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CALDWELL'S TNA AGAINST ALL ODDS PPV 2/10: Ongoing "virtual time" coverage of Greenville PPV

Feb 10, 2008 - 9:55:15 PM

By James Caldwell, PWTorch columnist

February 10, 2008
Greenville, S.C.
By James Caldwell, Torch columnist

In-ring: Jeremy Borash opened the PPV by introducing the South Carolina National Guard for the National Anthem. B.G. James and Bullet Bob Armstrong came out with the NG to present the colors. The lower bowl of the arena appears to be filled with the dark lighting.

Video package: They did the usual we-take-ourselves-too-seriously intro video trying to relate cheesy wrestling storylines to politics.

Ringside: B.G. and Bob led the National Guard to ringside for the tag title match. B.G. then took the mic in the ring and said they have three words for the troops everywhere: God Bless America. This led to a fireworks display for the intro. Mike Tenay broke down the tag title situation. No sign of Don West yet. The National Guard left ringside. Styles & Tomko then came out to defend the titles. Styles brushed off Tomko on the way to the ring, then Styles took the mic and cut a promo on Tomko. He said he hasn't his returned his phone calls in three weeks. Styles said he needs to know what's up before the match starts. Tomko then took the mic and cut a promo about their opponents being the best wrestling family in wrestling, with them being backed by the Marines. He told him to get his head right or they would lose the belts tonight. Borash then handled the formal intros for the match.

1 -- TNA tag champions A.J. STYLES & TOMKO vs. B.G. JAMES & BULLET BOB ARMSTRONG -- TNA Tag Title match

11 minutes into the PPV, we got an opening bell to start the wrestling. Tenay quickly introduced Kip James into the equation by talking about Kip giving his full support to the Armstrong team. Styles played the cocky heel early on, so Bob slapped him across the face and Styles did a Flair-style flat-back flop. Tomko took a tag and accepted slaps from Bob for good measure. They cut to a split-screen in the Angle locker room where Kurt and Karen were having an argument because Kurt was trying to watch the match on the monitor. Here's the problem with this. Tomko was being groomed on TV as a huge star, and he's having to sell for 67-year-old Bullet Bob. The match broke down at 7:00, then Styles accidentally bumped Tomko to the outside. B.G. then dropped Styles with a pumphandle slam for a nearfall. Suddenly, Styles smashed B.G. in the left knee with a springboard dropkick. B.G. sold it like his knee was shot. Tomko and Styles then gave him a double-team suplex for the win to retain the belts. After the match, Kip James stormed the ring and checked on B.G. with Bob and some referees. B.G. sat up and started crying while the fans gave him a round of applause. Tenay talked about the feel-good-ending being lost.

WINNERS: Tomko & Styles in 8:00 to retain TNA Tag Titles. Looks like a heel crowd tonight, at least for the opener, as there was more of a babyface reaction for Styles and Tomko until the post-match. Decent opener, but all-storyline. (*1/4)

Angle locker room: Karen screamed at Kurt because she's done everything he's asked, but it hasn't worked. What is she talking about? Karen then recapped all of the silly storylines with the various mancrushes of Kurt, Tomko, Styles, Christian, et al. Karen asked Kurt when was the last time they ever spent any quality time together. Kurt said quality time is every single time Karen is in his presence. Kurt blamed it on PMS. Karen said one day he's going to realize it, and it's going to be too late. Karen stormed off and Kurt called her a bitch.

Ringside: Tenay and West broke down the PPV card. They're still playing up the Barbed Wire Massacre like it's happening live tonight.

Video package: They aired a video building up the Traci Brooks vs. Peyton Banks match.

In-ring: Peyton Banks came to the ring first and did this weird grimace for the hard camera. Traci Brooks then bounced out to the ring. She's got darker hair color - now she looks like a combo of Victoria and Trinity.


