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Strap On, Strap Off - This Week in History, WW3 Remembered

Nov 18, 2003 - 10:40:00 PM

By Keith Lipinski, Torch Team Contributor

Last week..

11/14/2003 Former ECW World Heavyweight Champion, multi-time ECW Tag Team Champion, Portuguese Man-O-War, member of PG-13, and founding member of X-Factor, Justin Credible was stripped of the 3PW Heavyweight Championship by the new 3PW "Mystery" Commissioner. According to a press release Mr. Credible was stripped of the title due to "actions unbecoming a champion." These actions were the following: Working on the latest All Japan tour, teaming in the Real World Tag League 2003 with former "3 Minute Warning" star Jamal, and most seriously being "Just Alright" rather then "Justin Credible." A new champion will be crowned at the November 22, 2003, at the Viking Hall at the corner of Swanson & Ritner Streets in South Philadelphia. In an interesting twist, the title match will see former champion Sabu battle The Sandman and the new commissioner in a traditional 3 way dance. The new commissioner will be revealed as Vince Russo they makes their way to the ring on November 22nd. Also on the show will see Lo Ki's first Philadelphia area appearance since his big break up with Ring Of Honor.

*** *** ***

This Week in Title History

11/17/1996 Due to wonderful modern technology and a video camera, "Psycho" Sid Vicious defeated "The Heartbreak Kid" Shawn Michaels at Survivor Series 1996 at Madison Square Garden in NYC to win his first WWE World Heavyweight Title. In an angle conveniently borrowed from the main event ("Prime Time" Brian Lee & Shane Douglas vs. Tommy Dreamer & Terry Funk) ECW's "November to Remember" the evening before, Sid grabbed a video camera from the cameraman at ringside and nails Jose Lothario with it. Jose Lothario, America's favorite ninja turtle and Michaels advisor never saw it coming, and had a "heart attack." This made the compassionate MSG crowd very happy. Shawn hit his patented "Sweet Chin Music" but instead of covering Sid, went to check on Jose instead compassionate fool! As the born again Christian (Shawn, not the man with plenty of delicious Marshmallow peeps) came back into the ring, Sid decided to hit him with the cardiac arrest causin' camera, and proceeded powerbomb the heartbreak kid on his swelled head at 19:59 for the pin. I guess this day was not one of Michael's "Sunny Days". Traditional 4 on 4 "Survivor Series" matches during the show saw: In the "Free For All" match Justin "Hawk" Bradshaw, Billy Gunn, The Sultan & Salvatore Sincere defeat Bart Gunn, Jesse James, Bob Holly & Aldo Montoya. Billy Gunn, Justin "Hawk" Bradshaw were the sole survivors. Doug Furnas, Phil Lafon, Henry Godwinn & Phineas Godwin defeated Owen Hart, Davey Boy Smith, & The New Rockers (Marty Jannetty & Leif Cassidy) in 20:38. Doug Furnas & Phil Lafon were the sole survivors. With guest color commentator Tammy Sytch watching "Wildman" Marc Mero (with Sable), Barry Windham, Jake Roberts and the debuting "Blue Chipper" Rocky Maivia defeated Golddust, Hunter Hearst Helmsley, Jerry Lawler & Crush. The sole survivor was Rocky Maivia, the two other most newsworthy events of the match saw Triple H do a clean job to the "Merosault" and Crush use the dastardly Heart Punch to defeat Jake. Yokozuna, Savio Vega, Flash Funk & "dream mystery partner" Jimmy Snuka wrestled Big Van Vader, Nation Of Domination leader Faarooq, The New Razor Ramon, and The New Diesel to a double disqualification at 9:42. The Undertaker (with his Bat-Man memorial winged suit) defeated Mankind (with Uncle Paul Bearer suspended in a cage) at 14:49 with the tombstone. Bret Hart defeated "Stone Cold" Steve Austin in 28:34 when Austin had his "ringmaster memorial Million Dollar Dream" locked in, Bret climbed the ropes and flip over for the pin.

