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3/11 TNA Impact on FSN: Caldwell's Review of Dest. X Build Up, Hoyt vs. Apollo, Daniels vs. Sabin

Mar 11, 2005 - 9:29:00 PM

James Caldwell, Torch Team Contributor

TNA Impact Review
March 11, 2005
Taped March 1, 2005 in Orlando, FL at Universal Studios
Aired on Fox Sports Net
Report by James Caldwell, Pro Wrestling Torch Team Contributor

- We began with a video clip from last week when Dusty Rhodes told Diamond Dallas Page to bring his best against Jeff Jarrett when he challenges the NWA Champion at Destination X. We saw the all out brawl that ensued between Jeff Jarrett, the Outlaw, the Naturals, and Chris Candido vs. DDP, Kevin Nash, and 3 Live Kru.

- From the Impact Zone, Mike Tenay and Don West welcomed us to the "house TNA built" and reminded viewers that Jarrett will be defending the NWA Title against DDP in just two days.

(1) Abyss & Raven defeated Cassidy Riley & Mikey Batts at 2:19. Wow. This looks like a terrible mismatch. Raven certainly felt the same way and threw Riley over the top rope to the outside before the opening bell. Abyss went to work on Batts with a hard chop to the chest once the bell sounded. Abyss caught Batts off the ropes and attempted a lift up slam, but could barely pick up Batts in the air. Raven tagged himself in and was nearly pinned when Batts rolled him up from behind. Raven shook off the pin attempt and scored an inside out clothesline. Raven sent Batts to the outside and followed up with a back-first side Russian legsweep into the guardrail. Back in the ring, Raven sent Batts into the corner turnbuckle with another Russian legsweep. Abyss tagged himself in as Riley tagged in. Riley went to work on Abyss and Raven with hard right hands, but took a drop kick to the back of the head from Raven. Raven took Riley to the outside. Abyss caught Batts off the top rope, who attempted a cross body block. Abyss tossed Batts over the top rope and right into the ringside padding. Raven sent Riley into the ring for Abyss. Abyss attempted a Torture Rack Slam, but Riley slipped out and bounced off the ropes. That was a big mistake because Abyss caught Riley off the ropes with a devastating Black Hole Slam. Abyss made the cover for the win.

- After the match, Raven was visibly drooling as he stood atop the top turnbuckle. On the video screen, Jeff Hardy appeared from the rooftop of a trailer. Hardy told Abyss to come find him in the back. Abyss grabbed his hair and held his face as Hardy prodded Abyss by demanding Abyss show him something. Abyss ran out of the Impact Zone as Hardy continued to taunt Abyss.

Match View: Fast paced match that didn't really amount to anything more than a squash of two character-less babyfaces. I guess Cassidy Riley's mini-push that was begun two months ago with help from Dustin Rhodes has been officially erased. On the topic of Jeff Hardy's post-match lure, I'm pretty sure Hardy spoke more words today than he had the previous seven months he's been in TNA combined. Good lead-in to their PPV match in two days, but still as I've harped on, complained about, and pointed out for months there is no back-story for their feud. We don't know why Abyss brought it upon himself to deliver sneak attack upon sneak attack on Hardy, yet we do know Hardy is after Abyss because Abyss has made Hardy's life a living hell for the last two months. In effect, Jim Mitchell needs to be brought in to be Abyss' mouthpiece similar to how Paul Bearer was Kane's mouthpiece when Kane first entered WWF. It's the only way Abyss will ever get over if he's not going to bring it upon himself to speak on the mic.

