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CALDWELL'S IMPACT REPORT 11/16: Ongoing "virtual time" coverage of show

Nov 16, 2006 - 9:59:00 PM

By James Caldwell, PWTorch columnist

TNA Impact on Spike TV
November 16, 2006
Taped November 6 in Orlando, Florida
Report by James Caldwell, Torch columnist

- We start with a new video intro. "We are wrestling," the voice over man said. A cool upgrade over WCW's old "We Wrestle" slogan.

- They showed Eric Young, in a suit, leading "T-N-A" chants outside the building. He then led fans into the building and around the ring. Confetti fell from the ceiling as Tenay and West screamed about working hard for the earlier prime time slot. Tenay talked about the barbed wire cage match. West talked about Angle's in-ring debut against Abyss. Young then jumped on the announce table. He said he had a huge announcement. He screamed something about a sniper, but LAX's music ran over Young's voice. LAX walked out as Tenay and West talked about LAX's recent attacks on AMW and Gail Kim.

Konnan took the mic in the ring. He said the U.S. has turned its back on Latinos for far too long. Konnan said it's as if people in America are telling them "no one's home, please leave a message". Konnan threatened to burn a n American flag to the ground. He began to unfold the flag, but AMW walked out to the ring. They ran into the ring and met Homicide and Hernandez. They cornered Konnan, but LAX jumped AMW. Gail Kim then ran into the ring and snapped off a huracanrana on Homicide. She went for a huricanrana on Hernandez, but he caught her in the air and tried to set up the Border Toss. However, Harris pulled Gail down, then Storm dropped Hernandez with a superkick. This all happened way too fast with no chance to reinforce the angle or let it sink in.

- They aired a video package on Samoa Joe. The voice-over man talked about Joe's accomplishments in TNA. He then walked to the ring for a match.


Joe attacked Lethal as he posed on the ropes. Joe then landed an uppercut blow before catching Lethal with a running kick to the face. Joe stalked Lethal as he recovered on the mat. He then snapped off successive kicks to the front and back before landing a running knee drop. Lethal caught Joe in the corner with right hand blows. He then knocked Joe down with a kick and landed a floatover kick. The fans chanted for Angle. Lethal then went for a corner splash, but Joe caught him with the E. Honda front slam. Joe slapped Lethal in the corner, then placed him up top. He hit the Muscle Buster and applied the Kokina Clutch for the tap out. After the bell rang, Joe kept the hold locked on. Sonjay Dutt then ran to ringside and broke up the hold with...a shooting star press. Dutt tried to land more offense, but Joe caught him with a slam. Chris Sabin and Jerry Lynn watched from the entrance ramp. Joe then applied the Kokina Clutch on Dutt. Sabin walked to the ring, but decided not to help Dutt. Lynn screamed at him. Joe then released the hold. As Lynn rolled Dutt out of the ring, Joe took the mic. He said he wanted Angle's blood.

WINNER: Joe via submission in 3:00. The exact same Samoa Joe TNA squash match we've seen before. Too much happening after the match where the focus was split on Sabin and Joe.

- Oh wait, there's something happening outside. Christy Hemme confronted LAX about burning the American flag. Konnan said no one can stop them. He suggested she join them and they would make her famous. Christy didn't say no. Petey Williams walked up to them and he smacked hands with Konnan. Konnan then told Christy to grab a camera and follow them in a car to where they were going for the flag burning. Intriguing with Christy becoming involved. Still, way too much happening in one segment.

[Commercial Break]

- They aired a video recap of Angle's headbutt on Joe to help promote the Genesis PPV.

- An Eye Spy video segment aired. Shelley and Starr were taking a leak in the restroom. Starr, standing at one urinal, accused Shelley of costing him his match last week. Shelley, standing at the other urinal, told Starr that they should shake on working together. Nash then peered over one of the stalls with a look of horror on his face as Shelley and Starr went to "shake". Nash spoke up, and Shelley jumped in shock. Shelley wanted to know whether Nash was taking the Browns to the Super Bowl. Nash said he was having some trouble. No signs of Chris Masters. Shelley tried to peer over the stall door as Nash ducked down. Nash then put on a wig and a black robe and said he's a Harvard Law grad. He asked both men to state their cases. Starr said Shelley cost him his match last week. Nash overruled Shelley's objection. Nash then said he's going to get to the bottom of this by the end of the show. Starr smiled, then suddenly looked into the camera. This is the definition of greatness.


