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2/12 WWE Raw TV report: Detailed report on tonight's broadcast on The Score in Canada

Feb 12, 2007 - 11:50:00 PM

WWE Raw report
February 12, 2006
Portland, Oregon
Report by Adam LeBow, Torch correspondent

WWE Monday Night Raw Results – February 12th, 2007 on a one-hour tape delay on the home for the hardcore, The Score Television Network, with a 10:00 p.m. EST start time.

Prior to the show starting, during Race Night Tonight, they were advertising that WWE Raw would be on The Score with its third "breaking news" ticker that they have on the bottom of the screen. has reported that the main event will be John Cena & The Undertaker & Shawn Michaels & Batista teaming against Rated RKO, Montel Vontavious Porter & Mr. Kennedy, as well as Donald Trump and Vince McMahon meeting in the ring.

"The Following Program may contain mature themes and scenes of sexuality and violence, viewer discretion is advised." 10:00 rolls around and we kick off, as always, with the WWE opening montage, followed by "To Be Loved" by Papa Roach. Off go the fireworks and WWE Raw is from Portland, Oregon tonight. Jim Ross and The King at ringside. The two go over the eight-man tag main event for tonight. “Superstars from Raw and Smackdown in this acclaimed main event,” says Jim Ross. Also Rowdy Roddy Piper is on Raw tonight.

“Talking about special appearances,” goes the King, as No Chance in Hell kicks in. J.R. says we have been anticipating this night when Donald Trump and Vince McMahon are in this very ring. Vince says he appreciated the hospitality from the crowd and says his guest at this time is the star of "The Apprentice" on NBC, and is one of the most powerful, richest men in all of the world and until recently, a very good friend of Vince’s, Donald Trump. "Money Money Money" loop from the The Apprentice hits and Donald Trump comes out with two escorts (Ho Train style). The Raw banner on the bottom says Donald Trump is chairman of Trump Organizations. Vince says he didn’t think he would be escorted by two divas and Vince asks them to leave the ring. Vince says Donald has been a fan of WWE for many years and makes mention that Donald has hosted WrestleMania 4 and 5 at Trump Plaza. Says Donald has never stood in a WWE ring or beside Vince before, and says he is probably intimidated. Vince realizes Donald doesn’t have a mic and gets one for him. Donald says he isn’t intimidated. Vince says he doesn’t appreciate that Donald stole the "You’re Fired" catchphrase. Donald says the Rosie character was lame. “She is pretty ugly’, says Donald. Vince says on McMahon appreciation night, he was giving the fans a picture of himself, but Donald had to outdo him and give the fans value by dumping money on the audience. Vince says that was embarrassing and Donald says Vince is going to be embarrassed because they are going to do it again tonight. Vince says this audience doesn’t deserve the cash. He says he thought Donald would do it again, so Vince says he had security confiscate the money from Trump's hands. The crowd starts flipping and yelling "You Suck", as they wanted the money. Donald gestures for them to continue. Vince wants to know why Donald is in the ring and what his business idea is. Crowd breaks into the "asshole" chant. Vince apologizes to Donald for calling him that, but Donald says the crowd is 100 percent right for calling Vince names.

Donald says he is at Raw because he is taller than Vince, better looking, and he thinks he is stronger than Vince. Donald says he is here to challenge Vince to a match at WrestleMania 23. “You gotta’ be kidding me,” says Jim Ross. Vince laughs and Donald says he is going to kick Vince’s ass. Vince says he suffered a split pelvis in Hell in the Cell back in Toronto and Vince says his physician says he should never compete again in the squared circle. Vince says he appreciated the proposal and has a counter proposal. Vince says he will find a handpicked competitor to represent Vince at WrestleMania and Donald should do the same, with the two of them in each other’s corner. Vince extends his hand and Donald says he doesn’t like the idea. Donald says he doesn’t like it because Vince is a rich guy but he is a richer guy, so Donald says the two will pick representatives. Vince says they should raise the stakes and make it for cash. “How much,” says the King. Vince says he can buy and sell the audience tonight, and then admits Donald has more money. A fan yells, "He’s Scared," and Donald says, “You are right, he is.” Donald says he doesn’t care about the cash, and if Vince loses, he will shave Vince’s head and if Donald losses, Donald’s head is shaved. Vince has that look on his face. Donald says he doesn’t wear a hairpiece, someday maybe, but not now. So Donald says, a hair match, loser gets their head shaved. Vince asks if the crowd wants to see that at WrestleMania. (Big pop). Vince says the answer is no. Vince says he won’t be embarrassed by Trump; he has something up his sleeve.