We're almost a half-hour into the show with the second match just beginning. Traci went right after Peyton and beat her into the corner before Peyton landed an eye rake. They brawled to the outside and Traci tackled Peyton on the floor. Traci then whipped Peyton into the guardrail, but Peyton reversed a whip into the steel steps and Traci ate steel. Back in the ring, Peyton worked over Traci. After a few light kicks to the back, Peyton landed the backstabber for a nearfall. Peyton, frustrated, started choking Traci in the ropes, but Traci came back with a boot to the head. She then landed a running clothesline for a one count. Traci went up top, but Peyton cut her off and landed shoulder thrusts in the corner. Suddenly, Traci avoided the move and quickly rolled up Peyton from behind for the win. After the match, Peyton jumped Traci from behind. Traci fought her off, though, and rolled Peyton to the outside.

WINNER: Traci Brooks in 5:00. A fine women's match with good heat. I realize it's a "personal feud", but why have a brawl on the outside in the second match of the card - a filler match - when there is a barbed wire match, a street fight, and another "personal feud" match later in the show? (*1/2)

Ringside: Tenay said Scott Hudson is back on the crew for an interview later in the PPV. ... Video package: They plugged Petey vs. Steiner. ... Backstage: Scott Hudson welcomed in Petey Williams and Scott Steiner to discuss the briefcase match. Petey said all the silly stuff ends tonight. He said he's as sick of it as Scotty is. Petey said he's been training for this match since before he was born. Scotty tried hard not to laugh at Petey's promo, so he kept stroking his goatee. Scott waited for Petey to end, then he cut a promo about touring the world with his freaks while Petey was doing nothing in Canada. He said he'll have a little surprise for Petey tonight.

Ringside: Petey Williams came to the ring to virtually no reaction. Scott Steiner then came out holding both briefcases. Strong babyface reaction for Steiner. West tied himself into knots trying to explain the X Division situation for this match and the Team Lethal vs. Team 3D match later in the show.

3 -- PETEY WILLIAMS vs. SCOTT STEINER -- #1 Contender to X Division and World Hvt. Title

Steiner dominated Petey to start things off. Petey rolled to the outside, then slipped back into the ring and did some stomach crunches that pissed off Steiner. I'm officially sold on the greatness of Petey's gimmick now. Steiner isn't, though, as he smashed Petey with a clothesline. Petey then avoided the classic wind-up elbow drop and did some push-ups. Steiner, irritated, landed a belly-to-belly suplex before hanging Petey upside down in the corner. And then another b2b suplex. He even did a casual pin and yanked Petey up by his hair to stop the ref's count. Steiner then took Petey up top and did the slowest fallaway slam of all time. He again pulled up on a pin attempt to inflict more damage. Steiner then grabbed both of the briefcases and placed one briefcase in each corner of the ring. Ref Slick Johnson blocked a case shot, which drew boos. Petey then rammed Steiner head-first into one of the cases. No DQ? Are there even rules in TNA? Who knows. Petey made a cover for a nearfall. He then went for the Canadian Destroyer, but Steiner blocked and nailed the Alabama Slam for a nearfall. Steiner said it's the end, so he went for the Steiner Recliner, but Petey countered with a small package for a nearfall.

Petey came up bleeding at 7:00, then he slapped on the Steiner Recliner, but Steiner easily powered to his feet and rammed Petey back-first into the corner turnbuckles. Petey then blocked snake eyes and landed a tornado DDT for another close nearfall. Suddenly, Steiner landed a low blow with the ref looking right at it. Slick just played dumb, like all of the TNA refs. Petey then caught Steiner with a mule kick of his own, with Slick just looking around the ring like he was looking for someone in the crowd. Petey then called for the Destroyer, but a random woman ran to the ring and ripped off her jacket on the apron. She's a rather large woman. She distracted Petey with some poses, then Steiner caught Petey with a powerbomb for the win. The woman and Steiner then posed afterward.

WINNER: Steiner in 10:00. Good first-hour PPV match, but with the usual overbooking to distract from a match that was close to three stars. I don't even know why TNA has referees. They're booked to be completely useless. Apparently TNA needs more women on the roster because they don't have enough people on the roster already. (**1/2)

Angle locker room: Borash plugged some stuff, then Kurt interrupted and told him to shut up with the announce stuff. He said Karen just walked out on him, so he needs some advice. Borash said he's a ladies man, and he has a new book coming out on how to bang (or bag?) broads. He then suggested a roleplay where Borash plays Kurt and Kurt plays Karen. This went on far too long, then Borash asked Kurt to come up with Thursday's significance. Impact? No! February 14? No! Oh, Valentine's Day. A.J. Styles then walked in and got confused as to why Borash was looking longingly into Angle's eyes. Angle told him it's not what it seems like.

