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CALDWELL'S AGAINST ALL ODDS PPV REPORT 2/11: Ongoing "virtual time" coverage of live PPV

Feb 11, 2007 - 9:58:00 PM

by James Caldwell, PWTorch columnist

February 11, 2007
From Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida
By: James Caldwell, Torch columnist


We start with a sign in the crowd: "Steiner stole Dutt's 'roids." Seriously, they started the show with that.

Ringside, Mike Tenay and Don West talked about "the show that would be talked about forever." They encouraged us to buy the PPV, but I still haven't heard from one person who can watch the pre-show without ordering the PPV.

We saw Kurt Angle and Samoa Joe arriving in the building at 6:39 p.m. EST. Angle had no comment. That's probably for the best. He might say something that makes no sense. Joe was sporting a Dickies jacket and he screamed at Leticia that Angle is getting the NWA Title tonight and then he's getting the belt from Angle. He screamed at Scott Steiner through the camera.

Jeremy Borash was ringside to sell the PPV. We saw a video package on the Rhino vs. Styles feud leading to their gimmick match tonight.

Leticia interviewed Jim Cornette backstage with Christy Hemme eagerly awaiting to know who her opponent is. Cornette said no go on the opponent, but it would be a tuxedo match. Basically, a bra and panties match. Christy screamed at Cornette for thinking her career is a joke. She said they would see who has the last laugh tonight.


Dutt came to the ring and flexed like a heavyweight wrestler. Tenay, apparently forgetting that Serotonin's gimmick is to lose matches, couldn't remember when they actually won a match. West said he doesn't remember any of Serotonin matches (99.9 percent of viewers don't either), but he only remembers Raven caning the losers. Devine gave Lethal a running powerslam into the corner before landing a two-knee splash to the gut. He missed with a top rope moonsault and Dutt took the hot tag from Lethal. He did the Batista/Warrior rope shake leading to a springboard moonsault on both opponents. Dutt snapped off a huricanrana on Kazarian, then went for the Camel Clutch, but Devine broke it up. The action broke down with Lethal hitting a suicide dive on Devine on the outside. Dutt went for a splash, but Bentley caught Dutt with a superkick behind the ref's back. Kazarian then made the cover on Dutt for the win.

WINNERS: Devine & Kazarian in 5:00. The team whose gimmick is to lose just beat a team from the X Division. It doesn't get any worse for TNA's Super Juniors division.

After the match, Raven came to the ring. He told all three of them to assume the position for the Kendo stick caning to the back.

Tenay said Leticia was backstage. It was Borash with Alex Shelley to discuss some footage that Shelley shot. Shelley walked into the bathroom where Kevin Nash was taking a leak. Shelley said he had some unbelievable footage he shot at the hotel last night. "Snuff?" Nash asked. Shelley said it was just Eric Young and Miss Brooks. Nash said they needed to check it out, then he finished up and wiped his hands with a paper towel. Borash complemented him on his hygiene. Bob Backlund then stormed out of a stall and wanted to know whether they were discussing "per-no-graphy". Borash wasn't sure what to say.

Tenay said there hasn't been a more personal feud in TNA's history than Sting vs. Abyss. They finally explained what a Prison Yard match is, which would have been helpful when promoting the match on TV. We saw a video package on the feud.

Borash stood backstage with Abyss and Jim Mitchell to discuss the match. Mitchell said Sting has painted a false picture of who he is. He claimed to have taken a broken man out of the gutter, turned him into a World champion, and made him a success. Mitchell said Sting has done nothing more than reveal Abyss's secret and turn him into a basket case. He said the soap opera could have been avoided if Sting minded his own business and kept his hands to himself. Mitchell said "three bullets" and Abyss threatened to snap on Mitchell, who called Abyss's bluff and told him to do something. Mitchell said one of them has to go and it's going to be him or Sting for good.

There were go-go girls dancing in cages ringside to promote the LAX vs. Team 3D match to start the PPV. There was also an Italian café set-up in the ring. Someone in that company has experience working for Disney or a catering/decorating service and loves designing all sorts of random sets.

Leticia was in the parking lot when Scott Steiner and Tomko pulled up in Steiner's truck. Steiner screamed at Tomko to get his bags. He snapped on him, then said, "I'm hungry."

West did his pre-show final sell in front of the strippers ringside. Brother Ray then grabbed the mic from Don West and screamed that they want to the fight to start now. They cut to one final video package previewing the card.