Vince begins to leave the ring and the crowd yells, "You suck." Donald paces around the ring, then Donald says he has known Vince for a long time and he always thought Vince had guts, but says Vince doesn’t have guts. (Vince gives a face). He says three weeks ago, Vince had Donald Trump vs. Rosie O’Donnell and Trump says he was angry because the wrestler who portrayed Rosie O’Donnell was better looking that how Rosie looks in real life. Vince doesn’t have guts, so Donald says forget the match at WrestleMania. “He called Mr. McMahon gutless,” says the King. Vince says he thinks Donald has something up his sleeve, “but the match is on,” exclaims Mr. McMahon. “See you in Detroit, Vince” says Donald. Jim Ross says two of the richest men in the world just made a deal for WrestleMania. Says The King, “This deal could only happen at WrestleMania 23 - the battle of the billionaires and their hair on April 1st”. We cut to a Marine DVD promo.

(Commercial Break) A national promo occurs during the break for Monday Night Raw coming to Toronto with tickets on sale February 24th for the May show. It is a historic look at Raw throughout the years, including many of the old logos of the show and present-day superstars in the piece.

WrestleMania 23 promo airs to Saliva's "Ladies and Gentlemen". Nothing new in this promo; same one that has been on TV for the last few weeks. 48 days until WrestleMania. Jim Ross and The King breakdown the past segment, saying that McMahon will be in one corner and Donald in the other, in the loser having their hair shaved off. Nitro’s music hit and out comes Nitro and Melina for a mixed tag team match. Bottom of the screen says MNM. Jim Ross talks about how last week, both Super Crazy and Mickie James both had wins over these two. “These two aren’t married are they?” asks the King. “No they aren’t,” replies Jim Ross. “I have had many wives, three of them were my own,” says The King. Mickie James and Super Crazy come out to Super Crazy’s theme song. Jim Ross goes over the rules - men vs. men and women vs. women. Mickie and Melina start brawling and Super Crazy and Nitro both separate their tag partners.

1 -- Johnny Nitro & Melina vs. Super Crazy & Women's champion Mickie James in a mixed tag team match.

Nitro and Crazy start it off after the women are separated. Nitro gives Crazy a shoulder block and goes off the ropes, with Crazy giving Nitro a sunset flip. Crazy takes Nitro to the corner and goes with the 10 punches (not in Spanish). Crazy gets distracted as Melina comes around the ring and attacks James on the apron. Nitro gets the advantage, hits snake eyes on Crazy, and gets a two count. A spinning neck breaker and a leg drop gets Nitro another two. Nitro shoves Super Crazy into Mickie James and gets a two count. Jim Ross messes that up and says it was Melina, but The King corrects him. Nitro puts Super Crazy in a side headlock, but Crazy powers off, until meeting a European uppercut by Nitro. Melina screams her head off. Nitro throws Crazy off the ropes, but Crazy jumps to the top and does a spinning moonsault. Melina tags in and Crazy grabs Melina so Mickey can come in and start beating on Melina. Lou Thesz press by James on Melina. James goes for a DDT, but Nitro comes in. Crazy goes in the ring and drop kicks him out. Melina gets out of the ring, the two grab each other’s hair, and Melina goes out the ring. With both Melina and Nitro on the outside, James and Crazy hit a double baseball slide to the back of Nitro and Melina’s heads. James throws in Melina and goes for a Death Valley Driver, but Melina grabs James's hair, Nitro throws Crazy into the ring post, and Melina winds up knocking out James by grabbing her hair and slamming her hard and holding the tights for a three count.

