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12/11 NWA-TNA PPV review: Sempervive's detailed report

Dec 11, 2002 - 10:30:00 PM

NWA-TNA Show #25
December 11, 2002
Live from Nashville, TN
By Mike Sempervive, Torch Team Contributor

The show begins with a video package of the Piper/Russo confrontation and then the Harris Brothers & B.G. James attacks on the "old school". The opening then airs and we start.

(1) Tony Mamaluke defeated Jason Cross. Match begins with a lock up and some back and forth. Tenay & West heavily hype Cross' finishing move, "The Crossfire". Mamaluke rolls out of the ring and Cross hits a pretty twisting plancha over the top Cross then goes for a moonsault off the ring steps but Mamaluke catches him and delivers a over the knee stomach breaker. Mamaluke slams Cross against the ring and rolls him back in. He then slams Cross into the buckle and hangs him in the tree of woe. Mamaluke crotches himself after missing a baseball slide, Cross follows up with a basement dropkick of his own. Cross hits a brainbuster for a 2. Cross misses a somersault legdrop but Mamaluke moves and then clips Cross' leg. Mamaluke goes to work on Cross' right leg. Cross misses an enzuigiri and Mamaluke hits a nasty german suplex for a 2. Mamaluke lifts Cross up for a shinbreaker, but Cross turns it into a sunset flip. Mamaluke then hits a dropkick to Cross' leg. Mamaluke tries to lift Cross up but he hits a sidekick to the side of Mamaluke's head. Cross hits a leg drop to the back of Mamaluke's head and then slams Mamaluke down in front of the corner and goes up top. Mamaluke catches him, but Cross hits a flipping top rope Unprettier to put Mamaluke down. Cross then hits an absolutely gorgeous Shooting Star legdrop (The Crossfire), but he hurts his right leg in the process. Mamaluke then hits a dragon screw legwhip and locks on the Sicilian Crab for the win. (Great match!)

After the match B.G. James comes down to the ring and tells Tenay to guard the guitar he gives him with his life because Jeff Jarrett will need it to retain the NWA title tonight. He then sends the Harris brothers in to beat down Mamaluke and Cross to clear the ring. James cuts a promo and says that Vince Russo is not here tonight due to him scouting talent. James then cuts a promo saying that what Russo is doing is for the good of the business. Bob Armstrong then comes down and asks why James has done what he's done. James says that by doing it his way has brought him to the top, and that "daddy" has done nothing for him. Armstrong then calls out Ron Killings who is wearing a chain around his neck with a steel chair in the middle of it. He then says that James will face off against Killings in a chain match that has a chair in the middle of it (out of cowbells, I guess). Armstrong then says the Harris brothers will face off against the New Church tonight. James then says why put it off for later when we can do it now which gets Killings to charge the ring, and then gets beat down by the three heels. The Church comes out to help Killings, but Armstrong calls out security and the refs to break up the brawl.

Tenay & West show the line-up for tonight.

Goldy interviews Jorge Estrada. She says it looks like Estrada "has lost his smile." Estrada brings up how Sonny Siaki has left him, Jimmy Yang won't return his phone calls due to being "too busy for old Jorge", and Priscilla leaving him. When Goldy asks if the Elvises are dead, Estrada walks away without saying a word.

(2) Kid Kash defeated Jorge Estrada. The match begins with shadow moves. A spot gets missed when both men go for armbars and fall awkwardly, Kash makes a good recovery by locking in an armbar. After some more back and forth, Estrada knocks Kash off the ring apron and to the floor. Estrada then goes for a Asai moonsault onto Kash and hits his head on the floor. Estrada recovers and rolls Kash back in for a 2. Estrada tries to stay on the attack but after getting whipped onto the ropes Kash hits a twisting bodyblock for a 2. Kash hits a chop and then a facebuster for a 2. Kash gets a bodyslam (that looked like a blown move by Estrada), and stomps Estrada. After a whip into the ropes estrada hits a drop toehold and then a springboard legdrop to the back of Kash's head. He then hits a variation of the Trip to Graceland for a 2. Kash then hits a springboard missile dropkick and then a swing DDT for a 2. The two then exchange Flair chops before Kash hits the Money Drop for the win. Kash leaves quickly and doesn't look all too pleased. (It's not for lack of effort but, Estrada has looked bad recently without Yang, and tonight was the worst yet.)

The scroll rolls, and Tenay hypes the silent auction. They then throw it to Goldy in the back.

