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DVD Review: Wrestling Society X "Season 1," with a review of all 44 matches!

Dec 4, 2007 - 5:07:28 PM

Wrestling Society X aired in January and February 2007 on MTV. I loved the roster, with a great mix of ROH stars, top Midwest talent, and top West Coast PWG wrestlers. However, the show struggled because MTV didn't get behind it, and the show had too many cartoonish explosions and silly gags.

Full disclosure: This DVD package was sent to me to review.

Wrestling Society X held its TV tapings for an MTV wrestling show in November 2006. Universally, people agree that MTV never really got behind the show – there was little promotion for it, and some episodes were skipped because of the ‘graphic nature’ of a scene.

It’s really too bad, because I really enjoyed what I saw from the episodes that aired. Now, for the first time, Big Vision Entertainment has released this four-disc DVD set, featuring the 10 episodes for TV (including the finale which never did air) as well as the “WSXtra” episodes, which were a mix of recaps and new matches that hadn’t been television.

I was really excited when I heard about this project. The promoters definitely know the indy scene, as they picked the best of the California indy workers (Human Tornado, Scorpio Sky, Puma), and they brought in some top-notch Midwest talent (Jimmy Jacobs, Tyler Black, Arik Cannon, Nate Webb, Josh “Abercrombie” Raymond, Matt Sydal). This promotion wisely stayed away from the big muscle-bound WWE rejects. Outside of the handful of familiar names (6-Pac, Vampiro, Credible), the only other former WWE wrestler was Aaron “Jesus” Aguilera. This promotion had the talent to deliver some fun, entertaining matches. Yes, they were “short spotfests,” but the action was totally different from any wrestling shown on network TV today.

And I loved the atmosphere. Rather than trying to match WWE, or even TNA, with a “big venue” vibe, WSX went the complete opposite direction. The show purposely looked and felt like it was held in an underground club, or an old factory. It was grungy, yet very hip at the same time. The canvas in the ring was old and taped up. Wrestlers descended from ladders and all sorts of hiding places, as they came to the ring.

Honestly, I even liked what they did with the crowd – WSX brought in a bunch of young, good-looking people to cheer loudly for the action. Sure, the crowd in attendance probably weren’t wrestling fans, and they didn’t care about the action, but I think that the crowd shown on TV made WSX seem like it was hip and cool. These fans “aren’t sitting at home reading comic books and watching Star Trek.” These fans are good-looking and popular. Thus, WSX is cool, because “the cool kids like it.”

So, how did WSX fail so quickly? Well, I already mentioned that MTV never got behind the show. Did you see a commercial promoting the show? I certainly didn’t. But there were other problems too. Specifically, there were explosions. There were electric live wires. It was stupid. No fans believed that wrestlers were getting electrocuted. The explosions and fireworks transformed this show quickly from a “cool, underground promotion” into a Road Runner & Wile E. Coyote skit. I know the first time I saw a wrestler land on a box, causing an explosion, I rolled my eyes at the TV. I have to believe I was not alone. If WSX could re-do it all over again, that would be advice – lose the silly explosions and electrocutions.

The commentary team was Bret Ernst & Kris Kloss. These guys both look to be in their late 20s or early 30s, and they had energy and added to the youthful look of the product. I was also thoroughly impressed that they knew the correct names to call many of the big moves; these guys are definitely wrestling fans. Commentary was NOT “Wow, that move was awesome!” No, they called the action right. While I’m praising these guys, they weren’t perfect either. They got along fine on the shows that aired on TV, but they would bicker constantly during the matches on the “WSXtra show.” It was weird and disjointed – why did they get along so well, for the most part, on TV, but argue so much for the Web show?

I personally liked the on-screen graphics. The clip would show a wrestler’s name, what promotions he had wrestled for, what titles he had won, and maybe a word or two about what the wrestler was like. Keep in mind, for die-hard wrestling fans who DON’T order indy wrestling DVDs, the only wrestlers they knew here were Waltman, Vampiro, Credible, and a could others. So, I thought the quick synopsis, telling fans a bit about Jack Evans, Ruckus, etc., was really helpful.

ONE notable thing missing from each episode – the music acts that played on each show were clipped. I’m pleased with this editing decision, as I had barely heard of the music acts that played. Thus, each episode is about 19 minutes long. While the music was cut, the commentary from the singers is still on here. Almost every musician sounded sincere when talking about watching wrestling and being a fan as a kid … even if they were more likely to say they watched Randy Savage and Ultimate Warrior than Rock or Steve Austin.

I can’t wrap up the analysis without mentioning Fabian Kaelin, the in-ring announcer. Kaelin is loud and gregarious. I liked his style during the first episode, as it was loud and brash and different, and it fit the vibe of the show. But, while watching match after match, show after show, I found Kaelin to be … really grating.

So, with all that analysis out of the way, let’s watch the show!

Episode 1:

(1) Jack Evans defeats Matt Sydal (w/Lizzy Valentine) at 3:20.
Both of these guys are tremendous high-flyers, and they packed a LOT of offense into three minutes! Sydal flipped Evans to the floor, and Sydal hit a swan dive over the top rope onto Jack. The cameras really spent too much time looking at Lizzy and capturing her preppy, primadona, attitude. In the ring, Evans hit a cartwheel-back-elbow. Sydal hit a spin heel kick. Evans hit a spin kick and a cartwheel-into-a-flip dive to the floor. In the ring, Evans missed a standing corkscrew splash. Sydal hit the “Here it is” Driver/pumphandle sitdown powerbomb. Sydal hit a standing moonsault for a believable nearfall at 2:30. Evans hit an enziguri. Valentined grabbed Evans’ ankle. Sydal hit a Tornado DDT. However, Evans hit the 630 Splash for the pin. The announcers said it appeared that Valentine was interested in Evans. Great quick action. If you didn’t enjoy this very first WSX match, you probably didn’t watch the show too much longer than this!

* A clip aired, introducing viewers to Do It For Her (Tyler Black & Jimmy Jacobs) and the Trailer Park Boys (Josh Abercrombie & Nate Webb). Justin Credible, New Jack and Teddy Hart all had quick promos.

(2) Vampiro and 6-Pac win a 10-man battle royal ladder match at 9:08.
(This match obviously went a bit longer, but the footage during the commercial break was not included.) Two contracts hung above the ring; wrestlers can only go for the contracts once all 10 participants have entered the match. Justin Credible and Teddy Hart start the match, with Hart hitting a nice dropkick. Credible hit a Superkick, and he did a crotch chop. Hart hit a springboard moonsault. Kaos entered (3), and the announcers said he was an XPW champion. Hart hit a nice DDT on Kaos, then a second-rope Shooting Star Press at 2:00. Vampiro (4) entered and hit a spin heel kick and a chokeslam. Puma (5) got in the match but was almost immediately eliminated.

Alcatrazz (6) got in, then 6-Pac (7), who was greeted with a lot of BOOS! 6-Pac hit an X-Factor faceplant on Vampiro, then he hit a Bronco Buster. Chris Hamrick joined the match (8), and he was immediately followed by New Jack (9), as New Jack attacked Hamrick, eliminating Chris, then eliminating himself! New Jack hopped back in the ring and smashed a guitar over the referee’s head. New Jack hit a dive off a stage onto Hamrick, who was lying on a table. Youth Suicide (10) was the final participant to enter, and he dumped a bag of thumbtacks on the mat.

