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CALDWELL'S TNA VICTORY ROAD PPV REPORT 7/19: Ongoing "virtual time" coverage of Kurt Angle vs. Mick Foley

Jul 19, 2009 - 9:55:49 PM

By James Caldwell, Torch assistant editor

TNA Victory Road PPV Report
July 19, 2009
Orlando, Fla.

The PPV opened with a video package asking us to look into the eyes of TNA wrestlers. It begins with a dream. The beginning isn't the end. On the road to victory, great rewards require great sacrifice. Motivation. Determination. No won't. To the victors go the spoils. Can you see it? Power. Glory. Control. Losers fall alone. Can you see it? I can. I can. I can. I can. History is written by the victors. It's all about the individuals. I will become. ... Just a bunch of words put together without context.

Impact Zone: Nine matches on the card, so they're going right to the ring intros for a Knockouts Title match. No on-camera for Mike Tenay and Don West to start the show. Tara brought her pet tarantula to the ring, prompting Don "Safari" West to give us a review of the animal.

1 -- Knockouts champion TARA vs. ANGELINA LOVE (w/Velvet Sky and Madison Rayne) -- Knockouts Title match

Tara was in control to start, then Angelina begged for a time-out on the floor. Back in the ring, Tara hung Angelina up in the air by her hair extensions before hanging her upside down in the corner with the Tajiri's tarantula (pun intended) hold. Tara then blasted the BP's on the outside, but Angelina took control using the distraction. Tara made her comeback after a few minutes and landed a signature standing moonsault for a two count. Suddenly, Velvet accidentally sprayed Angelina in the eyes with the hairspray. Tara had a pin, but ref Slick Johnson was too busy with the BP's and Tara lost a pin attempt. Tara landed a sidewalk slam, but airballed on a top rope moonsault attempt. Angelina then made a cover and scored a three count, but Tara had her foot on the bottom rope. Ref Slick didn't see it, so he gave Tara the title. Yay, another TNA PPV starts with referee incompetence. Afterward, Victoria complained to Slick before blasting him. Tara then finished off Angelina with a Widow's Peak. She picked up her tarantula and teased putting it on Angelina, but BP's pulled her to safety. Tara then put the tarantula on Slick, who screamed for it to be removed from his stomach.

WINNER: Angelina in 7:00 to capture the Knockouts Title. Standard Knockouts match. Continues the storyline between Tara and Angelina playing hot potato with the KO Title. (*1/4)

Ringside: They cut to the announcers where Don West's first camera shot was him wiping sweat off his forehead. Tenay told him to break down the PPV card. West said they're going to start the PPV off (huh?) with Matt Morgan vs. Daniels. Abyss vs. Dr. Stevie. Jenna Morasca vs. Sharmell. Team 3D vs. British Invasion. Kevin Nash vs. A.J. Styles. Beer Money vs. Steiner & Booker. Samoa Joe vs. Sting. Kurt Angle vs. Mick Foley.

Mafia locker room: Borash brought in TNA World champ Kurt Angle to ask him about total domination in TNA. Angle said Mick Foley doesn't stand a chance against him tonight. He looked into the camera and told the PPV buyers not to expect a quality PPV match. Angle vowed to maul Foley and get it over as quickly as possible. He said none of Foley's cool things matter. Angle addressed Joe, Nash, Booker, and Steiner. He said if he doesn't get a clean win from them, he will walk out to the ring and fire them on the spot.

Impact Zone: Matt "Chris Masters" Morgan came to the ring first. His deal is that he's trying to prove himself in the Mafia and this match will prove his membership. Daniels then came out looking confident walking without any sign of knee trouble.


