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KELLER'S RAW REPORT 10/3: Ongoing "virtual time" analysis of live WWE Homecoming

Oct 3, 2005 - 10:13:00 PM

By Wade Keller, Torch editor

OCTOBER 3, 2005

American Airlines Center in Dallas, Tex.

-The show began at 7:55 p.m. with a five minute countdown with a look back at the history of Raw including Vince McMahon, Shawn Michaels, JBL, Jim Ross, Matt Hardy, Edge, Chris Jericho, John Cena, Lita, Triple H, Trish Stratus, and even Sean Mooney talking about the first edition of Raw. The corner countdown clock said "Raw Comes Home in X:XX." They first talked about the start of Raw as a live prime time wrestling show. Then they looked at the more controversial elements of it, including the "choppy pee pee" segment and some DX antics. Said Shawn Michaels: "It's a chance to be a major player in something that will be around forever."

-A fantastic 10 second montage aired of wrestling's evolution with a final new slogan debuting for WWE: "WWE: The Power is Back." Disappointingly, Raw opened with the same music and same basic opening (with the usual array of updated clips) and only an altered set (the same basic look, but added screens on the sides). They focused on a sign that said, "Finally, Raw has returned to USA."

-On a personal note, it will be nice for the first time in a month to not have to pay attention to commercials during Raw. With the TNA and UFC commercials in recent weeks,

-Jim Ross, Jerry Lawler, and Coach introduced the show. Then Mick Foley came out to his full intro. He said usually a guest doesn't introduce the host, but said in this case it was appropriate. He plugged that Piper stars in a new movie called "Honor." He then introduced Piper, who came out to bagpipes playing over the speakers. Coach pointed out that Foley has never been a guest on Piper's Pit. Piper came out and said he's been reading Foley's new booker, "Scooter." He said he hasn't slept with the light off for weeks and said he has a sick mind. Piper asked, "When is Mick Foley coming back to the WWE?" The crowd chanted "Foley, Foley." He said he came back last year and was never better, yet he still got his ass kicked. He said for him to make another comeback, he'd need a really, really good reason. Piper said he would give him 12,000 good reasons and they're all here. He then led the crowd in another "Foley, Foley" chant.

Randy Orton with his father "Cowboy" Bob Orton Jr. walked out. Lawler asked what they were doing there. "This isn't Smackdown," said Lawler. Foley said it's never good to see him under normal circumstances, but especially on WWE Homecoming on Piper's Pit. Foley said he should be concerned about the legend, Undertaker, whom he faces this Sunday on the No Mercy PPV. Orton then walked into the ring and said he was there to talk to Piper, not Foley. As Piper began talking, Orton told him to shut his mouth or he would drop him where he stands. He said if it wasn't for Bob Jr., there would have been no Piper's Pit. Randy said when he was a kid he had to watch his dad come home from work bruised up and battered. He said it led to Piper getting movie roles, but not his father. "You're lucky my father has more class than I do," said Randy, who said he grew up the right way to be a Legend Killer. Piper popped Orton. Cowboy Bob and Foley separated them. Orton sucker-punched Piper, and then gave Foley an RKO. Foley and Piper were down on the mat barely moving as the Ortons left the ring to Orton's music. Ross scathed the Ortons for the show of disrespect. Good start. Orton seemed inspired this week on the mic and showed some of the spark that he had last year but has lacked since his return on Smackdown.

Ross said the 30 minute marathon match would begin shortly. There's no way they'd put that in the first hour since 30 minute matches, as great as they often are, turn out to be an invitation for channel flipping for many viewers who know the finish won't be "any minute" but is always "X minutes" away. With UFC showing fights live starting at 9 p.m., they were going to put the marathon match on early to avoid that risk or lost viewers.

[Commercial Break]

-Eric Bischoff argued with Teddy Long backstage about crashing his party. He threatened to make history at Smackdown's expense.


