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RADICAN'S ROH "Motor City Madness 2009" (1-30-09) review (Richards & Edwards vs. Steen & Generico, Lynn vs. Black)

May 23, 2009 - 2:39:07 PM

By Sean Radican, Torch columnist

Radican's ROH DVD review series
Motor City Madness 2009
Detroit, Mich.
January 30, 2009

Star ratings and results

(1) Bryan Danielson beat Rhett Titus. This was a nice showcase for Titus, who easily had his best match to date in ROH against Danielson that lasted over 15 minutes. Titus did a good job of playing the heel here and the crowd was all over him from start to finish. They were also really into Danielson's comebacks. (***)

(2) Austin Aries beat Silas Young. The setup for this match was great with Aries trash talking Young, who jumped him at the bell and stayed step for step with the cheating Aries up until the finish. The crowd was engrossed in the action from start to finish and they all seemed disappointed when Young ended up tapping to the last chancery in the end. (**3/4)

(3) The Necro Butcher vs. Brodie Lee went to a double countout. The finish was lame. The match got off to a really good start and Lee looked good against Necro here, which hasn't always been the case in the past. Then it just ended with a double countout. This is the sort of thing that shouldn't be featured very often on DVD, as customers are paying money to see quality action. (*)

(4) Roderick Strong & Erick Stevens beat Jimmy Jacobs & Delirious. The crowd was dead for most of this match. The action was solid, but never very exciting. I still think the undercard matches are being toned down too much and there's room for these guys to do more than they're showing on the undercard.

(5) Claudio Castagnoli beat Brent Albright via DQ. Wow. Words can't describe how lame the finish was, as the ref counted to 5 when Castagnoli got his foot on the ropes with Albright applying the crowbar and without any warning simply called for the DQ when Albright didn't break the hold right at that instant. The match had been really awesome up until that point. (***)

(6) Tyler Black vs. Jerry Lynn went to a time limit draw. The fans didn't like the finish, but man this was an awesome match with both guys going back and fourth with a series of counters after a long build before the action heated up. I really enjoyed this match, but I don't agree with all of the crap finishes

(7) ROH World Champion Nigel McGuinness beat Jay Briscoe in a non-title match. The crowd never got into this match, as McGuinness dominated the bulk of the action. These guys had a tough act to follow, but they didn't put together anything close to their encounter in San Francisco in 2007 that was really good. The match certainly wasn't bad, but it was just kind of average given what you would expect from these two. (**3/4)

(8) ROH World Tag Team Champions Kevin Steen & El Generico beat Eddie Edwards & Davey Richards. This was a really good tag match that began with a long heat segment on Generico before both teams went back and fourth and really excited the crowd with some fantastic exchanges. I didn't like that interference once again lead to the finish. Other than that complain, this was a very good match that bordered on being excellent at times, especially during the second half. (***3/4)

Virtual time analysis

-Jay Briscoe cut a promo about how he has a track record as a singles wrestler in ROH and felt disrespected that McGuinness wasn't giving him a title shot. Jay said after he won tonight, McGuinness would have to man up and give him a title shot. Good promo.

(1) Rhett Titus vs. Bryan Danielson. Fans were all over Titus and taunted him that he would get his head kicked in by Danielson on this night. Danielson got the better of Titus on the mat early and slapped on a leg submission, but Titus eventually got the ropes. Titus applied an arm bar on Danielson and made a motion like he was jerking off using Titus's arm before slamming his arm on the mat. The crowd chanted "that was gay." Danielson looked disgusted with Titus's antics. Danielson fired back on Titus with a dropkick and teased a sexy party, but held off as Titus flipped out on the outside. Prazak and Leonard talked about Bison Smith interrupting ROH matches as of late as Danielson teased doing the "jerk off" arm bar, but he decided to hold off and returning the favor to Titus.

Danielson got mad after Titus tried to apply the surfboard on him, so he fought free and nailed Titus with a big kick. Titus acted like Danielson had nailed him with a low blow and the ref issued a warning. Danielson took Titus down to the mat and locked him in the surfboard as the crowd roared before locking Titus in a rear-naked choke variation. Titus struggled, but got to the ropes once again. Titus acted like Danielson had hit him with another low blow. Danielson argued with the ref, which allowed Titus to jump him from behind. Titus grabbed a chinlock as the fans tried to rally Danielson, but Titus ducked a punch and nailed him with a neck breaker. Danielson escaped a submission from Titus and nailed him with a big kick. Danielson got to his feet and fired up as he lit into Titus with a series of European uppercuts. Danielson took down Titus with a flying clothesline and did his patented sexy party dance that got a big pop.

