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CALDWELL'S WWE ROYAL RUMBLE REPORT 1/25: Ongoing "virtual time" coverage of Cena vs. JBL, Jeff Hardy vs. Edge

Jan 25, 2009 - 9:50:05 PM

By James Caldwell, assistant editor

January 25, 2009
Detroit, Mich.

Last year's PPV featured the debut HD PPV from WWE and the surprise return of John Cena to kick off the WWE PPV year.

This year's event started with a video package recapping the highspots from past Royal Rumbles. Suddenly, the video was interrupted by a shot of Randy Orton staring ominously into the camera filming the vignette. Cue up clips from last Monday's Raw when Randy Orton verbally snapped at Stephanie McMahon before punting Vince McMahon in the head. Orton's "Voices" theme song played in the background as they showed Orton's attack on McMahon. What's his fate for tonight?

Announcers: Michael Cole and Jerry Lawler started the show solemnly discussing McMahon's condition. Cole said Orton will be reprimanded - perhaps a fine or suspension or termination. One thing is for sure from the McMahon family: the show will go on. Do we have to revisit that line again in the context of a storyline injury? Geez.

In-ring: After the regular Rumble intro video, Matt Hardy came out first to challenge for the ECW Title. Cue up Jack Swagger's music and the new ECW champ strutted out to the ring as Matt Striker talked up Swagger. Todd Grisham doing play-by-play for Swagger's first ECW Title defense. Tony Chimel handled the formal ring intros for each man to set the stage for tonight's title matches.

1 -- ECW champion JACK SWAGGER vs. MATT HARDY -- ECW Title match

Swagger became very frustrated early on, so he took a powder on the outside. Hardy then met him on the floor with a straight right hand before rolling him back into the ring. Back in the ring, they exchanged control as Swagger focused his attack on the left arm. Swagger nailed a belly-to-belly suplex at 8:00, but Hardy kicked out in time. Swagger then followed with a single-arm DDT on the left arm for another close count. Both men were fatigued as they returned to their feet. Hardy fought off Swagger on the top turnbuckle, then Hardy went for everything with a moonsault - nearly smashing Swagger legit in the face - but Swagger kicked out. Swagger then rammed Hardy into the ringpost and wanted the gutwrench, but Hardy fought it. Swagger eventually got him in the air - showing off his strength - and nailed the gutwrench powerbomb for the pin and the win.

Post-match: They stayed with Swagger's post-celebration for a little while, then stayed with Matt Hardy trying to collect himself, distraught over losing the match. Now, where does Hardy go from here?

WINNER: Swagger in 11:00 to retain the ECW Title. Good opening match and a solid PPV debut for Swagger. Some close nearfalls at the end got the crowd involved for the rest of the show. Announcers were solid, as usual. (**3/4)

Earlier Tonight: A camera caught up with Randy Orton slowly walking into the building. WWE stars walked by him like he was the kiss of death to show how distraught everyone is about what he did to McMahon on Raw.

2 -- Women's champion BETH PHOENIX (w/Santino Marella) vs. MELINA -- Women's Title match

Fans chanted Santino's name early in the match. Clearly not concerned with the in-ring action to start, but Beth gained the advantage and the crowd cheered for Santino's cheerleading. BTW, Santino has a great new t-shirt. Match pace slowed down until Melina scored a close two count on a roll-up. Melina had several close calls before Beth blocked the sweep-over leg drop finisher and put her in the wheelbarrow, but Melina rolled through into a roll-up for the pin and the win right in front of Santino, who stood by ringside in disbelief. Nice finishing sequence. Santino was stunned into silence before sliding into the ring to gingerly check on the former champ.

WINNER: Melina in 6:00 to capture the Women's Title. Slow moments in this one, but some really innovative spots, such as Beth forcing Melina to repeatedly kick herself on the rear end. Good showing from both. (*1/2)

Video package: A video aired on Shawn Michaels's plight from recent weeks being under JBL's employment before JBL challenging John Cena for the World Title tonight. They showed family shots to hammer home the point of Michaels signing up with JBL to take care of his family.