WINNERS: Johnny Nitro and Melina

We see a replay of what just happened, and then Jim Ross sends us off to a highlight package of the Shawn Michaels-Edge-Randy Orton match from last week. It was done to some generic music that has Shawn in all the glory. The package ends showing Cena & HBK vs. Batista & Undertaker, with Jim Ross saying there will be No Way Out on the Road to WrestleMania 23. Jim Ross then once again goes over the eight-man tag for tonight.

(Commercial Break) Commercial for Smackdown on Friday, saying Undertaker and Batista will have to co-exist on Smackdown until No Way Out, but questions if it is going to be lights out for the champion. Another commercial is an ECW Promo for the Extreme Rules DVD. It shows a bunch of clips from the old ECW as well as the Edge/Foley vs. Funk/Dreamer match from One Night Stand.

A special edition of WWE magazine is coming out, with a forecast on where the current day superstars are going to be in 2007. It’s the spring preview edition available tomorrow. Eugene is in the ring. “Here is a guy who can afford to have his head shaved,” says The King. Eugene is playing the face, and has a Ric Flair doll with him. The Great Khali music hits and out comes the man weighing over 420 pounds. Jim Ross says with Vince thinking about WrestleMania, this match must have been made by Jonathan Coachman. Eugene tries to offer the Ric Flair doll as a peace offering.

2 -- The Great Khali vs. Eugene

Khali dominates, throwing Eugene off him and then nailing him with a big clothesline. An open-handed slap to the skull by Khali knocks down Eugene, as Khali poses. Khali picks up Eugene by the hair with two hands, then gives him a double-hand chokeslam. He places one foot on Eugene and that is the match.

WINNER: The Great Khali

“I don’t think anything can make Kali smile, not even a big bottle of Bar-B-Q sauce”, says Jim Ross. They show some quick highlights from the match as Khali goes up the ramp. “Khali is the winner,” says Jim Ross. “Talking about winners, Rowdy Piper is here tonight!” says The King. Jim Ross then says that Shawn Michaels will be doing an interview in the next segment (as the picture comes up on the screen).

(Commercial Break) They show a promo for No Way Out, saying that Vince made a match that will never be seen again. Two commercials later, it’s time for a WWE Slam Jam and tickets go on sale March 3 for Saturday, May 26 Raw house show in Ottawa. Tuesday May 29 is the Smackdown/ECW tapings with tickets going on sale February 26. On March 14 at 3 p.m., Mr. Kennedy will be at WWE Niagara Falls.

HBK is on his cell phone and is talking about ordering a meal, as Maria tries to interview him. HBK cuts into a promo for the new DX DVD. Turns out he is on his cell phone with Triple H, and Hunter says HBK’s promo for the DVD was good. Shawn says Maria wants to know about his thoughts about Mania. First time, being cocky didn’t get it done, the second time, he got ego in check and a boyhood dream was realized, and the third time was his back injury and a sucker punch by Tyson. “It wasn’t a good night” he said. The fourth time was his return and who knows about his fifth time. Shawn goes into a promo about him and Cena at Mania, the tag match at No Way Out, and says everyone in the main event is going to learn that the main event, the showstopper, the Icon, Mr. WrestleMania has arrived”.

They cut to Todd Grisham, who was with Ric Flair. They show the Flair promo from last week on Carlito. Grisham asks why Flair was upset with Carlito, but Carlito interrupts and says Flair owes him an apology. What Flair said last week wasn’t cool. Carlito says he thought about what Flair said all week and that Carlito thinks Flair is wrong. Flair says Carlito is like half the locker room and they have no guts and no heart. Flair goes into another good promo. Carlito says he will show Flair he has heart and passion, and the way to show it to Flair is to challenge Flair to a match tonight. Flair says Carlito has had his head between his legs for two years, and he just stood up. He accepts Carlito’s challenge. "Whoo" from Flair, and Carlito takes a bite of his apple as we cut out. Probably the most intense promo Carlito has done on WWE TV to date.

(Commercial Break) WWE 24/7 promo for Beauties and the Beast, the loveliest divas and the most oversized wrestlers.

