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KELLER'S TNA GENESIS PPV REPORT 11/11: Ongoing "virtual time" coverage of live PPV event from Orlando

Nov 11, 2007 - 9:20:53 PM

By Wade Keller, Torch editor

NOVEMBER 11, 2007

-They opened with Jeremy Borash introducing the National Anthem. Okay, this is weird. What did TNA do wrong that they're trying to make up? Are they suddenly self-conscious of their oft-trashy content that would make Jerry Springer blush?

-Then they went to the opening montage with the James Earl Jones soundalike voiceover featuring an image of a fetus along with clips of the hype leading to the PPV's key matches.

-Mike Tenay and Don West introduced the show as the camera panned the crowd and pryo blasted. They went to the parking lot where a black stretch limo was parked. Tenay said it must be Sting's mystery partner inside.

1 -- BLACK REIGN vs. ABYSS - Shop of Horrors Match

Reign was introduced first. He met Abyss on the rampway and threw him into the ring apron. Abyss recovered and dropped Goldust chest-first across the ring barrier. They moved into the ring briefly, then back to ringside. Abyss broke a sheet of plasterboard across the back of Black Reign, then threw him into a wall in the stands. Reign set up trash cans on the entrance ramp, then pulled out a key and began to unlock what may have been a port-a-potty or outhouse painted up with a haunted house Halloween theme. He may have eaten too many corndogs before the match. Abyss stopped him before he could unlock it. Reign suplexed Abyss onto the trash cans. Back in the ring at 4:00, West said, "You know what they say, 'fool me once, shame on me.'" That's what he said. Reign dominated for a minute until Abyss reversed Reign head-first into a chair wedged in a corner. Abyss then pulled out a barbed wire baseball bat, which sadly got zero crowd pop. He hit Reign in the gut with the bat. Reign bailed out and walked up the opposite rampway without the outhouse on it. Reign charged at Abyss, but Abyss turned and chokeslammed Reign of the stage onto a pad on the floor about ten feet down. Tenay said Reign landed on concete, even though he obviously landed on a big black mat of some type. The crowd chanted, "That was awesome!" Abyss showed of a big board (think four large pizza boxes in surface area) covered in mouse traps. Abyss also began to open the vice at ringside. He put Reign's hands in the vice and crushed them. The cameraman moved in close, realized there was a gap, and then pulled back. James Mitchell unwound the vice to free Reign. Abyss grabbed Misty the rat and was going to throw it onto his board of mouse traps. Mitchell made the save, the first time a manager has ever saved a rat before. Abyss shoved the rat into Mitchell's shirt. Mitchell squirmed on the mat like he was on fire and rolled to the floor. Reign then gave Abyss his Black Out finisher, dropping Abyss face-first onto the traps, many of which snapped. Reign pulled out his kendo stick and nailed Abyss with it a few times. Abyss dropped to his knees. Reign put on brass knuckles. Abyssm though, caught him with a Black Hole Slam out of nowhere for the win.

WINNER: Abyss in 10:00.

STAR RATING: 3/4* -- It's like nearly two stars of action minus a star for just being so corny at times.

-Abyss opened the outhouse which had Crimson Blood painted on it. When he opened the door, a "genetically gifted" bald wrestler with a mask sprayed mist on his face, then attacked Abyss. Reign and the new "demonic monster" (quote Don West) attacked Abyss. Reign spiked Abyss with his awkwardly named "Darkness Falls Weapon." They threw Abyss into the outhouse and then tipped it over off the stage. Ouch!

-Jeremy Borash walked up to the black limo and said he had to find out who was inside "for Kurt." Apparenlty he works for Kurt now. TNA security members wouldn't let Borash get in. Borash said he has a higher position in TNA and said he makes more money than him, so he said they should let him inside. He lied and said he ordered a limo and needed to get inside. The black security guard told Borash to get his "milky white ass" away from the limo. Borash stammered and said he was just making sure he was doing his job, then walked away.

-They went to Tenay and West at ringside. Tenay said the wrestling world has been talking for weeks about the potential identity of the mystery man.

-A video package aired on the Team 3D-Motor City Machine Guns feud.