- Borash was backstage with Team 3D to discuss their tables match against The Naturals. Ray opened up with a dramatic take on their the match. Ray said last week was The Naturals's night to shine because they finally stepped up and did something in the wrestling business. He said they did the ultimate insult by putting him through a table. Ray said two kids are now two men who tried to take out Team 3D. Ray welcomed them to their world - their jungle. Ray said the last thing they will hear is "Devon, get the tables."


Tenay spoke vaguely about some sort of history between Ray and Douglas that goes back to before TNA. Team 3D knocked Chase & Andy to the outside early on. The action moved to the ringside area, of course, and they brawled through the stands. Back in the ring, Devon hit a top rope headbutt to the crotch on Andy. Team 3D called for the tables. Devon went for a table as West predicted revenge for Team 3D. Ray retrieved a table of his own. Team 3D set up the tables in the ring. Shane Douglas then walked into the ring and shoved Andy aside. Team 3D then gave Shane a 3D through a table. Security then came into the ring and pulled Shane out of the ring. The Naturals then hit the 3D on Brother Ray. Andy set up a table. The Naturals then drove Devon through a table to win the match. They suddenly cut to a pre-commercial promo.

WINNER: The Naturals in 4:00. The false finish with Shane taking the 3D fit the story, so it was fine as a way to give Team 3D an "out" after losing the match. The match was rushed.

[Commercial Break]

- They aired a video package "introducing" Abyss as a dark and tormented soul. The voice over man said his despicable nature is feared by all those who face him. He said Abyss's thirst for blood cannot be squash and his insatiable appetite for destruction has left a myriad of broken bodies. He said James Mitchell is the only man who can control him. The voice over man said Abyss is a viable threat to take Sting's NWA Title and take over TNA. Terrific video package establishing Abyss as a threat to Sting. Thumbs up.


- Eric Young was leading more fans through the ringside area. Tenay encouraged fans to pick up the phone and send text messages to their friends telling them TNA is on Spike TV. Before Young could make his big announcement, Matt Bentley, Kazarian, and Johnny Devine walked into the ring. They were dressed like goth punk rockers. Kazarian said their redeemer has opened their eyes to see that it's not about wrestling, but it's about how much they're willing to sacrifice. He said the new genesis has begun.

A 911 phone call blasted over the PA system. B.G. and Kip came out as Voodo Kin Mafia. I guess they unquit? Who knows. They easily cleared Kazarian, Bentley, and Devine from the ring. B.G. introduced the new tag team. He said they have creative control and they have permission to do anything they damn well please. West asked the obvious question of who gave them permission. No one has an answer for any of this. B.G. then said their first order of business it to declare war on Paul Lévesque and Michael Hickenbottom. Oh, look at us, we're using real names because we're so "insider" and cool. He then said they're declaring war on Vincent Kennedy McMahon. Kip said now that B.G. has brought up Triple Hollywood and Michael Kissmybottom, they can talk about how "that entity" is sinking faster than the Titanic. A few fans giggled. The fans chanted, "DX sucks." Tenay didn't even acknowledge the chant, just saying the fans agree. Kip said Hunter and HBK are the two biggest pieces of (bleep). B.G. then grabbed the mic and said Kip might have had his mic privileges revoked. B.G. said they're deadly serious about their declaration of war. He said they would come by sea or land because they're bringing war to their front door. Tenay said things are about to get real interesting.

- A video package on the barbed wire cage match aired.

[Commercial Break]

- They aired a video package on the Best of the X Division DVD, focusing on the feud between A.J. Styles, Christopher Daniels, and Samoa Joe.

- Eye Spy Part 2 aired from the restroom. Shelley pulled a Joey Gladstone and told Starr to cut it out about him costing him his match. Nash screamed that court is adjourned. He said he was going to recess. Nash stepped back into the stall and began coughing up a lung. Shelley stared at the "In Recess" sign hanging on the stall door.