11/17/1998 WWE 80's jobber to the superstars, Duane Gill(berg) (with fellow Job Squad members Bob Holly, Scorpio, Al Snow) defeated Christian Cage (with fellow Brood members Gangrel, Edge, and the legendary bloodbath) in 2:13 to win the WWE Light Heavyweight Title in Columbus, OH. The finish of the match saw Scorpio hit a splash on Christian for the win. After the match, while being interviewed my Michael Cole, Gill said it was the best moment of his life since becoming the coach of the San Pasadena Chargers (Elementary School Team). Other matches from "Raw Is War:" The Oddities (Kurrgan & South Park Double Tuck* Lovin Golga) defeated The Headbangers by disqualification after the Insane Clown Posse turned on the other pair of lousy wrestling clowns. Steve Blackman pinned The Blue Blazer (Jeff Jarrett as the Blazer). Edge & Gangrel defeated Nation Of Domination Members Mark Henry & D'Lo Brown. Goldust and "Wildman" Marc Mero fought to a no contest as PMS (Pretty Mean Sisters) interfered with ball shots for both of their "former" men. Hardcore Champion Mankind defeated The Big Boss Man and Intercontinental Champion Ken Shamrock in a three-way match. Tiger Ali Singh and The Godfather fought to a no contest when "Real Mans Man" Steven Regal interfered. Flash Funk & Sparky Plug defeated World Tag Team Champions The New Age Outlaws in a non-title match thanks to a leaf blower shot from Mankind (yes, I'm being serious). The Undertaker was unsuccessful in his embalming match against "Stone Cold" Steve Austin. Representing the corporation, World Heavyweight Champion The Rock pinned European Champion and Degenerate X-Pac when new "Sheriff In Town" Commissioner Shawn Michaels turned on DX and joined the Corporation.

*The South Park Double Tuck (or SPDT) was based on a acquiesce I knew during the glory days of 1998 who would always were "South Park" t-shirts, all the f@#$ing time. Not only would this friend tuck the shirt into his sweatpants, he would tuck it in again his underpants. You can see his current girlfriend by clicking

11/17/2002 The Big Show handed an injured (broken ribs, torn PCL, itchy flaky scalp) "Next Big Thing" Brock Lesnar his first "big loss" at Survivor Series 2002, when Lesnar's agent Paul Heyman turned on his client and cost him the match. Lesnar hit his overhead belly-to-belly suplex, and F-5, and as he went for the pin, his agent pulled the referee out of the ring. Brock took chase (cue Benny Hill music here) after Heymen, unfortunately he met up with the cold reality of a Big Show steel chair. Then Big Show hit the chokeslam onto the steel chair for the win. Big Show and his new agent bolted out of MSG into a waiting getaway car to the after party (the hotel lobby with Jodeci). Also in the feel good main event, a six man inaugural "Elimination Chamber" match, Shawn Michaels defeated current champion Triple H, Rob Van Dam, Booker T, Chris Jericho, and Kane in 39:20 to win the World Heavyweight Title (Raw). The final two men in the match where Triple H and Shawn Michaels, Michaels went to the top of one of the bullet-proof (yet not Jericho proof) plexiglass chambers and hit a "picture perfect" flying elbow for a two count. Michaels went for his "sweet chin music" only to have Triple H grab his foot and have him eat pedigree for another two count. A bloody Triple H attempted the pedigree again, only to have a bloody Michaels block it, and hit the Sweet Chin Music for the fell good victory, and the end of the comeback story. What is it about Survivor Series that causes Michaels to have great matches (except in 1997)? Los Guererros (Eddie & Chavito) defeated current champions Edge & Rey Mysterio and inaugural champions Chris Benoit & Kurt Angle in a semi disappointing three way match (which only went 19:25, sacrilege!) to win the WWE World Tag Team Championships (Smackdown). Edge speared Benoit (after Benoit was arguing with Angle over Angle hitting Benoit with a tag team title belt, when in reality it was Chavito) for the clean pin to eliminate Benoit & Angle. Los Guerreros used their cunning to hit Rey with a belt shot and Uncle Eddie used his "Lasso From El Paso" for the clean victory. Former fitness models, now bitter rivals Victoria defeated Trish Stratus at 7:01 in a hardcore rules match to win the WWE Women's title with a taste of a malfunctioning fire extinguisher and a vertical suplex. Billy Kidman defeated Jamie Noble in 7:29 with Brock Lesnar's shooting star press to win the WWE Cruiserweight Title for the second time.