Backstage: Shawn Michaels was shown staring into space, then JBL approached him for a new bombshell in the employment relationship. If JBL becomes World champ tonight, then HBK gets all the money owed for employment, he gets a spot in the Rumble, and he doesn't have to work for JBL anymore. Think about headlining WM in Texas, he said. JBL left a very sullen Michaels to think thinks over. Suddenly, The Undertaker appeared. That was scary. "Sometimes, it's hell getting to heaven," he said. HBK stared back at him, then JBL took him to the ring.

March 1985: it began. Every year thereafter, WWE celebrates the thrills and amazement of WrestleMania. It all leads here. Sunday, April 5, experience the 25th anniversary in Houston.

In-ring: JBL and Shawn Michaels walked to the ring, then John Cena came out to a very strong mixed reaction to defend his title. Lilian Garcia handled the formal ring intros with all-boos to JBL and mixed to Cena.

3 -- WWE World Hvt. champion JOHN CENA vs. JBL (w/Shawn Michaels) -- World Heavyweight Title match

Action moved to the floor early on where Cena ducked a clothesline and came face-to-face with Michaels, who simply stared at him and didn't lift a finger. The distraction was enough for JBL to nail Cena from behind to begin his attack. JBL then landed four or five straight elbow drops before settling into a chinlock at 5:00. Cena came back with a top rope guillotine leg drop at 9:00, then he called for the Five Knuckle Shuffle and brushed the dirt off to deliver the smash.

Cena then waited for the FU, but JBL elbowed out to his feet. He kicked Cena in the face, then wound up for the Clothesline, but Cena slipped him into the STFU right in front of HBK. Repeat of Raw two weeks ago when JBL was on the outside and HBK was in the ring. Michaels put his hands on the bottom ropes just like JBL, but Cena released the hold and kicked Michaels's hands away. JBL then kicked Cena through the ropes and Michaels stared down Cena, who then slid back into the ring and lost his focus. He took the Clothesline from Hell, but Cena kicked out just in time.

JBL stared at HBK as the two had a non-verbal regrouping session. Cena suddenly scooped up JBL for the FU, but JBL slipped out and the ref was KO'ed by an accidental boot from JBL. Cena was then knocked down by a clothesline. Crowd began to roar, then Michaels stood up on the apron and slowly slid into the ring. He surveyed the scene in the ring as both men were out cold. Michaels tuned up the band, both men stood up, then Michaels smashed JBL clean in the face with Sweet Chin Music to a huge reaction.

Cena half-smiled as HBK breathed heavily toward JBL's fallen body. Cena put his hands on his hips, then smiled and nodded in HBK's direction. Suddenly, HBK smashed Cena with sweet chin music and the crowd popped again. HBK then stood over both men's fallen bodies. He went over his options, then dragged JBL's lifeless arm on top of Cena's lifeless body, then stared back at the scene. HBK stepped out of the ring and left, shaking his head. The camera followed HBK out of the ring while JBL remained on top of Cena. A new ref stormed into the ring and Cena kicked out just before three. Nice sequence. After a pause, JBL took Cena to his feet and went for the Clothesline, but Cena ducked and lifted JBL up for the FU. He connected this time, then made the cover and scored the pin for the win.

WINNER: John Cena in 16:00 to retain the World Title. They sure did a nice job of putting Cena in jeopardy of losing the World Title at least two or three times in this one. Nice, dramatic sequence of events with Shawn Michaels making himself the ultimate babyface dropping both men with sweet chin music, then washing his hands of the mess. Great WWE main event heavyweight style match. (***1/2)

Video package: First look at the new Legends of WrestleMania video game re-creating classic Mania moments. Heavy focus on the Hogan vs. Andre WM III match, which Striker and Grisham discussed in the opening match.

Announcers: Jim Ross and Tazz were shown for the first time on the show, an hour into the broadcast. Ross said working on the Legends video game was one of the most-rewarding experiences of his career. He then plugged Jeff Hardy vs. Edge coming up next.

In-ring: After a video package aired on the Hardy vs. Edge feud, Jeff Hardy came out first sporting a crazy black and white facepaint look. He survived the pyro entrance, so that's good. Hopefully the vehicle in the Rumble video graphics won't run him over. After Jeff was in the ring, Smackdown GM Vickie Guerrero showed up to announce it's now a No DQ match between Jeff and Edge. She then introduced her hubby, Edge, who showed up with Chavo gopher Guerrero. Justin Roberts handled the formal ring intros. Edge picked up a small babyface reaction from the Ontario folks who crossed the water to Detroit for the show. Jeff Hardy was the clear favorite, though.