-Crystal interviewed the Guns. She said, "Clearly, you're an underdog," then said they're fighting for the X Division. Chris Sabin said they've had their fun, mostly at Bubba's expense (he meant Brother Ray). He said they are figthing to take their place among the all-time great tag teams. He said Team 3D is just a stepping stone for them. Alex Shelley said the time for cute comments has come and gone. He said they are fighting for something more important than the X Division, they're fighting for the evolution of pro wrestling. He said if they support them, cheer them because they need their support, but if you don't support them, "soon you will." Did Scott Hall produce that interview? That was totally up his alley of being soft spoken to break from the stereotypical yelling and screaming. Good change of pace, for sure, and it elevated them to a more serious, less juvenile act - or at least a team capable of putting on a game face in a big match rather than being just a comedy act.

2 -- THE MOTOR CITY MACHINE GUNS (Alex Shelley & Chris Sabin) vs. TEAM 3D (Brother Ray & Brother Devon)

The Guns were introduced first, but ran up the ramp to attack Team 3D as they came out. Tenay said he didn't expect that, but liked it. TNA has the dumb rule where the ref signals for the bell to ring when wrestlers jump-start a match outside the ring. WWE changed that a couple years back and won't ring the bell until the wrestler get into the ring; it makes a lot more sense. They got the better of them for two minutes. Team 3D bailed out for a breather. The Guns took off their shirts, caught their breath, and called for Team 3D to return to the ring. Instead, Team 3D teased walking out on the match entirely. When Team 3D returned to the ring, Ray shoulder blocked Sabin to the mat. Sabin nipped up and took Ray down with a huracanrana, then dropped him a second time with a bodyblock for a two count. Ray kicked out and showed frustration. Shelley tagged in and hit Devon with a flurry of offense. Shelley and Sabin stood on the top rope. Before they leaped, Ray knocked the top rope and they fell of balance. That gave Team 3D the first advantage of the match, beginning six minutes in. At 8:00 Shelley showed life with an enzuigiri to Devon. He crawled over for a tag, but Ray yanked Sabin off the ring apron before he could tag in. Then he punched Sabin, leading to Devon regaining sustained control. Devon settled into a chinlock at 11:00. Shelley hot-tagged Sabin at 12:00. Sabin dropped Devon into the turnbuckle, then hit a tornado DDT for a two count. Shelley and Sabin used some double-team moves to work over Devon and get near falls. Some real nice spots, the innovative stuff that helps a good match really stand out. Tenay called it "poetry in motion." After they each hit Devon from opposite sites with stereo roundhouse kicks, the crowd chanted, "That was awesome!" Shelley frog-splashed Devon and Sabin made the cover, getting a near fall at 15:00. Ray made a blind-tag in and hit both Shelley and Sabin from behind. Then Ray held Shelley's legs apart for a Devon diving headbutt to the crotch. Devon grabbed the table out from under the ring. Sabin slidekicked the table into Devon's face. The Guns then hit Ray with a high-low. When Sabin went for a cover, Devon yanked the ref out of the ring. Ray kicked Sabin in the face on a backdrop attempt, then whipped him with belt. Ray lifted Sabin onto his shoulders. Devon hit the Doomsday. Sabin kicked out just before three. They brought a table into the ring. When they whipped Sabin toward the table propped in the corner, Sabin side-stepped it and whipped Devon into it. Then they double-kicked Ray and scored a clean three count.

WINNERS: Shelley & Sabin in 18:00.

STAR RATING: ***1/4 -- Really good tag match. It was the right finish, and a meaningful win for the Guns. They got to show off a lot of what they do that sets them apart, and they did it in the context of outwitting and outperforming a bigger, longer-established tag team. Good booking, good execution.

-Boras delivered the bad news to Kurt Angle in his locker room that he wasn't able to get a view of who was inside the limo. Angle shoved him. Karen screeched, "Stop it! He doesn't know anything!" Angle asked Kevin Nash why he was so relaxed. Nash told him to calm down because they'd find out soon enough who the mystery partner is. Angle asked, "Do you think I'm a fool? Do you think I'm some kind of an asshole? You don't think I know you're in on this. You know who the mystery partner is, Kevin. You're nothing but a back-stabbing..." Nash burst out of his chair, grabbed Angle by the throat, and told Karen to back off. He shouted that Angle is an asshole, but he needs him tonight. He said he'll take care of those guys, "then it's you and I after that." Angle said, "Fine, go cool off." Angle told Borash they still need to find out who's in the limo. Karen screeched for him to stop it.