11/18/1992 At Clash Of The Champions XXI live from Macon, GA, future franchise Shane Douglas & Ricky "The Dragon" Steamboat defeated "The Natural" Dustin Rhodes & Barry Windham to win the Unified WCW/NWA Tag Team Title. Check th The match saw much punishment on Steamboats crotch (and you thought he was a "Family Guy"). Steamboat went for a leapfrog, and Dustin in shades of he later period "Goldust" gimmick, headbutted the "Dragon" in his crotch. Dustin's tag team partner Barry Windham was going nuts, as Dustin gave his former championship tag team teammate (Steamboat) time to recover. Windham proceeded to tag himself into the match, and deliver two atomic drops on the Dragon's family jewels. Rhodes came into the ring and told Windham to cut it out or else he was telling teacher. Instead of being one sporting chap, Windham gave "the Natural" a natural southpaw (left hand) to the side of the face. As Windham turned around, Shane Douglas hit his patented Belly-To-Belly suplex for the win at 15:54. After the match, Windham and Rhodes tried to work things out by talking, but Windham decided to suckerpunch Rhodes and hit a "widowmaking" DDT to end their run as a team. Other matches on the show saw: In a $10,000 Bounty Match For The Head of Erik Watts (placed by Paul E. Dangerously), Watts & Kensuke Sasaki defeated Arn Anderson & Bobby Eaton (with advisor and "wedding singer" Handsome Dok Hendrix) in 6:09 when Eaton submitted to Watts' rear chinlock. Scotty Flamingo with Vegas (or Vega$) Connection (Runner up in Jessie The Body's Strongest Arm Tournament, Vinnie Vegas & Diamond Dallas Page) defeated Johnny B. Badd in a boxing match when Flamingo used a soaking wet glove to knockout former Golden Glove winner and "Badd Man!" In a Ghetto Odds match, Ron Simmons & the debuting 2 Cold Scorpio defeated Barbarian, Tony Atlas(?) and manager Cactus Jack in 5:55 when Scorpio (substituting for Robbie Walker) hit his 450 splash for the win. Tom Zenk & Johnny Gunn went clothes shopping in a very special music video. In a battle of the sexes Paul E. Dangerously and Madusa fought to a five-minute time limit. In a semi-final match of the "King Of Cable" tournament, Sting defeated Rick Rude in 20:00 two votes to one. The judges were Ole Anderson, Hiro Matsuda, and Larry Zbyszko.

