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2/13 TNA Against All Odds PPV: Caldwell's "Alternative Perspective" Review

Feb 13, 2005 - 11:10:00 PM

James Caldwell, Torch Team Contributor

TNA "Against All Odds" Alternative Perspective PPV Review
February 13, 2005
By: James Caldwell, Torch Team Contributor

Countdown Show

- Jeremy Borash and Shane Douglas welcomed us to the Against All Odds Pre-game Show, and then sent it back to Scott Hudson, who ran down the two top matches: Jarrett vs. Nash and Styles vs. Daniels. Borash and Daniels broke down the entire line up including a change in the Monty Brown & DDP vs. Bobby Roode & ??? tag match, with Eric Young of Team Canada replacing Scott Hall. Borash called Nash vs. Jarrett the biggest Title match of recent memory.

- Don West, sporting a hideous blue dress shirt, was with Mike Tenay ringside to break down the entire PPV card.

(1) Phi Delta Slam (Bruno & Big Till) (w/Trinity) defeated Lex Lovett & Buck Quartermain. This was Trinity's new tag team in the competition with Traci to determine which co-secretary receives Dusty Rhodes' sole secretary position. PDS worked over Quartermain and Lovett with double team maneuvers early on. Lovett dropped Bill with a nice Blockbuster before making the hot tag to Quartermain. Trinity distracted Quartermain and Lovett allowing Bruno to slam Lovett in the middle of the ring. Big Till, a 325 pound man, connected with the ugliest Frogsplash (inappropriately titled the Tsunami) you'll ever see to score the victory for Team Trinity.

(2) Disciples of Destruction (Ron Harris & Don Harris) (w/Traci) defeated Jerrelle Clark & Mikey Batts. The former WWE tag team absolutely dominated the match, not letting up from bell to bell. The fans tried to rally behind Mikey Batts, but were just wasting their breath. The match came to a merciful end when DOD picked up Batts and dropped him with a double team lift up slam for the win.

- Chris Candido and the Naturals were in the back with Scott Hudson. Candido said he knows something about female managerial talent, but Traci and Trinity are just bimbos who don't know talent like the Naturals. Candido said he and The Naturals were going to take over the company and predicted Daniels would win the X Division Title and Jarrett would retain the NWA Title.

- We saw a video package highlighting DDP, Monty Brown, and Jeff Jarrett interacting with various athletes and celebrities at the NFL Super Bowl Roadshow this past weekend.

- We went backstage where A.J. Styles and Christopher Daniels were already going at it, having to be separated by security.

Live PPV Show Review

- We kicked off with a video package highlighting the major feuds and storylines set for the PPV. Mike Tenay with his bad facials and Don West with his bad dress shirt, welcomed us to the PPV, before sending it to the back.

- Shane Douglas was in the back next to Jeff Jarrett's locker room. Douglas hyped up he NWA Title Match pitting Jeff Jarrett vs. Kevin Nash. Douglas said Jarrett has friends, families, lawyers, and dignitaries next to Jarrett. A lawyer and Larry Zbyzsko left Jarrett's locker room. Larry said he was going to speak with Dusty Rhodes about some legal proceedings.

- We went to Scott Hudson, who was standing next to Kevin Nash's locker room. Hudson said Nash usually brings the party, but tonight, Nash is focused on the NWA Title.