Jeff Hardy music’s kicks in as Jim Ross welcomes us back. Fireworks go off, as the Intercontinental champion comes down the ramp. “What an ovation,” says Jim Ross. We go to Jim Ross doing his Skittles promo. Chris Masters's music hit. “They don’t love this guy,” says The King. The Masters intro was short. Jim Ross says this match is non-title and that if Masters wins, he becomes the #1 Contender. Masters attacks Hardy before the bell.

3 -- Jeff Hardy vs. Chris Masters -- Non-title match for the #1 Contender's slot.

Masters throws Hardy into the ropes, Hardy holds on, Masters goes running after him, and he goes over the top. Hardy jumps over the top and lands on Masters. Hardy then throws Masters back in. Hardy sends Masters into the corner and goes for ten punches, but Masters hits an awesome powerbomb on Hardy for a two count. We get a replay of it. Masters starts to work on Hardy’s lower back, including a big back drop for a two count. Masters puts his knee into the back of Hardy’s spine (rest hold) and the crowd gets behind Hardy. Hardy hits some elbows to get out of the chinlock, followed by a jaw breaker. Hardy gets some elbows and punches in, followed by a heel kick to Masters. Hardy gets reversed by Masters into the corner and goes up to the top rope, but Masters crotches him. Masters puts Hardy into the Masterlock. Hardy climbs the ropes to try to get out, but Masters holds onto the Masterlock. Hardy begins to fade, but Jeff tries to power out. Jeff gets his body over the top rope, and the ref breaks the hold because Hardy is on the apron and Masters in the ring. Masters goes to powerslam Hardy back in, but Hardy goes over the top, and rolls through to get a quick three. Afterward, Masters is upset that the ref made him break the hold.

WINNER: Jeff Hardy.

Jim Ross promotes the eight-man tag match as the King promotes Piper up next! We then cut to a new version of the "Don’t Try This At Home" video.

(Commercial Break) The same promo that previously aired for the ECW Extreme Rules DVD airs again. The ECW Extreme Rules DVD, as well as the One Night Stand DVD and the WWE Armageddon DVD, appear to all be available at Wal-Mart.

The King is in the middle of the ring. “My guest at this time has overcome a lot in his life, he is a true survivor. He has been shot at, stabbed, and he has been married to the same woman for 24 years. And now thanks to a doctor here in Portland, he has overcome cancer! My next guest has kicked cancer's ass. You never knew if he was coming from the left or the right, please welcome the WWE Hall of Famer, Portland’s own, Rowdy Roddy Piper!” Crowd goes nuts, and Piper comes on stage, looking as if he has put on some weight (but that can only be expected). He has some longer hair than the last time we saw him in the U.K. Jim Ross puts over how great a moment this is. Piper has a black kilt on as The King gives Piper the mic and leaves the ring. A "Roddy" chant hits, as the fans stand up and cheer. Piper has a huge smile on his face and appears almost as if he is about to cry. He then starts getting psyched up and yells at the crowd. “Its nice to he home!” starts Piper. Piper says unless you have had cancer, you don’t know how important those nice wishes, gifts, and cards all mean to Piper. He says WWE fans are a class act. Piper says Portland is a place of class. Also, speaking of class, Piper wants to recognize every wrestler in the back. “No matter what you think of him, they all contacted me one way or another, and those are the classiest men. Even WWE sent me a chocolate bar! And now for my honor to be here, we are talking about class, we are talking about WrestleMania, we are talking about the first person to be inducted in the Hall of Fame for 2007”. We cut to a Dusty Rhodes promo with the old WWF American Dream song starting it off. A great montage, as you come to expect from WWE, comes on the screen. It appears as if Dusty Rhodes will be inducted. A lot of non-WWF footage, with Dusty talking about his career in the background. They show footage of Rhodes winning the NWA Title. Flair says that Dusty was one of the best wrestlers ever in the business. Triple H says that he was the blue collar man and that is what made people connect with him so much. Hunter says he oozed charisma. We then see some polka-dot Dusty footage, and we end with Arn Anderson saying congrats to Dusty. We cut back, and Piper introduced Dusty to the crowd. “American… Dream!” hits from the late 80’s-90’s during his WWF run. Dusty comes down the ramp as The King and Jim Ross go over how great Dusty has been. Piper and Rhodes hug in the middle of the ring. Crowd gives an ovation to Dusty as he takes the mic. A "Dusty" chant breaks out. Dusty says he is humbled to be in this building, to be in Mr. Piper's town, and to be in the presence of Rowdy Piper. Rhodes says Piper is a celebration of life and starts cutting a promo, rhyming about how good Rowdy Piper is. “Vintage Dream,” says The King. Rhodes starts to go over his history, like he will at the Hall of Fame, and then Umaga’s music hit. Umaga comes out with Armando Estrada. Umaga is in the ring and stares down Piper and Rhodes. Piper and Rhodes look as if they are about to back down and leave, but the crowd is chanting for Piper. Piper gets out of the ring and Dusty starts nailing Umaga, going with his classic punches, but Umaga stops him and starts nailing Rhodes in the throat. He then hits the running butt move. Piper grabs a chair and nails Umaga in the back, but Umaga no-sells. Piper goes to punch Umaga, but Umaga hits Piper in the throat. He follows with the Samoan Spike to Rowdy Piper's throat, and then the same to Dusty Rhodes. Crowd is really upset at Umaga as he celebrates with Armando Estrada. “I can’t believe they just desecrated this moment,” says The King. “Umaga just spat in the face of every WWE fan in the world,” says Jim Ross as we cut to a No Way Out promo.