Someone eliminated Hart, and Teddy crashed through a table at ringside. Vampiro picked up Youth Suicide and slammed him onto the thumbtacks! OUCH! 6-Pac climbed a ladder and got one of the contracts. Justin Credible dumped Youth Suicide onto an “exploding board” at ringside, causing huge fireworks. (Yes, I rolled my eyes at the absurdity of this spot.) Vampiro fought Credible on the ladder, and Vampiro was able to reach the second contract to pull it down and win the match. The match was a bit messy but fun.

Episode 2:

(3) Human Tornado defeats Luke Hawx at 1:51.
Hawx is perhaps better known for his “Altar Boy Luke” gimmick on the East Coast. Hawx hit a low blow kick, but it had no effect on Tornado, who has “balls of steel.” Tornado hit a pimp slap. Hawx hit an Exploder. Human Tornado hit a headscissors takedown to the floor, then a flip dive over the top rope onto the floor! In the ring, Human Tornado nailed a Tornado DDT for the pin. Solid.

* Aaron Aguilera attacked Hawx. This brought out both Kaos and Alcatrazz, and all four of them fought.

* A promo aired for “The Filth & The Fury” (Teddy Hart & M-Dogg Matt Cross).

(4) Joey “Magnum” Ryan & Disco Machine (That 70s Team) defeat Masato Yoshino & Genki Horiguchi at 2:33.
Ryan started against the balding Horiguchi, and they traded some quick moves and had a standoff. Yoshino entered and hit a nice dropkick on Disco Machine. Ryan had to pause and use his inhaler. Disco Machin danced and hit an elbow drop for a nearfall on Genki. Someone pulled down Ryan’s pants, so the crowd could see his thong. Yuck. Genki hit a plancha to the floor. Ryan hit a tilt-a-whirl slam for a believable nearfall. Seconds later, he nailed a Superkick to pin Yoshino. Ok match.

* Genki destroyed Disco Machine’s disco ball.

* Nate Webb & Josh (Abercrombie) Raymond cut a promo, showing off that they are drunken trailer park hillbillies.

(5) Vampiro defeats 6-Pac at 4:31 to win the vacant WSX title.
A casket was present at ringside. 6-Pac hit a spin heel kick and a chop. Vampiro hit a spin kick to the chest. 6-Pac hit a Bronco Buster. Vampiro hit a Mafia Kick and a chokeslam, but he missed a top-rope corkscrew press. 6-Pac hit a dropkick that sent Vampiro to the floor, then he hit a flip dive to the floor for a nearfall on the floor! Vampiro picked 6-Pac up and crotched hit around the ring post. 6-Pac hit a clothesline on the floor.

6-Pac hit a Tornado DDT onto a table for a believable nearfall. The commentators said that pinfalls count anywhere in WSX. In the ring, 6-Pac hit an X-Factor faceplant for a nearfall. Vampiro hit a low blow punch, and he gave Vampiro a Tombstone Piledriver into the casket! The casket, just like in the first episode, exploded. Ridiculous. The commentators weren’t sure who had won. Vampiro stood up, holding the title, showing us that he was the winner.

Episode 3:

* Vampiro opened this show with a promo, saying that “blood & flesh were ripped from my body.” He displayed the WSX title. “This title is my destiny,” he said.

(6) Matt Cross & Teddy Hart defeat Nate Webb & Josh Raymond (w/Johnny Webb) at 3:24.
Good match. Josh and Hart started with some quick reversals. Cross hit a split-legged moonsault. Hart hit a cradle DDT on Josh, then a springboard ASAI moonsault to the floor. Cross hit a springboard corkscrew press to the floor. In the ring, Webb hit a tumbleweed into the corner. Hart hit a modified Canadian Destroyer/flip piledriver. Cross hit a doublestomp onto Josh’s back for a nearfall. Hart and Webb fought on the floor, and Hart grabbed an electric cord and shocked Webb with it. Hart nailed his “Open Hart Surgery”/twisting press onto Webb. Meanwhile, Cross hit a top-rope rana and a Shooting Star Legdrop on Josh in the ring for the pin. I enjoyed this action, outside of the electrocution spot.

* Kaos and Aaron Aguilera argued backstage. Aguilera apparently can’t finish a sentence without mentioning women or beer. Kaos was upset at his partner for not being there for him. They decided to challenge Alcatrazz & Luke Hawx to a “tables & ladders & cervesas” match.

(7) Jack Evans defeats El Hombre en Mascarado at 2:01.
I assume Hombre (translated is “the masked man”) is PWG’s Quicksilver. Hombre attacked Evans as Jack was still breakdancing. Hombre hit a springboard clothesline, then a dive over the top rope to the floor. In the ring, Hombre hit a kneestrike to the ear, then a Fisherman’s Buster for a nearfall. The announcers, in an absurd comment, talked about Hombre “debuting” and that Evans was “undefeated”. (It’s only the third episode! It’s not like Evans is a “WSX veteran!”) I digress. Hombrea hit a Lionsault-back-elbow. Evans hit a spin heel kick, a flying knee for a nearfall, and he hit the 630 Splash for the pin. Basic.

* A Matt Classic promo aired, in black and white. Classic (Colt Cabana in a mask) is a wrestler from 40 years ago, as he doesn’t wear kneepads and he has the classic mat-wrestling style. They absurdly said that Classic was in a coma for 40 years.

(8) Alcatrazz & Luke Hawx defeat Kaos & Aaron Aguilera at 3:15.
This was messy, and the worst match I’ve seen so far. (No surprise that none of these guys are in demand in the top U.S. indies.) Alcatrazz is BIG. Aguilera slammed Hawx’ face on a ladder. Kaos hit a Falcon Arrow slam. Kaos and Aguilera argued. Aguilera flirted with women. Alacatrazz gave Aguilera a slingshot into the ladder. Alcatrazz started an Undertaker-like Old School tightrope walk, but Aguilera slammed him onto a ladder. Kaos hit a sitdown piledriver on Luke. The faces of Aguilera & Kaos argued some more. This was a bit sloppy. Kaos fell face-first onto a six-pack of beer in the ring. Alcatrazz gave Kaos a powerbomb through a table for the pin. Eh.

Episode 4:

(9) Matt Sydal (w/Lizzy Valentine) defeats Scorpio Sky at 3:42.
Good match. Scorpio Sky, a bald black man, swaggered to the ring while showing off his ‘high school plaques.’ This appears to be a heel-heel matchup. Scorpio hit a quick armdrag. Sydal hit his snap headscissors takedown. Scorpio hit a hurricanrana, and Sydal bailed to the floor and stalled. In the ring, Scorpio hit a nice tilt-a-whirl backbreaker for a nearfall. Lizzy distracted Scorpio. Sydal did a backflip and hit his Floatover Famouser for a nearfall, then a running clothesline in the corner.

Sydal hit his Catapult Basement Dropkick in the corner for a nearfall, then an enziguri. Scorpio hit a spin heel kick, and Sydal bailed again. This time, Scorpio hit a flip dive to the floor. As they got back in the ring, Lizzy grabbed Scorpio’s ankle. Sydal hit a standing moonsault for a believable nearfall. Scorpio hit a Spinebuster. They fought on the top turnbuckle, and Scorpio hit a one-man Spanish Fly/belly-to-belly suplex for the pin. Good match. Lizzy hopped in the ring and wrote “H8R” on Scorpio’s back with her lipstick. She’s a great heel.