Video package: They put over the significance of Eric Young's drinking championship. They included some interviews with random drinking champions. They showed Young's training for the drinking contest. Just a complete parody of what should be real World Title build-up videos. Then again, TNA is a parody of a wrestling promotion, so it fits.

In-ring: James Storm came to the ring with Ms. Jackie Moore. Tenay said this is a championship match. Eric Young then came to the ring with the knock-off version of the Hardcore Title. He then went to ringside and started drinking people's beers. He tried to bond with the crowd, but Storm jumped him from behind. He choked him into the guardrail before tossing Young into the ring to start the match. So, apparently, this is an actual wrestling match.

4 -- Drinking champion ERIC YOUNG vs. JAMES STORM (w/Ms. Jackie Moore)

Young knocked Storm to the outside within the first minute and hit a leaping cross body block on the floor. This turned into comedy where Jackie led Young on a cat and mouse chase around the ring, then back into the ring. Storm took advantage with a kick to the head on Young. On the floor again, Storm removed the padding ringside to expose the concrete. Storm then hip-tossed Young onto the concrete. Back in the ring, Storm covered Young for a nearfall. Back on the outside, Young countered a suplex and Storm ate the concrete back-first. Suddenly, and very randomly exactly one hour into the PPV, Tenay threw out an explanation about Barbed Wire Massacre airing from Orlando because they couldn't have the match in South Carolina. Cornette is standing by in Orlando to intro the match. It came across like, oh, by the way, one of the advertised main events isn't airing from the venue tonight, but don't blame us!

In any event, they did some nearfalls in the ring at 6:00. Jackie got involved again and Young did a double DVD from the fireman's carry position. He then covered Storm for another close nearfall. Good heat for this. A few seconds after taking a DVD, Storm quickly nailed a sunset flip powerbomb from the top rope for a nearfall. Jackie then tossed a beer bottle to Storm and distracted the ref. Suddenly, Rhino was in the ring and he Gored Storm out of his boots. Rhino then bailed from the ring and Young covered Storm for the win.

WINNER: Young in 7:00. Crowd loved the finish for Rhino returning. The match wasn't anything memorable, as it was the usual silly match booking. (*1/2)

Post-match: Rhino took the mic in center ring and stared into the hard camera. He said he has a lot to say, but he'll wait until Thursday night to say it. OK, thanks for showing up.

Impact Zone: Crystal interviewed Jim Cornette from Orlando to explain the Barbed Wire Massacre deal. Cornette said he booked the match with much trepidation. He then said TNA advertised the match, but South Carolina stepped in and said they couldn't allow the match to happen in their state because of the risk of injury. So, Florida is a pushover? Cornette said they will be bringing the match live on PPV. He said this is a serious situation. He gave the Jim Ross line about Hell in a Cells not being for the weak at heart. Cornette then began to rip apart an apple with some barbed wire.

Video package: They promoted the Kong vs. ODB title match.

In-ring: ODB came to the ring for the women's title match. They focused on some signs that included: "Forget wrestling, just get naked." Kong then came out with Cheerleader Saaed. Kong stared into the turnbuckles while ODB pumped herself up on the floor.

5 -- Knockouts champion AWESOME KONG (w/Raisha Saaed) vs. ODB -- Women's Title match

The match started with ODB trying to scoop slam Kong, but Kong kept flinging her away and nailing hard clotheslines and splashes. ODB escaped the Awesome Bomb two times, and ducked the spinning back hand slap. Kong wouldn't leave her feet following several dropkicks. Suddenly, Kong got caught up top and ODB finally took Kong off her feet with a powerslam from the top rope. ODB then covered Kong for a close, believable nearfall. ODB powered up with a drink from her flask, but she couldn't take Kong off her feet. Saeed then got on the apron and ODB smashed her off the apron. ODB turned around and took spinning back fist blows before Kong finished her off with the Awesome Bomb for the win.

