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RADICAN'S WSU REVIEW SERIES: "An Ultraviolent Affair" 2/9 - Marintez-LuFisto, Kalamity-Cherry Bomb, Havoc-Athena

May 3, 2013 - 2:51:18 PM

By Sean Radican, Torch columnist


FEB. 9, 2013

(1) Neveah beat Jessie Brooks (Sammy Geodollno) . Neveah dominated the action in the early going. Brooks looks like she’s a step slow in the ring with Neveah. Brooks mounted a comeback and hit a suplex with a bridge and then a gut wrench suplex for a 2 count. Neveah fired back and eventually won with a German with a bridge.

Star rating: (*) – Neveah picked up the victory representing CZW according to the announcers. Brooks can usually be carried to a good match, but Neveah didn’t appear to be motivated on this night.

(2) Christina Von Eerie beat Kimber Lee (w/Annie Social). Lee hit a split-legged chin breaker during the early stages of the match. She choked Von Eerie near the ropes and Social came over and spit in her face. Lee is representing CZW in this match, although both do women appear in CZW. Von Eerie fired back and went to work on Lee. Both women began exchanging chops, but Von Eerie took Lee down with an enzuguri for a 2 count. Lee countered a handspring attempt from Von Eerie into a German suplex for a nearfall. They showed a nice picture in picture replay of the sequence right away. Lee connected with a missile dropkick a short time later, but Von Eerie got her feet on the ropes. The fans fired up as the pace picked up. Von Eerie tied up Lee’s arms and hit a back cracker for a nearfall.

After the match, Von Eerie walked over Lee before heading to the back. The announcers said it was now 1-1 between CZW and WSU if the wins were being tallied.

Star rating: (**1/4) – This was a good showing for both women. They definitely picked up the pace in the ring and got the crowd into the action. The match was short, but the second half of the match was enjoyable with both women going back and forth with some good exchanges before the finish.

(3) Veda Scott beat Niya in an Uncensored Opportunity match. The winner of this match receives a full-time roster spot in WSU. Scott jumped Niya while she was making her entrance. Both women went at it during the early stages of the match. Niya went for a handspring moonsault, but Scott got out of the way and took Niya down with a dropkick. Scott choked Niya against the ropes while jawing with the fans. She told them this match isn’t appropriate for children. Niya surprised Scott with an inside cradle, but Scott got right up and nailed her with a big kick. The fans tried to rally behind Niya. Niya got a sunset flip pin out of the corner to counter Scott a short time later for a 2 count. Scott forearmed Niya off of her a short time later and she crumbled to the mat. Niya caught Scott by surprise a short time later with a code breaker and went to work on her.

Niya taunted Scott and nailed her with a big chop in the corner. They battled up top and Scott pushed her to the mat. Scott went for a dive, but Niya got out of the way. The crowd chanted you f----ed up for no reason after Scott missed the dive off the top. Niya hit a series of forearms and took down Scott with a pair of clotheslines before hitting a neck breaker for a 2 count. The crowd fired up after the big sequence. Niya connected partially with a handspring moonsault, but Scott got the ropes. They went back and forth before Scott hit the mind trip for the win, but the ref didn’t notice Niya’s foot was on the ropes.

Niya argued with the ref after the match and appeared to be very upset.

Star rating: (**1/2) – The announcer audio was very low for most of the match. I really liked how both women wrestled with an edge because a full time roster spot was on the line for both of them. They had an above average match with some good exchanges. I hadn’t seen Scott wrestle with an edge before and she pulled off her role well in the match. It appears Niya might get another shot in WSU in the future given the finish and if that’s the case, she deserves it.

(4) Kalamity beat Cherry Bomb. The crowd heckled Cherry before the opening bell and she flipped out saying she doesn’t suck. Kalamity offered a handshake, but Cherry kicked her hand away. Cherry told Kalamity that this is her home. She asked Kalamity if she knew where she is and slapped her in the face. Kalamity fired back and sent Cherry flying with a big forearm. Kalamity hit a big clothesline for a 2 count. She then nailed Cherry with a huge chop in the corner, but ended up missing an avalanche attempt in the corner. Cherry began working over Kalamity by putting the boots to her in the corner before choking her with her foot. Kalamity blocked a kick from Cherry and hit a STO for a 2 count. Cherry raked Kalamity’s eyes when she got up and hit a big overhand chop against the ropes. Cherry hit a big running knee in the corner and played to the crowd.

