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8/25 TNA PPV review: Jeff Hardy, A.J. Styles, Killings, Kid Kash in main event

Aug 26, 2004 - 3:18:00 PM

TNA PPV review
August 25, 2004
Live from Nashville, TN
Reported by Dave Worrell, Torch Team Contributor

Kazarian, Michael Shane, and Traci gave the "Don't steal cable" message.

A recap of the major storylines aired.

Scott D'Amore berated Larry Zbyszko, saying someone needs to step up and resolve some issues since Vince Russo isn't getting the job done. Zbyszko said he was only there as an observer and D'Amore should talk to the Russo, who is still the Director of Authority. Scott Hudson tried to get an interview, but could not.

The camera panned a packed crowd in the Asylum. One sign read "Don't Sell Us Out". Too late. The last TNA event in the Asylum is only two weeks away.

(1) Kazarian & Michael Shane (w/Traci) pinned Psicosis & La Park. Shane and Kazarian jumped Psicosis and La Park before the luchadors could get out of their ring gear. Shane and Kazarian double-teamed Psicosis at the outset of the match and then Shane started working on him alone with several forearm smashes. Psicosis and La Park were able to come back quickly and rammed Shane and Kazarian together. They followed with double spears on Kazarian and Shane and then simultaneous top rope splashes. Shane and Kazarian tried to mount a comeback, but La Park and Psicosis dropkicked them out of the ring. La Park back body dropped Psicosis onto Kazarian and Shane on the floor. La Park then dove over the top rope, but landed on both Kazarian and Psicosis. The crowd seemed much more into this match than they usually are. Back in the ring, La Park launched a spirited offense against Kazarian, whipping him around the ring and spearing him outside the ring. La Park then hit a tope on Kazarian, grabbing Kazarian's head on the way down and twisting him over in an impressive move. Shane interfered and threw La Park into the guard rail to allow Kazarian a chance to recover. Back in the ring, Kazarian kicked La park in the face and Shane and Kazarian executed some double team moves on him. Kazarian hit a slingshot legdrop on La Park and then mocked his dance, giving La Park a chance to hit Kazarian and tag in Psicosis. Psicosis began to clear the ring, but Traci pulled his leg and Shane and Kazarian hit their superkick/leg sweep combination and Shane pinned Psicosis at 9:28. This was a very good opening match with some solid work and a mostly clean finish. Kazarian and Shane work well together and are becoming an impressive team. There luchadors missed more than a couple moves, but made up for it with their overall performance and the energy with which they worked.

D'Amore came to the ring and called for Russo to come out and give an answer to the Dusty Rhodes situation. Russo, who looked as if he'd been napping in the back, came out and said if D'Amore wanted to talk, they'd talk on Russo's time in Russo's office, rather than in the ring. Russo tried to walk away, but Bobby Rood stopped him and D'Amore said Russo would talk to him right then. Dusty Rhodes then came out with B.G. James and Konnan and chased Team Canada out of the ring. Rhodes took the mic from Russo and challenged D'Amore to fight right then. An emotional Russo said Rhodes was going to incite a riot and said he had no choice but to suspend Rhodes and bar him from the building. Team Canada gloated as security came out to remove Rhodes from the building. A good segment, but it ended up going too long.

A recap of the Goldylocks-Desire feud aired. Say what you will about Goldy, but Desire is by far the worse actress.

(2) Erik Watts (w/Desire) pinned Alex Shelley (w/ Goldylocks) to win Sonny Siaki's contract. Goldylocks was almost reserved as she came to the ring and taunted Desire. Desire walked out to the ramp and smiled as her "mystery wrestler" came out to challenge Shelley. A wrestler in La Park's old La Parka costume came out. Don West and Mike Tenay immediately picked up on the fact that it wasn't La Park (seeing as La Park had just wrestled in a different outfit) and noted that this wrestler was a little taller and bigger than La Park. Let's see Jeff Hammond call that. The mystery wrestler entered the ring and with almost no other offense at all, chokeslammed Shelley and pinned him at 0:42. The announcers put over that Shelley was too flustered at the costume and not knowing who was in it and that led to the easy victory. I hope they allow Shelley some good matches soon to overcome his looking so bad. Abyss entered the ring to protect Goldy in the aftermath of the match. Siaki, Desire, and the mystery wrestler celebrated on the rampway when the real La Park came out. He asked the mystery wrestler to unmask, and the mystery wrestler revealed himself to be Erik Watts. Goldy threw a fit in the ring and said she owned Watts's contract, so watts shouldn't have been able to wrestler for Desire. Goldy then seemed to blame Abyss for the loss, for some reason, and shoved him. When Abyss moved to retaliate, Shelley stepped in between and shoved Abyss. Abyss grabbed Shelley's neck (apparently Shelley's Achilles heel now), but Goldy was able to talk him out of harming Shelley.