Live PPV review

The opening video package focused on Christian Cage equating himself to other instant classics such as the Model T, sliced bread, the hoola hoop, bowling, Elvis, and Pac-Man. Someone in the truck had too much time on his or her hands with the echo sound mixer.

1 -- TEAM 3D (BROTHER RAY & BROTHER DEVON) vs. LAX (HERNANDEZ & HOMICIDE w/Konnan) -- Little Italy Street Fight -- non-title match

Team 3D was still in the ring to start the PPV. LAX pulled a misdirection when someone wheeled Konnan to ringside, then LAX sneak attacked Team 3D to start the match. Ringside, Homicide hit a suicide dive on Bother Ray on the outside. Hernandez then flew over the top rope and met a chair shot to the head from Devon. Someone needs to fix Don West's audio. Ray then back body dropped Homicide into the ringpost before missing with a chair shot. Action was going on both sides of the ringside area with the crowd cheering something we weren't seeing, so they decided to go for an instant replay. Brother Ray then tried to dance with the strippers, but Homicide cockblocked with a chair shot to the back of Ray's head. Back in the ring, LAX double-teamed Devon with a slingshot front slam by Hernandez. Homicide pulled out a pizza cutter and sliced open Devon's forehead. Ray then entered the ring with a cheese grater and smashed it over Homicide's head. Suddenly, random Hispanic men filled the ring. Of course, Team 3D cleared them all. Homicide then took the diving headbutt to the crotch from Devon. They set up a table, then Devon set up for another headbutt, but he opted to splash the random Hispanic men. LAX double-teamed Ray, then Hernandez put Ray through the table. Homicide followed with a top rope elbow drop and Ray kicked out to show how tough he is. Devon came back with the Saving Grace lift-up slam on Homicide for a nearfall. The Hispanic men held down Devon in the corner, then Hernandez gave him a Border Toss. Homicide came off the top with an elbow drop and Hernandez covered Devon for the win.

WINNERS: LAX in 10:00. Sloppy at times, but it was the type of action that was expected. Of course, Team 3D wasn't going to lose clean to a smaller team, so the outside interference wasn't surprising. (*1/4)

Borash was backstage with Austin Aries to discuss his unadvertised match against Senshi. Starr said he's the most complete wrestler in TNA and he's shaken off Kevin Nash's initial damage to him. Backlund popped into the picture from behind to interrupt Starr's promo. Starr said he would physically change Backlund's channel if he ever lays his hands on him. Starr stormed off. "Was that young man trying to exacerbate me with his discourse?" Backlund asked. He paused and looked at the camera.


Rapid-fire action early on with Starr playing the cocky heel distracting himself by posing for the camera. Starr then hit a suicide dive on Senshi at 1:30. He worked on Senshi's face with a leg vice in the ropes, then ripped off a hard chop to the chest that put some life in the crowd. He missed with a Pendulum elbow drop and Senshi came back with kicks to the chest, but Starr cut him off with a dropkick for a nearfall. Starr missed with a clothesline and Starr answered with a hard knock-down clothesline. Senshi tried to cauliflower Starr's ears with kicks, then he missed with a corner splash and Starr applied a Crossface Chickenwing. Senshi escaped and hit a dropkick before going up top and missing with the Warrior's Way. Starr went back to the Chickenwing, then Senshi took him to the mat. They had a pin exchange with Starr getting his shoulder up in a bridge attempt by Senshi, but the referee counted a three. The referee declared Senshi as the winner.

Afterward, Starr grabbed chairs ringside and threw them into the ring out of frustration. He took the mic and demanded the match be re-started. Starr sat down in a chair, then Backlund hit the ring. He screamed at Starr, then Starr slapped ihm across the face. Backlund removed his jacket and put him in the Chickenwing. He took Starr out of the ring to the floor and ran him backstage past So Cal Val and off camera.

WINNER: Senshi in 9:00. Hard to complain about a bonus match. Basic action that you would see on TV if a three-minute singles match was tripled in length. (*1/2)

Backstage, Borash interviewed Christian Cage. Tomko screamed at Christian that he's tired of dealing with Steiner and his ego. He told Christian to set Steiner straight. Steiner stormed the interview and said he would help Christian beat Angle, but he's not working with the dumb redneck, Tomko, anymore. Christian reminded Steiner that Angle took Steiner's spot, his paycheck, and food off the table. He told Tomko to apologize, but Steiner didn't want to hear it. Steiner said he's starting to think he wants Christian as bad as he wants Angle. Christian screamed at Tomko to go fix it.

