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WWE NEW YEAR'S REVOLUTION FLASHBACK - 5 yrs. ago (01-08-06): Edge captures first WWE Title, Elimination Chamber, Who's in WWE & TNA in 2011?

Jan 8, 2011 - 3:25:36 PM

WWE New Year's Revolution PPV Flashback
January 8, 2006 - five yrs. ago
Top Ten Things To Know


(1) Significance: Edge cashed in his Money on the Bank briefcase on WWE champion John Cena to capture his first major singles title in WWE.

(2) Pre-MITB Cash-in Main Event: Cena retained the WWE Title over Shawn Michaels, Kurt Angle, Kane, Carlito, and Chris Masters in an Elimination Chamber match.

(3) Opening PPV Match: Ric Flair beat Edge via DQ to retain the Intercontinental Title.

(4) Next Night On Raw: Edge's "live sex" celebration interrupted by Flair.

(5) Classic WWE Main Event: Triple H beat Big Show on the PPV undercard.

(6) Women's Title Match: Trish Stratus beat Mickie James.

(7) Non-PG Divas Match: Maria vs. Candice Michelle vs. Torrie Wilson vs. Victoria vs. Ashley in a Bra & Panties gauntlet match.

(8) Wrestlers Currently On Raw Brand: John Cena, Triple H.

(9) Wrestlers Currently On Smackdown Brand: Edge, Kane, Big Show, Chris Masters.

(10) Wrestlers Currently In TNA: Ric Flair, Kurt Angle, Mickie James, Tara (Victoria).


JANUARY 8, 2006
Report by Wade Keller, PWTorch editor

-A vignette aired during which wrestlers including Shawn Michaels and Triple H talked about the Elimination Chamber as being the toughest match they've been in.

-Joey Styles and Coach introduced the event.

1 -- RIC FLAIR vs. EDGE (w/Lita)

Flair came out enthusiastically whoo'ing. Then he got in some early chops on Edge, then chased Lita around ringside. Edge surprised Flair with a clothesline coming around the corner at ringside. He suplexed Flair on the floor. Edge controlled the match for a couple of minutes. Flair came back, took another shot at Lita, and then began working over Edge's leg in center ring. He strutted at 6:00 and set up the figure-four. Lita stood on the ring apron to distract Flair, so Flair walked up and gyrated in front of her. Then he tossed her into the ring and applied the figure four. Edge hit Flair with the briefcase at 7:10 prompting the ref to call for the DQ. Edge bashed Flair over and over with the briefcase and his fist, drawing blood immediately. Edge left Flair lying in the ring, his face covered in blood. Coach, of course, scolded Flair for bringing Lita into the ring in the first place.

WINNER: Flair via DQ to retain the IC Title at 7:10.

STAR RATING: *3/4 -- Short, but good energy from all three.

-Todd Grisham interviewed Kurt Angle, with Daivari, backstage. "First of all, I wish the United States would lose the war in Iraq," Angle said. He then said France is the best country, he hates blacks, and he'd like to put the anklelock on Jesus Christ. He said he can say anything he wants to and "these idiots" (the fans) will still cheer him. He said they chant "You Suck" at first, but then it turns to boos. He said the fans know he's the best wrestler there is. He listed wrestlers he's defeated.


A video aired before the match that did a great job reacpping the interaction between these two lately. As the bell rang to start the match, Trish shook Mickie's hand and said something to her. Mickie seemed a little taken aback and disappointed. Coach and Styles speculated whether Mickie really had a crush on Trish. After some early exchanges, they had a sloppy looking pinning combination in the corner. Trish covered Mickie near the ropes. Mickie kicked out and knocked Trish to ringside. Mickie then held the ropes open for Trish to re-enter the ring. In the ring, they exchanges stiff looking elbows and forearms. Mickie caught a charging Trish with boots to her chin as she charged her in the corner. Mickie went for a DDT out of the corner, but Trish blocked it and kicked her out of the ring. Trish went for a running kick at Mickie at ringside, but Mickie stepped aside and Trish slipped through the ropes and landed on the floor. Mickie held and admired the Women's Title belt, then threw Trish back into the ring. A few minutes later, Mickie went for a Trish Kick. Trish ducked and then finished off Mickie with the Chick Kick for the clean win.

WINNER: Trish at 7:24.

STAR RATING: *1/2 -- A bit of a letdown given all of the hype, but there will be return matches.