(1) Prime Time defeated Petey Williams (w/Coach Scott D'Amore). The fans exchanged "Let's go Petey" and "Let's go Prime Time" chants early on before joining in unison with a "USA" chant. Prime Time locked up early with Petey, taking the early advantage by sending Petey to the floor ringside. Back in the ring, Prime Time slammed Petey off the top turnbuckle with an under hook butterfly suplex. Prime Time kicked Petey in the back then missed with a clothesline allowing Petey to throw Prime Time through the middle rope to the outside. D'Amore landed some punches on Prime Time allowing Petey to score a sweet huricanrana from the ring to the outside, sending Prime Time crashing into the guardrail. Back in the ring, Petey delivered a back body drop after kicking Prime Time in the crotch. Prime Time fought back with hard right hands, but walked into an atomic drop and clothesline combination. Petey climbed up top, but took too long. Prime Time jumped up top and threw Petey off the top turnbuckle with another double under hook butterfly suplex. Prime Time clotheslined Petey then flung him across the top rope. Prime Time leaped off the top turnbuckle with a guillotine leg drop, flipping Petey off the top rope to the mat. Petey countered a suplex attempt with a Russian Legsweep. Prime Time crotched Petey and went for a top rope huricanrana, but D'Amore hooked Petey, sending Prime Time falling to the mat. Petey went for the Canadian Destroyer, but Prime Time reversed it and went for the Play of the Day, but Petey blocked it and tried a roll up. Prime Time and Petey exchanged sloppy near falls until Prime Time turned another Canadian Destroyer attempt into his new finisher, an overhead pancake slam, sending Petey's head crashing into the mat. Tenay said Prime Time calls it "Sudden Death." Prime Time made the pin as D'Amore tried to run into the ring.

Match View: The ending was pretty sloppy and detracted from what could have been a solid opening match X Division showcase. Prime Time is definitely being pushed as the next X Division superstar, and will most likely be involved in Ultimate X at the March PPV.

- We saw a video clip highlighting the blunderbuss debut of Jeff Hammond as an active member of the TNA roster.

(2) BG James & Jeff Hammond (w/Ron Killings & Konan) defeated Michael Shane & Kazarian. BG James cut an even lamer NASCAR-related promo than he delivered Friday on Impact. BG James began the match as Jeff Hammond watched from the apron. Tenay said Jeff Hammond has earned the respect of the wrestlers and NASCAR drivers. Riiiiiiight. Kazarian and Shane exchanged tags for the first two minutes before calling out Hammond to the ring. Hammond shoved Shane then scored an arm twist. BG James tagged in and worked on Shane's arm some more. Hammond tagged in and delivered a top rope double axe handle blow to the arm. BG James tagged in and was double-teamed in the heels' corner. BG ducked a double clothesline before dropping Shane and Kazarian with dual clotheslines. BG dropped a knee across Shane's chest, and then made a cover for a two count. Shane dropkicked BG after BG was distracted by Kazarian's heel tactics. BG was thrown to the outside. Kazarian flew over the top rope and landed a sweet over-the-top rope clothesline, drawing a "Frankie" chant from the appreciative fans. Kazarian taunted Hammond then delivered a double foot stomp to the chest of BG James. BG ducked a double clothesline and tagged in Hammond, who received a chorus of boos from the crowd. Hammond speared both heels in a neutral corner before being knocked to the floor from behind by Shane. Kazarian held Hammond for some sweet chin music from Shane, but Hammond ducked and Shane laid out Kazarian. BG James pulled Shane to the outside allowing Hammond to rev up his engine and deliver the "Pit Stop" elbow drop on Kazarian. Hammond made the cover for the win.

Match View: Aside from the ridiculous finishing maneuver from Hammond, he did well in the ring. He wasn't horrible as he was on Friday and didn't do too much to make himself look as green as he really is. Good in and out tag teamwork from both sides, but Kazarian having to job to Hammond is simply ridiculous. Kazarian & Shane had better receive a major push for having to sell and job to Hammond.

- TNA Director of Authority, Dusty Rhodes, was backstage with Traci and Trinity, going over paperwork submitted by Jeff Jarrett, who was trying to have the "use the guitar and lose the NWA Title" stipulation erased. Jarrett's lawyer entered the scene and tried to force Dusty to sign an affidavit erasing the stipulation, citing the obviously ridiculous reasoning that Jarrett has never used a guitar for a victory. Dusty was having none of it and sent Jarrett's minion on his way.

