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DVD Review: IWC, "Super Indy VI," (5-11-07) with Reyes, Albright, Brother Runt, Lethal, Dutt

Jul 3, 2007 - 4:13:00 PM

By Chris Vetter, Torch Contributor

Full disclosure: IWC sent this DVD to me to review.

International Wrestling Cartel's biggest event each year is the "Super Indy" tournament, as they always bring in some top-notch indy stars to compete in the 8-man, single-elimination field. This year, IWC headed to the Palisades, in McKeesport, Penn., for "Super Indy VI," on May 11, 2007.

IWC is one of my favorite indy promotions. Promoter Norm Connor books matches and storylines that make sense and don't embarrass the fans & viewers. On commentary, Joe Dombrowski is one of the premier announcers, as he does a great job in calling the action, telling past stories about each wrestler, and getting across key storylines and angles. Joining him on color is J. Worthington Farnsworth, and he's solid in his heelish role.

IWC also does a good job of taping its shows, with multiple cameras and good lighting. On this night, the crowd is a legit 600 or more, and they were HOT! This venue is a packed basketball gym, with a hardwood basketball floor.

To the show!

(1) Round 1: Hentai defeats Brother Runt at 11:11.
Blah. Hentai wore a black mask with tassels, and Dombrowski noted he won the first "Super Indy" tournament. This was the IWC debut for Brother Runt, and he had a messy Mohawk, looking like he just woke up. Dombrowski was doing a great job of putting over the importance of the tournament and what it can do for a wrestler's career. Runt grabbed the mic and stalled, and he talked about the "original" ECW, which got a pop. He then said he has never seen a more pathetic crowd, which of course, drew boos. He called himself a "TNA Superstar." The crowd rallied behind Hentai, who is usually a heel here!

Hentail hit some armdrags, and Runt stalled a LOT, and frankly, this got pretty dull. At the 5:00 mark, they still had barely touched. Hentai easily shoved Runt to the mat, and Runt bailed gain. Hentai hit a back suplex at 7:30, a clothesline, and a snap suplex. Runt bailed again and he sat in the crowd. They fought on the floor. In the ring, Runt hit a headbutt to the chest, but he couldn't hit a Sliced Bread #2/Acid Drop. Hentai got a rollup out of nowhere for the pin. "It wasn't pretty, but it was effective," Dombrowski said. The match never got out of first gear.

(2) Round 1: Shiima Xion defeats Ruckus at 6:22.
Sharp match for the time given. This is Ruckus' debut here. Xion has improved his physique this year, but he's still a bit thin & small. His hair is a bit shorter, and the crowd has really rallied behind him as a face now. They shook hands to start the match. Dombrowski acknowledged Ruckus' role in Wrestling Society X this spring. They opened by trading good armholds, and Ruckus did a backflip-into-a-headscissors takedown. Xion hit a hurricanrana, then a satellite headscissors takedown, and some chops.

Ruckus hit a Pele Kick. Xion hit a bodyslam on the floor at 2:00. Ruckus gave Xion a bodyslam on the floor, then a spine kick on the floor. Ruckus hit a running Shooting Star Press off the ring apron to the floor, and the crowd chanted, "holy sh!t!" In the ring, Ruckus hit a handspring-back-elbow, a Razzle Dazzle/cartwheel-into-back elbow, and a Rocker Dropper for a nearfall. Ruckus applied a submission hold on the neck.

Ruckus went for another Razzle Dazzle, but Xion blocked this one, and both men were down at 5:00, and the crowd was HOT. They traded stiff forearms, and Xion hit a clothesline. Ruckus hit a spinning neckbreaker and an AWESOME moonsault legdrop. However, Xion hit a "Filipino Destroyer"/snapmare driver for the pin. This was a VERY good six-minute match. They shook hands and hugged.

* The next match is a six-team tag gauntlet. I've broken it up into five mini-matches. Michael Facade & Johny Gargano drew #2, but Eric Xtasy & Justin Idol came out and requested they trade numbers, as they wanted to get their hands on the Heartbreakers (known as the Heart Throbs in WWE).