- Borash offered a quick sound byte about the barbed wire cage match before introducing Rhino. He vowed to make Christian feel pain like he's never felt before. Rhino said he's not going to forget everything Christian has ever said about him or done to him so that he doesn't relent. He vowed to cut Christian in half with the Gore.


3 -- CHRISTIAN CAGE vs. RHINO -- Barbed wire steel cage match

Tenay talked about the weapons for both men. Rhino wore his straightjacket to the ring. He handed it to the referees outside of the door. West said each man has to ask for a weapon before using it. Tenay said you could win by going over the cage wall or climbing through the door. Christian tested the cage walls as Rhino stood his ground in the corner. Rhino landed the first blow, then both men exchanged right hand blows. Rhino back body dropped Christian. Rhino absorbed quick chops and landed chops of his own. Rhino went for a press slam, but Christian blocked and hit an inverted DDT. Christian asked for a chair, but Rhino cut him off. Rhino then speared Christian in the corner. The fans exchanged chants for Rhino and Christian. Christian tried to scale the cage wall to escape Rhino, but he cut his hand on the barbed wire. Rhino waited for Christian to jump down, then he took Christian's forehead across the cage wall. Rhino press slammed Christian into the cage. He then asked for the key. Rhino took the key and took his sweet time deciding what to do with the key. He then taunted Christian with the key. Christian tried to grab it, but Rhino tossed it over the cage and to the floor. West said no one can go through the door and the winner would have to climb through the barbed wire and go over the cage wall to win.

[Commercial Break]

Christian was trying to scale the wall as we rejoined the match. Rhino met him up top, but Christian knocked him down to the mat. Christian then hit a frogsplash. They aired a recap of the action from during the commercial when Christian asked for the bolt cutters and cut off a section of the barbed wire. Christian tried to escape through the section of barbed wire he cut off, but Rhino met him and raked his head across the barbed wire. They focused on Christian's torn open face with blood everywhere. Rhino then back dropped Christian to the mat as the fans chanted for TNA. He then asked for the straightjacket. Christian escaped the jacket and threw Rhino to the mat. Christian then tried to scale the corner with the open section. Rhino met him up top, but Christian caught him with a right hand. Christian hit a modified Unprettier from the top turnbuckle. He then tried to catch his breath on the mat while blood poured out of his face. Christian then strapped Rhino into the straightjacket. Christian tied the jacket arms across the top rope, so Rhino was stuck. Christian decided not to escape the cage. He called for a chair. Christian lifted up the chair right next to Rhino, which gave Rhino a clear opening to kick Christian between the legs. Rhino broke free, then dropped Christian with a spinebuster. The fans chanted "T-N-A". Rhino then picked up a chair and went for a conchairto, but Christian rolled out of the way. Christian grabbed one of the chairs and slammed it over Rhino's head.


Christian went for the Unprettier across two chairs, but Rhino slipped out. Rhino caught Christian and drove him gut-first across the edge of two unfolded chairs. Rhino set up for the Gore as Christian looked back in Rhino's direction. Christian stopped Rhino with the threat of a chair toss. Rhino caught it and then threw it back in Christian's face. Christian stood up on the apron and Rhino Gored Christian into the cage wall. However, Christian fell through the cage wall and landed on the floor to win the match. They aired a very quick recap of the finish. Tenay said Christian might have won the battle, but Rhino won the war. How did Rhino win the war? He lost the match and he hasn't won any of the matches in the war.

WINNER: Christian in 16:00. Heck of a stunt brawl that surpassed their Bound for Glory match. Good drama and a smart finish to keep Rhino chasing that elusive win.

[Commercial Break]

- They aired an introductory video package on the X Division. The voice over man named A.J. Styles, Christopher Daniels, Senshi, Chris Sabin, Jay Lethal, Sonjay Dutt, Petey Williams, Alex Shelley, and Austin Starr and gave a brief soundbyte on each man.

