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EATON'S DGUSA "United: New York" 1/28 Report - Hulk vs. YAMATO, round robin tag team tournament

Jan 28, 2011 - 8:10:44 PM

By Jimmy Eaton, Torch specialist

Dragon Gate USA
"United: NYC"
January 28, 2011
Manhattan, N.Y.


This is PWTorch specialist Jimmy Eaton's debut report for PWTorch. He will be assisting us with DGUSA coverage and more in the future.

We open the first of two iPPVs with an enthusiastic ring announcer. Using an iPhone to make the announcement. Ha, how times change. We then get introduced to the new tag title belts which aren't looking to shabby if you ask me. The belts I of course, not the beautiful woman holding it. Ok, maybe both. Thankfully, lag is at a minimum to start off the show. Way to be a competent host site Go Fight Live!

Our opening match is;

(1) Special Attraction Match
Akira Tozawa vs. Sami Callihan

Jon Moxley accompanies Tozawa to the ring before Sami Callihan makes his entrance. I'm going to go on a limb here and think Akira Tozawa takes this opening bout. Quick collar and tie-up before they break as Tozawa dares him to cross the line. Callahan gets the upper hand with multiple chops before flipping Towaza out of the ring to the apron. They both exchange flying headbutts and sentan's before Tozawa finally connects. They eventually brawl to the outside in which Towaza gets suplexed to the outside on the bare floor. Callihan tosses him back into the ring for a two-count. At this point we've got Callihan in full control after more chops and a quick leg-drop for a two count.

Callihan sets Tozawa up in the corner for more chops and taunting. Wouldn't trade places with him right now, that's for sure. Tozawa regains momentum and sets up Callihan in the corner before hitting a running boot to the face. Callihan falls to the outside and Tozawa hits multiple suicide dives to the outside. Back in the ring now, Tozawa puts the boots to Callihan followed by a dropkick. Callihan eventually knocks Tozawa to the mat and hits a missle dropkick.

They continue to exchange blows and exchange even more chops. Tozawa then his a spinning kick to the cut but Callihan hits a back-suplex. They then exchange back-suplexs before backing up and hitting simultaneous right hands. The match starts to take an MMA route at this point with body shots followed by another suplex from Callihan, who then has the tables turned by Tozawa with a german suplex of his own. The referee starts to count as both men are on their back.

They get to their feet where Callihan starts to call out to Tozawa to hit him. He obliges and hits a running boot to the face. They exchange boots to the face before Callihan hits a flying forearm for a two count. Tozawa follows with a hurracanrana to counter a powerbomb from Callihan before hitting another double boot to the face. He then hits another german suplex and gets the three count.

Winner- Akira Tozawa by pinfall in about 15 minutes. (**1/4)

After the match Reby Sky defends NYC as Jon Moxley took up a mic to insult the crowd. Sky is sporting a Giants jersey. It may be just on my end, but the audio is very low and my computer volume is maxed. She did tell him to shut up though. At this point lag is coming into play for my video stream so bear with me. Moxley then grabs Sky and tells Tozawa to hit her. He calls NYC a city full of bums and cowards before Jigsaw comes out to make the save and starts to pummel Moxley in the corner. This starts the next match;

(2) Grudge Match-
Jigsaw vs. Jon Moxley

The action starts fast-paced with Jigsaw throwing Moxley to the outside and hitting a flip over the top rope. They continue to brawl before Moxley gets the upper hand after Jigsaw misses another high-risk move. Moxley throws Jigsaw into the corner and starts to mat-wrestle, working on the elbow of Jigsaw. He whips Jigsaw into the ropes before hitting an elbow for a two-count. Moxley sets him up in the corner for a superplex but Jigsaw knocks him off and hits a double foot-stomp to the head. Nice.

Jigsaw in control now as he hits a dropkick. He attempts the Gin and Tonic but Moxley gets away before trying a roll up while grabbing a fist full of tights. He then hits a hard clothesline before Jigsaw rolls him up into a pinfall of his own. He hits a brain-buster before getting Moxley down and hitting another double stomp for a two count. Moxley then gets the upper hand and hits an ace crusher for a two count. He attempts a crossface chicken-wing before Jigsaw escapes. At this point Yamato walks out to the ring and Moxley distracts the referee. Yamato then pulls Jigsaw out of the ring and tosses him elbow first into the guardrail. Moxley then slaps on the chicken-wing again for the submission win.