4 -- WWE champion JEFF HARDY vs. EDGE (w/Chavo Guerrero) -- WWE World Title match -- No DQ match

Jeff waited for the bell, then he attacked Edge to get revenge for what he believed to be a series of attacks from Edge dating back to Survivor Series. Crowd quickly chanted, "We want Christian." No acknowledgement from the announcers. Ross repeated the point that Jeff believes Edge is responsible for the sneak attacks. Jeff tried to introduce a chair early into the match, but Edge kicked it away. Jeff then teased a plancha on the floor, but Edge ran away, only to accept a running dive off the apron. Both men caught their breath on the floor before returning to the ring. Edge teased the spear at 6:30, but Hardy skipped over into a sunset flip for a two count.

Edge went behind Jeff and grounded him with a waistlock before Jeff fought out with elbow smashes. Edge quickly yanked him back to the mat with a handful of hair, though. They fought to the ring apron where Jeff suddenly speared Edge off the apron to the floor. He nailed a plancha at 10:00, leaving a trail of sweat and/or oil, then Hardy nailed the Twist of Fate on the edge of the ring apron. Jeff decided to clear the announce tables, sending Striker scurrying, then Jeff yanked out a ladder from under the ring. Uh-oh.

Jeff set up the ladder, then rolled Edge onto the Raw announce table. Jeff then scaled the ladder, but Chavo suddenly ran up the ladder. Jeff knocked him down, then splashed him from the apron. Jeff beat on Chavo before putting him on the announce table. He then climbed the ladder again and played to the crowd. Jeff flew off the ladder, with the ladder falling out from under him, and splashed Chavo through the table to the floor. A near-disaster with Jeff kicking the ladder away as he attempted the leap. Close call on the spectacular attempt.

Jeff recovered, then walked over to Edge and kicked him in the gut. They returned to the ring where Jeff climbed up top and nailed a big cross-body splash for a two count. Announcers played this up as Vickie's pre-match call back-firing on Edge thus far. Clearly, this was setting up for a Christian return to show the method to Vickie's madness. In any event, Edge came to his feet and removed a turnbuckle pad. Edge tried to ram Jeff into the exposed steel, but Jeff blocked and hit the Twist of Fate for a close two count.

At 15:00, Jeff missed with the Twist of Fate, and Edge hit the implant DDT for a two count. Crowd rallied behind Hardy, who blocked a top rope splash and rolled up Edge for a close two count. Jeff then landed a facebuster suplex and went up top. He wanted the Sentaun, but Edge rolled out of harm's way. Smart move. Jeff tried his leaping dropkick in the corner, but Edge caught his legs and whipped him face-first into the exposed steel. Edge then made the cover, but Jeff kicked out in time. Edge then readied for the spear, but Jeff countered in mid-move with the Twist of Fate. What a counter.

Jeff then went up top for the Swanton Bomb, but Vickie suddenly showed up to crotch Jeff. Jeff fought her off, though, and nailed the Swanton. He couldn't make an immediate cover, though, which allowed Vickie to break up the three count from ref Scott Armstrong. Suddenly, crowd roared as Matt Hardy showed up with chair in hand. Matt had a chair with him and backed Vickie into a corner. He then told Jeff to get another chair for the conchairto. You could see this one coming: Matt waited for Jeff to turn his head, then he cracked the steel chair over his head to get a gasp from the crowd and completely silence the announcers. Edge and Vickie were stunned, then Edge rolled over and covered Jeff for the pin to win the WWE Title.

Post-match: Matt simply stared down at Jeff's fallen body with disdain on his face. No words or eye contact with Edge and Vickie before he slipped out of the ring and quietly left the ring. Edge and Vickie excitedly celebrated as they recapped the match happenings leading to Matt cracking the chair over Jeff. Replay showed Jeff took the chair more on his left ear than his head, but it was still a chair shot to the head. Ross said it makes him sick to see one brother do this to another. Edge's music stopped, then refs checked on Jeff to help him recover his senses. They silently replayed the chair shot one more time before focusing on Matt's glare toward Jeff. Jeff eventually made it out of the ring with help from the remaining refs on the roster. Crowd gave him a polite applause on the way out of the ring.

