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RADICAN'S PWS WRESTLEREUNION LA REVIEW 1/28 - Outlaws vs. Steiner Brothers, Legends Wrestle Royale, Smith-Richards

May 8, 2012 - 1:29:21 PM

By Sean Radican, Torch columnist

JANUARY, 28, 2012

Note: PWS is a promotion run by that usually runs a big show during Wrestle Reunion convention weekends. This event took place at WrestleReunion VI in Los Angles earlier this year.

The show began with Mick Foley coming down to the ring with Mike Tyson. Talk about an odd pairing there given Tyson’s criminal past and Foley’s charity affiliation. Tyson did some crotch chops once he got into the ring and put over Tyson. Foley told Tyson he needed a small favor for him. Foley mentioned he was going to ref a match later tonight. Foley said he usually doesn’t want to get involved when he’s a ref, but he always ends up getting involved. Foley said the match he’s officiating is The Steiner Brothers vs. The New Age Outlaws. Foley said Rick doesn’t like him and Scotty is out of his f---ing mind. Foley said he has to take a flight to St. Louis for the Royal Rumble after the match, so Tyson has to watch his back. The crowd chanted for Tyson, who smiled and clapped. Tyson got on the mic and the crowd cheered. I have no idea what he said, but he shook Foley’s hand and talked about being a fan of Superstar Billy Graham. He then did a Graham imitation and the crowd popped while Tyson flexed.

They then cut to the show and the lights were out. PWG’s Excalibur was joined by $5 Wrestling’s Marty DeRosa on commentary. Arik Royal was out first to take on Adam Page in the opening match.


Excalibur said there was a lot of pressure on these guys to open this show with all of the legends on the card. The pace of the match accelerated quickly. After both guys missed moves, they came to a stalemate. Royal took down Page with a leg lariat and then again with a spinning kick for a 2 count. He showed good agility for a man of his size during that exchange. Royal went for a springboard moments later, but Page nailed him with a dropkick. Page then got a running start on the apron and nailed Royal with a SSP and the crowd stood and applauded. The lights went out and Vader’s music played. His entrance video was also shown on a screen near the entrance. The crowd popped huge as Vader walked around ringside. DeRosa said nothing good would happen now for Page and Royal.

Vader got a chair and tossed it into the ring. The crowd chanted for Vader. Royal then whipped Page towards Vader, who wiped him out with a clothesline. Vader then took out Royal with a clothesline. Page ended up taking several punches in the corner as the bell rang. Royal recovered and went after Vader with punches in the corner. The crowd chanted for Vader as Page and Royal worked together to try to overwhelm Vader. The crowd chanted for Vader. Page and Royal went for a double suplex, but Vader pushed them off. Royal went for several punches, but Vader shrugged them off. Royal raked Vader’s eyes. He then held Vader for Page. Page jawed at Vader and went up top while Royal held him. Vader disposed of Royal. He then caught Page coming off the top and hit big slam. Vader went up to the second rope as the crowd went nuts and hit the Vader bomb. The crowd begged for another Vader bomb. Vader took of his mask before chokeslamming Royal. Vader then picked up Page and hit a big powerbomb. The fans then applauded for Vader as he took off his shirt revealing his singlet. Vader took down his straps and flexed for the crowd.

Winner: (n/a) – Well that was a fun way to start the show. Royal and Page got more offense than I expected, but Vader squashing people in 2012 is still fun. I don’t know why he took off his mask, as he looks much more intimidating with it on.

Mick Foley was out next to ref the Steiner Brothers vs. New Age Outlaws match. He was not wearing referee attire. Foley got a big pop coming out. The New Age Outlaws were out next with B.G. and Kip doing their signature entrance. The crowd was really into the NAO entrance. Kip went to finish their signature entrance, but he did the Rock’s catchphrase instead. B.G. cut him off and the crowd gave him a hard time. Kip then did Stone Cold’s catch phrase and B.G. cut him off again. Kip finally finished off the entrance properly and the crowd popped. The Steiner Brothers came out next to a big pop. They came out to their WCW music. Scott jawed with some fans as he came down to ringside. The crowd was red hot before the bell chanting for both teams. Scott got on the mic and yelled at the crowd for chanting for him. He offered to treat someone’s girlfriend like a real man. Foley got on the mic and said he has a red eye flight. He said Scott is out of his mind and called for a substitute ref. Kip stopped him, so Foley said he would stay in the ring and cower in the corner.

