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8/4 TNA PPV review: Raven vs. Sabu, Styles vs. Kid Kash, Russo-Dusty feud

Aug 5, 2004 - 1:33:00 AM

TNA PPV report
August 4, 2004
Live from Nashville, TN
Reported by Chris Gartshore, Torch Team Contributor

After what seemed like a disappointing show last week, TNA is calling tonight's show, A Night of Revenge, hopefully giving the fans just that. We'll see.

The FBI warning once again greets us tonight and this week we have none other than Terry Taylor reminding us to pay for the show. I was wondering where he went.

ScottHudson is outside the Asylum as Dusty Rhodes pulls up in a pick-up truck and Mike informs Dusty that TNA will assemble a Championship Committee. Dusty says that he's sorry for using the language last week and that he and Russo have talked things over from last week and things will work themselves out. David Young walks by and tells Dusty that if he's needed, they know where to find him. Dusty says that at leasthis losing streak is over and that tonight, the championship match will finally be finalized.

A video recapsetting up tonight's A Night Of Revenge is shown with the long running feud between Raven and Sabu.

The TNA opening is shown with Mike Tenay and Don West welcoming us to tonight's broadcast.

(1) Raven defeats Sabu at 11:50. Things get off to a quick start as Sabu takes down Raven and throws him to the outside. Sabu pulls a table out from under the ring and sets it up across the ring and the guardrail. Sabu puts Raven across the table and grabs a chair and hits Raven with it. Raven falls off the table. Sabu sets up the chair in the ring and flies off onto Raven on the outside. Back in the ring, Sabu has a spike and uses it on Raven with a blow to the head. Raven is busted open. Sabu goes for another shot to the head as Raven ducks out of the way sending Sabu outside, crashing through the table below. Sabu is shown holding his leg. Raven throws Sabu back in the ring and uses a chair across the throat of Sabu. Raven sets up a chair in the turnbuckle and uses itas he throws Sabu into it. Sabu is now bleeding. Raven hits Sabu with a couple of chairshots. Raven gives Sabuthe drop toe-hold onto the chair twice. Raven goes for it a third time, but Sabu reverses it into a springboard dropkick. Sabu throws the chair into the head of Raven three times. Sabu puts on the camel-clutch and then gives Raven three leg drops with the chair. Sabu gets another springboard moonsault on Raven. Sabu misses the leg drop from the top rope. Raven throws a table into the ring as he looks for something else to bring into the ring. Sabu has set up the table inside the ring and hits a chairshot on Raven as he enters the ring. Sabu brings another chair into the ring and sets up Raven's head on one chair as Sabu comes off the ropewith the other chair, crushing Raven's head between them. Sabu sets up Raven's head across the table and gets a legdrop on Raven, putting him through the table. A mysterious figure is shown in the Asylum.Both men trade blows back and forth. Raven brings another table into the ring. Sabu hits Raven with a chairshot. Sabu puts Raven across the table and just as he's about to jump off, Raven slides to the end of the table, grabs Sabu by the head and puts him through the table with a DDT for the win. A very good, bloody brawl to start off the show.

Again, outside the Asylum, Scott Hudson is approaching a limousine as it pulls into the parking lot. It crashes into a trashcan. D-Ray 3000 gets out of the car and says that he has no time to discuss things. Sharkboy has a plate of shrimp for Goldylocks. Alex Shelley tells Sharkboy that he had better cut the tails off the shrimp. Goldylocks comes out of the limo and says that Sonny Siaki should be happy to diss that tramp Desire when Abyss beats him later tonight. Abyss gets out of the trunk of the limo and knocks the shrimp plate out of the hands of Sharkboy.

A video recap is shown of Goldylocks's recent acquisitions.