WINNER: Kong in 8:00 to retain the Knockout Title. Good match. ODB played a good 2008 babyface to get the crowd behind her. Nice story of ODB trying to get Kong off her feet, with the one success of a top rope powerslam that only led to a nearfall. Best match so far. (**3/4)

Backstage at Impact Zone: James Mitchell cut a promo from Orlando about retribution and betrayal. He said he's going to send Abyss's step-brother, Judas Mesias, into the barbed wire match. Mitchell said his mommy won't be there to save Abyss from the pain and ripped flesh. He said Abyss is going to look at him with those stupid brown eyes, and call out for mercy. Mitchell said at that point, he's going to show tough love by telling Judas to send Abyss straight to hell to end Abyss's miserable existence once and for all.

Video package: They recapped the storylines for Abyss and Judas, with this hopefully being the end of the program.

Impact Zone: Jim Cornette gave a disclaimer about the carnage about to begin. Judas then came out first with James Mitchell. Abyss came out next and threw the cameramen down to intimidate people. Tenay and West are doing "voice-over" announcing for the match.

6 -- ABYSS vs. JUDAS MESIAS (w/James Mitchell) -- Barbed Wire Massacre II from Impact Zone in Orlando

The bell sounded and the participants slowly paced around the ring. They teased some early barbed wire spots, then Judas dropkicked Abyss arm-first into the barbed wire. Abyss caught Judas near the wire and dropped him chest-first across the wire. Abyss then took a drop toehold into the bottom of the wires. They couldn't keep this exclusively in the ring, as Abyss slid under the wire to the floor and grabbed a barbed wire steel chair. Judas blocked a splash and crotched Abyss with the wire chair. Abyss then took a few chair shots to the head. Abyss came up bleeding from the forehead. Judas went to the outside and retrieved a barbed wire board. Abyss then bailed to the outside, but Judas followed out and bit into Abyss's forehead to draw more blood. Abyss reversed a whip into the ring steps, though, and Judas ate the steel.

At 8:00, Abyss grabbed a second barbed wire board and placed it between the guardrail and ring apron. Mitchell suddenly hit Abyss from behind, then Abyss teased a chokeslam into the wire board, but Judas smashed Abyss from behind to save his father. Back in the ring, Judas took a loose piece of barbed wire and raked Abyss's arm with the wire. Suddenly, Abyss dropped Judas stomach-first across one of the barbed wire boards. It just wouldn't be a TNA PPV without an overplayed "That was awesome" chant from the Impact Zone. The fight then moved to the outside where Abyss chokeslammed Judas through the other barbed wire board on the outside. Mitchell then scampered into the ring and Abyss dropped him with the Black Hole Slam. Mitchell rolled to the outside, then Judas ran into the ring after a super no-sell recovery and walked into a Black Hole Slam. Abyss made a cover for a nearfall.

At 13:00, Judas fired up with forearm blows. They almost did a ref bump with Earl Hebner, then the distraction allowed Judas to shove Abyss through a third barbed wire board, this one in the corner. Judas then landed more forearm blows before running into the Black Hole Slam in the first board. Abyss made the cover for the win to hopefully end this program. Afterward, Tenay tried to throw Abyss's name into the mix with Funk, Cactus Jack, and Brody. Goodness gracious.

WINNER: Abyss in 15:00. Well, it should be over after this, so that has to count for something. TNA presents: Abyss gimmick match that you can take or leave, just like any other month. I strongly dislike these matches, but that's just me. (*)

Backstage S.C. - Hudson interviewed Robert Roode about his match against Booker. Roode said it's apparent that baby Sharmell got a fistful of what she deserved last month. He said he tried to be a man about apologizing to Booker, but Booker wouldn't accept. He said now he takes his apologies back because he's sick and tired of Booker. He hates everything about Booker - the walk, the talk, the smell, and his horse-faced skank wife. Roode vowed to shatter Booker's jaw and it won't be an accident this month.

Video package: They set the stage for Booker vs. Roode ... Backstage: Borash interviewed Booker T while he laced up his boots for the match. Sharmell isn't in the building. Booker shouted that in about 30 seconds, Roode's punkass belongs to him.

In-ring: Robert Roode came to the ring first, alongside Peyton Banks. Tenay said they probably toss out the "grudge match" term too often in TNA, but it applies here. The first step of getting help is to admit there is a problem. Booker T. then came out alone to face Roode. Tenay said this won't be a wrestling match, it'll be a fight. West said this isn't about winning a match; it's about getting payback. So, why are they having a match?