Cherry hit another running knee strike and Cindy Rodgers pointed out on commentary that she’s giving her too much time to recover. Kalamity ducked a charge in the corner and nailed Cherry with a diving forearm in the corner. Kalamity went for the double knees in the corner, but Cherry got out of the way. Cherry followed up with a running dropkick in the corner and covered Kalamity for a 2 count. Cherry applied a full nelson on the matt. The crowd tried to rally behind Kalamity. Kalamity escaped the submission, but Cherry ended up nailing her with a diving forearm. Cherry then applied cattle mutilation a short time later. Kalamity fought free and ducked a pair of clotheslines before hitting a big spine buster for a 2 count. Cherry slipped away from Kalamity and hit the double knees to the back for a 2 count. They went back and forth and Kalamity hit the magnum driver for the win.

Star rating: (***) – This was a solid match. Cherry Bomb looked good here heeling on the fans. The crowd was slow to get into the match, but they were into it down the stretch. The hard-hitting exchanges and counters down the stretch were well-done. Kalamity is someone to keep an eye on this year. This gives WSU another victory in the WSU vs. CZW series.

Chris Dickinson got on the mic and said he was honored the people paid their money to see Addy Starr kiss his butt. He asked if the fans if they were happy to see it. Dickinson said the fans would see his beautiful ass. One fan said there are children in the building. A fan told Dickinson he would knock him out. Dickinson said he would give him $20 bucks if he could kick his ass. The fan took his shirt off, but Dickson backed down.

(5) Addy Starr vs. Chris Dickinson in a Loser Must Kiss the Winner’s Rear End match. This is a Beyond Wrestling Showcase match as well. The commentator’s mentioned these two had a confrontation at a recent Beyond Wrestling studio taping. Dickinson hit a huge chop during the early going and worked over Starr in the ring. Starr tried to fire back, but Dickinson caught her going for a cross-body and turned it into a powerslam. Starr got her boot up in the corner a short time later and caught Dickinson with a tornado DDT. Starr followed up with a series of running boots in the corner. Dickinson fired back with a big powerbomb and then a wheel barrow German, but Starr kicked out. Dickinson choked Starr and then raked away at her face. Dickinson signaled for the finish and held up Starr in the Razor’s edge, but Starr slipped out and hit the code red for a 2 count. Starr followed up with an acid drop, but Dickinson kicked out again. The crowd fired up behind Starr as she nailed Dickinson with a series of forearms. Dickinson told Starr to hit him like a man. Dickinson slipped away from Starr and rolled her up with a handful of tights for the win.

Dickinson attacked Starr after the match and laid her out. Dickinson then pulled down his tights and sat on Starr’s face after the match. Starr recovered and the crowd gave her a standing ovation.

Star rating: (**) – The action was solid, but this towed an uncomfortable line at times with Dickinson calling Starr a b**ch. Starr looked good mounting comebacks down the stretch against a much larger man. The post-match angle with Dickinson pulling down his tights and sitting on Starr’s face was uncomfortable to watch. Hopefully they take this feud in a different direction going forward, as Starr did play the underdog role well.

(6) WSU Champion Jessicka Havoc beat ACW TV Champion Athena in a WSU Title match. Athena got the better of Havoc during the early stages of the match and nailed her with a big dive through the ropes. Havoc fired back a short time later and nailed Athena with a suplex before choking her on the mat. Athena took a beating for several minutes, but ended up mounting a comeback after hitting a springboard cross-body. Athena went for a knee to the body, but Havoc turned it into a standing submission before nailing her with a gut buster for a 2 count. Athena countered a surfboard attempt and hit a dropkick for a 2 count. Havoc fired back and shoved Athena to the mat. The ref admonished her for stepping on Athena’s hair, so Havoc shoved the ref. Havoc worked over Athena for a long period of time and continued to jaw with the referee when Athena kicked out of her pin attempts. Havoc jawed with the crowd and Athena surprised her with a leg submission, but Havoc got the ropes and managed to kick Athena down to the mat.