(2) Abyss beats Sonny Siaki at 7:35. Sonny Siaki's contract is up against Goldylocks money. If Siaki wins, he gets the money. If Abyss wins, Goldylocks gets Siaki's contract. They trade moves to start off the match. Siaki clotheslines Abyss to the outside. Siaki jumps off the turnbuckle to the outside onto Abyss below. Abyss throws Siaki into the ringpost and then hits a splash on Siaki to the ringpost. Abyss throws Siaki back into the ring. Abyss takes control of the match. Abyss goes for a legdrop off the rope and misses. Siaki comes back and hits a Samoan drop on Abyss. Goldylocks comes down to ringside. Don Harris, who has been keeping an eye on the briefcase of money, turns his attention to restraining Goldylocks, as Abyss grabs the briefcase and brings it into the ring. He tries to use it on Siaki, but Siaki reverses it and uses it on Abyss. Siaki gets a two count. Desire runs down and takes out Goldylocks. Alex Shelley pulls Desire off of Goldylocks who is then grabbed by Siaki and punched to the floor. As Siaki turns around inside the ring and Abyss hits the sit-down backbreaker for the win. Goldylocks now owns the contract of Sonny Siaki. Alex Shelley and Goldylocks run off leaving Abyss in the ring alone. Nothing special here, but a good match.

Scott Hudson interviews the co-holders of the X Division title, Michael Shane and Kazarian. Shane says that Vince Russo has something special planned for the X Division title, but that he and Kazarian will never wrestle each other for the belt. Kazarian says that tonight, Jerry Lynn and Chris Sabin will see what they did to A.J. Styles last week.

(3) Michael Shane & Kazarian defeated Jerry Lynn & Chris Sabin at 8:10. As soon as the bell sounds, Chris Sabin hits a moonsaultover the ropes onto both Shane and Kazarian below. Lynn and Sabin control the match early on. As Sabin goes for a running clothesline, Kazarian pulls down the ropes, sending Sabin to the floor. Shane and Kazarian now take over with traditional mat wrestling, cutting him off from making the tag to Lynn. Sabin hits a backbreaker across the kneeon Kazarian as he finally makes the tag to Lynn. Lynn takes out both Shane and Kazarian. Traci enters the ring and is hit with a reverse DDT by Lynn. Shane gets up and kicks Lynn to the outside. Sabin hits a dropkick on Shane. Sabin tries to roll-over Kazarian as Shane hits the superkick to the face of Sabin. Kazarian rolls up Sabin for the win. Pretty good match, but not as high-flying as you'd expect.

A video promo of the Alpha Male, Monty Brown is shown.

In the back, Scott Hudson talks to Monty Brown. Again, Brown runs down the wrestlers that he's defeated in the past and what it has gotten him. Nothing. He says that Jeff Hardy does not deserve the title shot against Jeff Jarrett and that if anyone that calls him out, they will be pounced. Period. Brown delivers another solid promo here. I'm very impressed with Brown's work as of late. He's still a little green in the ring at times, but he's got his character and promo skills down pat.

A video recap is shown of last weeks Monty Brown versus Jeff Hardy number one contenders match and the controversy surrounding it.

In the ring, Vince Russo has the mic. I will try and sum up this very long winded promo. Russo says that he has constructed a Championship committee so that it will alleviate some of the pressures he feels every day. The committee is made up of former NWA legends, Harley Race, Larry Zbyszko and Terry Funk. Dusty Rhodes is shown with America's Most Wanted in the back. Russo says that the NWA title match between Jeff Jarrett and Jeff Hardy will take place, but he will leave the date up to the newly appointed committee. Dusty Rhodes comes down to the ring to confront Russo. He tells Russo that he was the one who sent him to North Carolina to sign Jeff Hardy, not Race, not Zbyszko and not Funk. Rhodes wants to know why he isn't a part of the Championship committee. Rhodes goes over the events last week and why Jeff Hardy wasn't fighting Jarrett for the title tonight. Russo tells Rhodes that until he can let go of the past, he cannot put him in that position. He feels that Rhodes is still too close to the wrestling business. Jeff Jarrett comes down to the ring and says that he applauds what Russo has chosen, or not chosen, for Rhodes. Jarrett tells Rhodes to leave the ring and leave the building. Rhodes says that he wants Jarrett right here, right now. Jarrett goes after Rhodes and beats on him until Jarrett gets the upper-hand. Jarrett beats on Rhodes until Jeff Hardy comes out and makes the save for Rhodes. Hardy holds Jarrett for Rhodes so that he can hit him with the guitar. As Rhodes is about to hit him, Monty Brown comes out and takes out Rhodes with the pounce. Ron Killings comes out and takes down Brown as Jarrett takes off outside the ring up the ramp after being hit with a clothesline from Hardy.