(3) Raven defeated Dustin Rhodes. The video package recapping this feud failed to show Raven's famous "Imagine your scrotum in a vice" line, much to my sheer disappointment. The match began with Raven spitting in Rhodes' face. Rhodes took exception and landed a series of blows to Raven's mouth. Rhodes took Raven to the outside and sent him head first into the guardrail. Rhodes delivered a chop to the chest, and then took Raven back into the ring where he shoved a boot to Raven's throat. Raven countered Rhodes' foot attack and dropped him with a leg twist. The fans chanted, "Break his fingers." Nice. Raven worked on Rhodes' left leg, grinding the knee into the mat with hard elbows. Raven dropped Rhodes with a chop block, dropping Rhodes to the mat. Raven continued to twist the left leg, continuing his methodical attack in an effort to set up an ankle lock. Raven took Rhodes down with a drop toehold, and then set in a weak ankle lock submission hold. Rhodes didn't sell the hold as Raven continued to hold onto the ankle lock. That must make Kurt Angle feel good. Rhodes hopped up to foot and kicked Raven in the mouth, breaking the hold. Rhodes dropped Raven with two clotheslines then delivered an atomic drop. Rhodes mounted Raven in the corner and delivered a series of right hands. The crowd didn't seem to be very supportive of Rhodes. Rhodes went for a bulldog, but Raven shoved away and ran into a clothesline. Rhodes went up top, taking too much time on one leg. Raven recovered and kicked Rhodes in the gut, crotching Rhodes across the top turnbuckle. Raven climbed up top and was punched down to the mat. Rhodes tried a top rope elbow drop, but Raven put a foot up in time to block the move. Raven missed the Raven's Effect and walked into a side kick that barely connected. Rhodes made a cover, but scored a two count only. Raven punched Rhodes in the gut, and then locked in the Ankle Lock for a second time. Rhodes slipped out and flung Raven threw the ropes to the outside. Raven ran into the ring and drove a shoulder to Rhodes' gut. Raven locked in another Ankle Lock, but Rhodes countered with an Ankle Lock of his own. Raven countered with a quick roll up and used the ropes for leverage to secure the three count.

- After the match, Raven attacked Rhodes with right hands then super kicked Rhodes to the floor. Raven went under the ring and pulled out a garbage can. Raven tossed the can into the ring and then pulled out a straight jacket. Raven put Rhodes in the straight jacket then threw him back into the ring. Raven smashed the garbage can over Rhodes' head. The fans chanted "One more time." Raven tied Rhodes to the corner turnbuckle as the fans cheered. Raven picked up a strap, but Cassidy Reilly ran to the ring and tried to make the save. Raven dropped Reilly with a DDT then whipped Rhodes across the back. TNA security ran into the ring and tried to stop Raven. Raven whipped several security members, who promptly no-sold the beating. Raven left the ring and taunted Tenay & West ringside.

Match View:The match itself was pitiful with Rhodes unable to sell even the slightest offense from Raven. This was some real lumbering action, making viewing very cumbersome. The post-match ending fit nicely with Raven's character because he doesn't care about wins or losses, but rather inflicting pain on opponents.

- Another video package for the next superstar in TNA, "Trytan" aired, reminding us of how lame TNA can be. Don West said Trytan will debut on Impact this coming week. West also said the problem is that, "HE'S A MYSTERY AND WE DON'T KNOW ANYTHING ABOUT HIM!" Thanks for the uminsight.

(4) America's Most Wanted (James Storm & Chris Harris) defeated Lance Hoyt & Kid Kash to retain the NWA Tag Titles. AMW took the early advantage by sending Dallas crotch first into Kid Kash, knocking the heels to the outside. Chris Harris flew over the top rope with a double splash on the heels, giving AMW the momentum. However, Hoyt fought back with a body slam on the outside, sending Storm's back crashing into the concrete floor. Hoyt delivered a sick sit down power bomb and had the pin on Storm, but Harris broke up the pin attempt. Kash tagged in and set up for a frog splash, but Storm got his knees up in time to block the move. Both men connected with simultaneous cross body blocks. Storm tagged in Harris while Kash tagged in Hoyt. Harris clotheslined Hoyt to the mat, and then took Kash to the mat with a clothesline. Harris picked up the big 6'9" Hoyt and dropped him with a high vertical suplex. Kash sent Harris to the outside with a huricanrana. Storm climbed up top for a high-risk move, but Hoyt caught Storm up top. Hoyt sent Storm crashing to the mat with a sidewalk slam, and then made the cover for a two count. Storm recovered and dropped Hoyt to the mat with a top rope huricanrana. Harris delivered an elbow drop and had the three count, but Hoyt broke up the pin. All four men became involved in the ring with Kash dropping Storm with a shot to the face using a Tag Title belt. Storm kicked out of a pin attempt by Kash. Harris brought cuffs into the ring and cuffed Kash to the turnbuckle. Harris and Storm set up Hoyt for he Death Sentence, but Storm struggled to pick up Hoyt. On a second attempt, Storm held Hoyt across his knee as Harris flew off the top rope with a leg drop. Harris made the cover for the win to retain the Tag Titles.

