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CALDWELL'S WWE RAW REPORT 10/26: Complete coverage of Kyle Busch and Joey Logano hosting Bragging Rights PPV fall-out

Oct 26, 2009 - 10:10:55 PM

WWE Raw Live Report
October 26, 2009
Live from Buffalo, N.Y.
Aired on USA Network
Report by James Caldwell, Torch assistant editor

WWE Raw opened with a video package from the PPV last night focusing on the Team Raw vs. Team Smackdown match. They showed some highlights in slow-motion before Big Show turned on Kofi Kingston and Team Raw to give Smackdown the win. They did the dramatic video presentation similar to a Randy Orton attack on John Cena. A bit over-dramatic for that match. The closing image was Chris Jericho hoisting the Bragging Rights trophy.

Arena: Michael Cole and Jerry Lawler welcomed us to the show. Lawler said he had a sleepless night after Raw lost last night. Out came Chris Jericho and Big Show to start the show. Jericho had a blue Smackdown t-shirt on while Show was sporting his blue singlet. Jericho proudly showed off the BR trophy while the announcers plugged Kyle Busch and Joey Logano hosting the show tonight.

Big Show opened his promo by saying he did what he did last night, but he's still a proud member of the Raw locker room. Fans booed. Jericho said Show doesn't need to explain to the fans why he did what he did by putting the tag titles ahead of Raw. Show had something he needed to share. Jericho cut him off and said Show put an end to DX. He stood up for what was right by punching Triple H right in his face to end the tyranny of DX. Jericho gave him kudos. Big Show started to talk, but Jericho cut him off and said Smackdown would have won anyways without Show's help because he's the genius who put everything together.

Show cut Jericho off and said what he did at Bragging Rights was for him. He said there's one thing more important than the tag titles: his career. Show said he struck a deal with Teddy Long that he is now the #1 contender to The Undertaker's World Title. "What about me? You need to clear this with me!" They argued about breakfast, then WWE cut to the parking lot where two NASCAR cars were shown doing burn-outs and circles before driving into the arena. Kyle Busch and Joey Logano then emerged with Danica wait, that's the Bella Twins in racing gear to escort the drivers to the ring.

Once Busch and Logano hit the ring, Busch said that's how you make an entrance. Busch addressed Big Show. He said he doesn't think the fans appreciate what Show did last night, but he understands it. Busch said things happen for a reason. He then extended his hand for a shake. Logano then pulled his hand back and said what Big Show did was weak and not impressive. Busch apologized on Logano's behalf and they pretended to be upset with each other to play up their feud. Both drivers really, really nervous here. Busch with the cheap heat saying they're in the city that hasn't been to the Playoffs since Hulkamania. More local heat.

Logano then cut to the chase and booked Big Show in a match against the man he sucker-punched last night, Triple H. Jericho told Show good luck with that. He then asked the drivers if they've ever won something so prestigious. Jericho told them they should go to the Raw guest host office and discuss the trophy. Busch cut him off, though, and said he can book matches too. He booked Jericho in a match against "Kofi John-ston. eh...Kofi Kingston." Out came Kofi to face Jericho to start the show. PYB (3) talk time: 8:55. That was pretty rough, but the drivers were obviously very nervous. Taker vs. Big Show in a title match?

[Commercial Break]



Kofi was the aggressor early on and scored an early nearfall. Lawler said Kofi was down on himself for taking the loss at Bragging Rights last night, but Lawler assured him it was a double-cross. Lawler added it's a chance for Kofi to gain retribution in a Smackdown vs. Raw match-up against Jericho. At 4:30, Jericho nailed a dropkick knocking Kofi off the apron to the floor. Cut to break with Jericho in control.