[Commercial Break]

- Standing in center ring, Mike Tenay welcomed us back to the Impact Zone. Tenay welcomed his special guest NWA World Champion Jeff Jarrett. Tenay said Jarrett is the longest reigning NWA Champion in the history of TNA, with his reign dating back to June of 2004. The ruler and master of Planet Jarrett promptly came out sporting a gray suit rather than his usual Southern get-up. Jarrett shook off the taunts from the fans ringside before taking the mic and saying, "Dusty Rhodes has a personal vendetta against the King of the Mountain, and tonight, all that stops." Jarrett got in Tenay's face and said, "Dusty Rhodes is jealous because he will never wear the NWA Title." (JC Note: Why in the world would Dusty Rhodes want to wear the NWA Title at 60+ years old?) Jarrett said, "No one can beat me and no one will beat me." Jarrett valantly guaranteed that DDP will not get the NWA Title despite Rhodes placing police ringside for his NWA Title defense. Jarrett said DDP is a joke and "the countdown is on until DDP gets blasted off Planet Jarrett." DDP's music interrupted Jarrett. Through the stands, the #1 Contender entered the Impact Zone and stood in the middle of the fifteenth row amongst a group of excited fans. DDP began by telling Jarrett, "shut the hell up." Jarrett said, "This is my time." DDP told Jarrett, "Make no mistake about it. The only reason why D-D-P came to T-N-A is to kick your ass." DDP continued, "I want to take from you what means to you the most that gold Championship belt." DDP and the fans standing next to him informed Jarrett, "It's time." DDP brought up history where Jarrett's series of guitar shots two and a half years ago injured his neck and "cost me millions of dollars." DDP continued to repeat, "It's time" then signed off with a message that on Sunday night Jarrett will feel the bang. Jarrett stood in the ring with a puzzled look and screamed at Tenay. Tenay shook off Jarrett as DDP and all the fans next to him pointed at their imaginary wristwatches. The segment closed with DDP shaking hands with the fans ringside and then giving a kiss to a baby being held in the mother's arms.

Impact Note: Very solid exchange. It wasn't the best "go home" Title Match promo I've seen, but it was effective in expanding on the issues heading into Destination X. On a side note, John Cena uses subtle "chain gang" and "I'm from the stands" babyface lines to connect with the audience, but DDP takes it another level by being outright blunt in indicating he's "of the people, for the people, by the people" by way of his entrances through the stands. It's just a slight subtle vs. obvious difference between two of the three current #1 Contender's in pro wrestling.

[Commercial Break]

- X Division Champion A.J. Styles joined Mike Tenay and Don West ringside for commentary. Styles talked about beating Kid Kash last week to retain the X Division Title and earn a spot in Ultimate X. Mike Tenay announced that Ron Killings and Prime Time Elix Skipper are two of the other three competitors entered in the Ultimate X, with the fourth competitor to be determined in the next match. Before the next match could begin, Mike Tenay sent us to the back where something exciting was going on.

- Backstage in Dusty Rhodes' pick up truck office, Trinity and Traci were sitting around on the hay shooting the breeze. Michael "don't call me Shane" entered the scene and wanted to talk to Dusty Rhodes. Trinity told Michael that he needs an appointment. Michael turned his request to the more understanding secretary, Traci, and said he had business to discuss with Rhodes. Michael said, "I'm the reason TNA is on the map; not because of the guys Dusty brought in from 'his era'." Michael told Trinity to write his name down Matt Bentley because he needs to see him for an appointment. Michael Matt left the scene and Trinity said she would make a mental note. Trinity told Traci to go take care of Matt's request. Traci stared at Trinity with disgust.

Impact Note 2: Not to be overly technical about what Matt or Michael or whatever he wants to be called said, but if we're talking about "Dusty Rhodes era" wrestlers being in TNA right now, then I'm missing something because I don't see Tully Blanchard, Barry Windham, Mike Rotunda, Arn Anderson, or any of the other names from Bruce Mitchell's Smackdown Review on the current roster. I know Matt was getting at the Kevin Nash's, Scott Hall's, DDP's, Monty Sopp's, etc., but the distinction needs to be made clear that Rhodes is not a wrestler, nor is anyone from his era able to hang with anyone of this era in a legitimate match. On a side note, I hope Matt sticks to a name and TNA gives him a real gimmick so he can display his talent in the ring, as he is capable of.