WINNER: Edge in 20:00 to capture the WWE Title. Very good gimmick match, which WWE saved for this point in the card and doesn't do often to begin with. Nicely done. We knew the storyline was going to either Matt turning on Jeff or Christian returning to help Edge, so it was only a matter of waiting for the final finish after a series of false finishes. Great storytelling. Follow-up on Matt vs. Jeff will be key. (***1/2)

No Way Out PPV plug: February 15 has both the WWE and World Title defended in the Elimination Chamber.

Backstage: Todd Grisham brought in Randy Orton to discuss any words from the McMahon family. Orton said he hasn't heard anything and he's still in the Rumble. Chris Jericho then walked in and chatted up Orton. He said he doesn't blame Orton one bit because he thought the Mr. McMahon that would show up last week would be the creative genius, but they got a clone of his former self pandering to the fans and his daughter. Jericho told Orton the real McMahon is already dead. Orton asked Jericho if he's trying to make him feel better or make him lower his guard for the Rumble? Jericho said it's not like that. He's honest, plus he doesn't know how much longer he'll have to talk to him because he knows the McMahons are vengeful people. It could be Orton's last night in WWE.

Rumble video package: They aired the By-the-numbers Rumble video package, but is suddenly cut-out half-way through before we get the obligatory Barbarian appearance. Oh well. Cut to Justin Roberts center-ring to announce the Rumble. Out first...the 2006 winner, Rey Mysterio. Ross and Lawler were back together calling this one. John Morrison came out as the second person to start this off.


Great opening sequence with Rey and Morrison teasing eliminations. 1:30 intervals tonight. Carlito was out third here and he nailed a nice moonsault on Morrison. They were a little slow on #4, as there was a 1:45 gap leading to MVP. MVP came in with a flurry of offense, then out fifth was Great Khali. Everyone in the ring just kinda stopped to figure out what to do. They tried offense, but Khali chucked them all down before chopping Rey down to size. Carlito wanted the back-stabber, but no dice on Khali, who answered with a chokebomb. Out sixth was Kozlov, who eliminated Khali right off the bat. Kozlov then took out MVP before getting rid of Carlito. With Kozlov dominating things, Triple H came out seventh and went right after Kozlov, who landed a headbutt to the gut. Hunter gave him a crotch chop, then chucked Kozlov out of here.

Out eighth was Randy Orton, which gave Hunter pause before trying to toss out Morrison. Here we go with Orton against Steph's real-life hubby and Vince's real-life father-in-law. Orton got the best of Hunter initially, then pounded his fists for the RKO, but Hunter blocked. Morrison then smashed Hunter with the Midnight Drive. Flurry of action leading to Rey hitting the 619 on Morrison. Cryme Tyme's music hit, then both of them came out to flip a coin. JTG won the coin-toss and entered the Rumble, but Shad picked it up and saw it was a two-headed coin. Orton and Rey teased eliminations, then out tenth was Ted DiBiase, Jr.

Morrison and JTG tried to skin the cat simultaneously, then both men recovered back into the ring. Rey then almost took out DiBiase, but both men were okay. Good action thus far at 14:00. Out next was Chris Jericho at #11. Men starting to pile up in the ring before Mike Knox came out #12. He went right after Rey Mysterio, of course, before Ted and Orton schemed to go after JTG. No eliminations, then The Miz came out at #13 at 18:00. Orton suddenly went on an RKO rampage before taking a Pedigree from Hunter. Hunter then decided to take out both Miz and Morrison. Rey suddenly sky-walked across Miz and Morrison to avoid an elimination before Finlay came out #14. Action focused on Finlay vs. Knox for a little while before Cody Rhodes came out #15. Ted, Cody, and Randy then went to work on folks to gang up on various wrestlers.

No eliminations, except for a sick collision between Rey and Orton via the RKO from Orton to counter a springboard move from Rey. At #16, the lights went down and out, leading to The Undertaker. Everyone stopped and turned their attention to Taker, who stepped into the ring and started cleaning house. Taker went after Ted, then again, then took out JTG. Goldust came out #17 and had a face-off with Teddy before Cody grabbed him and they shared a staredown. Brother vs. brother. Goldust went Matt on Cody, setting up a one-on-one fight. Goldust teased eliminating Cody, but he skinned the cat back into the ring. Suddenly, Orton nailed the RKO on Goldust. Orton then instructed Cody to take out the trash. Cody then dumped out his brother, Goldust.

