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CALDWELL'S SLAMMIVERSARY REPORT 6/18: Ongoing "virtual time" coverage of show

Jun 18, 2006 - 10:02:00 PM

By James Caldwell, Torch columnist

TNA Slammiversary Alternative Perspective PPV Review
June 18, 2006
From Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida


- Jeremy Borash and Christy Hemme introduced the matches on the card.

- They did a lengthy video on the King of the Mountai match.

- Monty Brown came out in street clothes. Mike Tenay said Brown isn't happy about being left off the PPV card. Brown told someone in the front row to sit down and shut up. Brown said, "The Alpha Male will not be in the King of the Ring match." Yes, he said King of the Ring instead of King of the Mountain. That won't win him any points with management. Brown called out Samoa Joe, calling him Fat Joe. He said he's already done his winning streak and he will go after Joe. He said he would make Samoa Joe "lean back," doing Fat Joe's dance motion from his music video a few years ago. Brown continued to reference hip hop lyrics. He said he's sick of being held back and held down. "Things are going to change starting now," he said. The fans chanted, "Joe's gonna kill you." Brown said Joe has his hands full already. Brown said he's going to be himself and he's going to do it by running through everyone TNA puts in his path. He said he's going to do that with the Pounce.

- They did a preview of the NWA Tag Title match.

- Borash and Christy talked about the PPV in the ring.

- Tenay and West were ringside. Tenay told West "Happy Anniversary" as if they were celebrating a wedding date. Tenay and West discussed the King of the match.

- They aired that ridiculous fake Tiger Woods golf video with Jeff Jarrett stopping Tiger's putt on 18. Well, maybe that will be Phil Mickelson's excuse after blowing yet another major tournament.

(1) Eric Young & A-1 Ralphz beat The Naturals (Andy Douglas & Chase Stevens w/Shane Douglas) at 1:50. No haircuts for The Naturals. Douglas hit a dive over the top rope onto both members of Team Canada. Eric Young was back in the ring on the offensive 20 seconds later. Naturals hit the Natural Disaster on A-1 then showboated in Shane's direction on the entrance ramp. Eric hit a top rope blow leading to the win for Canada. Shane Douglas snapped and ran to the ring. Shane said he swore to take The Naturals to the top of the sport. He gave them a stern pep talk, saying you have to do what you have to do. He brought up his past in ECW - surprise, surprise - when he defended his title against Taz then Al Snow after major injuries. He asked the fans if The Franchise means something in this business. The fans popped. He screamed at Andy and Chase. Shane said they won't enter the Impact zone until he says they're ready. He said he's going to put them through intense training. He said he would personally kill both men if they drop the ball in a match again. "I will Franchise your asses!" he screamed. Shane said they would have to do it his way. He chased them out of the Impact zone up the entrance ramp. Great to see Shane get himself over at the expense of The Naturals.

- They showed the Joe-Steiner video package from Impact.

- Brother Ray and Brother Devon came out for a promo. He called TNA the hottest wrestling promotion in the world. Ray had some major forehead scarring. He said TNA is the future and he would make three promises. He said the fans would see the best wrestling in the world, hardcore wrestling, and no Zombies. The camera focused on various signs in the front row reading: "No Vampires" and "No Zombies." Ray looked into the camera and said, "The whole world knows that product sucks." Big pop. He called out James Gang to start their match right away. Referee Slick Johnson came out with pants instead of shorts and a giant bow tie. Ray said he has heat with Slick for the bowtie. They left the ring and went backstage when James Gang wouldn't show up. Pretty darn good lead in to the PPV. TNA finally went after WWE.


- They started with a KOTM preview video.

- Team 3D and the James Gang brawled from the backstage area to the ringside area. Ray tossed chairs into the ring leading to the opening match.