- Jim Cornette introduced a video interview with David Eckstein from the Louisville Slugger museum. Eckstein said Rhino is his favorite TNA wrestler, but he's also excited about Angle coming over. When asked to pick a winner between Joe and Angle, Eckstein said he's not stepping into that trap of getting on Joe's bad side. Eckstein said he would talk to Tony LaRussa about whether there's a spot on the roster for Sting. Cornette thanked him for his time and Eckstein said he would be coming to the Impact zone.


Pretty weak to throw an X Division Title match on the show without any hype, promos, or discussion by the announcers to explain the "bullet points" of Styles and Daniels as recent tag champions and Sabin as Styles's new enemy. Sabin shoved Styles into Daniels early on. Daniels then knocked down both men and posed for the hard camera. Styles and Daniels then took down Sabin with a combination hi-low. Daniels accidentally speared Styles, then Sabin caught Daniels with an enziguiri kick. Sabin made a cover for a nearfall. Styles tried to catch Sabin with the back flip inverted DDT, but Sabin ducked and Styles caught Daniels. He paused, then grabbed Sabin and simultaneously executed an inverted DDT on Daniels and a DDT on Sabin.


Sabin took Daniels to the corner for a superplex, but Styles grabbed Sabin from behind. They executed a Tower of Doom superplex and belly to back suplex spot. Christian Cage then limped to the ring. He was covered in bandages and dried blood. He took a mic into the ring and said he's still undefeated. Christian said he's still the real #1 Contender. Styles then caught Christian from behind with a dropkick that sent Christian into the guardrail. Styles chased Christian to the outside and pounded away on him. Sabin went for the Cradle Shock on Daniels, but Daniels slipped out and rolled up Sabin for the win to capture the X Title. Styles ran back into the ring and got in Daniels's face. They argued.

WINNER: Styles in 7:00. Fast-paced action a lot happening.

- Nash stood up in his stall and said, "All rise." Shelley and Starr said they're already standing. Nash told them to stand taller in that case. Nash said he has made his decision after consulting his logs. He said they don't have to worry about a hung jury. He did say they had to worry about a hung judge. Nash laughed, then suddenly stopped and stared them down. Nash cited a 1995 MSG match between Shawn Michaels and the Blu Brothers as reference for the case. Nash decided in favor of Starr. He told Shelley that he owes him 100 bucks for punitive damages. Shelley said Starr wasn't even suing. Nash stammered that Starr's going to sue everybody. Starr walked off happy with the verdict. Nash began to walk off when Shelley asked if he could appeal. The camera then focused on Nash's rear end, which was exposed with Nash only wearing a robe. Shelley channeled Lloyd Christmas and said, "Wow, he must work out."

[Commercial Break]

- Christy Hemme tried to prevent LAX and Petey from burning a flag at a remote location. Konnan told Christy to shut up and watch. He then said they're going to burn the American flag for everything Americans have done to their ancestors. Konnan poured gasoline on the flag, then told Petey he would have the honor of burning the flag. Petey said the flag represents negative things, but it also represents opportunity. "What?" LAX asked. Petey then said he came to America for an opportunity and that's what he got. He told LAX they could burn the flag over his dead body. Petey landed a right hand blow, then LAX jumped Petey. They stripped him down to his shirts and poured gasoline on him. Christy screamed off camera. Sirens then blasted from off camera. "Uh oh, po-po!" Konnan said. LAX bolted off screen, then Christy checked on Petey as headlights filled the camera shot.

- Tenay spoke in front of a video screen with no audience. They spliced in this video and some background noise. He said he respected LAX before, but after Konnan's actions trying to burn the flag, he doesn't respect LAX anymore. He complemented Petey on standing up to LAX. Oddly placed on the show.

- From Genesis Central, Don West plugged everything going on in TNA.

- Abyss walked out with James Mitchell for his match against Kurt Angle.

[Commercial Break]


- Kurt Angle's video entrance aired. Tenay talked about his fond memories of the "big surprise" when Angle was introduced at the September PPV. He called Angle the greatest wrestler of all time. Abyss stood on the floor and watched Angle's entrance.