#18 was the new IC champion C.M. Punk at 26:00. A little action, then Mark Henry came out #19 and started cleaning house. Plenty of men around the ring collecting their breath. #20 was Shelton Benjamin just short of 30:00. No eliminations with the ring starting to fill up. #21 was William Regal, who sternly ran into the ring to go right after Punk, who took the IC Title from him on Raw. Tons of men in the ring now with Mark Henry taking an elimination via Rey Rey pulling the top rope down. At 32:00, our entry #22 was Kofi Kingston. Kofi went after all kinds of folks with him bouncing around the ring for a Rumble. He did hit the boom-boom leg drop on Knox, but Orton quickly cut him off. Taker then dumped out Shelton before Kane came out #23. Meanwhile, Rey was caught in between the ringpost trying to avoid elimination. Kane came in and started cleaning house, but no work against Taker yet. Another brother vs. brother confrontation, this time Kane and Taker, who was bleeding from the forehead. Taker and Kane scooped up DiBiase and gave him a chokeslam before Kane gave Kofi a slam. Punk then eliminated Regal.

At #24, R-Truth came out. One of the better reactions of the night. Truth went after Hunter with the spinning forearm blow. Suddenly out at #25, RVD. Shock from the stars in the ring. RVD went right after Kane as the crowd exploded. Everyone fed RVD, who awkwardly cleaned house as only RVD can. Some educated feet found Jericho and Cody, then Knox. Out next was The Brian Kendrick, who came out #26 with Ezekiel Jackson. Tons of men left in the match here. Suddenly, Kofi was dumped out by TBK, then Hunter dumped out TBK. That was quick.

At 40:00, crowd was firmly behind RVD as Punk skinned the cat. Out #27 was Dolph Ziggler. He went after Knox and everyone stared at him funny. Kane didn't appreciate the handshake intro, so he shook his hand and tossed him out. So long mid-card gimmick acts. Coming up the magical final three numbers as another Rey tease went down. Meanwhile, Punk took the electric chair. Things slowed down in anticipation of #28, which was Santino Marella. Suddenly, Kane eliminated him, like right when Santino entered the ring. Ross said Barbarian's record is gone. Kane smiled. Santino was beside himself wanting a re-do.

At 43:00, next-to-last was Hacksaw Jim Duggan, winner of the first Rumble in 1988. Duggan cleaned house on Legacy with the crowd firmly behind the ol' Dugster. Duggan wanted a piece of Taker and he felled the giant tree. Duggan threw around some right hand blows for a little while. More teases, but no eliminations. And our final participant, at #30, was... Big Show. No Michaels, no JBL, no Hardy (either one). In any event, Show slowly made his way to the ring with everyone waiting for him to enter. So, here we go with everyone in the ring and only 15 men out.

Duggan tried to get Show out, but Show knocked him down to the mat. Ross said his heart was in the right place. Show then scooped up Duggan and eliminated him to a round of boos. Waiting for that flurry of boom, boom, boom eliminations, but more teased eliminations at 48:00. Show then press-slammed K-Truth right out of the ring. Show then teased a Punk elimination, but Punk skinned the cat and kicked away at Show. One more tease of Punk, then another. Show then landed the right hand blow to get Punk out. Three in a row for Show. Rey and Knox were then eliminated simultaneously with the camera off the action. Perhaps Horny had something to do with it, as he entered the action. Kane then dumped out Finlay. Camera shot showed Show getting Knox and Rey out, with Rey lasting just short of 50:00.

At 50:00, we have eight eliminations to go and nine men left in the ring. Orton battled Hunter and gave him the implant DDT off the horizontal position. Taker and Show then went face-to-face. They exchanged right hand blows, then Jericho got Show from behind. Suddenly, RVD went up top and nailed the Five Star frogsplash on Orton. Jericho then grabbed RVD and dumped him out, though. Jericho smiled, then Taker snuck up behind him and his smile went away. Taker eliminated him after a brief exchange. Lots of chatter leading to Legacy dumping out Kane.