Athena fired back and did a handspring into the double knees on Havoc for a nearfall. She tried to hip toss Havoc out of the corner a short time later, but Havoc nailed her with a huge clothesline. Havoc went back to work on Athena and nailed her with a snap suplex for a 2 count. The crowd tried to rally behind Athena and Havoc told them that she wasn’t going to win. Athena climbed the ropes from the apron and hit Havoc with a tornado DDT for a 2 count. Athena ducked a kick and took Havoc down before applying an arm bar. Havoc held her hands together and rolled on top of Athena to break free of the hold. Havoc grabbed a Boston crab and sat back on Athena. Athena struggled, but eventually got the ropes. Athena hit a series of kicks, but Havoc wouldn’t go down. She finally nailed Havoc with a running dropkick and Havoc went down for a 2 count. Athena charged at Havoc, but Havoc caught her with a big powerbomb for a nearfall. Havoc taunted Athena before nailing her with a big slap to the face. Athena countered Havoc in the corner and hit a hurricanrana into the turnbuckles. She then nailed Havoc with a jumping side kick and covered her for a good nearfall. Some of the fans clapped for Athena as she went up top, but Havoc cut her off. Havoc lifted Athena and hit the air raid crash off the top for the win.

Star rating: (***1/4) – This was a good match with the much smaller Athena getting the crowd behind her and making them believe she had a chance at beating the intimidating Havoc. Havoc carriers herself well as a heel in the ring and did a good job of turning the crowd against her during the match. They had a couple of sloppy exchanges, but overall this was a good match.

(7) LuFisto beat Mercedes Martinez in a Falls Count Anywhere match to become the #1 Contender to the WSU Championship. LuFisto hid and jumped Martinez while she was making her entrance. Both women brawled around the building and hit each other with some huge chops and forearms. Both women brawled behind the hockey boards and slammed each other into the wall behind the boards. LuFisto got a broom and choked Martinez with it. They both traded forearms until Martinez tossed LuFisto over the boards and nailed her with a cross-body for a 2 count. They ended up brawling at ringside and LuFisto hit a big chair shot to Martinez’s back for a 2 count. They ended up in the ring and LuFisto went for the three amigos, but Martinez countered the third one and hit a German suplex for a 2 count. The announcers said the winner would become the #1 Contender to the WSU Championship. LuFisto got the upper hand and began working over Martinez for an extended period of time.

LuFisto tied up Martinez in the ropes and climbed the turnbuckles and began kicking Martinez in the head. She then hit a big kick to Martinez’s head, but she kicked out and the crowd applauded. Martinez fired back and began nailing LuFisto with forearms in the corner before nailing her with a running boot. Martinez booted LuFisto to the floor before nailing her with a chair shot to the back. Martinez tossed LuFisto over the guardrail and they began brawling in the crowd again. LuFisto ended up hitting a suplex on the floor, but only got a 2 count. Martinez fired up and whipped LuFisto into the boards and then hit her with a vertical suplex, but she only got a 2 count. They brawled over to the concession stand before heading behind the rink. LuFisto lifted Martinez up onto a bench and they began taking turns slamming each other into the glass for the boards of the rink. They brawled up into the bleachers and LuFisto locked in an arm submission using the railing for leverage. LuFisto and Martinez ended up back at ringside and LuFisto tossed a chair onto Martinez’s head. The crowd fired up as LuFisto went under the ring to grab more plunder.

Martinez fired back and slammed LuFisto into the ringpost before tossing a chair at her head. Martinez set up a table in the corner, but LuFisto hit her with a suplex and followed up with a cannonball in the corner for a 2 count. Martinez countered LuFisto a short time later and nailed her with a spine buster through the table. Martinez went to the outside and grabbed another table. LuFisto followed her to the outside and tossed her into the ring. Martinez fired back and went for a charge into the corner, but LuFisto drove her head-first into the turnbuckles. She then hit several knees to the head and grabbed a chair, but Martinez kicked the chair into her head. Martinez set up LuFisto on a chair and charged at LuFisto, but LuFisto countered and tripped her head-first onto the chair. LuFisto then slammed a chair down onto Martinez, who was leaning face down on another chair for a nearfall. The fans fired up as LuFisto went up top. Martinez tossed a chair at LuFisto and then hit a twisting DDT on the chair with LuFisto’s feet draped over the top rope for a 2 count.