[Commercial Break]

Back from break, Kofi scored a close nearfall, then another nearfall as he worked over Kingston. Kofi then blocked a running bulldog and shoved Jericho into the corner. He followed with trademark high-flying moves before landing the Boom Boom leg drop. Jericho snapped to his feet, though, and teased the Walls of Jericho, only to have Kofi flip him away. Jericho then hit an enziguiri kick to quiet Kofi momentarily. Match moved up top and Kofi shoved Jericho down before landing a cross-body block. Kofi then tried the Trouble in Paradise kick, but Jericho grabbed Kofi's leg for an attempted Walls of Jericho that Kofi countered into a small package for a two count. Kofi then walked into the Codebreaker, but Jericho couldn't make the cover. He then made the cover, but Kofi got his foot on the bottom rope. Jericho sold that he thought he won, but ref told him match was still on. Jericho then walked into the Trouble in Paradise from Kofi, who made the cover for the win.

WINNER: Kofi Kingston at 13:37. That's a veteran who is confident in his position, secure in his spot, and willing to give a younger wrestler a meaningful win in a two-segment TV match. I'd like to see another match between these two, as they didn't seem to mesh until the very end. (**1/2)


Post-match: Randy Orton snuck up behind Kofi Kingston as he celebrated on the stage and chucked Kofi off the stage to the floor below next to the NASCAR cars. Don't tell me he's going to run him over. Crowd with a loud "Cena, Cena" chant as Orton stared down at Kofi, who was checked on by medical staff. Orton was obviously upset Kofi interfered in the Iron Man match. Orton stared down at Kofi with that look as Kofi slowly made it to a seated position before they cut to promos. Kofi getting some serious attention from two of WWE's top heels tonight.

Tonight: Triple H vs. Big Show. ... Smackdown plug: They showed Batista ripping Rey Mysterio's head off at the PPV last night. Video made Batista into a scary monster villain like an episode of CSI. Smackdown on Friday: the fall-out between Batista and Rey.

[Commercial Break]

Announcers: Lawler excitedly plugged WWE's website with a Halloween theme.

Backstage: Josh Mathews caught up to Randy Orton for an explanation. Orton said Kofi Kingston interfered in his match last night. He's putting the blame on Kofi for losing last night. And he's only just begun. Cody and Ted then interrupted Orton's interview time. They want to show their support. Cody was more enthusiastic. Ted reluctantly went along with this. Legacy then walked Orton over to a brand-new NASCAR car with his face and likeness all over the hood and car. Orton paused and said this is incredible. Ted said it's no price for the son of the million dollar man. Ted said they've had their issues recently, but Orton should consider this a token of their appreciation. Ted said they have another surprise for Orton. He said it's only a matter of time before the WWE Title comes back to Legacy. Key word: Legacy. Orton was too enthralled with checking himself out on the car to notice what Ted said. Lawler said it was a little creepy. Orton continued to snake around the hood of the car before they cut away.

Backstage: Logano and Busch were talking to Eve. Jack Swagger then walked in to introduce himself. They're so similar. Young, successful champions. Proven winners. Logano wanted to know what Swagger wants. Swagger said he wants John Cena tonight for the WWE Title. Busch said Cena was in the ring for an hour last night, so I don't know about that. Logano said they'll be booking Cena's next championship opponent tonight. Swagger repeated what they said to cover for their quietness. He tried to flirt with Swagger, but Miz barged in and said he's the only one from Raw who won last night, which means he's the only one who deserves a title match. Miz said he fully expects to take on and beat John Cena at Survivor Series because he's The Miz and he's...crowd filled in "Awful." Miz then took Eve by the hand and kissed her on the hand... Awesome. Eve sold vomit. They suddenly cut off the segment...

Backstage: Divas champion Melina was walking down the backstage hallway with Santino trying to fend off the paparazzi. I have no idea why Santino is with Melina, but he was unbelievably awesome selling pain in his eyes from the excessively bright lights from the paparazzi cameras.

[Commercial Break]


ECW video: They aired a profile video on Sheamus that included Sheamus's recent promos and some action shots. And the big reveal is... Sheamus debuts on Raw tonight. Well, that was quick work from Triple H. The announcers then talked about how much they're looking forward to seeing the "big free agent" acquisition. So, who made the acquisition? This weekly guest hosting concept doesn't lend itself to explaining these details. WWE just hopes your brain is turned off.