3 -- GAIL KIM vs. ANGEL WILLIAMS vs. ROXXI LAVEAU vs. OBD -- TNA Knockouts Title match

OBD came to the ring drinking from a flask. West called her "a wild, out of control crazy woman." After the challengers made their way to the ring, Kim was interviewed backstage by Cyrstal. She gave a sports-like promo about not getting this far only to lose the title so soon after winning it. Nice promo. Basic stuff, but effective. The three challengers teamed up against Kim in the opening minute as all four were allowed in the ring at once. After Kip James draped Roxxi's leg on the bottom rope, the ref ordered both Kip and B.G. James to the back. Roxxi then cast a spell on the ref with some sort of spell. She rubbed her fingers on his forehead. He seemed hypnotised for a second, then shook it off. ODB spanked Angel, then made weird noises in front of Roxxi. ODB sat on the top turnbuckle and then grabbed Roxxi by her hair and rammed her head-first into her crotch area onto the turnbuckle. Kim dove off the top rope into Roxxi at ringside. Meanwhile, Angel took over on ODB inside the ring. Kim returned to the ring with a dropkick to Roxxi's chest at 8:00. Kim scored a two count on Roxxi after a top rope legdrop; ODB made the save. Roxxie blinded ODB with a spray of mist from her mouth, then Kim finished her off and scored the three count. After the match, Awesome Kong stepped out onto the stage.

WINNER: Kim in 9:00.

STAR RATING: * -- Kinda fun with the various distinct personalities and non-stop action. Official Mist Count: Two.

-A few feet away from security in front of the limo, Borash told Karen that the security guys won't let her in the limo. Karen said she was going to try just to make Kurt happy. She flirted with a security member, who instantly let her look inside. James Storm, Jackie, and Eric Young were inside drinking beers together. Karen said, "You've got to be kidding." Borash said he tought this was the surprise limo. Storm said it was the World Heavyweight Drinking Limo. Storm said the limo he wanted was right behind them. Borash said he wanted a beer. Storm gave him an eh-eh and said he's not part of the competition. Official Drinking Wrestlers Tally: Young, Storm, Moore, ODB.

4 -- BLACK MACHISMO vs. SONJAY DUTT - X Division Title match

Tenay said with Jim Cornette absent lately (still no explanation for that; why not say he's on his honeymoon or anything, rather than say nothing) so Matt Morgan stepped up (from his role as bodyguard) and made this match. Dutt hugged Machismo before the match. Nice early fast-paced exchanges followed by friendly acknowledgments between them. At 2:00 Dutt hit a flip dive over the top rope onto Machismo. West and Tenay talked up the achievement of the Machine Guns earlier representing the X Division well. When Dutt bailed out at 7:00, Machismo flew through the ropes onto Dutt at ringside. More back and forth rapid-fire action for several minutes in the ring. The crowd applauded the action. Machismo climbed to the top rope and hit a flying elbow for the clean pin.

WINNER: Machismo in 11:00 to retain the X Division Title.

STAR RATING: **1/4 -- Good action. Not an epic match, but for a toss-in X Division title match without much backstory or hype, it worked, and the clean win by Machismo was good.

-After the match. So Cal Val applauded and entered the ring to congratulate him. Team 3D ran out and attacked both Lethal and Dutt. Since Dutt and Lethal were so "sportsman like" with one another, and given the post-match Team 3D attack, a tag team with these four may be next. Team 3D gave Dutt a 3D. Brother Ray grabbed the mic and accused the Machine Guns of cheating. He said the entire X Division will pay for that. He said they are taking the X Division Title belt hostage. Memo to TNA Management: The obvious action all viewers would logically expect is for the current authority figure in TNAto simply order Team 3D to return the belt or else be suspended or fired. The Team 3D would give the belt back. There's no logical reason for anything else to play out. It's a belt that represents an official champion in the company, and Team 3D have stolen it. Management has the power to order them to give it back or else.

-Backstage, Cyrstal interviewed Nash about his opportunity to become TNA World Heavyweight Champion. She asked how he'd co-exist with Angle. Nash said it won't be easy, but once they take care of the other two, he'll go at it with Angle for the title. Aren't the rules that if Nash scores the pin, he becomes champ? If so, shouldn't Nash be talking that up? Shouldn't someone? Crystal asked if he was sure Scott Hall wasn't Sting's partner. Nash said he's absolutely positive it's not Hall, although he doesn't know who it is.