11/18/2001 WCW World Tag Team Champions The Dudley Boyz defeated WWE World Tag Team Champions The Hardy Boyz at Survivor Series 2001 to unify the two major American tag team titles. The match was held in a fifteen-foot high steel cage (not the traditional WWF 1980's blue cage of doom), and saw Jeff Hardy's love of risk get in the way of the Hardy's winning the belts. As Matt (long before he embraced Mattitude) climbed out of the cage, Jeff was climbing over but decided to jump off the top of the cage onto a lying on a table prone D-Von. Jeff did the swanton off the top of the cage, only to have the lord himself get Rev. D-Von move off the cage. Jeff was pinned at 15:45 and was stretchered out of the ring afterwards. Trish Stratus defeated Ivory, Lita, Jazz, Mighty Molly, Jacquelyn in a six way match for the vacant WWE Women's title at 4:35. The title reign was a reward for her hard work during her WWE tenure, including barking like a dog for Mr. McMahon. Good Trish! Trish pinned Ivory with her stratus-facation bulldog Woof! Woof!) for the title and this lovely t-shirt. WCW United States Heavyweight Champion Edge defeated WWE Intercontinental Champion Test to unify the titles into the WWE Intercontinental Championship. As Test went for a matche ending powerbomb, Edge used a front rolling cradle at 11:17 to win the title. Test was not to be a complete loser, as later in the evening Test won an Immunity Battle Royal featuring the following men: Billy Kidman, Shawn Stasiak, Stevie Richards, Perry Saturn, Justin Credible, Lance Storm, Tommy Dreamer, Diamond Dallas Page, Raven, Bradshaw, Faarooq, Crash, Funaki, Billy Gunn, Chuck Palumbo, Albert, Tazz, Spike Dudley, and Hurricane Helms! The main event saw Team WWF WWE (The Rock, Big Show, Chris Jericho, Kane, & The Undertaker) defeat Team Alliance (Steve Austin, Kurt "Alliance Traitor" Angle, Shane McMahon, Booker T, & Rob Van Dam) in a "Traditional Survivor Series Matchup" when Angle turned on Austin resulting in the Rock pinning him at 44:56.

11/19/1960 Johnny Valentine & Buddy Rodgers (number 2 on Triple H's current top 10 wresters of all time as noted in the WWE Unscripted book) defeated Al Costello & Roy Hefferman in Teaneck, NJ to win the United States Tag Team Title (current WWE World Tag Team Title) and take away the "Roo" from the "Fabulous Kangaroos." Bad pun level nearing all time highs!

11/19/1990 The late "Mr. Perfect" Curt Henning (without "Coach" or "The Genius") defeated the late "Texas Tornado" Kerry Von Erich in Rochester, NY to regain the WWE Intercontinental Title with his perfect plex. Henning originally lost the title in August at SummerSlam, when Von Erich was a substitute for Brutus "The Barber" Beefcake who was injured in a fourth of July parasailing accident. In an interview with Pro Wrestling Radio, Henning would later say, "They were good matches, I mean he was a little bit crazy, but I guess we all are a little bit."

11/19/1991 In an exciting and action packed contest the team of "The Natural" Dustin Rhodes & dream mystery partner Rick Steamboat (substituting for the broken handed Barry Windham) defeated The Enforcers Arn Anderson & Larry Zbyszko in Savannah, GA to win the NWA Tag Team Title. Rick Rude defeated an injured Sting to win the WCW United States Heavyweight Title.

11/19/1994 Chris Candido defeated Tracey Smothers in Cherry Hill, NJ to win the tournament to win the NWA Heavyweight Title.

11/19/1995 In a no disqualification, no count out match, at Survivor Series 1995, Bret "Hit Man" Hart defeated Diesel in Landover, MD to win the WWE World Heavyweight Title for a third time in 24:42. Their main event featured the first dive (by Bret) ever onto the Spanish Announce Table surprising announcers Carlos Cabrera & Hugo Savinovich. The finish of the great match saw Big Daddy Cool pull down the straps (oh no, big sexy!) and attempt to jack-knife powerbomb Bret. Bret collapsed, the referee attempted to stop the match, only to be pushed out of the way for another powerdrop attempt. Bret used this time to small package the "Truck Man" for his third championship. After the match, Diesel showed his good sportsmanship by jack-knifing Bret two times, two times. A little known fact, Diesel was one week away from having the WWE World Heavyweight Title for an entire year, which is the longest run of a WWE Champion since the glory days of "Hulkamania" (no not last year my friends). Other matches on the show: The BodyDonnas (Skip, Zip, Rad Radford) & The (1-2-3) Kid defeated Marty Jannetty, Hakushi, Barry Horowitz, & "Spark Plug" Bob Holly. The Kid was the sole survivor at 18:45. Bertha Faye, Aja Kong, Tomoko Watanabe, & Lioness Asuka defeated Alundra Blayze, Kyoko Inoue, Sakie Hasegawa, & Chaparita Asari. Kong was the survivor at 10:01. The Dark Side (The Undertaker, Savio Vega, "Making A Difference" Fatu, & Henry Godwinn) defeated The Royals (King Mabel, King Jerry Lawler, Dr. Isaac Yankem, & Hunter Hearst Helmsley). The entire team of the Dark Side were the sole survivors at 14:21. Shawn Michaels, Ahmed Johnson, Davey Boy Smith, & Psycho Sid defeated Yokozuna, Owen Hart, Razor Ramon, & Dean Douglas. Michaels, Johnson, and Smith were the survivors at 27:24.

