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CALDWELL'S TNA GENESIS PPV REPORT 11/11: Ongoing "virtual time" coverage of live PPV

Nov 11, 2007 - 9:58:53 PM

By James Caldwell, Torch columnist

November 11, 2007
Orlando, Fla.
By: James Caldwell, Torch columnist

They start with Jeremy Borash in center ring to salute Veterans Day with the playing of the National Anthem. If this were a WWE house show, a foreign anthem would have interrupted by now.

They went to a PPV video package with focus on an unborn fetus to somehow relate to the good or bad choices each wrestler must face tonight. Live ringside, Tenay and West broke down the PPV. They did the limo angle backstage, with Tenay asking if that is Sting's mystery partner.

Dusty Rhodes walked out as Black Reign for the opening gimmick match. Various weapons were around the ringside area and Misty the Rat remained caged up ringside.


Before Abyss could enter the ring, Reign jumped him on the entrance ramp and they started fighting ringside. They entered the ring to officially start the match. And they quickly went to the outside where Abyss picked up some plywood and smashed it over Reign's head. They did the every-PPV spot where someone goes through the PPV poster covering a spot on the base of the grandstands. Reign came back and started looking at some wooden outhouse on the top of the stands. He tried to insert his key into the outhouse, but he was distracted by Abyss. They returned to the ring and Reign landed a clothesline from the corner. Reign then hit a running Stunner for a nearfall. Abyss had enough of the painted man and chucked him head-first into a chair that Reign had set up in the corner. Abyss, looking for a free agent deal, picked up a barbed wire baseball bat and measured Reign for a gut shot. Reign escaped and started walking toward the outhouse on the stage, but Abyss chokeslammed him off the stage to some padding below. Abyss then grabbed the rat trap board and slid it into the ring. He then grabbed Reign and placed his hands into the workshop vice ringside. James Mitchell then showed up and loosened Reign from the vice. He distracted Abyss long enough for Reign to give him a Pedigree onto the rat traps. He made a cover and Abyss apparently kicked out. Reign then went for a brass knuck shot to the face, but Abyss ran at him with a Black Hole Slam for the pin and the win.

Abyss then grabbed the key from around Reign's neck and went to the outhouse. He opened it up to reveal a random man inside. He wore a Vader mask, looked about 5'11" and physically cut. He spit a red mist in Abyss's eyes, then started pounding on him. Reign double teamed him, then they locked Abyss inside the outhouse and dumped the outhouse off the stage to the floor below.

WINNER: Abyss in 10:00. Silly gimmick match that plays to a certain audience. Just what they need - more random wrestlers on the roster to fill roster spots. (*)

They went back to the garage area where Jeremy Borash stooged up and approached some security guys to see who's inside the limo. One security guy told him to step away, but Borash kept trying to barge in to find out. Borash didn't adhere to the guidelines, so he finally left when the security guy told him to buzz off.

They aired a video package on the Team 3D vs. Sabin & Shelley. Backstage, Crystal interviewed Sabin and Shelley prior to the match. Sabin said tonight they get serious and take down Team 3D - a mere stepping stone in the tag division. Shelley said they're fighting for the evolution of pro wrestling. So, if you support wrestling, you cheer for them. Otherwise, you live in the past.