* Outside the building, Marcus Riot walked up to Jack Evans, saying he was Evans’ biggest fan. Riot gave Evans one of his DVDs. Evans’ response was to hit Riot with a low blow and walk away.

* Ruckus & Babi Slymm (Keeping It Gangsta) were hanging out backstage, looking for a ladder.

(10) Babi Slymm & Ruckus defeat Joey Ryan & Disco Machine at 3:56.
Ryan oiled up his hairy chest before the bell, and he started against Ruckus. Ruckus hit a nice headscissors takedown, a spin kick, and a doublestomp on Ryan. Disco Machine entered and got a Victory Roll on Slymm, then a headscissors takedown, and he paused to dance. Babi yanked down Ryan’s pants (is this going to happen in every one of his matches?), showing off Ryan’s thong. Babi hit a hard clothesline on Ryan.

Ruckus entered and hit his Razzle Dazzle/cartwheel-back-elbow in the corner on Ryan. Babi hit a swinging sidewalk slam. Ruckus slammed a disco ball on Ryan’s groin as Ryan was tied in the Tree of Woe; the cameras purposely only caught a half-second of this blow. Ruckus hit a moonsault kick off the ladder onto Ryan, as Joey was still tied in the Tree of Woe! Babi covered Ryan for the pin. Ok match. Disco Machine was upset that his disco ball was broken.

* Arik Cannon beat someone up backstage. He turned to the camera and said that if he would do that to a friend, imagine what he’ll do to an enemy.

(11) El Hombre en Mascarado vs. Human Tornado never started.
The ring announcer called for Human Tornado a couple times, but Tornado never came from the back. The camera panned backstage and found a prone Tornado out on the ground. 6-Pac hopped in the ring and attacked Hombre. 6-Pac called out Vampiro, so Vampiro hopped in the ring. However, a scarred monster (Ricky Banderas) jumped in the ring and attacked Vampiro. They fought on the floor, with Banderas whipping Vampiro into a guardrail. Banderas then apparently hit Vampiro with a magical blast. (Unfortunately, I’m serious here; that’s what happened.) The on-screen special effects were incredibly CHEESY.

Disc 1 “WSXtras”

WSXtra Episode 1:

* Fabian & Lacey showed clips of the WSX rumble ladder match. A video aired showing all the tag teams and some of the unknown stars in WSX. Good idea to introduce the roster to fans who probably don’t know these guys.

(12) Human Tornado defeats Puma and Luke Hawx at 7:51.
Surprisingly long match! Puma and Hawx tied up, as Tornado stood in a corner and watched. Hawx hit an Exploder suplex on Puma. Human Tornado hit a hurricanrana on Hawx. Tornado nailed a flip dive over the top rope onto both opponents. I mentioned this before, but the commentary team started arguing, and it felt forced and fake. Puma hit some right & left kicks, then a brainbuster on Tornado. Pumpa hit a catapult senton for a nearfall on Human Tornado, and he fought with Hawx on the floor. Hawx whipped Puma into the guardrail, and Puma was apparently OUT on the floor.

So, Hawx faced off with Tornado in the ring, with Hawx hitting a hard clothesline and a nice delayed vertical suplex for a nearfall at 5:00. Tornado came back with a tornado clothesline. Hawx hit a Flatliner on Tornado and some hard kicks to the chest. Tornado hit an inverted DDT over his knee for a nearfall. “Where’s Puma?” one commentator asked. Tornado hit a Mafia Kick on Hawx, then he hit his dance steps & low blow kick on Hawx. Puma finally got back in the match, and he kicked Hawx to the floor. However, Human Tornado hit a spin heel kick on Puma, then a twisting senton for the pin on Puma. Solid action, and it was nice to see a match given time to develop!

WSXtra Episode 2:

* The Trailer Park Boys wrestled each other on the ground outside of their trailer. Their manager said they aren’t hillbillies (even though all evidence says the opposite!)

(13) Josh Raymond & Nate Webb defeat Tyler Black & Jimmy Jacobs at 7:18.
Good match. These are all Midwestern guys, and they all know each other well, so I’m not surprised this action clicked. The announcers said that Raymond & Webb are “nomadic white trash.” Jacobs and Josh started, but Jacobs paused to wave at the girls in the crowd. Black hit some stiff forearms on Josh. Webb hit a springboard clothesline on Black for a nearfall, then Webb hit his spinning Arachnid Kick on Black for a nearfall and a rolling tumbleweed in the corner. Josh hit a catapult basement dropkick for a nearfall, but Jacobs made the save. Josh hit a flip dive to the floor on Jacobs at 2:30.

Black crotched Webb on the top rope. Black hit a Shooting Star Press-style plancha to the floor on the heels! WOW! Black & Jacobs beat up Josh. Jacobs applied a Camel Clutch, and Black nailed a dropkick to Josh’s exposed face. Jacobs applied a (Bryan Danielson) Cattle Mutilation, and Black hit a standing Shooting Star Press on Josh. Black hit a Pele kick for a nearfall at 5:30. Jacobs hit a spear on Josh. Josh hit a springboard spin kick on Jacobs, and he finally made the hot tag to Webb. Nate entered and hit some clotheslines and a dropkick on Black. Webb hit his spinning half-nelson faceplant, then he nailed the Soilent Green/swinging faceplant off his shoulder to the mat, on Black, for the pin. Very good match.

(14) Matt Sydal (w/Lizzy Valentine) defeats Matt Classic at 4:28.
(Classic, of course, is Colt Cabana under a mask; I think this is the first time I’ve ever seen him NOT wrestle in a singlet.) Classic came out to the ring with a grainy black & white video. Classic did some Greco-Roman takedowns. Sydal hit an enziguri. Classic hit a back elbow. Sydal hit a spin heel kick for a nearfall. Classic applied an Abdominal Claw! Classic went for a Flair Toss out of the corner, but Sydal somehow turned it into a headscissors takedown! Cool! Sydal hit a catapult basement dropkick. Classic applied a claw on the shoulder. Sydal got a Victory Roll for a nearfall, and Classic bailed. In the ring, Classic hit a Polish Hammer, a bodyslam and some punches. Sydal hit a Reverse Rana and a top-rope Shooting Star Press for the pin. Fun.

* Clips aired of the Aguilera/Kaos vs. Alcatrazz/Hawke feud. In another clip, the Trailer Park Boys met up with Three 6 Mafia.

WSXtra Episode 3:

* A clip aired of the altercation between Jack Evans & Marcus Riot.

(15) Scorpio Sky defeats Matt Classic at 3:49.
Solid. Classic had some intense lockups, a basic headlock, and a shoulder tackle. Scorpio hit a dropkick and a headscissors takedown. Classic hit an airplane spin, and he paused to stretch. Classic hit a HARD high knee and a Heart Punch, then a buttbump in the corner. However, Classic missed a bottom-rope frogsplash, as he was clearly wobbly-legged off the mat! Scorpio hit a hurricanrana, and Classic bailed to the floor. Scorpio Sky then hit a flip dive to the floor. In the ring, Scorpio hit a swinging DDT for the pin.