-Maria interviewed herself about the bra and panties match. Gregory Helms then walked onto the set and asked why they're wasting time interviewing her when he's about to have his first PPV match of the new year. He vowed to send Jerry Lawler to the hospital and stop him from shouting all about "puppies."

-Shelton Benjamin's mom lectured Shelton backstage about not eating properly. She said he has been losing matches because he's been trying to get by on protein bars. He said he wasn't hungry. She told him he better realize who he's talking to. He hung his head and gave in to her.

-Edge told Lita elsewhere backstage that he didn't want to do an interview on WWE Axxess. He said he had bigger things on his mind. He told Lita to take care of the interview. She sat down with Grisham at the desk. Perhaps Edge is deciding to finally do something with that Money in the Bank title match.

-A promo aired pushing the Ultimate Warrior DVD.


Styles talked about Lawler's history in Memphis, the AWA, and with Andy Kauffman. Tests of strengh early. Lawler used some old tricks at first to frustrate Helms. Helms took control and held Lawler in a chinlock variation. Then he gave Lawler a backbreaker. Then he slapped him and stomped him and clotheslined him over the top rope to the floor. Helms followed to ringside and whipped Lawler into the ringpost. Helms put a headset on at ringside and said he could do Lawler's job better than Lawler. Coach suggested he take Styles's place. Back in the ring Helms hit Lawler with a missile dropkick. Styles said Helms lookos better than he's ever looked. When Helms charged Lawler in the corner, Lawler moved and Helms hit the corner hard. Lawler pulled down his strap and dropped a fist on Helms. He then pounded away at his face, then asked the crowd, "How about a piledriver, huh?" He set up the piledriver. Helms backdropped out of it. When Helms went to the top rope, Lawler knocked him off balance. Lawler then hit the fistdrop and scored the pin.

WINNER: Lawler at 9:02.

STAR RATING: *1/4 -- Okay action. They stuck to the basics, but kept it at least watchable. They played well off of each other.

-Backstage, Trish and Lita had a bit of staredown. Mickie talked romantically about their flesh touching in the ring. Trish asked Mickie if she realizes she lost. Grisham invited Trish to sit down for an interview for Mickie sat down first and smiled, ready to answer questions.

-Shelton's mom saw a stack of sandwiches and chips and complained that her son can't win with food like that. She said he needs collard greens. She bent over to look under the table. Viscera walked into the room, gyrated behind her, and said, "You've got some nice junk in the drunk." He asked for chocolatey pie. She stood up and said, "Do not disrespect me! Do you know who I am?" She said she's Shelton Benjamin's mother. Mabel smiled and said, "Shelton's my boy. Seeing as you're his mama, why not let me be your daddy tonight?" He said he wanted to give her some action. She walked away. He said she's "nice and spicy and I like it like that." Viscera began to eat a sandwich. Shelton's mom walked in, snatched it away, said it wasn't his, and walked away.


Big Show clubbed Hunter a few times with the cast. Hunter came back and threw Show into the ringpost. In the ring, Hunter yanked off the cast. Show's hand was red. Hunter backdropped Hunter over the top rope, then rammed his injured hand into the ringside steps. Back in the ring, Hunter kneedropped Show's hand. Then Hunter applied a keylock variation on Show. Show made a comeback at 10:00, but struggled to execute moves smoothly with his sore arm. Show charged Hunter in the corner a few times, throwing his weight into him. Show then signalled for a chokeslam with his broken hand. Coach said if he pulled it off, it would be one of the most amazing feats he's ever seen. Show was unable lift Hunter. Show took a swing. Hunter ducked, so Show mistakenly hit the ref. Show checked on the ref. Hunter, meanwhile, brought the sledgehammer into the ring. Show blocked it, but then broke the handle on the sledgehammer with his broken hand. He then gave Hunter a boot to the face. Show headbutted Hunter out of the ring. Hunter grabbed a chair and kicked him in the gut. Show then reversed Hunter into the ringside steps. Hunter came back and bashed Show's hand with a chair. Show came back with a shoulder tackle on Hunter. Show again signalled for the chokeslam. Hunter KO'd Show with the broken sledgehammer and then gave him a Pedigree. The ref recovered and made the count.