Another match started on the entrance ramp with Sabin and Shelley taking the fight to 3D. Once they moved into the ring, Sabin and Shelley straight dominated Team 3D, so 3D bailed to the outside to take a breather. Once 3D finished stalling, they entered the ring and took another offensive attack from Sabin. 3D finally regrouped with power offense on Sabin and landed a combo sidewalk slam and leg drop. Shelley then took a tag and matched Devon with shoulder blocks. He then landed a series of dropkicks on Devon. MCMG did too much posing, which is ridiculous for any team to ever do in the middle of a wrestling match, and Ray crotched them on the top turnbuckles. Team 3D then settled into a lengthy domination on Shelley in center ring. Shelley finally came back with a smashing superkick on Devon and Sabin took a tag to clean house. Sabin nailed a tornado DDT out of the corner and had a three count, but Hebner's cadence was too quick and he had to pull up on the three count so Devon could roll a shoulder up. Devon was caught in the corner for a double enziguiri kick. The action then broke down and Sabin had a pin on Devon, but Ray pulled ref Hebner out of the ring to stop the count. Ray then ripped off his big belt and started whipping Sabin. 3D hit a Doomsday Device and Sabin kicked out just in time when Hebner found his way back into the ring. 3D tried to bring a table into the scenario, which drew a reprimand from Hebner. They set up a table and the announcers weren't outraged by the potential screwjob. Sabin then ran up the table and flipped over onto his feet. He grabbed Devon and chucked him into the table. Ray then took a superkick and enziguiri kick for the pin and the win on Ray.

WINNERS: Sabin & Shelley in 17:00. Nice, lengthy tag match to tell a complete story following the TV. The inconsistency from the announcers on being upset about blatant interference and non-application of rules from match-to-match is frustrating. Are there any rules in TNA? We need some clarification on what's allowed in TNA matches. 3D lost, but with its placement on the card, it won't come across like a big deal by the end of the PPV. (**3/4)

They went backstage to pick up more of Kurt Angle upset and mad and raving about everything. Borash said he couldn't find out who the mystery partner is, so Kurt and Karen started screaming at each other while Kevin Nash sat quiet on a chair. Kurt asked Kevin why he was so calm, then he accused Kevin of being in on the mystery deal. Kevin had enough and threw Kurt against the wall and told him to get it together because he needs him tonight. Kurt said he understood, then told him to calm down. Kurt demanded to know who's inside the limo, setting off more arguing between Kurt and Karen.

3 -- Women's champion GAIL KIM vs. ODB vs. ANGEL WILLIAMS vs. ROXXI LAVEAUX (w/VKM) -- Women's Title match

ODB is the strangest woman I have ever seen. Before Gail Kim came to the ring, they cut to an interview with Crystal. Gail said she's not losing the belt one month after winning it. Gail came out last and the crazy women cornered her. The flask-drinking ODB talked it up early on, then Gail clotheslined everyone around the ring. The ref had enough of VKM and booted them from ringside. Two plane tickets and hotel fare for that? Suddenly, Roxxi walked over to the ref and drew an imaginary line down his forehead. A hex! He was momentarily dazed. ODB then spanked Angel while she was hung upside down in the corner. She then spanked Roxxi and spanked the ref. Roxxi started doing her hex dance and ODB started her crotch gyrating and they had themselves the most awkward moment of TV of all time. ODB went to the corner and started slamming Roxxi's head into her crotch. I have no idea what's going on with this crazy woman. Some fans had enough of this weirdness and chanted for Amazing Kong. Angel and ODB battled in the ring while Tenay and West exchanged sexual innuendos on how ODB likes it rough. Roxxi, ODB, and Angel set up a three-person spot in the corner, leaving everyone KO'ed. Gail took advantage with a dropkick on Roxxi. Everyone remained out cold on the mat, then Roxxi blinded ODB with a gimmick. Gail took advantage with a slam on ODB for the pin and the win. After the match, Awesome Kong walked out on stage and stared down Gail Kim. She pointed a finger at Gail, who held up her title belt in center ring.

WINNER: Gail in 7:00. Disappointing match. Too many women, some off spots, and ODB is just one odd bird. Just put Gail in a one-on-one match and see what they can do in the ring. (1/2*)

They went backstage where Karen Angle was next to the limo with Borash. Karen said she would get in the limo, so she walked up to the security guy, who let her right in. They found James Storm and Eric Young having their beer-drinking contest with Ms. Jackie. Wrong limo. Storm and Young came out and explained their world title beer drinking contest to Borash. Storm said the important limo is elsewhere. They left to have their drinking contest in private. OK...