2 - - THE NEW AGE OUTLAWS (B.G. & Kip James) vs. THE STEINER BROTHERS (Rick & Scott Steiner) – Special guest referee Mick Foley

Steiner dominated Kip during the early stages of the match. Kip fired back and put the boots to Steiner before tagging in B.G. They went for a double team, but Rick nailed them with a double clothesline from behind and the Steiner Brothers did their signature pose much to the delight of the crowd. B.G. was scared to lock up with Rick. He went to hug Kip, so Rick bit him in the rear end. B.G. went to the outside and rang the bell. B.G. got on the mic and said he’s as progressive as the next guy, but when you stick your tongue up his a--, he draws the line. Foley then had the announcer tell the fans he was authorizing tongue in the a--. Kip also was reluctant to lock up with Rick, so he ducked through the ropes. Rick tried to pants Kip. Foley tried to step in, but he couldn’t get him off Kip. Kip finally fought off Rick, but ended up missing a charge in the corner. Rick then bit Kip’s posterior. Kip ran over to B.G. and hugged him.

B.G. tagged in and said he wanted Scott. B.G. drove Rick into the corner, but Scott tagged himself in and went to down on him. B.G. ducked a clothesline and hit his signature punch/knee drop sequence for a 2 count. Scott cut B.G. off with a boot out of the corner and hit a belly to belly suplex for a 2 count. The Steiner Brothers went to work on B.G. against the ropes. Foley called for Tyson to come out. Scott hit an elbow drop and did some pushups instead of covering B.G. Rick grabbed a crossface on B.G. Kip hesitated, but eventually ran in and broke up the submission. B.G. caught Scott with a boot in the corner and both men were down. The crowd fired up as B.G. made the hot tag to Kip, who ran wild on the Steiner Brothers. The action broke down with B.G. and Rick brawling on the outside. Scott ducked a charge in the corner from Kip and hit a belly to belly suplex for a nearfall. Scott jawed with Foley and shoved him. Foley went for Mr. Socko, but Scott turned around and Foley threw Mr. Socko out of the ring. Kip then kicked Scott and hit the Fameasser. Foley then did a fast count giving B.G. and Kip the win.

Winners: B.G. & Kip James – This was a fun match with a lot of comedy. Everyone was funny here and the match was light on action, although both teams hit their signature offense to pop the crowd.

A fan that won an auction came out to introduce the Cabana-Finlay match. The fans booed the contest winner. He announced that there would be three five minutes rounds and you could win by pinfall or submission. Cabana came out first. The fans chanted for him once his music stopped. Finlay came out next. The fans chanted Finlay’s name as he made his entrance.

3 - - COLT CABANA vs. FIT FINLAY – World of Sport Rules match

Round 1: Cabana offered a handshake, but Finlay refused. Finlay grabbed a submission on the mat. He transitioned to a nerve hold moments later. Finlay raked at Cabana’s face, but Cabana broke free by kicking at the side of Finlay’s head. They did some chain wrestling before Finlay slammed Cabana down for a one count. Cabana drove Finlay into the corner before they ended up breaking apart. Finlay drove Cabana into the corner. He ended up slapping Cabana before backing away. Cabana took Finlay down. Finlay tried to break free by raking at Cabana’s face, but the ref made him break it. The first round expired with Cabana holding a headlock. Cabana wouldn’t break the hold, so Finlay slapped him in the face. Cabana claimed he hadn’t heard the bell.

Both men took a break in the corner and toweled off in between rounds.