-Cyrstal walked into a nearby room where the drinking contest was taking place. Young pointed out a sign that said, "No food, drink, or alcohol on the premises." Storm threw it away. Storm went on about winning the drinking championship and he's ready to defend it. He poured two shots of Jack Daniels for each of them. They each did two quick shots, then chased them down with beer. Storm finished the beer first. Young came close to throwing up. Storm asked him how he feels. Young clapped. Storm said they'd see how he felt in 20 minutes. Young asked what happens then. Storm said the devil catches up to you. Tenay laughed and said, "That's absolutely amazing, isn't it." Yes, binge drinking is hilarious on a wrestling show! Ha ha ha. Storm, a heel, goading gullible innocent babyface Young into drinking so fast he's nearly throwing up and joking about him passing out is something a straight-laced host should find absolutely hilarious.

5 -- A.J. STYLES & TOMKO vs. RICK & SCOTT STEINER -- TNA Tag Team Title match

Tenay said it's rare that the Steiners enter a tag match where Scott meets a physically matched opponent, but Tomko is just that. Scott tossed Steiner around for the opening minute, but when Scott turned to look at Tomko, Styles kicked him, then dove over the top rope onto him at ringside. Styles barked at Rick and threw Scott back into the ring. Tomko and Rick tagged in at 2:00. After a few minutes of back and forth action, Rick hit a top rope bulldog on Styles at 7:00. Scott clotheslined Tomko over the top rope to the floor when he tried to intervene, then rammed his forehead into the ringpost. Styles, meanwhile, surprised Rick with a Pele Kick. Rick came back with a powerslam, but the ref was down at ringside as Scott and Tomko continued to brawl. As Rick turned to ringside, Styles swung a chair. Rick ducked. Styles mule kicked him and KO'd him with a chair. Styles made the cover for the win.

WINNERS: Styles & Tomko in 9:00.

STAR RATING: *1/2 -- A bit clunky. Styles didn't have anyone to shine against. Not bad, but a bit below average. Although it was with a chairshot, nice to see another win by a younger, non-Club 1997 member over a '90s top tag team.

-A video package aired recapping the Robert Roode vs. Samoa Joe feud. Then Cyrstal interviewed Robert Roode. He said he doesn't fear Joe. He said, "Two weeks ago I made you bleed like the pig that you are." He said he's going to make him moan and bleed "like the bitch that you are." He added, "Tonight, Robert Roode kills Samoa Joe." Scott Hall definitely didn't script that. It's so stupid for wrestlers to raise the stakes to something they can't possibly fulfill. When Roode told Ms. Brooks to stay out of her face, Brooks asked him who the woman in the crowd with a sign is. Roode said he tbought it was a friend of hers, then told her to head to the ring with him.

6 -- SAMOA JOE vs. ROBERT ROODE (w/Ms. Brooks)

Tenay said it's so interesting to watch this relationship between those two. He said Roode inherited money from his family while Brooks has family problems and needs the money Roode supplies her. West said Brooks is forced to do things she doesn't want to because of a need for money. Joe took early control in the ring. When Roode went for a dive onto Joe at ringside and missed, Brooks laughed. Joe threw Roode into the ringside security railing, then set up a chair and put Roode on it. He charged at Roode, but Roode moved. Roode then made a comeback and suplexed Joe on the rampway. Joe came right back and threw Roode into the ringside steps. The crowd cheered Joe, and Joe acknowledged them. Then the threw Roode back into the ring, dropped a knee, and threw some chops in the corner. He followed with a roundhouse kick for a two count. Roode took over at 5:00 for sustained offense. He scored a two count after a neckbreaker. Brooks turned down a chance to take a cheapshot at Joe. Roode settled into a plain ol' chinlock at 7:00. After a minute Joe elbowed out of it. Roode applied a sleeper, then went to the top rope. Joe caught him in mid-air and dropped him face-first to the mat. At 9:00 Joe went on a flurry of offense leading to a near fall. The camera cut to ringside where Brooks was lying knocked out. Tenay and West didn't know what happened to her. Joe hit a snap powerslam for two count. TNA trainers came out to check on Brooks's pulse. Joe applied a Boston crab, then shifted into an STF. Roode reached the bottom rope. Joe applied sleeper. Roode again grabbed the top rope to force a break. Roode mule kicked Joe. Official Mule Kick on Genesis Count: Two. Roode scored a two count. He slapped Joe twice, then whipped him into the corner. Joe came back with a single-arm slam, then set up a Muscle Buster at 12:00. Roode jumped to the floor and yanked Joe's arm over the top rope. He followed with a clothesline from behind for a two count. Roode hit Joe with a traditional piledriver, Paul Orndroff style. Joe made a comeback a minute later. Roode tried to slip in a Payof fisherman's suplex, but Joe powered Roode to the top rope, hit the high kick, and gave Roode the Musclebuster for the clean three count.