4 -- X Division champion JAY LETHAL vs. THE GURU SONJAY DUTT -- X Division Title match

Guru came out collecting money for his cause, then Lethal came out, and So Cal Val was enamored with him. The bell sounded and they started off with a show of respect. Guru then landed an eye poke in the heat of the battle and Lethal asked what that was all about. Guru said he was sorry, but he slapped Lethal in the face when he thought he was showing him up. Guru then played with Lethal in the corner, firing up Lethal, but Guru took advantage of Lethal's over-aggressiveness with a guillotine leg drop on the apron. He went for a springboard move, but Lethal countered into the Lethal Combination. He then went up top and nailed a top rope elbow for the pin and the win.

Afterward, Val clapped it up for Lethal with a big smile on her face. Guru and Lethal hugged, then Lethal pointed at Val to step into the ring with him. Guru then showed up and started tossing rose pedals in the air to shower Lethal and Val. Team 3D suddenly ran into the ring and started pounded on Lethal and Dutt while Val stood helpless in the corner. Ray stalked her, then refs came out and held Team 3D back. 3D turned their attention to Dutt and gave him a 3D. Lethal took a similar fate. Ray then took a mic and said Sabin and Shelley cheated. He said they could never beat 3D, so now the entire X Division will pay for it. Ray said they are taking the X Division Title hostage, so Ray and Devon held it up in the air. Devon picked up Dutt's tambourine and started pocketing some of the cash.

WINNER: Lethal in 12:00 to retain the X Division Title. A nondescript X Division match until the final few minutes when Dutt landed some nice spots. Typical even steven booking with Dutt having the offensive for most of the match before Lethal won. Not surprisingly, Sabin and Shelley won their match, but 3D gets their heat back. They didn't even have to wait until Impact. (*3/4)

Backstage, Crystal asked Nash to recap the tag match for the title. Nash said he knows Sting's partner in the limo is definitely not Scott Hall. Crystal then barged in on the beer-drinking contest with Young and Storm.

5 -- A.J. STYLES & TOMKO vs. ROCK & SCOTT STEINER -- TNA Tag Title match

Styles and Scott started things off, with Scott dominated the Gainesville Vocational product. Rick and Tomko took tags and Rick sat down on Tomko's back to dominate him. He then nearly screwed up a Death Valley Driver and crunched Tomko's neck on the mat. Tomko was OK, shook it off, and clotheslined Rick for a nearfall. Scott then took a tag from Rick and cleaned house. Tomko caught him in the corner, though, and landed a powerbomb in center ring. Styles and Tomko then settled into double-team work on Scott. Rick, who had been on the outside for a while, took a tag and had zero energy to make a big comeback on the heel champions. Scott did the work and put Styles up top for a combo top rope bulldog on Styles. Rick made the cover, but Tomko broke up the pin. The action broke down in and out of the ring, with some sort of craziness happening on the floor with the ref being knocked out randomly. Styles took advantage with a low blow and steel chair to the head on Rick. The ref magically re-appeared and counted a three count for Styles on Rick.

WINNERS: Styles & Tomko in 11:00 to retain the belts. Geez, how about a tag match with a clean finish tonight? An out-of-synch match with an old tag team that Styles and Tomko had to slow down in order to keep pace with. (*1/4)

A different limo was shown outside in the parking garage.

They aired a video package on the Samoa Joe vs. Robert Roode feud. They went backstage to Crystal, who interviewed Robert Roode while Ms. Brooks stood by. Roode cut off Crystal and told her to shut up and just hold the mic. Roode told Samoa Joe to look into his eyes and reminded him that he made Joe bleed like the pig that he is. Roode said he's going to make Joe cry, moan, and weep like the bitch that he is. He said tonight, he kills Samoa Joe. Roode addressed Brooks and told her to stay out of his way. Brooks then asked about the plant in the crowd. Roode said he thought that was her friend.