(Commercial Break) A Rowdy Roddy Piper DVD promo.

We see a replay of what just happened, with Umaga interfering in the Rhodes/Piper promo. We see Umaga once again give the Samoan Spike to Piper. Carlito’s music hits and he is mad as he comes down to the ring with Torrie Wilson. Carlito isn’t doing any of his normal pre-match stuff and he has his game face on, according to Jim Ross. We again see the promo from earlier tonight between the two. Flair comes out, and Jim Ross puts over how Ric Flair, the former 16-time champion, is all about passion.

4 -- Carlito (w/Torrie Wilson) vs. Ric Flair.

The bell rings and the two tie up, with Carlito taking Flair into the corner and letting him out. Tie up again and Flair gauges the eyes. Carlito gets mad, grabs Flair and gives some shoulder blocks in the corner, but he plays to the crowd. Flair grabs him and gives some chops. Carlito comes out of the corner, and nails Flair with a back body drop for a two count. Carlito, who is all fired up, gives a standing vertical suplex for a two. He goes for another pin, hooks both legs, and gets another two count. Carlito begins to hit Flair. King says that like any sport, if you have all the talent and no passion, you won't win. Carlito takes Flair in the corner and starts stomping away on Flair. Carlito gets a one count, then the two get up and exchange chops. Carlito then begins to hit some kicks, but Flair turns it into some chops, grabbing Carlito’s hair in the process. Carlito sends Flair to the ropes, but as Carlito goes for a drop kick, Flair stops himself. Flair throws Carlito in the ropes and hits a running reverse elbow. Carlito hits a drop kick to the back of Flair’s back, but as Carlito tries the backcracker, Flair holds onto the top turnbuckle to block the move. Flair then rolls him up for the three count.

WINNER: Ric Flair

Carlito is mad that he lost. Flair goes to leave the ring, but Carlito pulls Flair into the ring. Flair puts up his arms ready to wrestle, but Carlito extends his hand. Flair thinks for a second, then shakes his hand, appears as if he about to turn heel, but then let’s go and leaves the ring. Flair looks on from inside the ring as Torrie Wilson consoles Carlito on his way back up the ramp. The King says Carlito must have just learned a lesson.

(Commercial Break) We get a Smackdown promo for the tapings on May 29 in London. It then ends off saying "See the action of ECW - live". Very weird promo.