WINNER: Joe in 14:00.

STAR RATING: **3/4 -- Good match. Not a show-stealer. It wasn't as realistic as some of Joe's fights, as Roode's gimmick and antiquated repertoir holds him back from reaching that level, but still a good match.

-They showed a white limo in the parking lot. Backstage, Karen tried to talk Angle into letting go of his obsession with finding out who the mystery partner is. Angle said it does matter and told her to stop telling him to settle down. Borash followed them as they bickered all the way to the parking lot. Angle tried to get through security, but Sting came out and stopped him.

-A video aired setting the stage for Kaz vs. Christian Cage in a ladder match. Crystal said Kaz is going to try to make a name for himself at his expense. Christian said that's been tried before and it won't happen tonight. He said he doesn't belong in the same ring with him, and he'll prove it in his match. He said he'll "take him to the top," and from there there's only one way to go. He told Styles and Tomko to watch him make an example out of Kaz, but he ordered them not to come anywhere near ringside. Styles told Tomko to follow his lead. Tomko told Styles that Christian is serious. Styles reminded him that he's team captain.

7 -- KAZ vs. CHRISTIAN CAGE - Ladder Match

The no. 1 contender's contract was hanging from a clipboard above the ring. Tenay echoed Crystal's comments that Kaz does have a chance to really elevate his stature in TNA with a win over Christian. Christian bled above his left eye early in the match. They went to ringside at 2:00. Christian bridged a ladder over the railing and ring apron. Kaz put Christian on it first. He took so long to set up his next move, Christian kicked him between the legs, then knocked Kaz onto the ladder. Christian frog splashed Kaz on the ladder. The ladder didn't give much. They showed a woman in the crowd gasping. That drew a "That was awesome!" chant. Christian set up a ladder in mid-ring at 5:00 and began climbing it. Kaz knocked the ladder over before Christian could grab the contract. Kaz whipped Christian into a ladder leaning in the corner. Christian threw the ladder at Kaz as he charged at him a second time. Christian catapulted Kaz upward into a ladder propped in the corner. At 8:00 Kaz knocked Christian to ringside, then climbed the ladder. Christian stopped him by jabbing him with a ladder just as grabbed at te clipboard. Christian set up a second ladder. Tey both stood on top. Kaz put one foot on each ladder, which looked unsteady. Christian slammed Kaz off the ladder to the mat with an inverted DDT. At 10:00 Kaz monkey-flipped Christian onto a ladder in the corner. Kaz climbed a ladder in the corner and then went for a top rope legdrop on Christian who was lying with his head on a ladder. Christian moved, and Kaz legdropped the ladder instead. Christian got up and grabbed a ladder. He rammed Kaz with it as Kaz was up against the ringpost in the corner. Christian then set up the ladder in mid-ring. Kaz got up and tried to knock Christian over. Christian shoved him off. Kaz went to plan B, which was a springboard dropkick to the ladder, knocking both the ladder and Christian over and to the mat. Christian recovered first and climbed the ladder again. Styles walked to ringside, followed by Tomko. Styles cheered on Christian, but Christian turned toward him and told him to go away. Tomko yanked Styles of the ring apron and argued with him. Kaz met Christian on top of the ladder. The ladder tipped over and Christian tackled both Tomko and Styles at ringside. Kaz then regained his balance and grabbed the clipboard. Tenay said it's a match they'll be talking about for years, a career-maker for Kaz. That depends on what TNA does to follow-up on it, and whether Kaz is up for it in terms of his character development.

WINNER: Kaz in 15:00.

STAR RATING: ***1/2 -- Really good spectacle match. Lots of big spots, with good timing on most of the complex moves. Again, the right finish on a night of upsets with younger, non-'90s stars getting wins over stars from the '90s. It's the right time for that approach, and they're picking some good people for the potential elevation opportunities.

-Borash joined the drinking contest. Storm told Borash to pull a flask out of Jackie's cleavage. Young had Storm drink from a hose and funnel. "That's science," said Young. Storm replied, "Like social studies, but without the S." I have no idea. Borash said this was not good. Storm fell over drunk. It's nice that TNA gives everyone a glimpse of their after party, but the top executives are missing from the drunken fun. Storm eventually passed out completely. Young took the drinking championship belt. Jackie told him to put it down. Young ran off with the belt and the last of the beer. Borash said it's been a long day and took the flask with him.


