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3/13 TNA Destination X Review: Caldwell's Alt. Perspective Report

Mar 13, 2005 - 11:58:00 PM

James Caldwell, Torch Team Contributor

TNA "Destination X" Alternative Perspective PPV Review
March 13, 2005
From Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida
By: James Caldwell, Pro Wrestling Torch Team Contributor

Countdown Show

- Jeremy Borash and Shane Douglas welcomed us to the Impact Zone where the fans were packed inside Universal Studios for Destination X. JB, whose face was beet red, and Shane ran down the entire PPV line up.

- Don West, sporting a hideous silver dress shirt, was with Mike Tenay ringside to break down the entire PPV card. West just has no sense of fashion. It's quite sad.

(1) Chris Candido & Andy Douglas defeated Buck Quartermain & Lex Lovett. Candido took double atomic drops from the character-less Impact jobbers before rolling to the outside to recover. Buck & Lex scored simultaneous snap suplexes then went to work on Andy Douglas with a dual hip toss. Candido reversed an Irish whip to the corner by whipping Buck to the corner. Candido ran in with a corner splash, but went crotch first into the middle turnbuckle when Buck moved out of the way. Buck and Lex exchanged quick in and out tags to work over Candido before Douglas took a hot tag and opened up on Buck with a chop to the chest. Douglas choked Buck in the corner before tagging in Candido. Candido and Douglas hooked up for a dual pancake slam. Candido slammed Buck in the center of the ring then went up top and connected with a top rope leg drop. Candido made a cover, but scored a two count only. Candido dropped an elbow to the face as Tenay continued to say Buck is "that close to putting it all together." If by "that close," he means adding layers of character to Buck's character, then he's correct. Candido went for a high-elevated suplex, but Buck slipped out and tagged Lex in. The action broke down with all four wrestlers mixing it up in the ring. Candido connected with a top rope diving head butt on Buck ala Chris Benoit and covered him for the three count. Candido's group continues to impress.

- We saw a promo for Trytan with video shots highlighting the feud between Trytan and Monty Brown dispersed throughout.

(2) Kid Kash & Lance Hoyt defeated Jerrelle Clark & Cassidy Riley. The fans ringside greeted Lance Hoyt with a boisterous "Hoyt, Hoyt, Hoyt" chant before the match began. Kash and Riley started things off with a front face lock. Riley tripped Kash and went for a quick cover. Kash reciprocated the exchange and the two stared off to a mild applause from the crowd. All four men became involved in the ring with Hoyt and Kash ending up on the outside. Batts and Riley hit consecutive high spots from the ring to the outside. Clark picked up a chair and handed it to Kash. Clark tried to follow up with a Van Daminator, but Kash ducked and proceeded to deck Clark with a sick chair shot to the head. Back in the ring, Hoyt missed a clothesline on Clark, but didn't miss with a second clothesline that nearly took Clark's head off. Hoyt, showing some fire, pumped his fist in the air as the TNA fans popped like crazy. Hoyt tagged out and soaked in the loud crowd response. Hoyt tagged back in after Kash worked over Clark and delivered an adrenaline-inspired reverse overhead suplex than flipped Clark onto his stomach. Hoyt covered Clark and scored a two count. The fans continued to chant "Hoyt, Hoyt, Hoyt." Kash tagged in and chopped Clark across the chest to which Clark responded with a chop of his own. Clark scored a side kick to the head then a powerslam out of the corner. Clark went up top for a 630 splash, but Hoyt crotched Clark on the top turnbuckle from the apron. Kash poked Clark in the eyes then went up top for a superplex. Clark fought Kash off but couldn't block an amazing top rope overhead suplex. Hoyt tagged in and stomped on Clark's head. Hoyt lifted up Clark and dropped him with an overhead press slam. Hoyt dropped a leg across the back of Clark's head and scored a two count. Kash tagged back in as Riley tried to rally the fans from the apron. Kash and Clark connected with simultaneous clotheslines and laid on the mat as the boisterous crowd responded with a rhythmic clap. Riley took a hot tag and missed with a clothesline on Kash. All four wrestlers became involved in the match with the action breaking down. Kash and Dallas speared Clark at the same time, sending him to the outside. Hoyt caught Clark in mid-air and turned a sidewalk slam into a powerful chokeslam that put the Impact Zone into a frenzy. Kash connected with his double underhook piledriver, the Moneymaker, on Clark and made the cover for the victory. The crowd popped for Kash & Hoyt in what translated into the breakout match for Lance Hoyt. Great free show match.

- Shane Douglas ran out of the Impact Zone citing a disturbance in the backstage area.

- We saw a video package highlighting the Ultimate X Match set for later tonight.

- The backstage camera caught Shane Douglas running to a crime scene of sorts where Abyss in handcuffs was being dragged kicking and screaming through a locker room door. Wrestlers and TNA staff were trying to fend off the fans, who were trying to get a scoop on what exactly was going on.

- Red-faced Jeremy Borash counted down the pre-show before sending it to the FBI Warning.

Live PPV Show Review

- We kicked off with a very reflective video package that highlighted the greatness that comes with sweat and toil inside the ring. Very nice video package that was different from the usual "heavy rock and throw everything on the wall to see what sticks" opening montages seen on WWE PPV's. Major props to TNA for the way the opening package set the tone for the PPV.