Round 2: Finlay took down Cabana quickly and dropped an elbow. Finlay stomped on Cabana’s fingers and nailed him with a running boot to the head. Finlay then tossed Cabana to the outside. Cabana had his corner man slap him to pump him up before getting back into the ring. The fans chanted for both men as Finlay ducked through the apron before bailing to the outside. Finlay stared down a cameraman. Cabana told his corner man to slap Finlay, but he ended up backing away. Finlay continued to stall as the fans clapped. Cabana grabbed a headlock and hit several punches on Finlay. Cabana went after Finlay’s arm, but he nailed him with a series of big forearms. The action spilled outside and Finlay tossed Cabana into the ringpost. Finlay then grabbed a face lock, but Cabana got the ropes. Finlay went after Cabana’s arm next with a submission before slamming it to the mat. Finlay grabbed an arm submission. The bell rang to end the round, but Finlay held onto the hold. The ref threatened to DQ him, so Finlay let go.

The announcers said the match was taking on a bit of a darker tone as Cabana got some water in the corner.

Round 3: Finlay jumped Cabana as he was taking a drink before the start of the round. Finlay grabbed another arm submission. Some of the fans chanted for Cabana as he tried to fight out of the submission. Cabana was nearly to his feet, but Finlay took him down to the mat and continued to work the arm. Finlay tied up Cabana’s arm in the rope before the ref forced him to break it. Cabana fired up with some forearms, but Finlay whipped him arm-first into the turnbuckle. Finlay went right back to work on Cabana’s arm on the mat. Cabana tried to free himself, but Finlay nailed him with a forearm. Cabana surprised Finlay with a rollup for a nearfall and went for his signature elbows, but Finlay cut him off. Cabana fired back and hit a big elbow to Finlay’s head. Cabana caught Finlay with a butt bump coming off the ropes and went for Billy Goat’s curse, but Finlay pushed him through the turnbuckles and Cabana connected with the ringpost. Cabana got shoved through the ropes into the ringpost again. Finlay then finished off Cabana with the air raid crash.

Winner: Fit Finlay

Star rating: (**1/2) – The crowd wasn’t into the match. It tried to tell a three part story, but the action dragged after the opening round. There was very little drama leading into the finish with Finlay getting a clean win.

Konley & Alexander came out next to face Tajiri & Whipwreck. Konley and Alexander got a good pop. Tajiri & Whipwreck got a big reaction reuniting as a team for the first time in 10 years. The fans chanted “ECW, ECW” at Whipwreck & Tajiri.

4 - - 7OH!4 (Caleb Konley & Cedrick Alexander) vs. THE UNHOLY ALLIANCE (Tajiri & Mikey Whipwreck)

Konley and Whipwreck started the match. Whipwreck took Konley down with a headscissors and his pants fell down. Konley tagged in Whipwreck as the crowd chanted “you still go it” at him. Whipwreck then set up to tag in Tajiri, who got a huge pop when he tagged in. Tajiri and Alexander did some chain wrestling before Tajiri took Alexander to the mat and worked over his arm with a submission. Alexander fired back and grabbed a headlock. Tajiri fired back on Alexander with a series of kicks and the crowd applauded. Whipwreck tagged in and hit a double team splash on Alexander against the ropes. Whipwreck then held up Alexander and Tajiri nailed him with a big kick. The crowd went crazy and Konley ran into the ring, but ended up taking stereo dropkicks to the head. The crowd popped as Konley and Alexander tried to regroup on the outside. The crowd went crazy again as Whipwreck hit a springboard flip dive over the top to the outside to take out Alexander and Konley.

The crowd wanted to see Tajiri hit a dive, but he begged off. Whipwreck and Alexander ended up back in the ring, but Konley ran in and they hit a kick/flatliner combination on Whipwreck for a nearfall. Konley grounded Whipwreck and worked him over with a headlock. Alexander tagged in and hit a combination of kicks on Whipwreck with Konley, but Tajiri broke up the pin. Konley and Alexander tied Whipwreck’s arms up and drove him down to the mat, but Tajiri ran into the ring once against to break up the pin. Konley and Alexander began targeting Whipwreck’s arm as they continued to tag in and out. Whipwreck got his boot up on Alexander in the corner. He finally ended up nailing Alexander with a superkick and both men were down. The crowd chanted for Whipwreck to make the hot tag. Tajiri finally got the tag and ran wild with kicks on Alexander and Konley. He nailed Konley with a big kick to the head, but Alexander made the save. Whipwreck ran in and took down Alexander with a frankensteiner. Whipwreck countered a double team moments later. Tajiri took down Alexander with a kick and spit green mist in Konley’s eyes that the ref didn’t see. Whipwreck then hit the whipper snapper off the top for the win.