(2) Christopher Daniels defeated Chris Sabin at 3:51 to earn a spot in Ultimate X. The bell sounded and the two X Division stars locked up in the center of the ring. Daniels took Sabin down with a modified STO before landing a series of rabbit punches to the head. Daniels picked up Sabin and scoop slammed him to the mat. Daniels drove a swinging elbow into Sabin's head then made a cover for a two count only. Daniels taunted Styles then turned his attention back to Sabin. Daniels missed with a tilt o whirl slam attempt then took a kick to the gut. Sabin bounced off the ropes and ran into a hard clothesline. On commentary, Styles took Sabin's side despite wanting to see the best opponent possible in Ultimate X on Sunday. Daniels stomped on Sabin then dropped Sabin with a face first leg trip. Sabin made a cover and pointed at Styles as he received a two count. Daniels locked in a reverse chin lock before sending Sabin to the ropes. Daniels caught Sabin with an atomic drop then made a cover for a two count only. Daniels took Sabin to his feet and bounced off the ropes. Daniels went for a springboard cross body splash, but turned right into a missile drop kick. Sabin sent Daniels to the ropes and caught him with a nice huricanrana. Sabin continued his offensive assault with an enziguiri kick to the side of the head. Sabin made the cover and scored a two count only. Sabin took Daniels to the corner and went for a Tornado DDT, but Daniels slipped out and scored a nice STO. Daniels went for the Best Moonsault Ever, but Sabin moved out of the way and Daniels ate the mat. Sabin rolled up Daniels, but scored a two count only. Sabin delivered a back foot kick and went for the Cradle Shock, but Daniels pulled the referee's shirt to receive leverage to slip out of the Cradle Shock. Daniels grabbed a confused Chris Sabin and delivered the Angel's Wings double underhook face plant for the pin and win. After the match, Daniels pointed at Styles reminding him that he'll be in Ultimate X on Sunday.

Match View: Nicely paced X Division match up which featured more athleticism in this four minute bout than on the entire Smackdown show last night. Very good storyline build up for Daniels and Styles, using their past history as a guide for setting the playing field for Ultimate X. One thing I think TNA is missing out on is reminding viewers of the "Triple X" factor whereby Prime Time and Christopher Daniels will be in the same ring for the first time since losing to AMW in their "losing team splits up" match. There's a lot TNA can use just on that one storyline as well as the obvious Daniels vs. Styles build up.

[Commercial Break]

- The Outlaw was walking backstage for no apparent reason when Konan of 3 Live Kru confronted him. Outlaw and Konan went nose to chin as Outlaw looked down on Konan for literal and figurative reasons. Outlaw said, "Speak English because I don't understand that language." Konan said, "I didn't like you before I even met you." Outlaw said, "I didn't like you because I didn't know you were." Konan said, "I'll eat you up for lunch like ole' fashioned cole slaw." (JC Note: Good heavens, that sounds disgusting.) At this point, BG James and Ron Killings of 3 Live Kru interrupted the cole slaw tossing and separated Outlaw from Konan. Outlaw asked if Konan was talking about "a taco and a burrito." Outlaw grabbed BG James' hand and played patty cake with him arm and tried to take him towards another part of the backstage area, but BG snapped back and said, "Don't touch me. Leave this alone." BG tried to explain Outlaw's actions, but Konan wanted answers why BG was talking to Outlaw. BG said, "Old times, old times." Konan was having none of that "old time shake rattle 'n rolling."

- We swung back to Mike Tenay and Don West who said there seems to be some dissention within 3 Live Kru. Tenay speculated as to why BG James and The Outlaw were so buddy-buddy in recent weeks. (JC Note: I predicted this in my column last week and in the VIP Forum BG James will turn heel and help Jeff Jarrett retain the NWA Title at Destination X). Tenay gave us information that not only will 3 Live Kru be surrounding the ring for DDP vs. Jarrett, but also Chris Candido & the Naturals as per Jeff Jarrett's pandering request.

