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2/11 TNA Impact Review: Caldwell's Review of Nash & Jarrett, Styles & Daniels, Hammond "Wrestling"

Feb 11, 2005 - 8:14:00 PM

James Caldwell, Torch Team Contributor

TNA Impact Review
February 11, 2005
Taped February 1, 2005 in Orlando, FL at Universal Studios
Aired on Fox Sports Net
Report by James Caldwell, Pro Wrestling Torch Team Contributor

Friday Afternoon Take Away: Jeff Hammonds can't wrestle. Kevin Nash's wife likes gold. A.J. Styles doesn't like Christopher Daniels and Christopher Daniels doesn't like A.J. Styles. In addition, even more build up for Sunday's epic "Against All Odds" PPV.
- We kicked off with a video clip from last week when Kevin Nash was receiving a massage, only to be interrupted by Jeff Jarrett, who apparently wasn't too pleased with Nash's Calvin Klein selection. The video package also showed the ending of last week's show when Nash made his dramatically slow approach to Jarrett's locker room, draped only in a towel, in an effort to confront the NWA Champion.

- From ringside, Mike Tenay and Don West welcomed us to Impact. Tenay said we will be seeing X Division action and exclusive interviews from both Kevin Nash and Jeff Jarrett. Don West said Kevin Nash has dedicated himself to wrestling more than at any other point in his career to be completely ready for his NWA Title Match.

- Dusty Rhodes was shown backstage in front of his pick up truck office. Rhodes said that if Jarrett uses his trusty guitar in the NWA Title Match at "Against All Odds," Jarrett will be DQ'ed and will lose the NWA Title.

- Tenay said that Jarrett and Nash have been banned from the Impact Zone on this week's show as ordered by Dusty Rhodes, but we will still hear from each one. I guess Jarrett is still embarrassed about the poor reception he received two weeks ago and needed a storyline reason for why he shouldn't have to appear in the Impact Zone to promote his PPV Match.

(1) Scott Devine (w/Coach Scott D'Amore & Eric Young) defeated Sonny Siaki at 3:54. Siaki ignored a quick "before the bell" attack from Devine before landing some hard right hands. Siaki dropped Devine with a one arm overhead suplex then mounted Devine in the corner for ten punches. However, D'Amore distracted the referee, allowing Eric Young to pull Siaki off Devine and to the mat. Young choked Siaki in Team Canada's corner as D'Amore continued to distract the referee. Devine delivered a leg drop across Siaki's neck, who was draped across the bottom rope. Devine worked over Siaki with a modified surfboard stretch followed by a unique suplex into a neck breaker, laying him out in the middle of the ring. Devine went for a springboard moonsault off the top rope, but Siaki picked up his knees in time to block Devine's high-risk maneuver. Siaki delivered a nice swinging neck breaker then a throw up power slam. Siaki cleared the apron of Team Canada, and then set up Devine for a suplex from the apron to the ring. Devine flipped out of the suplex and rolled up Siaki for a quick three count, using the ropes as leverage to secure the victory.

Match View: Really nothing to this match. It effectively presented Team Canada as a cheating group of villainous and evil heels who Don West called "a bunch of cheaters" like a third grader in the school yard. Sonny Siaki doesn't have very much going for him at the moment other than appearing in TNA PPV Preview "free-for-all: matches on a regular basis.

- We saw a video clip from TNA's Super Bowl party last weekend featuring Diamond Dallas Page, Monty Brown, and Jeff Jarrett interacting with various celebrities/athletes such as Terrell Owens, Jerry Rice, Emmitt Smith, Adam Sandler, and the Philadelphia Eagles Cheerleaders. Jerry Rice said Kevin Nash would use his enormous size to win the NWA Title at "Against All Odds." Maybe Rice needs to be more concerned about helping his fellow Seahawks receivers catch the ball next season.

[Commercial Break]

- Shane Douglas was backstage with Monty Brown. Douglas asked Brown about his tag match (Brown & DDP vs. Scott Hall & Bobby Roode), at Against All Odds. Brown wanted to talk about his "hair's breath" losses to Jeff Jarrett the last two times he challenged for the NWA Title. Brown said he would take care of winning the Title in the future. Brown addressed Scott Hall, saying it's "Risky Business" right now because Hall has brought Team Canada into the business at hand between Brown and Hall. Brown said either Hall or Roode will get the Pounce at "Against All Odds."