11/20/2000 Natural Born Thrillers Chuck Palumbo & Shawn Stasiak "The Perfect Event" defeated Elix Skipper (substituting for Disqo) & Alex Wright in Augusta, GA to win the WCW World Tag Team Championship for the second time. Palumbo's regular tag team partner at the time, Shawn O'Haire suffered a mystery KO backstage. The Filthy Animals (Billy Kidman & Rey Misterio Jr.) interfered, and saw Kidman use his Kid Crusher on Wright, and Stasiak perfectly pinning him at 3:20, to bring glorious joy to his home planet.

11/20/2002 Jeff Jarrett fulfilled his prophesy of being the "chosen one" by defeating Ron "The Truth" Killings at 17:37 to win the NWA Heavyweight Title in Nashville, TN. Killings kicked out of Jarrett's "stroke" but fell victim to Mr. Wrestling III's guitar. Mr. Wrestling III unmasked as current RF Video shoot interview subject Vince Russo. Expect a huge write up as soon as I get this puppy!

11/21/1947 Bill Longson defeated Lou Thesz in St. Louis, MO to win the NWA Heavyweight Title for the third time.

11/21/1978 Tony Garea & Larry Zbyszko defeated The Yukon Lumberjacks in Allentown, PA to win the WWWF World Tag Team Title. Garea was a tag team specialist, holding the world tag team titles with Haystacks Calhoun, Dean Ho, Zbyszko, "The Model" Rick Martel (as part of "Girls In Car" loving Strike Force)

11/21/1999 In a pay per view bookended by Chris Benoit (Editors Note: Is bookended even a word Lipinski?), in the finals of a thirty one person (with WCW Nitro Cologne model Madusa wrestling twice) tournament, Bret Hart defeated Chris Benoit with the sharpshooter in the Electric Arts' Sponsored "WCW Mayhem" PPV from the Air Canada Center in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Benoit hit his rolling German suplexes and attempted the crossface on Bret; Bret evaded crossface and locked on the sharpshooter for the tap out victory at 17:43. The Hart family joined Bret in the ring, and Hart and Benoit shook hands to end the first pay per view of the "Powers That Be" era. Clips of the clean victory can still be seen in the opening credits of Fox Television's "Malcolm In The Middle." In the semi-finals of the tournament (also held during the show): Benoit defeated Jeff Jarrett when Creative Control (a cleanly shaven and nicely suited Ron & Don Harris) and Dustin "I'm No Seven" interfered, allowing Benoit to use a slapnuts foam guitar on Jarrett for the win. In the other semifinal, Bret Hart defeated Sting due to "The Total Forehead Package" hitting Sting with the bat, causing him to tap out to Hart's "Sharpshooter." Evan Karagias (with homegirl Madusa) defeated Disco Inferno (with Tony Marinara) to win the WCW Cruiserweight Title and save $25,000 (it was the Cruiserweight Belt vs. Karagias' royalties from 3 Count). Karagias used a top rope crossbody block for the win. Scott Hall was awarded the WCW World Television Title after his match against Rick Steiner was cancelled due to Steiner's injury, two weeks later the title would be thrown in the garbage. Oh, how I sometimes really miss WCW!