6 -- ROBERT ROODE (w/Ms. Brooks) vs. SAMOA JOE

Joe chased Roode around ringside once the bell sounded, then they went into the ring where Roode pulled Joe to the outside. Roode went for a plancha, but Joe casually walked away and Roode splattered on the floor. Brooks laughed while the planted Roode fan didn't look so happy. Joe took Roode to the guardrail in front of the fan and she covered her mouth in horror. Joe then placed Roode on the chair and warmed up for a running Ole kick, but Roode sat up and slammed Joe's right knee into the guardrail. Roode tried to throw Roode into the ring steps, but Joe reversed and slammed Roode into the steps before landing an Ole kick. Is there a ten count in TNA? Back in the ring, Joe landed a corner elbow smash and turnaround leaping kick to the head for a nearfall. Roode then came back with a sick clothesline at 7:00 and scored a nearfall. Joe then ducked a clothesline and made his comeback with a leaping leg whip to the face. Suddenly, Ms. Brooks was out cold on the ground as trainers came ringside to check on her. Back in the ring, Joe applied an STF, but Roode reached the bottom rope to break the hold. The crowd was taken out of the action as Brooks was checked on ringside for whatever was going on. Roode landed a Northern Lariat suplex in the ring while they cut to a shot of trainers fanning Brooks on the ground. Roode set up for a piledriver and executed it before toppling over from the weight shift, but it was good for a nearfall only. Roode went for the payoff, but Joe blocked and hit the Musclebuster out of the corner. He made a cover for the win.

WINNER: Samoa Joe in 16:00. Good match, but not memorable. The Brooks issue took the crowd out of the final five minutes. Not sure what happened, but they certainly played it up like it was unscripted. (**1/2)

They showed the white limo in the parking garage again. Back in Angle's locker room, Karen tried to explain to Kurt that she has things under control and he doesn't need to worry about the mystery partner. Kurt wasn't convinced, so he stormed out. Karen screamed and hollered as they went out the back door to reveal bright sunlight. Goodness, it's still sunny at 10:04 p.m. in Orlando? They went to Tenay and West, then back outside where Sting fended off Kurt from reaching the limo.

They aired a video package on Kaz vs. Christian. Back to Crystal, who interviewed Christian Cage while Tomko and Styles stood by with the tag belts. Christian said he's used to people trying to make a name off him, so he hopes Kaz is strapped in because he's taking his body places where he's never been before. He told Styles and Tomko to stay back and not come anywhere near ringside. Styles thought he was joking, so he winked. Christian told him he was serious. Tomko confirmed that Christian was serious, but Styles was ready to interfere if needed.

7 -- KAZ vs. CHRISTIAN CAGE -- Ladder match -- Fight for the Right tournament final -- #1 contender match

They had a contract hanging above the ring as the goal of the match. Kaz made a mistake of going for the ladder within the opening minute, and Christian kicked the ladder into his gut. Kaz then came back with a turnaround splash from the apron knocking the corner of the ladder into Christian's face, opening up a big cut around Christian's left eye brow. Later, Christian set up a ladder in between the guardrail and apron. He placed Kaz on the ladder, then went up top for a high-impact frog splash that popped the crowd. Crazy painful spot. Back in the ring, Christian got fingertips on the contract after scaling the ladder. He then catapulted Kaz into the ladder after Kaz pushed him down. They went back and forth, then Kaz crushed Christian to the outside with a ladder shot. He set up a ladder to climb, but he took too long and Christian cut him off. They battled on two ladders and Christian won the battle with a reverse DDT all the way down to the mat. Kaz came back and set up a ladder in the corner. He looked to the center of the ceiling, considering a possible leap all the way across the ring to grab the contract, but he opted for a leg drop attempt on Christian, only Christian moved and Kaz ate another ladder leg-first. Christian then climbed the ladder and he had his hands on the contract, but Kaz kicked the ladder away and the contract came flying down to the mat. The clipboard was still hung up, so the refs called an audible and said the winner had to crab the clipboard. Christian set up again, but Styles and Tomko came out. Tomko tried to hold Styles back, but Christian spotted Styles and tried to shoo him away. Kaz took advantage of the distraction and shoved Christian off the ladder, and over the top rope onto Styles and Tomko. Kaz then shifted his weight back toward the middle of the ring and grabbed the clipboard to win the match. Big crowd pop, then Kaz celebrated with the contract and clipboard afterward.

