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4/18 WWE Backlash PPV review: Sowers's detailed "alt perspective" report

Apr 19, 2004 - 2:17:00 AM

By Kevin G Sowers, Torch Team Contributor

WWEBacklash "Alt Perspective" Review
April 18, 2004
Edmonton, Alb.

Hello again, and welcome to the alt perspective report for Backlash. Even though the overall show was just mediocre, there are a few high spots I will go over. With that being said, this was the best Raw exclusive PPV to date, which isn't really saying much. Buckle your seat belts, here we go!

(1) Shelton Benjamin pinned Ric Flair at 9:32. A great match, which was expected. Although I would have liked to have seen this one extended a few more minutes, it got its point across. Benjamin will become a legit star in a short time, and Flair is still the man to put a new talent over. Flair taunted Shelton Benjaminat the startand Shelton responded by taking Flair down to the mat with a single leg take down and Flair quickly got to the ropes to get Shelton off of him. The two then locked it up and Shelton took Flair down to the mat with a fireman carry take down and then he mockedFlair with a Ric Flair taunt of his own.

Shelton Benjamin slapped Ric Flair across the face andFlair stepped back and fell down to the mat with the patented nose dive. Flair went for the figure four leg lock but Shelton Benjamin countered it into an inside cradle and a pin for a two count. Flair later went for the figure four once again and Shelton attempted to block it but Flair forcefully locked in the figure four to leave Shelton writhing in pain. Shelton rolled the figure four over and Flair immediately rolled it back over and grabbed the ropes and the referee forced Flair to release the hold.

An angered Ric Flair got out of the ring and grabbed a steel chair and the referee grabbed the chair and got rid of it and then Flair went after Shelton and exchanged blows with him. Flair knocked Sheltondown to the mat with a thunderous chop and then he headed to the top rope but came back down and Shelton jumped at Flair, shoving him into the ropes as the commentators noticed that Flair had brass knuckles on. Sheltoncame off the second rope with a cross body/clothesline combination to take Flair down to the mat into a pin for the three count to get the win.

Randy Orton is interviewed backstage, and compares Mick Foley to a one eyed, toothless old dog that you have to put out of its misery. Orton seems confident that tonight will be his night.

(2) Jonathan Coachman defeated Tajiri at 6:24. This match was a tad better than originally thought, but seemed to have served no purpose. Is WWE really trying to lead us to think Coach is a legit in ring worker? Anyway, Coach grabbed hold of Tajiri and took him down to the mat with an arm drag take down and then he locked it up with Tajiri once again and Tajiri put Coach in a waist lock and Coach reversed it into a waist lock of his own until Tajiri scared Coach off with a kick that missed The Coach. Coach grounded Tajiri and then he went to the top rope but Tajiri knocked Coach down to straddle the top rope with a kick. Tajiri then pulled Coach down to hang him on the ropes and then Tajiri hit Coach in the back of the head with a baseball slide kick.

Coach shoved Tajiri down to the mat and then he rolled Tajiri up and put his feet on the ropes and pinned him but only got a two count. Despite that,Coach thought that he had won the match, so he argued with the referee. Coach then charged at Tajiri and Tajiri put Coach in the tarantula and Tajiri was noticeably having some problems with his knee. Garrison Cade came out to the ring and gave Tajiri a cheap shot to the head and then The Coach rolled Tajiri up in a pin for the three count to get the win.

(3) Chris Jericho defeated Christian & Trish Stratus in a handicap match at 11:13.I reallyhope this mean Jericho can move on to a World Title hunt, and leave this afterschool special of a storyline behind. Jericho and Trishexchanged words and Christian stepped in between the two and he shovedJericho and thenJericho knocked Christian down with a hard right hand. Jericho then chased after Trish and she got out of the ring and then back into the ring as he chased her and asJericho went after her, he knocked Christian down to the mat with a reverse elbow. Christian whippedJericho off the ropes and his back knocked into Trish and she fell down from the ring apron. Christian then gaveJericho a forward suplex and then he knocked Jericho down to the arena floor.