7 -- BOOKER T vs. ROBERT ROODE (w/Peyton Banks)

As soon as Booker hit the ring, they started the fight with a wrestling match that doesn't matter. Booker quickly threw Roode to the outside and they brawled on the floor. Tenay with the second "full-court press" reference of the show. Ya, this is 180 minutes of hell. It's worth noting that Roode significantly upgraded his in-ring attire to look like a main event player. Suddenly, Peyton Banks wandered into the ring completely randomly and touched Booker on the shoulder. Booker feigned a punch to the face, but Booker stopped short and Roode smashed him from behind. Four straight matches in S.C. with female interference. Roode avoided the bookend, then nailed a dropkick for a nearfall. At 7:00, Booker yanked Roode's leg into the ringpost while Peyton looked on with concern. Suddenly, Roode pulled a Shelton Benjamin and bailed up the entrance ramp with Peyton. Booker gave chase to the backstage area. Wait a second, the ref is making a ten count? I haven't seen a ten count applied by a TNA referee possibly ever in the post-Nashville era. Slick counted to ten and the fans booed the double countout. This means practically every TNA PPV match for the past four years, and every match on this PPV, should have ended via count-out.

Post-match: Booker and Roode battled to a getaway car. Roode slammed Booker into a guardrail, then Roode flung Peyton out of the driver's seat of the getaway car and sped off. Booker slammed his fists on the car in anger. He said this isn't over.

WINNER: Double countout in 8:00. TNA's application of rules is atrociously lazy. So, they randomly threw out the No DQ rule on title matches without an announcement, now refs are doing count-outs whenever they feel like it. (*)

Video package: They aired a video on Samoa Joe that was suddenly cut off. ... Backstage: Kurt Angle talked to Karen Angle about renewing their wedding vows this Thursday on Impact. Borash said that's great. A.J. Styles, the scorned lover boy, walked off in disgust. Karen got all excited and said she was going to go make the wedding plans. Suddenly, Angle addressed Christian Cage. You know, his opponent tonight. Angle said he beat Christian last month, and this will be his last shot after he beats him. He screamed into the camera for Samoa Joe to stay out of his business.

Backstage: Hudson brought in Team 3D for an interview. Brother Ray told Hudson to keep his mouth shut. He talked about the hardcore street fight, then asked Team Lethal if they've even given this match much thought. He asked if they have what it takes to win a match like this. Ray said they don't look or act like pro wrestlers, which is why they don't respect them. He said whether they win, lose, or draw, they will go down as the best tag team of all-time and the 15 minutes of fame for Shelley & Sabin is just about up.

In-ring: Ring announcer Penzer threw in yet another stip. Now, if one of the people on Team X Division scores the fall, he wins the belt. X Division reps came out, then Team 3D met them on the floor and the brawl was on.

8 -- TEAM 3D (BROTHER RAY & BROTHER DEVON & X Division champion JOHNNY DEVINE) vs. ALEX SHELLEY & CHRIS SABIN & JAY LETHAL -- Street fight with a ton of stips

The brawl was all over ringside to start things off. West apologized for any missed camera shots because there's too much action going on. Lethal then grabbed a "Use my sign" sign and smashed Ray in the forehead with the sign. More weapons entered the contest, with Team 3D taking trashcan shots to the head. Suddenly, there were three simultaneous nearfalls. Oh man, if there were three pins, there would have been eight months of Lethal, Sabin, and Shelley battling for possession of the X Division Title with 1/3 stake to the belt. Plenty of So Cal Val camera shots in this one. Suddenly, a blow-up doll entered the ring and Ray gave it a powerbomb. Lethal then smashed Lethal with a computer keyboard. I think the P and Q went flying into the stands. The fans chanted for tables. After Shelley and Sabin did their combo tag moves, Team 3D gave Sabin the 3D in center ring. Shelley then ate the 3D for good measure. Lethal tried to make the save, but Ray smashed him with an inside-out clothesline. The fans still want tables. Val started crying ringside as Lethal took a beating. Lethal did the Tommy Dreamer and asked for another trashcan blow from Ray. Val then got on the apron to tell Ray to stop, but Ray dragged her into the ring. Fifth straight S.C. match with female involvement. Ray then grabbed a cheese grater and teased grating her, but instead licked her on the forehead.