LuFisto fired back and hit a pair of big running kicks to Martinez’s head in the corner. LuFisto took her time going up top again and Martinez cut her off. LuFisto ended up hanging Martinez upside down in the corner and nailed her with a double stomp. She then covered Martinez for a 2 count. Martinez countered a burning hammer and hit a Saito suplex and both women were down. The crowd applauded as Martinez rolled over and covered LuFisto with one arm for a 2 count. Martinez hit a fisherman buster, but LuFisto kicked out at the last second. Martinez went for a fisherman buster off the apron through a table, but LuFisto slipped out and hit a spinning back fist. She followed up with a burning hammer off the apron through the table for the win. Holy crap!

After the match, LuFisto rolled Martinez into the ring. The crowd gave both women a big ovation. LuFisto got a knee and offered a handshake to Martinez. Both women shook hands and hugged and the crowd applauded again. LuFisto turned her back and Martinez jumped her and put the boots to her. Martinez then nailed her with several chair shots to the back until Kalamity chased her away.

Star rating: (***3/4) – These two are 2 for 2 in terms of carrying this promotion on their backs since the new ownership took over. They had a physical and intense brawl that went all over the building. They protected themselves well when tossing chairs at each other’s heads as well. The match got better and better as it went on and with a bigger crowd this likely would have reached the four star range. The crowd heat was good for the last part of the match, but the crowd didn’t get into the action much until the end. This match is well-worth checking out if you’re a fan of good wrestling.

Overall thoughts: (6.5) – WSU is still a promotion trying to find its way under new ownership in some ways. The positives are they drew one of the better crowds in WSU history, despite the huge blizzard that came through the area the night before the show took place. Hopefully the new ownership can continue to increase the attendance so the women in the promotion have a louder and more vocal crowd to work with.

The improvements in production continued with this release, although the announcer’s audio levels went way down at certain points during the show. The show looked good with the lights on and you could see the fans in attendance reacting to the match as opposed to the last show where you couldn’t see the crowd very well. The production team also added replays of big spots during the matches, which was a nice addition.

The undercard was a bit thin in spots, especially the opening match, which was one of the least inspiring efforts I’ve seen from Neveah. One highlight of the undercard was the Scott-Niya Uncensored Opportunity match with both women wrestling for the opportunity for full-time bookings in WSU. These two brought it on this night and their effort stood out, especially after what I saw in the opening match. The show also tried to tie in a WSU-CZW theme on the undercard, but it didn’t really stick and the announcers didn’t explain it very well either considering a lot of the women work for WSU and CZW. The Kalamity-Cherry Bomb match was also really good and is well-worth a look.

The Starr-Dickinson match was good, but the stipulation was ridiculous and Dickinson pulling down his tights and sitting on Starr’s face after the match wasn’t a pleasant thing to watch. I was hoping they would go another route and get out of the loser must kiss the winners rear end stipulation, but instead we were treated to Dickinson’s post match antics.

The last two matches on the card delivered with Havoc-Athena and LuFisto-Martinez putting on two really good matches to end the show. Havoc-Athena told a good story with Athena playing the underdog role trying to beat Havoc for the WSU Championship. Havoc carriers herself well as a heel and the crowd got into Athena as the underdog.

The main event was really good and although WSU drew one of their better crowds, it was still small and the fans didn’t get into the match until the second half of the match when the action really picked up. Martinez and LuFisto brought a lot of intensity and stood apart from most of the other women on the show. They’re both really good wrestlers. I really enjoyed their match on the last WSU DVD, but this one was even better.

This show clocks in at under 2 hours and there were some issues with the undercard and announcer audio, but you will see three really good matches and the show was an overall improvement over the previous show. If WSU can strengthen the undercard and increase their live attendance in 2013, they should be able to get some attention from fans that normally watch Shine and Shimmer.

You can purchase WSU’s “An Ultraviolent Affair” by clickingHERE

WSU also makes their iPPV return under new management on May 11 with the Queen and King of the Ring Tournament on May 11 on


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