Winners: Mikey Whipwreck & Tajiri

Star rating: (**3/4) – This was a short match, but it was a lot of fun to see Tajiri and Whipwreck team together again. The crowd was really into the match and Konley & Alexander looked good here hitting a lot of nice double team maneuvers before falling short in the end.

Next up is Luchas Minis action with DEMUS 316 facing Mascarita Dorada. DEMUS came out first and got a small reaction. Dorada was out next and the crowd chanted Lucha Libre. He then came out on the shoulders of a man. Dorada is much smaller than DEMUS.


DEMUS slammed Dorada to the mat early, but Dorada fired right back with an arm drag. DEMUS hit a series of arm drags and posed for the crowd as Dorada regrouped. Dorada took down DEMUS and locked in a cross arm breaker after a rapid-fire exchange. DEMUS dead-lifted Dorada, but he slipped away and sent him to the outside with a headscissors and hit a dive through the ropes. Dorada lifted DEMUS onto his shoulders before dropping him down to the mat and the crowd popped. Dorada then ran up the ropes and hit a moonsault press off the top. Dorada went for another dive off the top, but DEMUS got his knees and the crowd booed. The fans chanted for Dorada as DEMUS slammed Dorada down to the mat as he came off the ropes. DEMUS then hit a giant swing on Dorada moments later and the crowd booed as he posed on the turnbuckles.

Dorada rolled to the floor and DEMUS followed him. DEMUS lifted Dorada and dropped him onto the announcers table. DEMUS hit an impressive pop-up powerslam on Dorada and the crowd booed him again. DEMUS lifted Dorada by the head and tossed him across the ring and the crowd booed again. Dorada ducked a charge in the corner and hit an awesome springboard shoulder tackle. Dorada then flipped around DEMUS about one thousand times before sending him to the outside with a headscissors and the crowd went ballistic. Dorada went up top hit and hit a diving hurricanrana to the floor and the crowd went crazy again. The crowd chanted “this is awesome” as Dorada celebrated with the crowd. The pace picked up and Dorada went for another déjà vu before rolling up DEMUS with a small package.

Winner: Mascarita Dorada

Star rating: (***1/2) – That was awesome. I think I have a new favorite wrestling in Dorada. He hit a bunch of incredible maneuvers considering his size. This one is worth going out of your way to check out if you haven’t seen Dorada before.

Kevin Steen vs. Tommy Dreamer is up next in a Street Fight. Steen came out first to a big pop. Dreamer came out next and also got a good pop. Dreamer was greeted with an ECW chant when he got into the ring. The fans then chanted for Steen. Dreamer and Steen went face-to-face and the fans chanted for both men.

6 - - TOMMY DREAMER vs. KEVIN STEEN – Los Angeles Street Fight

The match started with some chain wrestling of all things. Steen backed Dreamer into the corner a short time later and elbowed him in the face instead of offering a clean break. The crowd chanted for Steen as he put a beating on Dreamer. Steen tripped Dreamer after ducking a clothesline a short time later and nailed him with the flipping legdrop. Dreamer fired back with a kick to the groin and followed up with a plancha off the apron to the outside. They brawled on the outside and Steen ended up crotching Dreamer on the guardrail. Steen punched him over the barricade and they began brawling in the crowd. They ended up near the announce table where Steen nailed Dreamer with a crutch before shoving his thumb up Dreamer’s rear end. They brawled up a camera stand and Steen pushed Dreamer onto a table, but it didn’t break. They brawled over near the merchandise table and Dreamer nailed Steen with a stack of DVDs.