Trish eventually tagged into the match and Christian held onto Jericho and that gave Trish the opportunity to slap the taste out of Jericho. Trish then hit Jericho with the chick kick and then she quickly made the tag to Christian to get out of the ring. Jericho went for the Walls of Jericho but Christian kicked Jericho into the corner andJericho bounced off the turnbuckle and fell down to the mat with an inadvertent headbutt to Christian's groin. Jericho went to the second rope and kicked Christian in the head and then Trish hit Jericho and Christian got up and grabbed Jericho and gave him a reverse DDT from the second rope.

Jericho again went for the Walls of Jericho on Christian but Trish got in the ring to stop him and then Jerichograbbed Trish and put her on his knee and slapped her ass and the crowd went absolutely nuts forJericho. Christian got in the ring and he grabbed Jericho and planted him with the Unprettier and then he made the tag to Trishand she got in the ring and pinned him but only got a two count. Christian tagged himself back in and he got in the ring and covered Jericho for another two count. Trish entered the ring and Jericho knocked her down to the mat with a vicious clothesline and then Jericho and Christian knocked each other down and the referee counted to the count of nine and both Jericho and Christian got back to their feet to resume the match.

Jericho gave Christian a bulldog down to the mat and then he went for the Lionsault but Christian got his knees up into the gut of Jericho. Christian then pulledJericho down to the mat by the legs and he put Jericho in the Texas Cloverleaf and Jericho reversed it to get out of it and Trish got in the ring and Chris put her in the Walls of Jericho and then Christian rolled Jericho up in a schoolboy pin for a two count. Christian went for the Unprettier once again but Chris got out of it and gave Christian a slingshot into Trish in the corner and then Jericho nailed Christian with a running Enzuigiri and a pin for the three count to seal the win.

Eugene is seen wandering backstage with a copy of the latest Divas magazine. While his face was in the magazine gazing at the pictures, he unknowingly strayed into the Women's locker room, where Gail Kim and Molly Holly were dressing. As Eugene's hormones kicked into high gear staring into Kim's breasts, she shoves Eugene off as he accidentally bumps into Holly, knocking off her chin strapped wig, causing Eugene to back off screaming. William Regal comes rushing in, and also stares into Kim's breasts, before coming to and escorting Eugene out of the locker room. Funny stuff.

(4) Victoria defeated Lita at 7:21 to retain the Women's Title. This matchwas just about what it should be. Proper length in overfive minutes, and decent action, although a few missed spots. All in all, a decent match. Victoria and Lita started off bytying it up in the center of the ring and Lita ducked down to the mat and rolled Victoria over her head to pull her down to the mat. The two then locked it up once again and Lita took Victoria down to the mat with an arm drag take down. Victoria knocked Lita down to the mat and then she started dancing and jiggling and then hit her with a standing moonsault and a pin for a two count.

Victoria went for a spinning side slam but Lita countered it into a head scissors to take Victoria down to the mat and then she nailed Victoria with a clothesline to send her down to the mat. Victoria knocked Lita down to the mat and then she went to the top rope for a moonsault and Lita rolled out of the way and Victoria hit some of the moonsault but not enough. Lita then rolled Victoria up into a pin for a two count. Lita then gave Victoria a modified twist of fate and then another pin for another two count. Lita went for a back slide on Victoria but Victoria countered it and then Lita flipped Victoria over her back and then Victoria rolled Lita up in a small package for the three count to retain the title.

After the match, Gail Kim and Molly Holly attacked both women, and after the beatdown, Molly made it clear by saying the title belongs to her.

(5) Randy Orton defeated Cactus Jackto retain the Intercontinental Title at 23:03. Wow. This match shoots right at the top as a match of the year candidate. Not only was this the expected bloodbath, but it also delivered several high spots. This five star classic went into the books as a genuine Jim Ross "slobberknocker."