Scott Armstrong asks Bob Armstrong to let him go talk some sense into B.G. James. Goldy tries to talk to the Bullet, but he refuses and walks away.

(3) Divine Storm (w/ Trinity) defeated America's Most Wanted. Harris starts off against Chris Divine with Harris looking aggressive and no-selling his moves. Quiet Storm comes in and so does James Storm. Quiet takes the advantage and tries to chuck James Storm outside. J. Storm skins the cat, and Quiet baseball slides to the floor. Divine tries to jump James, but gets flipped outside on to his partner. J. Storm then jumps off of Harris' back to the outside on top of Quiet Storm, and then Harris hits a plancha onto all 3 men. Trinity then goes to the top and hits a perfect moonsault onto all 4. Back in the ring, AMW hits off a series of old school double team moves on Quiet Storm. Harris then hits a long vertical suplex for a 2. Quiet then tags out to Divine who hits a back suplex for a 2. Divine hits a Russian legsweep for a 2, and then locks on a rear chinlock. He then hits a bulldog. Divine goes up to the top but Harris shoves him to the floor. Quiet comes in but Harris hits a spear, and tags in James Storm. Storm reverses a piledriver attempt into a slam, and he superkicks Divine who is trying an attack from the top rope. James gets a 2 on Divine. Harris is tagged back in and they hit a double team move for a 2. Quiet Storm comes into the ring and tries a tilt-a-whirl that gets reversed into a powerslam. AMW then go for the Death Sentence but Trinity runs in and low blows James Harris leading to the pin.
(I'm still not sure who was legal. Oh well. Is there any type of bid on the website that will allow me to have Trinity come over to my house?)

The scroll rolls and Tenay says that next week will be the last broadcast for TNA for 2 weeks. No broadcast on Christmas or New Year's Eve.

Goldy is outside of the arena where Scott Armstrong is talking to his brother B.G. about their time as children looking up to their Dad. He says that when he started to make money he bought James his first car. B.G. cuts off Scott and says that "Dad drove on dirt roads, I paved my own." And then walks away.

A video package is shown of last week's attack on Amazing Red by A.J. Styles & Mortimer Plumtree

(4) The Amazing Red defeated A.J. Styles (w/ Mortimer Plumtree). Red charges the ring and attacks Styles before the bell. He reverses all of styles moves and hits a kick to Styles face, and then the 718 (619). Styles rolls across the ring. Red then dropkicks Styles to the floor. Red goes for a slingshot planca but Styles catches him and hits a over the knee back breaker. Back in the ring, Styles gets a 2. Styles then whips Red into the ropes and hits a over the knee back breaker, lifts up Red again and drops him front first over his knee. Red lands some punches and kicks but is met with a clothesline as he comes off the ropes. Styles goes for the pin and gets the 2. Styles then locks on a camel clutch before breaking it with a forearm to Red's face. He chops Red in the corner and then whips him into the other corner. Styles hits the backflip off Red's chest. Red kicks Styles away and goes for a sunset powerbomb but Styles pulls him up on his shoulders, flips him over and goes for the Styles Clash. Red makes it to the ropes to break the hold. (Awesome set of moves there) Red then puts Red on the top buckle. Red goes for a tornado DDT, but Styles twists around and hits a Northern Lights. Red looks to be favoring his right leg. Styles gets two 2 counts before dumping Red outside the ring where Plumtree can get some kicks in. Red rolls back in, and Styles gets another 2. Styles then throws Red under the bottom rope, where he catches Plumtree with a rana. Styles goes outside to keep control. Styles sets up the ringsteps on their side, presses Red over his head. Red shakes off and tries a tornado DDT into the steps, but Styles overpowers him and slams Red face first into them. Back in the ring, Styles gets another 2. Styles hits a bodyslam and nails a senton splash for a 2. Styles charges off the ropes at Red, who hits a rana for a 2. Red starts to take the fight to Styles before Styles hits a inverted DDT for a 2. Styles then locks on a Indian Deathlock/Chinlock combo. Styles then breaks the chinlock they roll up to a kneeling position (still in the Deathlock) and Styles locks on another chinlock. Styles then goes for the pin, but only 2 again. Styles gets another 2. Red then reverses Styles into a sunset powerbomb for a 2. Styles then hits Styles with some right hands but eats a kick to the face when he charges Styles in the corner. Styles then hits a sit-down powerbomb for a 2. Styles then goes up to the top, but is met by Red. He tries a rana, but Styles tries to reverse it into a Styles Clash. Red fights off and hits a enzuigiri on Styles. Red then goes back up to the top where he and Styles jockey for position with both standing on the top rope. Red hits a Super Frankensteiner off the top for the pin and the win. (What you'd expect. Superb match.)

