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CALDWELL'S WWE RAW REPORT 10/19: Ongoing "virtual time" coverage of John Cena vs. Triple H, Snoop Dogg hosting

Oct 19, 2009 - 10:10:40 PM

WWE Raw Live Report
October 19, 2009
Live from Jacksonville, Fla.
Aired on USA Network
Report by James Caldwell, Torch assistant editor

WWE Raw opened with Raw announcer Justin Roberts introducing Raw guest host Snoop Dogg after a long list of accolades including the new album coming out later this fall. A pink Cadillac then pulled up with Snoop Dogg, Eve, and the Bella Twins. All four entered the ring for Snoop to intro the show. Dogg started by telling us to make some noise. He said he's a huge fan of WWE and the Raw brand. He said Raw is going to "embarrass the hell out of Smackdown." Dogg also heard it might be John Cena's final match on Raw tonight. But, he's got Randy Orton in a match tonight against the man who pinned him last week, Ted DiBiase. Dogg then booked Chris Jericho vs. Shawn Michaels. On snap. "Go Snoop," Lawler said. Dogg asked if we're ready. Make some noise for DX...

Cue up the DX theme music. Well, that was a good intro from Snoop. Right to the point and booked three PPV-quality matches. DX, including Shawn Michaels in the flesh, then hit the ring and the divas bailed with Dogg. Lawler said he almost feels bad for Smackdown on Sunday. Triple H gave it up for Snoop, then Hunter cut a promo saying white guys usually try to talk badly in Snoop Dogg language when he's in the house. Michaels paused and said that was off the hizzle for shizzle. Hunter asked Shawn why everyone should carry an umbrella. "For the drizzle," Michaels said. Total nerds. "Now that we've proven to the world how white we are..." Hunter said.

Hunter got down to business for Bragging Rights. He said they put together a team of epic proportions. He flashed a graphic of Team Smackdown on the screen that drew boos. They highlighted Chris Jericho, who they've both beaten soundly at separate WrestleManias. The other co-captain, Kane. Michaels asked Kane about his fling with an ex-girlfriend. Hunter said she was kind of stiff. Where are the Conn. Democrats with the videos? Hunter said Cryme Tyme can be found in the parking lot selling the unused Smackdown tickets. He talked about Dolph Ziggler introducing himself. Hunter then knocked Drew McIntyre and Eric Escobar as nobodies. Michaels said you can't knock the younger stars. Michaels introduced Drew and said he's a future champion somebody. Michaels put him over pretty strong fitting the backstage push from DX for Drew.

Michaels then said Eric Escobar is a huge, international...Michaels paused and said he actually doesn't know who he is. Hunter interjected he parked his car last week. Michaels, "Oh wait, I know who he is." He said he's probably the toughest guy you're ever going to know. Michaels whispered in Hunter's ear and Hunter did a spittake. "He's the one banging Vickie Guerrero?" Hunter said if you're going to sleep your way to the top, at least do it with someone who weighs less than you do. "And you would know," Michaels said. Hunter trying to own the story here.

Hunter and Michaels then introduced Team Raw, led by Big Show. He was followed by Kofi Kingston, Jack Swagger, Cody Rhodes, and Mark Henry. Cody did not look happy being in the same ring with DX. Michaels called it an impressive mass of humanity. They ran down the line-up with Kofi getting a nice reaction. Michaels put him over. Jack Swagger was booed. Michaels called Swagger the "All-American American American...American...nah, American." That was the best comedy ever. Swagger even broke character and laughed. Shawn started to walk away from Cody, but Cody yanked him back to introduce himself. Cody said he's not going to listen to anything DX has to say on Sunday. They're captains in name only. If this was based on talent alone, he would be Team Captain and everyone in the arena would know it. Awesome. Cody said he might just not tag any of them in to the match. He said he might just beat Smackdown all by himself.


Show then got in Cody's face to calm him down. Crowd popped. Show said he doesn't care if Cody insults DX, but he will respect him. Show said if Cody lets this team down, he will take Cody out himself. He then gave the same message to everyone else. Mark Henry stepped up to take exception. "Is that a threat?" he asked. Show responded, "What if it is?" He said they're going to have a problem if it is. Swagger interrupted and said he miles ahead of both of them in athleticism. He said they need to stand in the back and look intimidating while he does all the work. Kofi then took the mic to settle things down. He said Smackdown wants this. Whoa, Kofi with a normal voice. No Jamaican accent. Hunter said he has a problem. Aren't you supposed to be Jamaican, what happened to the accent? Ha, just wrote that. Kofi didn't answer. Shawn took the mic and said he's got a five-on-five tag match coming up. A little test before Bragging Rights to find the weakest link. Hunter said the interesting thing is that if any of them loses, he will be replaced by the person who beats him. Hunter got in Show's face and said, "That goes for everybody." Hunter said the match takes place later tonight. Naw, what the heck? Let's do it now!