Randy Orton had a barbed wire two by four with him but it unraveled and Cactus Jack used his barbed wire bat and smashed the trash can in and he went after Randy Orton with it but Orton dodged every shot Cactus Jack swung at him. Orton gave Cactus Jack a drop toe hold into the steel steps and then he and Cactus Jackfought over the barbed wire bat. Cactus Jack knocked Orton down to the arena floor with a baseball slide and then he slid out of the ring and gaveOrton a swinging neck breaker on the arena floor. Cactus Jack then climbed up to the second rope and he threatened to drop an elbow on Orton but Orton got up and headed up the ramp way. Cactus Jackwent right after Ortonand grabbed him from behind and then Ortongave Cactus Jack a back suplex and then a pin for a two count.

Orton went to use the barbed wire bat on Cactus Jack's face but Cactus Jackused his hands to push the bat away from his face and then he gave Orton a low blow to force Orton to toss the bat down to the mat. Cactus Jack then pulled Mr. Socko out of his tights and then he put it on his hand and then saw Barbie and picked it up off the mat and then he took the sock off and tossed it down to the mat. Cactus Jackthen grabbed Barbie and charged at Orton with the barbed wire bat to send him down to the mat to bust Orton wide opened. With Orton's head pouring blood like a faucet, Cactus Jack worsened the situation with the barbed wire bat by raking it across his forehead. Cactus Jackthen put the barbed wire bat in between Orton's legs and then he gave it a leg drop to send the barbed wire crashing into the groin ofOrton. Cactus Jack got out of the ring and he grabbed a gasoline can out from under the ring and he poured gas onto the barbed wire bat and he got ready to light it up when Eric Bischoff came out and told Cactus Jack that if he lit that, not only will he lose this match but the fire marshal will shut this show down and the people will not see the end of Backlash. Cactus Jack walked across the ring with the lighter and barbed wire bat and he tossed them to the arena floor and then he grabbed a very large cookie sheet and nailed Orton on the head with it.

Cactus Jack then got out of the ring and he grabbed a very large board covered in barbed wire and he brought it into the ring and he gave Orton a number of right hands and went to knock him on it butOrton threw powder into Cactus Jack's face and then Orton body slammed Cactus Jack on the bed of barbed wire as Orton pinned Cactus Jackfor a two count. Orton set the bed of barbed wire in the corner and then Orton struggled to send Cactus Jack into it but he did it and then he sent him into it once again with a drop kick.Orton then went over and dropped the bed of barbed wire on Cactus Jack as he was down on the mat. Orton went into a box of goodies and he pulled out a bag and emptied it out onto the mat, revealing it to be thumbtacks.

Orton went to give Cactus Jack the RKO onto the thumb tacks but Cactus JackshovedOrton down to the mat andOrton went right into the thumbtacks and he looked to be in a ton of pain. Cactus rolledOrton up but only got a two count as Orton was in a tremendous amount of pain from the thumbtacks. Orton got out of the ring and started to head to the back and Cactus Jack followed right along with him and the two wound up back in the arena. Cactus Jack tossed Orton off the stage onto a platform and referee Michael Chioda called for some help for Orton as he looked as if he couldn't move. Chioda and WWE officials attended toOrton down on the platform as referees Jack Doan and Chad Patton came out to restrain Cactus Jack. Cactus Jacklooked as if he was down but he knocked Doan and Patton down on the stage and then he jumped off the stage with an elbow drop right onto Orton.Cactus Jack then coveredOrton and somehowOrton was able to kick out right before the count of three.

Cactus Jack brought Randy Orton back to the ring and Cactus Jackplanted Orton with the double arm DDT and then he covered him for another two count and Cactus Jack has to be wondering what he has to do to defeat Orton. Orton rolled out of the ring and Cactus Jackwent over to Orton and Orton nailed Cactus Jackin the head with the barbed wire bat and then he got in the ring and whaled away on Cactus Jack with the bat. With Cactus on the mat, he slid on Mr. Socko as Orton held the bat high in the air. Cactus Jack then put the mandible claw on Orton and Orton gave Cactus Jack a hard shot to the head followed by a low blow. Cactus put the mandible claw back on Orton but Orton countered it with the RKO and then he pinned Cactus Jackbut only got a two count. Orton then gave Cactus Jack the RKO onto the barbed wire baseball bat and then he pinned him for the three count.