In-ring: Melina came to the ring with Santino Marella for a match. Chavo Guerrero then brought Jillian Hall to the ring. Mixed tag action here. They showed Melina laughing or crying in the ring as Jillian approached. Couldn't tell.


The men started the action with Chavo playing around with Santino, who slapped Chavo and landed a back body drop. Santino tried his "walk the plank and salute the water" dive, but Chavo moved and Santino ate the mat. Jillian then tagged in and Santino stared her down. Jillian slapped Santino and Melina entered the ring for divas action. The crowd started screaming suddenly and Hornswoggle showed up in DX gear. In the confusion, Melina botched her finisher and Jillian ended up too close to the ropes on a pin attempt. Melina then hit her sweeping leg drop for the pin and the win.

Post-match: Afterward, Hornswoggle, Santino, and Melina celebrated in the ring. A man in a suit then walked into the ring and handed Horny a green envelope. Horny, confused, ran over to Lawler and sat in his lap to get an explanation. Lawler said it was a "cease and desist" order from DX. They want him to stop wearing the DX gear. Hornswoggle remained confused, but walked away.

WINNERS: Santino & Melina at 2:37. Match was just there and forgettable. Typical WWE trying to own a story in the news, this time related to the Wine School of Philadelphia. Vince McMahon must not be happy with the school playing WWE's "underdog" card so effectively. (1/2*)

Backstage: They showed John Cena walking down the hallway with the WWE Title belt over his shoulder. He's in the ring next.

[Commercial Break]

In-ring: Justin Roberts started to introduce new WWE champion John Cena, but Legacy's music interrupted. Cody Rhodes and Ted DiBiase, Jr. then came to the ring looking pretty confident with themselves. Cody said the not here. Ted said Legacy plans to bring back the WWE Title to Legacy since Randy Orton can't fight for the title anymore. Ted said they didn't ask the guest hosts for permission because they want to make a title challenge to John Cena right here, right now. Ted told Cena to face one of them or both them in a handicap match if he has the guts.

[Q5 -- over-run]

Right at the top of the hour, Cena's music hit to a typical huge reaction. Cena came out on stage looking pretty self-satisfied after beating Orton in the Iron Man match last night. Cena then came into the ring shaking his head. He told the "boys" he doesn't need to brag about what happened last night. Cena quietly said last night was exactly what it needed to be: the best in WWE competing in one final showdown. He said when the clock struck 0:00, they were both exhausted. Cena said he was blown up...naw, literally, he was almost blown up by an explosion. Nice line. Cena said in a weird way, he and Orton put themselves through all that for this...he held up the WWE Title belt. Cena said they did it for the fans and most importantly because the Cena-Orton rivalry needed to end and it did.

Cena said everyone is tuning in to find out who the next challenger is going to be, but he's standing in the ring with...Randy Orton's Legacy. Cena pushed his hat back and feigned boredom. Cody said they're not Orton. Cena said everyone at home is thinking they're on re-runs with Cena and Orton running around in circles for like 12 years. Cena said he beat Orton last night and earned the right to say no more! He said Ted and Cody can make all the empty challenges and threats they want, but if they want a shot at the title, then lace your boots up real tight and fall in like everyone else to work for it. Cena said he sees two men who haven't earned it. Feels like Cena addressing the young talent in the locker room. Cena asked the crowd, "Has the Baby Oil Boys Club earned anything?" No! the crowd responded.

Cena said he's actually a NASCAR fan and he's been hanging out with Busch and Logano. He told Legacy he booked them in a match tonight. Say hello to your big, strong opponents. Cue up MVP's theme music. MVP and Mark Henry then bounced to the ring to face Legacy, who smirked and rolled their eyes. Talk about re-runs. Apparently this will help loosely determine the next title challenger. Seems like WWE just stalling for time. Cut to break. PYB (3) talk time: 8:30.