Ray and Kip had a chair sword fight. Kip drove a chair to the back. Ray no sold like Khali then took an awkward chair shot to the face. Devon ran in with a Kendo stick and clocked Kip. B.G. landed left hand blows then did a crotch chop, which drew boos. Ray landed a Kendo Stick shot to the face. Kip swung a weak clothesline then walked into a poorly choreographed hanging neck breaker. Kip kicked out of a pin attempt. The brawl spilled to the ringside area. B.G. sent Devon into the Spanish announce table. LAX jumped both men after B.G. tried to form an alliance with Konnan. Ray set up two guardrails ringside. Kip lightly tossed Ray into the general vicinity. Kip "charged" then Ray flipped him onto the guardrails. Just bad. Team 3D double teamed B.G. in the pit area. Kip looked absolutely blown up. The fight moved to the bleacher seats. Ray sent B.G.'s head into the seat of a fan's chair. Kip finally recovered and went after Ray with the worst traschcan lid shot to the head in the history of garbage wrestling. The fight continued to the ringside area. Ray tossed a trashcan full of weapons into the ring. Kip rolled himself into the ring. Ray pulled out a pink bra and choked Kip. Next, a cheese grater. Kip landed a low blow. He ran into a cheese grater shot to the head. Ray sliced Kip's head with the grater. Kip not-so-subtly slid his blade into his pants. Team 3D set up B.G. for a diving headbutt, but B.G. caught Devon in the head with a traschcan lid. Ray dropped B.G. then slammed him in the crotch with a golf club. The audience chanted, "This is awesome" because they desperately want to be part of something memorable. Team 3D hit the Doomsday Device on Kip, but Kip kicked out at two. Devon went for a table from under the ring. The fans chanted, "We want fire" because they desperately want to be part of something memorable. Devon missed with a weak clothesline but caught Kip with a low blow. Team 3D hit the 3D on Kip for the win.

WINNERS: Team 3D at 10:02. I don't know else to describe Kip's performance but embarrassing. He didn't earn his pay-off tonight and if he has any pride as a wrestler, he won't accept his envelope. A big spotfest with a good back-story, but very sloppy. Fortunately, they had a more-than-forgiving audience to play for.

- Jeff Jarrett was backstage with Jeremy Borash. Jarrett said it's do or die for him. He said, "It's times like these that test a performer." Performer is not a term to be used on a wrestling show. Jarrett said he was always too short, too slow, not good enough in other sports. He called himself the Michael Jordan and Joe Montana of the wrestling business because he always gets it done with his back to the wall. He said TNA wasn't given a chance to last past six weeks and yet they're still here. (Only because Jarrett found a friend with pockets deeper than most countries, but that's beside the point.) Jarrett said Christian and Sting's egos would cancel each other. He said it's his blood, his sweat, and his tears that brought TNA to where it is. He said he's regaining the title tonight. Larry Zbyszko interrupted. They discussed playing phone tag since Thursday. Zbyszko said the new face of management is here and it doesn’t look good. Jarrett said he would fix Zbyszko's problems again. Another good delivery from Jarrett.


D'Amore took the mic and told Roode to step back and watch him take out Rhino with catch-as-catch-can wrestling. Rhino's music interrupted and D'Amore took off up the entrance ramp. Rhino stormed the ring and cleared Roode to the outside. Roode and D'Amore slowly re-entered the ring. D'Amore feigned going after Roode, but he did a few jumping jacks then decided he was too blown up. He tagged out to Roode. Roode and D'Amore exchanged tags without knowing it and the referee told D'Amore to enter the ring. D'Amore slowly entered the ring then ran out of the ring. Roode cut off Rhino on the outside with a clothesline. D'Amore went for a pin in the ring and scored a nearfall. D'Amore landed a kick to the ring and stared at the hard camera. Rhino popped up and went after D'Amore until Roode ran in with a Stunner. D'Amore made a cover for a nearfall. D'Amore worked on Rhino with right hands, but Rhino fought him off. Rhino absorbed a jaw breaker then went for a piledriver, but Roode broke it up. D'Amore dropped a knee to the head and scored a nearfall. Roode and D'Amore exchanged tags working on Rhino. Rhino hit a belly-to-belly suplex on Roode. Roode ducked a clothesline then hit a neck breaker for a nearfall. D'Amore tagged in then took off his Canadian t-shirt. He did a chest-thrust amateur pose then went for a moonsault, but Rhino moved out of the way. Rhino went after Roode with a shoulder block followed by back elbow smashes. Rhino hit a corner gore at 10:20, but D'Amore caught him from behind with the hockey stick. The referee didn't see it. D'Amore went for a DVD, but Rhino blocked and hit a spinebuster. Rhino set up for the Gore and connected. He made the cover on D'Amore for the win.