- Mike Tenay and Don West welcomed us to the show and said it's time for "TNA's version of March Madness." The fans ringside chanted "T-N-A" as Tenay bad facials and all and Don West bad dress shirt and all welcomed us to the show. West screamed about the Ultimate X Match set for later tonight. Tenay brought up the situation involving Abyss being dragged away in handcuffs and how that will affect his match vs. Jeff Hardy later tonight.

(1) Team Canada (Petey Williams & Bobby Roode & Eric Young & Alex Jerrell) (w/Coach Scott D'Amore & Johnny Devine) defeated 3 Live Kru (BG James & Konan) & America's Most Wanted (Chris Harris & James Storm). Konan spoke on it and BG kicked it off with his usual DX inspired intro. BG said, "soon to be Tag Team Champions" and turned to look at AMW, who didn't appreciate that. A little foreshadowing to next month I imagine. Johnny Devine was on crutches resulting from tearing his ACL, and was replaced by Alex Jerrell(sp?), who, according to TNA, debuted in TNA last year. The match began with a "USA" chant and BG James and Bobby Roode squaring off the ring. BG knocked Roode to the outside and Team Canada regrouped. Konan tagged in as well as Eric Young. Konan scored his rolling thunder clothesline then sent Young to the corner with a hard Irish Whip. James Storm tagged in and scored a hip toss on Young. Storm scored an arm drag and a drop kick followed by a shoulder block. Storm and Young exchanged float overs until Young ran out of room and floated over to the outside through the ropes. Team Canada ended up sprawled on the outside after AMW connected with two tag team splashes from over the top rope to the outside. The fans ringside chanted "T-N-A" as Chris Harris decked Johnny Devine with a stiff left hand. Petey Williams tagged in and squared off with Chris Harris. The action which was completely out of control broke down with several wrestlers entering the ring without tags. Eventually, order was restored with Bobby Roode and Chris Harris in the ring. Petey tagged in and scored a single arm face drop on Harris. Petey made a cover, but scored a two count only. Alex tagged in and clubbed on Harris' back with stiff forearms. Alex slammed Harris to the mat and covered him for a two count only. Somehow, Alex's back was cut wide open with a long cut all the way down his right shoulder blade. Young tagged in for Team Canada and put Harris in a hammerlock wear down hold. The fans chanted, "USA" as Harris fought to his feet and scored a clothesline on Young. Roode tagged in for Team Canada as Konan tagged in for the babyfaces. Konan knocked Harris down then Young then Alex then dropped Petey with a facebuster. Konan dropped Roode with a drop kick then set him up for the Tequila Sunrise. Young broke up the submission hold and the entire action broke down inside the ring. The action spilled to the outside, but inside the ring, Konan slammed Coach D'Amore off the top turnbuckle to the mat. From behind, Bobby Roode smashed the back of Konan's head with a clubbing forearm and pinned him for the victory.

- After the match, BG James questioned AMW as to what happened. BG pointed his finger at Chris Harris trying to place blame on him.

Match View: Not enough time was given to effectively get over all eight men involved in the match. This needed to be atleast twelve minutes to really be effective in establishing Team Canada and their individual members. The match itself was very fun with a lot of energy to set the right tone for the PPV. Good opener.

- Backstage, Traci and Trinity were arguing over who was going to win their match. Dusty Rhodes entered the scene and was promptly interrupted by Johnny Fairplay. Fairplay, sporting a clean-shaven face and shorter hair, begged Dusty Rhodes for another opportunity in TNA. Rhodes said he would let Fairplay back in TNA if he found a tag team within the next three hours. Fairplay said he has never lied and would not fail Dusty. Fairplay left to find a tag team followed by Traci and Trinity who each kissed Dusty before leaving.

(2) Chris Sabin defeated Chase Stevens (w/Chris Candido & Andy Douglas). The match began with Sabin sending Stevens to the outside. Stevens regrouped with Douglas & Candido before Sabin flew off the top rope with an amazing triple splash. Back in the ring, Stevens went on the offensive with some help from Candido & Douglas, who tripped up Sabin with the referee distracted by Stevens. Sabin fought back with a spin kick to the gut, but ran into a kick to the groin. Stevens dropped Sabin's back across his knee then scored a reverse face plant. Sabin connected with a moonsault off the middle rope and made a cover, but scored a two count only. Stevens locked in a surfboard submission hold while driving his knee into Sabin's back. The fans rallied behind Sabin as Candido pleaded with the fans to be quiet. Sabin drove to a vertical base and ducked a clothesline before scoring an atomic drop. Sabin knocked over Stevens with two straight clotheslines. Sabin missed with a third then ducked a clothesline and scored a spin kick to the head. Sabin bounced off the middle rope and connected with an amazing Tornado DDT, similar to the one he scored last night in California from the top turnbuckle. Sabin made a quick cover, but managed a two count only. Stevens ducked a clothesline and went for a slam, but Sabin slipped out and went for the Cradle Shock. Candido distracted the referee allowing Douglas to enter the ring and kick Sabin in the head. Stevens went for a quick roll up on Sabin, but Sabin reversed it and scored a quick three count for the win.