(3a) Justin Idol & Eric Xtasy (Sexual Harassment) defeat Romeo Roselli & Antonio Thomas (the Heartbreakers) (w/Chris Maverick) at 8:03.
Basic match. The Heartbreakers wore identical red trunks. Xtasy is bald, much thinner than he used to be, and he plays a gay character. All four men fought immediately in the ring, then to the floor. Xtasy accidentally hit the ring post. The heels hit a double uranage on Xtasy on the floor. Idol hit a NICE top-rope flip dive to the floor on the heels. In the ring, Idol hit a missile dropkick. Romeo hit a Divorce Court armbreaker on Idol at 2:30. The heels began to extensively work over Idol's left arm, as Xtasy was out on the floor.

The heels hit a team Flatliner on Idol for a nearfall. Maverick hit Xtasy. The heels slowed Idol down on the mat. Antonio did a double-knees shot on the left arm at 7:00. Maverick pulled Xtasy off the ring apron so he couldn't make the hot tag. All four fought some more, and Idol got on O'Connor roll for the pin.

(3b) J-Rocc & Ray Rowe (the Cleveland Mafia) defeat Idol & Xtasy at 3:46.
The Mafia wore orange & brown outfits (Cleveland Brown colors), and they've become wildly popular faces here. They hit a double shoulder tackle on Xtasy. Rowe, a big bald guy with tattoos, hit a German Suplex on Idol, dumping him on his head! Rowe hit an enziguri on Xtasy! Idol came back with a Kidman Dropkick on Rowe. Idol hit a Russian Legsweep on J-Rocc for a nearfall at 1:30.

Xtasy hit a low blow headbutt on J-Rocc and rubbed his head lewdly over J-Rocc's groin. Idol & Xtasy worked over J-Rocc. J-Rocc came back with some chops on Idol. Idol missed a top-rope senton splash, and J-Rocc got a schoolboy rollup to pin Idol. Good, short match.

(3c) J-Rocc & Ray Rowe defeat Vendetta & Jimmy DeMarco at 3:17.
OK, all four men in the ring are now bald. DeMarco wore a white T-shirt. Vendetta & DeMarco hit a team back suplex on J-Rocc. They worked J-Rocc over with some stomps and punches. J-Rocc hit a double clothesline and he made the hot tag to Rowe. Rowe entered and hit some clotheslines, a belly-to-belly suplex on Vendetta, a half-nelson suplex on Demarco, then he put Vendetta in an STF, and Vendetta tapped out. "What we are seeing is dominance," Farnsworth said.

(3d) J-Rocc & Ray Rowe defeat Marshall & Mickey Gambino at 7:57.
Best action of the gauntlet. Marshall is the bigger brother and the better wrestler, while Mickey is more slender. All four fought on the floor. J-Rocc tossed a garbage can on Mickey's head, while Marshall brawled with Rowe. I used to thing that Marshall Gambino looked a bit like Bubba Dudley, but now he looks more like Big Bossman. Marshall dropped J-Rocc head-first on the ring apron, and he slammed Rowe's back into the guardrail. J-Rocc choked Mickey with Mickey's suspenders, then he whipped Mickey across the back with the suspenders.

They finally entered the ring, and Marshall hit a Spinebuster on Rowe, who was lying across Mickey's knees, for a nearfall at 3:00. The Gambinos beat up J-Rocc. Rowe hit a hard clothesline on Marshall, and a Northern Lights Suplex on Mickey, dropping Mickey onto Marshall! The Cleveland Mafia came back with a team Spinebuster on Marshall.

Rowe applied an STF on Marshall, and Marshall tapped out, but the ref didn't see it, at 6:00. Marshall hit a DDT on Rowe, then a frogsplash for a believable nearfall, and the crowd popped for the kickout. Mickey and J-Rocc briefly brawled to the back. Someone sprayed mist in Rowe's eyes, but he shook it off. Rowe hit a second-rope superplex to pin Marshall. Solid action.