(2) Diamond Dallas Page defeated Chris Candido at 2:23. DDP came to the ring through the crowd, this time not taking half an hour like last week. DDP and Candido locked up with Candido playing to his heel persona by indicating he was "this close" to winning the match with a quick roll up. Candido laid out DDP with a mule kick, right in front of the referee's eyes. Candido picked up DDP and dropped him with a high-elevated suplex. Candido took too much time climbing up top, allowing DDP to recover and shake the ropes, sending Candido crotch first into the turnbuckle. DDP grabbed Candido and dropped him with a Diamond Cutter from the top rope. DDP made the cover for the win.

- After the match, Scott D'Amore brought Bobby Roode out to the ring to talk some smack to DDP. D'Amore said Team Canada didn't have to wait until Against All Odds to get it on because, "his enforcer would be more than happy to exchange fisticuffs anytime, anywhere." DDP told D'Amore, "Don't sing it, bring it." Roode and D'Amore approached the ring, but in an appropriate heel act, the rest of Team Canada came from behind to serve as back up. From the opposite entrance tunnel, Monty Brown ran to the ring to even the odds by reducing the fight from a five on one to a five on two. Don West said Brown was "ready to Pounce some Canadian Bacon." Team Canada backed away from DDP & Brown as the babyfaces and heels stared each other down.

Match View: What happened to selling for the Naturals for eight minutes on last week's show to wrestling a two minute match with Chris Candido? DDP used the Diamond Cutter in a unique way to finish off the match, but was still uninspiring in the ring. Good post-match segment setting the stage for "Against All Odds."

- We saw a clip highlighting the feud between Jeff Hardy and Abyss, including a shot from Jeff Hardy going through a table three weeks ago. The video clip also showed the brawl between the hated rivals that lasted through two matches on last week's show.

[Commercial Break brought to us by the National Weather Service, giving Los Angeles County a Flash Flood Warning for the next three hours. And I thought El Nio was a thing of the past like non-athletic wrestlers trying to wrestle...Oh...spoke too soon.]

(3) Jeff Hammond (w/3 Live Kru) defeated David Young (w/Kazarian & Michael Shane) at 1:28. Prior to the match, Konan & BG James & Jeff Hammonds threw out some cheesy NASCAR references including calling 3 Live Kru the "3 Live Pit Kru." The match began with David Young um...kicking...Jeff Hammonds in the head, which essentially amounted to Hammonds trying to sell two kicks that landed about a foot short of Jeff's head. Hammond recovered and speared Young. The match broke down with Kazarian & Shane distracting the referee from the horrible wrestling in-ring action, allowing Kazarian to kick Hammond in the head. Konan & Ron Killings distracted the referee allowing BG James to hit a Pump Handle Slam on Young. BG James left the ring and Hammond proceeded to "rev up his engine" and "drive" around the ring before delivering an elbow drop, which Don West named "The Pit Stop." Hammond made the cover for the win. After the victory for Mr. NASCAR, Shane and Kazarian jumped Hammond until 3 Live Kru made the save.

Match View: I am at a loss for words of how ridiculous this match was. Words cannot express how utterly sad it was watching an inexperienced NASCAR person to try to play himself off as a wrestler. At least take a kick to the head to say you actually wrestled a match instead of trying to sell a kick from Young that missed by the widest of margins. I'm too disgusted to say anything more.

- We went backstage where Dusty Rhodes was shown walking out of the backseat of his pick up truck office. Traci confronted Dusty, asking him where he had been. Dusty came up with an excuse that he was taking care of PPV business. From the same back seat door, Triniti came into the picture, adjusting her top as if she just had a quickie with the Director of Authority. Traci was not too pleased. Triniti told Traci not to "worry your little head off," then gave Dusty a quick peck on the cheek before telling him he's pretty good for an old man. Triniti left and Traci scolded Dusty, telling him to "wipe that crap off your face."

[Commercial Break]

- X Division Champion A.J. Styles joined Mike Tenay and Don West ringside for commentary on the Triple Threat X Division Match. A.J. began to talk about his match against Christopher Daniels, only to be interrupted by Daniels. Daniels reprimanded A.J. for stealing his thunder at the broadcast table. A.J. smirked at Daniels' impromptu interruption. Daniels told A.J. to wipe the smile off his face and realize that he's not facing "a ham sandwich like Chris Sabin or Sonjay Dutt." Daniels slapped A.J., prompting A.J. to leap over the broadcast table and attack Daniels. Tons of security spilled out of the backstage area to separate the two hated rivals. Great set up for their "Against All Odds" Match.