Titus tried to sell a kick as a low blow, so Danielson kicked Titus, who head butted the ref in the nuts. Danielson told the ref he was sorry and then wiped out Titus on the outside with a dive through the ropes. The crowd went nuts as Danielson followed up on Titus with a missile dropkick. Titus fired back a short time later with the Rocker dropper. Titus went for the Rude awakening, but Danielson countered and eventually caught Titus with a series of elbows to the head. Danielson then applied the cattle mutilation for the submission victory. (***)

-Aries came out for the next match to a series of boos. Silas Young's music got a big pop. Aries got on the mic and asked for the music to be turned off. Young continued his entrance as Aries went to the sound area to turn off Young's music. The crowd started to chant "shut the fuck up," so Aries told them to watch their language around kids. Aries told young he's known him a long time, but he has noticed that he's a bigger star than Young. Aries told Young he would realize someday that the fans didn't care about him. Aries said Young had just gotten married and had a kid, but tonight he was in Detroit having the second match on the card. Aries told him the fans wouldn't care about him when he really needed him. Aries said he cared about Young and he guaranteed that he would take good care of his wife and baby if something happened to him in the match.

(2) Austin Aries vs. Silas Young. Young fired up and charged Aries and pummeled him in the corner. Young continued to pummel Aries for several minutes, but Aries eventually avoided a dropkick attempt and teased kicking Young in the back, but then intentionally missed the kick and told the crowd he didn't care what they thought of him, which gave Silas the opportunity to roll up Aries for a 2 count. Young yelled at Aries about what he had said about his family as he fired up on him and nailed him with a big elbow drop. Young went for a headstand into a moonsault off the top, but Aries got out of the way and then dragged Young to the outside where he gained the upper hand. The crowd was hot for Young, but he was unable to fight back against Aries, who nailed him with a slingshot under the bottom rope. Aries hit the power drive elbow on Young and did push ups on top of him as he covered him for a 2 count.

Aries went for the brainbuster, but Young landed on his feet and nailed Aries with an inverted atomic drop. Young continued his spirited attack as he continued to dominate Aries. Aries fired back with a thumb to Young's eye and went for the brainbuster, but Young blocked it. Aries shoved Young into the turnbuckles and nailed him with a flying back rake. Aries followed up with a big dropkick in the corner for a 2 count. Young fired back on Aries with a backbreaker/clothesline combination. Young went for the headstand moonsault again, but Aries got his knees up. Aries finally hit the brainbuster and then locked in the last chancery on Young, who tapped out. (**3/4)

-Aries got on the mic after the match and told the sound guy to play his music before he slapped him.

-Kyle Durden interviewed Claudio Castagnoli backstage. Durden told Castagnoli he found Albright intimidating. Castagnoli said he didn't find Albright intimidating. Castagnoli said he wrestled all over the world and would take care of him the European way.

(3) Brodie Lee (w/Jimmy Jacobs) vs. The Necro Butcher. Both men went at it right at the bell and the crowd was hot for Necro, who pummeled Lee with chops and strikes, but Lee wouldn't go down. Lee fired back a short time later and nailed Necro with a suplex. Lee went for a big boot in the corner, but Lee got out of the way and Necro nailed him with a series of headbutts in the corner. Necro tossed Lee to the outside and nailed him with a rolling senton off the apron. Jacobs gave Lee a chain on the outside and he fired back at Necro and used the chain to choke him. Necro grabbed a chair out of the crowd and tossed it right in Lee's face. The brawl continued on the outside for several minutes with both men taking turns on the advantage. Both men began brawling through the crowd and began throwing chairs at each other and the ref called for the bell. (*)

-Both men continued to brawl, as Necro nailed Lee with an unprotected chairshot. Jacobs ended up attacking Necro and nailed him with a chair to the back. Necro fired back on both men and then threw several chairs at Lee. The crowd tried to rally behind Necro as both men got back in the ring. Jacobs tried to interfere again, but Necro fended him off. Delirious ran out and tried to interfere, but Necro sent him packing as well. Necro nailed Lee with a chairshot to the back on the outside and draped him over a table. Necro went up top, but Jacobs cut him off. Delirious, Jacobs, and Lee overwhelmed Necro and laid into him on the outside. Necro ended up firing back and laid out Delirious and Jacobs. Necro and Lee began brawling up to ramp and eventually went to the back. A ref that Necro hit was down at ringside.