Lock-up and Morgan tossed Daniels right over the top rope to the floor. Morgan smiled and posed, then followed to the outside to punish Daniels. New referee for this one. Tenay and West entertained themselves with a dated "Andy Griffith Show" reference on Opie Taylor, joking that Jeff Jarrett would get that one. Daniels came back with the speed game and hit a suicide dive that took the action near the announce table. He followed with a split-legged moonsault off the apron to the floor that Morgan ever-so-nicely positioned himself to receive. Morgan quickly came back with a leg attack to begin working over the injured knee. Morgan got cocky and tried pinning Daniels with a boot on the chest, but Daniels shoved his foot away to kick out at two. Morgan then missed with a leg drop and Daniels started a comeback. Daniels went up top and landed a cross body block for a two count. Pace tried to quicken, but Morgan slowed it down and missed with a big boot in the corner. Daniels followed with a bulldog for a two count. Morgan, who has made a name for himself by copying every other big man, signaled for WCW The Giant's chokeslam, but Daniels countered with a DDT. Crowd wanted the Best Moonsault Ever, but he sold that his knee went out. Morgan then followed with the Bicycle Kick in center ring. Morgan again did The Giant signal and hit the Hellevator for the pin and the win.

WINNER: Morgan in 11:00. There seemed to be a lack of psychology behind Morgan's offense, as it seemed like he was "just doing stuff" half the time. Daniels was solid playing to the crowd and selling the leg injury angle to give him an "out" for the clean loss. Forgettable undercard match. (*)

Backstage: Borash brought in Dr. Stevie and Daffney to ask Stevie about why it's a good idea to face Abyss tonight. Stevie put his arm around Borash's shoulder and quietly talked about trying to work his magic with Abyss. Stevie added the stip that it's No DQ tonight. Ya know, because Abyss apparently can't work a straight singles match. Stevie said we will all find out who the doctor is and who the patient is tonight.

Impact Zone: Dr. Stevie came out sporting an all-white male nurse outfit. Abyss came out looking like he was wearing eight layers of clothing. Weird looking hoodie and soft vest. West was confused by the new ring gear. After removing the layers of clothing, Abyss was in black leather pants and a black vest.

3 -- ABYSS vs. DR. STEVIE RICHARDS -- No DQ match

They played cat and mouse leading to Stevie punching Abyss in the gut with a baton shot to take the early advantage. Match moved to the floor where Abyss took control and started beating up Stevie. West said it's amazing what kind of punishment Stevie is willing to go through to give Abyss the help he needs. Keep stretching that storyline out. Also, there's no reason to get a 1-2-3 in this match. It doesn't prove anything. Stevie tried to escape through the crowd, but Abyss chased him down and threw him into PPV poster covering the base of the stands used on every PPV. He then did the "Eugene mentally challenged" clap before whipping Stevie back into the PPV poster. He did it again after sending Richards into the ring steps. Richards came up bleeding heavily from the forehead.

Back in the ring, Abyss ripped off Stevie's shirt and did the Big Show spot with a frying pan-like open-hand chop. Abyss then sent Stevie head-first into a steel chair in the corner. Heel announcer Don West continued to berate the fans for being bloodthirsty and wanting more blood and punishment. Abyss landed the Shock Treatment and had a pin, but Abyss pulled up on the pin. Daffney then came down to run distraction, but Lauren showed up to cancel out Daffney. In the confusion, Richards low-blowed Abyss. Richards tried to charge with a weapon, but Abyss hit the Black Hole Slam. Abyss then picked up the gimmicked taser and shoved it into Richards's chest. They added some Halloween Havoc '91 "Chamber of Horrors" smoke and Richards shook like Abdullah the Butcher in the electric chair. Abyss with the cover for the win. Abyss and Lauren then hugged.

WINNER: Abyss in 10:00. Undercard stunt match / Abyss formula match. Seemed to end the Abyss-Stevie feud with Abyss showing he doesn't need winning a wrestling match. Super stretch on getting a wrestling match out of this storyline. Next step seems to be a Daffney vs. Lauren stand-alone feud. (**)

Announcers: Tenay with the histrionics that tonight could be the most important PPV in company history because of the Mafia trying to take control of TNA tonight.