5 -- ABYSS (w/James Mitchell) vs. KURT ANGLE

They focused on Mitchell looking for something under the ring as Abyss and Angle locked up. Abyss shoved Angle to the corner out of the lock up. Angle then shoved him back and Abyss backed up. The fans chanted for Angle. Abyss went for a lock up, but Angle countered into a headlock. Abyss escaped, then shoved him down to one knee. Angle took Abyss down to the mat and applied a single leg lock. Tenay said Sabin vs. Daniels and Styles Christian have been added to the PPV card. Styles vs. Christian I could have really meant something as a semi-main event if given proper build up. The fans kept up a rhymthic chant of "Angle, clap clap, Angle, clap clap, Angle, clap clap". Angle caught Abyss in the corner with a back elbow smash into a double leg take down. Abyss tried to break a mat hold by pulling back Angle's mouth, but Angle shoved him off. Abyss then broke free and hit the Shock Treatment torture rack slam. Mitchell then wheeled tacks to the ring in a wheelbarrow. He poured tacks all over the floor as they cut to a break.

[Commercial Break]

Abyss tossed Angle through the ropes to the outside out of the break. He tried to slam Angle into the tacks, but Angle slipped out and threw Abyss into the steel steps.


Angle landed an uppercut, but Abyss caught him and threw him into the guardrail. Abyss then rolled Angle into the ring and executed a textbook vertical suplex. He made a cover for a nearfall. Abyss applied a reverse chinlock that looked nice and snug, but Angle countered into an Angle slam. Both men recovered to their feet. Angle hit three German suplexes. The fans roared. Angle then dropped the straps and stalked Abyss from behind. He went for the Angle Slam again, but Abyss caught him with the Black Hole Slam for a very close nearfall. Abyss set up for a chokeslam, but Angle rolled through to the mat and applied the Anklelock. The fans screamed as Abyss held his head. He inched toward the ropes as Angle tried to keep the hold locked on. Abyss grazed the bottom rope with his hand, but Angle pulled him back to center ring. Angle grapevined the leg and Abyss tapped out. The fans in the front section jumped up and down.

WINNER: Angle in 16:00. Angle looked good in the ring and they really made Abyss look like a star going toe-to-toe with Angle for over 15 minutes. Abyss has been pigeonholed as a stunt bump brawler during his TNA career despite him being a decent wrestler. Really good main event wrestling match with the crowd hot for everything.

- After the match, Angle celebrated. Samoa Joe then walked up behind him. Angle turned around and ducked a clothesline. He then caught Joe with a belly-to-belly suplex. Angle went for an Angle Slam, but Joe slipped out and hit a kick to the head. The fans went quiet. Joe then stalked Angle for a rear naked clutch, but Angle countered into the Anklelock. Joe escaped by flipping Angle through the ropes to the outside. He kicked Angle while he was down. He then smashed Angle in the face with a chair shot. The fans booed Joe. Joe picked up Angle and rolled him into the ring. Abyss recovered to his feet and stood off with Joe. They made eye contact and Joe pointed down to Angle. They simultaneously pounded away on Angle before Abyss threw Angle into the ringpost. Joe and Abyss traded kicks on Angle. The fans chanted, "We want Sting." Suddenly, the lights flashed. Sting repelled from the ceiling to the announce table. He splashed Abyss into the thumbtacks on the floor. Sting grabbed his baseball bat and smashed it across Abyss's stomach back in the ring. Sting then ran over Abyss with a bat clothesline, taking Abyss over the top rope to the floor. Sting brawled with Abyss up the entrance ramp to the backstage area. Back in the ring, Joe applied an Anklelock on Angle, who was still out cold. The fans booed Joe. Referees forced Joe to break up the hold. Backstage, Abyss strung up "Sting" from a chain as James Mitchell encouraged Abyss. They only showed "Sting's" back, and the jacket covered his face. In the ring, Joe locked in a rear naked clutch as blood trickled out from Angle's forehead. The fans booed. Tenay signed off and encouraged the viewers to join TNA for the Genesis PPV.

- They closed with a four-minute video recapping all things TNA from the past four years.

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