Jimmy Jacobs got on the mic and said there was chaos. The fans chanted "emo friends" at Delirious and Jacobs, who were holding hands in the ring. Jacobs then called out Roderick Strong & Erick Stevens for their scheduled tag match, so that chaos could continue.

(4) Delirious & Jimmy Jacobs vs. Roderick Strong & Brent Albright. Delirious missed a charge on Strong in the corner early on and Strong took advantage by nailing him with a leg lariat a short time later. The ring is making an annoying squeaking noise from time to time. Strong is looking really lean, which the announcers touched upon during commentary. Strong and Stevens continued to dominate Delirious, who was unable to tag in Jacobs. Strong locked in a nasty looking submission on Delirious's neck, but Jacobs broke it up. Delirious then raked Stevens's eyes and tagged in Jacobs, who went up top slowly. Stevens recovered and tossed Jacobs to the mat. Jacobs tried to chop Stevens, but he just stared at him. Jacobs tried chopping Stevens again, so Stevens retaliated with a big chop that sent Jacobs to the mat.

Delirious grabbed Stevens's leg and Jacobs nailed him from behind and followed up by taking him out with a dive through the ropes to the outside. Delirious and Jacobs began tagging in and out of the ring to work over Stevens. The crowd started to get behind Stevens as he attempted to mount a comeback, but he was unable to get to Strong to make the tag. Delirious locked in a submission on Stevens on the mat. Stevens once again struggled to get free and finally nailed Delirious with a suplex, but Jacobs knocked Strong off the apron to prevent the tag. Stevens finally caught Jacobs with a powerslam and tagged in Strong, who ran wild.

Jacobs and Delirious attempted to double team Strong, but he took down Delirious, who was on one knee and then slammed Jacobs on top of Delirious's knee, which was a cool spot. Strong & Stevens went for a double team on Delirious, but Jacobs grabbed Strong's foot from the outside and Delirious nailed Strong with a cobra clutch suplex for a nearfall. Jacobs caught Strong with the end time, but Strong slammed him in the corner several times and Stevens blind-tagged himself into the match. Stevens nailed Jacobs with a Samoan drop for a 2 count. Jacobs tripped Stevens and Delirious came off the top with shadows over hell, but Jacobs could only cover him for a 2 count. Strong thwarted a double team attempt on Stevens, which left Delirious alone in the ring with Strong and Stevens. Stevens lifted Delirious up for a flying kick/powerbomb combination for the pin on Delirious. (**)

Jacobs yelled at Delirious after the match once again, but they hugged and walked to the back.

-An ROH DVD ad aired for "The Tokyo Summit."

(5) Claudio Castagnoli vs. Brent Albright. Albright offer Castagnoli a handshake after they came to a stalemate early on, but Castagnoli kicked him in the gut instead of shaking hands. The match continued to be very competitive early on with Albright continually getting the upper hand, but unable to do any real damage to Castagnoli. Castagnoli finally ended up shoving Castagnoli off the top to the floor and the crowd gasped, as Albright's fall looked nasty. Castagnoli aggressively attacked Albright and dead-lifted him into a gut wrench suplex, which looked impressive. SNS Inc. appeared at the top of the ramp and Prazak said they were scouting for the cage match on the following night. Albright fired back and hit a crossbody, but Castagnoli aggressively attacked him once again with a clothesline to maintain the advantage.

The crowd tried to rally behind Albright, who tried to fire back and nailed Castagnoli with a standing dropkick, but ended up missing a flying cross body and spilled through the ropes to the outside while taking another nasty bump. This has been a really good undercard match so far. Albright once again tried to fire back and managed to avoid a bicycle kick from Castagnoli, but couldn't capitalize as Castagnoli sent him spilling to the outside once again. Both men ended up brawling on the apron where Castagnoli nailed him with a DDT. Albright looked to be out on the floor as the ref administered his count, but Albright managed to pull himself back into the ring to beat the count where Castagnoli nailed him with another impressive power move for a nearfall.