Cue up MVP's theme music. Out came MVP, Primo, Evan Bourne, Chris Masters, and Chavo Guerrero to face the non-DX five-man team. The New Five were wearing PPV shirts to convey they're jobbers. Match up next... PYB talk time: 15:45. That might have been the best opening talking segment in a long time. More players had mic time, there was good tension, some great comedy from Shawn Michaels, and Triple H was limited to only a few stupid jokes to put himself over. Good times.

[Commercial Break]


The match was joined in action with Kofi and Bourne battling. They cut to a shot of DX watching on a backstage monitor. Kofi pumped everyone up, then Big Show and Mark Henry both blind-tagged into the match. Henry and Show argued, so Cody entered the ring as the legal man to settle the issue. Rhodes then finished off Primo, who tagged in. Swagger blind-tagged in for Cody, though, and Swagger made the cover on Cody for the pin and the win for Team Raw.

Post-match, Cody was upset with Swagger so Swagger dumped him to the floor. Henry and Show then played sandwich with Kofi's head. Swagger was headbutted by Henry, then Show speared Henry to the mat. Show paraded around in the ring while DX were shown just shrugging their shoulders backstage. Show's music played on the way out and he stomped out of the ring.

WINNERS: Team Raw at 3:10. Okay match with Kofi Kingston establishing more leadership here. Swagger was good at the end playing to his character. Post-match was a bit of a mess, but established the point. (*)

Announcers: Cole and Lawler talked on-camera about last week's match where DiBiase pinned his mentor, Randy Orton, to the shock of Orton after Orton's plan to take out John Cena was foiled.

Backstage: Josh Mathews brought in Ted DiBiase to ask him if the relationship with Orton has been affected by what happened last week. DiBiase said he did what Orton would have done by taking advantage of an opportunity to win a match. DiBiase said Orton hasn't returned any of his calls. Orton then slithered into the camera shot and stared down DiBiase, who went silent. Orton did his Jake Roberts voice asking him what about him betraying him he should understand. Orton said if he were DiBiase...pause...if he were DiBiase... He said DiBiase needs to listen carefully. Orton told Ted he will not fight back, will not lift a finger, and will not take advantage of another opportunity. Orton told Ted he could be kicked out of Legacy if he disobeys him. "Your choice, Ted," Orton said with a sinister look on his face. Ted breathed heavily and surveyed his options as they cut to break. Planting seeds for the babyface turn.


[Commercial Break]

Of note: Not very much emphasis on this possibly being John Cena's final night on Raw. Of course, they've only had one real segment in the first half-hour, so I'm sure we'll see more about this to come on the show.

WM video package: They showed highlights of WrestleMania 25 from Reliant Stadium and WM24 from Orlando to hype the WM26 tickets going on-sale in 19 days.

In-ring: Ted DiBiase, Jr. was staring straight ahead in the ring out of the break. He had a look of 1,001 thoughts in his head contemplating what to do. WWE champion Randy Orton then came out as the announcers talked about Orton having so many other things to worry about with Cena on Sunday in a 60-minute Iron Man match.

2 -- WWE champion RANDY ORTON vs. TED DIBIASE, JR. -- non-title match

Bell sounded and Orton walked right up to DiBiase. Orton then kicked DiBiase in the gut to boos. DiBiase didn't fight back and Orton landed an uppercut. Ted then had a look of disgust mixed with determination. Crowd with a mild chant for DiBiase. Orton then kicked DiBiase in the gut again. DiBiase shook like he was about to snap on Orton. Orton with another boot. DiBiase was shaking. "You want to hit me?! Do you want to hit me?!" Orton screamed at him. DiBiase slowly made it to his feet and stared back at Orton. Crowd came to life as DiBiase stared him down itching to get him. Orton piefaced DiBiase twice, then DiBiase got right in his face again. A third pieface. Crowd wanted it. Orton then shoved DiBiase in the chest and DiBiase fired off the ropes to shove Orton down. Big pop. DiBiase shook and was about to explode on Orton, but he held himself back. DiBiase's leg was a shaking and a twitching. He calmed down, looked around the arena, then looked into Orton's evil eyes. DiBiase lowered his eyes in shame, then Orton walked over to DiBiase and looked him in the eyes. Orton then delivered the RKO in cold blood before making the cover for the win. DiBiase was out cold on the mat, then Orton slowly raised his title belt in the air while standing over DiBiase.