We have six men left at 52:30 - Hunter, Taker, Show, and Legacy (Orton, Cody, Teddy). Legacy surrounded Taker and went after him gang-style while Show and Hunter battled. Show got the best of him with a chokeslam. Taker then momentarily took care of Cody with a chokeslam. So, we're back to Taker vs. Show. Taker dropped the straps ala Angle, then Taker and Show had a mini-boxing match. Taker finished off the exchange with a "slobberknocker" of a clothesline before kicking Show over the top rope, but Show skinned the cat. Oh my. Taker and Show battled on the apron, then Orton snuck up behind Taker and missed with the RKO. Show then grappled Taker and pulled him to the apron at 55:00. They battled on the apron with teased eliminations. Orton suddenly RKO'ed Show to eliminate him. Legacy teased eliminating Taker, but Show yanked him down to the floor. Taker and Show then brawled through the stands up into the arena.

At 56:00, it was final four of Legacy and Hunter. Time for a Hunter Superman moment, with Hunter in there for a good 45 minutes at this point. Legacy took apart Hunter, then Orton called for Ted and Cody to pick up Hunter's lifeless body. Orton taunted Hunter, then Hunter blocked the RKO. Cody and Ted went after Hunter, but Hunter fought them off. He kicked Cody, then nearly dumped Orton, but Orton skinned the cat. Here's your great finishing sequence: Hunter threw a charging DiBiase out of here. Cody was suddenly the next one out moments later. Orton then snuck up behind Hunter and immediately eliminated him rapid-fire. Oh snap.

Post-match: Orton stood tall with the Legacy in the ring. Ross said Orton is guaranteed a championship match at WrestleMania 25. Orton then stood alone in the ring and pointed to the WM 25 sign hanging above the arena while spotlights shot out from the arena. Ross said Orton is going to Mania to become a champion. Ross reiterated the point that it's guaranteed, implying the McMahons can't do anything about it. Orton pointed to the WM 25 sign as a huge fireworks display shot off from the 25 banner. Orton sternly celebrated one more time to close the show.

WINNER: Randy Orton at 58:10. Very good Rumble match. Not one of the best, as there was such a long time period of having too many men in the ring, but the "crowd popping" ring entrances were spread out throughout the match to keep the match action hot. Good moments in the match, such as Show skinning the cat, Rey hanging on throughout, Cody taking out Goldy, and RVD's surprise appearance. Orton winning was the right call and sets up some potential storyline greatness involving Orton and the McMahons leading to WrestleMania. How they fit Cena into the mix, if he remains champ past No Way Out, will be very interesting to watch. (****1/4)

1 - Rey Mysterio
2 - John Morrison
3 - Carlito
4 - MVP
5 - Great Khali
6 - Kozlov
7 - Triple H
8 - Randy Orton
9 - Cryme Tyme member JTG
10 - Ted DiBiase, Jr.
11 - Chris Jericho
12 - Mike Knox
13 - The Miz
14 - Finlay
15 - Cody Rhodes
16 - The Undertaker
17 - Goldust
18 - C.M. Punk
19 - Mark Henry
20 - Shelton Benjamin
21 - William Regal
22 - Kofi Kingston
23 - Kane
24 - R-Truth
25 - RVD
26 - The Brian Kendrick
27 - Dolph Ziggler
28 - Santino Marella
29 - Hacksaw Jim Duggan
30 - Big Show

1 - Great Khali via Kozlov
2 - MVP via Kozlov
3 - Carlito via Kozlov
4 - Kozlov via Triple H
5 - The Miz via Triple H
6 - Morrison via Triple H
7 - JTG via Undertaker
8 - Goldust via Cody Rhodes
9 - Mark Henry via Rey Mysterio
10 - Shelton Benjamin via The Undertaker
11 - William Regal via C.M. Punk
12 - Kofi Kingston via The Brian Kendrick
13 - The Brian Kendrick via Triple H
14 - Dolph Ziggler via Kane
15 - Santino Marella via Kane
16 - Jim Duggan via Big Show
17 - R-Truth via Big Show
18 - C.M. Punk via Big Show
19 - Rey Mysterio via Big Show (49:30)
20 - Mike Knox via Big Show
21 - Finlay via Kane
22 - RVD via Chris Jericho
23 - Chris Jericho via The Undertaker
24 - Kane via Cody, DiBiase, and Orton
25 - Big Show via Undertaker
26 - Undertaker via Legacy and Big Show
27 - Ted DiBiase via Triple H
28 - Cody Rhodes via Triple H
29 - Triple H via Randy Orton

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