(16) Tyler Black & Jimmy Jacobs defeat Disco Machine & Joey Ryan at 3:41.
Fans chanted, “Disco sucks!” Disco started against Black, and Disco did some dancing. Black hit a nice dropkick, and he launched Jacobs into Disco Machine. Jacobs hit some doublestomps to the gut and an elbowdrop. Ryan entered, and he rubbed himself lewdly, then he hit a dropkick on Jacobs. That 70s Team hit a team Gordbuster on Jacobs for a nearfall at 2:00. Disco hit a powerslam for a nearfall. Jacobs hit a reverse snapmare on Ryan, and Ryan got his inhaler from the corner. Black made the hot tag, and he yanked down Ryan’s trunks (yep, this is going to happen in every one of Ryan’s matches here.) Black hit a swinging neckbreaker for a nearfall on Ryan. Jacobs hit a senton, and Black nailed a Falcon Arrow slam on Ryan for the pin. The cameras panned the crowd, showing the screaming girls.

* Ruckus & Babi Slymm hung out backstage, disappointed that there wasn’t anyone around for them to beat up.

WSXtra Episode 4:

(17) Jimmy Jacobs & Tyler Black defeat MasatoYoshino & Genki Horiguchi at 3:46.
Jacobs and Horiguchi opened with some basic reversals. Black and Yoshino traded chops, and they quickly ran the ropes. Yoshino hit a basement dropkick to Black’s head. Horiguchi hit a Tornado DDT on Black for a nearfall. Black hit a Pele Kick on Genki. Black tossed Jacobs, who hit a spear on Horiguchi. Yoshino hit a quick headscissors takedown. Horiguchi hit a missile dropkick on Jacobs for a believable nearfall, as Black and Yoshino brawled on the floor. Horiguchi missed a frogsplash. Jacobs hit a senton and Black hit a Falcon Arrow, to pin Horiguchi. Jacobs hugged women at ringside and got some phone numbers.

* A clip aired of Ruckus & Babi Slymm vs. Ryan & Disco Machine. Ruckus & Babi got into a fight with Alkatrazz & Hawx. Another clip aired of the prior altercation between Jack Evans and Marcus Riot.

(18) Jack Evans defeats Marcus Riot at 4:17.
Riot wore nearly identical outfit as Evans – a black top and red beach swimwear shorts. Evans hit a spin heel kick. The commentary team talked about how Riot is eerily trying to mimic everything about Evans. Riot hit a nice headscissors takedown. Evans hit a cartwheel kick and a springboard 450 Splash to the floor. In the ring, Evans went for a standing Shooting Star Press, but Riot got his knees up to block it. Riot hit a Tornado clothesline for a nearfall, then a German release suplex, a basement dropkick to the face, and some chops. I’d never heard of Riot before, but he looks good! Evans hit a “Shining Ninja”/reverse rana for a nearfall, then a twisting press for a nearfall, but he missed a 630 Splash. Riot hit a flying kick. Evans hit a Fisherman’s Buster, then he nailed the 630 Splash for the pin.

Episode 5:

* Ricky Banderas sat backstage, showing off his scarred face. He said that Vampiro’s “days on earth are numbered.”

(19) Teddy Hart & Matt Cross defeat Yoshino & Horiguchi at 4:26.
Excellent, high-flying action. Yoshino and Hart started with some quick armdrags and armdrags, then Cross faced Horiguchi. Cross hit a dropkick through the ropes, and he slammed Horiguchi into the ring post, then Cross hit his nice Flagpole Press to the floor. However, Yoshino hit a dropkick as Cross went for a springboard move. The Dragon Gate guys hit some quick team moves on Cross. Cross hit a neckbreaker over his knee and a snap hurricanrana, as we went to a commercial break!

Hart hit a Shooting Star Press on Genki, but Yoshino made the save. Yoshino applied a Fujiwara Armbar on Hart. Hart hit a gutbuster over his knee on Yoshino. Horiguchi hit a nice inverted DDT on Hart for a nearfall. Hart fired back with a butterfly flip piledriver! WOW! Hart hit an Open Hart Surgery/top-rope corkscrew press, as Cross hit a top rope Shooting Star Press, and they got simultaneous pins on the Dragon Gate team. Excellent action.

* Lacey interviewed Scorpio Sky. “Matt Sydal got lucky,” Scorpio told Lacey. “His win was a fluke.” Scorpio said he would beat the man who beat Sydal… he was challenging Jack Evans!

(20) 6-Pac Sean Waltman defeats Human Tornado at 2:20.
A clip aired of 6-Pac attacking Tornado, and Tornado’s subsequent challenge. They immediately fought, and Tornado hit a flip dive to the floor. Waltman crotched Tornado around the ring post. In the ring, 6-Pac hit some stomps, a Bronco Buster in the corner, and he jawed at the fans. However, Waltman missed a second Bronco Buster! Human Tornado did his dance steps and gave 6-Pac a low blow kick. 6-Pac came back with a spin heel kick, some low blow uppercuts, and a top-rope X-Factor faceplant for the pin.

* An Asian man walked up to the Dragon Gate wrestlers and told them “you must be re-programmed.” Cheesy, in a Saturday morning 1970s fashion.

(21) Delikado vs. Arik Cannon went to a draw at 1:50.
The masked Delikado is better known on the indy scene as “B-Boy,” and these two have had a few matches before. Delikado hit some chops and a Facelift/running basement dropkick in the corner. Cannon hit a swinging neckbreaker, then a running forearm shot in the corner. Delikado hit a Buff Blockbuster. Cannon hit an enziguri and a hangman’s swinging neckbreaker, then a high back suplex, dumping Delikado on his neck! Suddenly, three ‘gangstas’ hit the ring and attacked Cannon, causing the draw.

* Delikado nailed a T-Bone suplex on the floor. One of the thugs hit a top-rope doublestomp on Cannon as he was lying on a table on the floor! The thugs then dunked Cannon’s head into a trough of cement. A dead fish was put on Cannon’s chest.

Episode 6:

(22) Jack Evans defeats Scorpio Sky at 3:03.
Evans hit a springboard spin kick, then a springboard 450 Splash to the floor. Scorpio Sky hit a backbreaker for a nearfall. Evans hit a missile dropkick and a jumping knee for a nearfall, then a standing moonsault on Scorpio’s chest for a nearfall. Scorpio hit a reverse suplex, and he turned the move into a Dragon Sleeper! Evans reached the ropes. Moments later, Evans hit a Gordbuster, then a 450 Splash for the pin.

* Aaron Aguilera & Kaos talked backstage. Aguilera told Kaos that he should “focus on the mamacitas.” They came across Disco Machine with some women, and they kicked Disco out and took his women! They agreed they wanted to defeat Cross & Hart to get back on the right track.

* A clip aired of Disco Machine & Joey Ryan hanging out backstage, and they made a lot of quick 1970s references, from talking about “pet rocks” to one of them saying, “Dy-noo-mite!”

* Jimmy Jacobs was shown backstage putting on his eyeliner… and also taking a bite of his Quizno’s sub sandwich. I really found the product placement to be absurdly bad.