Team Canada is in the back as Scott Hudson informs us of the matches that Vince Russo has set-up the X Division title and the tag-team title. Hudson says that Team Canada will take on 3Live Kru next week for the number one contender to the tag titles. Also, an X Division gauntlet match will take place next week and that Team Canada will put Petey Williams into that match. Hudson says Team Canada has to now be aware of the match tonight.

Another video recap plays as we see the recent feud between Pat Kenny and Vito.

(4) Pat Kenny pins Vito at 7:00. This is an Irish weapons match. There are three trunks in the ring, one has weapons, two do not. There is a rugby ball with a key on it that will open all three of the trunks that must be obtained to open them. Vito takes down Kenny as Trinity opens up one of the trunks to reveal an empty box. Vito hits Kenny with another trunk. Vito opens another trunk which is also revealed as empty. Vito and Trinity set-up Kenny's head between two of the trunks as Vito kick them, knocking out Kenny. For some reason, Trinity and Vito argue over opening the last trunk. Kenny comes back and grabs the rugby ball and as he is trying to open the trunk as he is hit by Glenn Gilbertti and takes the ball into the crowd. Just to note, the trunk was opened before Gilbertti hit Kenny. David Young is in the back and brings Gilbertti back to the ring with the rugby ball. Young hands the ball to Kenny as he "opens" the trunk and takes out the weapons. Kenny hits Vito and Trinity with a cakepan, a baking sheet and finally hitting Vito with a chain for the pin and the win. After the match, Kenny thanks Young and shakes his hand. Poor match. Bad timing. Kenny is a much better wrestler than what they have put him in recently. Here's hoping this is the end of this feud.

America's Most Wanted is interviewed by Scott Hudson. James Storm says that if you don't want to see a Canadian get his butt whipped, then please change the channel. If I didn't have to pay the $10, I may have done just that as this show has been very average so far. Scott Hudson mentions that starting next week, AMW will take on Triple X in a best of three series of matches to determine the number one contender to the tag-team titles. Huh? Isn't that what the 3 Live Kru versus Team Canada match is as well?

(5) America's Most Wanted defeat Team Canada at 8:25. This is a country whipping match. There are straps attached to the ring ropes that can be used during the match. Chris Harris uses the strap on Petey Williams. As with most AMW matches, Harris is taken down and beat over for a while. He is strapped repeatedly. Harris finally makes the tag as James Storm comes in and takes out both of the Team Canada members. Storm chases Scott D'Amore outside and is caught by Williams as he gets back in the ring. Williams is taken down by a huge spear by Harris. AMW now take over and hit Bobby Rude and Williams with the straps. Harris is about to hit D'Amore with the strap as Rude tries to stop him, but ends up taking out D'Amore instead. Harris grabs the strap again and hits Rude with it.Harris rolls outside. Storm hits a hangman's noose on Williams. Storm sets up Williams for the finishing move, but Harris is knocked down. D'Amore comes in and hits Storm in the leg with the hockey stick. Harris does a sunset-flip over the ropes as Williams was holding it trying to pin Storm. Rude tries to help Williams out of it, but is kicked by Storm to the floor. Harris then rolls up Williams for the win. Post match, Harris and Storm catch up to Scott D'Amore and bring him into the ring. They begin to hit him with the straps before the remainder of Team Canada come to the ring to help out D'Amore. They take down AMW before Triple X come down and chase off Team Canada. Triple X and AMW stare down each other.

The NWA tag-team champions, The Naturals, are in the back with Scott Hudson. They go over the two matches set-up to determine the number one contenders to their belts. They say it doesn't matter because they've beaten both AMW and Triple X.