Winner- Jon Moxley by submission in about 10 minutes (**1/2) A bit short, but good while it lasted.

Moxley then calls out BxB Hulk and Yamato jumps him to start the third match of the night.

(3) Open The Freedom Gate Title Match
BxB Hulk defends vs. YAMATO

Yamato gets the upper hand and hits Hulk with right hands and taking him off his feet. A few minutes into the match Julius Smokes hits the floor through the crowd and takes out Jon Moxley. They brawl to the back as the Open the Freedom Gate title match continues. Hulk locks in a chinlock before whipping Yamato into the ropes for a shoulder block. Hulk then goes nuts with an athletic display I could never type even if I had twenty fingers before hitting multiple drop kicks. Hulk goes for the cover for only a two-count.

They start to mat wrestle and Hulk locks in another rest hold. He slams Yamato down and hits a standing shooting star press for a two-count. Yamato eventually gets the upper hand and locks in a leg-lock to ground Hulk's aerial assault. They eventually break the hold and get back to their feet where Yamato is whipped to the ropes, but grabs Hulk's leg as he goes for a kick. Yamato then dropkicks Hulk's leg and they brawl to the outside. Julius Smokes then comes back and gets on commentary to insult Moxley and say how awesome NYC is. Oh, and something about Wesley Snipes, I'm phara-phrasing of course.

Yamato and Hulk head back to the ring and Yamato locks in another submission hold, working on the left leg of Hulk. Hulk hits multiple elbows and gets to the ropes to break the hold. He follows up with a leg whip and attempts a figure-four while Hulk tries to block it to no avail. Nice, solid, technical match thus far. They get back to their feet after another break and exchange fast-paced running clotheslines where Yamato uses his momentum to take Hulk off his feet and lock in a one-legged boston crab. He gets Hulk to the corner and hits multiple chops and right hands.

Yamato tries to whip Hulk into the opposite corner but reverses it and eventually hits a beautiful looking missile drop kick off the top rope. Hulk in control now as he hits a spinning, standing, shooting star press for a two count. Hulk still in control as he hits a spinning wheel kick but Yamato regains control hitting a sunset flip into another one-legged boston crab. Good exchange. Hulk makes it to the ropes still selling his left leg. Yamato backs into a corner and hits a running clothesline to the corner. He whips Hulk to the other side and attempts another clothesline but Hulk reverses it into a spinning wheel kick. They move to the top rope and Hulk hits a powerslam off the top rope. Both men are down as the ref starts the count.

Yamato gets to his feet first, but Hulk gets to him and hits an elbow to the head. He then hits a running boot to the face before setting him up in the middle of the ring, hitting multiple knee strikes for a two-count. Hulk heads to the top rope. Yamato hits the ropes though and Hulk straddles the top while Yamato hits a running boot to the face of his own. They both go to the top and Yamato hits a towering superplex but only for two! Both men still down as the crowd gets into the match with clapping only wrestling can lead you to start.

They trade forearms in the center of the ring after getting back to their feet. They exchange boots including one with a back-flip from Hulk. Hulk hits an kick to the back of the head before Yamato hits one of his own. Hulk then hits Yamato with a modified brain-buster for a two and 9/10's count. He gets Yamato up again but he escapes only to take multiple kicks from Hulk. He covers for another very near fall. Really fun match at about the 20 minute mark.

Hulk hits the Pheonix Splash from the top rope but doesn't go for a cover, selling the left leg. Yamato gets back to his feet and they slug it out before Yamato locks in a sleeper hold. This turns into a sleeper-suplex and a brain-buster for only two. Great exchange from both guys. He sets up for Galleria and gets the three count! The commentators pause, and then question the decision in a funny moment. The audio finally picks up and you hear the crowd give a mixed reaction. Obviously not expecting the change. I sure wasn't, that's for sure. Yamato is you're NEW DGUSA Open the Freedom Gate Champion! After the match Jimmy Jacobs comes out with a mic in hand.

Winner and NEW Open the Freedom Gate Champion- YAMATO by pinfall in about 25 minutes. (***1/2) Great match, unfortunately it had a weak finish.