WINNER: Orton at 4:22. Awesome, storyline-driven match. It took a while for the crowd to really buy into the storyline development, but DiBiase generated an authentic babyface pop for that one shove on Orton. DiBiase was borderline over-the-top with his "I'm going to rip your head off, but I'm so conflicted right now" expressions, but I thought he really handled that well. Good performances all-around and they reinforced Orton as the evil, sinister, snake-like heel. Excellent work. (**)

Announcers: Cole and Lawler were shown on-camera to talk about the loss of Captain Lou Albano. Cole said he put the "entertainment" in WWE. Lawler said he was one of the most-successful wrestling managers in WWE history.

Video package: They showed a lengthy video package on Captain Lou. Managerial hi-jinks, rubber bands, etc. They showed some in-ring wrestling clips before focusing on his managerial successes. Lots of old-school clips. Too many to capture here. Super Mario Bros. Rock 'n Wrestling with Cyndi Lauper. Voice-over said Albano was at the forefront of bringing WWE into pop culture. They showed a recent interview with Albano talking about how he wants to be remembered. Very classy, well-done video package. They cut to the arena where fans applauded the video package. There was a brief "Captain Lou" chant as they cut to break.

[Commercial Break]


Ringside: They showed Jacksonville Jaguars players ringside enjoying their time on Raw. I didn't see Greg Parks in the mix there. (Greg's a big Jags fan.)

Sneak Peek: They showed a not-PG portion of Snoop Dogg's new music video promoting his upcoming album. ... Backstage: Snoop was on the couch with the divas. He promoted his album, then Hornswoggle interrupted. Chavo Guerrero interrupted and Horny ran off. Chavo told Snoop he wants to be part of Team Raw. He said he's a Guerrero. Wrestling royalty. Snoop has nothing but love for him. Suddenly, Jillian interrupted and demanded a Divas Title re-match. Jillian then began singing "Money on my mind." Suddenly, Santino Marella walked in dressed like Charlie Brown. Snoop told all three to get on out of his office. He then told Eve to get his bag. Suddenly, they cut to a Technical Difficulty message. The graphic had Michael Cole with his old nasty pirate goatee with his arm around Hornswoggle. That was funny. Back live, they suggested Snoop was lighting up an illegal substance. Ya know, because it's still 1999 when the joke was relevant. They panned down to show candles in all sorts of fragrances. Snoop said he loves the fresh-cut grass smell. I didn't see anyone "medicating" there, so WWE glorified illegal use of marijuana on a PG show. Oh, but it's all tongue-in-cheek, family-friendly, scripted entertainment. Yeah, no one would buy that line of bull.

Announcers: Cole had his arm around Lawler. That was unbelievably uncomfortable. Lawler brushed him off, then the announcers plugged HBK vs. Chris Jericho later tonight.

Backstage: They showed John Cena surveying a traveling trunk. He was in deep thought. Oh, trunk, how you have loved me so long. Your long handles. Your deep steel blue locks. I shall miss thee. Cena had his stern look of deep thought when he turned around. Announcers said it could be his last Raw. ... Batista DVD promo: They showed plug for the Batista DVD.

[Commercial Break]

In-ring: John Cena's music hit four minutes before the top of the hour. He stormed the ring to a hot crowd reaction and surveyed the crowd with a deep look of thought. Cena played to the crowd with a triumphal pose as the announcers briefly talked about his history on Raw. Cena's music stopped and Cena put on his serious face while looking to the entranceramp. They paused for the crowd to get in their reactions. Cena smiled, then handed over his dog tags to the ref. Cue up Triple H's theme music. He stepped on stage with lights and smoke rising up to his face. "He thinks he's Undertaker," my wife chimed in. Hunter finished his ring entrance right at the top of the hour. "This could be a WrestleMania main event," Michael Cole said. Um, it already has. They stood off in their respective corners, then waited for the bell.