They aired a video package on Christy Hemme's recent problems with VKM. Kip James is such a babyface in this feud, just based on how they presented Christy's complaints.

3 -- CHRISTY HEMME vs. BIG FAT OILY GUY -- Tuxedo match

Christy walked out first followed by the BFOG. He came up to Christy and danced near her. Christy slapped him to start the match. She stripped off the jacket, then landed kicks to the gut. BFOG stripped off the jacket, then Christy mounted BFOG and stripped off his shirt, which drew boos. She splashed BFOG in the corner and they had some weird exchange in the corner. BFOG grabbed Christy's pants, then BFOG slammed her to the mat. BFOG missed with a splash revealing a thong hanging out of his pants. BFOG blocked a sunset flip and sat down crotch-first on Christy's face. "That was like bad porn," West said, revealing way too much information. Christy then stripped off BFOG's pants to win.

Afterward, Christy said she's not done and Cornette's plan backfired. VKM's music then hit and Kip came out to a babyface reaction. He said the people didn't come to see Christy vs. the BFOG. He said they came to see him strip. Kip then teased taking off his pants before stripping off Christy's tuxedo shirt revealing bra and panties. Christy stormed off and Kip smiled in the ring.

WINNER: Christy in 3:00. It is what it is. Kip is the babyface and Christy is best-suited turning heel at this point. (n/a)

Backstage, Leticia tried to emcee the Alex Shelley viewing party, but Shelley told her to sit down with Nash, Dutt, and Lethal. Shelley said they were viewing an artistic masterpiece with Young and Brooks that he might take to Sundance. The footage started with Miss Brooks on the phone in a hotel room. Well, we know TNA didn't pay for this one. Brooks told Shelley to shut up while she was getting ready. There was a knock on the door, then we saw "To Be Continued".

We saw a video package on Team Eckstein vs. Team Pierzynski.

4 -- DALE TORBORG (w/A.J. Pierzynski) vs. LANCE HOYT (w/David Eckstein)

Pierzynski mocked Eckstein and Hoyt's pre-match pose for the hard camera, then Tenay said Torborg's wrestling credentials include playing the KISS Demon in WCW. Pierzynski interfered early on by low-blowing Hoyt and slamming him into the guardrail. Back in the ring, Torborg nearly dropped Hoyt on his head with a suplex before choking him in the corner. Hoyt then came back with a turnaround clothesline off the top rope setting up his comeback. Eckstein the hopped on the apron and distracted the referee, which allowed Pierzynski to hit Hoyt in the back with a steel chair shot. Torborg then covered Hoyt for the win.

Afterward, Eckstein complained that Pierzynski had used a chair. The referee took Eckstein at his word and called for a re-start. Rick Eckstein then handed David a chair and David slammed it over Torborg's back. He hit a pumphandle slam for the win.

WINNER: Hoyt in 5:00. Just a bad match. The re-start was inconsistent with Austin Starr losing when his shoulders weren't even down, but we know TNA doesn't think about consistency when putting together their shows. (1/2*)

Back to the viewing party, Shelley asked for feedback on his film. He said he modeled his filming technique after Pulp Friction. We went back to Brooks telling Shelley to hide in the closet. Eric Young walked into the hotel room with fake roses and a half-eaten box of chocolate. She stripped off Young's shirt and complemented him on his physique. Brooks reminded us that heels lie when she said it's her first time, too. She held up a consensual sex to join Robert Roode, Inc. that Young had to sign before they did the deed. To Be Continued...