(3) The Outlaw defeated Sonny Siaki at 2:54. The Outlaw, coming to the ring in a modified electric version of "I'm an Assman" stripped off his shirt for the ladies ringside before the bell sounded. Once the bell sounded, Siaki and Outlaw locked up. Outlaw landed a hard right hand to the face, but missed with a clothesline and back elbow before Siaki scored a drop toehold and an arm drag take over. Outlaw recovered in a neutral corner and asked for a timeout. Siaki was suckered into the corner by the obvious heel move and took a thumb to the eye. Outlaw laid into Siaki with a hard right hand then choked him across the top rope. Outlaw took a punch to chin, but responded with a knee to the gut. The fans ringside chanted, "We want Bart," before Outlaw took Siaki and held him high in the air for a solid seven minutes before dropping him with a suplex. Outlaw played to the crowd then walked into a reverse back plant across Siaki's knees. Siaki and Outlaw laid on the mat before both men recovered to their feet. Siaki powered up with a series of knock down clotheslines. Siaki tried to whip Outlaw across the ring to the opposite turnbuckle, but Outlaw blocked the whip and scored the Fameasser for the pin and the win.

Match View: As with most wrestlers from The Outlaw's era, the look in his eyes shows the effect of suffering from years of substance abuse. As for the match, Outlaw looked more inspired in his first TNA match than in any of the last few appearances he made in WWE. It wasn't a great match or worthy of a "best of Monty Sopp's 2000 2005 work" DVD, but it gave him some air time to put across the fact that he indeed does wrestle despite never being shown in the ring outside of your usual brawl or brouhaha. Sonny Siaki has about as much character development as Mark Jindrak. There's just nothing going for him despite a good look and decent athleticism since TNA has done nothing with his character.

[Commercial Break]

- Backstage, Dustin Rhodes and AMW were horsing around with Triniti and Traci in Dusty Rhodes' pick up truck office. Dustin was trying to get Traci to sit on his "ducky ducky quack quack," to which Traci vehemently refused. Trinity, all of a sudden drunk and sauced up, paraded around the pick up truck in a dancing style comparable to Elaine Benes. Team Canada led by Coach Scott D'Amore interrupted the honky tonk action to get in some parse words for Dustin, AMW, Traci, and Trinity. Trinity told D'Amore, "You need an appointment." D'Amore said, "It looks like a bunch of Kentucky Fried Idiots to me." Team Canada got a kick out of that before D'Amore said, "I heard there's one thing you rednecks like to do more than drink beer and that's fight." D'Amore challenged the KFI's to a fight with the most elite fighting group in professional wrestling. Trinity and Traci stepped out of the pick up truck as Team Canada backed away.

(4) The Disciples of Destruction (Ron & Don Harris) (w/Traci) defeated Buck Quartermain & Lex Lovett at 1:28. Mike Tenay reminded us that the DOD will pace Phi Delta Slam at the PPV with the winning team earning Dusty Rhodes' secretarial duties for either Trinity or Traci. The match began with all four men brawling ringside. In the ring, Lex missed with a clothesline and took a swinging neck breaker from Ron Harris. Traci clapped from ringside as Ron took a tag into the match. Ron dropped Lex with a spinning side walk slam then delivered a textbook snap suplex. Ron connected with yet another snap suplex before running Buck off the apron. Ron picked up Lex and delivered a t-bone suplex before tagging in Don. Phi Delta Slam came to the ringside area to get a look at their PPV opponents as Ron and Don teamed up for an H-Bomb lift up slam on Lex, which resulted in a three count for the win.

- After the match, Big Till and Bruno entered the ring to get a piece of Ron and Don. Bruno scoop slammed Ron in the center of the ring as Big Till climbed up to the top turnbuckle. Till went for his patented frog splash from the top, but Ron moved out of the way just in the nick of time. Till held his gut in pain and scampered out of the ring. Traci and the DOD stood their ground in the ring as Trinity was held back by PDS. Both sides stared each other down.