Scott Hudson interviewed Larry Zbyszko about whether Russo called Zbyszko in because of the Rhodes situation. Zbyszko denied that and said he was there simply as an observer because September 8 was the biggest night in TNA history. Desire, Siaki, and Watts interrupted the interview and Watts explained that Goldylocks was so busy with Alex Shelley, that she didn't realize Watts's contract had expired August 20 and Watts had become a free agent. Watts announced that he and Siaki would wrestler Abyss and Shelley next week for the contracts of D-Ray and Shark Boy. I guess Ekmo is out of luck. Watts referred to D-Ray and Sharky as "hostages", which didn't quite sit right with me, considering the various captives that have been taken hostage in Iraq in recent months.

(3) Sonjay Dutt defeated Jason Cross and Joey Matthews and Chris Sabin in a four-way match when Dutt pinned Cross to become the number one contender for the X Division Title. Mike Tenay announced that Vito could not compete because of a family emergency, so the match with Chris Vaughn was canceled. Not knowing if the emergency excuse is legit, and with all due respect if it is, but getting rid of that stinker did nothing but help the card. Tenay said instead of the announced match, TNA had added a four-way X Division match, with the winner becoming the number one contender to Petey Williams's title. Tenay proclaimed," That's the way TNA works." Unfortunately, Tenay was much more honest than he might have realized. Dutt and Sabin started off working together, and Matthews and Cross also cooperated. Matthews and Cross double-teamed Sabin, but Dutt hit a dual dropkick on the two and Sabin followed with a double clothesline. Dutt and Sabin then executed simultaneous huracanrana, which they turned into pin attempts. Cross and Matthews were both able to kick out. Cross knocked Sabin out of the ring with a spin kick and Cross and Matthews worked on Dutt. Matthews let Cross attempt a pin on Dutt, but then broke it up by stomping Cross. Matthews then tried for the pinfall himself, but Dutt kicked out. Matthews and Cross then fought each other. While the two were lying entangled on the mat, Dutt and Sabin hit top rope moves on them. Dutt hit a huracanrana on Matthews and was trying for a top rope move, but Cross stopped him and set Dutt up on the top turnbuckle. Sabin and Matthews stepped in and each grabbed Cross from behind. Matthews and Sabin dropped Cross on his back while cross held on to Dutt and executed an overhead Belly to back suplex. It wasn't as impressive as it sounds. Sabin leveled Cross from the top rope, but fought Matthews outside the ring. Dutt took the opportunity to hit a prone Cross with Dutt's Hindu Press finisher and scored the pinfall at 8:13 to earn a match against Petey Williams next week. The match was short and didn't have a lot of storyline support, but it was entertaining and had some surprises, including the finish. Dutt was the designated jobber just a few weeks ago and was given a chance to shine here. It'll be interesting to see if this is a one shot deal against Williams or if there will be a real program between the two.

Scott Hudson interviewed the Naturals and asked who they would rather win the best of three series between America's Most Wanted and Triple X, since the winners would face the Naturals next week for the tag titles. The Naturals said it didn't really matter since they had defeated both AMW and Triple X already.

A recap of the best of three AMW vs. Triple X series aired.