Nitro and Mercury are in the back in front of the darkened Raw interview, but Melina can’t figure out where her interviewer is, or where the media is, as she wants to talk about her match for the Women’s title next week on Raw. We then cut to Todd Grisham who is in a dressing room with Ashley, as they promote the cover of Playboy (which will debut on Smackdown on Friday). We cut to a highlight package of Ashley having her photos taken. Grisham says he doesn’t know what to say, and Ashley tells him to wait until he sees the magazine. Grisham asks for one word to explain her Playboy experience and Ron Simmons walks in. Ashley and Ron hug and then he looks into the camera and says, "Damn" after looking over Ashley. We then cut to MVP and Mr. Kennedy putting over Smackdown as Rated RKO walk in. Orton says he and Edge have been looking everywhere for them, and Rated RKO wants to welcome MVP and Mr. Kennedy to the "A" Show. MVP says the "A" show is whatever show MVP is on. Kennedy gets in Orton’s face, but Edge tries to calm down the troops. Edge says his match is against the "haves" and the "have-nots". He says everyone on his team should be in the main event at WrestleMania, but they aren’t. Edge says Kennedy could hit Undertaker with his mic, maybe MVP can knock out Batista’s rib cage, and then maybe Cena and HBK just won't make it to WrestleMania. Edge says all he knows is that anything can happen between now and WrestleMania. The main event is next.

(Commercial Break) A commercial for the WrestleMania Revenge Tour with ECW and Smackdown. Bobby Lashley, Batista, King Booker and Chris Benoit are all listed for the May 26 show in Barrie.

A Marine DVD promo airs. We go outside Portland and Jim Ross says the eight-man tag is next, but first they want to recap the McMahon–Trump angle. We see highlights from earlier tonight, where Vince first shoots down the match but then accepts it. Jim Ross says at WrestleMania, a billionaire will be bald. Someone is going to have to join the hair club for men, according to the King. "Power trip" by Saliva is the theme song for No Way Out, and Jim Ross and the King put over the main event. Batista’s music hits and he comes out to a moderate ovation. Fireworks go off as Batista does his pose on the top of the ramp. The DX theme song hits. Shawn and Batista keep to separate sides of the ring as HBK poses in the ring. The two stare each other down, as The King says Shawn wants to be the champion again. Undertaker's theme song hits and the crowd gets pretty loud, as Jim Ross and The King go over the Smackdown main event for WrestleMania. Cena comes out with both belts, and they say that tonight (Thursday night) Cena will be on The Late Late Show on CBS at 12:35. Mr. Kennedy’s music comes on and he comes out fast, as does MVP. So far this has taken about eight minutes of time. MVP and Mr. Kennedy wait at the bottom of the ramp. Rated RKO theme song hits and Orton and Edge come out together, appearing as if they don’t have any problems. Jim Ross even makes mention of this. As Rated RKO enters the ring, we cut to commercial, but not before we get a No Way Out promo first.

(Commercial Break)

5 -- WWE champion John Cena & The Undertaker & Shawn Michaels & World Hvt. champion Dave Batista vs. Edge & Randy Orton & Montel Vontavious Porter & Mr. Kennedy.

It appears as if Cena and Orton will start. Orton with some punches to Cena and into the corner they go. Orton tries to throw Cena, but Cena reverses, hits a fishermen’s suplex, and gets a two count. Cena goes to tag out, but Orton hits a thumb to the eye, drags Cena to his corner, and Kennedy comes in. Kennedy goes off the ropes, but Cena hits a big shoulder block and tags out to the Undertaker. Undertaker knocks Orton off the apron and Undertaker tries to go old school on Kennedy, but Kennedy holds onto the top rope. Eventually, old school is applied. Undertaker then hits a downward spiral for a two count. MVP comes in and Undertaker moves out of the way. Undertaker tags in HBK while Kennedy tags out to MVP. The two go at it, with MVP hitting HBK in the mouth with a reverse elbow. In comes Edge, who starts punching away at Shawn as he gets pumped up. Edge throws Shawn into the corner, goes for the spear, but puts on the brakes. Shawn then hits the enziguri on Edge. Batista tags in, brawls with Edge, and then hot shots Edge into the corner. In comes Orton, but Batista knocks him down also. As we head to commercial, Batista gives the thumbs down signal.