As Angle walked out, Ross said, "You're about to see a classic." The nice thing with Ross is that when he says that, you can believe him, he means it, and he's genuinely as excited if not more so than 99 percent of the viewers. Michaels opened up chopping Angle. They brawled to ringside early. Back in the ring Angle took over with a hard knee lift. Ross referenced the legends at ringside watching, and how Michaels and Angle would want to impress them. Jimmy Hart, Dusty Rhodes, Nikolai Volkoff, Mae Young, Fabulous Moolah, Steve Williams, Koko B. Ware, Red Bastein, Hacksaw Duggan, and Harley Race were among the WWE Legends at ringside. Angle went into a chinlock at 4:00. Michaels backdropped Angle over the top rope to the floor, but then he caught Michaels later with an Angle Slam at ringside. Back inside the ring Angle stomped away at Michaels and then powerbombed him into the corner for a two count. Angle attempted a suplex on Michaels off the second rope. Michaels fought out of it, punching Angle to the mat. A groggy Michaels then went to the top rope. Angle surprised Michaels with an Angle Slam off the top rope to score the first fall at 8:10.

[Commercial Break]

Angle scored another near fall after the break. At 14:00 Michaels fired back with some chops. Angle whipped Michaels out of the corner hard. Angle went for an Angle Slam. Michaels countered. Angle then countered with an Anklelock. Michaels flipped out into a victory roll for a three count at 14:52. That evened the match at 1-1

Angle applied an body scissors at 17:30. Ross said it's a good move, but not often used these days. Michaels bit Angle to escape. Angle fired back with a vertical suplex attempt. Michaels blocked it and rolled up Angle for a near fall. Angle powered out and into an Ankle Lock. Michaels tried to kick out, but Angle held on. Michaels eventually tapped out at 18:49 to make it 2–1 in Angle's favor.

[Commercial Break]

Michaels made a big comeback at 23:30. He nipped up, but landed on his sore leg and sold it. He struggled to the top rope and hit Angle with a flying elbowdrop with just five minutes left in the match. Michaels then hit Sweet Chin Music for the pin to even it at 2–2. Angle rolled out of the ring.

Angle hit another Angle Slam for a near fall. When he went for another Angle Slam, Michaels countered into a tornado DDT at 27:00. Both men were down on their backs as the ref began his count to ten, rather pointlessly considering the match stips. Michaels draped his arm over Angle at the nine count. Angle lifted his shoulder before three. Michaels covered him again. Angle lifted his shoulder again. With two minutes left, Michaels chopped Angle and then charged at him in the corner. Michaels caught him with an extended boot. He hit Angle with a moonsault, but Angle countered on the fall with a twist into the Anklelock in a great innovative spot. Michaels rolled, but Angle kept his grip. Michaels again flipped, but Angle again held his grip. Michaels reached for the rope, but Angle dropped down and figure-foured his legs around Michaels for added pressure and leverage. Michaels struggled to pry Angle's legs off of his using his arms. He eventually kicked Angle in the face with his boot to break the hold. Angle quickly recovered and reapplied the hold. Michaels kicked Angle into the ref, then surprised Angle with a superkick. As Michaels made the cover, the ref counted to two and the 30 minutes expired. It was ruled officially a draw.

Michaels said that's not the way the match should end and called for sudden death overtime. Angle listened, but then turned his back and walked away. Michaels's music played. Ross said the rubber match between two of the greatest of all time didn't solve anything.

WINNER: Draw at 30:00.

STAR RATING: ****1/2 -- Excellent, excellent 30 minutes of action. Because it was on TV and not PPV, they probably paced it faster than they would have otherwise. Some of the innovative reversals and new twists from both wrestlers elevated this even higher. They were spot with the timing, they sold brilliantly, and paced it perfectly.

-Ross, Lawler, and Coach plugged the rest of the matches and guest stars scheduled for the show.

[Commercial Break]

-Kevin Von Erich was shown at ringside. Ross referenced the Von Erich Dynasty.

-Eric Bischoff approached Vince McMahon backstage. He suggested that he make his match with John Cena later a no-DQ match. McMahon said, "No." McMahon said when he's around, he's in charge. Bischoff then called him "Vince." Vince said, "What did you call me?" Bischoff said, "I don't care anymore. It's pretty obvious the only reason you hired me to be the General Manager of Raw is to humiliate me." He said McMahon just wants to be embarrass him every week so some day he come out with a "Self-Desctruction of Eric Bischoff" DVD. He called him sick. McMahon said, "Nobody has any idea just how sick, how twisted, and how perverted I can be." He said he has a capacity crowd waiting for him, then he growled out, "After all, this is Monday Night Raw."