(23) Disco Machine & Joey Ryan defeat Jimmy Jacobs & Tyler Black at 2:23.
Jacobs was busy flirting with the women. The heels attacked Black and flipped him to the floor. Black hit a springboard double clothesline on the heels, and he whipped Jacobs into the opponents. Jacobs hit a Doomsday Rana. Black threw Jacobs onto Disco Machine on the floor. Ryan had to pause to use his inhaler. Moments later, Ryan’s trunks were pulled down, exposing his thong. UGH; this really does happen in all his WSX matches. Ryan hit a spear on Black, sending him to the floor. Meanwhile, Disco Machine hit a second-rope powerslam on Jacobs for the pin.

* Black was upset. Jacobs said he has a plan, and he got a guitar. “Tell me your feelings,” Jacobs told him. “We’ll get them all out.”

* We returned to ringside, where Ricky Banderas attacked Fabian and sent him to the floor. Banderas said that Vampiro burned his face, and he called Vampiro out! Vampiro came out, but 6-Pac attacked Vampiro and hit a Bronco Buster! Youth Suicide came out to make the save, but Banderas nailed a spear on Youth Suicide. Vampiro and 6-Pac brawled to the floor and out the door! Meanwhile, Banderas tossed Youth Suicide off a balcony, dropping him 20 (or more!) feet onto another balcony.

Episode 7:

* Ricky Banderas beat up a roadie for the music act, and they announced that Banderas would get his match against Vampiro.

(24) Delikado & Lil Cholo defeat Arik Cannon & Vic Grimes at 2:42.
Eh; this was one of the weaker matches. Cannon got on the mic and introduced his surprise partner, Vic Grimes! Grimes is a legit 400+ pounds, as he is MUCH bigger than when we last saw him in the original ECW. Vic hit a Stinger Splash on Delikado and a buttbump. (The ring ‘shook’ as Vic hit his offense.) Vic missed a top-rope splash. Delikado hit an enziguri. Cholo hit a dropkick through the ropes, then a headscissors takedown on Vic.

The “Cartel” beat up Vic on the floor. In the ring, Vic hit a slam, and he tagged in Cannon. Cholo hit a high back suplex on Cannon. Suddenly, a masked woman (Sara Del Rey) hit a back suplex on Cholo, and she beat him up on the floor. However, Delikado hit a Shining Wizard/running knee, and all three members of the Cartel covered Vic for the pin. After the match, they put a dead fish on Vic.

* Backstage, Matt Sydal walked up to Lizzy, who was reading a letter. They talked about being on the covers of magazines. Lizzy hid the letter, placing it in her pocket. The cameras REALLY focused on the letter. No subtlety here!

(25) Human Tornado defeats Matt Sydal (w/Lizzy Valentine) at 3:32.
Good action. Lizzy was angry at Tornado, and she grabbed him. Tornado hit a nice dropkick on Sydal, then the (Monty Brown) Pounce, and Sydal bailed. Tornado went for a flip dive to the floor, he missed Sydal, and he landed on several fans! Sydal rubbed spit into Tornado’s face. In the ring, Sydal hit his Catapult Basement Dropkick in the corner for a nearfall, then a spin heel kick for a nearfall and a clothesline in the corner. Tornado hit a dropkick that knocked Sydal off the top rope. Tornado hit his ‘dance step’ kicks.

Sydal hit a standing moonsault for a nearfall at 2:30. Tornado hit an enziguri. Lizzy hit a low blow on Tornado, but as usual, it had no effect. The ‘fan letter’ fell out of Lizzy’s pocked. Matt Sydal hit the “Here it is” Driver. However, Tornado hit his “That Ninja’s Dead”/swinging back suplex for the pin. Good action.

* Clips aired of the Dragon Gate wrestlers being ‘brainwashed.’ Cheesy.

* Matt Sydal walked up to Lizzy backstage, and Lizzy ripped up the letter. Sydal was frustrated and walked away. In the background, Sean Waltman walked up to Lizzy and talked to her. Intrigue.

(26) Kaos & Aaron Aguilera defeat Teddy Hart & M-Dogg 20 Matt Cross at 3:44.
Solid action. Aguilera hit a backbreaker on Hart, and it’s evident that Aaron is MUCH BIGGER than his opponents here. Kaos battled Cross, and Aguilera shoved Kaos, further hinting at trouble on their team. Cross hit a doublestomp on Kaos’ back for a nearfall. Kaos hit an Ace Crusher. The commentators now implied that Hart & Cross weren’t getting along (SERIOUSLY, why must there be turmoil on EVERY TEAM in WSX????)

Cross hit his cartwheel-into-a-flip dive to the floor. Hart hit a top-rope dive onto Aguilera. Aguilera slammed an opponent into the wall. Hart hit a moonsault off the commentators table – which is a good 15 feet off the floor – onto wrestlers below. Meanwhile, in the ring, Kaos tossed a disco ball into Cross’ hands, and Kaos immediately hit a Mafia Kick on the disco ball, making it shatter. Kaos then pinned M-Dogg.

Episode 8:

* The Cartel beat up Aguilera & Kaos outside. So, in the ring, Aguilera & Kaos called out the Cartel, leading to our first match!

(27) Delikado & Lil Cholo (w/the Cartel) defeat Aaron Aguilera & Kaos at 3:38.
Eh; one of the weaker matches here. Aguilera hit a tilt-a-whirl slam. Cholo hit a nice neckbreaker on Kaos. Delikado hit a doublestomp on the top of Kaos’ head for a nearfall. The Cartel members beat up Kaos. Cholo hit an Ace Crusher for a nearfall, then a flying-back-elbow for a nearfall. Kaos hit a second-rope Russian Legsweep. Aguilera made the hot tag, and he hit a springboard clothesline and a flying back elbow. However, Aguilera immediately tagged (a quite exhausted!) Kaos back in! Delikado hit a sitdown piledriver to pin Kaos.

* Alkatrazz & Luke Hawx were upset backstage, and they argued with Arik Cannon & Vic Grimes & the mysterious masked woman. (Who is supposed to be related to Vic Grimes, but that was never actually said.)

* Lacey talked to Jack Evans. Human Tornado walked up and challenged him to a dance-off.

(28) Ricky Banderas defeats Vampiro at 6:46 to win the WSX title.
Highlights aired of the ladder match from the first episode, and the casket match from the second episode. Two coffins were shown at ringside. Vampiro hit an overhead belly-to-belly suplex. Banderas hit a faceplant, and he went for a plancha, but he landed on a guardrail. Vampiro hit a kick to the chest, and they fought on the floor. In the ring, Banderas hit some chops and stomps. Vampiro hit a chokeslam for a nearfall at 2:30. We went to a commercial break, and we saw highlights of Sakoda ‘reprogramming’ the Dragon Gate wrestlers.

Now back from commercial break, Vampiro hit a high back suplex. They fought onto a stage away from the ring. Banderas hit a powerbomb on Vampiro onto a table that was covered with light tubes. Banderas then hit a uranage through a stage. Fans chanted, “Please don’t die!” Vampiro stood up, and he had a bloody back from being smashed into the light tubes. In the ring, Vampiro hit a headbutt. They fought on the apron, in front of a barbed-wire-covered casket. Banderas pushed Vampiro into the casket, causing another EXPLOSION. Banderas then pinned Vampiro to win the title. Bloody.

WSXtra Episode 5:

* Clips aired of 6-Pac vs. Human Tornado and Cannon vs. Delikado.