Match View: Surprisingly good tag team action. AMW always finds a way to deliver in the ring, no matter who the opponent is. Great job of making it appear that Hoyt & Kash had a legitimate shot to win the match. Also, nice continuing selling by James Storm, who favored his back throughout the match after Hoyt's body slam early on.

- We went backstage where a stretch limo pulled up in the garage area. Shane Douglas approached the security members guarding the limo, trying to find out who was inside. Security wouldn't budge and Douglas declared he would find out who is in the limo.

(5) Abyss defeated Jeff Hardy in a Full Metal Mayhem Match. Prior to the match, TNA security set up the tables, ladders, chairs, chains, and envelopes around the ring. Two envelopes were shown above the ring, with one containing a contract for an NWA Title shot, while the other one completely empty. Early on, Hardy set up a nice chair spot where he flew off the seat of a chair over the top rope and onto Abyss, sending both men crashing to the floor. Hardy sent Abyss into the ringsteps as the fans chanted "TNA." Hardy waited for Abyss to climb back into the ring then delivered a sick chair shot to the head. Hardy went for a leg whip in the corner, but ran right into a chair shot to the head from Abyss. Abyss went to the outside and grabbed a ladder. Hardy climbed out to the outside and was sent head first into the guardrail. Abyss positioned two tables side-by-side then grabbed a third table and placed it on top of the other two tables. Abyss sent Hardy head first into the ring steps, and then went for a fourth table. Abyss placed the fourth table next to the third table, creating a double stack of tables. Abyss and Hardy found themselves back in the ring. Abyss set up Hardy for a power bomb, but Hardy fought out and landed on his feet. Hardy went for a back flip leg whip onto Abyss, but only connected with a glancing blow. A ladder was in the ring, which Abyss and Hardy played tug of war over. Hardy shoved the ladder into Abyss gut and connected with a Van Daminator, sending a chair into Abyss' face. Hardy set up two ladders in the middle of the ring. Hardy leapt off the top rope and slingshot one ladder onto the other, sending the second ladder into Abyss' face. Hardy charged Abyss for a clothesline over the top rope, but Abyss flipped him over the top rope and through a single table on the opposite side of the quadruple stack of tables. The camera caught various "TNA" chants from the fans ringside.

Hardy struggled to his feet as Abyss climbed outside to land a few punches on Hardy. Hardy picked up a chair and followed Abyss to the opposite end of the ringside area, and cracked it across Abyss' back. Abyss fought back with punches to the head. Abyss grabbed a fifth table and set it up on the Impact Zone ring entrance tunnel. Hardy regained his footing and dropped Abyss with the Twist of Fate on the entrance ramp. Hardy dropped Abyss face first into the edge of the table with another Twist of Fate. Hardy climbed up to the very top of the entrance set, about twenty feet up in the air. Hardy flew off the top of the entrance set with a somersault splash, going crashing through Abyss and the table! Oh my goodness!!! Hardy stumbled down the ring entrance to the ringside area where he grabbed a ladder. Hardy dragged the ladder to the ring and sent it into the ring. Hardy set up the ladder in the middle of the ring as Abyss dragged his body down the entrance ramp to the ring. Hardy climbed up the ladder in an attempt to grab one of the envelopes. Hardy grabbed an envelope, but found the empty envelope. Hardy punched Abyss, who re-entered the ring, then climbed back up the ladder, going for the other envelope. Abyss climbed up the ladder and pulled Hardy back to the mat. Abyss grabbed Hardy and threw him over the top rope and through three of the four tables stacked up outside of the ring. Hardy held his knee in frustration, and then kicked the tables. Abyss climbed up the ladder and grabbed the second envelope to receive an NWA Title shot. Hardy kicked the tables ringside, either in frustration for missing the spot, or because he was selling the fact that he grabbed the wrong envelope. Abyss clutched his envelope as Hardy left.