(4) AMW wrestled Triple X to a no contest as a result of interference by The Naturals. The two teams began fighting before the bell rang. Chris Harris and Primetime fought outside the ring. At one point, Harris accidentally kicked a fan. The electric fan West and Tenay apparently run during the shows. Harris hit Primetime with the cooler West and Tenay keep their bottled water in. I didn't know the Asylum was so hot. James Storm and Christopher Daniels had been fighting inside the ring. Harris threw Primetime into the guardrail and went to help Storm. The bell finally rang 1:19 into the action. Storm and Daniels briefly double-teamed Daniels, but Primetime made his way into the ring and was immediately dropkicked by AMW. Daniels tagged in and hit an Enzuigiri on Storm. Daniels and Primetime executed quick tags to launch stomps on Storm in the corner. Primetime picked up Storm with a neckwrench and gave Storm a high knee lift and a slam into a pin attempt. Daniels tagged in and beat Storm in the ropes, taunting Storm for trying to reinjure Daniels's shoulder last week. Harris complained, but the referee made Harris stay on the ring apron, which gave Primetime a chance to hit Storm with some cheap shots. Daniels missed two clotheslines on Storm and Storm tried to roll Daniels up for a pin, but Daniels kicked out. Daniels tagged Primetime in and Triple X double-teamed Storm. Primetime slammed Daniels on top of Storm and then Primetime repeatedly slammed Storm's head back into the mat. Daniels hit a split leg moonsault on Storm but Storm rolled him up for another pin attempt. Daniels prevented Storm from a tag and Primetime hit Harris with a cheap shot. A frustrated Harris chased Primetime around the ring until the referee forced Harris back to the apron. Primetime tried for a move with Storm set on the top rope, but Storm fought him back and managed a top rope power bomb. This sequence was well done, with the two wrestlers portraying a fierce struggle to execute or block a potentially devastating move. Storm tagged in Harris and Harris cleared house, hitting Primetime and Daniels with several power moves. There was an impressive spot where Storm dove at Primetime, who Matrixed backwards to avoid the blow, but Harris managed to hit Primetime before he stood back up. It was cooler than it sounds. Triple X gave Harris a suplex/cross body block for a pin attempt, but Harris broke out. Daniels hit a huracanrana from the top rope and Primetime followed with a top rope legdrop, but Harris again kicked out. Daniels ducked a superkick from Harris, but Storm then connected with one and a cross body block by Harris almost led to a pin until Primetime intervened. The referee avoided a bump when Storm and Primetime fell out of the ring, but was knocked down shortly after. Daniels tried to give Harris an Angel's Wings, but Harris struggled to avoid it. The Naturals ran to the ring and threw powder in Daniels's eyes, allowing Harris to get the upper hand, but then they threw powder in Harris's eyes, too. The Naturals then hit Harris and Daniels with chairs and the referee declared the match a no contest because of the interference. The Naturals celebrated and said since nobody won the best of three series, there couldn't be a match next week. Larry Zbyszko came out and announced that there would be a sudden death match between AMW and Triple X on Impact, and the winner would get the title shot next week against the Naturals. He also said the Naturals would be barred from ringside on Impact. The barred from ringside stip is being overused and isn't keeping people from ringside, so it's hard to take that seriously. The match itself was very good, finally living up to the potential of this series. The ending worked okay for me, since it added a lot to the storylines and showed the Naturals to be manipulators who were constantly working to maneuver themselves into a better position. I expected the announcement to be a three-way tag title match for next Wednesday, so hearing about the sudden death on Impact was a bit of a letdown initially. The last time TNA tried to use the PPV to set up an issue to be resolved on the free Impact show, I cried foul, but I'm not as concerned this time. With the weekly PPVs coming to a close and so many squashes on Impact in recent weeks, they need to redeem that show and turn it into TNA's "must see" weekly television show. The Triple X-AMW match is a good hook for that goal. I guess there's still a chance the Naturals will interfere again on Impact and a three-way match will still be held next Wednesday, but I'd like to see them resolve things on Impact in this case.

Hudson interviewed Konnan and James backstage. They said Russo seemed to be trying to break up the Three Live Kru. Konnan said Russo was stacking up enemies and knocking down allies.

(5) Eric Young & Johnny Devine & Scott D'Amore beat B.G. James & Konnan via DQ when Dusty Rhodes interfered in the match. Konnan got on the mic and asked "Where my dogs at?" Paris Hilton feels your pain, K-Dog. Konnan started against Young and briefly put Young in a nice looking rocking horse cradle submission hold until Devine broke it up. Konnan followed with another submission hold. They were interesting holds from Konnan, but submission moves at the very start of a match wouldn't seem to be effective choices. Konnan hit a Rolling Thunder on Devine and threw Young over the top rope. D'Amore complained to the referee and James tagged in. James seemed to easily handle both Devine and Young. Devine wanted to tag D'Amore in at one point, but D'Amore shook his head "No". Young eventually got the advantage after a cheapshot from D'Amore. When it was clear James was in trouble, D'Amore tagged in and tried for a pin, but Konnan made the save and D'Amore immediately tagged Young back in. Devine and Young double-teamed James, but James managed to hot tag Konnan. Konnan and James tried to get D'Amore, but that allowed Young and Devine to go back on offense. Dusty Rhodes then made his way to the ring as D'Amore started using the hockey stick. Rhodes hit D'Amore, making him drop the stick. James was able to hit a pump handle slam on Devine for the pin at 10:13. Russo then came to the ring and reversed the decision, disqualifying 3LK for Rhodes's interference. West and Tenay hyped that this is the first time they could recall that Russo actually reversed a decision by a referee, something Russo made a big deal about never wanting to do, but Russo essentially overturned the referee's decision back when he awarded Jarrett the title because Ron Killings used Jarrett's guitar as a weapon.