Lethal made the save for Liz at 10:00, then checked on her. Lethal then came off the top with a huracanrana on Ray. He picked up a chair and smashed Ray in the face with a chair shot. He had the pin, but Devon pulled the ref to the outside. At least he timed his interference tonight. Back in the ring, Lethal was on fire cleaning house on 3D members. Ray then caught him with a full nelson slam for a nearfall. Ringside, Val's mascara was running from the tears. Ray and Devon then set up a table in the ring while the fans popped. Val screamed for them to stop. Lethal avoided the 3D, then Devine missed with a sign shot to the head. Lethal stole the sign and smashed Devine in the head, sending Devine onto the table. Lethal then came off the top with an elbow drop and covered him for the win. Val was overjoyed. Afterward, Val and Lethal celebrated with the X Division Title. Sonjay Dutt then came to the ring and celebrated with them. He then grabbed the X Division Title and presented it to Lethal.

WINNERS: Team Lethal in 13:00; Lethal captures the X Division Title. A fine brawl outside of the usual TNA overbooking and cutesy little inside jokes. Sabin & Shelley disappeared in this one to turn it into the LethalVal show. Probably qualifies for best match of the show thus far. (***)

Video package: They plugged the Angle vs. Christian title match.

Backstage: Scott Hudson found Christian Cage in his locker room with a big smile on his face. Christian ribbed Hudson, then recapped where everyone stands in this storyline. He said the only thing that matters, though, is the World Hvt. championship. Where was that the last three weeks on TV? Christian said he's tired of hearing Samoa Joe run his mouth, so all he needs to do is do his job tonight.

In-ring: Samoa Joe walked out first. No ref t-shirt. He was dressed, as usual, in his casual wear clothes including a Volcom t-shirt. Christian Cage then came to the ring to a good reaction. Kurt Angle came out next with Karen. Of note is that Kurt has been wearing some really high socks all night, and he kept them on for the match. Apparently he's auditioning for Semi-Pro. Borash then handled the formal match intros. The opening bell sounded at 9:33, giving them a good 20 minutes for the main event.

9 -- TNA Hvt. champion KURT ANGLE (w/Karen Angle) vs. CHRISTIAN CAGE -- TNA World Hvt. Title match -- Samoa Joe special enforcer

The announcers talked about Kurt solving his woman problems before the match so he could focus on the match. West talked about his personal problems with the wifey. Huge heat for this to start with. Angle landed a shoulder block early on and Karen clapped it up for her hubby. She kept screaming encouragements from ringside, reaching that Melina-level. Christian sidestepped Angle at 5:00 and Angle went crashing shoulder-first into the corner ringpost. Christian then came off the top with a leaping splash onto Angle. Let's get that ten count, ref. Nope, no ten count being applied. Back in the ring, Angle yanked Christian hard off the top rope and Christian winced in pain on the mat. Very tight match so far. Joe briefly got involved when Angle wouldn't break a choke on the middle rope, but Angle mouthed off to him.

At 7:00, Joe got on the apron when Angle didn't break a second rope choke. The brief pause gave Christian a chance to recover, but Angle gave him a b2b suplex over the top rope to the floor. Christian recovered on the floor, then Angle followed out. He was looking for a chair. Joe casually walked over and said that isn't happening. Angle then shoved Joe, so Joe shoved him back. The pause gave Christian a chance to smash Angle on the floor with chops. Angle came back with an Olympic Slam into the ringpost, though. Back in the ring, Angle powerbombed Christian into the corner turnbuckle for a nearfall at 10:00. Karen just kept on screaming, then Angle locked in a body scissors on the mat. Angle landed two German suplexes, but Christian blocked a third and landed an overhead release suplex that impressed Joe and got more screams from Karen.