Match View: Great high spot with Hardy flying off the top of the Impact Zone set onto Abyss. That's one of those memorable moments TNA can use to promote the "I can't believe what I just saw" aspect of their PPV's. The ending was somewhat confusing. Hardy immediately popped up after going through the quadruple stack of tables as if he was upset he blew the spot. Maybe it was storyline frustration from grabbing the wrong envelope, but you would have expected him to be laid out amongst the tables while Abyss grabbed the other envelope. Instead, Hardy appeared to be frustrated with himself. Curious ending.

(6) Monty Brown & Diamond Dallas Page defeated Bobby Roode & Eric Young (w/Coach Scott D'Amore & Johnny Devine). Mike Tenay said Scott Hall had a contract buy-out, with Scott D'Amore buying out Hall's contract for the match to allow Eric Young to take Hall's spot. Yeah, and Kevin Nash is an X Division Wrestler. Brown began the match with Young, working on his right arm. Brown flung Young around the ring, holding onto his arm, and then made a tag to DDP, who received a few boos and cheers mixed in. Young made a tag to a very reluctant and surprised Bobby Roode, who entered the ring to take a series of shoulder thrusts from DDP. DDP dropped Roode with a turnaround clothesline, and then tagged in Brown. Brown and DDP connected with a double team clothesline. Brown dropped Roode with an overhead suplex and made a cover for a two count. Brown tagged in DDP, who dropped Roode with a swinging neck breaker. Young distracted DDP allowing Roode to drop DDP with a power clothesline. Roode and Young worked over DDP in the Team Canada corner. DDP fought out of Team Canada's corner, but couldn't make a tag as Roode took DDP down with a drop toehold. DDP reversed an Irish Whip from Roode, and then dropped a head butt to Roode's crotch "on accident." Brown received the hot tag and back body dropped Roode to the mat. Brown dropped Young with an overhead suplex. Roode came into the ring and hit Brown with a Canadian flag as D'Amore distracted the ref. Roode, Young, and Devine stomped on Brown with the referee distracted. Young made an official tag and worked over Brown. Brown shoved Young aside and tagged in DDP. DDP went to work on both members of Team Canada. All four men became involved in the ring. DDP dropped Young with a jawbreaker as Brown stomped on Roode in the corner. DDP and Brown delivered a "dosey-doe" "ho-down" style double clothesline on Team Canada. D'Amore was knocked off the apron while Young was clotheslined over the top rope. Roode took a Pounce from Brown, going flying into the corner turnbuckle, and subsequently to the floor. Young climbed up top, but was crotched across the top turnbuckle by DDP. DDP dropped Young with a top rope Diamond Cutter and made the cover for the win.

Match View: Much, much better performance and tag team work from Brown and DDP. They appeared more cohesive and fluid working together as compared to their first teaming two weeks ago on Impact. Neither one was in the ring for too long, utilizing hot tags and quick in and out team work. Very nice match that was hot throughout.

- We went backstage to Dusty Rhodes' pick up truck office where Trinity and Traci were sitting in the back of the truck. Jarrett's stooge lawyer entered the scene with Larry Zbyzsko. Trinity tried to moon the lawyer as he walked away, but Traci put her cowboy hat in front of Trinity's backside.