-Lilian Garcia introduced McMahon by reading a statement that said he "single-handedly created a billion dollar empire." She said, "He is strong, he is handsome, he is well-endowed." She acted embarrassed by the obvious overstatements she was forced to read. McMahon then strutted to the ring. So McMahon believes he is the best person to be standing in the ring when UFC goes live. More than Hulk Hogan, Steve Austin, Roddy Piper, Mick Foley, and even Koko B. Ware. He said they are back on a channel where things are pretty much uncensored, where all hell can break out at any time. "Uncensored for sure. “We can have all the fun we want to have, he said. “It's reminiscent of the old days. I remember one particular day, February 8, 1998.” The fans began chanting “Austin, Austin.” He said Austin wasn’t scheduled to be out until later. He introduced a clip of McMahon pinning Austin and trash-talking him. He said that was one of his favorite moments on Raw. Steve Austin then walked out live.

McMahon got a bit less cocky, saying, "Good to see you, Steve. I was just having a little fun a few minutes ago." Austin said it appeared that it was fun at his expense. Austin said he had a clip of his own. It was the hospital attack. McMahon said Austin's attack almost showed his privates to the entire TV audience. Austin said he'd probably have liked it. Austin said he had another fun clip. It was of McMahon wetting himself when Austin had the toy gun up against the back of his head. Austin asked McMahon if he was scared enough to piss himself again. McMahon said he had full control of his bladder and bowels. Austin went to another clip, this of Austin driving a beer truck to the ring and spraying McMahon with beer. Austin called McMahon "pathetic." McMahon said, "It's a new era. There's no reason you and I can't start over again."

Austin asked the crowd, "If you think this son of a bitch is full of crap, give me a hell yeah." McMahon said he had to go to the back to produce and direct and "all that stuff." Austin told him not to leave because he had something to show him. McMahon looked worried. Austin gave him a Stone Cold Stunner. Austin began celebrating with beer. Then "Here comes the money" played and out danced Shane McMahon. As soon as he entered the ring, Austin gave him a Stunner, too.

Then out walked "Billion Dollar Princess" Stephanie McMahon. Lawler said she's got McMahon's walk. She asked Austin, "Who in the hell do you think you are, Stunning my father, Stunning my brother?" she said. "This is USA, this is our show." Austin said, "What?" She said, "This is our show. This is Raw. This is USA." She asked if he knew who she was. He said he did, and he wanted to interview her. He said she smelled good and wanted to know what fragrance she was wearing. She didn't answer. He accused her of flirting with him. She slapped him. He said he was glad she did that and then gave her a Stunner. He then celebrated with beer. Coach and Lawler said he had taken out the entire McMahon family. But wait, Linda McMahon walked out with a stern look on her face. She said the carnage he left in the ring is her family. She said she's worked hard the last few years to bring her family back together. Austin said, "Your husband's a piece of trash." She seemed to agree, which drew laughs from the crowd. She said what about her son. He said he's a chip off the old block. She asked about her "precious daughter" Stephanie. Austin said, "She is a precious piece of trash."

Austin said they are in Dallas where he got his start, so "what else do you want me to do." She said, "I think you owe the McMahon family an apology." The crowd booed and Austin winced. "An apology?" said Austin, who is on his game 100 percent for the first time in a while. "But why? I'm just out here doing my job." He paused, then said, "You're a classy lady. I apologize." She said, "Thank you, Steve." He said, "You're welcome." She bent over to check on Stephanie. Austin then tapped her and said, "While you're out here, we ought to leave these 16,000 people here and the millions watching around the world a Raw moment to remember. You and me all alone out here in this big ol' ring. How about a good, old fashioned kiss on the cheek."

He closed his eyes and she leaned in for a kiss. Austin then backed off and said, "Now that I really think about it, I think we ought to give these fans something to really remember. What do you say there, sweetheart? Vince ain't lookin'. He's taking a cat nap courtesy of the Stunner. Why don't you and me cut through the chase and drink a damn beer!" He called for more beer. He opened one for Linda. She accepted it. He toasted her. She swigged some beer. He encouraged her to keep drinking. Austin's music then played. Austin put his arm around Linda, then raised her arm and said, "CEO of World Wrestling Entertainment. Classy woman. Linda McMahon. He then kicked her in the gut and attempted to give her a Stunner. She turned awkwardly and didn't take it well at all, but oh well. Austin caught a couple more beers and walked to the back.

-Lawler plugged the Hardy-Edge ladder match was up next.

