Uppercut.

Generico connected on a nice split-legged moonsault for a nearfall on Jay, then a backbreaker over his knee for a nearfall. Quicksilver tied Jay in an Octopus at 6:30. Mark hit a back suplex for a nearfall on Quicksilver, then a gutwrench suplex and a kneedrop to the face for a nearfall. The Briscoes hit a team shoulder tackle for a nice pop. The crowd began to rally behind Quicksilver. Mark hit a hard clothesline for a nearfall at 10:00. Quicksilver came back with a headscissors takedown and a spinebuster, and they were both down, and the crowd was HOT. Generico made the hot tag, and he hit a Kidman Dropkick on Jay, then a Tornado DDT on Mark.

Jay hit a Mafia Kick on Quicksilver, sending him to the floor. Generico hit a springboard moonsault to the floor on Jay at 12:30! WOW! Mark then hit a hurricanrana off the ring apron to the floor on Generico, and the fans loudly chanted, “Holy sh--!” Back in the ring, Jay hit a Death Valley Driver for a nearfall on Generico. Mark hit a belly-to-belly overhead suplex on Generico, then on Quicksilver. The Briscoes hit their Razor’s Edge/overhead powerbomb & stunner combo move on Quicksilver, drawing another huge pop from the crowd.

Quicksilver got a victory roll for a nearfall at 15:30, and this action is awesome and spot-on. Quicksilver hit a jump-up kick in the corner. Generico hit a top-rope crossbody block on Jay. The Briscoes went for a springboard clothesline, but it was botched, as the ref was in the way. Quicksilver hit a snapmare driver on Jay, then a sunset flip powerbomb on Mark on the floor! In the ring, Generico hit the running Mafia Kick to Jay’s face in the corner! Quicksilver immediately followed the Mafia Kick with a Reverse Rana! Generico then nailed a brainbuster in the center of the ring, and Quicksilver pinned Jay. Really, really good match!

(7) American Dragon Bryan Danielson defeats Claudio Castagnoli at 16:45.
This match will be known for its 12-minute headlock spot. Unfortunately, I’m quite serious. Claudio wore his yellow pants, and Dragon was in blue trunks. They started with an intense tie-up, and they traded arm holds. Dragon applied a Surfboard at 3:30, and he pulled back on Claudio’s head. Claudio nailed Dragon with a punch, and Dragon kept grabbing at his ear in pain. Claudio slapped on a headlock and wouldn’t let go.

I could repeat that last sentence over and over, because that’s what happened for the next 12 MINUTES. Dragon tried some reversals, some rollups, he tried to reach the ropes, and he tried to hit some knee shots to the back. Nothing Dragon did would force Claudio to relinquish the hold. Even the most ardent, staunch Dragon fan is going to have difficulty defending this match. Some fans were amused at this spot, many others were downright hostile. I was bored. Finally, Dragon shoved Claudio off of him, Claudio hit the ropes, ran back to Dragon, and Dragon got a rollup with a Backlund Bridge for the pin. Blah. I don’t know if I’ve seen a Dragon match that I disliked more than this one.

(8) B-Boy defeats Matt Sydal at 18:54.
Good match, but the crowd was a bit out of it after the last match lulled them to sleep. They opened with nice mat reversals and had a standoff. Sydal hit some nice armdrags and a headscissors takedown. B-Boy unloaded some chops and stiff forearms. Sydal hit his snap headscissors takedown, a baseball slide to the floor, and then some chops on the floor. Back in the ring, Sydal hit an enziguri and a fisherman’s suplex for a nearfall at 4:30, then a running clothesline in the corner. B-Boy hit a Flatliner, dropping Sydal face-first into the second-turnbuckle. B-Boy then nailed a Facelift/running basement dropkick to the face!

They fought on the floor, then back in the ring, where B-Boy hit a back suplex for a nearfall at 8:30. B-Boy hit a second-rope doublestomp on the top of Sydal’s head for a nearfall! B-Boy tied Sydal in a knot on the mat. Sydal fought back and hit an enziguri. B-Boy hit a standing powerbomb for a nearfall. At 11:30, Sydal hit a top-rope moonsault to the floor, and they were both down. In the ring, Sydal got a Victory Roll for a nearfall, then his Floatover Famouser, and a Shining Wizard in the corner. B-Boy fought back with a belly-to-belly suplex, and they were both down at 14:00, and the crowd was really into this match!

B-Boy nailed a sitdown powerbomb, then he applied a Sharpshooter, but Sydal reached the ropes. Sydal hit a spin kick to the face as B-Boy came off the ropes! OUCH! Sydal avoided a second Facelift, and he hit a standing moonsault for a believable nearfall at 16:30, and the crowd is now HOT. Sydal hit the “Here it is” Driver/pumphandle sitdown powerbomb for a nearfall. B-Boy applied a Cobra Clutch, and he turned it into a swinging overhead suplex! B-Boy nailed a Shining Wizard for a believable nearfall, and the crowd popped for the kickout! B-Boy went for the Go To Sleep/flip off the shoulders & a kick to the chest, but Sydal blocked it, and somehow got a hurricanrana for a nearfall. B-Boy nailed a hard clothesline, then he hit the Go To Sleep kick to the chest for the pin. Very good match.

Quick backstory: Davey Richards missed some ring time in May after a knee injury.