WINNER: Rhino at 10:58. Pretty much an Even Steven match with Canada dominating the majority of the match before the Rhino finish. Not exactly a memorable blow-off with the manager getting his comeuppance like Bobby Heenan in a weasel suit.

- Jeremy Borash was backstage with Samoa Joe in a dark, shadowy room. Joe said Scott Steiner has never faced anyone like him before. He said Steiner won't have the crutch of being bigger than his opponent to lean on tonight. Joe said Steiner has one advantage, like himself, in that he hasn't had his shoulders pinned in TNA. Kinda there.

3 -- SENSHI vs. SHARK BOY vs. PETEY WILLIAMS vs. JAY LETHAL vs. ALEX SHELLEY vs. SONJAY DUTT -- X Division #1 Contender match

Lethal and Senshi exchanged stiff kicks and chops early on. Shelley tagged in and applied a cross arm breaker with a surfboard stretch driving his knees to Lethal's back. Lethal powered out, but Shelley maintained the grip and hit a back cracker. Lethal caught Shelley off the ropes with a float over drop kick. Dutt tagged in and connected with a huricanrana on Shelley. He followed up with a back flip for a nearfall. Shelley crotched Dutt when he went for the water sprinkler then dragged Dutt crotch-first across the top rope. Shelley stuffed his hand in his pants then extended a hand to Shark Boy for a tag. Sharkie backed up then Shelley piefaced him. A six-man suplex spot ensued in the middle of the ring. The babyfaces blocked the suplex then Petey, Senshi, and Shelley took the suplex. Good spot. Shark went for the Dead Sea Drop, but Dutt blocked it. Shark hit a reverse jawbreaker, but missed with a top rope elbow. Dutt hit a standing SSP to eliminate Shark. ***Shark Boy eliminated by Dutt at 10:38*** Shelley and Dutt went after each other. Dutt hit a neck breaker for a nearfall. Shelley caught Dutt in the corner and hit a double foot drop kick followed by another back cracker. Lethal took a tag and Shelley caught him with a double foot drop kick to the rear in the corner. Shelley went for a gainer on Lethal, but he got his knees up. Lethal covered Shelley for an elimination. That sucks. ***Shelley eliminated by Lethal at 12:34*** Four way action broke out. Petey hit a slow-developing huricanrana on Senshi on the outside. Lethal flew through the ropes onto Petey. Dutt hit a moonsault on all three wrestlers on the outside. Petey and Lethal were back on their feet in seconds. In the ring, Lethal dropped Petey with a side kick then missed with a top rope head butt. Petey went for the Destroyer and connected. Petey covered Lethal. ***Lethal eliminated by Petey at 14:35*** Petey hit a leg drop on Dutt on the ring apron. Senshi sent Lethal into the ring and Petey made a cover for a nearfall. Predictably, Dutt ducked when Senshi held him and Petey went for a forearm blow. Dutt rolled up Petey for a nearfall. Senshi tagged himself in and dropped Petey with a clothesline. Senshi blocked a top rope Canadian Destroyer then walked into a move from Dutt. Senshi screamed as he hit the Double foot stomp from the top rope on Petey for a pin. ***Petey eliminated by Senshi at 17:05*** Dutt hit a top rope huricanrana on Senshi. He followed with a double foot drop kick to the chest. Dutt hit a nice float over swinging DDT for a nearfall. Senshi blocked a move off the ropes and hit a double foot stomp smash for a nearfall. Dutt had serious shoe marks on his chest. Dutt blocked a suplex and hit a front neck breaker. Dutt slowly went up top for a 450 splash, but Senshi caught him with his feet. Senshi drop kicked Dutt across the ring. He hung him up in the Tree of Woe then hit a double foot stomp to the face. Freakin' sick. Senshi made the cover for the win. ***Dutt eliminated by Senshi at 19:33***

WINNER: Senshi at 19:33. Good to see TNA give this match enough time to tell a story, recap the story with an extended post-match video package, and focus on Senshi winning the match. Senshi was the star of the match and Dutt, just like last year against Joe, played his role well.