[Q5 -- second hour]


Brief feeling-out process to start, then Cena teased the FU and Hunter bailed to his corner to avoid it. Cena then landed successive hip tosses and he grounded Hunter into the mat to surprise The Game. Cole talked up their history and both men being part of this five-year stretch since Cena was drafted over to Raw from Smackdown. Cena landed big right hands in the corner, but Hunter exploded out of the corner moments later with a big clothesline. Hunter made a cover for a near-two count. Hunter then whipped Cena hard into the corner ringpost. Hunter teased the Pedigree, but Cena blocked and whipped Hunter over the corner ringpost to the floor. Hunter sold a back injury on the floor as Cena recovered in the ring going to break.

[Commercial Break - They plugged ECW tomorrow night with William Regal vs. Zack Ryder.]

NFL just hit halftime (I'm tracking my fantasy football team) as they returned from break, so WWE will have some new viewers to catch the end of the match. They returned from break with Hunter in control working over Cena's back in the ring. Cole plugged what else is coming up on the show while Hunter methodically worked over Cena to keep viewers hooked for the rest of the show. Cena fought back, then Hunter blasted him with a right hand. Crowd hot for the dueling exchange. Cena fired more bombs, then hit a shoulder tackle. Hunter ducked the second flying shoulder tackle, though, and Cena ate the mat. Hunter slowly made his way to his feet, then Cena teased the FU, but Hunter slipped out and chopblocked Cena. Hunter tried to follow up, but Cena avoided like a cat and tried the STF. Hunter reached the ropes, though. I like Cena looking smart in the match thus far.

They went to the corner at 10:00 and Hunter was audibly heard saying, "reverse." On cue, Cena reversed a whip to the ropes, then made a comeback, only to be thwarted when Hunter shoved away a bulldog. Hunter teased the Pedigree, but Cena countered into an STF. Hunter teased tapping out, but he scratched and clawed toward the ropes, only to have Cena reapply the hold in center ring. This time, Hunter found an opening to grab the ropes. They reset the match and Hunter delivered the Pedigree out of nowhere. He couldn't make the immediate cover after selling the STF effects, though, and Cena put his foot on the bottom rope to break the pin attempt. They cut to break with the crowd really hot for the proceedings.

[Commercial Break]


Back from break, Cena was on the floor. He apparently just broke a ten count from the ref by returning to the ring. During the break, Cena ate the ring steps. Back in the ring live, Cena teased the FU again, but Hunter slipped out and applied the Sharpshooter. Hunter didn't look very good applying it. Not as easy as Bret Hart made it look all those years. They cut to a shot of Randy Orton watching with this awesome heel look and body language backstage. Orton is so great. Back in the ring, Cena broke the Scorpion Sharpshooter and went to the corner to recover. Cena suddenly was back with a flurry to set up his traditional comeback. Cena sold pain, but shook it off, and set up possibly his final Five Knuckle Shuffle on Raw. Cena delivered it on Hunter, then he teased wanting the FU again. Hunter slipped out again and landed haymakers. He followed with a Harley Race high knee, then the facebuster across the knee, and a clothesline. Hunter then followed with a Double A spinebuster. Hunter measured Cena for the Pedigree and delivered it. Hunter made the cover, but Cena kicked of the Pedigree. Crowd red hot now.

Hunter was shocked, then he walked into the FU from Cena, who made a cover, but Hunter kicked out of the FU. Crowd was shocked. They took a breath as did both men in the ring. Cena then went up top for his guillotine leg drop, but Hunter moved. Hunter wanted the Pedigree again, but Hunter countered. Hunter blocked a second FU, then delivered another Pedigree. Hunter immediately made the cover and scored the pin for the win.

WINNER: Hunter at 20:17. Awesome TV singles match. Just awesome. Hunter looked refreshed and healthy. Cena looked swift and agile. They almost gave away too much to where viewers might not think they need to order the PPV. It's the same question from the HBK vs. Cena near-one-hour match right before Backlash 2007 after WrestleMania 23. We'll see if there's still enough there for people to be convinced to spend $40 for a different match-up - Orton vs. Cena - after they saw one of the competitors in an epic TV singles match. Orton has been presented so well tonight that perhaps there will be enough to generate a good number of PPV buys. As for the finish, Hunter scoring the pin sets him up for a title shot against Cena if Cena is booked to win the title on Sunday. Next week: "Hey, Cena, I beat you last week, now I want my title shot." And we can all look forward to more repeats if that's the case. (****1/4)