[Commercial Break]

ECW plug: Yoshi Tatsu is on the verge of reigning champion. They gave a generic plug for Yosho going after Christian's ECW Title without actually plugging the fact that they have an ECW Title match on tomorrow night's show.


MVP kicked out of a cover from DiBiase out of the break with the action already in progress. Cole said Busch and Logano will determine the #1 contender to Cena's title by the end of the show. They cut to a shot of the guest hosts watching backstage. Henry tagged in and Legacy went high/low on him to begin working over the big tree trunk legs. Cody tried to knock MVP off the apron, but MVP punched him in the face and tried to enter the ring, but the ref held him back and Cody landed a dropkick on Henry for a two count. Henry eventually made it to MVP, who came in and went after DiBiase, who also tagged in. MVP wanted the Ballin' elbow drop and he connected. Cody broke up a pin, though, and the action broke down. Henry clotheslined DiBiase from the apron and DiBiase fell into a pin from MVP. Ref had his back turned, though, and DiBiase had to sell being pinned for about eight seconds before MVP scored a three count for the win.

WINNERS: Henry & MVP at 4:48. Just a match. Post-match was more important. (*1/2)


Post-match: Randy Orton slowly walked out on stage not looking very happy with things. He was selling a slight limp from the Iron Man match. Lawler said Orton really gave a strong effort in the match. Second tease for a babyface turn after Cena talked up Orton. Orton took the mic and said it appears Cena's next opponent will not be him. He said he knows the terms of his agreement say no more title shots, but he has a guaranteed re-match clause. Suddenly, Kofi Kingston appeared on the video screen. He appeared to be ten feet tall with the camera angle. He told Orton no one cares what he has to say. Orton screamed at him to come to the ring and say it to his face. Kofi said that's interesting. The camera panned down to show Kofi standing on Orton's face on the NASCAR car. Orton screamed at him not to do anything. Kofi said the thing he loves about these cars is how durable they are. Kofi then rammed a trunk into the car. He said that didn't do much, but this will. He then pulled out keys and started to key up the car. Kofi doesn't have the track record of a Steve Austin to pull off these heel tactics, but he's getting focus. Feels like Cena and Cryme Tyme spray-painting "poop" on JBL's limo. Kofi then bashed the vehicle over and over trying to "kill a bug" he pretended that he saw on the hood. He sold that he realized he messed up the paint job, then took out a bucket of paint and splashed it over Orton's face on the hood. "Ya know what, Randy, I don't think you've ever looked better," Kofi said. Kofi then slung the bucket of pain down on the hood and some of it splashed up on him. Kofi didn't fall down, but he looked kind of silly with the paint splashing back up at him. They closed with Kofi standing tall and Orton selling frustration. JC: Good focus on Kofi to continue building him up in a major program. Problem is WWE never established Orton had a fascination with NASCAR cars before the short-term storyline development tonight. Sure, Orton is obsessed with himself, but not on a car. Seemed like a square peg shoved into a round hole. But....that said, I'll take Kofi with major character development, focus, and attention no matter how silly any day of the week.

[Commercial Break]

Ringside: Members of the Buffalo Bills went nuts ringside. Good thing they beat Carolina yesterday otherwise they'd catch heat for showing more energy on Raw than on the NFL field. Won't be the same story when the Texans pay a visit on Sunday.

Recap: Cole and Lawler recapped Kofi destroying Orton's car in the previous segment. ... In-ring: Eve was in the ring to handle guest ring announcing duties for the next match. Sorry, but it sounded like nails on a chalkboard. Evan Bourne came out first. The Miz was out next. Eve needed Justin Roberts's help to get out of the ring before the match started.


