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CALDWELL'S FINAL RESOLUTION PPV REPORT 1/14: Ongoing "virtual time" coverage of live PPV

Jan 14, 2007 - 9:58:00 PM

by James Caldwell, PWTorch columnist

TNA Turning Point Alternative Perspective PPV Review
January 14, 2007
From Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida
By: James Caldwell, Torch columnist


- We start the show with Raven caning Johnny Devine in the ring. What a great way to start the show. They cut to Christy outside of the building with the fans.

- Don West was wearing a bright red dress shirt ringside with Mike Tenay. Tenay said fans can vote for who they took will Joe vs. Angle by text messaging at 99 cents a pop. Does that mean TNA couldn't decide who should win the rubber match so they'll decide based on fan voting?

- Leticia was backstage with Bob Backlund, who is one of the judges for the PCS. Yes, Backlund in the flesh! Backlund said Kevin Nash is having an adverse affect on the PCS wrestlers. Backlund asked Leticia if her mom knows how she dresses. Leticia said she hasn't lived at home in ten years. Backlund gave her a dictionary and told her to look up "mom". On her fourth attempt to introduce a video package on A.J. vs. Rhino, Backlund left. That was the oddest, yet somehow greatest exchange in PPV pre-show history.

- After the Rhino-Styles video aired, they cut to Jeremy Borash in the locker room area. Borash plugged the text of Angle-Joe. Current Results are 50 percent for each. So, one vote from Vince. One vote from Dutch. Jarrett is undecided. Rhino walked into the shot and talked about the Last Man Standing match with Styles.

1 -- CHASE STEVENS vs. LANCE HOYT. Hoyt came out sporting a giant Texas belt buckle. Nice. No dancing from Hoyt this month. No Killings either. They cut to a shot of A.J. Pierzynski and Demon ringside. Stevens knocked Hoyt to the outside allowing Pierzynski and Demon to give Hoyt a few choice words. Back in the ring, Hoyt hit a front face slam out of the fireman's carry position for the win. WINNER: HOYT IN 2:00. After the match, Hoyt rocked Demon with a right hand blow. He pulled him over the railing to the outside, but Pierzynski slammed a steel char over his back. Security separated everyone, then Shane Douglas ran into the ring and screamed at Stevens. Silence. Douglas continued to rip into Stevens, then Stevens told him to do something about it. Stevens shoved Douglas into the corner, then security ran into the ring and separated them.

- They aired a package on the LAX vs. Team 3D and Santa feud. Tenay and West recapped the Hoyt-Pierzynski deal, then West promised this is the last three-way NWA Title match between Abyss, Sting, and Christian Cage. He then said the winner of Joe-Angle is the new #1 Contender. Tenay and West plugged the text messaging, then they went to a video package on the NWA Title picture.

- Borash stood backstage with James Mitchell and Abyss. Mitchell said it's a great time to be alive. Abyss felt the NWA Title belt draped over Mitchell's shoulder. Mitchell said he's happy to finally get rid of Sting tonight. He said sometimes it takes some rocky times to appreciate the bond he has with Abyss, which is why Abyss is going to successfully defend the title. Mitchell went through the checklist for Abyss's title defense. Christian Cage and Tomko interrupted. Christian said he had something Mitchell might be interested in. Mitchell paused, then left with Christian. Abyss tried follow Mitchell, but Tomko stood in his way. Abyss and Tomko had a staredown.

- They aired a video package on the Angle-Joe feud. Borash then found Angle in his locker room. He reminded everyone that the winner of Angle-Joe III faces the NWA champion next month. Angle said he's more focused than ever before. He said he came to TNA to end Joe's winning streak and to win the NWA Title. He said he already took care of #1. Angle said he's going to show Joe that he's the best wrestler in the world tonight. Ringside, Don West broke down the PPV card.

Live PPV show

The show opened with a video package on Muhammad Ali talking about his best-of-three with Joe Frazier, with clips of Joe-Angle spliced in.

1 -- A.J. STYLES vs. RHINO -- Last man standing match.