(7) A.J. Styles defeated Christopher Daniels to retain the X Division Title in a 30 Minute Iron Man Match. The match began with some textbook mat wrestling. Daniels held off from a drop kick and praised himself for being smart. Daniels slapped Styles, and then sent Styles to the ropes, only to receive a textbook drop kick. Daniels rolled to the outside and took a sweet huricanrana from Styles. Back in the ring, Styles and Daniels exchanged quick pin attempts going for the early first decision. Styles and Daniels exchanged arm drags into arm bar submissions, working over each other's respective arm. The fans exchanged "Let's go A.J." and "Fallen Angel" chants as the mat wrestling continued. Daniels delivered elbows to the face, but Styles fought back with another arm drag. Daniels rolled to the outside and took a baseball slide right in the face. Daniels rolled around on the floor and found his feet, only to receive an amazing springboard splash onto Daniels. Back in the ring, Styles went for a slingshot splash onto Daniels, but Daniels pulled the referee in the way, delaying Styles. Daniels capitalized by running into Styles, sending him off the apron and face first into the guardrail ringside. Daniels took Styles back into the ring and worked over Styles' ribs. Daniels continued his offensive assault on the ribs with shoulder thrusts and mini-spears. Daniels drove a knee into Styles' gut as he wrenched the neck. Daniels missed with a back body drop attempt off the ropes and took a hard clothesline. Styles delivered a spin kick to the head then scored his amazing back flip Reverse DDT. Styles made a cover for a two count only. Styles took Daniels up in the air with a suplex, but turned it into an over-head flip into an inverted neck breaker. Styles connected with a backdrop suplex as he continued to breathe heavily, selling the rib injury. Styles climbed up top, but Daniels met him with right hands. Daniels climbed up top for a superplex, but Styles shoved him off the top. Styles flew off the top and tried a 450 splash, but Daniels moved his knees up to catch Styles right in the ribs. Daniels hopped up and dropped Styles with the Angel's Wings, and then followed that with a pin for a three count, earning the first fall of the match.

Christopher Daniels 1, A.J. Styles 0

Daniels went for a quick pin to secure a second nearfall, but only scored a two count. Daniels continued to work on Styles' ribs as Styles fought back with right hands. Styles back body dropped Daniels onto his back then sent Daniels to the ropes. Daniels blocked a hip toss and locked in an abdominal stretch. Styles screamed in pain as his ribs were stretched in the submission hold. Styles fought out and delivered a hip toss. Styles got up selling his ribs then ran into a pancake slam across the top rope. Daniels told the crowd to watch the scoreboard then taunted Styles. Daniels delivered an elevated suplex, sending Styles rib-first across his knee. Styles slipped out of a back body drop and delivered an amazing springboard back elbow smash to Daniels' face. Styles kicked Daniels in the face then dropped Daniels with a Fireman's Carry back smash across his knee. Styles made a cover and scored a two count only. Styles leapt off the top rope with a flying forearm and made a cover only to score a two count. Daniels took a page out of the Styles playbook by scoring a Back Flip Reverse DDT, but scored a two count only on the pin attempt. Daniels dropped Styles with the Blue Thunder Driver, a spinning sit down power bomb, and made a cover for a two count only. Styles ducked a clothesline and knocked Daniels to the mat with an amazing soccer style kick to the face. Both men laid on the mat as the fans chanted "TNA." Styles delivered amazing rapid-fire forearm blows to the head then ran into a fireman's carry back drop. Daniels went for the Best Moonsault Ever, but Styles moved out of the way. After a series of amazing high spot reversals, Styles scored the Angel's Wings, taking a page out of Daniels' playbook. Styles made a cover, but scored a two 99/100ths. Both men fought back to their feet with Styles setting up for the Styles Clash. Daniels broke the hold and drove Styles to the corner. Styles rolled up Daniels out of nowhere and scored a three count to even the score.