In-ring: Mick Foley gave a pep talk to James Storm, Robert Roode, and A.J. Styles. He told them to win one for the Micker, or else their jobs could be in jeopardy if they lose their titles tonight. Foley told Beer Money not to let Steiner & Booker mess with their heads. He told Styles not to let Kevin Nash get under his skin. Foley said he's not joking that he wants them to win so he's not the only defender of TNA left.

Impact Zone: British Invasion came out first. Team 3D came out to defend their tag titles. Tenay said 3D will be out a lot of money if they lose the belts tonight because they'll lose their Japan bookings. Well, that's a good motivator to win a match. Ray then brought an American flag into the ring to lead a "USA" chant from the crowd. Don West continued to talk up the idea that 3D could hit rock bottom very quickly if they lose tonight.

4 -- IWGP tag champions TEAM 3D (BROTHER RAY & BROTHER DEVON) vs. BRITISH INVASION (DOUG WILLIAMS & BRUTUS MAGNUS w/Rob Terry) -- IWGP tag team champions

Ray used the Dusty Rhodes "flip flop fly" elbow smash on BI early on, clearing them to the floor. Ray and Devon posed in the ring while BI regrouped on the outside. On cue, British Invasion took control. Crowd tried to rally Team 3D with a "We Want Tables" chant, leading to all four men becoming involved. 3D set up the What's up? headbutt to the crotch and connected. Ray then told Devon to get the tables. Devon slid a table into the ring, but Terry attacked Devon from behind. Ref Slick told Ray he can't use the table, so Slick collapsed the table and tried to remove it. He sold a ton of trouble collapsing the table so all kinds of shenanigans could take place behind him. 3D eventually hit the 3D on Brutus for the pin and the win. Post-match: Sheik Bashir and Kiyoshi hit the ring to attack 3D. Looked so silly to see the cartoon characters hit the ring after a bad tag match. Sheik then got himself in trouble and 3D positioned him to take a powerbomb through a table in the corner.

WINNERS: Team 3D in 10:00. By-the-book, going-through-the-motions tag match. Just there to give the fans a taste of what they wanted with 3D's usual spots. (*)

Announcers: Tenay and West addressed the "controversy" from the opening match. ... Backstage: Lauren was with Slick Johnson, who suddenly was in the back to talk about the opening match after refereeing the previous match. Slick said he feels terrible about blowing the call and admitted he was out of position. He said his call stands, though, but he's going to recommend a re-match for Tara. Back to ringside, Don West told Tara to stop complaining about it. "It was so an hour ago."

Impact Zone: Sojo Bolt came to the ring to be in Sharmell's corner after being her "trainer" for the special challenge match. No special video package leading to the match. Sharmell came out sporting a dress/cape combo to face Jenna Morasca. Awesome Kong came out representing Jenna, who came out last for the Mafia vs. Mafia match. Jenna was sporting a red-hair wig for some reason. She kinda crawled into the ring and Sharmell shot her a "what the eff?" look.

5 -- SHARMELL (w/Sojo Bolt) vs. JENNA MORASCA (w/Awesome Kong)

Sharmell quickly stomped Jenna down to the mat and started ripping at her fake hair. Jenna then kinda fell down after approaching Sharmell's elbow after a whip to the ropes. Jenna then tried to run the ropes and veered off course, but landed a cross body block anyways. At this point, you're wondering how an X Division match was passed over in favor of this. Sojo tried to get involved, but Kong chased her around the ring. Sharmell then stomped on Jenna, who sold dead weight before pulling a Jeff Jarrett by rolling a shoulder to kick out of a two. Jenna suddenly "fired up" with some horrible right hand slaps. Of course, they did the spot where Earl Hebner got involved as they rolled around on the mat. Jenna ended up with a clump of Sharmell's fake hair and taunted her. They did a spot where Sharmell begged for her hair back, but Kong slapped her. Jenna then covered Sharmell after doing a weird dance over Sharmell for the pin. Jenna then celebrated with Kong. Suddenly, Jenna became upset with Kong and lightly slapped Kong, who slowly turned around and yanked Jenna down to the mat. She landed a big splash on Jenna to make everyone forget about the horrible match.