- Borash was backstage with Alex Shelley and a well-tanned Kevin Nash. Shelley was gasping for air. He said there were ten or twenty guys with knives and guns in his match. He coughed. Nash just smiled. He said he's confident. He said it's Father's Day today. He told Walt Sabin that he's not picking up Chris Sabin's doctor bill or paying for disability insurance. He did a mock phone conversation between Chris and Walt after the match. Hilarious. Great stuff.


Don West tried not to laugh about Nash's match on Impact on Thursday. As Sabin came out, the camera panned upwards from So Cal Val's legs and blue dress to the entrance ramp. Cool camera shot. It might seem random, but maybe it's not. Sabin came out and stared down Nash. Nash landed a hard knee to the gut. He landed straight right hands to the head. Sabin ducked right hands then went after Nash's weak knees. Sabin landed clubbing blows before Nash caught him in the corner with a knee. Nash delivered a thumb to the eye. Tenay and West said Nash needed a shortcut to take the advantage. Nash missed with a clothesline then accepted a drop kick to the chest. Nash rolled out of the ring then called for Alex Shelley. Shelley distracted Sabin allowing Nash to land a hard clothesline. Nash drove a boot to the throat. Shelley unhooked one of the corner turnbuckles. Sabin slipped out of a Snake Eyes attempt and sent Nash head-first into the exposed turnbuckle. Sabin hit a drop kick for a nearfall. He went for Cradle Shock, but Nash blocked it. Shelley tripped up Sabin allowing Nash to hit the big boot. The fans cheered. Nash hit a sidewalk slam for a nearfall. Nash stretched Sabin across his knee. He made a cover for a nearfall. I believe the fans chanted, "Sabin Sucks." A dueling chant of "Let's go Sabin" from the women and a chant of "Let's go Nash" ensued. Sabin countered a powerbomb with a sit down pin for a nearfall. Sabin had Nash in position for a Cradle Shock, but Shelley pulled Nash down from the apron. Sabin kicked Nash in the knee then hit a suicide dive on Shelley on the outside. Sabin hit a series of kicks to Nash's knee then hit a springboard clothesline for a nearfall. Sabin hit a springboard guillotine leg drop for a nearfall. Shelley shook the ropes causing Sabin to be crotched. Nash dropped his straps and called for the Powerbomb. Nash hit a Jackknife Powerbomb for the win.

WINNER: Kevin Nash at 8:22. Someone find a shovel and put six feet of dirt on top of Sabin. At least for tonight. I hope TNA has a plan in place to turn the negative of Sabin losing into a positive Thursday night.

- Borash was backstage with AMW and Gail Kim. Borash said it's A.J. Styles and Christopher Daniels's last chance to win the tag belts. James Storm danced around with a bottle of beer. Harris said A.J. and Daniels have no chance of winning tonight. Gail said she doesn't know what A.J. and Daniels have in mind to neutralize her, but it won't matter. Storm took a swig of beer.