(3e) Michael Facade & Johnny Gargano defeat J-Rocc & Ray Rowe at 7:25 to win the tag titles.
Gargano prayed, and made the sign of the cross, as he walked to ringside. Dombrowski said Gargano is a rookie. Facade has braided blonde hair, and I've only seen him a few times, and he's solid for being green. The crowd chanted, "Rowe's gonna kill you!" The kids hit clotheslines on the Mafia, but the moves had no effect. Rowe tied up Facade on the mat. Gargano hit a dropkick on J-Rocc for a nearfall. Gargano hit some right & left blows and stiff forearms on Rowe, but they had no effect.

J-Rocc hit a spear on Gargano for a nearfall. Dombrowski, throughout the gauntlet, has done an excellent job about talking about Idol & Xtasy giving up this final slot in the match, just so they could get their hands on the Heartbreakers. Rowe hit an Exploder Suplex, tossing one guy onto another. The Mafia started to work over Facade. Rowe hit a powerbom on Facade across J-Rocc's knees for a nearfall at 3:00. Rowe hit a HARD chop on Facade. Gargano got tagged in, but he was hesitant to enter. Rowe hit a hard clothesline on Garagno, then a Northern Clothesline to the back of the neck, and the Cleveland Mafia were just destroying the smaller Gargano.

The Mafia took turns chopping Gargano in the chest. Rowe hit a (Low Ki style) running double boots to the chest at 6:00, and the kids crashed into each other in the corner. Rowe hit a (Doug Williams move) Chaos Theory/roll-through German suplex on Michael Facade. J-Rocc insisted he enter the match. Facade made a blind tag to Garagano, and J-Rocc didn't see it. Gargano hit a missile dropkick on J-Rocc; Facade did a schoolyard takedown, and the kids both covered J-Rocc for the pin out of nowhere! Some fans started chanting, "bullsh!t!"

* J-Rocc got on the mic and apologized to Rowe, saying they had the match won, and he let them down. J-Rocc demanded a rematch from Gargano & Facade. They all shook hands. J-Rocc then invited an 8-year-old boy into the ring (it was the kid's birthday), and gave him a T-shirt. Something I'm sure the kid will remember.

(4) Round 1: Larry Sweeney defeats Jay Lethal at 9:25.
Good match. Sweeney got a big pop, and he did his trademark strut. The ring announcer said "Jay Lethal couldn't be here," but he announced his replacement, "Black Machismo." The crowd popped for all of Lethal's Macho Man mannerisms. Lethal gave Sweeney a Slim Jim treat. Sweeney refused to shake. Sweeney wore a pink singlet. Farnsworth predicted Sweeney would win the tournament, and Dombrowski was annoyed, as Farnsworth kept changing his predictions.

Lethal tripped Sweeney in the opening moments for some laughs. Sweeney demanded his music play, and he strutted. The crowd popped as Lethal did some strutting as well. The match turned serious at 3:00 as Lethal hit some punches and a top-rope double ax handle. Sweeney tossed Lethal shoulder-first into the corner, and Sweeney hit a shoulder breaker on his knee. The crowd was hot. Sweeney did the Garvin Stomp, and he hit a nice butterfly suplex for a nearfall at 6:00.

Sweeney then hit a nice gutwrench suplex for a nearfall. Lethal hit a flying elbow, a backbody drop, a basement dropkick, and an enziguri, then a nice Superkick for a nearfall at 8:30. Sweeney hit a top-rope Hangman's Neckbreaker out of the ropes for a nearfall. Lethal went for a Victory Roll, but Sweeney sat down during the move and scored the pin. Good match, with some comedy at the beginning, and the crowd thoroughly enjoyed it.

(5) Round 1: Azrieal defeats Sonjay Dutt at 10:34.
Good match, and best of the first round. Azrieal wore his red & black pants, and Dombrowski again did a good job of telling IWC viewers the background of Azrieal. They immediately traded good mat reversals, and Dutt tied Azrieal in a rowboat position. They sped it up and avoided each other's moves and had a standoff at 3:00. Dutt choked Azrieal in the ropes, and he started acting heelish. Azrieal hit a headscissors takedown and a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker, then a back suplex.

Dutt hit a Russian Legsweep for a nearfall, then he did a (KENTA) leapfrog over the rope and hit a quick boot to the head at 5:30. Dutt mocked some of the fans at ringside. Dutt applied a Camel Clutch in the ropes. Azrieal hit a slap to the face and a Stunner, and both men were down, and the crowd was hot. Azrieal hit a dropkick, and he was fired up, as he hit a nice senton for a nearfall at 8:00.