Whew! I got cramps in my wrist writing up this one, but it was well worth it. If this match doesn't make it on a future DVD for Randy Orton, then something is terribly rotten in Denmark.

Evolution came to ringside after the match to help a bloodied Orton backstage. As they get him to the backstage area, Triple H pats Orton on the back, letting him know how proud he is of him. Triple H is interviewed, and stated the title will come back to him tonight.

(6) Hurricane & Rosey defeated La Resistance at 4:44. Why? WWE decides on Sunday Night Heat to add this match to Backlash. Instead of adding the match that aired on Heat, Matt Hardy vs. Val Venis, they added this mess. Don't ask me, I only write the reviews.

Rob Conway started it off in the ring against Hurricane and the two tied it up in the center of the ring andConway twisted the arm of Hurricane and Hurricane rolled out of it and then he gotConway in a top wrist lock and then into a side headlock. Conway whippedHurricane off the ropes and then he gaveHurricane a hip toss to take him down to the mat. Hurricane went to the top rope and Conway grabbed Hurricane and pulled him down with a spinning neck breaker to send him crashing down to the mat.

During the match, Eugene came out to the ringside area. Eugene started to play with the French flag and Hurricane went to the top rope and jumped on both members of La Resistance on the arena floor with a cross body. Eugene saw that and he got in the ring and ran the ropes until William Regal came out to the ring to get Eugene. Hurricane plantedConway with the Eye of the Hurricane and then he pinned him for the three count to get the win.

(7) Edge defeated Kane at 6:11. We saw the return of Edge, and that was really all there was to this match. Kane went for a clothesline on Edge and Edge ducked it and Kane went for another but Edge once again ducked it and he hit Kane with a right hand. Kane went for a third one but Edge ducked it again and then gave Kane a series of hard right hands. Kane stomped away on the broken hand of Edge in an attempt to break the cast on his left arm. The referee got bumped to the outside of the ring and Kane went for a choke slam and Edge nailed Kane in the head with the cast on his arm and then he speared Kane down to the mat and pinned him for the three count to pick up the win.

(8) Chris Benoit retained the World Hvt. Title against Triple H and Shawn Michaels in a Triple Threat Matchat 30:07. Although this wasn't as magical as the WrestleMania matchup, it still stood out, and was a four star match. Benoit laid into Triple H To kick things offwith a hard right hand and then he chopped away on him, and he and Michaels double teamed Triple H in the corner and Benoit nailed Michaels with a hard chop to send him back a bit but the two continued to work together against Triple H.

Michaels knocked Triple H to the outside of the ring with a clothesline and then he andBenoit exchanged knife edge chops in the ring. Triple H went for the Pedigree on Michaels but Michaelsquickly pulled back and bailed out. Michaels and Triple H then gave Benoit dueling right hands as he stood on the ring apron. Benoit then got in the ring and gaveMichaels a German suplex and then he gave Triple H one, just so that he didn't feel left out. Benoit put Triple H in the Crippler Crossface and he held onto it untilMichaels hopped to the ring apron and started to get in the ring. Benoit immediately broke the hold and nailedMichaels with a hard right hand to knock him down from the ring apron.

Michaels was knocked down to the mat and Benoit headed to the top rope and nailed him in the shoulder with the flying headbutt and then he pinned him for a two count as Triple H interrupted the pin. Michaels went for a flying forearm on Benoit but Benoit moved out of the way and Michaels hit the referee to send him to the arena floor. Triple H then went for the Pedigree on Benoit but Benoit countered it and went for the sharpshooter but Triple H broke out of it. Benoit eventually locked the sharpshooter in and the fans went nuts and Michaels got in the ring but Benoit locked Michaels in the Crossface as he got in the ring. Benoit held onto the Crossface and then released it when he realized there was no referee. Benoit then got out of the ring in an attempt to revive the referee but Chioda seemed to be way out of it.