A.J. and Daniels came to the ring wearing matching blue outfits. On the way to the ring, Storm placed something underneath the ring steps. Tenay said no one has held the tag titles - eight months and one week - longer than AMW since 1975. Styles and Daniels worked on Storm early on. Harris took control momentarily before Daniels avoided a float over and stomped Harris in the head. Storm went after Daniels, but he ducked and Storm ate Harris's crotch. Daniels tossed Storm over the top rope. He skinned the cat then thought he caught Daniels, but instead, he caught Harris and flipped him over the top rope to the floor. Styles hit a splash on AMW on the outside. Good team work early on. In the ring, Styles hit a scissors kick to Storm's face. Styles bounced off the ropes, but Storm pulled the top rope down and Styles flipped to the floor. The action broke down on the outside. Harris used Gail Kim to distract Daniels. He dropped Daniels throat-first across the top rope. On the other side of the ringside area, Storm cut Styles's legs out from under him and Styles landed sternum-first on the guardrail. In the ring, Harris caught Styles with a left-arm clothesline. AMW hit a double team splash on Styles's back as one man held Styles's body vertical on the ropes and the other man hit a leap frog splash. Storm connected with a stiff kick to the head for a nearfall. AMW exchanged tags working on Styles. Storm placed Styles on top. Styles slipped out and a soccer kick to the head. Daniels took a hot tag at 11:20 and cleaned house. Daniels hit a sit-out slam, but Gail Kim distracted the referee. A woman who looked Molly Holly if she added 20 pounds of muscle and three inches of height ran into the ring and attacked Gail Kim. Eventually, she dragged Gail out of the ringside area to the back. In the ring, Daniels had a pin, but Harris sent Daniels flying to the ropes where Storm smashed him in the head with a chair. Daniels kicked out of a pin attempt. Styles took a hot tag and hit a springboard flying smash on Harris. He caught Storm with one of the better back flip Reverse DDT's he's hit in a while. Styles planted Storm in the corner then went up top. He missed with the Spiral Tap. Harris pulled out the handcuffs and dropped Styles in the head with the referee distracted. Harris had a pin, but Daniels pulled the ref out of the ring. AMW dropped Daniels on the outside. AMW set up for the Death Sentence, but Daniels broke it up. He hit a DVD on Harris then Styles hit a splash for a nearfall at 16:00. Daniels went for the Angel's Wings on Harris, but Storm broke it up with a clothesline. Daniels blocked a superkick and hit Angel's Wings on Storm. He had a cover, but Harris stopped the count by hitting the referee with an elbow drop. He tossed him out of the ring. Storm tried to use a beer bottle, but Daniels ducked and Storm dropped Harris with a beer bottle. Styles hit a Spiral Tap then Daniels followed with the Best Moonsault Ever on Storm for the win.

Afterwards, they had a big post-match celebration in the stands. TNA did the right thing focusing on the moment rather than moving along to something else.

WINNERS: 17:47. The usual back-of-tricks, but a heck of a match. Athleticism. Good nearfalls. A real blow off with AMW losing the tag titles.

- Borash was backstage with Sting. He said he can multi-task by going after the World Title and keeping Jeff Jarrett away from any type of power, specifically related to a World Title. Sting did the Showtime bit then walked off. Borash stared after Sting as if he had three heads.

- They showed top moments in TNA history including Ken Shamrock winning the first title, Sting, Toby Keith, Tito Ortiz, Roddy Piper, Jeff Jarrett, Randy Savage, Raven showing up for the first time, DDP, AMW, Joe, Duggan, Christian Cage, Ron Killings, Samoa Joe, Curt Henning, big high spots, Raven having his head shaved, ICP, Dennis Rodman, Styles as a young heel, Jarrett going after Hulk Hogan, the White Sox, Sabu and Abyss in barbed wire, Sting 2006, Ultimate X, the Impact debut on Spike, and more.

- Mike Tenay stood center ring to introduce the new public face of TNA management. Tenay said this person has dedicated the last 25 years of his life to wrestling. He introduced Jim Cornette, who came out to some weird trans music. He flipped his cane aside and limped down the rampway to the ring. Cornette said he just saw a match in the ring that is what tag team wrestling is all about. He said he's tired of looking at the old face of wrestling and he wants to see the new face of wrestling in TNA. They showed Larry Zbyszko over-acting backstage while watching a monitor. Cornette said TNA is still around after four years. He said TNA is owned by a major corporation, but they don't know much about wrestling. He said they hired people with agendas, which hurt the TNA product. Cornette said he was hired to protect TNA so the company doesn't fall apart. Sabin, Lethal, and Dutt watched the speech with speculation backstage. Cornette said he's not on payroll, but he was hired to protect the interest of the fans. Cornette said there are guys in the back who need to home runs - the X Division - and there are guys in the back who need to step up and stop living off their reputations. Cornette said he has three goals. 1) Have great matches. 2) Sell PPVs. 3) Get ratings. Cornette said if you can do that, you'll be on his good side, but if you can’t, you need to go somewhere else. Cornette said the new face of TNA would be success. He invited anyone in the back to test him because that person would be out the door. Cornette said, "You ain't seen nothing yet." Time will only tell.

- Borash was backstage with Scott Steiner. Steiner told Borash to call his opponent "Sloppy Joe." He said he beat everyone from Goldberg to Triple H to Batista to Cena. He said Joe hasn't beat anyone. Steiner pulled out a Samoa Joe DVD and threw it down, calling it "unsellable." He said he would kill Joe tonight.