WINNER: Kaz in 15:00 to earn a title shot. Very good ladder match. I thought it would steal the show and it's the best match so far. Nice finish with Kaz getting a feel-good win. Hopefully they build up Kaz's title opportunity and don't just throw it on TV with no hype. (***3/4)

They went back to Crystal and Jeremy Borash. They interrupted the beer drinking contest and Borash said he needed a drink. Storm told Young to grab the flask out of Jackie's breasts. Borash carefully removed the flask, then Storm guzzled some beer out of a funnel as if they were at a tailgating party. More drinking, then Storm got a little woozy and took a seat. First man out the door would win the contest. Storm stood up, then he collapsed across the table and landed on the floor. Young declared that he's the champion. Jackie told him to put the beer belt down, then Young walked out the door. Jackie checked on Storm, who cried out like Michael Scott crying under his desk.

Tenay and West broke down the tag team main event, then Kevin Nash walked out first. Nash looked out of shape as he struggled to make it down the entrance ramp. Kurt came out alone, and they focused on a sign: "Karen Angle is a MILF." In any event, Sting's music hit and they aired a promo from Sting before he came out. Looked like a scene out of Zoolander. Sting said his partner is a deserving champion and a good, genuine man. Once Sting was in the ring, the lights went down and some soft music hit. Mordecai! This went on forever, made even longer by Tenay and West yammering. Then, a re-mix of Booker T's Harlem Heat music hit and Booker walked out for the match. Tenay said his career has come full circle, as the first person he interviewed on TV was Booker T when he was with Harlem Heat. On the floor, Angle was scared while Nash looked completely calm. More sense of Angle being at a complete loss despite being champion. No formal intros tonight. Borash apparently got sidetracked with the booze.

8 -- TNA Hvt. champion KURT ANGLE & KEVIN NASH vs. STING & BOOKER T -- winner wins TNA Title

Sting started for the babyface team. Nash landed big knee smashes in the corner, then sized him up, but Sting landed a kick to the knee. The fans chanted for Booker, but the heels continued to corner Sting. Booker finally took a tag, but Angle bailed to the floor. Angle eventually re-entered the ring and exchanged control with Booker. The action momentarily broke down when Sting battled Nash and Angle. Suddenly, Karen Angle bounced to ringside and touched Kurt on the leg. She remained ringside to encourage Kurt, who settled into a chinlock on Sting, but Sting powered out with a slam. Booker took the hot tag, did a spoonari, then dropped Angle with the axe kick. Nash broke up the pin with a falling down elbow, but Booker maintained the pin by remaining on top of Angle. The ref didn't stick with the count and focused on Nash instead. Suddenly, Nash gave Booker a Jacknife powerbomb. Sting then gave Nash a Scorpion death drop while Karen had the ref distracted with her screaming. Styles and Tomko then showed up and KO'ed Sting. Sharmell then came out and started battling with Karen ringside. The ref, of course, became occupied with the wives ringside. In the ring, Nash had Sting ready for a powerbomb. He waited and waited and waited and waited and waited, then Kurt finally showed up with the title belt and KO'ed Nash in the face. He then gave Sting the Olympic Slam. Angle grabbed the ref from the wives' argument and brought him in the ring to count a pin for Angle.

Afterward, Styles and Tomko entered the ring with Karen, who explained to Kurt that she took care of business. Christian then walked out on stage and looked down toward the ring with a look of disbelief. Kurt, Karen, Styles, and Tomko shook hands to close the PPV.

WINNER: Kurt Angle in 15:00 to retain the World Title. Ah, just another TNA PPV main event run-in spectacular. I'm more interested to see how the Christian Coalition dynamic develops from here more than seeing what happens to the title from here, especially since the title doesn't mean much right now. (**)

We welcome your 1-10 score and comments on this show for a "TNA PPV Reax" feature in the Torch Feedback section of To contribute your thoughts on the PPV, click here.

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