Styles bailed to the outside before the match. Rhino gave chase and took Styles into the ring. Styles is sporting full-length spandex tights tonight. Rhino then cleared Styles to the outside and hit a slingshot plancha. Back in the ring, Styles took control and landed right hand blows. The crowd exchanged "Let's go Rhino" and "Let's go A.J." chants. Styles choked Rhino with his wrist tape as Earl Hebner reprimanded him. As Hebner picked up the tape and chucked it out of the ring, Styles landed a low blow. He then hit a springboard splash and scored a three count at 4:10. Apparently, the rules are that you need a pinfall in order to start the ten count. Rhino reached his feet at five, then he gave Styles a powerbomb face-first into the top turnbuckle. Styles suddenly pulled Rhino to the outside, then he hit a flip dive onto the floor. Back in the ring, Styles landed right hand blows to the head. He went for a top rope fist smash, but Rhino gave him a spinebuster. Rhino made a cover at 7:55 for the pin. Styles reached his feet at seven to break the count. They circled each other in the ring, then Rhino ran over Styles with hard clotheslines. They fought in the corner and Styles hit a sunset flip powerbomb for a nearfall. Rhino then went under the ring and pulled out a table at 10:45. Styles cut him off and crotched him on the edge of the table. Back in the ring, Styles made a cover for a two count. He went to the apron and Rhino slammed him stomach-first across the top rope. Rhino then powerbombed Styles for a two count. Styles came back with a soccer kick to the head, but Rhino recovered and Gored him. Rhino then hit a second Gore and covered him for a three count at 13:50. Hebner began his ten count as the camera focused on Styles's bloody nose. Meanwhile, Rhijo set up a table ringside. Hebner applied the slowest ten count as Styles appeared to reach his feet at eight, but then he sat down in the corner and let Hebner count to ten.

Rhino won the match, but he wasn't done. He told Styles he wasn't done with him. Rhino chased Styles up the ramp to the back. They re-emerged after Tenay and West talked about the rest of the card. Rhino then gave Styles a piledriver on the stage. He dragged the table to the top of the ramp and placed it against the tunnel. Rhino went for the Gore, but Styles moved and Rhino crashed through the table.

WINNER: RHINO AT 14:45. Crowd was hot for the match. The early pinfall by Styles wouldn't have happened in a normal match, but it planted seeds for the Iron man match later in the show.

They aired a video package on the X Division Title match. Leticia then interviewed Jerry Lynn backstage. Lynn complained about the "old man" stigma attached to his name. He said he's taking a calculated risk that he can still dance with the best of them in the ring. We should just get used to the X Division being relegated to Cruiserweight status with X Title matches taking place in the opening hour of PPVs.

2 -- CHRISTOPHER DANIELS vs. JERRY LYNN vs. CHRIS SABIN -- X Division Title match.

Tenay laughed about something as Sabin walked to the ring. Lynn followed out, then Daniels. Tenay talked about some sort of "heat" between Sabin and Lynn. If that's the case, we can look out for Lynn trying to potato Sabin in the match. Mobile results for Joe vs. Angle thus far is 61 percent for Joe and 39 percent for Angle. Lynn and Daniels cleared Sabin to the outside early on. They did a three-man run-the-ropes spot where they did wind sprints across the ring before Daniels ran over Sabin with a clothesline. Sabin took out Daniels on the outside, then he choked Lynn back in the ring. Tenay made a good point that Sabin can't stay on the outside too long because a pin could occur at any point. Daniels re-entered the ring and slammed Lynn before applying a neck vice with his legs. Sabin broke up the hold, then threw Lynn to the outside and covered Daniels for a nearfall. Sabin toyed with Daniels with a massage and playful slaps to the head followed by a Wet Willy. He hit a basement dropkick on Daniels at 6:30, then Lynn broke up a pin. Lynn then hit a top rope dropkick on each opponent. He snapped off a huracanrana on Sabin, then Daniels dropped him with an STO. Lynn clotheslined Sabin and everyone recovered on the mat. They set up a three-man corner spot, then everyone recovered on the mat. Daniels popped up and gave Sabin the BME for a nearfall when Lynn broke up the pin. Sabin then hit a sitdown powerbomb for a nearfall when Daniels broke up a pin. Lynn then hit the Celtic Cross on Daniels and Sabin broke up a pin at 11:00. Lynn countered Angel's Wings into the Cradle Piledriver. He went for a cover, but Sabin rolled up Lynn from behind and hooked the tights for the win. Sabin rolled to the outside with a look of shock on his face before he was handed the title belt. In the ring, Lynn couldn't believe it.