(4) Prime Time defeated Chris Sabin & Shark Boy at 2:54. Shark Boy and Sabin, the two babyfaces, teased an alliance prior to the match. Tenay let us know that the winner of this match might be included in the Ultimate X Match set for TNA's March PPV. Sabin back body dropped Shark Boy over the top rope to the floor, but turned around to find a super kick from Prime Time. Prime Time took Sabin up top and scored a superplex as Shark Boy entered the scene to sunset flip Prime Time simultaneously. Shark Boy tossed Sabin to the outside then covered Prime Time and scored a two count. Shark Boy and Prime Time exchanged right hands, and then took a top rope drop kick from Sabin. Sabin clotheslined Shark Boy, then clotheslined Shark Boy, then scored a Swinging DDT on Shark Boy while drop kicking Prime Time in the same motion. Sabin went up top, but Prime Time pushed Sabin onto the top rope. Prime Time walked the top rope and delivered a huricanrana. Shark Boy picked up Sabin and delivered a flip over Stunner from the top rope, the "Dead Sea Drop." Prime Time shoved Shark Boy out of the ring to the floor and covered Sabin for the three count and the win.

Match View: There were some nice spots in this match, but not enough to re-vive a crowd that just witnessed the worst pro wrestling match in some time. Prime Time is on his way to a major push and will most likely be involved in the Ultimate X Match set for TNA's March PPV, Destination X. This was Chris Sabin's first appearance on Impact since losing the Ultimate X Match at Final Resolution nearly a month ago. Apparently, TNA is really scaling back on the major league push Sabin was receiving leading up to the January PPV.

- We saw a video package from the previous three weeks of Impact highlighting the intense feud between A.J. Styles and Christopher Daniels, setting the scene for their 30 Minute Iron Man Match at "Against All Odds."

[Commercial Break]

- Mike Tenay was shown sitting in the middle of an empty Impact Zone ring. Tenay brought in Kevin Nash, live via satellite from Hollywood and Jeff Jarrett, live via satellite from Nashville. Tenay brought up the new stipulation for the NWA Title Match where Jarrett cannot use his trusty guitar or else he will lose the NWA Title. Nash said he is doing 15 to 20 minutes of cardio to be ready, but since he isn't paid by the hour, he's going to try to finish the match early with his power and strength advantage. Tenay asked Jarrett about the "use it and lose it" stipulation. Jarrett said it doesn't change his strategy because he won his last Title defense vs. Monty Brown with the Stroke, not a guitar. Jarrett said he would retain the belt by any means necessary. Tenay asked Nash what has lit the fire under Nash to be as dedicated as he has been for this match. Nash said it's always been about the money, but the value of the NWA Title is a great prize to have. Nash said he understands Jarrett's strengths and weaknesses as a technical wrestler, and will be prepared to take it up five or six notches for the PPV Match. Nash said he's going to bring home a nice Valentine's Day present to his wife in the form of the NWA Title. Tenay asked Jarrett about living and breathing the NWA Title. Jarrett said he has a long list of champions to live up to. Jarrett said he doesn't just want to following their footsteps, but advance past those great champions. Jarrett said Nash has disrespected so many Titles in his career, and has finally put forth an effort in the twilight of his career. Tenay brought up Nash's thirteen knee surgeries over the years and asked Jarrett if he will be focusing his attack on Nash's knees at the PPV. Jarrett quipped that he won't give away his gameplan and said, "I am the smartest human being to ever step foot in a wrestling ring." Jarrett continued that you don't win NBA Finals, Super Bowls, or NWA Titles by giving away the game plan. Nash said the NWA Title is coming home this Sunday. Jarrett answered back, "Well see."

Impact Note: Very, very good segment to build up the NWA Title Match. Tenay made the interview seem like a legitimate inquiry into the competitive nature of the match, by setting the right tone for the interview. Nash played to his comedic character, but in a lighter fashion, using subtle overtones, rather than being over the top. Jarrett was a bit more toned down rather than being the loud and obnoxious "it's my world" Champion that has hindered his acceptance by TNA fans. Very nice segment that painted a perfect picture for the NWA Title Match at "Against All Odds."