4 -- U.S. champion THE MIZ vs. EVAN BOURNE -- non-title match

Miz was on the advantage early on and tried to stretch Bourne's shoulders behind his neck in a Camel Clutch position. Bourne then came back with the "wow factor" float-over kick to the face. Bourne then hit successive kick strikes for a two count. Miz went back on the attack, then Jack Swagger showed up and walked around to ringside. Swagger had a big smirk on his face as he approached Eve to hit on her again. He said no one is watching Miz's match, but really Eve. Swagger leaned against the ropes as Eve blushed. Swagger corrected that Eve is watching him. No one reacted. Miz then dropped Bourne in the corner with a clothesline and walked to the outside to confront Swagger. Bourne took advantage with a splash onto both Miz and Swagger. Bourne then re-entered the ring and beat a ten count back into the ring to give him the win over Miz. Miz chased Bourne up the ramp afterward, but then turned his attention toward wanting a piece of Swagger, who smirked from ringside.

WINNER: Bourne via count-out at 4:20. WWE's answer to frustrated Bourne fans: here's a count-out win, now shut up. Miz vs. Swagger has potential, but we need to see where this mystery, loosely-defined championship challenger storyline is going. (*1/4)

[Commercial Break]

Raw earlier tonight: Cole and Lawler recapped Busch and Logano entering Raw via burn-out in the parking lot. They plugged the Smackdown vs. Raw 2010 video game sponsoring their cars.

Next week's Raw guest hosts: Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne.

In-ring: Jamie Noble was already in the ring back from break. B&L appeared on the screen with the Bellas to introduce Sheamus as Noble's opponent. Lawler said he heard Sheamus is a brutal, vicious wrestler. Apparently Lawler doesn't watch Tuesday night TV. Sheamus took the mic and said he's here to make an impression on his first night on Raw.


Greg Parks checks in that Noble did some mic work during the commercial trying to establish himself as a babyface. Raw audience probably doesn't know who Sheamus is, so a smart move. Sheamus quickly knocked Noble to the floor in the opening seconds. Sheamus followed on the outside and kicked Noble in the gut to knock him into the ring steps. Back in the ring, Sheamus took apart Noble in front of a quiet crowd. Crowd didn't buy into Noble as a credible threat here. Sheamus then finished off Noble with a boot to the head for the easy win in his debut. Cole said, "Later tonight, Big Show against Triple H. ... Sheamus with an impressive debut on Raw."

WINNER: Sheamus at 2:17. Double shot of Sheamus and Triple H linked up here. Fine intro for Sheamus to the Raw audience before he's worked into an actual program. No need to rush. (n/a)

Backstage: After a shot of Sheamus in the ring celebrating, they showed Triple H and Shawn Michaels walking down the hallway. Hunter was in a foul mood after Big Show cost Raw the PPV match.

Smackdown: The bond between Batista and Rey Mysterio has been broken. Included an old-school clip of them holding the tag title belts when Batista had hair.


[Commercial Break]

Announcers: Cole and Lawler tried to play the "regret" card on why viewers missed a lot of stuff at the PPV last night. Betrayal by Big Show. Craziness by Batista. The final Orton-Cena match-up. Nice piece of business to make sure people who missed the show feel regret and the people who ordered the PPV feel like WWE respected their purchase by emphasizing the big happenings.

In-ring: Chris Jericho and Big Show were already in the ring for the main event. DX's music hit and out came Hunter with Shawn Michaels for the main event.

6 -- BIG SHOW (w/Chris Jericho) vs. TRIPLE H (w/Shawn Michaels)

After the bell sounded, Triple H took the mic and said he had a little meeting with Busch and Logano in the back. Hunter said he got this match changed to a Lumberjack match. And the lumberjacks are all the guys Show screwed at the PPV last night. Out came Miz, Chavo, and Henry leading the group. Heels and faces were together. Even Miz and Bourne just after battling. Jericho comically slipped to ringside, then out of the ringside area, and to the arena stands to leave. After the Raw theme hit, Michaels took the mic and said this is also a No DQ lumberjack match. Which means...these lumberjacks can do just about anything they want to do to Big Show. Oh wait, Mr. Official, you won't be needed. Michaels said they have a special guest ref. Cue up John Cena's theme music. Big Show frowned, then Cena hit the ring with a ref t-shirt. He did a big "I'm here!" smile and Show tried charging Hunter, but Hunter pulled down the top rope and Show tipped over to the floor where the jacks awaited him. Cut to break with Show in a world of jeopardy and trouble.