WINNER: SABIN AT 11:42 TO CAPTURE THE X DIVISION TITLE. Good action with a finish that played into Sabin's character. It sets up future re-matches, but hopefully not three title changes in a month like the last time Sabin won the belt.

Kevin Nash was backstage with Borash for an interview. Nash said it will be a great night for the PCS. He then brought in Bob Backlund as his judge. Where's footage of the eight-second title match when you need it? Nash talked about being down the roads with Backlund. They had an awkward exchange as Dave Penzer announced the PCS match stipulations in the background. Backlund made random outbursts. He then asked whether the PCS wrestlers went through the proper training. Nash said they did some limbo exercises, then partied all night. Backlund wasn't satisfied. Nash left, then Borash asked for them to cut the interview. Eric Young interrupted and said they need to go shopping. Young shook hands with Backlund and said he voted for him as President in 1995. Backlund stared at Borash creating more awkward silence.

A video package aired on the PCS. Kevin Nash then walked out and stared down the PCS trophy. Tenay said Nash wants to bring out the "character" of the PCS wrestlers. West said he's intrigued by Bob Backlund. Nash stared into space. More awkward silence. Samolian Joe from Madagascar Pro Wrestling walked out as the first judge. TNA's rip-off of Big Dick Johnson walked out as the second judge. Bob Backlund came out as the third judge and shook hands with the judges. This isn't quite Terry Funk, Lou Thesz, and Pat O'Connor for Flair-Steamboat.

3 -- AUSTIN STARR vs. ALEX SHELLEY -- Finals of the PCS -- 10-minute time limit

Don West was too eager to talk about TV magic cards before the bell rang. The fans rallied behind Shelley early on. Nash said there were 39,000 fans in MSG when he beat Backlund for the WWF Title in 1994. He said they bused people to the Meadowlands for the overflow crowd. Nash said they went an hour. Tenay corrected him that it was eight seconds. Nash said he's been telling his wife it's been an hour for years. Starr landed a dropkick in the ring as the camera continued to focus on the fat man oiling himself up. Shelley went for Sliced Bread #2, but Starr slipped out. Starr went on the attack at 4:00. He took Shelley to the outside, then marked a point for himself on Samolian Joe's scoresheet. Shelley then caught Starr in the ropes with a knee to the back of the head. He shoved Starr into the corner and landed a double foot dropkick to the rear and scored a nearfall. Starr made a comeback at 7:45, but Shelley cut him off the corner and gave him a swinging backcracker. Backlund appeared to be solving a math equation on his scoresheet as Shelley hit a swinging DDT for a nearfall. The one-minute countdown began as Shelley signaled for the end. He went for a Sliced Bread, but Starr countered into a front face pancake. He sat on Shelley's back, then applied a Camel Clutch. Uh oh. Where's Skaaland with the towel? Shelley held on as time expired.

Borash then announced the results. Samolian Joe voted for Starr. Fat Naked Oily Guy voted for Shelley. Backlund left the announce table and grabbed his scoresheet. He gave Starr 92 points and Shelley 95 in training. For form and balance, he gave Starr 82 and Shelley 95. Tenay said he's confused. On body positions having the ability to augment the right positions, he gave Starr 100 and Shelley 85. On pinning combinations, he gave Starr 10 and Shelley 9. On building up a match to entertain the fans, he gave Starr 25 and Shelley 25. He said that's the verdict. Borash said after all that noise, the decision was a draw. Nash ruled a five minute overtime.