11/21/2000 In a sad day for wrestling, during the opening match of Smackdown, Chyna stooge and "The One" Billy Gunn defeated "Latino Heat" Eddie Guerrero in Sunrise, FL to win the WWE Intercontinental Title. Eddie used his frog splash for a two count, but Billy was too powerful with his serious non-ass attitude. "The One" hit two fameassers and "The One And Only" sleeper slam for the victory, the title and to prove time and time again, Billy Gunn has "got it all."

Look at all I've got
Like to make a blind man see
Everything you wish you had
But God gave it all to me
On occasion, my reflection
Puts even me in awe
'Cos I got it all

Ooohhoww! I've got it all
I got it all
I've got it all

It's a better thing for me
To observe a better man
But with all your limitations
I think you're doing all you can
So give in, to your emotions
And let your envy fall
'Cos I got it all
I got it all
I got it aaaalll
I got it all

Every time, I hear my name, it sounds like a symphony
I'm a fine glass of wine
Gettin' better with age
May come in better taassste

Look at all I've go-o-ot
Like to make a blind man see
Everything you wish you had
But God gave it all to me
On occasion, my reflection
Puts even me in awe
'Cos I got it all
I got it allll!
Yeah! Yeah!
I got it all

I got it a-a-all

11/22/1991 Ultimo Dragon defeated El Samurai in Tokyo, Japan to win the IWGP Junior Heavyweight Title. Whatever happened to this Dragon of ultimate proportions, you ask? Beats me.

11/22/1992 Scott "Flash" Norton & Tony Halme defeated Rick & Scott Steiner in Tokyo, Japan to win the IWGP (International Wrestling Grand Prix) International Tag Team Title.

11/22/1998 La Raza! Billy Kidman defeated the newest member of the Latino World Order Juventud Guerrera at the Palace of Alburn Hills in suburban Detroit, MI during three ring "World War 3" PPV to win the WCW Cruiserweight Championship for the second time. All three rings were used in this match (they started fighting in one, and would move into another and do spots from one ring to another). The finish of the contest saw Rey Misterio Jr. (who was anti-lWo) hold Kidman's jean shorts while Juvi attempted a hurracanrana off the top rope. Kidman hit the five star frog splash for the victory.

And now, lets take a look back at the traditional WCW November tradition, the World War Three match, 3 rings, 60 guys (20 guys start in each ring, the three rings come together after 50 men have been eliminated), and for the most part utter confusion and no fun.

1995: Randy Savage won at 29:40 to win the vacant WCW World Title. Also in the match were: Scott Armstrong, Steve Armstrong, Arn Anderson, Johnny B. Badd, Marcus Bagwell, Chris Benoit, Big Train Bart, Bunkhouse Buck, Cobra, The Disco Inferno, Jim Duggan, Bobby Eaton, Ric Flair, The Giant, Eddie Guerrero, Hulk Hogan, Mr. JL, Chris Kanyon, Brian Knobbs, Kurasawa, Lex Luger, Joey Maggs, Meng, Hugh Morrus, Max Muscle, Scott Norton, One Man Gang, Paul Orndorff, Diamond Dallas Page, Buddy Lee Parker, Brian Pillman, Craig Pittman, Stevie Ray, Steven Regal, Scotty Riggs, Road Warrior Hawk, Big Bubba Rogers, Jerry Sags, Ricky Santana, Kensuke Sasaki, Shark, Fidel Sierra, Dick Slater, Mark Starr, Sting, Dave Sullivan, Kevin Sullivan, Super Assassins #1 & #2, Booker T, David Taylor, Bobby Walker, VK Wallstreet, Pez Whatley, Mike Winner, Alex Wright, James Earl Wright, The Yeti, and Zodiac.