[Commercial Break]

[Q9 -- over-run]

Back from break, Hunter and Show were battling in the ring. During the break, Show knocked down almost the entire Raw roster on the floor to re-enter the ring. Cole re-set the action with Hunter in jeopardy and he nearly called Show by Mark Henry's name of the World's Strongest Man. Show smacked Hunter in the face and Santino did a great sell ringside. Show with a slap and HBK with a great sell ringside. So, the Raw jacks can do anything, but why haven't they jumped into the ring to beat up Show? Apparently Hunter's personal pride is on the line. Whatevs. Hunter fought back on Show, but Show landed a sidewalk slam center ring. Crowd went silent before Show made a cover for a two count. Flash backs to Smackdown here as Show slapped on a trapezius muscle hold on Hunter, who sold an ice-cold pack running down his back. "Get anger!" Santino shouted at Hunter, who broke free and teased a Superman comeback only to take headbutts and a scoop slam from Show. Show tried to bounce off the ropes, but Masters grabbed his foot. Show then chopped and punched Masters to KO him. Crowd didn't react. Poor Masters.

Hunter took an opening to mount a comeback, but he couldn't get Show off his feet. Hunter then walked into a chokeslam, but Hunter countered with a DDT. Swagger pumped his fists like a tool on the outside (this is killing the heel characters) as Hunter made a cover for a two count. Hunter teased the Pedigree, but Show blocked with a back body drop. Show then went for the Vader Bomb and landed on the mat. Crowd went "ooh" as Show missed, but he was supposed to connect with Hunter. Show made a cover, but Cena stopped counting at two. He feigned an injury, then Show confronted Cena.

Suddenly, the Raw wrestlers stormed the ring. Men starting hitting finishers on Show, including Henry popping the crowd with a big corner splash and capped off by Bourne electrifying the crowd with the Shooting Star Press. Santino then entered the ring and said, "you ahhhh make me so mad." Santino did his fist motion like a snake and Show grabbed him by the throat for a chokeslam. Kofi then snuck in and gave Show Trouble in Paradise to save Santino. Crowd nuts at this point. Suddenly, Show walked into Cena, who delivered the FU in center ring. Crowd was hot as Shawn Michaels entered the ring. Hunter put a Blue Smackdown t-shirt on Show as Michaels tuned up the band. Whole arena doing the tune-up before Michaels barely connected with the superkick (camera shot covered for the airball). Hunter followed with the Pedigree and he scored the pin as the crowd went nuts.

WINNER: Hunter at 14:04. Exciting conclusion with plenty of tricks and a ton of bodies flying everywhere to rile up the crowd and set up the big finish. It was one way to get a bunch of new faces in the main event situation, including one big moment for Evan Bourne. Kofi had a nice moment too before the big guns pulled out the FU, superkick, and Pedigree combo. Foreshadowing... (**1/4)

Post-match: Cena, Michaels, and Hunter celebrated in the ring. Busch and Logano then came out on stage and thanked everyone for letting them host the show tonight. He said they've been thinking all night about who should face Cena for the title at Survivor Series. They couldn't agree on it all (fitting the theme of them disagreeing on everything), so they found one person who put them all on the same page. Out came Hornswoggle, who was still wearing the DX gear. Announcers repeated the "cease and desist" order. Busch then announced a triple threat match: Cena vs. Michaels vs. Hunter at Survivor Series. Cena stared at Hunter, then Michaels, then Hunter, then Michaels. Michaels kind of stared into space. Hunter didn't know what to say. Cena did an "I dunno" reaction as they closed the show. All those fresh faces were a chance to get some new people in the main event situation before a tried and true, familiar main event for the next PPV.

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