[Commercial Break: During the break, over on Spike on the live UFC special, one of the great finishes ever of a UFC fight took place with a surprise KO with a knee to the face and a sleeper hold to finish a long fight. If you're not taping the event to watch later, check out Mallory Mahling's report in the "TV Reports" section for details. Extremely fortunate timing for UFC there since presumably many Raw viewers would have switched over at that moment.]

- They showed Vince McMahon being helped into his limo in the back.

2 -- EDGE (w/Lita) vs. MATT HARDY - Ladder Match

They got off to a fast start with a brawl on the stage. They got to the ring and immediately Hardy turned the ladder upside down and put Edge in it, then climbed the ladder and began crushing him in it like a garlic press. Just when you think you've seen it all. Hardy went for a Twist of Fate at 3:00, but Edge escaped and shoved him into a ladder in the corner. Hardy went face-first into the top rung of the ladder. Edge brought a second ladder into the ring. Hardy caught him on it and yanked Edge down. Hardy attempted to suplex Edge on a ladder, but Edge reversed it. Edge then climbed the ladder. Hardy caught him up there and threw Edge into the other ladder. Edge then bounced into the ladder and knocked Hardy off balance. Hardy fell throat-first over the top rope. The crowd chanted "Holy sh--!" They cut to a break.

[Commercial Break -- UFC was in the midst of a preview of the rest of the live fights scheduled and an overview of the "exploding popularity" of UFC. Then they went right into a heavyweight fight. If America is anything like me, a lot of Raw fans who flip around during commercials out of habit hit the channel for Spike TV to see if Raw is back on the air, forgetting for just a second that it's on a different channel number this week. That alone is probably responsible for a lot of new exposure for UFC.]

Hardy and Edge were brawling at ringside after the break. Hardy climbed a ladder at ringside. Ross said, "No, no, don't do it." Hardy leaped into the crowd and onto Edge. Ross said Hardy was getting carried away. Lita jumped onto Hardy's back. Hardy flipped her over to the floor and then grabbed her by the hair and set up a powerbomb through a table. Edge hit Hardy with a kendo stick. The camera missed it, but a replay showed it. Edge punched Hardy onto a table and then dove off the apron onto Hardy, crushing the table beneath him. Hardy gave Edge a Twist of Fate off of the ladder. Ross said why would anyone want to leave WWE's top show. He said the stakes were high. When Hardy was about to get the briefcase, Lita entered the ring with the kendo stick. She missed on her first swing, but hit him on the second. Hardy came off the ladder and whipped her into the corner. Lita then yanked the ladder out from under Hardy. Edge then swung Hardy by the legs back and then forward. Hardy fell abdomen first over the top rope. Lita tied up Hardy with her limbs in the ropes tarantula style as Edge easily grabbed the ladder. Ross said Hardy worked his whole life to earn a chance to wrestle on Raw and now he's forced to leave. No hints were given that he might end up on Smackdown. Understandably, that would make his loss seem less important in the big scheme of things, but at the same time, it's the obvious thing to bring up for the sake of the credibility of the announcers.

WINNER: Edge at 13:56.

STAR RATING: ***3/4 -- Crazy wild ladder match with some innovative, memorable spots. Intense from the beginning. Lita was very good in her role (other than missing the first swing with the kendo stick).

-Ross, Coach, and Lawler plugged the rest of the matches and stars scheduled for the show.

[Commercial Break]

-They showed Matt Hardy being escorted out of the arena by security. Ross solemnly said, "How much worse can it get for Matt Hardy?"

-Trish Stratus and Ashley talked about their bra and panties match coming up later. Trish said if things don't go smoothly, she wanted to be sure she was covered well. Trish tried to open her top. They kept touching each other and then backing off, as if they might not be able to control their lesbian curiosities. Then Mae Young walked in wearing just her bra (well, her pants, too). The girls got squeamish. She then approached Ted DiBiase, Hacksaw Duggan, and Jimmy "Superfly" Snuka in the hallway. They paid her money to keep her bra on and put her shirt back on. Fabulous Moolah grabbed her and said, "Come here, Mae. You’re embarrassing me. Every time I take you out, you end up drunk or naked." Snuka ran after he trying to get her to actually strip. Duggan and DiBiase couldn't believe him.

-Maria interviewed Ric Flair backstage. He said later tonight they'll talk about their homecoming. He said tonight, though, is about the return of The Game. He said if it wasn't for Triple H, he wouldn't be there. He said he returned to WWE a broken man. "My spirit broken, my heart broken, my career broken," he said. But now that he's IC Champ, he said he is right back where he was as a player once again.