They finally ended up back near ringside with Dreamer still in control. Dreamer went backstage. A fan poured some water in Steen’s mouth as he tried to recover. Dreamer came back with a trashcan full of plunder. Dreamer nailed Steen with a hockey stick across the back. The crowd fired back and chanted “ECW, ECW.” Dreamer set up a drink tray in the corner and tried to whip Steen into it, but Steen countered and sent Dreamer into the tray. Steen then got a broom handle and went to town on Dreamer. Steen put a traffic cone on his head and continued to beat Dreamer with the broom handle. The announcers speculated about Steen’s mindset and they came to the conclusion that Steen enjoys this.

Steen kicked out of a pinning combination and applied the sharp shooter, but Dreamer got the ropes. The announcers said Steen didn’t have to break the hold because of the No DQ stipulations. Steen nailed Dreamer with several chops and told the crowd that ECW is dead. Steen tore off Dreamers shirt to reveal another shirt and continued to chop Dreamer. Dreamer tried to fire back and charge Steen in the corner, but he ended up going shoulder first into the ringpost. Steen then set up the stop sign over Dreamer in the corner and nailed him with the cannonball. The announcers then determined that rope breaks are enforced in a No DQ match. DeRosa said you just have to turn your brain off because it’s wrestling.

Dreamer fired back and managed to hit a superplex on Steen leaving both men down. The crowd clapped as both struggled to get to their feet. Both men traded punches in the middle of the ring. Dreamer nailed Steen with several forearms and set Steen up for a piledriver, but Steen hit a low blow and a DDT for a nearfall. Steen hung dreamer upside down in the corner and assaulted his crotch with the broomstick. He then placed the stop sign over Steen’s head and nailed him with a running dropkick in the corner and the crowd popped. Dreamer went and got a guardrail. DeRosa wondered why the referee was helping Dreamer. Dreamer tried to suplex Steen off the apron through the guardrail, but Steen wouldn’t go up for the move. Steen then snapped Dreamer’s neck over the top rope and superkicked him. Dreamer fell to the fall while managing to avoid the guardrail. The crowd chanted for Steen to use the hammer. Dreamer hit a low blow on the apron and then a DDT. The crowd cheered as Dreamer tossed the guardrail into the ring. The crowd chanted for Dreamer to use the hammer.

Dreamer set up Steen next to the guardrail and grabbed the ring bell. He set up the bell on Steen’s crotch and grabbed the giant hammer. Dreamer then slammed Steen’s crotch with the hammer and the bell rang. The crowd went crazy for that spot. That was awesome. Dreamer set up Steen for a DDT on the guardrail, but Steen countered and pushed him down on it. He then hit a senton off the top with Dreamer on the guardrail for the pin.

Winner: Kevin Steen

Star rating: (***1/2) – This was a really fun brawl with the crowd hot for both men the entire way through. The buildup to the spot with the huge hammer was hilarious and the crowd reaction was even better after Dreamer nailed the ring bell on Steen’s crotch with it.

Steen got on the mic after the match. The fans chanted for Steen. Steen said he didn’t know what to expect when the match was announced and he didn’t expect what Dreamer brought to the table. Raven then ran down and tripped Steen. He then nailed Dreamer with a DDT and the crowd popped huge. Steen called Raven a “F---ing a—hole.” He then told Dreamer he was one of the toughest men he’s ever wrestled. The crowd chanted for Dreamer after Steen went to the back. Steen went to the back leaving Dreamer alone in the ring to soak up the chants from the crowd.


They did some mat wrestling during the early stages of the match and came to a stalemate. Strong took down Manning a short time later with a dropkick as he came off the ropes to get the upper hand. Strong chopped Manning down in the corner. Manning tried to fire back, but was overwhelmed by Strong’s onslaught of chops. Strong then put the boots to manning in the corner before grabbing a headlock a short time later. Manning fired back and choked Strong with his boot in the corner. Strong bailed to the outside. Both men exchanged chops on the outside, but Manning hit a low kick and tossed Strong back into the ring. Manning grabbed a headlock, but Strong rolled him for a 2 count. Both men exchanged pinning combinations, but neither man could get a pin.