WINNER: Jenna in 5:00 painful minutes. Sharmell did everything possible to make this not the biggest waste of time ever, but this was possibly the worst match in TNA monthly PPV history. What an embarrassment that they actually tried to work a match here. Goodness gracious. (DUD)

Mafia locker: Borash sat down with Kevin Nash, who said he's so confident he will beat A.J. Styles that he will retire if he doesn't win tonight. Nash said he's going out there to win the Legends championship.

Impact Zone: Nash must have slipped the bookers a few $100 bills to follow Jenna vs. Sharmell because anything would look like gold following that match. Nash out first as the challenger. A.J. Styles then came out sporting the Legends Title to face Nash. Ref showed off the title belt, then Nash tried to steal it from the ref and show it off for the crowd. Styles sold a lack of amusement.

6 -- Legends champion A.J. STYLES vs. KEVIN NASH -- Legends Title match

Went into a feeling out process to start with Styles dancing around the ring and trying to land kick strikes to the legs. Nash shook Styles off, then clubbed Styles across the back. Nice, methodical build with a lengthy feeling-out. Nash then landed the multiple knee strikes in the corner to put Styles on the mat. Tenay with a name-drop for Shawn Michaels, saying Nash compared Styles to Michaels in an interview that was cut from a recent Impact. Announcers haven't emphasized Nash saying he would retire at any point thus far. Apparently that should have been cut from the pre-match promo. Styles tried to come back with a top rope move, but Nash big booted him off the top to the apron to the floor to the guardrail. Rough ride and landing. Back in the ring, Nash dropped the strap and slowly approached Styles for a Jackknife powerbomb. Styles blocked, though, and collapsed on top of Nash for a two count.

Styles then fired off a round of punches and kicks that wobbled Nash before knocking him down. Styles then landed a ton of right hands after mounting Nash and the fans seemed to be turning on Styles a bit with some boos and silence. Crowd back on Styles's side calling for Nash to tap out as Styles worked a rear leg vice. Styles then smashed Nash with a flying forearm smash. He followed with a Pele kick for a close two count. Nash then shoved the ref near the ropes, which caught Styles off guard as he prepared for a springboard move. Nash then dropped Styles with a chokeslam out of desperation for the pin and the win. Post-match, Nash wobbled to the floor to sell Styles's offense. He collapsed on the ramp to emphasize it. In the ring, Styles threw a fit after losing the match and the title.

WINNER: Nash in 11:00 to capture the Legends Title. Okay singles match. Had some flurries of action throughout, but mainly a methodical match to limit Nash's movement in the ring. Styles "created enough movement" to have the best match thus far on the card. Interesting to see where they go with Styles from here. (**1/4)

Backstage: Lauren was randomly standing in front of a shower in the Knockouts locker room. She promised a word with Tara, but Slick Johnson came out of the shower with his referee t-shirt off. He ran off, saying he needed to get his spider bite looked at. Madison Rayne then came out of the shower fixing herself, suggesting she "paid off" the ref to make sure Angelina won the title.

Impact Zone: Mafia members Booker T and Scott Steiner came out first for the tag title match. Announcers name dropped every major tag team in wrestling history during ring intros, including Beer Money coming out for a major tag team spotlight match.

7 -- TNA tag team champions BEER MONEY, INC. (ROBERT ROODE & JAMES STORM) vs. BOOKER T & SCOTT STEINER -- TNA tag title match

Beer Money cleared Booker and Steiner to the floor early on, then did their "foot stomp...Beer...Money" chant with the crowd. Match moved to the floor where Storm rammed Steiner into the guardrail. Ref Hebner became distracted with Roode. Meanwhile, Booker tripped Storm from the outside giving the Mafia control. Storm tried to make a comeback at 7:00, but Steiner came back with a belly-to-belly suplex. Steiner had a pin, but Storm was in the ropes. Ref Hebner caught the rope break, unlike Slick in the opener. Surprised Booker and Steiner didn't think to 'pay off Hebner. They took one for the team with the Samoa Joe beatings, right?