Shelley went for two quick pins, but Starr kicked out and went for a brainbuster attempt. Shelley countered into a quick roll up for the win. West said the PCS makes the BCS look like a work of genius. A few college kids ran into the ring after the match. Oh wait, that was Dutt and Lethal. Senshi then followed out and stood around. Lethal and Dutt hoisted Shelley in the air. Starr stared a hole in Nash's hand, then slapped Nash's hand. He told Nash it was his fault. Nash then shoved down Starr. Senshi held back Starr. Starr grabbed the mic and said he didn't come to TNA to resurrect Nash's career or play second fiddle to any of the PCS chumps. He said the only person he respects is Senshi. Starr tried to leave, but Senshi wouldn't follow him. Starr then spoke in deep Warrior tone, which got a laugh out of the crowd. Starr tried to leave with Senshi again, but he wouldn't leave. He slapped Senshi across the face, then Senshi jumped him. They brawled in the ring before Starr slipped out of the ring. Starr then shoved the fat man. Big fat oily man's facial expression was priceless. Starr got in Backlund's face and grabbed his glasses after piefacing him. Backlund then put Starr in the Crossface Chicken wing. Backlund snapped! Security tried to separate them.

WINNER: SHELLEY AT 10:25 IN SUDDEN DEATH. A long, long, long segment with Backlund's over-extended scoring breakdown. It was entertaining, though, with Starr showing some personality on the mic and Backlund snapping on Starr. Shelley winning the PCS was inconsequential with so much else happening.

Gail Kim walked out with James Storm. She tried to ignore Storm, then she blew a kiss at West. Storm grabbed her and pulled her back to his side. Kim = Kelly Kelly.


Storm hit the Eye of the Storm early on. He then put Petey in the Camel Clutch at 3:20. Some fans are still living in 2006 and chanted, "Brokeback Mountain" at Storm. He went for a powerbomb, but Petey countered into a DDT. Petey called for the Destroyer, but Storm blocked and shoved Petey to the corner. He hit a flip-over slam into a reverse DDT for a nearfall. Petey blocked a sunset flip pin attempt, then hit a double foot dropkick to the back for a nearfall. Storm then blocked the Destroyer and rolled up Petey with a hook of the ropes for the win.

Afterward, Petey and the fans complained to Storm about using the ropes. Gail Kim was thrust into the middle of the discussion, then Storm jumped Petey from behind and landed forearm blows. Storm then grabbed handcuffs from Gail's outfit, which Tenay called a "fashion accessory". He cuffed Petey to the corner. Storm retrieved a beer bottle and went after Petey, but Gail stopped him short. She tried to uncuff Petey, then Storm grabbed Gail. She gave Storm a low blow when Storm tried to hit her with the bottle. The fans cheered as Gail attacked Storm with hard forearm blows. She grabbed the bottle and measured Storm, but Jacqueline ran into the ring and jumped Gail from behind. She teamed up with Storm for the Death Sentence on Gail.

WINNER: STORM AT 6:39. Looks like the beginnings of a Women's division with Gail, Jacqueling, Ms. Brooks, Christy Hemme, and So Cal Val on the roster. Inconsequential match with the focus on the post-match angle again.

They aired clips on the VKM "attacks" on WWE. VKM then walked to the ring with chairs in hand. Tenay said they decided to give B.G. a live mic again, which may or may not be a good idea. B.G. said war is hell and it's difficult to declare a victor sometimes. He said they came here to declare victory over Vincent K. McMahon and WWE. B.G. said they had no choice after doing everything they were supposed to do. Suddenly, B.G. switched to a "get well" wish for Triple H. He told Hunter to heal his wheel. Well, that made no sense. B.G. then said HBK didn't show up at the Alamo. He said WWE are cowards and stupid for not accepting the $1.0 million challenge because it could have meant money and ratings. B.G. said he's not taking about ratings in terms of Mr. Spears pinning WWE's champion. He's also not talking about two lookalike celebrities wrestling with boos and TNA chants in the crowd. B.G. said he knows Vince heard the chants because he was ringside. He said their battle in the war is over with and they have declared victory, but it brings him to the war vs. wrestling fans around the world. B.G. said Vince insults the intelligence of wrestling fans every week on Raw. He said everyone should start singing, "We're not going to take it" at Vince. B.G. said there's a new sheriff in town and it's name is TNA.