1996: The Giant won in 28:21 to earn a "title shot." Also in the match were: Arn Anderson, Marcus Bagwell, Barbarian, Chris Benoit, Big Bubba, Jack Boot, Bunkhouse Buck, Ciclope, Disco Inferno, Jim Duggan, Bobby Eaton, Mike Enos, Galaxy, Joe Gomez, Jimmy Graffiti, Johnny Grunge, Juventud Guerrera, Eddie Guerrero, Scott Hall, Prince Iaukea, Ice Train, Mr. JL, Jeff Jarrett, Chris Jericho, Kenny Kaos, Konnan, Lex Luger, Dean Malenko, Steve McMichael, Meng, Rey Misterio Jr, Hugh Morrus, Kevin Nash, Scott Norton, Pierre Oulette, Diamond Dallas Page, La Parka, Craig Pittman, Jim Powers, Ricky Rage, Stevie Ray, Steven Regal, Renegade, Scotty Riggs, Roadblock, Jacques Rougeau, Tony Rumble, Mark Starr, Rick Steiner, Ron Studd, Kevin Sullivan, Syxx, Booker T, David Taylor, Ultimate Dragon, Villano IV, M Wallstreet, Pez Whatley, and Alex Wright.

1997: Scott Hall won at 29:48 to win a "title shot." Also in the match were: Chris Adams, Brad Armstrong, Marcus Bagwell, The Barbarian, Chris Benoit, Bobby Blaze, Ciclope, Damien, El Dandy, Barry Darsow, Disco Inferno, Jim Duggan, David Findlay, Hector Garza, The Giant, Glacier, Juventud Guerrera, Chavo Guerrero Jr., Eddie Guerrero, Harlem Heat, Curt Hennig, Prince Iaukea, Chris Jericho, Lizmark Jr., Lex Luger, Dean Malenko, Steve McMichael, Meng, Ernest Miller, Rey Misterio Jr., Hugh Morrus, Mortis, Yuji Nagata, John Nord, Diamond Dallas Page, La Parka, The Public Enemy, Steve Regal, The Renegade, Randy Savage, Silver King, Norman Smiley, Louie Spicolli, Rick & Scott Steiner, Super Calo, David Taylor, Ray Traylor, Ultimo Dragon, Greg Valentine, Villanos IV & V, Vincent, Kendall Windham, Wrath, and Alex Wright.

1998: Kevin Nash won at 22:33 to win a "title shot at Starrcade." Also in the match were: Chris Adams, Chris Benoit, Bobby Blaze, Ciclope, Damien, El Dandy, Barry Darsow, Disciple, Disco Inferno, Bobby Eaton, Mike Enos, Scott Hall, Hector Garza, The Giant, Glacier, Juventud Guerrera, Chavo Guerrero Jr., Eddie Guerrero, Hammer, Kenny Kaos, Kaz Hayashi, Horace Hogan, Barry Horowitz, Prince Iaukea, Chris Jericho, Kanyon, Billy Kidman, Konnan, Lenny Lane, Lex Luger, Lizmark Jr., Lodi, Dean Malenko, Steve McMichael, Ernest Miller, Chip Minton, Rey Misterio Jr., Scott Norton, La Parka, Buddy Lee Parker, Psicosis, Scott Putski, Stevie Ray, Renegade, Scotty Riggs, Perry Saturn, Silver King, Norman Smiley, Scott Steiner, Super Calo, Johnny Swinger, Booker T, Tokyo Magnum, Villano V, Vincent, Kendall Windham, Wrath, and Alex Wright.

11/22/1999 The team known as Creative Control (Ron & "Heavy D" Don Harris with lack of facial hair, wearing sunglasses and suits) defeated Billy Kidman & Konan in Auburn Hills, MI to win the WCW World Tag Team Titles. The KidCam (on the TurnerTron) showed Torrie Wilson in pearl, as Billy ran to see what happened, Konnan was left all alone to experience the wrath of both Harris Brothers and their devastating "H-Bomb." Creative Control hit a spinning back suplex for the win and the titles. Other mactes saw: Perry Saturn defeated World Cruiserweight Champion Evan Karagias with the rings of Saturn in a non-title match (which saw the debut of Buzzkill). Vampiro defeated The Wall by Disqualification due to a Berlyn chairshot. World Heavyweight Champion Bret Hart defeated Jeff Jarrett thanks to the assistance of Dustin Rhodes. In a battle of Filthy Animals Eddie Guerrero pinned Billy Kidman. Meng and Lex Luger fought to a No Contest. Lash Leroux pinned Disco Inferno. Spice defeated Tygress. Buff Bagwell pinned Booker T. Asya defeated Madusa. Dean Malenko defeated Chris Benoit in a flag match. Meng and Miss. Elizabeth went to a no-contest. Meng defeated Sting. The Outsiders defeated Goldberg and "dream mystery partner" Sid Vicious. For more whackyness from this fine episode of Nitro, click
here. Many old and new faces appeared on this very special episode of Nitro, however there can only be one DDT Digest WCW Memorial Picture Of The Week. Enjoy some fine symphony from the Maestro and The Mamalukes!