[Commercial Break]


Ross referenced Flair's feud with the Von Erich family in Dallas, then the showed him sitting in the front row again. Then came Triple H's return to Raw. Ross talked about the rafters shaking for Hunter's ring entrance. Hunter and Flair cleared the ring of the heels right off the bat. A section of the crowd chanted "Triple H, Triple H" briefly. Coach acknowledged it. Hunter opened against Carlito, then tagged in Flair. Flair and Hunter chopped Carlito together, then they strutted in stereo. They took down an interfering Masters, then knocked Carlito to ringside.

[Commercial Break]

Carlito had Flair in a figure-four after the break at 5:00. Hunter broke the hold. Flair took a spinebuster awkwardly, landing on one of his legs. Ross said Carlito may not have gotten all of it. Carlito went to the top rope, but Flair caught him up there and press slammed him to the mat. Flair reached for a hot tag, but just missed. Masters went for a Master Lock, but as Hunter distracted the ref, Flair nailed Masters with a low blow. Masters tagged in Carlito and Flair tagged in Hunter, who got a polite pop. He beat up both heels for a minute, including a running knee to Carlito. Masters got the same. Hunter then yelled and posted. The crowd cheered. Hunter gave spinebusters to both Masters and Carlito. Hunter grabbed his sledge hammer from ringside. Carlito hit him from behind. Hunter took over and set up Carlito for a Pedigree. He held him there as Masters approached from behind with the sledge hammer. Flair was a second late as Hunter and Masters had to play statue-tag for a second as Flair clipped Masters from behind, although it appeared he mostly missed and Masters had to phantom bump. Hunter then executed the Pedigree for the win.

WINNERS: Flair & Hunter at 9:54.

STAR RATING: *3/4 -- Quite sloppy at times, but high-energy and all-action otherwise.

-After the match, Hunter hugged Flair twice and then raised his arm. Hunter then surprised Flair with a sledgehammer shot to the face. It wasn't subtle as Flair turned too early and walked right into it before Hunter even swung at him. The crowd was stunned. They found fans in the crowd who was just shell-shocked. Hunter bent over and punched away at a bloodied Flair, asking, "What's the matter with you!?" He beat him up for more than a minute at ringside.

[Commercial Break]

-Hunter continued to beat on Flair backstage. "You better than anybody should know what I'm about," shouted Hunter. He said he wasn't going to "let it go." Hunter threw Flair around and then shouted to onlookers, "You gonna do something about it? Come on!" Ross and Lawler wondered what Flair did to deserve it. Hunter held up Flair's bloody face in his arms and said, "Remember, I am the Game, the king of kings." Hunter slapped Flair and said, "You're mine." He then slapped him twice more and threw him into a limo. "Limousine riding, jet flying piece of crap!" shouted Hunter. He then bashed the window in with the sledgehammer. The limo sped off.

[Commercial Break]

-Dusty Rhodes held court in center ring surrounded by all of the WWE Legends in the ring. He said it was an honor to be in the Raw ring. Others were Arn Anderson, Superstar Graham, Steve Keirn, Jimmy Hart, Pat Patterson, Howard Finkle, Ted DiBiase, Harley Race, Hacksaw Duggan, Nikolai Volkoff, Rick Steamboat, Kevin Von Erich, Jimmy Snuka, Tony Garea, Koko B. Ware, Mae Young, Fabulous Moolah, Steve "Dr. Death" Williams, and Dean Malenko. Rob Conway interrupted. He said, "Am I at WWE Homecoming or am I at a nursing home. This is pathetic. What's the smell? Do you smell that? Did one of you forget to change your Depends? I thought so." Conway said it looked like Race hadn't passed up any buffet tables. Dusty gave him a Bionic Elbow or two. Von Erich then applied the Von Erich Claw. Snuka then climbed to the top rope at the urging of the other legends. He looked a bit unsteady, but hit it dead on. Lawler asked, "How did Finkle get in there?" Nice segment. Years ago, Vince McMahon was criticized for not acknowledging history. How he's doing a great job doing so. Of course, in each case his decision was economically driven, but the end result is a nice acknowledgment of much of this industry's history.

-They plugged the bra and panties match next.

[Commercial Break -=- UFC was previewing th e main event, then showing other fighters choosing their pick for the winner.]