Azrieal hit a dropkick to the gut as Dutt tried to hit a springboard move off the ropes. Azrieal hit his South of Heaven/pumphandle powerbomb move. Dutt came back with a Sunset Flip Powerbomb out of the corner, then a Superkick and a top-rope moonsault for a nearfall, and Dutt was shocked the move didn't get him the win. Azrieal hit a top-rope doublestomp to Dutt's head for the pin. Dombrowski put both men over for the match.

(6) Semi-finals: Shiima Xion defeats Hentai at 7:07.
They shook hands to start the match. Hentai hit a nice satellite headscissors takedown. Xion hit some quick armdrags, and this had a nice, quick pace. Hentai hit a nice top-rope crossbody block to the floor! WOW! Hentai slammed Xion's back into the apron. Xion hit some chops. In the ring, Hentai choked Xion in the ropes. They hit double clotheslines, and both men were down at 3:30.

Xion hit a bodyslam for a nearfall, and an inverted DDT for a nearfall. Hentai came back with a second-rope Bulldog Powerslam for a nearfall. Xion hit a flipping chinbreaker on his knee for a nearfall. Hentai hit a spinning Tombstone piledriver for a believable nearfall. Hentai missed a frogsplash, but he got a nice sunset flip for a believable nearfall. Xion got a rollup for the pin. Sharp, short match.

(7) Semi-finals: Larry Sweeney defeats Azrieal at 9:56.
Azrieal limped to the ring, selling the effects of the first match. Sweeney has switched to a purple singlet. They had an intense tie-up, and Sweeney hit a shoulder tackle and celebrated. Sweeney applied a hammerlock and worked the left arm. Azrieal applied an STF at 3:00. The crowd decided to cheer for Sweeney (who was still acting heelish), and they taunted Azrieal. Sweeney flipped Azrieal to the floor, and he stalled.

In the ring, Azrieal hit some stomps, and he started acting more heelish, as he choked Sweeney in the ropes. Azrieal hit a nice catapult senton for a nearfall, then a snap suplex for a nearfall at 5:30. The crowd rallied for Sweeney. Larry hit a series of punches and a backbody drop, and he pulled down a strap on his singlet, which earned him a pop. Sweeney hit a fisherman's suplex for a nearfall at 8:30 and a Spinebuster for a nearfall. Azrieal hit a nice dropkick and a nice frogsplash for a believable nearfall. However, Sweeney hit a piledriver and a top-rope elbow drop for the pin! "What a night for Larry Sweeney!" Dombrowski said. Good match.

(8) Jason Gory defeats John McChesney and Troy Lords and Eric Young in an elimination match at 14:36 to win the Super Indy Title.
Lords was the champion entering this match. Gory has put on a bit of size (he used to be REALLY thin), and he looks less Goth here than normal. Dombrowski, who is usually spot-on in his commentary, screwed up here and said this was a one-fall-to-a-finish match a couple times early on. McChesney used to be a top babyface, but he’s morphed into an AWESOME heel, and he has a great look of disdain for the fans. (McChesney is the only heel in this four-way). Young is just ridiculously over! He’s really latched onto a good character.

Gory started against Lords, and they traded good mat holds. Young entered; he pointed at McChesney and got the crowd to boo him every time Young pointed in his direction. Silliness, but fun crowd interaction. Young was his trademark goofy self as he ran the ropes aimlessly, then he hit a deep armdrag on Lords at 3:30. Lords and McChesney jawed at each other – that seemed to be the focus of this match. Gory hit a nice dropkick and a clothesline in the corner on McChesney. McChesney fired back with his (Low Ki style) running double boots on Gory at 6:00, and McChesney celebrated the move, and the crowd booed him.

McChesney hit a nice Northern Lights Suplex for a nearfall, and he tossed Gory to the floor! Gory writhed on the floor in pain. Suddenly, it was just McChesney and Young in the ring. McChesney offered to hug Young (and be his friend!), but Young beat him up. Young hit a top-rope elbow drop on McChesney for a nearfall at 9:00. Lords hit an inverted DDT on Young. McChesney pushed Lords to the floor, then McChesney hit a springboard missile dropkick to pin Young at 9:58!