5 -- A.J. STYLES vs. RHINO -- Motor City Chain match

Styles came out first, then Rhino stormed the ring and chased Styles. We saw a key on one pole and a nightstick on another pole. Earl Hebner held the chain in the ring and hooked up Rhino to one side of the chain before telling Styles to hook up to the other side. So, it's a dog collar/bull rope match that TNA should have explained on TV to make things easier. Tenay said the winner would be determined by pinfall or submission. The fight spilled to the outside early on with Rhino slamming Styles into the guardrail. They had a tug of war near the ringpost and Styles fell down hard on his back. Styles got up and Rhino pulled him into the guardrail. Rhino then crotched Styles with the chain and West asked the viewers to feel the pain Styles must have felt based on where the chain was rubbing. This is too much from West tonight. Rhino set up for the Gore at 4:45, but Styles caught him with a textbook dropkick. West then described Styles stuffing the chain in Rhino's mouth and trying to split his cheeks open. We then had a discussion of Styles trying to climb the pole to retrieve the key to escape the chain, but Rhino pulled Styles down to the mat before he could grab the key. Styles then came off the top with a springboard fist smash. He made a cover, but it was only good for a nearfall. Rhino made a comeback and landed a spinebuster in center ring for a nearfall. West then said Styles probably should have taken the loss at that point to fight for another day, but that's not something Styles would do. Tenay quickly caught on to the most absurd statement West has ever made by reminding West that Styles willingly quit last month. Styles grabbed the nightstick from Rhino and smashed it over Rhino's face to no crowd reaction. Styles went to the other pole and retrieved the key to uncuff himself. He then hit a top rope frog splash and stared down Rhino. Styles then left the ring and walked up the ramp for no apparent reason. He walked back into the ring and stomped on Rhino. He then wrapped the chain around the ring and cuffed it to the ropes with Rhino still hooked up to the chain. Styles teased him with the key, then hit the Pele kick for a small cheer. After doing too much posing, Styles turned around and took the Gore, but Rhino couldn't reach Styles to make a cover because he was tied up like a dog on a short leash. Earl Hebner then got the only reaction of the match by casually kicking the keys over to Rhino. The fans chanted, "You screwed A.J." Rhino uncuffed himself and made his comeback. He slid a table into the ring and set up the Gore, but Styles ducked and Rhino crashed into the table. Styles then made the cover for the win.

WINNER: Styles in 16:00. It's pretty sad that the only strong crowd reaction during the match came for Earl Hebner when he helped Rhino acquire the keys. Too many gimmick matches have worn out the crowd and we haven't even had the Prison Yard match. Decent action and Styles is a good heel, so that helped the match from an entertainment standpoint. (**)

We went back to Alex Shelley for predictions on Part 3. Lethal said he's been trying to get Leticia to go out with him, but she won't budge. They went back to Young having to make a decision. He didn't want to sign the contract, but Brooks took off her jacket to reveal lingerie. Young had a change of heart, then Young signed the deal on Brooks's chest. She told Young to close his eyes, then Brooks and Shelley left the hotel room. Brooks found Bobby Roode in the hallway and presented the signature. Roode was mildly impressed. They left. And that was that. Like the text messaging deal, over-promise and under-deliver. That should be on TNA's letterhead. Nash wasn't overwhelmed by the footage and said Young has no game. He referenced the astronaut driving to Orlando from Houston in a diaper, then Bob Backlund stormed the set and asked what was the deal with the pornography. He screamed at Nash, then everyone took off running. Backlund screamed at the chairs and discovered that no one was paying attention.

6 -- CHRIS SABIN vs. JERRY LYNN -- X Division Title match

As Lynn stood in the ring with the full complement of lights, Tenay suddenly screamed, "Who turned the lights out?" West said Lynn can do things no other wrestlers can do in the ring. See, that's fine and dandy, but that doesn't mean the guy can win matches. It's not a strong endorsement of a wrestler. Lynn cleared Sabin to the outside early on and Sabin recovered in the ring. Sabin told the cameraman that he has him this time. Sabin then stalled for several minutes before the action spilled to the outside and Lynn sidestepped a splash causing Sabin to crash to the mat. Back in the ring, Sabin worked on Lynn's neck and back with a surfboard stretch. West said it was tough to watch...well, Lynn taking a beating from Sabin. Sabin mounted Lynn in the corner, then rubbed his face with his hands. Lynn made a comeback with right hand blows followed by a series of dropkicks, not showing any effects of the work on the back. Sabin cut off Lynn and hit a standing kick before landing a spinning powerbomb for a nearfall. Lynn quickly came back with a TKO for a nearfall, then he went for the cradle piledriver, but he held his back in pain. Sabin then rolled up Lynn and hooked the ropes for the win.

WINNER: Sabin in 14:00 to retain the X Division Title. Decent action at times, but fans have been trained not to care about the extensive work by the heel because it usually doesn't play into the finish. It did here, but because Sabin lacks credibility thanks to always cheating to win, the fans were quiet for the majority of the match. (**1/4)

They promoted the Ultimate X match for the March PPV. Tenay then said they would announce the new concept match on Spike tomorrow night.

Backstage, the camera found Kurt Angle's nameplate on a door. Samoa Joe stepped out of the locker room sporting a backwards baseball cap and a t-shirt.