The scroll rolls again, as Tenay & West talk about the silent auction.

(5) The New Church (w/ James Mitchell & Belladonna) defeated The Harrises by DQ to retain the NWA World Tag Team titles. An out of breath Styles and Plumtree join the announce desk. Styles is dazed and confused as Plumtree declares that he'll bring a complaint against junior referee Rudy Charles. As this is going on a four way brawl takes place in the ring, and then out to the floor and into the crowd. They work their way back into the ring where the Harrises pound on Slash, and then Lee. Styles and Plumtree then leave the announce table. It's still a Texas Tornado match in the ring. James then slides into the ring with a steel chair and brains Slash giving the Harrises the win, and the NWA World tag team titles. Percy Pringle then comes down to the ring and tells the ref Andrew Thomas about James' interference. Scott Armstrong then comes down and seconds the motion, and Thomas then reverses the decision and awards the Church a DQ win. After the match, James Mitchell says that while the two teams don't like each other, Percy Pringle has no right to get in their business. With that the Harrises go after Pringle. When they do, AMW runs out and clears the ring with chairs.

A video package airs of Sonny Siaki and Jerry Lynn's building feud for the X title. It then goes into a sit-down with Tenay and Siaki. He says that he put Lynn "out for two weeks, and tonight he makes his belt, my belt."

(6) Sonny Siaki defeated Jerry Lynn to win the NWA X division title. The two lock up, go into the corner, and Lynn breaks clean. The two then exchange waistlocks and matwork before Lynn gets the advantage with a side headlock. Siaki misses a short arm clothesline and Lynn gets a crucifix for a 2. After a hiptoss, a dropkick, and a drop toehold, Lynn gets a La Majestral cradle for a 2. Lynn locks on an armbar, but Siaki powers Lynn into the corner and misses a sucker punch. Lynn tries for a punch but the ref blocks him. Siaki then sucker punches him. Siaki tosses Lynn to the floor and goes for a baseball slide, but Lynn gets back into the ring. As Siaki tries to get back in the ring, Lynn slams his head into the top buckle and hits a springboard dropkick to send Siaki to the floor. Siaki then grabs Lynn's leg to drag him outside and the two brawl around to the announce table where Lynn slams Siaki's head into it. Siaki then blocks Lynn and slams Lynn's head into the ring apron. Siaki rolls Lynn in. Siaki stalls and looks over at the crowd. Lynn then takes Siaki's legs out from under him. Lynn jumps over the ropes and hits a legdrop on Siaki whose head is hanging over the apron. Lynn gets a 2. Siaki blocks a rollup attempt off the ropes. Lynn charges Siaki, who Hot Shots him. Siaki then stays on the advantage getting some 2 counts. Lynn tries to fight back, but Siaki clips him. Lynn gets a sunset flip for a 2, but Siaki takes back the advantage very quickly after a Flair-kick and a superkick. Siaki gets a 2. Siaki dumps Lynn outside, and hits him with the title belt, and then dumps him into the ring steps. Siaki goes for a piledriver on the floor, but Lynn backdrops him. Lynn rolls into the ring to break the count. Siaki then throws Lynn into the guard rail twice before rolling him back in for a 2 count. Lynn reverses a suplex attempt into a inverted DDT. Both men are down. Lynn is back up first. They exchange punches and then Lynn starts drilling Siaki with punches and two clotheslines. Lynn then hits a sit-down powerbomb for a 2. Lynn then hits a tornado DDT for a 2. Siaki throws Lynn up into the air, and hits a Diamond Cutter on the way down for a 2. Lynn goes behind Siaki and pushes him into the corner, knocking the ref down. Lynn reverses the Siakalypse into a cradle piledriver, but there is no one to count. Lynn hits a sideslam and goes up to the top rope. A unknown female (who looks pretty damn good) then walks down to ringside and crotches Lynn on the top. She winks at a surprised Siaki, and makes her way up the ramp. Siaki then goes up top and hits a Siakalypse off the top rope for the win and the X title.

The scroll rolls and Tenay & West hype up the different items up for bid in the auction.