Match View: Another tag team match, another character-less tag team squashed. Quartermain and Lovett have impressive along the lines of Luther Reigns, but they have absolutely zero character to their name. TNA has featured them several times on Impact, so if TNA is committed to bringing them back on Impact each week, they might as well put them in situations to give us insight into their characteristics and goals in TNA. It wouldn't hurt because at this point, something is better than nothing. Nice build up for PDS vs. DOD despite this match having the look of the Heidenreich & Snitsky vs. Kane & Undertaker match we will be missing at WrestleMania.

[Commercial Break]

- Dusty Rhodes was backstage on the edge of his pick up truck office conversating with Kevin Nash as Traci & Trinity listened in. Nash asked about the history of taped fist matches and wanted to know what the result of those taped fist matches was. Rhodes talked about the crimson mask that would result from these types of matches. Nash said he was interested in the crimson mask element, resulting from the taped fist aspect. Dusty came around to the idea Nash was trying to get across and asked, "you talking about the taped fist causing something and the effect coming after the cause cause and effect effect and cause?" Rhodes asked if Nash was talking about first blood. Nash said he was indeed talking about first blood. At this point, Jeff Jarrett's lawyer, Dirk Diggler, entered Dusty's office flanked by the Outlaw and two rent-a-securities who had about as much physically imposing presence as my cat. Dirk said he was suing Dusty Rhodes for damages and was requesting Dusty's removal from the premises. Dirk pointed at Nash and said, "you're next." Dirk said he was going to have Traci and Trinity arrested for lewd behavior. (JC Note: If Dirk were true to his word, he would go to any college campus across America and hand out lawsuits like frat party flyers). Dusty responded that he wasn't going anywhere, under anyone's demand. Rhodes made the official announcement that at Destination X, the Outlaw vs. Nash will be a First Blood, Taped Fist match. Outlaw threw a hissy fit and Dirk reassured him he would take care of the matter. Nash and Outlaw went face to face and Nash said, "Two sights precious to a man desire in a woman's eyes; fear in a man's eyes. I see fear in your eyes." Outlaw responded, "Don't mistake fear for hatred." Outlaw was driven back by security as Dirk told Outlaw he would take care of the new stipulations.

Impact Note 3: Solid, intense exchange, but why does the Outlaw hate Nash? TNA has a poor track record for introducing storylines based on WWE or WCW history without actually telling us what happened. Obviously, Nash dislikes the Outlaw for costing him the NWA Title at the last PPV, but why did the Outlaw do what he did? Why does the Outlaw have hatred for Nash? We need a back-story to warrant the existence of such statements as "Don't mistake fear for hatred." TNA needs to be careful throwing out references to past history without anything to substantiate it.

(5) David Young (w/The Naturals & Chris Candido) defeated Shark Boy at 1:45. To get up to speed on David Young's journey, we have to back to two weeks ago when Dusty Rhodes granted Young one last opportunity to win a match in TNA, or be booted from the company. Apparently, Young decided the best bet for winning a match and putting a dent in his horrible win/loss record was to join forces with Candido's group of misfits. To the match, which began with Young scoring clubbing right hands to the top of Shark Boy's head. Shark Boy shook off the punches and scored a stiff drop kick to the gut. Shark Boy took Young to the corner and went for a few punches to the head, but Young grabbed Shark Boy and dropped him to the mat an atomic drop. Young scored a nice neck breaker and made a cover for a two count only. The Naturals got on the apron to distract the referee as Chris Candido held Shark Boy. Young went for a clothesline on Shark Boy, but the seaman ducked and Candido took the blunt of Young's forearm. Shark Boy grabbed a stunned David Young and delivered a high impact reverse neck breaker. Shark Boy had the visible three count, but the referee was still distracted by Andy Douglas of the Naturals. Shark Boy hopped up and delivered a baseball slide to Douglas going through the referee's legs. Shark Boy went to his feet and bit Young's backside. Shark Boy scored with a wheelbarrow into bulldog off the ropes and made the cover for a two count only. Shark Boy sent Young head first into the corner turnbuckle, and went for the Dead Sea Drop out of the corner, but Candido grabbed Shark Boy's foot as the Naturals distracted the ref. Young slipped out of Shark Boy's grasp and caught him off the top turnbuckle with a powerful spinebuster. Young made the cover and scored a three count for the victory! Young had a look of shock and disbelief on his eyes, selling his improbable victory. The Naturals held Young on their shoulders and celebrated "as if they just won the Super Bowl."