Robert Roode and Miss Brooks walked out to celebrate Eric Young signing the deal to join Roode, Inc. Eric Young then walked out with a look of despair written on his face. Roode said Young has had him baffled for months because he couldn't figure out why the fans love him. He then figured out that Young relates to the fans because they're all losers who would never know success. Roode said Young would never be able to make love to a beautiful woman, like all the fans. Young stole the mic and Roode told him to say something, but Young remained quiet. Roode then held up his Kinkos-bounded contract and said he owns Young now. He threatened to fire Young if Young tried to hit him. He said that Young would eventually find out that it pays to be Roode.

Borash asked Christian whether everything was in order in his house. Tomko mumbled someone, then left the interview set. Christian then said TNA is trying to sell tickets by stirring up drama with his group. He said the time is 2006 and no one cares anymore about Angle winning a gold medal with a broken neck. Christian was about to sign off, but Cornette interrupted and explained that the NWA Title belt can change hands via DQ tonight. He said that if Tomko or Steiner places his hands on Angle tonight and causes a DQ, Christian would lose the belt.

We saw a video recap on the Gail Kim vs. James Storm & Miss Tennessee feud.


Jackie wanted a piece of Petey early on, and Petey responded with an atomic drop. Gail then tagged in and hair-tossed Jackie around the ring. She speared Jackie to the mat and went for right hand blows, but the ref separated them. Jackie went running to Storm's crotch for safety, then Gail shoved Jackie's head into Storm's crotch. Petey tagged in and took a clothesline after Jackie kneed him in the back from the apron. After working on Petey for several minutes, Storm hit the Eye of the Storm and tagged in Jackie, who dropped an elbow for a nearfall. Petey then caught Jackie with a back drop suplex and Storm tagged in to take a double-foot dropkick to the back. He followed with the Russian legsweep, then he called for the Destroyer. Jackie blocked the finisher with an eye rake, then Gail entered and landed right hand blows. She went up to and landed a missile dropkick, but Storm broke up the pin. Gail then rolled up Jackie and had the pin, but the ref was talking to Petey. Jackie then shoved Gail into Storm's leg or knee and Gail recoiled to the mat. Jackie made the cover for the win.

Afterward, Storm missed with a beer bottle show and Petey picked up the bottle. Jackie then jumped on Petey's back and Petey flipped her to the mat. Storm then caught Petey with a superkick. Suddenly, Jackie gave referee Rudy Charles a DDT. Storm called for the end, then they set up Petey for the Death Sentence, but out of nowhere, Chris Harris ran into the ring sporting an eye patch. Storm bailed from the ring, then Gail checked on Petey as Harris called out to Storm.

WINNERS: Storm & Jackie in 9:00. Entertaining at times and they held the interest of the crowd. We'll probably get Harris vs. Storm next month or at Lockdown in the cage. (*3/4)

We saw a video package on the Sting vs. Abyss feud. Borash then found Sting backstage with a giant green light flashing in the background. Sting talked with the mask on, so we couldn't understand much of what he said. Sting said he's been living behind Abyss's mask for the last ten days, which has given him a new perspective on Abyss's life. He said Mitchell is sucking the life out of Abyss and it's time for him to silence Mitchell tonight. Sting said the end times are here.

8 -- ABYSS (w/James Mitchell) vs. STING -- Prison yard match

The winner is the person who can put his opponent into the cage cell first. Abyss walked out and Tenay talked about the various caging and weaponry surrounding the ring. They showed the cell hanging above the ring. Abyss then walked outside the building where the match was scheduled to start. Sting came to the ring next and checked on the barbed wire surrounding the ring. He walked to the back and chucked a trashcan into Abyss to start the match. Abyss then threw Sting into a dumpster, but we saw that Sting landed softly on a piece of plywood. Abyss then took too long setting up a table below the dumpster and Sting met him with a board shot to the face. Sting then splashed Abyss from the dumpster through the table. That's something you'd see in a backyard wrestling match. The fight then spilled into the Impact Zone where Sting landed right hand blows before throwing him into the barbed wire wrapped around the ringpost. Sting pulled out a barbed wire baseball bat and slammed it over Abyss's back several times. He then called for the cage to be lowered at 4:00. The camera zoomed in on Abyss's arm covered in blood. Sting then knocked Mitchell off the apron and pulled the belt from Mitchell's waist to smash him in the face with a loaded fist. Sting landed belt shots to the back and we saw that Mitchell was bleeding from the forehead. Abyss made the save and slid a table in the ring. He then grabbed a WCW Saturday Night-style flashing red light from the turnbuckle and shattered it over Sting's face for a big pop. He then tried to shut the door on Sting in the cage, but Sting over-powered him. Abyss retrieved a barbed wire board and set it up in the corner, but Sting made a comeback. He ran into the Black Hole Slam, though, and Abyss took the mask off Sting. He shoved Sting into the cage and tried to shut the door, but Sting fought him off again and kicked the door into Abyss's face. Sting followed with Stinger Splashes and the Scorpion Deathdrop, then Mitchell ran into the ring and Sting put him in the Scorpion Deathlock. Abyss made the save for Mitchell and set up the table in the ring. He then tried climbing the cell, but Sting recovered and set up the barbed wire board on the table. Sting then powerbombed Abyss off the cell through the barbed wire and the table. The fans jumped up and down, then Sting threw Abyss into the cage and locked the door to win the match.