(29) Aaron Aguilera & Kaos defeat Nate Webb & Josh Raymond (w/Johnny Webb) at 3:19.
Josh started against the bigger Aguilera, and Josh couldn’t budge him, so he instead kicked Aaron’s thigh. Aaron hit a big Mafia kick. Webb hit a flip dive to the floor on Kaos. Johnny Webb accidentally hit Nate Webb, and (ONCE AGAIN), it appears a tag team in WSX is having internal problems. Aguilera slammed Kaos onto Webb in the ring, then Aaron slammed Webb into the corner. Josh Raymond made the hot tag and hit a dropkick, then a running knee to the side of the head, and a twisting neckbreaker on Aguilera. Kaos hit a neckbreaker on the top rope, and Aguilera pinned Josh. So-so.

(30) Luke Hawx & Alcatrazz defeat Ruckus & Babi Slymm at 3:36.
Hawx and Ruckus started, with Hawx hitting some chops, and Ruckus hitting a handspring-back-kick, then a nice headscissors takedown, and a doublestomp to the head. Babi Slymm entered the ring, did some dancing, then he hit an elbow drop. Hawx hit an enziguri. Alkatrazz hit a catapult shoulder tackle, then a Samoan Drop on Ruckus, and he jawed at Babi Slymm.

Alkatrazz & Hawx hit a team faceplant on Ruckus. Ruckus hit a standing Shooting Star Press on Hawx for a nearfall. Alcatrazz hit a clothesline on Slymm. Slymm hit a shoulder tackle on Alcatrazz, and Alcatrazz fell to the floor. Ruckus hit a Pele Kick on Hawx. However, Alcatrazz grabbed Ruckus’ ankle, allowing Hawx to land on top of Ruckus and score the pin.

* A clip aired of Ruckus & Babi Slymm talking to one of the hip-hop performers.

WSXtra Episode 6:

* Clips aired of the feud between Ricky Banderas and Vampiro.

(31) Matt Sydal (w/Lizzy Valentine) defeats Hombre de Mascarado at 6:33.
Very good match. Sydal hit an armdrag, and he paused to get a quick kiss on the cheek from Lizzy. Hombre hit a springboard clothesline for a nearfall. Sydal hit his Floatover Famouser for a nearfall, then a Londonsault dropkick, a clothesline in the corner, then a Catapult Basement Dropkick for a nearfall. Sydal stayed in charged with an enziguri, a backbreaker over his knee, and a modified Bow & Arrow, but Hombre reached the ropes.

Hombre hit a jump-up enziguri and a nice headscissors takedown, then a spinebuster for a nearfall. Sydal hit a standing moonsault for a nearfall, but he couldn’t hit a top-rope Rana. Sydal hit a NICE spin heel kick for a nearfall, but he couldn’t hit the top-rope Shooting Star Press. Hombre hit a snapmare driver for a nearfall. Lizzy crotched Hombre in the corner, allowing Sydal to hit a Spanish Fly/top-rope belly-to-belly suplex for the pin. Sydal came across as a star here.

* Arik Cannon talked about anarchy, saying it is no rules and no structure. He’s disappointed in himself for losing to Delikado. “This time, I’m bringing backup,” he said.

(32) Josh Raymond & Nate Webb (w/Johnny Webb) defeat Alcatrazz & Luke Hawx at 2:19.
Alkatrazz hit a punch that leveled Nate, then Alkatrazz hit a shoulder tackle. Nate hit a facebuster over his knee. Raymond entered and hit a headscissors takedown, then a swinging neckbreaker on Hawx for a nearfall. However, Josh went for a Lionsault, but Hawx got his knees up to blow it. Hawx hit a T-Bone suplex. Suddenly, Babi Slymm & Ruckus hopped in the ring and beat up Hawx! Raymond quickly covered Hawx and scored the tainted win. Nate & Josh celebrated their victory in the ring, but Johnny Webb just looked disgusted at them. Meanwhile, Ruckus & Slymm brawled on the floor with Hawx & Alcatrazz.

* Lacey talked to Arik Cannon. “The Cartel has no idea what they are in store for,” Cannon said. Lacey wondered who could be the backup.

WSXtra Episode 7:

(33) Ruckus & Babi Slymm defeat Luke Hawx & Alkatrazz at 4:08.
All four men brawled immediately, as the bigger men of Alkatrazz and Slymm traded shoulder tackles in the ring. Meanwhile, the smaller Hawx and Ruckus fought on the floor, with Ruckus doing several cartwheels, as Hawx scrambled to avoid him. In the ring, Hawx hit a nice half-nelson suplex on Ruckus, then a cool Lionsault on Ruckus, but Slymm made the save. Alcatrazz hit a catapult shoulder tackle on Slymm, then a Tornado DDT for a nearfall. Slymm hit a spear on Alcatrazz, then a swinging uranage on Hawx. Slymm & Ruckus brought a “blinged out” table (covered in cheap-looking shiny metal) into the ring. Ruckus hit a swinging neckbreaker on Hawx, then a doublestomp off the top of a ladder onto Hawx, who was lying on a table. Slymm hit an elbowdrop and pinned Hawx.

* A clip aired of Sydal vs. Tornado and of Cannon & Vic working together.

(34) Scorpio Sky vs. Youth Suicide went to a draw at 2:56.
Scorpio hit some stomps and blows to the back, then a backbreaker over his knee for a nearfall. Scorpio Sky went for a Stinger Splash, but Youth Suicide got his boots up to block it. Youth Suicide hit some clotheslines and a Russian Legsweep for a nearfall, and he flipped Scorpio to the floor. Suddenly, Ricky Banderas hit the ring and nailed a spear on Youth Suicide, causing the draw. Banderas then beat up a roadie on the stage.

* A clip aired of the Cartel beating up Aguilera & Kaos.

WSXtra Episode 8:

* A clip aired of Vampiro vs. Ricky Banderas, and of the Cartel vs. Kaos/Alkatrazz.

(35) Genki Horiguchi & Yoshino (w/Sakoda) defeat Jimmy Jacobs & Tyler Black at 3:56.
The commentators said the Dragon Gate wrestlers are “darker and angrier” now that they’ve been reprogrammed. Jacobs waved at the girls at ringside. Yoshino hit a running dropkick on Jacobs. Horiguchi entered and hit a dropkick on Black. Black hit a sideslam for a nearfall. Jacobs hit a top-rope diving headbutt to Genki’s chest. Black hit a spin heel kick on Horiguchi. Yoshino tied Black in an Octopus. Jacobs hit a second-rope headscissors takedown and a spear.

Black hit an inverted brainbuster for a nearfall on Horiguchi. Genki hit a low blow on Black. Sakoda threw a fireball into Jacobs’ eyes. (I can’t describe how cheesy this looked.) Genki hit a reverse tombstone piledriver to pin Jacobs. The rapper who sat in on commentary kept trying to make gay references about Jacobs & Black; the regular commentary crew rightfully ignored it.

* Backstage, the masked girl kissed Arik Cannon.