Steiner hit a fireman's carry takeover for the first move of the match. Steiner took Joe down with a double leg takedown. Steiner slapped Joe around. Steiner hip tossed Joe down then paintbrushed him. Joe spit at Steiner then fired up with stiff kicks and knees to the face. Joe hit a knee drop to the throat. The crowd exploded. Steiner came back with an overhead release suplex. Steiner drove a boot to the head. Joe caught Steiner in the corner with a big boot to the head. Joe washed Steiner's face then Steiner rolled out of the ring. Joe flew through the ropes with a suicide dive smash sending Steiner crashing into the guardrail. Joe slapped Steiner across the chest. The match returned to the ring at 4:20. Steiner hit a clothesline into an elbow drop. Steiner did push-ups as Joe gasped for air. Joe fired back with chops before Steiner thumbed Joe in the eye and hit a turnaround belly-to-belly suplex. Steiner followed with a powerbomb, but Joe blocked a pin and applied an MMA-style submission hold. Steiner reached the ropes to break the hold. Joe landed a series of stiff right hands beneath the chin. Steiner caught Joe in the opposite corner with a front throw. Steiner sent Joe to the outside. He took him to the entrance ramp area and sent Joe head-first into the side of the wall. Steiner grabbed a steel chair, but the referee tried to take it away from him. Steiner shoved him aside and smacked Joe with several chair shots. The referee applied a ten count and Joe made it back in just barely before ten. Joe fired up with right hand slaps then a running strike and seated sentaun bomb. Joe caught Steiner with a front slam out of the corner. Joe countered a sudden suplex attempt into a sit-out slam for a nearfall. Joe dropped Steiner with the Kokina Clutch and Steiner didn't make any effort to sell it. Steiner slipped out then hit a Chicken Wing suplex on the back of Joe's head. Steiner applied the Steiner Recliner and Joe appeared to be out cold. Joe powered out and dropped Steiner across the top rope out of the Electric Chair. He hit a running powerslam off the ropes for the win.

WINNER: Samoa Joe at 13:06. Anti-climatic finish after an Even Steven battle, arguably leaning more towards Steiner. Joe doesn't gain much other than a win in the "record books" unless TNA turns this into something huge on TV. Good, hard-hitting action throughout, but below the high expectations. TNA will never make breakthrough wrestling stars trying to please everyone.

- Borash interviewed Christian Cage backstage. Christian rhetorically asked who the champ is. No one answered. Not the fans. Not Borash. Christian told Borash that if he had a dime every time he heard that the new champion never leaves the KOTM match as the champion, he would have 51 dimes. Rough. Christian said Sting showed his true colors earlier when he talked about going after the NWA Title. Christian said TNA became his property when he showed up.

7 -- CHRISTIAN CAGE vs. JEFF JARRETT vs. STING vs. RON KILLINGS vs. ABYSS (w/James Mitchell) -- NWA Title match -- King of the Mountain match