Roode finally took a hot tag at 9:00 and cleaned house on Steiner Heat. Steiner fed his neck for a neckbreaker and Roode connected before giving Booker a spinebuster. Roode elbowed Steiner hard in the face before hitting a leaping neckbreaker from the second rope. All four men became involved as Hebner just let it all go. Roode called for the end on Steiner, but Booker broke it up. Steiner then hit an STO on Roode for a two count. Storm then spit beer in Steiner's face and Hebner kinda fell down. Apparently he got some beer in the eyes. Beer Money hit the DWI combo on Steiner, but ref Hebner was out of it wiping his eyes with his shirt. Slow-motion chaos ensued with Booker hitting the axe kick on Roode. Storm was apparently stuck in quicksand as he couldn't make a pin while Hebner re-entered the ring to count a three count for Mafia to win the titles.

Post-match: Storm could only shake his head in disgust. Borash brought in Steiner and Booker to talk about the win. Steiner said they said they were going to become tag champs and they backed up their word. Steiner then addressed "Rick Foley" that Angle is going to take him down.

WINNERS: Steiner & Booker in 12:00 to capture the TNA tag titles. Slow-motion, use-the-bag-of-tricks tag match. The usual TNA triple play - outside interference, lack of application of rules, and referee incompetence. Match was okay, but brought down by the booking. Mafia continues to win titles, apparently leading to either Angle dropping the title in the main event after talking so sternly earlier in the show and being replaced or the Mafia having total dominance in TNA. (*1/2)

Backstage: Lauren brought in Samoa Joe to ask him about the adviser deal. Joe took the towel off his head and said sternly that "he is here." Joe said the man responsible for unleashing the beast in him will be released on Sting tonight. Joe added that the mystery is over tonight. He said Sting's final scene is tonight.


Bell sounded and both men started throwing right hands right off the bat. Quick start and they moved to the floor with Joe smashing Sting into the ring steps and ring apron. Joe then sent Sting into the PPV poster at the base of the grandstands, but Joe missed with a right and Sting sent Joe into the PPV poster. Back to the ringside area, Joe landed a suplex on the entrance ramp. They re-entered the ring and Sting choked Joe into the ropes. Slick Johnson, whose credibly was shot in the earlier segment and shouldn't be working another match if this were a legit shoot match, called for a rope break. Sting slowly backed away, giving Joe space to attack Sting. Joe landed his trademark enziguiri kick in the corner before landing the "punch, slap, punch, slap, punch, slap" combo. Joe started slapping Sting around before landing more right hand blows. Sting then no-sold right hands to fire up the crowd. He screamed at Joe to bring it harder, then Sting fired off a Stinger Splash and slapped on the Scorpion Deathlock.

Sting had it positioned center ring, then the adviser music hit. Taz then came out on stage strutting to the ring. Joe broke free of the hold and fired up, but Sting cut him right off. An anti-climatic debut for Taz. Sting stared down Taz before going up top and Joe crotched Sting. Joe was thinking Musclebuster, but Sting blocked (more like Sting kinda fell down) so Joe slapped on the rear naked choke. Sting faded, then eventually gave up. Joe wins. Taz slowly entered the ring and stared face-to-face with Joe before knocking fists. Ringside, West was so excited about the Mafia dominance. Tenay simply shook his head in disgust. Joe walked to the back, then Taz stared into the crowd.

WINNER: Samoa Joe in 12:00. Match was going pretty well, then Taz came out and the crowd just didn't know how to react. Joe then lost his offensive momentum and the finish was thrown off. Anti-climatic debut for Taz, unfortunately. (**1/2)

Announcers: Mike Tenay rolled tape of Bobby Lashley announcing his official signing with TNA last week.