- After the match, Candido & the Naturals weren't too happy and beat down on Sabin. From the back, a masked man entered the ring and knocked the three heels to the outside with amazing kicks to the head. The masked man flew over the top rope with a somersault splash on all three then went back into the ring and helped Sabin to his feet. The masked man took the mask off revealing the Shocker "the guy from the McDonald's commercials," according to Tenay who wrestles in Mexico and is the current NWA Lighheavyweight Champion.

Match View: It was nice to see Chris Sabin on the PPV, but it had the feel of a match with no build up or future prospects. I don't know if the Shocker's debut is the beginning of a long-term run in TNA, so I don't know what to make of him saving Sabin. Tenay's cheesy line, "he's the guy from the McDonald's commercials" was pretty lame. Tenay needed to accentuate his career in Mexico, not his career in commercials.

(3) Dustin Rhodes defeated Raven in a Bullrope match. Raven stalled before the bell rang, not wanting to be tied up to Dustin. Finally, Raven was tied to the rope and Dustin went to the outside to pull Raven into the Ultimate X structure outside of the ring. Dustin missed with a cowbell shot to the head, but used the leverage from the rope to whip Raven into the guardrail. Dustin yanked Raven head first into the top turnbuckle causing Raven to spit uncontrollably. Dustin toyed with Raven like a dog on a leash. Dustin choked Raven with the rope then punched him in the head. Raven gained momentum by running to the opposite end of the ring sending Dustin flying off the top rope to the mat. Raven brought a chair into the ring and wedged it in between the top and middle rope. Raven sent Dustin back first into the chair then drove the cowbell into Dustin's knee. Raven sent Dustin head first into the seat of the chair before climbing up top for a leg drop. Dustin moved out of the way and Raven went leg first into the chair. Dustin pulled the rope into Raven's crotch then clotheslined him to the mat. Dustin mounted Raven in the corner and drove hard right hands to the head. The overhead camera caught a bionic elbow topping off the ten punch series. Dustin went for a bulldog out of the corner, but Raven shoved off and picked up the chair. Raven drove the chair into Dustin's shoulder then went for a hip toss into the chair, but Dustin turned it into a bulldog sending Raven face first into the seat of the chair. Dustin covered Raven and scored the victory.

- After the match, Team Canada ran into the ring and jumped Dustin. Dustin tried to fight them off, but couldn't hold off four wrestlers. Out from the back, America's Most Wanted ran into the ring to fight with Team Canada. Harris & Storm & Dustin cleared Team Canada out of the ring. Dustin celebrated in the ring and received a chorus of boos for his efforts.

Match View: Another Dustin vs. Raven match and another sloppy performance. Dustin is too limited from years of injuries and Raven is slowly becoming TNA's version of the Undertaker. He just doesn't seem to be there in a mental sense and that could be why management is so down on him right now. It may be a chicken or the egg situation where Raven isn't performing well because management is down on him or management is down on him because Raven isn't performing well. Either way, Raven needs to straighten out and put together better performances. Continuing the theme of the show, outside interference continued a storyline that could have been done in a different way than rendering the final outcome of the match basically meaningless.

- A video package highlighted the ongoing battle between Team Traci (Disciples of Destruction) and Team Trinity (Phi Delta Slam).

(4) Disciples of Destruction (Ron & Don Harris) defeated Phi Delta Slam (Big Bruno & Big Till) giving Traci the secretary position to Dusty Rhodes. The finish came when PDS appeared to have the match won following a big top rope splash by Big Till on Don. However, with the referee distracted, the Harris twins switched bodies ala the Basham Brothers and Ron proceeded to pin Big Till for the sneaky victory, giving Traci the victory and Trinity a lump of coal in her leg stockings.

Match View: PDS appeared to be running mile 25 of a marathon at the 2:00 mark. There just wasn't enough going on to hold my interest in the match. I enjoy watching Traci on camera as much as possible, so I was glad for the outcome of the match. Getting to that point was a problem, however.

- Backstage, Dustin Rhodes was discussing strategy with AMW about how to minimize Team Canada's constant interference. Johnny Fairplay entered the scene and said he wanted to manage the three of them. James Storm suggested a test to determine if Fairplay was managerial material. Fairplay accepted and was promptly turned into a horse by virtue of Storm throwing some hay and a saddle on Fairplay before hopping on his back to ride him. Fairplay scampered out not wanting any part of the test. AMW and Dustin celebrated running off Fairplay.

- A video package highlighted the non-existent physicality between Monty Brown and Trytan leading to their PPV Match.

(5) Monty Brown defeated Trytan (well actually, a masked man.) Trytan stood a good five or six inches taller than Brown. Trytan went for a chokeslam right off the bat, but Brown shook it off quickly. Trytan lifted up Brown and delivered a high-elevated slam, which drew a "You f'ed up" chant from the fans because he could barely complete the spot. Trytan went for a chokeslam again, but Brown fought out with back elbow smashes. Brown clotheslined Trytan over the top rope to the outside and flew off the apron with a double axe handle, but Trytan blocked it with a punch to the gut. Trytan delivered a stiff right chop to the chest then followed him around the ringside area before sending his left shoulder into the Ultimate X steel structure. Trytan sent Brown into the guardrail ringside then took Brown back into the ring. Trytan drove a shoulder into Brown's gut then ran into a boot to the face. Brown restored his offensive momentum with a kick to the gut followed by a boot to the face. Brown set up for a Pounce, but Trytan blocked it and scored a chokeslam on his third attempt of the match. Trytan covered Brown and scored a two count only. Brown slipped out of a powerslam then scored a drop kick. Brown opened up with hard right hand chops to the chest then walked into a fireman's carry pick up. Brown slipped out and dropped Trytan with a powerful overhead slam ala Scott Hall. Brown played to the crowd then went for the Pounce, but the lights went out all of a sudden. The lights came back on and a masked man was punching Brown. Brown fought the masked man off and Pounced him to the mat. Brown covered the masked man and the referee counted to three after taking a few moments to decide what to do.