Suddenly, Christy Hemme started screaming. She interrupted and said she could get fired for what she's about to say. Christy said that if Hunter and Shawn are the foundation of the new DX and B.G. and Kip are the foundation of the old DX, what about Joanie Laurer? She said what about Lita, who had to run from the business. Christy brought up Val, Traci, and Gail. She said they, as women, are not disposable. Kip stood there with no expression. She said she wants to wrestle too. Christy said she loves this business. The fans chanted, "We want wrestling." She screamed, "I do too." Christy said the women in the business deserve to be more than blips on the radar. The fans chanted, "boring" and Christy began to leave. B.G. told her to stop and get back in the ring. He said wrestling is a man's world, but there's room for everyone. Kip then grabbed the mic and told Christy to go back to the strip club she got fired from. The fans cheered for this. Kip said girls are good for two things. He said, "Sucking d---," then B.G. cut him off. Christy screamed at Kip that women are good for two things. "Our bodies and putting men back in line." As my eyes roll, I'm sure any good feminist would agree 100 percent with that sentiment. Ass backward writing here. She slapped Kip, then bailed when Kip tried to go after her. B.G. then pulled Kip back as Christy left.

Borash stood backstage with Team 3D. Brother Ray stood into the camera. He said they're ready for LAX. Ray said they're jealous of LAX because LAX have the glory and prestige of being able to wake up every morning and call themselves NWA tag champs. Sting interrupted and asked Borash if he had seen Abyss.


Tenay said he received word that Konnan had surgery in Mexico and he's on the shelf. Hernandez and Devon had a stand-off early on. They exchanged chest and shoulder bumps before Devon ran over Hernandez with an arm drag followed by a dropkick. Ray tagged in and Homicide spit his gum at Ray. Ray picked up the ABC gum and spit it back at Homicide, who tagged in. Ray tossed Homicide aside, then he ran him over with a clothesline. Joe 57 percent and Angle 43 percent so far. Ray ducked a clothesline and hit a lift-up slam for a nearfall. They hit a double team combo on Homicide, then Homicide took control on Devon and tagged in Hernandez. Homicide tagged back in, then Ray tagged in and pounded on Homicide with hard chops to the chest. The fight spilled to the outside where Ray threw Homicide hard into the guardrail. Those squeaky turnbuckle corners are becoming even more squeaky and bothersome. LAX worked on Devon as Ray stood on the apron with a trickle of blood on his forehead. Ray tagged in and set up Devon for the diving headbutt to Hernandez's crotch. Ray called for the tables, then Homicide ran into the ring and took a 3D. Team 3D then dumped Hernandez to the outside. Brother Santa Clause Runt then came to ringside and climbed up top. Ray stared at Runt as he jumped on Homicide, causing a DQ. Ray couldn't believe it, so he threw Runt through the ropes to the outside.

WINNERS: LAX VIA DQ AT 10:23. Let's see... Homicide was a rag doll the entire match and LAX won because Runt splashed Homicide. Well, that gives me great confidence in TNA's booking of LAX going forward. It's amazing to see the difference of booking for Homicide in ROH vs. TNA.

They announced Joe with 57 percent of the vote. Don West appeared to be lost as Tenay discussed Joe-Angle. Borash was backstage with Samoa Joe. He said Angle had some strong words for Joe. If you missed the pre-show, you'd have no idea what Borash was talking about. Joe vowed to torture Angle for 30 minutes and beat him to the ground before getting his NWA Title shot.

6 -- SAMOA JOE vs. KURT ANGLE -- 30-minute iron man match -- #1 Contender match

The fans exchanged chants as they locked up for the first time. Joe shoved Angle to the outside. There was a brief "Angle sucks" chant as Angle climbed back into the ring. Angle ran over Joe with a shoulder tackle at 3:30 for the first big offensive move of the match. He followed up with hard European uppercuts to Joe's chin. Joe came back with hard offense as Tenay and West spoke in code about not judging Joe by the flabby upper body, but what he does in the ring. Joe applied a ma hold, then Angle drove Joe to the corner and landed a shoulder thrust on the break. Angle then followed with a belly-to-belly suplex and played to the crowd. Angle put Joe in a rear chinlock at 7:00 and kept Joe on the ground for two minutes. They exchanged right hand blows until they went toe-to-toe at 10:00. Joe sent Angle to the outside, then hit a suicide dive on the floor. Back in the ring, Angle ducked a clothesline and hit a suplex for a nearfall. Joe went for a Muscle Buster, but Angle escaped. Joe suddenly caught him with a rear naked choke and Angle tapped out for the first fall.