WINNER: Triple H at 16:20. (I hate that there was no suspense for me during the three count because Styles didn't say ahead of time, "This is it, it's over" or some variation. WWE announcers almost always call a non-finish a finish ahead of time, but you always knows when an actual three count is about to take place because they predictably don't predict the finish and instead just count to three.)

STAR RATING: **1/4 -- They overachieved in this one. Solid back and forth match that told a believable story. Show was lumbering late, but the backstory of the cast and the sledgehammer helped carry the match.

-Shelton and his mom stood in the ring. Shelton's mom said she wanted Viscera to issue an apology for what she said. She also said Shelton was going to beat him up. Shelton didn't seem happy that his mom issued the challenge.

5 -- SHELTON BENJAMIN (w/his mom) vs. VISCERA

As Shelton's mom yelled at Viscera at ringside, Shelton surprised Viscera with a forearm. Viscera didn't sell for long. Back in the ring, Shelton took control with a flying kneelift and then some roundhouse kicks to Viscera's leg. He dropkicked his knees and then came off the top rope with a forearm. Viscera finally collapsed to the mat. Viscera came back with a Samoan drop of Shelton out of nowhere. They focused the cameras and ringside mic on Shelton's mama, who kept shouting, "Get your ass up!" at Shelton when he was selling. The crowd was dead for the match. They want to cheer Shelton, but they're confused by the booking. Viscera was written to be the babyface, but not all fans are as comfortable with the storyline of his coming on to Shelton's mom as the writers. Viscera gave Shelton another slam at 5:30. The crowd was just dead silent. Visc era slapped Shelton's ass and humped him. Kevin Dunn is probably laughing right now. No one else was. Viscera followed up with a splash attempt. Shelton rolled out of the way. Shelton's mom said, "Outthink him!" Shelton's mom hit Viscera with her purse. Shelton then hit Viscera with a jump spin wheel kick for the win.

WINNER: Shelton at 7:05.

STAR RATING: 1/4* -- Viscera can barely move. Just a lame all-around storyline. The crowd will be blamed somehow rather than the writers for this bad attempt at humor.

-Backstage, Vince McMahon walked in as Shawn Michaels was warming up in his locker room. He said he wanted to drop in and wish him luck. He said he had a feeling that he's going to need a lot of luck. "I'd like to remind you that no one has ever entered the Elimination Chamber as the first entrant and won the match," he said. Michaels put his hand on McMahon's chest. Vince looked like Michaels had just called his wife a dirty name. "There is a first time for everything when I'm involved," Michaels said. McMahon cracked up, then apologized for laughing. He said if Michaels wins, it will be like hell freezing over.

-A video aired promoting WrestleMania.


It began as Maria vs. Candice. Candice put Maria in a tarantula, but Maria yanked her pants off to win. Coach said he saw Tajiri teaching her that move a few weeks ago. Torrie came out next. When Torrie rolled up Maria for a pin, Maria yanked her pants down. Torrie pulled them back up and beat up Maria. As Torrie yelled at the ref, Maria yanked her pants off. Victoria eventually eliminated Maria. Victoria was horrified to hear the theme music of Fabulous Moolah and May Young. As Mae saluted the crowd, the strip music from Slapshot aired. She pulled offf her shirt, despite Moolah pleading with her not to, revealing her bra and red pasties with tassles attached. She then took off her own pants and began leaving the ring. Victoria attacked Mae as she was leaving the ring and punched her several times. Moolah made the save. Moolah and Mae then doubled on Victoria. Mae was supposed to rip off Victoria's top, but instead yanked her bra off. She had enough coverage that nothing was revealed that wasn't supposed to. Moolah looked panicked briefly. Eventually they got her top off, then they left the ring. Ashley then entered the ring and immediately ripped Victoria's shorts off to win.

WINNER: Ashley Massaro at 11:30.


-Backstage, Shelton was overjoyed with being a winner again. His mom told him to calm down, then hugged him.