They continued to exchange pinning combinations, but the sequence eventually ended with Strong catching Manning with a dropkick as he came off the ropes and both men were down as the crowd applauded. Strong hit a series of chops on Manning and then a pair of running forearms to the head in the corner. Strong followed up with a suplex, but only got a 2 count. The crowd began to clap as Strong went back on the attack. Manning caught Strong by surprise as he came off the ropes and hit an airplane spin for a 2 count. The fans chanted for Strong as Manning went on the attack. Strong fired back with a kick in the corner, but Manning hit a backbreaker/flatliner combination. He then covered Strong, but he got his boot on the ropes at the last second. The announcers couldn’t see Strong’s foot on the ropes, so they seemed confused.

Strong caught Manning with a boot in the corner and hit an Angle slam for a nearfall. He then applied the stronghold, but Manning kicked him off. Manning got a nearfall with a rollup, but Strong kicked out and nailed him with a running knee to the head. Strong then hit a lung blower and a sick kick for the win.

Winner: Roderick Strong

Star rating: (**3/4) – Another solid match on this card that was hurt due to a lack of crowd heat. They pulled off some nice exchanges and Manning looked good here. Manning has a fun comedy gimmick as the Manscout, but he might have to transition to something else to be taken more seriously by fans.

Harry Smith came out for his match against Davey Richards with his WWE theme playing. Richards then came out to different theme from the one he uses in ROH.


They exchanged holds on the mat during the early stages of the match before coming to a stalemate. Smith took Richards down to the mat and went for an arm bar, but Richards slipped out and went to work on his leg with a bridging combination submission. They continued to exchange holds on the mat and then Smith locked in a full nelson. Richards finally hit an arm drag and they reset again. Smith grabbed Richards’s arm and snapped it over the top rope. He followed up with a belly-to-belly suplex, but only got a 2 count. Smith continued to work over Richards’s arm, but Richards finally countered and sent him to the outside. Richards hit a running kick to Smith’s chest from the apron. Richards followed up with a tope through the ropes to the outside and the crowd chanted for him. Richards targeted Smith’s leg and nailed it with a running dropkick. Richards locked Smith in a trailer hitch and held on for a long time, but Smith wouldn’t tap. Richards then tried to set up Smith for a surfboard, but Smith wouldn’t give up his arms so Richards slammed his legs into the mat.

Richards ducked an enzuguri and continued to work over Smith’s leg as the crowd applauded. Smith caught Richards in a small package for a 2 count, but was slow to get to his feet and Richards went back to work on his leg. Smith mounted a comeback and hit a series of clotheslines on Richards, but was moving around slowly while selling his leg. Smith caught Richards with a powerslam off the ropes a short time later for a 2 count. Smith tried to take Richards to the apron, but Richards hit a dragon screw on him around the middle rope. Richards went up top, but Smith cut him off. Smith lifted Richards and hit a vertical superplex. He could only get one arm over Richards, who kicked out at 2. Both men got up and began exchanging blows in the middle of the ring. Richards hit a clothesline, but Smith wouldn’t go down. Richards hit another clothesline and Smith wouldn’t go down. Smith blocked a third clothesline and hit a superkick for a nearfall.

Smith followed up with a big powerbomb, but only got a 2 count and the fans applauded. Smith got up and tried to shake some feeling into his leg as the crowd really got into the action. Smith set up for a running powerslam, but Richards rolled over and got an ankle lock. Smith fought him off, but Richards nailed him with a running kick and then went up top and connected with a doublestomp for a nearfall. Richards nailed Smith with a roundhouse kick, but Smith kicked out and Richards immediately applied the ankle lock. Smith struggled to escape and finally managed to send Richards flying into the turnbuckles. Richards grabbed Smith’s leg, but Smith rolled over and applied a slick looking arm bar. Richards struggled and countered it into the ankle lock again. Smith rolled through and applied the ankle lock on Richards. He then dropped down with a grapevine. Both men countered submissions. Richards charged at Smith a short time later and walked right into a huge knee from Smith for a good nearfall. The crowd chanted “this is awesome.” Smith went for a powerbomb, but Richards rolled through. Smith sat down on Richards, but Richards rolled through and got the pin.