Afterward, Sting tried to choke the life out of Mitchell until security hit the ring to save Mitchell from further damage. Abyss reached out to Mitchell from inside the cage, then Sting left.

WINNER: STING in 12:00. Satisfying conclusion for Sting fans after a well-laid out gimmick match. Nothing too tricky or difficult to follow for Sting or viewers at home. (**3/4)

Borash sat backstage with Kurt Angle to discuss the title match. He said he has never seen Angle more focused on the World Title. Angle slowly looked up and said when he came to TNA, he knew he was the best in the world, but he had to go through some tough wrestlers first. He said he didn't think he could take the pain or physicality from Joe at times, but that's readied him for Christian. He's about carpe diem and he said he's going to take the belt from Christian.

9 -- CHRISTIAN CAGE (w/Tomko) vs. KURT ANGLE -- NWA Title match

West said Joe would be available to assist Angle during the match. Angle came out first, followed by Christian and Tomko, then Borash handled the formal ring intros. Tomko was then given the boot from ringside and Tomko threw a fit on the way out. After one minute of stalling and mat wrestling, Samoa Joe's music hit and Joe walked out with a chair in hand. Joe then sat down in a neutral corner to watch things more closely. Angle went back on the offensive and quickly went for an Anklelock, but Christian slipped to the outside and took a double-foot kick to the chest. Joe watched with a smirk as Angle gave Christian an overhead slam into the ringpost before taking him back into the ring. Christian took control with a chinlock, then he flung Angle to the outside. Angle came back with another Anklelock, but Christian spilled over the ref to break the hold, then low blow Angle and hit the Unprettier for a close nearfall. Angle then came back with seven consecutive German Suplexes, but Christian kicked out of a pin attempt. A.J. Styles then ran to the ring and Joe chased him from ringside. Back in the ring, Christian hit Angle with something, but the camera missed the in-ring action because they were following Styles and Joe. Tenay said it was a chair shot. Christian then hit the Unprettier again and Angle barely kicked out. The ref then took a bump at 15:00 and Angle hit a low blow followed by the Olympic Slam. He had a pin, but the ref was down. Joe threw him into the ring and Angle scored a nearfall. The ref took another bump, then Tomko and Steiner interfered with a lead pipe, but Angle cut them off. Joe then saved Angle and they had another staredown before Joe flew through the ropes with a suicide dive onto both men. All three fought to the back while Christian measured Angle back in the ring. Angle played opossum and put Christian in the anklelock and Christian tapped out at 18:30, but the ref was still down. Christian then grabbed the lead pipe and smashed it into Angle's shoulder. Christian woke up the ref, then hit the Unprettier again and made the cover for the win.

Afterward, Christian celebrated with Tomko and Steiner, who seemed to be on the same page now. A few objects were thrown into the ring to close the show with Christian standing tall in possession of the belt.

WINNER: Christian in 20:00 to retain the NWA Title. Good drama. Good action for the most part. Of course, there was the usual over-booking and outside interference since it was a title match main event, but that was expected if Christian was going to retain the belt. There's no way Angle was going to lose clean to Christian. If you knew coming into the match to expect the bag-of-tricks, then it probably didn't take away from your enjoyment of the match since it wasn't as bad as previous TNA PPV main events. There's definitely room for disappointment with the outcome if you're an Angle fan or if you believe Angle is the right guy to hold the title right now. (***)

We welcome your 1-10 score and comments on this show for a "TNA PPV Reax" feature in the Torch Feedback section of To contribute your thoughts on the PPV, click here.

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