- After the match, Brown looked for Trytan and saw him at the entrance ramp amongst his smoky entrance. The fans ringside chanted, "Take the mask off" as Brown stared down Trytan. Brown didn't take the mask off the unknown jobber and Brown left the ring proclaiming the Impact zone as his house.

Match View: Trytan appeared to have some "first match on PPV" jitters that certainly weren't aided when the fans chanted "you f'ed up" after his first real move of the match. The finish was effective in not taking all the heat off Trytan and not killing off Brown entirely. From an intelligence standpoint, the finish made the referee look like a doofus for allowing Brown to pin a wrestler not involved in the match. That's just lazy, nonsensical booking.

- Diamond Dallas Page was doing his yoga routine backstage to get ready for Jeff Jarrett.

- Mike Tenay informed us that Abyss' handcuff situation had been resolved and he was still on to face Jeff Hardy in the Falls Count Anywhere Match. A video package recapped the feud between Hardy and Abyss. Still no answer as to why Abyss hates Jeff Hardy, so my crusade continues.

(6) Jeff Hardy defeated Abyss in a Falls Count Anywhere Match. When Hardy's music hit, there was a loud chorus of boos. Eventually, the boos were drowned out by the loud contingent of teenage girls and boys who shrieked for joy at the sight of their favorite rock star. Before the match began, Abyss went to the outside and brought a chair into the ring. Abyss tried to smash the chair over Hardy's head, but Hardy blocked it. A loud "Hardy Sucks" chant greeted the painted one. Hardy clotheslined Abyss over the top rope then set up a chair near the ring ropes and flew off the chair with an over the top rope splash onto Abyss. Hardy sent Abyss head first into the steel steps ringside before being slammed back first into the guardrail. Abyss sent Hardy over the guardrail to the stands. The fans ringside encouraged Abyss to lay into Hardy. The camera tried to fight through the sea of humanity as the action spilled to the backstage area. Abyss dragged Hardy through the stands and to the catering area. Abyss tossed Hardy through a trailer door to the garage area. The camera operator was knocked down temporarily. Abyss set up a table near a trailer as Hardy recovered to his feet. Hardy fought back with right hands until Abyss sent Hardy head first into a table chair. Abyss picked up a second table and placed it right next to the first table. Hardy fought to his feet and sent Abyss head first into a trailer door. Hardy put Abyss on the two tables then climbed up a pole overhanging the backstage area. Hardy flew off the steel pole from about ten feet up with an amazing somersault splash onto Abyss and through both tables. Amazing high spot! Hardy made a cover, but scored a two count only.

Abyss recovered and sent Hardy face first into the trailer door. Abyss took Hardy back towards the stands where they originally were. Abyss sent Hardy head first into the side of the bleachers before bringing Hardy back into the ringside area. Abyss crotched Hardy across the steel guardrail as fans chanted "Holy Sh*t." Abyss sent Hardy back into the ring then went under the ring to pull out yet another chair. Abyss went back into the ring with the chair then propped it in between the corner turnbuckle, but took too long allowing Hardy to score a Van Daminator on Abyss. Hardy ran into a big boot to the face then placed a chair on Hardy's head. Abyss climbed up top and flew off the top turnbuckle with a high impact splash to Hardy's chest and the chair. Abyss made a cover and scored a two count only. Abyss put the chair on Hardy's chest again and went for a sit down splash, but Hardy pulled the chair up in time to smash Abyss in the crotch. Hardy cracked the chair over Abyss' head twice in a row then made a cover, but scored a two count only. Hardy went to the outside and searched under the ring for something. Hardy couldn't find what he was looking for and finally found a chair. Hardy smashed Abyss's back with the chair, but that wasn't what he was looking for. Apparently, since he took so long trying to find what he was searching for, he decided to grab a chair and smash Abyss to continue the believability of the previous spot. He went back under the ring and finally found what he was looking for his ladder. Hardy set up the ladder in the corner and climbed up top. Abyss climbed up as well and took a head butt to the face sending him to the mat. Hardy propped up the ladder then flew over the ladder with an amazing springboard leg drop onto Abyss' head. Hardy made a cover, but scored a two count only.