(9) Scott Lost & Chris Bosh defeat Super Dragon & Davey Richards at 30:58 to win the PWG tag team titles.
Good match. Lost had a recent haircut, with hair taken off the side of his head, and it has made him look a lot like Teddy Hart. Super Dragon and Lost started with some standing switches, and Super Dragon applied an STF. Lost applied a Sharpshooter at 3:00. Richards entered, and he tied up Bosh’s legs, and he hit a hard kick to Bosh’ chest. Super Dragon did a groinstomp on Bosh as Bosh was tied in the Tree of Woe at 7:00; meanwhile, Richards hit a basement dropkick on Bosh’ face! Richards hit some more hard kicks. Dragon hit a double stomp and a senton.

Bosh hit a low blow punch on Super Dragon, then he bit him! Lost applied a Boston Crab on Super Dragon at 10:00, but Richards broke it up. The heels worked over Super Dragon. Bosh hit a fisherman’s suplex for a nearfall. Lost and Dragon traded stiff forearms at 13:00. Super Dragon hit a modified Victory Roll, then a flying forearm on Bosh. Richards entered and hit a belly-to-belly suplex, then a springboard dropkick on Lost. Richards hit his Ultimo Dragon-style right & left kicks, then a German Suplex on Lost for a nearfall at 15:30. Lost hit a backbreaker over his knee on Richards for a nearfall. Richards went for a top-rope Shooting Star Press, but he missed.

Bosh hit a cool Tornado DDT on Dragon onto the ring apron! Lost applied a sharpshooter on Richards in the ring, and after a long fight, Richards reached the ropes at 18:30. (It really felt like Richards was about to tap several times.) Richards hit a suplex on Lost as they fought along the ropes, and they both tumbled to the floor. Richards immediately clutched his knee in pain, shouting “Not again!” and he swore repeatedly. The crowd was in a hushed silence, not sure if the injury is legit. Lost rolled Richards into the ring, and he immediately began to kick the injured knee at 21:00! These kicks got TREMENDOUS crowd heat! Awesome.

Lost applied a Figure Four Leglock, and the crowd rallied for Richards. Richards hit a belly-to-belly suplex on Lost, then an enziguri on Bosh, and he made the hot tag to Super Dragon at 24:30. Dragon hit a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker on Lost, then a back suplex and a Curbstomp! Lost hit a backbreaker over his knee on Super Dragon. Richards re-entered the match and helped hit an assisted DDT on Lost. Richards pulled Lost across his knees, and Super Dragon hit a doublestomp onto Lost’s exposed chest! Richards put Lost in a Sharpshooter at 28:00, when suddenly, Scorpio Sky was at ringside!

Joey Ryan jumped in the ring from out of nowhere, and he hit Richards with the title belt! Lost jumped on Richards and got a BELIEVABLE nearfall. Super Dragon hit a standing powerbomb on Scorpio Sky, and Richards hit an elevated Lungblower on Scorpio! Bosh hit a sitdown piledriver on Richards in the ring, dropping Richards head-first onto a title belt! Lost applied a Sharpshooter on Richards, who passed out! New tag champs!

* Bosh hit the ref with a Stunner! Lost dove to the floor on Super Dragon. The four heels (Lost, Bosh, Ryan, Scorpio) pulled Super Dragon in the ring and beat him up! Scorpio hit a Curbstomp on Super Dragon, sending Dragon’s head into a folded chair on the mat. Bosh then hit a doublestomp on Dragon’s head as it was on an open chair! OUCH! Scorpio got on the mic and said, “Dragon, I’ve hated you my entire career. Now, we are going to end yours.” Ryan nailed a Mustache Ride/swinging neckbreaker off the second rope through a table on the floor. Bosh cut an angry promo, saying that PWG dropped the ball with him last year after he won the BOLA tournament.

The heels finally left, and Richards tried to help Super Dragon, who was prone on the mat. Richards got on the mic and swore at Ryan, then said, “You took my title, I’m going to take yours!” The post match angle, between the beatdown and mic time was about 15 minutes.

Final thoughts:
Tape runs 3 hours, 9 minutes. First, the positives: The Briscoes match against Quicksilver & Generico was fantastic, and that earned match of the night. The Briscoes are on an amazing tear in 2006, and this match was no exception.

I’ll give second best to B-Boy vs. Sydal. I recall seeing them fight in a tag match in IWA-Mid South a couple years ago, and I know they know each other’s style. This was a sharp match that brought the crowd back to life. The main event was solid early, but it really picked up after the injury angle to Richards, and it was a red-hot finish; that match earned third-best.

I’ve been critical of PWG storylines in the past, but this show really came together for me. The heel group, dubbing themselves “The Dynasty” worked together throughout the show, and their big beatdown of Super Dragon was perfect. It allowed Super Dragon to take the summer off (which he did, and made his huge comeback at the 2006 BOLA), and it set in motion a storyline of Richards chasing Ryan for the title. Well done. Bravo.

What didn’t work for me: Aries-Steen was certainly above average, but I still expected more. I thought there was too much comedy and it was a bit weak on intensity from these guys. I know they can do better. The Dragon-Claudio match: I’m a big fan of both of these guys. I really enjoyed their match at the 2005 TPI, and I was looking forward to this match here. To me, it was a disaster. Someone, somewhere, probably thought this match was great, that these wrestlers got so much reaction – even though it was hostility – from one basic move. But I was bored. It is a skippable match, and I don’t think I’ve ever written those words about an American Dragon match before.

Purchase this DVD at for $15 or the tape at for $10.

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