Christopher Daniels 1, A.J. Styles 1

Daniels became the aggressor and shoved Styles through the ropes to the outside. Daniels followed outside and grabbed the X Division Title. Daniels taunted West with the belt, then shoved Styles head first into the ringpost. Daniels climbed back in the ring as the referee applied a ten count on Styles. Styles, who was busted open across the forehead, struggled to his feet. Daniels, impatient, went to the outside and grabbed Styles. Daniels sent Styles back into the ring with four minutes remaining in the match. Daniels grabbed Styles by the hair and threw him on the mat. Daniels made a cover, but Styles kicked out. Daniels pounded on Styles with hard right hands, as Styles looked completely dazed on the mat. Daniels delivered head butts to the face then taunted Styles. Daniels drove hard right hands to Styles' face with three minutes left in the match. Daniels continued to play to the crowd, and then dropped Styles with a hard clothesline. Daniels made a cover, but scored a two count only. Daniels delivered a series of head butts with two minutes remaining then dropped him with a clothesline. Daniels made a cover, but scored a two count only. Daniels went for the Angel's Wings, but Styles blocked it and fought to his feet. Styles delivered a series of hard forearms, but ran into an STO from Daniels. Daniels held the STO and locked in a submission hold, grapevining Styles' head in between his legs. The camera close up showed blood flowing from Styles' face as he fought to hold on for the next 30 seconds. The thirty minutes expired as Daniels held the hold in.

Daniels ran to the ringside table to grab a mic and demand sudden death over time. Dusty Rhodes came to the ring and agreed to have sudden death. The match re-started with Daniels going right at Styles with more forearms to the blood soaked face of Styles. Daniels perched Styles up top and went for a top rope huricanrana, but Styles threw Daniels off the top rope to the floor. Styles waited for Daniels to get up then connected with an amazing huricanrana. Styles and Daniels exchanged a series of roll up pin attempts, and then Styles caught Daniels upside down. Styles mustered enough strength and dropped Daniels with the Styles Clash. Styles rolled Daniels over and made the cover for the three count, retaining the X Division Title.

A.J. Styles 2, Christopher Daniels 1 in a Match of the Year Contender

Match View: Phenomenal match. Very crisp and fluid with Christopher Daniels playing his heel persona wonderfully. Styles really showed great determination fighting through the rib injury, which was a very nice touch on the match. Great ending with Styles selling the exhaustion, injury, and blood to deliver the Styles Clash.

- Backstage, Jeff Jarrett confronted his lawyer and Larry Z. The lawyer indicated he couldn't get the guitar stipulation removed. Jarrett said he would get it done by any means necessary.