(Commercial Break)

We come back to the action just as Batista was kicked in the face by Edge with a boot, but Batista tags out to Cena. Cena goes on the offensive against Edge. He tells Orton, Kennedy, and MVP to get in the ring as Cena hits the five knuckle shuffle. Cena goes for the FU on Edge, but Orton grabs Edge and saves him from the FU. It is considered a tag as Orton comes in and attacks Cena, going for the quick pin but only getting a two. Cena tries to tag out, but Orton holds onto him and tags in MVP. MVP hits a snap mare on Cena and gets a two count. MVP has a side headlock (rest hold), but Cena powers out of the move, throwing MVP over his head. MVP tags into Kennedy, Cena can’t make the tag, and Kennedy lands some fast knees to the spine. Ross says the two guys from Smackdown are showing a lot of intensity. Kennedy gets a two count on Cena as Cena tries to tag out, but he can’t reach anyone. Orton tags himself into the match and hits a standing drop kick on Cena. Orton takes Cena into the corner and begins to punch away. As Orton goes into the corner, Cena hits a few elbows, but as he comes running out, Orton hits a major clothesline. A "we want Taker" chant starts as Edge gets the tag. He applies a body scissors/head lock on Cena. HBK and Undertaker try to fire up the crowd as the over-run starts. Cena powers out, Edge throws Cena into the ropes, and both Cena and Edge hit clotheslines. Both are down as the ten count starts. “I think something really bad is going to happen at No Way Out in the tag match,” says the King. Orton and Undertaker both tag in, but Undertaker clears house on MVP, Kennedy, Edge, and Orton before knocking Edge out of the ring. He begins to clothesline Orton and MVP in both corners, then snake eyes Kennedy. Orton and MVP both get caught by Undertaker. He wants to go for a double choke slam, but they kick him in the gut. He comes back with a double clothesline.

HBK tags himself into the match (Undertaker doesn’t like this) and HBK hits a big elbow. He starts to tune up the band when all hell breaks lose. Undertaker is on MVP, Batista on Kennedy, Cena on Edge, and Shawn wants to nail Orton. Orton gets up and ducks the superkick. Undertaker, who is behind Orton, grabs Shawn’s foot. He then grabs Shawn by the throat but MVP comes in and Undertaker grabs him to chokeslam him. Orton shoves HBK into the Undertaker, knocking Undertaker out of the ring. All Undertaker sees is HBK and he doesn’t like it. As Undertaker starts to get back into the ring, Randy Orton measures him, but HBK surprises him with Sweet Chin Music for a quick three count.

WINNERS: HBK & Cena & Taker & Batista.

Undertaker comes up behind Shawn as HBK begins to celebrate, grabs him by the throat, and chokeslams him. John Cena comes to HBK's aid, but then Batista jumps into the ring and attacks Cena. Undertaker kicks Cena in the face, then Batista picks up John Cena and hits a Batistabomb on Cena. Batista’s theme song hits as Undertaker and Batista stand tall, with HBK and Cena both laid out. (MVP, Edge, Orton, and Edge all on the outside). The Smackdown guys have laid out all of the Raw guys, exclaims The King. The Undertaker and Batista pace in the ring as King tells us there is No Way Out come Sunday.

If you saw this week's edition of Raw ahead of the U.S. airing, we welcome your 1-10 score and comments on this show for a "WWE Raw Reax" feature in the Torch Feedback section of To contribute your thoughts on Raw, click here.

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Also, new exclusive top-shelf content every day including a new VIP-exclusive weekly 16 page digital magazine-style (PC and iPad compatible) PDF newsletter packed with exclusive articles and news.

The following features come with a VIP membership which tens of thousands of fans worldwide have enjoyed for many years...

-New Digital PWTorch Newsletter every week
-3 New Digital PDF Back Issues from 5, 10, 20 years ago
-Over 60 new VIP Audio Shows each week
-Ad-free access to all free articles
-VIP Forum access with daily interaction with PWTorch staff and well-informed fellow wrestling fans
-Tons of archived audio and text articles
-Decades of Torch Talk insider interviews in transcript and audio formats with big name stars.


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