11/23/1981 Pedro Morales defeated the Magnificent Muraco in NYC to win the WWE Intercontinental Title for the second time.

11/23/1994 In a submission rules match where only your corner man (or second) could throw in the towel to stop the match, Mr. Bob Backlund defeated Bret Hart in 35:14 to win his third WWE World Heavyweight Title at the main event of Survivor Series 1994 in San Antonio, TX. The match saw Bret's mother Helen throw in the towel on instance by Bret's brother (and oddly enough Backlund's corner man who refused to "throw the towel in" when Backlund requested) "The King Of Harts" Owen Hart, while Backlund had his cross face chicken wing submission on Bret. The Bulldog (Bret's original second) was knocked out chasing after Owen after he interfered when Bret had the Sharpshooter in the center of the ring. Other traditional Survivor Series matches saw: The British Bulldog, Razor Ramon, The 1-2-3 Kid, Fatu & Sionne (Barbarian as a Samoan) defeated Shawn Michaels, Diesel, Owen Hart, Jim Neidhart & Jeff Jarrett, with the sole survivor being "the bad guy" Razor Ramon. In a midgetmania Traditional Survivor Series match, Jerry Lawler, Cheezy, Sleezy & Queezy defeated Doink, Dink, Wink & Pink. Tatanka, Bam Bam Bigelow, King Kong Bundy, Tom Prichard & Jimmy Del Ray defeat Lex Luger, Adam Bomb, Mabel, Billy & Bart Gunn in 23:18 with Bigelow & Bundy being the sole survivors. Finally, in your main event casket match with special trouble-shooting referee Walker Texas Ranger, Chuck Norris, The Undertaker defeated Yokozuna after a big boot (the size of Texas).

11/24/1983 In a match featured on the WWE's Three DVD-The Ultimate Ric Flair Collection, at the inaugural Starrcade show in a match held inside a steel cage, "Nature Boy" Ric Flair defeated Harley Race in Greensboro, NC to win the NWA Heavyweight Title for the second time. NWA great Gene Kiniski was the special guest referee. Ricky Steamboat & Jay Youngblood defeated Jack & Jerry Brisco to win the NWA Tag Team Title for the third time.

11/24/1997 Oh you didn't know? The New Age Outlaws of Billy Gunn & Road Dogg Jesse James (with their "South Park" airbrushed t-shirts and bad attitudes) cheated to defeat The Road Warriors in Fayetteville, NC to win the WWE World Tag Team Titles for the first of five occasions. To mock the warriors they stole their sacred spiked shoulder pads and dummy Rocco. A month later, they took a shaver to the head of Hawk, which realistically wasn't that disrespectful, as Hawk didn't have much hair to begin with. Also on this very special night of action Jim "The Anvil" Neidhart joined Degeneration X in the beginning of "Raw Is War" by the end of the "War Zone" Jim "The Anvil" Neidhart was jumped Degeneration X and led to pasture.

*** *** ***

Dr. Keith Lipinski is one tired regular contributor to If you have any questions, corrections, feedback, comments and ideas, he can be reached at:

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Bruce Mitchell (since 1990)
Pat McNeill (since 2001)
Greg Parks (since 2007)
Sean Radican (since 2003)

We also have a great team of
TV Reporters
and Specialists and Artists.


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