[Commercial Break]

(5) Kid Kash & Lance Hoyt & Raven defeated Dustin Rhodes & America's Most Wanted (James Storm & Chris Harris) at 6:15. Well, why not kill two birds with one stone by having two match previews in one big Impact main event? The match began with James Storm matching up with Kid Kash. Kash and Storm exchanged arm bars, and then Kash knocked down Storm with a shoulder block. Storm recovered with a hip toss as we went to commercial.

[Commercial Break]

We returned to the Impact Zone with Hoyt landing a side slam on Storm. Kash tagged in and stomped on Storm in the corner. Raven tagged in and kicked Storm in the back. Kash tagged back in and landed a kick to the gut. Kash delivered a boot to the gut, and then flew off the top turnbuckle with a moonsault splash. Kash received a two count and a very appreciative applause from the fans ringside. Storm ran into a back elbow and staggered out of a neutral corner as Kash hopped up top for a high-risk move. Storm crotched Kash across the top turnbuckle, then climbed up top, but was thrown off. Kash missed with a Frog Splash as Storm moved out of the way. Storm tried to tag in Rhodes, but Raven tagged in and pulled Storm away from his corner. Storm dropped Raven with a clothesline, and then tagged in Rhodes. Rhodes took down all three heels, and then went one on one with Raven as Storm super kicked Hoyt to the outside. Raven went for the Raven Effect DDT, but Rhodes blocked it and scored a weak bulldog, sending Raven crashing head first into the mat. Rhodes made a quick cover for the three count.

Match View: Good build up for "Against All Odds," but this match wasn't anything too exciting. Chris Harris was barely a blimp on the radar, receiving hardly any in-ring work. Hoyt & Kid Kash certainly don't make for an inspiring team of challengers to the NWA Tag Titles. AMW should finish off Kash & Hoyt at the PPV in simple fashion while Raven may have to bust out his vice to put Rhodes' scrotum in a precarious position to win the match.

- We closed the show with two separate video packages highlighting the top two matches at Against All Odds: Daniels vs. Styles and Jarrett vs. Nash. We began with Styles and Daniels exchanging verbal barbs mixed in with video clips highlighting the confrontations between Champion and Challenger. The second video package highlighted the verbal exchange seen earlier on the show between Nash and Jarrett before fading to Mike Tenay, who invited the audience to join TNA live on PPV for "Against All Odds."

Closing Thoughts: Let's sum up this week's show in one simple phrase: If TNA did not offer Impact this week, they would have been better off heading into the PPV. TNA had used the previous three weeks of Impact so well to build up their PPV that there wasn't much left for them to do on this week's show. The paradigm created your basic throwaway show on so many levels, killing most of the momentum TNA built up in the previous three weeks. From Jeff Hammond pretending to wrestle to five lackluster matches to only one minute of Styles vs. Daniels in the Impact Zone, the holes in the show were more obvious than a slice of Swiss cheese.

The problem that TNA seemed to run into on this edition of Impact was a lack of ideas to build up the matches for the PPV. They really ran out of ideas for how to present the feuds without giving away too much. Seeing Jeff Hammond "wrestle" certainly isn't going to make fans order the PPV to see him get his hands on Kazarian & Shane. If anything, Hammond's performance turned away potential buyers for fear of having to see Hammond in the ring once again. Additionally, there was no new build up for Hardy vs. Abyss, another casualty of having nothing new to present for their feud. The video clips served the purpose of establishing the feud, but something tangible and real-time for viewers to grasp hold of would have been much more effective to heighten awareness of the feud.

The lone bright spot was the perfect NWA Title Match build-up orchestrated by Mike Tenay, NWA Champion Jeff Jarrett, and Kevin Nash. Tenay did a very nice job of setting the tone for the NWA Title Match at "Against All Odds," by being direct with his line of questioning and eliciting effective responses from both Champion and Challenger to give fans the perspective they need on determining which rooting interest to take when the two heels match up at the PPV.

A.J. Styles & Christopher Daniels' interaction was effective for putting them on camera, but it didn't do anything to add to their match. We know they hate each other and want to settle it in the ring, but having Styles on commentary rather than taking a cheap shot from Daniels probably would have been more reasonable in adding another dimension of build up for the Iron Man Match. Hearing Styles' words to counteract Daniels' two weeks of Styles-bashing on commentary would have been a nice touch heading into the PPV.

As always, feel free to send me feedback on today's show at I'm open to any and all reader comments and suggestions on the topic of TNA or anything else from the world of wrestling. I'll be checking in with an "Against All Odds" Preview in the Sunday Brunch in only two days, so look out for that!

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