Christian made his comeback at 12:00 with a pancake off the ropes. He then nailed a fallaway seated slam for a close nearfall. Christian pointed to the top and climbed the top turnbuckle, fought off Angle, and nailed a frog splash for a nearfall. Christian then chucked Angle over the top rope to the floor. They battled on the apron, and Christian went for a kick to the face, but Angle grabbed Christian's foot and dragged him into the ring where he slapped on the anklelock. Excellent spot. Christian made it to the bottom rope to force a break, though. Angle then dropped the straps and stalked Christian. They teased a close nearfall for Christian when he countered the anklelock. Angle then dropped Christian with the Olympic Slam and West did his "the match is over, I'm so sad" to set up Christian kicking out just in time. Angle went up top at 16:00 for a moonsault, but Christian rolled out of the way just in time. Christian then went up top, but Angle ran up top and suplexed him to the mat for another nearfall.

At 17:00, Angle picked up Christian and paintbrushed him repeatedly. It woke up Christian, who suddenly dropped him with the Unprettier in center ring. He made the cover, but Angle rolled out a shoulder to avoid a three count. The ref got too close to the action, which means he took a ref bump. Christian then slapped on the anklelock and Joe slid into the ring to enforce. Joe asked him if he wanted to tap out, but Angle crawled to the ropes and grabbed his wife. Christian then yanked Karen and Kurt into center ring. Karen slapped Christian, then Christian teased a punch to the face, but he saw Kurt running into the corner, so he moved and Karen took a corner splash from her hubby. Christian then rolled up Angle for a very close nearfall that Joe was so mad that he had to count as a nearfall. Styles then ran to ringside and Joe beat the crap out of him. He brawled with Styles to the grandstands and to the back.

Suddenly, Angle introduced a steel chair into the match. Angle smashed Christian on the back with the chair, then he waited for Christian to get up. Suddenly, Tomko stormed the ring took the chair from Angle. Tomko teased hitting Angle, but then he went over to Christian and gave him the F5 to turn on Christian. But, is actually a turn if the mancrushes were never decided beforehand? Angle didn't know how to react, so he instinctively grabbed the referee and brought him back to the action. Angle covered Christian and scored the pin for the win. The announcers couldn't figure out why Tomko would help Angle. Ringside, Karen woke up and wet her lips while Kurt celebrated in center ring. Tenay said he never saw that finish coming.

WINNER: Angle in 21:00 to retain the TNA Hvt. Title. Really strong main event, with the usual TNA overbooking, run-ins, storyline stuff, etc. At least the excess involvement was expected in this one, so it didn't hurt the match too much. They were heavy on nearfalls in this one, which became repetitive at times, but they did have some really strong, believable nearfalls sprinkled in. Easily top match on the show in the four-star-plus range. I'll reserve judgment on Tomko's "turn" until TV when they tie themselves into knots trying to explain it. (****1/4)

Video: They closed with a video package on TNA Wrestling, telling us to Cross The Line. Because the line between good and evil is blurred. Because they don't know how to tell stories or define characters. Thanks for the heads up.

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PWTorch editor Wade Keller has covered pro wrestling full time since 1987 starting with the Pro Wrestling Torch print newsletter. launched in 1999 and the PWTorch Apps launched in 2008.

He has conducted "Torch Talk" insider interviews with Hulk Hogan, The Rock, Steve Austin, Kevin Nash, Scott Hall, Eric Bischoff, Jesse Ventura, Lou Thesz, Jerry Lawler, Mick Foley, Jim Ross, Paul Heyman, Bruno Sammartino, Goldberg, more.

He has interviewed big-name players in person incluiding Vince McMahon (at WWE Headquarters), Dana White (in Las Vegas), Eric Bischoff (at the first Nitro at Mall of America), Brock Lesnar (after his first UFC win).

He hosted the weekly Pro Wrestling Focus radio show on KFAN in the early 1990s and hosted the Ultimate Insiders DVD series distributed in retail stories internationally in the mid-2000s including interviews filmed in Los Angeles with Vince Russo & Ed Ferrara and Matt & Jeff Hardy. He currently hosts the most listened to pro wrestling audio show in the world, (the PWTorch Livecast, top ranked in iTunes)


Wade Keller, editor

James Caldwell, assistant editor

Bruce Mitchell (since 1990)
Pat McNeill (since 2001)
Greg Parks (since 2007)
Sean Radican (since 2003)

We also have a great team of
TV Reporters
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