Winner: Davey Richards

Star rating: (***3/4) – This was a very good back and forth mat wrestling clinic. It was slow at the start, but the match got really good as it went on, especially the last ten minutes when they picked up the pace. Smith is very good in the ring and he continues to impress since leaving WWE.

Richards got on the mic after the match. He put over Smith and the fans chanted for him. Richards said they had a lot of differences and pointed out their big difference in size. Richards said they are also similar in that they let their wrestling do the talking for them and they grew up idolizing the same people. Richards then thanked Richards and shook his hand. The fans chanted for Smith, who got on the mic and thanked the fans. Smith said whether or not he ended up doing MMA, wrestling would always be first in his heart. Both men then shook hands as the fans applauded.

The Young Bucks were out next to Hanson’s “MMM Bop.” The crowd booed them. Nick mocked Booker T’s spinaroonie. He also did RVD’s signature pose and the crowd booed more. El Generico then came out to a big ovation. Great Sasuke was out next to a big reaction as well.


Generico took off his mask and revealed a mask that was half Generico/half Sasuke. Nick kicked Sasuke several times in the stomach, but he no-sold them. Sasuke eventually took Nick down with an elbow to the head and tagged in Generico. Nick drove Generico into his own corner and tagged in Matt, who bit Generico’s mask. The pace picked up with Generico hitting his signature series of arm drags on Matt. Nick tripped Generico from the outside and Matt dropkicked him off the apron and into the barrier on the outside. The Young Bucks continued to work over Generico for a long period of time. Generico finally managed to catch Matt with an exploder into the turnbuckles and both men were slow to get to their feet. Generico finally fought off Matt and tagged in Sasuke. Sasuke fought off a double team attempt and sent the Young Bucks to the outside. Sasuke took out Matt with a dropkick through the ropes and Generico took out Nick on the other side of the ring with a big flip dive and the fans applauded.

Sasuke went up top and nailed Matt with a blockbuster. Sasuke went up top, but took forever and Matt rolled out of the way when he came off the top. Nick tagged in and went to work on Sasuke. Generico got the tag and hit a dive off the top onto Nick for a 2 count. The crowd applauded as Generico continued to work over Nick. Matt ran in and took out Generico and Sasuke. Generico thwarted a double team attempt. Sasuke then came out of nowhere and nailed Nick with a springboard dropkick. Nick fired back and tagged in Matt. The pace pick up with Matt eventually hitting a face buster on Generico for a 2 count. The Young Bucks then hit a tandem standing moonsault/springboard legdrop on Generico for a 2 count.

The Young Bucks set up for more bang for your buck, but Generico countered. Nick then nailed him with a DDT. Sasuke hit a powerbomb on Nick, but Matt ran in out of nowhere and nailed him with a superkick and everyone was down. Generico ended up alone in the ring with the Young Bucks. He tried to fight back, but ate a double superkick. The Young Bucks followed up by a stuffed tombstone piledriver, but Sasuke came back into the ring from the outside and made the save. Sasuke rolled out of the way of a moonsault from Nick. He then slammed Nick and went up top. He looked at Nick, but ended up wiping out Matt on the outside with a huge flip dive. Generico then went up top and hit a swanton on Nick for a nearfall. Generico hit a running Yokuza kick on Nick in the corner. The crowd roared as he set up Nick for the top rope brainbuster and connected for the win.

Winners: El Generico & Great Sasuke

Star rating: (****) – This was an awesome match and seeing the pairing of Sasuke & Generico was a blast. The Young Bucks did a great job of getting heel heat and working over Generico for the bulk of the match before the frenetic final spring to the end. This was great.

The main event was introduced. Ken Shamrock was brought out to be the special guest referee. The announcer ran down the rules, which are basically the same as Royal Rumble rules. Matt Classic drew number 1 and was given a grand introduction before being announced. Lanny Poffo was out next as the second entrant.