JOE 1, ANGLE 0 at 12:55.

Tenay and West engaged in a discussion of whether Angle was smart for tapping out early to save his strength for later in the match despite being down one fall. Angle caught Joe with a right hand blow to the jaw, then he applied a reverse chin lock. Angle let up Joe, then went for the Olympic Slam, but Joe countered into a quick arm drag take over. Joe got cute with a submission hold, then Angle applied the anklelock for a quick tap out by Joe.

JOE 1, ANGLE 1 at 16:03.

Tenay and West engaged in the same discussion of whether Joe tapped out quickly to avoid more damage. Joe came up favoring his leg, so Angle went on the attack. He applied the anklelock again, but Joe was closer to the ropes this time. Angle twisted the ankle and Joe tapped out rather than going for the ropes.

ANGLE 2, JOE 1 at 18:58.

Angle went right back on the attack on Joe's leg, but Angle ran into a hard clothesline from the corner. Joe fired up with a series of punches and slaps followed by a high knee. He took Angle to the corner and went for the Muscle Buster, but Angle rolled through and scored a nearfall. Angle then hit the Olympic Slam and covered him for a nearfall. Angle dropped the straps and went back to the anklelock, but Joe rolled through and went back to the Muscle Buster and connected this time. He made the cover for a pin.

ANGLE 2, JOE 2 at 22:20.

Joe and Angle exchanged blows near the ropes, then Angle went after Joe's knee with a front shoulderblock. Angle then went to a modified toe hold before rolling Joe onto his stomach with an anklelock. Joe held on for dear life as Angle moved to his feet with the lock. Joe then kicked Angle away to the ropes. Angle suddenly went up top and Joe went for an atomic drop, but Angle went for a forward roll up and scored a pin.

ANGLE 3, JOE 2 at 24:45.

Joe fired off right hands after losing the fall. Angle then went to the outside to stall for time. Joe followed on the outside and they brawled on the floor. Angle went back into the ring and Joe followed him in. Angle landed right hand blows, then European uppercuts. Angle became too aggressive and Joe caught him with an E. Honda front slam out of the corner. Joe then took Angle up top and went for the Muscle Buster, but Angle slipped to the apron and dropped Joe onto his back. He then wrapped Joe's knee around the ringpost. Joe chased Angle around the ringside area, then took him back into the ring at 28:00. Joe landed right hand blows, then Angle raked Joe's eyes. Joe went back to the Muscle Buster, but Angle slapped him. Joe answered with a standing kick. He then hit the Muscle Buster and Angle put his foot on the bottom rope to prevent a three count. Joe caught his breath at 28:45, then Angle rolled into an anklelock attempt. Joe then went for a rear naked choke, but Angle threw him away. Joe then opted for an anklelock. Joe locked it in as Angle fought the pain. He teased a tap out, but then time expired. Angle slapped the mat for a tap out one second after time expired. Angle celebrated the win as Tenay asked where Joe goes from here.

WINNER: ANGLE 3-2 at 30:00. Really dramatic final five minutes with Joe struggling to score a final fall. Slow at times, but good mat wrestling throughout the match. It would be nice if TNA planned for a few more minutes of post-match reflection to allow the full consequences of the match to sink in. Hard to rank all three matches in the series with this one being a completely different style of match with different psychology. Joe-Angle I was marred by too high of expectations. Joe-Angle II was right on for what you'd expect from both men.