(7) Ron "The Truth" Killings defeated B.G. James in a chairs and chains match. James enters the ring through the crowd, and without theme music. The crowd chants "chicken s**t" at James. Killings jumps James as the ref ties them together. James begs off to begin, but suckers Killings. James beats Killings into the corner but as he picks up the chair, Killings hits a missile dropkick into the chair and into James face for a 2. Killings then hits a axe kick on James into the chair for a 2. Killings then sets the chair on James face and goes up to the top. He tries a moonsault but James moves away, and Killings lands on the chair. James then sets up the chair between the second and top buckle, and pounds away on Killings knocking him through the ropes to the floor. As James tries to dance, Killings pulls him into the turnbuckle. The chain breaks off the wrist of James, and then Killings. Killings rolls back in for a 2. After a low blow by James, Killings reverses a pumphandle slam into a X-Factor onto the chair for the win. After the match Killings picks up the chair, places it on James, and goes up to the top rope for a 450. Bob Armstrong runs in and stops Killings from jumping on James. He raises Killings hand. James then gets up and hits his father with the chair, and then Killings. Tenay & West then tease whether or not James meant to do it.

Don West does his hard sell on next week. Tenay will have a sit-down with Percy Pringle. 3 way between the Harrises-Church-AMW. Sonny Siaki defends the X title against EZ Money. A 10 man X division gauntlet match to decide the #1 contender to the title.

A video package airs to buildup the Curt Hennig-Jeff Jarrett match. A sit-down is then shown from earlier today of Tenay and Jarrett. He says he's accomplished his life long dream of becoming NWA champion. Tenay asks about Vince Russo coming in, he asks his reaction to Sean Waltman's refusal to appear on TNA because of Russo. He says it's "utterly ridiculous" and he's "acting like a child". He says it's a "cop out." Tenay asks about Piper's comments last week on Owen Hart. Jarrett says that "he's not discuss Owen's name on a wrestling program, case closed." He says no matter what anyone says "Vince Russo or no one walking this earth is responsible for Owen Hart's death." He says only one person knew Piper was in the building, and that no one knew what Piper was going to say. He calls Piper passionate and that he's from the old-school. When Tenay asks if Jarrett is with Russo, he says he's not.

(8) Jeff Jarrett defeated Curt Hennig to retain the NWA World Heavyweight title. The two exchange trash talk and waistlocks early. Hennig takes Jarrett down with a headlock, Jarrett locks Hennig in a head scissors before they both pop up and stand off. They do this again, before a little more action happens and both spill to the floor. Jarrett chokes Hennig against the rail, and then hits him with a chair twice. He chokes him again, and slams him into a chair by the announce table face first. He teases grabbing the guitar off the announce table. Back in the ring, Jarrett whips Hennig off the ropes, he tries for a kick but Hennig catches him and starts to go to work on Jarrett's left leg. He drags Jarrett over to the post and slams it. Hennig locks on a variation of a Indian Deathlock. Jarrett is counted down for a 2. Jarrett tries to fight out of it, but Hennig nails him with a clothesline. Jarrett gets counted down for 2 again. Jarrett then hits some forearms to break the hold. Jarrett hits an atomic drop, and then an enzuigiri. Jarrett then catapults Hennig into the second rope. As Hennig gets up he pulls off the turnbuckle pad on the top rope. Jarrett then slams Hennig's head into it and he falls back and knocks referee Scott Armstrong down. Jarrett then goes outside and grabs the guitar, but then puts it back down. Jarrett goes back into the ring and tries for the Stroke. Hennig Flair-kicks Jarrett low, as he goes for a Hennigplex, Vince Russo slides into the ring and hits Hennig twice in the back with the guitar (that doesn't break). A groggy Jarrett then pins Hennig. Jarrett turns around to see Russo handing him the belt. As he does, A.J. Styles comes into the ring and jumps Jarrett. The show then ends.

Really good show, in my opinion. Very happy to see that Styles and Lynn will get heavyweight pushes now. There is just too much talent in the X division as it is for Styles and Lynn not to come up and help the thin heavyweight ranks. Siaki-Lynn was great, but Red-Styles was amazing. The Harrises-New Church was pretty much a cluster bomb, but it seemed to establish Pringle as a face (we'll see). Kash-Estrada was brought down by sloppiness, but it was balanced by Mamaluke-Cross as a fantastic opener. Trinity is now a new star for TNA, and Divine Storm looked pretty good against AMW (who can make anyone look good). Jarrett-Hennig was what you would expect, and furthered the Jarrett-Russo angle.

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