Hardy went for the Twist of Phate, but Abyss blocked it and scored the Torture Rack Slam. Abyss made a cover, but Hardy kicked out at two and a half. Abyss tried to splash Hardy in the corner, but Hardy moved and Abyss went head first into a chair. Hardy made a quick roll up, but couldn't score the three count. Hardy climbed up top and Abyss crotched Hardy on the top turnbuckle. Abyss went to the outside and looked under the ring for something. Abyss finally found a table and dragged it into the ring. (Boy, they are struggling to find whatever object they're looking for.) Abyss set up the table in the middle of the ring as the fans chanted "Hardy, Hardy." Abyss picked up Hardy and placed him on the table. Abyss climbed up to the top turnbuckle, but took too long and Hardy hopped up to crotch Abyss on the top turnbuckle. Hardy climbed up top and went for a huricanrana, but Abyss blocked it and scored an amazing powerbomb through the table. The crowd was stunned by the high spot as Hardy appeared to be knocked out. Abyss cleared the broken furniture out of the way then grabbed the ladder and placed it in the middle of the ring. Abyss waited for Hardy to get to his feet then set up for a chokeslam. Hardy blocked the chokeslam and scored a Twist of Phate into the ladder. Hardy made the cover and scored the victory for the win.

- Continuing the theme of the show, Abyss jumped Hardy after the match out of frustration. Abyss went back under the ring (why?!) and grabbed a black bag. Abyss held it up high then brought it back into the ring. Abyss littered the ring with thumbtacks then stalked Hardy. Abyss sent Hardy to the ropes then delivered a Black Hole Slam sending Hardy back first into the thumbtacks. Hardy writhed in pain as the camera focused on Hardy's bloody back. Thumbtacks were stuck in Hardy's back with blood trickling out from the holes formed by the thumbtacks. The camera panned around to the shock and horror on the faces of the children in attendance. Great visual effect that hammered home the brutality of the spot. Abyss held his head in demented joy.

Match View: The post-show Black Hole Slam into the thumbtacks was an amazing spot that truly was a Mick Foley/Randy Orton at Backlash moment that, in some ways, may have been the spot to earn the respect of the Orlando fans. Based on the crowd reaction prior to the match, the fans were less than willing to cheer for Hardy, but his performance in the ring and after the match certainly did enough to warrant some respect from the fans. The match was a great train wreck that had me on edge waiting for the next high spot or weapon shot. Great match in the Abyss vs. Hardy seriesdespite no back-story as to why Abyss hates Hardy. (Just had to get that in there.)

- Fairplay found Team Canada celebrating like only Canadians can and wanted to manage them. Coach D'Amore wasn't enthused by that proposition and let Fairplay run his mouth before having Team Canada circle around him as a form of intimidation. Fairplay tried to sing the Canadian National Anthem, but could only get through the first stanza. Fairplay scampered off and Team Canada laughed it up.

- A video clip highlighted the feud between Kevin Nash and the Outlaw with the 3 Live Kru segments mixed in to foreshadow a possible heel turn by BG James. It was also the first time Sean Waltman had been shown on video since he debuted at last month's PPV.

(7) The Outlaw defeated Kevin Nash in a Taped Fist First Blood Match. Nash opened up with stiff right hands to Outlaw's head. Nash delivered patented back elbow smashes to the head in the corner. Nash drove a big boot to the Outlaw's throat before clotheslining him to the mat. Nash was knocked down to the mat by the Outlaw then the Outlaw slammed Nash's knee into the ring apron. Outlaw wrapped Nash's surgically repaired knee into the Ultimate X steel structure surrounding the ring. Outlaw repeated the knee smash and Nash writhed in pain on the mat. Outlaw went under the ring looking for something and, surprise surprise struggled to find what he was looking for until he finally found a toolbox. Outlaw picked up a screwdriver and tried to drive it into Nash's head, but Nash grabbed Outlaw's hands and prevented Outlaw from driving the screwdriver into his head. Great camera work capturing the distance between Nash's head and the screwdriver. Nash went back to his feet and drove a right hand to the head. Nash grabbed Outlaw's legs and catapulted him over the top rope to the outside. Nash sent Outlaw back into the ring then grabbed a chair from ringside. Nash climbed back into the ring with chair in hand, but the referee tried to rip the chair away from Nash giving Outlaw the opportunity to punch Nash in the gut. Outlaw picked up the chair and stalked Nash. Outlaw waited for Nash to get up then smashed the chair over his head. Don West sold it as Nash just managing to get his hand up in time to block the full blow of the chair. The referee checked Nash and he was not bleeding, therefore the mach continued.

Outlaw removed the top turnbuckle pad and tried to send Nash head first into the exposed steel. The referee prevented Outlaw from using the steel giving Nash a momentary distraction to block Outlaw's offense. Nash and Outlaw accidentally knocked the ref out and Outlaw sent Nash head first into the exposed steel. Nash delivered a low blow out of nowhere as the referee was knocked out to the outside. Nash lifted up Outlaw and snake eyed him across the exposed steel. Nash went for a second snake eye and the second one opened up Outlaw. Nash showed blood on his fist and threw the referee back into the ring. However, the referee did not look up as Jeff Jarrett ran to the ringside area and knocked out Nash with a Title belt shot. Jarrett's lawyer, Dirk Diggler, and a doctor ran to the ring to wipe the blood from Outlaw's face. The doctor applied "new skin" to Outlaw's face removing all traces of blood. Nash rolled over on the outside revealing a blade job from Jarrett's belt shot. The referee saw Nash's blood before the remnants of blood on Outlaw's head and called for the bell.