Albright finally countered Castagnoli and nailed him with a powerslam. Albright got to his feet and nailed Castagnoli with some big chops. Albright hit a series of power moves on Castagnoli capped by a nice spinning backbreaker, but Castagnoli wouldn't stay down as he got to his feet and nailed Albright with a bicycle kick. Castagnoli tried a slingshot out of the big swing, but Albright landed on the turnbuckles. Albright then picked up Castagnoli and nailed him with the big swing. Sweeney ran down and got on the apron, so Albright charged at him. Castagnoli went for a European uppercut, but Albright countered it into the crowbar. The ref administered the 5 count once Castagnoli reached the ropes and called for the DQ. Wow, that was lame. (***)

Bobby Cruise announced the ref had awarded the match to Castagnoli via DQ and the crowd reacted accordingly by booing the decision.

-Jimmy Jacobs cut a promo backstage talking about how frustrated he was. He said Daizee Haze was a little Harlot. Haze walked into the picture and confronted Jacobs. Jacobs grabbed her, but Haze pulled out a spike and told him she wasn't stared. Jacobs backed down as the promo closed.

(6) Tyler Black vs. Jerry Lynn. The crowd gave both men good pops when they came out for the match. The crowd chanted for both before they finally locked up. Both men took turns holding a long headlock. It was more exciting than it sounds, but they were definitely off to a slow start. Black went for a slam, but Lynn nailed him with an inverted DDT for a 1 count. Lynn hit a suplex for a 2 count and grabbed a headlock on the mat. They came to a stalemate again as Black offered Lynn a clean break in the corner and the crowd applauded. Both men went at it again and picked up the pace momentarily, but Black grounded Lynn with a nice standing dropkick. Black hung up Lynn upside down in the corner and nailed him with a big running dropkick. Black then took Lynn down to the mat and locked in a modified abdominal stretch on the mat, but Lynn fought out and grabbed an arm submission on Black.

Black fought free from Lynn and regained the upper hand. Black nailed Lynn with an elbow in the corner, but Lynn fired up and drove Black into the opposite corner and sent him down to the mat with a big kick. Lynn jawed with some hecklers who had asked Lynn to pick it up a notch, which allowed Black to recover as he nailed Lynn with a headbutt. Black went up top, but Lynn cut him off and nailed him with a super hurricanrana and then a clothesline for a 2 count. The crowd chanted for both men once again. Lynn ended up hitting a guillotine legdrop on Black, who was draped over the second rope. Lynn went for a suplex on the apron, but Black countered and DDT'd Lynn on the apron. Both men struggled to get to their feet, but it wasn't long before they picked up the action again with Black missing a moonsault off the barricade. Both men struggled to get to their feet and beat the ref's count and barely got back into the ring after the ref hit 19.

Both men exchanged pinning combinations, but Black ended up nailing Lynn with a kick to the head. Black missed a quebrada, but landed on his feet and immediately hit the SSP. Lynn nearly got the pin with a small package out of nowhere and the crowd erupted. Black set up Lynn for the powerbomb in the corner, but Lynn slipped out and rolled him up for a 2 count. Both men exchanged nearfalls again, but Black hit the paroxysm out of nowhere for a 2 count and the crowd applauded and started an "ROH, ROH" chant. Both men struggled to get to their feet. Black fired up in the corner and charged at Lynn, but Lynn lifted him to the apron where Black nailed him with a kick. Black followed up with a lariat off the apron for a 2 count. Black kicked out of another small package and hit the Pele kick and went to lift Lynn, but he countered him with the air raid crash for another nearfall and the crowd erupted again. Black drove Lynn into the corner when he went for the cradle piledriver. Lynn went for a tornado DDY, but Black blocked it. Lynn came off the top, but Black caught him with a TKO and nailed him with a superkick while Lynn was on his knees, but Lynn got his foot on the bottom rope at the last second.

Bobby Cruise announced there was 1 minute left in the 20 minute time limit as Black went up top. Lynn crotched Black on the turnbuckles and nailed him with a DDT off the top turnbuckle, but Black got his foot on the ropes and the time limit expired a short time later. (***3/4)

The fans chanted for 5 more minutes after the match. Bobby Cruise announced the 20 minute time limit had expired and this match had been ruled a time limit draw. Prazak said neither man was deserving of another shot at the title. The crowd was NOT happy with the finish. Both men eventually got to their knees and looked at each other and the crowd began an "ROH, ROH" chant. The crowd chanted "thank you both" at Tyler and Jerry, which was a nice reward for their incredible effort here.