After all the challengers came out, Christian Cage was shown walking through the backstage area through the Gorilla Position to the ring entrance. He climbed a ladder and showed off his NWA Title belt. Larry Zbyszko was introduced as the match emcee. Earl Hebner is the referee. Christian and Killings worked on Jarrett in the ring. Christian mocked Killings's dance and Killings had a laugh before catching Christian with a side kick to the face. Killings and Sting worked together before Killings hit a splash over the top rope onto Jarrett, Abyss, and Christian. Sting flew off the penalty box with a splash onto all four other wrestlers. Sting hit a Stinger Splash on Jarrett in the corner. Killings hit a missile drop kick then covered Jarrett for a pin at 3:45. Like a pin would occur four minutes into a match following a missile dropkick. Jarrett had to spend two minutes in the penalty box and Killings was eligible to hang the NWA Title on the belt hook above the ring. Christian catapulted a ladder into Killings. Christian scored another unbelievable pinfall on Abyss at 5:20 with a quick roll up, making Christian eligible to hang the belt. Jarrett told Abyss they should work together, but his penalty time expired and he went after Christian. Jarrett placed Christian in between two legs of a ladder then stood on the ladder. Abyss's time expired then he talked to Jarrett. They set up a double stack of tables on the outside. Sting and Abyss flew over the top rope with dual clotheslines. Jarrett crotched Killings on the top rope then hit the Stroke from the apron to the guardrail. Jarrett rolled over Killings and covered him to earn eligibility. Christian dumped Jarrett over the guardrail right next to a fan wearing a PWG Champion Joey Ryan moustache t-shirt. Sting and Abyss spilled to the stands. Sting landed chair shots to the head. Christian and Jarrett fought up the bleachers to the very top where Christian failed at dumping Jarrett over the guardrail. They continued to brawl while Ron Killings's penalty time expired. He set up a ladder in the middle of the ring then began to climb up the ladder to hook the belt. Of course, he took ten years to climb each rung. Abyss came into the ring and tipped the ladder over. The action returned to the ring. Jarrett and Abyss worked together to smash everyone with a ladder. They dumped Killings over the top rope to the floor. Christian and Sting worked together to hit a double dropkick on Jarrett and Abyss. Christian and Abyss kinda tumbled over the top rope to the floor. Killings set up a ladder and began to ascend the ladder with NWA Title in hand. Abyss tipped the ladder over again. Abyss flung the ladder back and knocked Earl Hebner out cold. Jarrett and Abyss argued over the NWA Title. Jarrett stole the belt then hit the Black Hole Slam on Jarrett. Referee Slick Johnson hit the ring to make the count for Abyss to make him eligible. Zbyszko took the title belt and told Slick to leave. Jarrett was locked in the penalty box for two minutes. Abyss climbed a ladder then Sting shoved Abyss off the ladder and Abyss went crashing through a double stack of tables. Christian and Sting exchanged blows. Sting hit a Stinger Splash then applied the Scorpion Deathlock. Jarrett, who was supposed to be in the penalty box, ran out of the box and hit Sting with the NWA Title belt. Christian stole a guitar from Jarrett then Sting hit the Scorpion Deathdrop on Jarrett. He told Christian to climb the ladder as he applied the Deathlock on Jarrett. Zbyszko low blowed Christian . West and Tenay predicted victory for Sting, but Christian met him at the top of the ladder. They fought over the belt then Earl Hebner shoved the ladder over sending Sting and Christian to the floor. Jarrett ascended the ladder with the NWA Title belt in hand. The fans trashed the ring with bottles. Jarrett hooked the belt on the ladder for the win.

Afterwards, Hebner and Zbyszko hightailed it, trying to re-create Survivor Series '97. Jarrett began to leave with trash pelting him, but referee Rudy Charles stole the NWA Title and handed it to Cornette, who walked out on stage. Jarrett dropped to his knees in frustration as the fans popped for the swerve ending. The show ended with Mike Tenay asking who the champion is.

WINNER: Find out on Impact in 23:00. Bogus finish. It didn't feel main event worthy from a promotion trying to re-live 1997 and 1999. Looking to the long-term, this could work out to crown a new champion and create interesting TV building to the next PPV, but, also in the long-term, a completely bogus non-finish to a PPV main event could hurt future PPV sales. Then again, if you're still ordering TNA PPVs, the previous PPV main event non-finishes haven't deterred you from ordering again.

We welcome your 1-10 score and comments on this show for a "Slammiversary Reax" feature in the Torch Feedback section of To contribute your thoughts on Slammiversary, click here.

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We also have a great team of
TV Reporters
and Specialists and Artists.


PWTorch offers a VIP membership for $10 a month (or less with an annual sub). It includes nearly 25 years worth of archives from our coverage of pro wrestling dating back to PWTorch Newsletters from the late-'80s filled with insider secrets from every era that are available to VIPers in digital PDF format and Keller's radio show from the early 1990s.

Also, new exclusive top-shelf content every day including a new VIP-exclusive weekly 16 page digital magazine-style (PC and iPad compatible) PDF newsletter packed with exclusive articles and news.

The following features come with a VIP membership which tens of thousands of fans worldwide have enjoyed for many years...

-New Digital PWTorch Newsletter every week
-3 New Digital PDF Back Issues from 5, 10, 20 years ago
-Over 60 new VIP Audio Shows each week
-Ad-free access to all free articles
-VIP Forum access with daily interaction with PWTorch staff and well-informed fellow wrestling fans
-Tons of archived audio and text articles
-Decades of Torch Talk insider interviews in transcript and audio formats with big name stars.


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