- After the match, Nash entered the ring and punched out Outlaw. Nash delivered a Jackknife powerbomb on the Outlaw and stood over his fallen body.

Match View: This wasn't as inspiring of a performance by Nash as compared to his NWA Title Match at last month's PPV, but he certainly held the interest of the audience with a solid performance. The ending was ridiculous because it continued on the theme of sheer referee incompetence. I just don't know why a referee would come to and check on the wrestler outside of the ring rather than the wrestler inside the ring as was the case here. In classic Kevin Nash fashion, the post-match ending restored heat on Nash, leaving viewers with little memory of Outlaw actually being the victor. Poorly booked.

- We saw a video clip highlighting the history of Ultimate X Matches as well as the 30 Minute Iron Man Match between A.J. Styles and Christopher Daniels at last month's PPV.

(8) Christopher Daniels defeated A.J. Styles & Prime Time Elix Skipper & Ron Killings in an Ultimate X Challenge to win the X Division Title. The match began as a tag team match featuring Styles & Prime Time as a team and Daniels & Killings as the other team based on Triple X not being able to team together. Prime Time and Killings started things off as the fans ringside chanted "Fallen Angel." Prime Time drove Killings to a corner then played to the crowd. Prime Time turned around and caught a missile drop kick to the chest. Killings scored a nice powerslam and covered Prime Time, but scored a two count only. Prime Time scoop slammed Killings and climbed up top for a high-elevated missile dropkick. Prime Time tagged in Styles who told Killings to tag in Daniels. Daniels refused to tag in as an exact replica of what occurred last night in California. Daniels stood outside the ring as Killings and Styles went to work in the ring. Styles hooked Killings for a belly to back suplex, but Killings slipped out. Styles tried to leapfrog Killings, but crashed into Killings' head. Styles and Killings shook off the blown spot with Styles scoring a high dropkick. Daniels entered the ring and punched Styles from behind. Killings tagged in Daniels legally and Daniels landed a nice dropkick on Styles. Styles fought back with a high knee smash to the head followed by a series of elbow smashes. Styles bounced off the ropes, but was hit in the back by his own partner Prime Time. Daniels smiled and acknowledged Prime Time then locked in a submission hold. Styles fought out, but couldn't block an STO. Daniels held the STO and locked in a modified Crossface submission hold. Styles fought out but couldn't avoid the Best Moonsault Ever off the middle rope. Daniels made a cover, but scored a two count only. Styles got back to his feet and exchanged right hands with Daniels. Styles countered a back body drop with a stiff kick to the head. Styles and Daniels collected themselves on the mat as each one went for a hot tag.

Killings tagged in and allowed Styles to tag in Prime Time, who had made a calculated effort to avoid a tag from Styles. Prime Time was hip tossed into the ring by Killings and Styles. Killings delivered a sweet spin kick to Prime Time's gut then climbed up top and scored a top rope axe kick. Killings had the cover, but Daniels broke up the pin. Killings clotheslined Daniels to the outside. In an amazing high spot, Styles flew over the top rope with a somersault splash onto Daniels. Back in the ring, Prime Time grabbed Killings and scored a fireman's carry into impaler the Sudden Death to pin Killings for the first elimination.

**Ron Killings Eliminated First.

With the match now a triple threat battle, Styles and Prime Time battled in the ring as Daniels curiously climbed up the Ultimate X ropes despite not being able to win at this stage in the match. Daniels positioned himself right in the middle of the "X" then connected with the Best Moonsault Ever onto both Styles and Prime Time! One of the most amazing high spots ever!!! Daniels sent Styles to the outside then Prime Time and Daniels argued about Daniels hitting Prime Time with the BME. Daniels explained himself then told Prime Time to splash Styles on the outside. Daniels and Prime Time bounced off the ropes simultaneously then Daniels clotheslined Prime Time hard to the mat. Daniels stood up and acknowledged his quick thinking. Daniels laid into Prime Time with stiff right hands then knocked Styles off the apron to the floor. Prime Time responded with a spinning leg lariat to Daniels' head. Prime Time grabbed Daniels with a Full Nelson and Styles flew off the top rope with a clothesline on Prime Time rather then Daniels. Styles knocked Daniels down with a clothesline then delivered stiff forearm blows to Daniels. Styles perched Daniels up on the top turnbuckle then climbed up. Prime Time climbed up top and punched Styles in the chest. Styles responded with head butts sending Prime Time to the cables. Prime Time swung his feet towards Styles' head and scored an amazing reverse huricanrana. Daniels flew off the top with a huricanrana attempt on Prime Time, but Prime Time blocked it and scored a powerbomb. Prime Time stomped on Daniels in the corner then hit a reverse drop kick. Styles climbed up the ropes and crashed down onto Daniels & Prime Time with a back flip splash. All three men fell to the mat exasperated as the fans chanted "Holy Sh*t." Styles scored a spin kick to Prime Time then went for a suplex on Daniels, but turned it into a reverse slam. Styles covered Daniels and scored a two count only. Styles went for the Styles Clash on Daniels, but Prime Time clotheslined Styles. Prime Time grabbed Styles and scored the Sudden Death on Styles. Prime Time didnt have the energy to cover Styles, so Daniels rolled up Prime Time from behind and pinned him.