(7) ROH World Hvt. Champion Nigel McGuinness vs. Jay Briscoe (non-title). McGuinness talked some trash to Jay during the early stages of the match, which fired Jay up as he aggressively attacked McGuinness. The action spilled outside where Jay threw McGuinness into the guardrail several times. The fight continued to spill in and outside of the ring, as McGuinness ran away from Jay before pushing a table in front of him and then shoving him shoulder-first into the ringpost. McGuinness hit a huge forearm on Jay and asked him if he wanted him to kill him. McGuinness continued to talk trash, but Jay was unable to mount a comeback. McGuinness began working Jay's arm on the mat and locked him in a nasty looking submission with a bridge. Jay finally ducked a clothesline attempted and hit an ace crusher to begin a comeback attempt, but Nigel immediately sent him to the canvas arm-first to maintain the upper hand.

McGuinness slapped Jay across the face. Jay fired back with a slap of his own and both men began exchanging slaps. Jay managed to send McGuinness face-first into the turnbuckle and eventually took McGuinness down to the mat with a big boot. Jay went up top instead of covering McGuinness, who recovered and tried to hit Jay with the tower of London. Jay managed to counter and hit the DVD on McGuinness for a 2 count. Nigel avoided a charge from Jay a short time later and hit a kick to the back/clothesline combination on him and Jay crumpled to the mat. Nigel went for a charge on Jay in the corner a short time later, but Jay got a boot up and hit a blockbuster for a 2 count. Jay went for the Jay-driller while favoring his arm, but Nigel dropped down to one knee to avoid it. McGuinness eventually hit a big clothesline on Jay and covered him for a 2 count.

McGuinness went for the tower of London again a short time later, but Jay fought him off. McGuinness then went for a superplex, but Jay pushed him to the mat and hit a legdrop off the top for a nearfall. Jay nearly hit the Jay-driller, but McGuinness slipped out and nearly hit the jawbreaker, but Jay countered and hit him with the Jay-driller. It looked like Jay had the pin, but Nigel got his foot on the bottom rope at the last moment. Jay hit an elbow on Nigel a short time later, but McGuinness bounced off the ropes and hit the jawbreaker for the pin. (**3/4)

-An ad for the "Driven 2008"PPV aired.

-Steen and Generico got into a shoving match with Richards and Edwards prior to the start of their main event. The crowd was hot for Steen & Generico's entrance.

(8) ROH World Tag Team Champions Kevin Steen & El Generico vs. The American Wolves (Davey Richards & Eddie Edwards w/ SNS Inc.) Steen and Richards exchanged some stiff slaps and strikes during the early stages of the match, but Steen took Richards down with a shoulder tackle. Steen & Generico sent Richards packing to the outside. Edwards tried to jump both of them, but also ended up getting dispatched to ringside. Generico took down Edwards. Richards tried to run in and blindside Generico, but got back dropped to the floor. Generico then set up for a dive, but managed to stop when Edwards got out of the way. Richards and Steen tagged into the match. Richards immediately got the upper hand on Steen and shoved him into his own corner. Edwards and Richards took turns taking cheap shots on Steen as the ref had his hands full with the protesting Generico on the other side of the ring. Steen fired back and tagged in Generico, who tripped Edwards. Steen then followed up with a front flip legdrop for a pop from the crowd.

Steen and Generico continued to tag in and out of the ring to work over Edwards. Generico hit a blow to Edwards's throat and he stumbled back into his own corner and Richards tagged himself into the match. Richards tagged into the match and charged at Generico several times, but Generico was a step quicker and managed to send him down to the mat multiple times. Richards then called for a timeout and offered a handshake, but ended up spitting in Generico's face. Generico chased Richards to the floor, but Edwards blind-sided him with a running knee and Generico flew into the barricade. The crowd tried to rally behind Generico, but he took a gutbuster from Edwards. The crowd continued to try to rally behind Generico, who attempted to thwart a double team attempt from Edwards and Richards, but they countered him with a double team alarm clock. Edwards hit an Oklahoma stampede on Generico and Richards followed up with a diving headbutt. Richards smiled arrogantly as he went to cover Generico, who surprised Edwards by kicking out at one.