Trish and Ashley stripped the heels of their bras, right out from under their tops. Then they went for the pants. Lots of skin and near X rated episodes. "I love being back on USA," said Lawler. When Trish & Ashley won, Lawler said, "We're all winners." Ross said, "I found that experience quite enjoyable." Torrie threw a fit. The heels fled to the back, covering their privates.

WINNERS: Trish & Ashley at 3:42.


-Backstage Bischoff was warming up, throwing punches in the air. Angle said he just saw Ken Kennedy backstage and wondered if he was worried about Smackdown causing a commotion. Bischoff smiled and said since Mr. McMahon had left the building, he had the power to make his match a no-DQ match. He said he really would be honored if Angle would be at ringside for his match. Angle said, "You can count on me."

-Smackdown Rebound aired.

[Commercial Break]

-Michael Cole and Tazz introduced the next segment. Cole told viewers not to adjust their TV screens, but Smackdown was taking over Raw briefly. They made a big deal of Rey Mysterio's first appearance on Raw.


Teddy Long came out and joined Cole and Tazz at ringside. They collectively hyped Smackdown as "taking over Friday nights." When the bell rang to start the match, Bischoff walked out and immediately interrupted. He said although Mr. McMahon wanted a Smackdown representation on the show, he was now in charge. He said he didn't want to put his fans through some "second-rate, lackluster performance." He said as far as he's concerned, it's lights out. He snapped his fingers and the lights went dark in the ring. He laughed and said the wrestlers looked like fools staggering around in the dark. He threw to a commercial. Tazz called him a jerk. What a huge dis on Smackdown. Vince never buried WCW as badly as he just buried Smackdown. Granted, a heel G.M. shut down the match before it got started, and perhaps the show was running long so they had to cut it short, but that really made Smackdown seem inconsequential. Think of the fuss the wrestlers went through to travel to the arena and get ready for their match and that's what they did it all for.

[Commercial Break]

-Gene Okerlund stood mid-ring and introduced Hulk Hogan. He said regarding Shawn Michaels, "anytime, anywhere, anyplace, we can lock up and do it one more time." He said as for his "next opponent, his next victim." He talked about beating Andre, The Rock, and Vince McMahon. He said tonight he felt the rumblings of the Hulkamaniacs and he turned the corner and saw one man. The crowd broke into a faint "Austin, Austin" chant. Hogan asked what it would be like if he stepped into the ring with Austin. His music then played. Ross said he'd pay to see that and wondered what would happen. Hogan then went into his posing routine. That was quick, but not pointless. It teased a huge potential WrestleMania match.

[Commercial Break]

6 -- JOHN CENA vs. ERIC BISCHOFF (w/Kurt Angle)

Angle sat on a chair at ringside. Cena caught an early Bischoff kicked attempt and took him down easily. When Angle interfered, Bischoff sidekicked Cena from behind, then threw a series of roundhouse kicks. Cena came back with a bodyslam and a fistdrop. Angle interfered again. Bischoff hit Cena from behind with a low blow (not a good one, either; it looked more like molestation). Bischoff scored a two count. Angle swung a chair at Cena, but Cena ducked. The chair hit the top rope and bounced back into his head. Cena then gave Bischoff an FU for the win.

WINNER: Cena at 2:44.

STAR RATING: 1/4* -- It was what it was. Even in the final slot on the show, Cena seemed like an afterthought considering the rest of the show was so star-packed.

-Afterward, Angle attacked Cena. As they fought, Long stepped out and said since Bischoff decided to stick his nose in Smackdown's business, and he "embarrassed us and made us look like fools," so he was going to retaliated "gangster style." He called the Smackdown wrestlers to the ring. They all charged the ring and attacked Angle and Cena. The Raw mid-carders stormed the ring. The show ended with a big brawl.

We welcome your 1-10 score and comments on this show for a "Raw Reax" feature in the Torch Feedback section of To contribute your thoughts on Raw, click here.

In the TV Reports section tonight, Torch Contributor Mallory Mahling is covering UFC Fight Night which is airing on Spike TV tonight opposite of Raw starting at 9 p.m. ET. Spike TV has been airing pretaped fights for two hours leading up to Raw with a countdown clock saying "live fights" were coming up at 9 p.m. ET. Also, don't forget that your chance to see the replay of Saturday's night's critically acclaimed TNA Impact debut on Spike TV is tonight at 12:05 a.m. ET after Raw and the Best of Raw special that follows.

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