(36) Josh Raymond & Nate Webb (w/Johnny Webb) defeat Disco Machine & Joey Ryan and Matt Classic & El Hombre en Mascarado at 6:00 even.
Fun three-way tag match. Matt Classic and Joey Ryan started, and Ryan got the baby oil and rubbed himself down; the rapper on commentary roared in laughter. They started with some basic mat wrestling. They each did some pushups, and Ryan needed his inhaler. Webb hit a rolling tumbleweed on Disco Machine. Josh Raymond hit a catapult basement dropkick on Disco Machine. Hombre hit a springboard double clothesline. Ryan hit a Superkick on Hombre.

Matt Classic entered and hit Polish Hammers on everyone. Ryan yet again lost his pants. UGH. Hombre mimicked doing the “people’s elbow.” Hombre hit a dive to the floor onto four opponents. Johnny Webb jumped on Matt Classic. Classic put the claw on Johnny Webb! Classic hit a sitdown piledriver on Josh Raymond. Ryan hit a dropkick on Classic. Disco hit a powerslam on Webb. Hombre hit a headscissors takedown, and he slammed Disco’s head into the mat! Josh Raymond nailed the Taliban Backpack/second-rope lungblower for the pin. Fun stuff.

Episode 9:

(37) Alkatrazz & Luke Hawx defeat Vic Grimes & Arik Cannon at 3:43.
Luke and Arik started, with Cannon hitting a swinging neckbreaker, and they traded chops. Cannon hit a hangman’s swinging neckbreaker for a nearfall. Vic Grimes entered and hit some forearm shots that leveled the smaller Hawx. Hawx hit a headscissors takedown. Alkatrazz tagged in, and he jawed at Vic. Vic hit a top-rope armbreaker. Cannon & Grimes hit a team uranage for a nearfall. Hawx hit a Death Valley Driver on Cannon, but he missed a Lionsault. Vic went into an electrical conduit on the floor! This allowed Luke to hit a Doomsday Dropkick on Cannon, and Alkatrazz pinned Arik. So-so match.

* Lacey interviewed Aaron Aguilera & Kaos backstage. Lacey said that Kaos has taken a beating so far in WSX. Aguilera said that next week, they were going to be in a “piranha death match.” YES, a fish tank with VICIOUS, flesh-eating piranhas was going to be at ringside. Yeah, right.

(38) 6-Pac Sean Waltman defeats Scorpio Sky at 1:53.
Somehow, some way, Waltman has become a babyface. Scorpio attacked Waltman immediately, and he hit a nice dropkick. Waltman came back with a sitdown powerbomb and a baseball slide legdrop. 6-Pac dominated, as he hit a Bronco Buster and a spin kick. Scorpio went to dive to the floor, but Waltman caught him with a kick to the gut. Waltman crotched Sky around the ringpost. Waltman missed a 450 Splash. However, he hit an X-Factor for the pin. A total squash.

* Lacey interviewed Matt Sydal & Lizzy Valentine. Lacey asked about the rumors of Lizzy and 6-Pac. Lizzy got angry and stormed off.

(39) Jack Evans vs. Human Tornado went to a 10-minute draw at 3:28.
(Yes, there was a commercial break in this match, but come on! If this match went 10 minutes, show some more of it!) A clip aired of their prior ‘dance-off.’ They danced some more, but Evans slapped Tornado in the face. Tornado hit a spin heel kick. Evans hit a nice dropkick and a running knee off the apron to the floor. A commercial break was here.

Evans hit a German Suplex and a standing corkscrew press in the ring for a nearfall. Evans hit a reverse rana that leveled Tornado. The rapper on commentary was quite impressed. “I don’t believe this!” he exclaimed. Evans missed a springboard corkscrew press. Human Tornado applied a Dragon Sleeper, and he bent Evans in half. Tornado hit a backbreaker over his knee. Suddenly, the bell rang, and we were informed we had a time-limit draw. The crowd booed, and they chanted, “Let them finish!” The announcers were perplexed. Ring announcer Fabian ended it, and he was acting bizarrely heelish.

* Lacey interviewed Yoshino & Horiguchi, and they cut a promo in Japanese. They made a challenge for an “exploding cage match!” Um, what???? Tune in to find out…

Episode 10:

(40) Delikado & Lil Cholo defeat Kaos & Aaron Aguilera at 3:31 in a piranha death match.
I’m starting to feel stupid just writing this. Kaos hit a flip dive to the floor. Aguilera hit double back elbows. Aguilera dropped Kaos onto Delikado. Cholo nearly went into the fish tank. (These certainly didn’t look like flesh-eating piranhas to me!) Kaos hit a moonsault. Delikado crotched Kaos. Delikado & Cholo hit a double basement dropkick to Kaos’ face as Kaos was tied in the Tree of Woe.

A table was brought into the ring. Aguilera gave Cholo a powerbomb through the table, which was set up in the corner. However, Aguilera accidentally hit a clothesline on Kaos, sending Kaos into the fish tank! This gave the Cartel the victory (no pinfall here). Kaos got out of the fish tank immediately, and he didn’t seem to have any bite marks. Embarrassingly bad.

* Lacey interviewed Scorpio Sky. Vampiro walked up and interrupted him. Scorpio jawed at him, so Vampiro beat him up. They brawled to the ring. Several wrestlers from the locker room hopped in, but Vampiro beat them up too. Vampiro put a referee through a table. This brought out Ricky Banderas, who battled Vampiro on the floor. (This whole segment was bizarre, as I thought that Banderas came across like the babyface saving the day from a heelish Vampiro.)

* 6-Pac was seen backstage talking to Lizzy. Matt Sydal rushed in and brawled with 6-Pac.

* Lacey stood with Human Tornado and Jack Evans. She announced that a high-flyers championship would be held, and these two men would compete for the strap.

(41) Yoshino & Genki Horiguchi (w/Sakoda) defeat Teddy Hart & M-Dogg 20 Matt Cross at 5:20 in an “exploding cage match.”
There was a time bomb above the ring. No, seriously. A time bomb. Sakoda attacked M-Dogg on the floor. The Dragon Gate team attacked Hart. Hart hit a powerslam. Genki hit a sitdown reverse piledriver. M-Dogg hit a crossbody block off the top of the cage! Nice! Cross then hit a snap hurricanrana. Hart then hit a moonsault off the top of the cage! Wow; great athleticism here. Hart hit his “Open Hart Surgery”/twisting body press.

Hart seemed to be jawing at his teammate, Cross! Sakoda got in the ring and hit a DDT on the referee. Hart hit a Shooting Star Press off the balcony onto everyone in the ring. Cross hit the cage wall, causing an EXPLOSION to happen. Sakoda threw a fireball at Hart, which blinded him. Hart gave the referee a powerbomb into a cage wall, causing another ridiculous EXPLOSION. Genki flipped Hart onto the cage wall. The Dragon Gate team escaped; an explosion occurred that shook the building, with Hart & Cross still out on the mat. Over-the-top absurd. Even the great athleticism by all four wrestlers couldn’t hide the silliness of this Roadrunner & Wile E. Coyote skit.

WSXtra Episode 9:

(42) Josh Raymond & Nate Webb (w/Johnny Webb) defeat Ruckus & Babi Slymm at 2:53.
The Trailer Park Boys attacked from behind. Webb hit a tumbleweed on Ruckus, and Raymond hit a Lionsault, then a swinging faceplant for a nearfall, and the Trailer Park Boys were in charge. Webb hit a legdrop on Ruckus. Ruckus came back with a handspring-back-kick, a Pele Kick, and he made the hot tag. Slymm entered and hit some chops and a decapitating clothesline on Raymond. Ruckus hit a Razzle Dazzle on Webb. Raymond hit a Taliban Backpack/second-rope Lungblower to pin Ruckus. The Trailer Park Boys celebrated their victory, which is quite hilarious.