Generico finally escaped Edwards and Richards and tagged in Steen, who wiped out Edwards with a flip dive. Steen took out Richards and then powerbombed Edwards on the apron and the crowd erupted. Steen hit a cannonball on Richards in the corner and covered him for a 2 count. Steen went up top for a moonsault, but Richards got out of the way and tagged in Edwards, who ate a powerbomb from Steen. Steen then applied the sharp-shooter. Richards ran into the ring and hit Steen, but he wouldn't let go. Generico then grabbed Richards from behind, as Steen held Edwards in the sharp-shooter. Richards finally broke free and nailed Steen with a headbutt to break up the submission. Edwards fired back moments later and tagged in Richards, who tried to clothesline Steen several times, but he wouldn't go down.

Steen nearly hit the package piledriver on Richards, but he slipped out. Edwards ran into the ring and nailed Steen from behind. Richards followed up with a missile dropkick, but Steen kicked out at the last second. The crowd chanted for Steen, as Edwards and Richards went for a double team suplex. Steen fought both men off and Richards accidentally kicked Edwards. Generico then tagged in and nailed Edwards with a yokuza kick in the corner. Steen followed up with a pump-handle neckbreaker. Steen hit a swanton on Richards. Generico then hit a big splash, but Richards broke up the pin at the last second. Most of the crowd got to their feet as Steen signaled for the finish, but Richards pulled Generico to the floor. Richards & Edwards then hit a superkick/German combo on Steen with a bridge, but Generico made the save and the crowd chanted "ROH, ROH." Sweeney went to hit Steen with his boot, but Albright ran out and chased him to the back. Richards then tried to hit Steen with the boot, but he hit Edwards instead. Generico ended up grabbing Richards and dragging him outside, which allowed Steen to cover Edwards for the pin. (***3/4)

Richards attempted to jump Generico after the match, but Steen chased him off with a chair. Steen then got on the mic and said the tag titles weren't going anywhere for a long time and the crowd applauded. Steen said they would keep the titles and told the sound guy to play the real winners theme so Richards & Edwards could hear it as they walked to the back. Steen was talking to the camera and Generico snuck up behind him and Steen got mad at him, which was pretty funny. Steen & Generico posed with the titles in the center of the ring to end the show.

-Lynn cut a promo backstage and challenged Black to a no time limit match. Nice end to the show.

Bonus features: Kenny King vs. Alex Payne and Irish Airborne vs. Andy Ridge & Grizzly Redwood are included as bonus features in the "Extras" section on the main menu.

Overall thoughts: (7.0) "Motor City Mayhem 2009" was heavy on some really good wrestling matches up and down the card with a hot crowd that provided a good atmosphere for most of the matches. The show got off to a strong start with the Bryan Danielson-Rhett Titus opener and the only thing holding this show back from a stronger recommendation is the booking of the finishes up and down the card.

I don't understand why so many matches have to end via time limit draw, interference, or countout at such a high rate. It would be better if these finishes were established one at a time and spaced apart to leave the illusion they could happen, instead of happening all of the time on these DVDs. Clean finishes should be the norm when you're charging people to buy your product. The finish of the Castagnoli-Albright match was particularly frustrating, as they had been in the midst of an really good undercard match until Albright was DQ'd out of nowhere for not breaking his submission hold right at the five count. I don't think I've ever seen that one in any fed.

The real gems on this card are the Lynn-Black match, which went to a 20 minute time limit draw, which would be easier to swallow if it weren't for the other fluke finishes on the card. Both men put together a fantastic match and had the crowd engrossed for the duration. The main event tag title match was also excellent, as both teams put together some really great exchanges and false finishes leading up to the actual finish of the match where Richards ended up accidentally hitting Edwards with Sweeney's boot. Again, the finish itself wasn't bad, but combined with the other finishes on the card, it was one too many to close the show with that type of a finish.

I give this show a solid thumbs up. The wrestling is fantastic. There's not one must-see match, but there are several very good matches up and down the card that will fill your craving for good in-ring wrestling. The only real disappointment was the McGuinness-Briscoe non-title match, which the crowd just wasn't very excited for. Other than some booking issues cropping up from time to time, this was a solid show.

You can purchase "Motor City Madness 2009" by clickinghere.

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