Styles said that in all his time at ECW, he has "never seen anything as extreme or as hardcore" as the Elimination Chamber. The ring intros took around 15 minutes. Cena came out to a mixed reaction, with the boos seeming louder at first. Lawler acknowledged the "mixed reaction." The four non-starters were locked in corners of the ring as Michaels and Cena locked up. The crowd chanted "Cena sucks, Cena sucks." Michaels slapped Cena. Cena punched back and went on offense. The crowd booed. Michaels knocked Cena out of the ring to cheers. The crowd alternated cheering "Let's Go Michaels" and "Let's Go Cena." The Michaels fans were louder. Cena clotheslined Michaels over the top rope to the floor at 4:00 as Carlito was let out of his corner cage. Carlito went after Cena and got cheered. Carlito dropkicked Cena to a crowd pop. Carlito flipped onto Michaels at ringside. Michaels climbed to the top rope, and Carlito tossed him off to the floor. Cena made a comeback at 6:30. Michaels and Cena worked together to flapjack Carlito. Angle entered next and threw one suplex after another, getting wildly cheered for everything. Angle suplexed Michaels and Carlito over the top rope. Angle catapulted Michaels into the side of the cage. Michaels came up bleeding. Angle pursued Michaels, throwing him into the plexiglass chamber wall. Cena punched away at Angle, but Angle fired back with a suplex. Angle locked Carlito in the anklelock at 11:45. He screamed in pain, but Masters told him to wait until he was released. Ten seconds went by and Masters was let out. That was a long stretch to survive the anklelock. Masters broke up the anklelock and went for a quick Masterlock on Angle. Angle blocked it and put him in the anklelock. Cena broke it up and lifted Angle for an FU. Angle slipped out and applied an anklelock. The crowd popped. As Cena reached for the bottom rope, Michaels superkicked Angle and scored a pin, eliminating Angle at 13:58. The crowd wasn't happy. They could have seen it coming since in these matches, the wrestler who gets showcased the most before anyone is eliminated is usually getting in all of his stuff because he's going to be the first eliminated. Carlito rammed a bloody Michaels into the side of the cage. Kane remained locked up. Cena took Masters down with a clothesline. Kane ended up giving everyone chokeslams. Masters grabbed Kane from behind and went for the Masterlock. Kane blocked it. Carlito gave Kane his backbreaker. Kane got up, though, and beat up both Carlito and Masters. Meanwhile, Michaels and Cena remained KO'd off to the side. Masters and Carlito double-teamed him and covered him at once to score the pin at 19:00. Again, Kane's flurry of offense gave away he was next out. Michaels made a comeback against Carlito and Masters at 21:15. The crowd chanted "HBK, HBK." Cena then stood up. Michaels immediately slammed him and then hit a top rope elbow. Michaels was too spent to make the cover. Michaels eventually succumbed to Masters and Carlito double-teams at 23:30. That left Cena against Masters and Carlito. Cena's offense got the shreiks of the girls, but boos from the guys. He suplexed Carlito and Masters, then did the You Can't See Me bit. Cena set up Carlito for an FU. Masters intervened and threw Cena out of the ring, then DDT'd him. Masters tried to help Carlito to his feet to get him to help in going after Cena. They threw Cena into the cage wall. Cena bled from his forehead. Carlito and Masters stomped and punched away at Cena. They set Cena on the top rope and suplexed him to the mat. At 28:15, Carlito low-blowed Masters from behind, then schoolboyed him for a win. Then Cena schoolboyed Carlito for a quick three count.

WINNER: Cena at 28:24.

STAR RATING: ***1/2 -- Good match.

-Vince McMahon walked out and said that the match wasn't over yet. He said Edge was cashing in his briefcase and about to get the title shot he earned.

8 -- JOHN CENA vs. EDGE -- WWE Hvt. Title match.

The cage raised and Edge went after the bloody and beaten Cena. Edge went for an early pin, but Cena kicked out. He covered him immediately again for another two count. Edge kicked Cena in the head twice. Edge speared Cena at 0:45 for a very near fall - extremely close. The ref's hand hit the mat a third time, but Cena raised his shoulder before the hand hit. Edge looked frustrated and angry. He hit a second spear for the win.

WINNER: Edge at 1:41 to capture the WWE Hvt. Title.



PWTorch Staff Roundtable Reviews

Jason Powell, Torch columnist (6.5)

I've been begging for WWE to give us an unexpected twist or turn and they finally came through. Of course, it was a move that had to be made given the way the crowd had been reacting to John Cena. But here's hoping it was made for the right reason. The last match WWE should build toward at this point is Cena vs. Triple H for the WWE Title. If the point of this title change was to rebuild Cena quickly before WrestleMania, then WWE is making a big mistake. Quite simply, there's not enough time to silence the anti-Cena faction between now and April 2, and I'm much more intrigued by the possibilities now that Edge is champion.