Benoit got back in the ring and Michaels put Benoit in the sharpshooter and Earl Hebner came out to see if Benoit would give it up and the fans booed Hebner and Michaels as he had the sharpshooter on. Triple H got in the ring and Michaels released the sharpshooter to go at it with Triple H. Benoit slapped the Crossface onMichaels. Triple H broke it up to ensure that the match would continue. Benoit knocked Triple H to the outside of the ring andMichaels went for a clothesline on Benoit but Benoit put Michaels in a waist lock andMichaels broke out of it and knocked Benoit down to the mat with a clothesline and then he pinned him for a two count. Michaels knocked Benoit down to the arena floor and then he went to the top rope and jumped at both Benoit and Triple H and they ducked out of the way and Michaels went crashing through the Spanish announce table. Benoit took a look at the damage that Michaels suffered and Triple H grabbed him from behind and slammed him into the steel ring post.

Triple H gave Benoit a face buster and then he went for a clothesline but Benoit ducked it and gave Triple H a series of German suplexes. Benoit then headed to the top rope for the flying headbutt and he came off but Triple H rolled out of the way, sending Benoit crashing down to the mat. Triple H then planted Benoit with the Pedigree and then Triple H slowly rolled Benoit over and covered him for a two count asMichaels hopped in to interrupt the pin.

Michaels knocked Triple H down to the mat with a flying forearm and that left both men down on the mat for a few moments andMichaels hopped back up to his feet and then he gave Triple H a body slam. Michaelsthen headed to the top rope and he came off with a flying elbow drop on Triple H and he connected with it.Michaels then went to the corner and started gearing up for the sweet chin music and the crowd in attendance heavily booed Michaels out of the arena. Benoit climbed up onto the ring apron and Michaels went over and hit him with the super kick to knock him down on the ring apron and then Triple H nailed Michaels with a low blow and then he pinnedMichaels but only got a two count.

Triple H went for the Pedigree but he was too close to the ropes andMichaels took the opportunity to send Triple H over the top rope to the arena floor with a back body drop. With Triple H on the outside of the ring, he went under the ring and pulled out a sledge hammer and brought it into the ring. Triple H then got in the ring with the sledge hammer and nailedMichaels in the back with it and the referee saw it, but he did not end the match. Triple H went to hit Michaels again butBenoit pulled Triple H out of the ring and he went to slam Triple H into the steel steps but Triple H blocked it and slammed Benoit's head into the steps. Benoit then got back in the ring andMichaels geared up for the super kick butBenoit caught his foot and took him down to the mat and put him in the sharpshooter and Michaels fought to get to the ropes but Benoit pulled Michaels back towards the center of the ring and Triple H finally got up and fought to get back in the ring butMichaels tapped out before Triple H could get in the ring and Benoit walks out of the match, still the World Heavyweight Champion.

It should be interesting if they decide to continue the aftermath of this match, and turn Shawn Michaels heel, and have him keepChris Benoit busy until Triple H comes back. Hopefully, they will build up another feud for Benoit by the time Triple H comes back, so we're not forced to have Triple H as champion again, at least not rightaway.

Backlash MVP: Hands down, I give this one to a very "tacky" Randy Orton. Orton has now carried on his family name with pride, and has proved he can take on almost any style of match you throw at him. Now, if only his andRic Flair's work rate could rub off on Batista.

Best Match: Again, Randy Orton gets props for this one, and we cannot exclude Cactus Jack as this was one sick, fun, and awe-inspiring match. Many, many high spots were hit, and blood was flowing. I have heard Cactus Jack will leave again after tonight, but is it selfish of me to want him back again? At least for SummerSlam?

Well, Doron, if you're reading this, you get to hold on to your Lounge Conversation Title for at least one more PPV.After guessing all seven advertised matches correctly, Doron remains Lounge Champion!

Well, that's it forme. I will see you next Sunday in the Lounge, and next month reviewing Judgment Day. Until then, take care!

I can be reached at

Kevin also writes a weekly column here at The Torchmost Sundays entitled, Jobber Jabber. He is also euphoric over his Baltimore Orioles being in first place all alone, for now.

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