(43) Jimmy Jacobs & Tyler Black defeat Joey Ryan & Disco Machine at 4:30.
Jacobs hit spears on both of his opponents, a bulldog on Ryan, and a headscissors takedown for a nearfall. Jacobs pulled down Ryan’s pants. Ryan got his inhaler. Ryan & Disco hit some stomps and a team faceplant on Jacobs for a nearfall. Disco hit a backbreaker over his knee. Ryan applied his baby oil, and he hit a dropkick on Jacobs. Disco and Jacobs traded blows. Jacobs hit a standing neckbreaker. Black entered. Ryan suplexed himself and Black to the floor. Jacobs hit a senton, and Black hit a Falcon Arrow on Disco Machine for the pin.

* Black “thrashed around” as he celebrated the victory, and he accidentally hit Jacobs. He carried Jacobs to the back.

* Lacey & Fabian talked backstage, where they announced a tag title tournament. Clips aired of the Evans-Tornado feud.

WSXtra Episode 10:

* Clips aired of the piranha match, the Scorpio-Vampiro brawl, and the exploding cage.

(44) Jimmy Jacobs & Tyler Black defeat Alkatrazz & Luke Hawx and Disco Machine & Joey Ryan and Nate Webb & Josh Raymond at 8:17.
This is a four-way elimination match. Disco & Ryan beat up Jacobs. Black pulled down Ryan’s pants. (YES, every match Ryan was in, this happened.) Ryan hit a hard superkick on Jacobs. Ryan got his baby oil. Alkatrazz entered, and he nailed a slam on Ryan to pin him at 1:43!

Webb hit a tumbleweed, and Raymond hit a catapult basement dropkick in the corner. Ruckus and Babi Slymm attacked Nate Webb on the floor! Raymond dove onto Ruckus & Slymm. It appears that Raymond & Webb were eliminated here, as they brawled with Ruckus & Slymm, so we now have just Black & Jacobs vs. Alkatrazz & Hawx. Black hit an enziguri on Alkatrazz for a nearfall. Alkatrazz hit a clothesline on Jacobs. Hawx hit a low blow on Jacobs, and Alkatrazz & Hawx were in charge. Alkatrazz hit a delayed vertical suplex for a nearfall at 5:00.

Jacobs hit a bulldog on Alkatrazz. Black made the hot tag, and he gave Hawx a powerbomb into the corner. Jacobs hit a top-rope senton splash for a nearfall on Hawx. Hawx hit a guillotine legdrop on Jacobs for a nearfall. Black hit a moonsault to the floor on Alkatrazz. Hawx hit a powerslam on Jacobs for a nearfall, and he yelled at the referee. Jacobs got a rollup to pin Hawx!

EXTRAS on Disc 3:

* A highlight package and ‘virtual trading cards’ of each of the wrestlers.

* DELETED Scenes. One scene showed Matt Classic sitting at a computer and being confused by the technology. Another Matt Classic scene was him as a detective. A third scene had Classic flirting with Lizzy. One plan for “Season 2” was a Ricky Banderas vs. Youth Suicide in a scaffold match. A promo aired of Youth Suicide making the challenge. Another deleted scene showed Mickie Knuckles from IWA Mid-South attacking Nic Grimes (the masked female wrestler). Another deleted scene showed Nate Webb & Josh Raymond celebrating their victories.

Disc 4:

* Complete matches of some Wrestling Society X wrestlers in prior action. A CZW “Cage of Death” match aired, and that match includes Nate Webb, Ruckus, and Jack Evans. Another bonus match is Mickie Knuckles vs. Rachel Putski in a “tapei death match.”

* Specials with Lizzy Valentine. One video is her in a bikini on the beach. A match aired of her, calling herself “Valentina,” and she was a “tough girl from the streets of New York.” Val is a great heel, and she drew great heat, as she beat up a woman named Morgan. Lizzy dominated the entire match and won with a rollup and a handful of tights. No commentary for this match.

* Specials with Lacey. They showed a Lacey photo shoot. A women’s four-way match from Shimmer “Volume 2” aired, of Mercedes Martinez vs. Lacey vs. Sara Del Rey vs. Daizee Haze.

* Music videos aired with the Trailer Park Boys, Vampiro, and that 70s Team.

* A Fabian Kaelin commentary aired. This is the ONLY thing on the four discs I skipped… I just didn’t care!

Final thoughts:

WOW, there is a LOT of wrestling on this four-disc set! With 44 WSX matches over the 20 shows, plus the four “bonus matches” on disc four, there is plenty of stuff to watch.

One of the things that really struck me was how vastly different “Episode 1” was from the other 19 episodes (including the Xtra shows). New Jack, Chris Hamrick and Justin Credible were featured in that first show, and never re-appeared. It was weird; it was almost as if they filmed the pilot show at a separate time from the remaining 19 shows.

What I liked:
I said in my review of the very first match – if you didn’t like Matt Sydal vs. Jack Evans, you simply weren’t going to like Wrestling Society X. The action was quicker. Most of these matches were between three and four minutes in length, but the wrestlers packed A LOT OF ACTION into those short matches! Yes, they were “spotfests” and no, the wrestlers didn’t “sell” a lot of the moves. It was a different paced, different vibe, for wrestling. But I for one, really liked it.

The negatives:
The great wrestling couldn’t hide the obvious flaws. Explosions. Fireballs. Electrocutions. Time bombs. Even some smaller stuff, like Lizzy with the letter… it was done in a way that put too much emphasis on the letter.

The roster:
I’m quite familiar with the ROH roster and the guys from the Midwest, and the West Coast guys in PWG. Of those I really didn’t know, Lizzy Valentine came off as the biggest star. I haven’t seen many Luke Hawx matches, but he also came off really good. I really wasn’t interested in Alkatrazz, Kaos, Lil Cholo, the Cartel, and Aaron Aguilera. (And it speaks volumes that none of the top East Coast and Midwest promotions use those wrestlers. They just wouldn’t draw.)

Of the guys I’m familiar with, Sydal came off like a star as a heel. Webb & Josh Raymond were hilarious and fully got into their characters. Matt Classic was a fun new version of Colt Cabana. Black & Jacobs definitely could be stars. Arik Cannon was vastly underused. You couldn’t take your eyes off Jack Evans and Human Tornado, as they took high-flying to an all new level on national TV. I think WSX got more out of Scorpio Sky than I’ve seen before. Plenty of positives to say about the roster!

Yes, stories moved from show to show, and that’s good. BUT, it seems like their was constant turmoil on EVERY tag team. Sean Waltman flipped from heel to face with no explanation. Heels would occasionally fight other heels. And there was no build-up to why the Dragon Gate team felt it necessary to fight Hart & Cross in an exploding cage. It wasn’t the payoff to “a long-running feud.” It just happened.

This DVD set earned a thumbs up from me. It had its silly stuff, but the action was good, and the shows, from a production view, looked good. My guess is you’ll enjoy the dazzling wrestling, but be turned off by the cheesy explosions, etc. Purchase this DVD set for $19.95.

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