Match View: I like the new alliance being formed by Chris Candido. Every promotion needs a stable or two and with 3 Live Kru about to broken up and the Kings of Wrestling already done, Candido and his group appear to have the best prospects for creating a legitimate stable of wrestlers to complement Team Canada. Candido needs to come up with a name for the group and cut a promo setting out the mission of his group as it pertains to wreaking havoc in TNA. I'm looking forward to when that happens.

[Commercial Break]

- The Alpha Male Monty Brown joined Tenay and West ringside for commentary to discuss Brown's match with the mysterious Trytan at Destination X. Brown said, "Trytan will be executed and exterminated and the Alpha Male will once again be the king of that ring."

(6) Apollo defeated Lance Hoyt (w/Kid Kash) at 4:51. Apollo and Hoyt locked up with neither one giving any ground. Apollo pulled a Lex Luger and flexed his pecs drawing the ire of Hoyt. Apollo and Hoyt exchanged shoulder blocks that didn't faze either one. Apollo ended the resistance test with a knock down clothesline. Apollo slapped Hoyt across the face then bounced off the ropes. Kid Kash grabbed Apollo's feet, distracting the Puerto Rican superstar. Apollo turned his attention to Kash then walked into a clothesline from Hoyt. Apollo nearly lost his debut match when Hoyt covered him and scored a two count. Hoyt scored a sidewalk slam and scored a two count on a pin attempt. Hoyt shook off Apollo's uprising and dropped him with a hard back elbow to the chops. Hoyt made a cover and scored a two count. Hoyt sent Apollo into the corner and drove a big boot to Apollo's throat. Hoyt delivered a clubbing forearm to the chest then sent Apollo to the opposite corner and scored a hard clothesline. Hoyt kicked Apollo in the chest then covered him and scored a two count. Hoyt delivered a hard chop to the chest, but Apollo no sold it. Hoyt repeated the chop twice, but Apollo no sold it both times. Apollo responded with two hard chops of his own then a series of clotheslines. Apollo caught Hoyt off the ropes with a single arm take down then made a cover for a two count. Apollo bounced off the ropes and took a clubbing forearm to the back from Kash. Apollo turned around and slapped Kash off the apron to the floor. Apollo ducked a wild clothesline from Hoyt and dropped Hoyt with a combination Stone Cold Stunner and Diamond Cutter/RKO. Apollo rolled up Hoyt and scored the three count for the win.

Match View: Goodness, how do you go from a *** - **** classic between A.J. Styles and Kid Kash in last week's main event to a clunker of Hoyt vs. Apollo on this week's show? I don't place blame on Apollo for this match because he was very effective in his role and put on a good performance in the ring. Lance Hoyt is just so shaky and slow that you can't get into of his performances. He looks like he's at mile 25 of a marathon at the 2:00 mark. It's just not something I want to watch. I hope that Apollo will be featured in more matches in TNA because he has a lot to offer in the ring.

- After the match, the lights went out until some orange house lights flooded the Impact ring. Monty Brown threw down his headset on the broadcast table and stormed up the ring entrance to confront Trytan before he came out amongst his usual smoky entrance. Brown stood close the smoke then turned around to find Trytan standing in the middle of the ring surrounded by an orange fog. Trytan's right hand was extended towards Brown causing Brown to storm back down the entrance ramp towards Trytan. We closed the show with Tenay announcing, "He's one step ahead of the Alpha Male!"