Notes: I didn't see the show live and a friend accidentally filled me in on the title change in advance, so I watched the event from a unique perspective. Knowing the Edge win was coming, the bulk of the show felt fresh and exciting. Perhaps this perspective made the show more enjoyable, as my rating is significantly higher than the other PWTorch panelists. I enjoyed three matches and was pleasantly surprised by the newsworthy title change, which warrants a favorable score... I usually don't pay too much attention to the sets WWE uses for pay-per-views, but the fire breathing dragon was a nice touch... I enjoyed the Triple H vs. Big Show match more than I thought I would. The broken hand storyline let the wrestlers tell a story and it clicked with me. That being said, it was hard to suspend disbelief when Show had countless opportunities to club Triple H with the cast, but opted for left-handed chops instead... Okay, so there's no way in hell that Moolah and Mae could feel fresh after all these years. We all know the punch line as soon as we hear their music play, yet WWE continues to tell us the same joke at least twice each year...

The Elimination Chamber match was entertaining. Again, I knew Edge came out of the show with the title, but I didn't know anything beyond that. I was surprised by the order of elimination and I can only imagine how frustrated Cena-haters were when he scored the pinfall to win the match. The swerve at the end with Edge exercising his money in the bank option was well orchestrated. WWE deserves credit for keeping the money in the bank storyline alive all this time. Is there a chance that the money in the bank match will become a WrestleMania staple? If so, perhaps it will replace the King of the Ring tournament as the match from which WWE will identify the person next in line for a big push... The women's title match was the best of its kind in recent memory. Both women worked hard and their storyline is arguably the best storyline that Raw has to offer these days... I don't understand what purpose the Jerry Lawler vs. Gregory Helms match served unless WWE officials wanted to try out a two-man booth without ruffling Lawler's feathers... Is it even physically possible for Viscera and Shelton's mother to engage in sexual intercourse?...

Pat McNeill, Torch columnist (5.0)

This is a thumbs in the middle show due to a good Women's Title match between Trish Stratus and Mickie James, and a very memorable main event and storyline to conclude the show. And that's it. If you're out to see great wrestling, don't order this show, don't watch the replay, and don't preorder the DVD.

The fan reaction to John Cena obviously rattled WWE to the point where they felt the need to switch the heavyweight title tonight. It provided a satisfying payoff to the Money In The Bank storyline that's been around since April. It made a star out of Adam Copeland, who's going to get a hero's welcome when he shows up tomorrow night in Hershey for Raw. But it doesn't answer the question of what comes next. The good news is, 24 hours ago WWE was locked into a storyline which wasn't working. Now, they have loads of options.

The Chamber match was reasonably well booked by WWE standards. It was good to show Carlito and Masters forming their alliance backstage, because it set the table for Carlito’s turn on Masters at the end of the night. WWE obviously hasn't given up on John Cena, either. He's had a nine month title reign and got put over very strong inside the chamber.

A couple of the incongruities of the event (the Flair-Edge finish and the lack of follow-up to the Vince McMahon-Shawn Michaels showdown) can be chalked up to the changes in whatever the planned storylines were. The mediocre Big Show vs. Hunter match, Shelton Benjamin's mama, Chavo vs. Gene Snitsky, and Mae Young will all bad ideas from people who obviously don't know better. Plus, if that Lawler vs. Helms match indicated the sort of ideas they have for the former Hurricane, Gregory Helms ought to ask for his release. (Don't laugh. Shannon Moore got a feud with A.J. Styles. Imagine what Helms could pick up in Orlando.)

Thumbs in the middle for the historic nature of the show. At least we'll have an interesting episode of Raw.

Bruce Mitchell, Torch columnist (3.0)

This was just awful for the first two hours. Shelton Benjamin vs. Viscera was as bad a match as you'll ever see. Thea Vidale plays her role well, but it has no place in a pro wrestling show. When Donavan McNabb hits the field he's all business. He's not smiling and selling soup. If the Edge-Ric Flair match was going that short with that lame finish, why did Flair take all those back bumps?

Triple H was his usual plodding self and Big Show was way blown up. Bra and Panties was awful. Trish Stratus and Mickie James blew too many spots. The Elimination Match was pretty darn mediocre which made it, by far, the best match of the night. I was shocked at who got eliminated until the Edge "Money In the Bank" thread was pulled.

Obviously something had to be done about the revolt against John Cena. WWE is having too many poorly built up crappy pay-per-views lately.