**Prime Time Eliminated Second.

With the match now under Ultimate X rules, Daniels climbed up top to try to grab the X Division Title, but Styles pulled him down. Daniels tried again, and Styles pulled him down again. Styles landed forearm blows to the head then dropped him across his knee with a back breaker. Daniels recovered to his feet and scored vicious head butts. Styles waited for the wobbly Daniels to get into position then hit an amazing Pele-style soccer kick to the head. Back to live action after a replay froze the screen, Daniels and Styles climbed up on opposite ends of the ropes. Styles and Daniels kicked each other with Styles knocking Daniels to the mat. Daniels bounced off the ropes then speared Styles off the ropes to the mat. Both men recovered on the mat. Styles climbed up and Daniels met him on the top turnbuckle. Styles climbed the ropes then kicked Daniels in the gut. Daniels recovered and flew off the top turnbuckle with an STO on Styles, sending both men crashing to the mat. The Impact Zone, already rocking, clapped it up to offer encouragement to both wrestlers. Daniels climbed up once again, but Styles grabbed Daniels' foot and prevented him from climbing the ropes. Styles climbed up and Daniels sent Styles head first into the steel support tower. Daniels climbed towards the belt, but Styles followed him and kicked him to the mat. Daniels recovered and pulled Styles down to the mat. The fans chanted, "This is Awesome."

Daniels and Styles climbed towards the belt from opposite corners. Daniels wrapped his legs around Styles' waist and both men crashed down to the mat. Once again, they climbed the ropes from opposite ends. Styles wrapped his arm around the Title belt, as did Daniels. However, both men fell to the mat and hit referee Andrew Thomas in the face. The X Division Title remained hanging above the ring and Styles climbed up top as Daniels was still on the mat. Styles grabbed the belt and fell to the mat with the belt in hand. However, the referee was still knocked down and not aware of what was going on. Daniels seized the opportunity and delivered the Angel's Wings on a stunned A.J. Styles. Daniels grabbed the X Division Title and laid it across his chest as he collapsed to the mat. The referee came to as the fans ringside screamed in agony. The referee saw the belt draped across Daniels' fallen body and called for the bell awarding the X Division Title to Daniels.

Match View: Absolutely amazing high spot match that had plenty of psychologically sound factors mixed in with the high spots. If this wasn't a five star classic, it was pretty darn close. The match was well booked from the get-go with the initial "strange bedfellows" pairings making for an interesting opening seven minutes. The triple threat action was awesome as was the final Styles vs. Daniels ten minutes. They did a real nice job building suspense and creating an ending whereby Styles and Daniels can have a re-match down the line in a match to settle the score. Very well done with Daniels amazing BME spot from the middle of the cables representing what athleticism and amazing pro wrestling is all about. Great match.

- Johnny Fairplay was still looking for a tag team and found the character-less duo of Buck Quartermain and Lex Lovett. Fairplay talked up the jobber tag team as if they were the best tag team in history. Buck and Lex weren't buying it until Fairplay promised TNA contracts and PPV and Impact matches.

- A video clip recapped the build up towards DDP vs. Jeff Jarrett for the NWA Title.

(9) Jeff Jarrett defeated Diamond Dallas Page to retain the NWA Title in Ringside Revenge. Before the match began, the "police enforcers" entered the ringside area including Monty Brown, Ron Killings, still selling being worn down from Ultimate X Konan, and BG James. Larry Zbyzsko came out followed by Dirk Diggler, Chris Candido, Andy Douglas, and Chase Stevens. Don West reiterated that the police enforcers could not get involved in the match and were strictly there to ensure neither man used outside interference. DDP came out and stood in the crowd as Jeff Jarrett came out sans guitar, but with a black left eye. Jeremy Borash did the ring introductions after Jarrett and DDP were finally in the ring together. The fans chanted "You Suck" at Jarrett prior to the match beginning. When Jarrett refused to start the match, the fans chanted, "DDP."

The match began with Jarrett running to the outside avoiding DDP. 3 Live Kru & Monty Brown circled Jarrett and forced him back into the ring. The fans chanted, "Jarrett Sucks" as Jarrett continued to stall by entering and leaving the ring. Jarrett quickly entered the ring surprising a distracted DDP to attempt a Stroke early on. DDP shoved him off and sent him outside of the ring. Jarrett shoved Brown so Brown grabbed him by the throat. DDP came around and sent Jarrett head first into the corner ringpost. Back in the ring, Jarrett stunted DDP's offense and locked in a side headlock. DDP twisted out into a side headlock of his own. DDP dropped Jarrett with a series of shoulder blocks followed by a hard clothesline after Jarrett ducked a spin kick. DDP clotheslined Jarrett over the top rope to the outside. DDP threw Jarrett onto the announcer's table, took a swig of water, and spewed it into Jarrett's face ala Triple H. DDP clotheslined Jarrett over the guardrail to the outside then picked up a trashcan. DDP smashed the trashcan over Jarrett's head twice then battled Jarrett all the way up the bleacher stairs. DDP sent Jarrett head first into the side wall of the entrance stage. Jarrett fell to the floor and DDP dragged Jarrett through the stands into the steel barrier on the bleachers. DDP picked up the trash can and smashed it over Jarrett's head once again. DDP threw Jarrett over the guardrail back to the ringside area. DDP sent Jarrett head first into the guardrail then took him to the Spanish broadcast table. Shouldn't there be a count-out by now?