A promo piece is shown with a new wrestler coming soon to TNA. I have no idea who it was, or what the character was supposed to be, but he was in a mask and a two-piece outfit.

Mike Tenay and Don West go over the matches that have been set-up for next week. As they aregoing over the matches, Pat Kenny comes out with David Young. Kenny says that Young deserves another shot in TNA because of his help earlier in the night. Young says that if he can only beat one man, that man is Glenn Gilbertti. He wants a chance to prove himself next week. I guess the match is set because Tenay and West announced it. Yippee.

Kid Kash, with Dallas, is in the back talking to Scott Hudson. He says that he hasn't been able to pay his bills and that they almost took away Dallas's twelve kids because they've both had no pay since being suspended. Kash says that tonight, he will show that he is the real deal in TNA.

The history between Kid Kash and A.J. Styles is shown in a video recap.

(6) A.J. Styles pins Kid Kash at 14:20. Great mat wrestling from these two early on. Kash is wearing a small backbrace, Tenay says that Kash is claiming he has an injury to his back requiring him to wear it, but Tenay questions it. Neither man has the advantage. A.J. arm-drags Kash to the outside. Kash slowly gets back in the ring holding his back. Styles throws Kash into the corner. Styles hits a running dropkick and then a lariat on Kash who is still in the corner. Styles controls the match for a whilebefore Kash throws Styles into the ropes who is then held by Dallas on the outside. Kash tries to knock Styles off the ring apron, but is met with a forearm. Styles jumps to the top rope and does a moonsault onto Dallas, taking them both to the floor. Back up, Kash hits a nice huracanrana over the ropes onto Styles on the outside. Kash throws Styles back into the ring. Kash hits a clothesline on Styles off the ropes halfway across the ring. Kash puts Styles into a surfboard/reverse neckbreaker hold before releasing him hard to the canvas. Styles tries the Pele bicycle kick, but Kash moves out of the way. Kash drags Styles out to the floor. Dallas hits a big clothesline on Styles while outside the ring. Dallas puts Styles back inside the ring. Both men are now tired. Kash hits Styles with a backbreaker onto the knee. Styles hits a couple of jawbreakers to gain the advantage. Both men go for clotheslines, but take each other down. Styles back up as he hits a springboard reverse DDT off the ropes onto Kash. Kash hits another huracanrana on A.J. from the top rope. As Kash was about to pick up Styles, he hits Kash with a kick to the head. Styles throws Kash to the ropes as he is about to make a run at him, Dallas, again, grabs his foot. Styles is held there by Dallas as Kash attempts a flying dropkick from the other side of the ring. Kash falls short and crashes on his head and back pretty hard, but does manage to glance Styles with the move. Styles tries a maneuver and botches it, sending Kash awkwardly to the canvas. While the referee is distracted by Kash, Dallas comes in and hits the boot to the face of Styles, knocking him down. Kash goes for the pin, but kicks out. Kash sets- up for a piledriver, but it's reversed by Styles. Styles throws Kash to the ropes and hits him with a hard running clothesline. Styles pins Kash for the win. Afterwards, the locker-room empties bringing out everyone involved in next weeks match-ups as the show goes off the air. This was a very good match as you would expect out of these two. I was surprised at the outcome though. I would have thought they would continue with this feud for a little while longer. Maybe they will, but Styles has already gotten his revenge on Kash, so what would be the point if they did wrestle each other again? Overall impressions of the night are mixed. There was some good and there was some not so good. The Siakiversus Abyss match was good, but weak and the Kennyversus Vito match did nothing for me. The remainder of the card was good with solid in-ring action. If you are thinking of ordering the replay, hold onto your money. Next weeks card, with the exception of David Young versus Glenn Gilbertti, looks to be a good one. The X Division gauntlet match alone should be worth the $10. You also have Team Canada versus 3 Live Kru and Triple X versus America's Most Wanted in their first of three matches against one another. That'll do it for another week of TNA.

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