Lords and McChesney traded hard chops, and Lords blocked a Superkick. Lords hit a Blue Thunder Bomb for a believable nearfall. McChesney fired back with a spinning Lungblower for a believable nearfall on Lords. Gory was still groggy on the floor! McChesney got a rollup on Lords, grabbed the ropes for leverage, and scored a cheap pin at 12:15!

Gory got in the ring, and he hit the QAF/Code Red into the corner. Lords was still on the floor, upset that he lost his Super Indy title. McChesney hit a springboard guillotine legdrop on the apron for a nearfall. In the ring, McChesney hit some chops on Gory, but he continued to jaw at Lords on the floor! Gory got a rollup out of nowhere to pin McChesney and win the Super Indy title! Very good story-telling in this match.

* The brand new IWC heavyweight title was brought to the ring before the next match. Sharp looking belt! Also, ‘fired’ referee Steven Colter and ‘fired’ wrestler Sebastian Dark are now in the building, and Dombrowski pondered why they are here.

Quick backstory: Promoter Norm Connors ‘fired’ Sterling James Keenan, a heel who recently turned babyface. Connors fired Keenan after Dennis Gregory tipped Connors off that Keenan was going to bring back a heel group to IWC. Several fans, and both announcers, were disappointed that Keenan was ‘let go.’

(9) Dennis Gregory defeats Ricky Reyes and Brent Albright to win the IWC Heavyweight title at 16:16.
Reyes had been champion. Gregory, having just returned from a stint in Iraq, still has his military haircut, and he’s quite popular here; he wore a yellow & black singlet. At the bell, Albright put a crowbar on Gregory, but Reyes made the save. Reyes then put a Dragon Sleeper on Albright, but Gregory made the save. Dombrowski on commentary talked extensively about the ‘firing’ of Keenan, and how disappointed he was in the move, but he defended Connor’s decision. “It’s his company, and it’s his prerogative,” Dombrowski said. All three men fought to the floor, and Albright whipped Gregory across the merchandise table at 3:00, and ALL the DVDs scattered! What a mess!

Gregory choked Reyes with a shirt. “This resembles a bar fight,” Dombrowski said. Albright piled some folded chairs on the floor. However, Reyes gave Albright a suplex onto the pile of chairs at 6:00, and the fans chanted, “IWC!” Gregory went for a top-rope dive to the floor, but both opponents scattered, and Gregory CRASHED onto the pile of chairs! OUCH! In the ring, Albright hit a clothesline on Gregory, and the were both down on the mat. Reyes climbed in the ring now, and he punched both opponents and hit some bodyslams. Reyes hit a Fisherman’s Suplex on Albright for a nearfall at 10:00, then a Northern Lights Suplex on Gregory, but Albright made the save.

Reyes hit a swinging neckbreaker on Albright, but Gregory made the save. Albright was bleeding from a cut near his right eye. Albright hit a double sunset flip on BOTH opponents, and he got a nearfall on Reyes. They did a tower spot out of the corner, and Gregory got nearfalls on both opponents. Albright hit a hard clothesline on Reyes. Gregory hit a Superkick on Albright, and all three were down at 13:30. The crowd was HOT! Reyes hit a Tornado DDT for a nearfall on Gregory. Reyes put Gregory in a Dragon Sleeper, but Albright pulled the referee to the floor and hit the ref before Gregory could tap out!

Albright hit Reyes with the chair, and he was angry, saying he was upset about the cut by his eye. Albright hit Reyes again, and he shook hands with Gregory! The crowd booed him. Norm Connors at ringside was shocked at this development! Gregory hit a faceplant on Reyes for the pin, as Albright stood by and didn’t attempt to break up the pin this time. “I certainly didn’t expect that turn of events,” Dombrowski said. Perplexing swerve finish, but a good match before that.

* Gregory got on the mic and told Connors that he tricked him into firing Keenan. Connors reluctantly gave Gregory the title belt. “I can’t believe you’d do this to IWC,” Connors said.