Russo confronted Rhodes in the parking lot as Rhodes was trying to drive away. Russo told Rhodes not to show up at Impact.

A Hardy vs. Jarrett vignette aired. Apparently they're wrestling on Sept. 8.

Tenay and West hyped Friday's Impact and next week's PPV.

Hudson interviewed Monty Brown backstage. There really isn't anyone happy with Vince Russo right now. I hope they don't pull out A.J. Styles as Russo's defender again, as it would be disastrous to Styles's credibility right now. Brown said Russo is wrong and Brown is ready to challenge for the world title now. Brown said he didn't follow politics, he only knew the Serengeti way. Jarrett interrupted and told Brown that Kid Kash was right about the politics in TNA and Brown should take out Jeff Hardy tonight. Jarrett said Brown would then get Hardy's title shot. Brown said Jarrett was a liar.

(6) Jeff Hardy & Ron Killings& A.J. Styles pinned Dallas & Kid Kash & Monty Brown. Kash taunted fans at ringside. Kash wanted to start against Styles. Styles and Kash traded punches and brief armlocks before Styles tagged in Killings. Killings powerslammed Kash and threw Kash out of the ring. Killings, Styles, and Hardy knocked Dallas and Brown to the floor and then all three faces executed a cross body block over the ropes to a heel below. A nice spot that was pretty well-timed. Back in the ring, Killings worked Kash over until Kash managed to lure Killings into his corner. Brown allowed Kash to get the advantage and then tagged in. Brown and Killings traded moves, until Brown put Killings into a fairly credible-looking abdominal stretch. Killings eventually broke free and Styles ended up in the ring against Dallas. Dallas executed several power moves before tagging in Kash. Kash put Styles into an inverted surfboard with chinlock and Brown contributed some stiff shots to the sternum from the corner. Nice spot. Styles gave Kash a mule kick to the groin and Hardy tagged in. After a brief melee between all six wrestlers, Styles and Killings held Dallas down in the middle of the ring while Hardy hit the Swanton and scored the pin at 14:09. Jarrett came out and beat on Hardy. Brown threw Jarrett off of Hardy, but only so Brown could beat on Hardy himself. Jarrett then convinced Brown to work with him against Hardy. Jarrett clipped Hardy's leg and Brown hit Hardy with the Pounce. The show ended as Jarrett put the figure four on Hardy and Brown threw some punches on Hardy for good measure. A mostly blah match with a few good moves and spots along the way. Hardy looked a little better than he has recently, but completely missed one top rope move.

Thoughts: I'd score this show at a 5.5. It was slightly above average, with some very good wrestling in the first hour with the opening tag match, the four-way X Division match, and the Triple X-AMW match. The main event was a letdown. The similar Impact match last week was much better. You can safely skip the replay, but I give TNA credit for not completely writing off these last few shows. I understand why they might want to leave Raven off the show tonight, but it seemed to stall his storyline. He has no closure on the Sabu feud, he was upset by Sonjay Dutt, who has moved on to an X title match, and the two hooded guys from last week also took the night off. They must subscribe to TNA's e-mail. I expect he'll be back next week, but it's a rough time to be Raven right now. I like Pat Kenney, Johnny Swinger, and Trinity, but I cannot describe how refreshing it was to not have Vito, David Young, or Glenn Gilberti on this show. I'm a little surprised they're blowing off the Goldylocks/contracts storyline so soon, but the switchover to monthly PPVs might have necessitated that. That puts the Abyss turn front and center for the final Wednesday PPV and lets Abyss/Shelley be the main focus in that storyline leading up to November. This is likely my last weekly TNA report, with Chris Garty ably taking us through the last two weeks. I'd like to thank everyone who read my reports. I hope I added a little something to your love of wrestling.

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