DDP grabbed a crutch and broke it in half across Jarrett's back. DDP threw Jarrett into the ring then picked up an office chair from the Spanish broadcast table. DDP placed the chair in the middle of the ring then dropped Jarrett with an atomic drop. DDP put Jarrett seat first into the chair and spun him around with hard right hands. DDP delivered a big boot to Jarrett's face sending Jarrett spilling out of the chair. Good comedy spot. DDP covered Jarrett and scored a two count. DDP mounted Jarrett in the corner and delivered eight clubbing blows to the head. Jarrett countered with a cheap low blow effectively ending DDP's offense. Jarrett picked up the chair and smashed it across DDP's back. Jarrett drove the chair into DDP's knees repeatedly possibly setting up for a figure four. Jarrett went for the figure four, but DDP shoved him off. Jarrett went to work on the knee again then strutted with his back to DDP. DDP hopped up and threw Jarrett into the corner. DDP lost the momentum when Jarrett ducked a clothesline and slammed DDP to the mat. Jarrett locked in the figure four and DDP eventually broke the hold by grabbing the ropes. Jarrett and DDP exchanged quick pins before Jarrett locked in a sleeper hold. DDP broke out of the hold and clotheslined Jarrett to the mat. Both men laid on the mat until they reached their feet. DDP was the first on the offensive when he connected with a big boot to the face. DDP sent Jarrett face first into the corner turnbuckle nine times then scored a big tenth running blow. DDP clotheslined Jarrett and covered him for a two count only. DDP scored a side slam and covered Jarrett, but scored a two count only. Jarrett went back on the offensive with a clothesline and made a cover for a two count only. DDP blocked a clothesline and went for a sit down powerbomb. DDP connected and had a pin, but scored a two count.

DDP went for the Diamond Cutter, but Jarrett blocked it. Candido held DDP's feet allowing Jarrett to hit the Stroke. Jarrett made a cover, but scored a two count only. At this point, the ringside police started to brawl with each other. With the referee distracted, (what else is new?) The Outlaw came in and gave Jarrett a guitar. BG James stole the guitar and tried to lay out Jarrett, but missed and laid out Konan. Killings wondered what in the world was going on. BG held his head in disbelief as to what he just did. The Outlaw entered the ring and dropped DDP with the Fameasser. Jarrett covered DDP, but scored a two count only. Sean Waltman ran in and dropped the Outlaw with a spin kick. Jarrett and Outlaw received Bronco Busters from Waltman before he brawled with Outlaw all the way to the back. At this point, DDP grabbed Jarrett, who was perched on the top turnbuckle, and dropped him with a Diamond Cutter. DDP easily could have pinned Jarrett and called it a night, but instead opted to play to the crowd as Dirk Diggler entered the ring. Brown entered the ring at this point and told DDP he would take care of Dirk if DDP would take care of Jarrett. Brown bounced off the ropes and Pouncedwait for itDDP instead of Dirk to the mat! Brown rolled Jarrett on top of DDP as Mike Tenay screamed in horror. The referee counted the three count awarding Jarrett the victory.

- After the match, Brown raised Jarrett's arm and hugged him. Jarrett pointed to his head as if to say, "I always have a plan." Tenay screamed, "Damn you Monty!" as we closed the show.

Match View: There's a pattern I see and it's not a good pattern. Jarrett seems to pride himself on taking every possible shortcut in the book on the way to another NWA Title retention. The way the NWA Title is defended is so cheap and disgusting that you have to wonder when the NWA will step in and say, "you know what, if Jarrett can't win a clean match defending our World Heavyweight Title, then move the belt to someone who can wrestle a clean match." As far as DDP's performance goes, TNA did an effective job hiding his weakness of not being able to sustain five to ten minutes of wrestling action by having most of the match contain brawling through the stands and outside interference. The booking certainly made Dusty Rhodes look like an incompetent imbecile incapable of putting together a match worthy of the main event. These types of ridiculous finishes need to be reserved for Impact, not on PPV where viewers expect some logic to be found within the body of the match. There was no logic and Jarrett is still the Champ. Coincidence? I doubt it. As far as the heel turn goes, TNA did a nice job of presenting BG James as the red herring for Brown's turn, creating a nice storyline to develop on next week's Impact. I've got to hear the reasoning for why Brown teamed up with Jarrett. That ought to be good.


Closing Thought. Taken as a whole, this PPV was pretty exciting from the second hour on. There was a lot of intrigue and excitement evenly dispersed at every turn, but a lot of that excitement came with the price of too many illogical endings and authoritative blunders. The referees were incompetent. Dusty Rhodes' booking was ridiculous. There was so much lazy booking that came with the excitement of the show. If you're looking for excitement on a PPV, TNA is the place to be. If you're looking for logical bookings, WWE is a hit or miss. It's just a matter of taking the good with the bad if you're a PPV buyer. However, TNA needs to clean up their act with PPV match finishes because they may be creating a lot of excitement, but the means for getting to that point is not acceptable.

Feel free to send in any feedback or comments on the show to the usual address: I welcome all reader responses!

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