March 13 TNA "Destination X" PPV Line Up:
- Jeff Jarrett vs. Diamond Dallas Page for the NWA Title with "police" in the form of 3 Live Kru around the ring.
- A.J. Styles defending the X Division Title in a four way X Division Match against Ron Killings & Prime Time Elix Skipper & Christopher Daniels with unique rules: The match will begin with a two-on-two tag team situation with the first person being pinned eliminated from the match. From there, it will become a triple threat match with the first person pinned eliminated from the match. With two wrestlers left, it will become an Ultimate X battle with the X Division Title hanging above the ring.
- Raven vs. Dustin Rhodes in a Bullrope Match
- Kevin Nash vs. The Outlaw in a Taped Fist, First Blood Match
- Jeff Hardy vs. Abyss in a Falls Count Anywhere Match
- Monty Brown vs. Trytan
- Team Canada (Scott Devine & Bobby Roode & Eric Young & Petey Williams) vs. America's Most Wanted & 3 Live Kru (Konan & BG James)
- (Team Traci) Disciples of Destruction vs. (Team Trinity) Phi Delta Slam

Closing Thoughts: I thought the build up to Jarrett vs. DDP was particularly effective on today's show. It was the type of "go home" exchange that was needed to tie together all the key issues surrounding their match on Sunday. The other intriguing aspect of the Title match, as I alluded to earlier, is whether BG James will turn heel and join forces with the Outlaw and Jeff Jarrett as a member of the "special police" ringside. If TNA is looking for a reason to keep the Title on Jarrett while keeping heat on DDP, that appears to be the best route to take in achieving both goals.

I truly detested the way TNA put together the X Division Title Match for Destination X. Tenay and West talked about Ron Killings and Prime Time being added to the match as if it was common knowledge of some sort. Why were they added? Was it by virtue of victories? Impressive in-ring performances? Pleasuring Traci and Trinity better than Petey Williams or Chris Candido? In the eyes of the ultimate authority, Dusty Rhodes, what was it that warranted their place in the X Division Match? We never received that or a promo from either wrestler highlighting their ambitions for achieving the X Division Title. There wasn't enough done to convey the importance of the X Division Title or the Ultimate X Match outside of A.J. Styles' commentary during Christopher Daniels' match. That didn't suffice to provide the effective build up that should have been the centerpiece of Impact this week. TNA really dropped the ball with their X Division build up.

Weekend Replay Factor: If you already know the storylines and the back-story behind each PPV match, this show is skippable. The wrestling on the show wasn't anywhere near the pro wrestling showcase between A.J. Styles and Kid Kash on last week's show, but there were some great segments dispersed throughout the show making up somewhat for the lack of a "can't miss" wrestling match.

Destination X PPV "Buy or Hold" Factor: The X Division Match is all you need to know about in order to make the decision to buy the Destination X PPV. The capabilities and proven track records of A.J. Styles, Christopher Daniels, Ron Killings, and Prime Time indicate they will blow the roof off the building. If the X Division isn't your fancy, there's a substantial amount of other intriguing matches including Jeff Jarrett vs. DDP, which promises to be exciting, but probably not a match for fans of quality wrestling. There's also the in-ring debut of Chris Masters Trytan as well as another installment of Jeff Hardy vs. Abyss. There's a lot of matches for fans of all types of pro wrestling, so I highly recommend a "buy" for Destination X on Sunday night.

Please, feel free to send me feedback on today's show at I'm open to all reader comments and suggestions on the topic of TNA or anything else from the world of wrestling. I'll be checking in with a full match-by-match Destination X Preview in my "Sunday Brunch" Lounge column in only two days, so look out for that! Until then, find your favorite wrestling tape, snuggle up with a loved one, and enjoy a night of fun.

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