Post-match: Hunter took deep breaths and recovered while keeping his eyes on Cena the whole time. Lawler said the match went 20 minutes, but wouldn't even be the half-way point of Cena vs. Orton on Sunday. Hunter then walked over to Cena and helped him to his feet. Hunter shook Cena's hand and Cena shook back. Cole said next Monday might not be all about John Cena anymore. They showed Cena thinking about Sunday. He then limped across the ring and surveyed his situation with the storyline of possibly his final Raw. They cut to a shot of Randy Orton watching intently on a monitor. Orton leaned in close to the monitor as if he was trying to smell Cena. Cena then did his salute back in the ring. The crowd applauded as Cena slowly left the ring with the focus on him. No music, no announcers. Crowd chanted "Cena, Cena" as he walked to the stage. He saluted the crowd one more time. Announcers then plugged HBK vs. Chris Jericho later tonight.

[Commercial Break]


Dirt Sheet recap: They showed a clip from Miz and Morrison on the Dirt Sheet on Friday. Miz said he will prove he is the Shawn Michaels, while Morrison is the Marty Jannetty. Morrison said there are two Jannetys - Marty Jannetty and Mizzy Jannetty.

In-ring: U.S. champion The Miz came to the ring. Cole was resigned saying they have to root for The Miz on Sunday since he's representing the Raw brand. Already in the ring was T.J. Perkins (Puma). Good to see T.J. on national TV. Suddenly, Snoop was on the screen to interrupt. He said they have Marty Jannetty ready and available to replace his opponent. Cue up the old Rockers theme and Miz was like, "no way." Marty had a really bad limp on the way to the ring. Cole briefly recapped how HBK turned on Marty to become a huge star while Jannety became a..."solid performer."

4 -- U.S. champion THE MIZ vs. MARTY JANNETTY

Marty went after Miz with right hands that threw Miz off his game. Miz then blasted Marty with a big clothesline after the announcers just trashed Marty for basically being a loser. Crowd was behind Marty with a chant, then Marty landed elbow smashes and a back body drop. Jannetty tried a move off the ropes, but Miz slingshot him across the top rope. Miz then hit the Skullcrushing Finale for the pin and the win.

WINNER: Miz at 2:43. Jannetty didn't look good on a bad wheel and he was a step off his game. He picked up a payday to enhance Miz vs. Morrison on Sunday, but this didn't benefit Miz by being booked to look even against Marty. (1/2*)

Announcers: Cole and Lawler plugged Smackdown vs. Raw 2010 coming out tomorrow. They showed some of the create-a-wrestlers, including Joshinator. They showed Snoop Dogg created on the video game. Lilian Garcia is still on the game.

Backstage: They showed Chavo Guerrero giving Jillian Hall some pointers backstage.

[Commercial Break]

In-ring: Jillian Hall was in the ring with Chavo Guerrero for a Divas Title re-match. They plugged a six-divas tag match at the PPV with Smackdown represented by Michelle McCool, Beth Phoenix, and Natalya vs. Melina, Kelly Kelly, and Gail Kim. Melina then came out to defend the Divas Title.

5 -- Divas champion MELINA vs. JILLIAN HALL (w/Chavo Guerrero)

Jillian scored an early nearfall, then Chavo tried to get involved. Suddenly, Hornswoggle showed up under the ring looking like mini-Paul Heyman with an ECW-style baseball cap. He helped Melina score the pinfall to retain the title. Afterward, Horny was in trouble. Snoop Dogg then stormed the ring to help out Hornswoggle. Chavo shoved Horny down, then Chavo wanted a piece of Snoop. Snoop clotheslined Chavo, who fell over Hornswoggle. Chavo was irate now. Snoop did a little Muhammad Ali dance around the ring before squaring off against Chavo, who charged him. Snoop ducked a clothesline, then smashed Chavo with a big spear. He actually looked fluid. Snoop's music hit, then he celebrated with Hornswoggle. Snoop called out the divas to come to the ring for a celebration. They celebrated for a while. WWE inexplicably cut to a shot of Michael Cole dancing. Just too much on one show. Cole and Lawler plugged White Collar on USA Network this Friday. It's on right after Smackdown ends, so they weren't entirely trying to promote head-to-head competition against their own Smackdown show. Another shot of Snoop dancing to close the segment.