Classic applied the claw on Poffo during the early stages of the match. He went up top, but ended up setting for a splash from the first turnbuckle, but he ended up missing. Poffo then went up top and hit a moonsault for a big pop. Poffo went after Classic’s mask. Rock Riddle was out next. Riddle never entered the ring and Carlos Colon came out as the next entrant. He ran wild on Poffo and Classic. Riddle finally entered the ring. Gangrel came out next to his WWE music to a nice ovation. Jesse Hernandez was out as the next entrant. He went to town on Classic with punches. Mando Guerrero came out as the next entrant. Kevin Sullivan was out as the next entrant. He went to town on everyone with a kendo stick. Colon finally cut him off with a headbutt.

Piloto Suicida was out as the next entrant. Tommy Dreamer came out next to another good ovation. Poffo was eliminated, but they didn’t show it. Robbie E came out next wearing the TNA TV Title. Robbie got on the mic and promised history would be made. He said he would be the youngest legend to win this match. Dreamer quickly eliminated Robbie much to the delight of the crowd. Virgil was out next. He applied the million dollar dream on Sullivan, but he quickly slipped out. Someone was eliminated, but they didn’t show it. Guerrero was eliminated by Dreamer. Greg Valentine was out as the next entrant. Konnan was out as the next entrant.

The announcers said Colon had been eliminated. DeRosa said he thought Classic would win the match. Dan Severn was out next. Jimmy Hart was out as the next entrant and DeRosa questioned whether or not he should be in this match. The Godfather came out next with his Ho Train. Godfather looks to be in good shape still. Gangrel jumped over the rope to join Godfather and accidentally eliminated himself. Now that was funny. Hart got eliminated as well. Brutus Beefcake came out next. Bradley Ray Schreck was out next. Shreck won a contest to be in the match. Sullivan was eliminated. Beefcake put Schreck to sleep, as Suicida was eliminated. Beefcake took out his scissors and cut some of Schreck’s hair. Virgil was eliminated by Severn. Beefcake tossed Shreck out of the ring. Raven was out as the next entrant. Dreamer waited for Raven. Raven flipped him off and tried to bail, but Steen came up from behind and tossed him into the ring. Dreamer immediately hit a DDT on Raven and eliminated him.

Dreamer eliminated himself to go after Raven. Godfather eliminated Classic a short time later. Konnan was eliminated by several people. Shamrock and Severn began yelling at each other. Valentine tossed Severn out. Severn then dragged Valentine to the outside to eliminate him. It came down to Beefcake and Godfather in the ring. Godfather ducked a charge from Beefcake and he spilled over the top to give Godfather the win.

Winner: The Godfather – That was fun for what it was, but they missed a lot of eliminations.

Godfather’s ho’s came to the ring and danced. Godfather got on the mic and said it’s been so long since he did his signature bit. Godfather then did his signature bit with the ho’s. The crowd chanted along with the Godfather and then the ho’s danced again.

Overall thoughts: (8.0) – This was an entirely enjoyable card from start to finish with Highspots bringing in a huge roster of legends and big name independent talent to deliver a really good show. The only letdown on the card was the Wrestle Royale match, which dragged most of the time with very few bright spots.

I’ve never seen a card like this one. It had something for everyone with matches like the New Age Outlaws vs. The Steiners with Foley as the special ref all the way to a classic top of the card independent match with Davey Richards and Harry Smith putting on a really good technical wrestling match.

The biggest surprise to me on this card was seeing how awesome Mascarita Dorada is working against DEMUS in a Luchas Mini match. His high-flying offense is incredible to watch as he bounded up the ropes and hit all sorts of spectacular offensive maneuvers during the match.

Richards-Smith was really good, but the match of the night goes to Generico & Sasuke vs. The Young Bucks. It was awesome seeing Generico team with Sasuke, who is a Japanese wrestling legend. The Young Bucks did a good job of playing up their rolls as heels and firmly cemented Sasuke & Generico as the babyfaces. The match started with a slow build with heat on Generico before they really picked up the pace and delivered a really enjoyable final stretch. This match is well-worth going out of your way to check out.

I thought the production on this DVD was top-notch. They did a great job of filming and editing everything outside of many of the eliminations during the Wrestle Royal. DeRosa and Excalibur were also great on commentary. Overall, this was a satisfying show that delivered a lot of quality entertainment.

You can purchase this release at


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