(8) Jeff Jarrett defeated Kevin Nash to retain the NWA Title Mike Tenay indicated that Jarrett is not a "company Champion, but an NWA Champion." A little shot at Triple H, there Mikey? Nash received an enormous babyface pop to counter Jarrett's enormous heel pop. During Jeremy Borash's introduction, the camera focused in on Nash's intense look on his face. Jarrett's introduction saw a chorus of boos and "Jarrett Sucks" chants from the fans ringside. Nash and Jarrett exchanged offense early on with Nash missing a series of clotheslines, finally dropping Jarrett with a back elbow. Nash drove a series of knees into the gut of Jarrett. Nash drove a patented big boot to the throat of Jarrett. Jarrett went right for Nash's bad knees, wrapping Jarrett's knee around the bottom turnbuckle. Nash fought out with a hard clothesline in the opposite corner. Nash clotheslined Jarrett over the top rope to the outside. Nash followed up on the outside with hard right hands to the face. Nash dropped Jarrett face first across the announcer's table. Nash delivered an elbow to the top of the head then sent Jarrett back into the ring. Nash took too much time getting back in the ring and stomped on the knee. Jarrett punched Nash in the head, knocking Big Sexy on his back. The fans ringside chanted, "Drop the Title." Nash and Jarrett took the match to the outside. They brawled through the stands to the backstage area. Nash sent Jarrett into the catering table, spilling Don West's dinner everywhere. Nash picked up a chair and drove it into the throat of Jarrett. Nash pounded on Jarrett with hard left hands. The brawl continued through a mass of standing room only fans on the way back into the Impact Zone ringside seats. Nash delivered even more right hands to Jarrett's blood-soaked face. Nash flipped Jarrett over the guardrail and to the ringside floor. Nash set up Jarrett for a power bomb onto the concrete floor, but Jarrett countered with a hard low blow. Jarrett went under the ring and grabbed a guitar case. Jarrett opened up the case to reveal a cello. Jarrett tried to use it, but the handle fell off. Jarrett recovered from the blown spot and chucked the cello into Nash's knee. Jarrett wrapped Nash's knees around the ringpost then drove the guitar case into Nash's knees. Jarrett smashed Nash's left knee into the case then sat down on Nash's knee using the ropes as leverage. Jarrett locked in the figure four-leg lock right in the middle of the ring. Nash huffed and puffed through the pain as he went for a rope break. Jarrett pulled the hold back to the center of the ring as Nash stretched and inched towards the ropes. Nash finally reached the ropes and Jarrett broke the hold. Jarrett dragged Nash back to the center of the ring and drove a series of elbows to the bad knee. Nash fought back with right knee shots to the head of Jarrett. Nash and Jarrett reached their feet and Nash dropped Jarrett with a sidewalk slam. Nash snake eyed Jarrett across the top turnbuckle. Nash went for another snake eyes, but Jarrett slipped out and dropped Nash with a chop block to the back of Nash's bad knee. Jarrett picked up the cello from outside the ring, but walked into a low blow back in the ring. Nash picked up the cello, but dropped it at the referee's urging. Nash decided to go for a Powerbomb, but Jarrett's foot kicked the referee on the way up. Nash powerbombed Jarrett into the cello and had the noticeable three count, but the referee was down and out. Billy Gunn ran in from out of nowhere and laid out Nash with a chair shot. Sean Waltman ran in to an enormous babyface pop and laid out Jarrett with a Bronco Buster and face plant. Billy Gunn ran back in and laid out Nash with a belt shot. BG James ran in and grabbed the NWA Title from Gunn. A little New Age Outlaws battle with Mike Tenay recognizing the former DX mates. Nash proceeded to kick out of the Stroke and another NWA Title shot from Jarrett. The finish came with Jarrett shoving the referee out of the way, then low blowing Nash. Jarrett delivered another Strike, and made the three count for the win. Billy Gunn celebrated with a bloodied, battered, and bruised Jarrett.

Match View: Kevin Nash looked to be in great shape for this match, showing that he really did take his match and opportunity seriously. The ending was exciting, eye-popping, and breath taking, but it served as an undermining force to Dusty Rhodes. The bit with the cello was a nice touch, but in some ways very lame. Great near fall finish, but the outside interference really hurt the credibility of another Jeff Jarrett NWA Title defense. As you can see, I liked the match for its excitement, but didn't like the match for its outside interference-laden ending.

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PWTorch editor Wade Keller has covered pro wrestling full time since 1987 starting with the Pro Wrestling Torch print newsletter. launched in 1999 and the PWTorch Apps launched in 2008.

He has conducted "Torch Talk" insider interviews with Hulk Hogan, The Rock, Steve Austin, Kevin Nash, Scott Hall, Eric Bischoff, Jesse Ventura, Lou Thesz, Jerry Lawler, Mick Foley, Jim Ross, Paul Heyman, Bruno Sammartino, Goldberg, more.

He has interviewed big-name players in person incluiding Vince McMahon (at WWE Headquarters), Dana White (in Las Vegas), Eric Bischoff (at the first Nitro at Mall of America), Brock Lesnar (after his first UFC win).

He hosted the weekly Pro Wrestling Focus radio show on KFAN in the early 1990s and hosted the Ultimate Insiders DVD series distributed in retail stories internationally in the mid-2000s including interviews filmed in Los Angeles with Vince Russo & Ed Ferrara and Matt & Jeff Hardy. He currently hosts the most listened to pro wrestling audio show in the world, (the PWTorch Livecast, top ranked in iTunes)


Wade Keller, editor

James Caldwell, assistant editor

Bruce Mitchell (since 1990)
Pat McNeill (since 2001)
Greg Parks (since 2007)
Sean Radican (since 2003)

We also have a great team of
TV Reporters
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