Quick backstory: The IWC title tournament is held each spring. The winner of the title tournament wins the title. Whoever holds the title (which is now Jason Gory) presents the belt to the tournament winner afterward.

(10) Finals: Larry Sweeney defeats Shiima Xion at 13:52 to win the Super Indy Title tournament.
Sweeney is now in a black singlet. They had an intense tie-up, and Xion applied a headscissorslock. Sweeney hit a shoulder tackle, and they battled in a test of strength. Sweeney worked a keylock, and he nailed a running kneelift to the head at 3:30, then he hit some chops. Sweeney did the Garvin Stomp, and he applied a chinlock on the mat. Xion came back with a nice dropkick and a clothesline at 7:00, then some chops, a springboard guillotine legdrop, and a basement dropkick.

Sweeney hit a face-first slam for a nearfall, then he dove the floor through the ropes, and they were both down on the ground. They fought on the floor, and Xion slammed Sweeney into the ring post. Xion hit a top-rope dive to the floor at 9:30. Xion hit a missile dropkick in the ring for a nearfall. Sweeney couldn’t hit the piledriver. Xion got a rollup for a nearfall. Their heads collided, and they were both down. Sweeney again couldn’t hit the piledriver, and he accidentally hit the ref. Xion hit his Lust to Dust/snapmare driver, but the referee (who was recovered from being hit) was slow to make the count. Sweeney hit the piledriver! Xion hit a second-rope superplex for a believable nearfall. Sweeney blocked a sunset flip, sat down, and scored the pin! Good intense match, and fans gave them a standing ovation.

* Gory came out, and he handed the title belt to Sweeney. The faces hugged Sweeney, and the fans were popping for Sweeney’s win. (If he wasn’t a full-fledged babyface before this win, he sure is now!) John McChesney came to ringside, fully dressed in his street clothes. He glared at Sweeney. Sweeney celebrated in the corner of the ring, and the fans applauded him.

Final thoughts:
What a FUN show.

I’ll narrowly give best match to the main event. The crowd was into it; while it was a bit of a methodical pace, it was the culmination of a long night, and the fans were totally into both Shiima and Sweeney. I’m sure fans there easily could have thought either man was going to win it. A fun way to end a fun tournament.

I don’t mind swerves, but I didn’t like how the one in the three-way dance played out. Why would Albright and Gregory fight, toe-to-toe, for 15 minutes, before revealing they were working together? Why wouldn’t they just start beating up Reyes in a two-on-one advantage right from the bell? It doesn’t make a lot of sense. Good match, though, and that earns second best.

Lots of very good matches here, as I’ll go with Dutt-Azrieal at third best, then the four-way elimination match, then Sweeney-Azrieal. All the matches were good for the time given.

There were a few “TNA superstars” were on this show. In Eric Young, fans saw a guy who worked hard to get over his character and have an entertaining match. On the flip side, Brother Runt couldn’t have possibly looked more bored, more lethargic, and more disinterested in what he was doing. (I saw him live in IWA Mid-South last year, and he hasn’t been back there since.) I wouldn’t be surprised if Connors doesn’t use Runt again anytime soon after this dud performance.

The tag gauntlet was fine, and the win for the rookies came across like it was supposed to – a total fluke. Nothing wrong with that.

Other random thoughts: Hentai is vastly underrated. I’m really interested in where this “Steven Colter is in the crowd again” angle is going. Norm Connors clearly has an idea of how this will play out. The ROH guys here – Albright and Reyes – looked good.

To be a great heel, I think one almost needs to be a great face first. The crowd needs to love you first… then when you turn on them, the fans LOATHE you. That’s what’s happened to John McChesney. I can’t believe what an awesome heel he’s become.

This show earns a thumbs up. No, I didn’t see any “four-star” matches or “match of the year” candidates on this show. But I saw a smartly-booked tournament, with lots of good matches, and a satisfying finish with the finals where fans could see either man winning. I said this already, but IWC has top-notch announcing, good storytelling, and solid editing, and that contributes a lot to the enjoyment of watching this DVD. Purchase this disc at for $20.

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