Borash was backstage with Sting for a promo. Sting said the puppeteer is separated from the puppet tonight. Sting said Chris would be a new man tonight. Mitchell and Abyss interrupted. Mitchell said Sting has a holier than thou attitude with who's pulling the strings on Abyss. Mitchell told Sting that his career was coming to an end tonight. Sting then grabbed Mitchell by the throat and told Mitchell he would be dancing with the devil in hell tonight because there's no more room for him up here. Sting threw Mitchell away, then Mitchell told Abyss to get it done tonight.

Christian Cage and Tomko walked out as the cameras focused on the mini-cage ringside. Jim Cornette showed up and told Tomko to get in the cage. Sting came out next. Abyss came out first with the NWA Title belt in hand. He handed the belt to Mitchell. No formal ring intros. They are 20 minutes from the top of the hour and it's an elimination match, so not a lot of time to waste.

7 -- ABYSS (w/James Mitchell) vs. CHIRSTIAN CAGE (w/Tomko) vs. STING -- NWA Title match -- Elimination match

Sting and Christian brawled in the ring to start things off. Abyss stayed on the outside to stay fresh before pulling Sting to the outside and throwing him into the mini-cage. Abyss caught Christian coming off the top rope and threw him into the guardrail. Christian ducked a clothesline near the ringpost, then threw Abyss to the entrance ramp. Christian slammed Sting onto the floor, then threw Abyss into the ring. Christian went for the Unprettier at 3:25, but Abyss countered into the Shock Treatment for a nearfall. Mitchell called for the end, but Christian kicked Abyss in the knee to take Abyss off his feet. Christian went up top for a frog splash, but Abyss grabbed him by the throat and chokeslammed him for a nearfall. Sting got on the apron and Abyss hit him in the face to knock him to the ground. Tomko then grabbed Sting from inside the cage and choked out Sting. In the ring, Abyss hit the Black Hole Slam on Christian and had a pin, but the referee was dealing with Sting and Tomko. Sting then ran into the ring and shoved Abyss into Christian. Abyss stumbled backward and Sting hit the Scorpion Deathdrop on Abyss for a pin.


After the fall, Mitchell grabbed his head in disbelief. Sting extended a hand, but Abyss grabbed him by the throat. Mitchell told Abyss to attack Sting, but Mitchell let Sting go and he left the ring. Mitchell reprimanded Abyss as he walked up the ramp. Christian then attacked Sting in the ring. He posed for the hard camera and did the belt-around-the-waist motion. He took Sting to the corner and slapped him across the face. Christian did too much posing, then Sting flexed in his face. Sting no-sold right hand blows, then ran over him with right hands. He gorilla press slammed Christian to the mat and followed with one Stinger Splash, but Christian moved out of the way of a second. Christian and Sting fought up top and Sting superplexed Christian. Mitchell then walked back to ringside with cane in hand. Sting pointed down at him. Christian then missed with a dropkick and Sting applied the Scorpion Deathlock. Mitchell dropped the security guard and unlocked Tomko from the cage. Mitchell distracted the referee, then Tomko broke up the Deathlock and dropped Sting with a slam. Christian made a cover, but Sting kicked out. Abyss then came to ringside and threw Tomko into the announce table. He threw Tomko into the cage door. Sting ducked a belt shot and hit the Unprettier on Christian. He made a cover for a very close nearfall. Christian then missed with a clothesline and dropped the referee. Sting dropped Mitchell and put him in the Scorpion as Abyss tried to figure out what to do. Abyss then hit Sting in the back of the head with a chain, turning on him for the 18,000 time. Christian went up top and hit a frog splash to Sting's back. He rolled him over and made a cover for the win after dragging the referee to the scene. Christian held up the NWA Title to close the show.

WINNER: CHRISTIAN AT 13:18 TO CAPTURE THE NWA TITLE. The usual bag of tricks with the usual suspects: ref bump, outside interference, and cheap finish. An exciting finish, though, with two close nearfalls. Unless Christian sets the world on fire his first four weeks as champion in a complete 180 from his first title reign, this is expected to be a transitional switch to Angle.

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Pat McNeill (since 2001)
Greg Parks (since 2007)
Sean Radican (since 2003)

We also have a great team of
TV Reporters
and Specialists and Artists.


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