WINNER: Melina at 0:58 to retain the Divas Title. Match was just there to set up the "feel good" dancing with Snoop, Hornswoggle, and the Divas. This should get WWE their weekly dose of mainstream publicity, especially Snoop throwing a spear and clothesline on Chavo. (n/a)


[Commercial Break]

Announcers: Cole and Lawler plugged Cena vs. Orton's "Final Confrontation" at Bragging Rights on Sunday. ... Video package aired on the recent history between Cena and Orton - The Rivalry. They went back to 2007 to show John Cena, Sr. involved in the initial storyline between Cena and Orton. The Punt on Cena, Sr. Orton with hair. Cena avenging Orton's attack. Orton with an RKO through a table to write-off Cena. Cena's surprise return at the 2008 Royal Rumble. Orton whipping the crap out of Cena at Breaking Point. Orton regaining the WWE Title at Hell in a Cell. Really felt like they were selling an epic, conclusive end to the feud on Sunday. Great video.

In-ring: Cole and Lawler stood center-ring to plug the Bragging Rights PPV line-up. Final Confrontation for the WWE Title between Cena and Orton. If Cena loses, he's off Raw. Taker vs. Punk vs. Batista vs. Rey for the World Title. But, who will be champ after Taker vs. Punk on Smackdown? They plugged Team Raw vs. Team Smackdown in the 14-man tag match. No clear word on whether it's Survivor Series-style or first pin wins.

Backstage: They showed Smackdown's co-captain Chris Jericho walking down the hallway before facing Raw co-captain Shawn Michaels.

Smackdown plug: They previewed Taker vs. Punk for the World Title with all of the elements from Breaking Point. McMahon shaking hands with Punk. That's an image.

[Commercial Break]

Announcers: Kyle Busch and Joey Logano are hosting next week's Raw. Busch has done a lot of work with Cena for Gillette, so that's where that bond comes in.

[Q9 -- over-run]

In-ring: Chris Jericho came to the ring for the main event. Jerry Lawler said he's going over to Smackdown for Smackdown to team up with old JR to represent Raw. Cole referenced "his blog." They chuckled. Shawn Michaels then came in. Not much time for this. Cole said Michaels bleeds red after being with Raw from the very beginning. Before the bell sounded, Jericho slipped to the outside and grabbed a mic. He said he could KO Michaels right now. But, he doesn't have to do. Smackdown already has an insurmountable advantage with him as captain. Flashbacks to the greatness of the Jericho-HBK program last year. Jericho said their goal is to embarrass, humiliate, and defeat Team Raw.

Suddenly, Cryme Tyme's music hit. They hit the ring. Kane's music hit. He was nowhere to be found. Kane then walked through the stands with Dolph, Eric Escobar, and Drew McIntyre. They slipped into the ring to stand next to Jericho and Cryme Tyme. Kane did his big red pyro as Cole referenced Escobar defeating Matt Hardy in his debut match. Jericho started to mock Team Raw, then DX's music hit. Triple H came out first, followed by the rest of Team Raw.

Team Raw stood on the floor, then DX hit the ring, followed by the other five. Team Smackdown stood their ground in the ring with uniform t-shirts. The battle lines were drawn with DX standing in the middle. Hunter then took the mic and stared down Jericho. He congratulated him on doing the impossible by settling the egos and differences. There's one thing they can all agree on: the fact that they don't like Jericho or his team or his show. Hunter said they may have all walked onto their show, they're all about to get thrown off it.

Suddenly, Vickie Guerrero's "excuse me" interrupted. She was on stage sporting a Smackdown t-shirt with her new short haircut. Vickie said she can see where this is going. As an official consultant for Team Smackdown, she will not allow it. "Shawn, Hunter, you want a fight? You're going to get one, but it's going to have to wait until this Sunday." She told Smackdown to exit the arena now. "You suck," the crowd chanted. Hunter told Jericho to leave, just like Vickie said. "Go on, you heard your...boss. Go away." He told Jericho he wouldn't want to get in any trouble. Oh wait, you're already in trouble because they don't work for Vickie Guerrero. Hunter threw a right hand to Jericho and the brawl was on. A good old fashioned brawl melee schmoz like a good Draft episode. Action was everywhere with bodies fighting everywhere. Didn't quite have the super huge crowd heat you want for a brawl like that to close the show. They left the air with men fighting.

Closing Thought: Okay final segment to promote the PPV. The bait and switch with no Jericho vs. HBK might have an adverse effect of turning away some viewers from the PPV, though. A brawl like that would normally be a good conclusion, but there was a definite lack of crowd heat on the brawl. I'm not surprised since the crowd had already seen way too much of Triple H by this point in the show.

6 -- SHAWN MICHAELS vs. CHRIS JERICHO -- never happened

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