James Caldwell, Torch columnist (3.5)

Well, the gig is up on Cena's champion reign. Appropriate to the rocky ride Cena had as champion, the ending to the impromptu title match wasn't smooth by any means. Either the referee wasn't sure which spear was supposed to be the finish or Cena decided that if he was going to drop the belt, he was going to be in charge and survive one spear to keep his heat. The deliberate nature of the referee's three count - called a nearfall - after the first spear tells me not everyone was on the same page. Two weeks ago, I predicted Edge would cash in his contract after the Chamber match because WWE wouldn't be able to fill enough PPV time without adding a special post-main event match. WWE didn't have enough tricks in the bag to fill a PPV. I just didn't expect Edge to actually win the title. I also didn't expect WWE to use the exact same story from the Taboo Tuesday main event to stack the deck against Cena.

This throws a wrench in the WrestleMania plans unless Cena quickly regains the belt at the Rumble to set up Cena-Hunter at WrestleMania. Based on Jerry Lawler's post-match line that Edge might not be able to beat a fresh John Cena, I wouldn't be surprised to see a switch at the Rumble. Based on Stephanie's line in the Rumble video promo that the winner of the Rumble receives the spoils - as in herself - I expect Hunter to win the Rumble. I almost expected Lita to turn on Edge after Edge wasn't there for her as she took two figure-fours in the last week and he brushed her aside during his post-match interview with With Edge, on, promising "live hot sex" with Lita on Raw Monday night, there's always the possibility WWE will pull the rug out from under viewers by having Lita turn on Edge during foreplay.

Somehow, the undercard managed to be worse than last year's clunker. Triple H's slow, lumbering pace worked with Ric Flair, but it didn't work with Big Show. The match included one of the more exciting referee bumps in some time as it actually led to some action outside of the ring to change up the match formula. Big Show came out strong thanks to the announcers. Hunter picked up his tainted win to put him on the road to WrestleMania. There's your "Even Steven" WWE booking.

On a night when nearly everything was predictable and formulaic except the final five minutes, WWE decided not to do anything with the most intriguing storyline on Raw between Trish Stratus and Mickie James. Instead, the feud stayed in neutral. There was some hard-hitting action and good interaction, but the finish did nothing for the next chapter in the story.

Wade Keller, Torch editor (4.5)

WWE gave in to the crowd and yanked the belt off of John Cena before they had planned to. So Vince McMahon does listen to the fans.

Now he needs to listen to the silence that greeted Viscera vs. Shelton Benjamin and realize that forcing lame humor onto a show without any consideration for how the crowd is supposed to react is bad business. Were fans supposed to cheer Viscera because he's a crude, sexual glutton who acted inappropriately toward Shelton Benjamin's mother? Are fans supposed to cheer Shelton Benjamin, who's being pushed about by mommy? Are fans supposed to cheer Shelton's mom, who stood up to Viscera yet is otherwise a grating nag? The fans didn't care who won, they just wanted it over quickly.

Trish vs. Mickie was okay, but too short. If nothing came of it because they know they've got a good thing going and want to stretch it out until WM22, I can live with that.

Big Show vs. Hunter overachieved and was acceptable, and the second best match of the night on a below average night of WWE wrestling. The Elimination Chamber was the best match of the night, but underachieved compared to that match's potential. It told a good story, had several rushes of good action, but overall wasn't enough to carry the event.

The Mae Young/Fabulous Moolah stuff always walks a fine line between being either amusing and somewhat endearing or gross and overplayed. This crossed the line into being the latter. It was kind of fun to watch Moolah and Victoria panic as they thought Mae was going to mistakenly rip off her bra. Mae didn't seem aware that she might have been doing something wrong.

Jerry Lawler vs. Gregory Helms was just there. I didn't mind it, but it would have been easier to swallow on a stronger overall card. WWE has not hired or pushed wrestlers in a long time based on their ability to have good matches, and this was a night where that caught up to them. Those in power take for granted that marketable wrestlers can actually, you know, wrestle. Because for decades they've often hired seasoned wrestlers away from other groups after years of honing their craft. Now, despite the best efforts of those at OVW, WWE continues to bury those who can wrestle and push those who can't. It leads to a PPV like this, lopsided with too much "sports entertainment" and not enough athleticism.

[Torch art credit Grant Gould (c)]

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