First out came Nash, then Angle. During Sting's intro music, he appeared on the big screen and said the time has come. "Everything I've told you about my partner is true. Not only has he been a champion everywhere he's been in this world, but he's also one of the most deserving and genuine human beings I've known in this business or known period. Put your seatbelts on because it's showtime." The arena then went dark as calming music played. Tenay reminded everyone that the mystery man had faced Angle before and rubbed him the wrong way. After about 20 seconds of suspense, West said the anticipation level is of the charts. Tenay said everyone was standing. Tenay just kept talking and talking when silence would have meant so much more. Then, "Can you dig it, sucka!" rang out over the p.a. Out walked Booker T. He looked at his hand, and then looked up and pryo shot off. Tenay said he feels his career has come full circle. He said the first interview he ever conducted on national TV was Harlem Heat with their manager Sherri, and now Booker has come to TNA. The crowd chanted "Spinarooni! Spinarooni!" It started with Sting vs. Angle. As Sting beat on Angle, the crowd chanted, "Tag in Booker!" Angle crawled over to his corner and hugged Nash's legs. The tag was made and in walked Nash. Nash was huge. A "We Want Booker!" chant broke out. Nash threw his signature knees and elbows in the corner, then measured Sting, but that pause gave Sting a chance to kick as Nash's legs. Nash returned with some kneelifts and punches. He tagged Angle back in at 3:00. Sting tagged in Booker seconds later. Angle ran out of the ring super-fast. The crowd chanted "Booker T." Angle gathered himself at ringside. Booker held the ropes open for Angle, then backed off. Another "Spinarooni" chant broke out. Booker hit Angle with a flurry of his signature spots. Angle showed life a 5:00 and clotheslined Booker to the mat. Angle tagged in Nash. Nash sideslammed Booker for a two count. At 6:00 Sting tagged in and hit corner splashes on Angle and Nash. Nash lifted Sting and gave him a sideslam for a two count, broken up by Angle, his own partner. Tenay said he had to do that to save the title. Nash gave Angle a dirty look and tagged him in. When Angle went for a pin seconds later, Nash broke it up. Karen cheered on Angle at ringside. Booker broke up an Angle pin attempt on Sting. Booker entered the match and took a shot at Nash on the ring apron, then charged at Angle, Angle caught him with a boot, but Booker immediately fired back with a powerslam. He played to the crowd, then gave Angle a spinebuster. Booker got bug-eyed and did the Spinarooni, which the crowd popped for. Booker gave Angle an axe kick and then made the cover. Nash broke up the pin, if dropping an elbow on Booker as Booker kept covering Angle and Angle's shoulders remained down counts as something to justify the ref stopping his count. Angle was slow to get up and called for Nash to enter the ring. Nash did without a tag. He may have been stunned from the spinebuster legit. Booker hit Nash with an awkward spin wheel kick. Angle broke up Booker's cover, then scurried away from Booker. Angle kneed Booker low, then fell back to the mat. Nash gave Booker his Jackknife. Sting then gave Nash his Scorpion Death Drop. Karen distracted the ref as Sting covered Nash. Styles ran into the ring. Sting threw Styles out of the ring. Tomko then attacked Sting as Karen continued to distract the ref. Angle and Booker were KO'd at ringside and Nash and Sting were KO'd in the ring. Sharmell then walked out and confronted Karen. Tey shoved each other. Sharmell gave a bit, "Oh no you didn't!" Nash dropped his straps and set up Sting for Jackknife. Styles slide the belt into the ring. Angle nailed Nash with the belt to stop the Jackknife. Angle then gave Sting the Olympic Slam, then grabbed the ref away from Karen and Sharmell. He covered Sting and scored the three count. Sharmell tended to Booker while glaring at Karen. Tomko and Styles shook hands with Angle in the ring. Christian stepped out onto the stage and didn't seem to approve of what he was seeing. The show ended.

WINNER: Angle in 16:00 to retain the TNA World Hvt. Title.

STAR RATING: **1/4 -- The match itself wasn't anything special. Not bad. It had enough bells and whistles to keep things interesting. Nash seemed really out of practice and limited since he hasn't wrestled much in recent years. Booker looked refreshed and full of spunk. Sting was Sting. Angle was Angle.

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