Backstage: Borash brought in Mick Foley, who talked about the Mafia being dominant tonight. Joe, Nash, Steiner, Booker. (What about Morgan?) Foley said he wasn't happy about losing the TNA World Title at Slammiversary, but he decided to do the time-honored tradition of congratulating the champ. He walked in and saw Kurt Angle unable to move his hand due to nerve damage. Doc said he'll be healthy in six weeks barring unforeseen circumstances. Foley entered Promoland and screamed, "Welcome to your unforeseen circumstance!" Great promo followed with Foley building up passion for his attempt to recapture the TNA Title.

Impact Zone: Mick Foley came out first for the PPV title match main event. Kurt Angle then came out still looking hair-growth-challenged. Don West foreshadowed (or provided a red herring) that it would be devastating to the Mafia if Angle is unable to get the job done after everyone else won their matches. Borash handled the formal ring intros before the bell sounded for the main event.

9 -- TNA World Hvt. champion KURT ANGLE vs. MICK FOLEY

Tenay said Foley will probably target the neck after all those years of neck problems. Angle started slow with a headlock. Wait a second, didn't he say in the earlier promo he was going to maul Foley and try to end this quick? Angle kept trying to stall by dipping to the outside early on. Angle eventually re-entered and ate a trademark running knee to the head in the corner. West suggested Angle hasn't looked or felt like himself yet tonight. Foley began targeting the neck and head area to play up the pre-match promo. Match moved to the floor (of course) and Foley teased a Cactus Jack piledriver, but Angle back dropped him into the ring steps. Ouch. Angle began blasting Foley into the ring steps before taking him back into the ring for kicks and stomps and punches and slaps. Angle slapped on the ankelock, but Foley easily escaped. He then teased The Sock, but Angle blocked and the ref was bumped.

Angle hit the Angle Slam, then made a cover after yelling at the ref to wake up, but Foley kicked out. Angle then blasted the ref with an elbow. Angle started favoring the left groin area and grabbed a steel chair on the outside. Foley ducked, though, and shoved The Sock into Angle before throwing him to the outside. Foley then dropped The Elbow off the apron to the floor. Foley tossed Angle back into the ring and made a cover with the ref coming to life, but Angle kicked out just before three. Foley then slapped on a rear naked choke of his own with The Sock claw on Angle at the same time. Angle sold fading out, but he got his arm up on the third hand drop. Angle then exploded on Foley before slapping on the anklelock, but Foley reached the bottom rope for a break. At 14:00, Angle re-applied the anklelock in center ring. Foley teased tapping, then took the sock off, and tapped out.

WINNER: Kurt Angle in 15:00 to retain the TNA World Title. Pretty good match. I thought Angle wasn't going to have a "quality match," though? Another moment on this PPV where the storyline or a pre-match promo didn't match the in-ring action. Overall, Mafia controls TNA via possession of the title belts and we're back to 1997 for the NWO trying to own WCW all over again. Cue up Jeff Jarrett and Sting fighting to regain control in TNA storylines. (**3/4)

Post-match: Main Event Mafia came to the ring holding all the titles to celebrate. Taz was on Twitter posting updates during the match and he showed up for the party. He hugged Angle to re-create Taz's WWE debut against Angle at the Royal Rumble. Tenay talked like the old NWO vs. WCW angle where it was "devastating" for TNA to have the Mafia controlling the company. Mafia members knocked title belts while the camera focused on Foley holding his ankle in pain. They showed highlights of the entire PPV as Tenay and West did voice-overs recapping all of the match action and outcomes. After talking quietly for a few minutes, West suddenly outburst that Bobby Lashley is going to be on Impact this Thursday to join the Mafia. They cut him off as the PPV went off the air.

August Hardcore Rules PPV: Every match under Hardcore Rules (ugh) and the return of the Steel Asylum match.

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