Jacobs mentions that he asked for the biggest and baddest, which leads to our next match;

(4) Special Challenge Match
Jimmy Jacobs vs. Brodie Lee

Brodie Lee takes early control after they exchanges strikes. Lee chokes Jacobs into the corner and then hits a standing suplex as the blood rushing to Jacob's head. This only gets a two count though and Brodie continues to chop and strike Jacobs. More choking in the corner before the referee calls for the break. Jacobs still gets back from his feet and gives Lee some right hands. We're seeing a brawl early on in the contest.

Lee hits a superkick out of no where before attempting the Truck Stop where Jacobs reverses it into a rolls up for two. Jacobs locks in the End Times before having to break. he then hits a dropkick and Lee rolls to the outside.

They brawl outside in front of Lee's companions, Blood Warriors before hitting Jacobs with a powerbomb on to the stage. Lee rolls him back into the ring and hits another clothesline but only for a two-count. Jacobs avoids the running boot before getting only a two count. Jacobs then hits an ace crusher from the corner which Lee sold pretty well for a guy his size. Jacobs then hits a flying setan off the top rope for another two count. Lee however gets to his feet and catches Jacobs for a spinning sitting powerbomb for the three count.

Winner- Brodie Lee in about 8 minutes by pinfall. (**1/4)

Ronin then makes their way to the ring with some... Rapping...? Courtesy of Rich Swann of course.

(5) Open The United Gate Title Tournament Match
Naruki Doi & Ricochet vs. Chuck Taylor & Johnny Gargano

The announcer introduced the participants in the first match for the Open the United Gate Titles. So far the iPPV hasn't been that bad for me, which is coming from someone who has only been following DGUSA for about 5-6 months. Certainly enjoying the opportunity to keep everyone up to speed though and so far the title change and Brodie Lee in a decent match have been some of the bigger surprises for me.

We open with Gargano and Doi opening the match with some mat wrestling to start. Doi locks in a head-scissors submission before Gargano locks in a chinlock. Doi counters with a chinlock of his own before Gargano locks in an arm-twist. Doi then tags in Ricochet which is followed by a Gargano tag to Chuck Taylor.

Taylor and Ricochet tie up for a few holds and then Ricochet quickly tags in Doi. This leads to another tag and for the sake of mentioning them all, we now have Taylor and Ricochet now in the ring. More tags as Doi runs over and takes out Gargano off the apron. Doi hits multiple running elbows with Taylor setup in the ropes. Doi covers for a two count. Ricochet in now as Gargano gets a blind tag but is rolled up by Ricochet for two. Ronin hits a double-team blow though to Ricochet followed by a snap suplex by Gargano for two.

Taylor in now as Ronin hits multiple stomps mixed in with dance moves. Not so good ones either. Taylor work Ricochet into the corner and hits a butterfly suplex and gets to his feet HBK style. Another tag to Gargano who hits a russian leg-sweep followed by a submission via a modified crossface. Gargano is still in control before Taylor tags in and slams Ricochet down. He then hits a setan for two.

More double-teaming by Ronin but Ricochet escapes and hits a backwards roll into a pele'. He finally gets the tag to Doi who cleans house before Taylor hits him from behind. Taylor is put in the tree of woe shortly after and Richocet comes in for a double dropkick to both members of Ronin in the corner. More fast-paced action with some fantastic moves from everyone. Ricochet hits a backflip into a DDT but is caught by Ronin for an ace crusher. Doi jumps off the top rope hitting a splash for only two. Ricochet hits a great looking backflip out of the ring onto both members of Ronin where "Dragon Gate" chants from the crowd break out.

All four guys are outside the ring where they exchange back-flips off the stage. Ricochet is caught by Ronin as they hit him with a move the Road Warriors would be proud of. They finally make their way back into the ring and Ronin then hits a nasty looking DDT into a neck-breaker for two as Doi makes the save. Doi then gets caught by Taylor with soul food. Ricochet then hits an incredible reverse-hurricanrana on Taylor before Doi hits the Doi-5 for only two with Gargano making the save. Doi and Richochet hit a doubleteam move on Gargano for only two where Doi hit a flipping setan from the top rope as Ricochet held him in the middle rope. Ricochet misses a dive before Gargano hits a superkick and then jumps threw the ropes onto Doi. Chuck Taylor hits a nasty, "holy crap" spinning piledriver on Ricochet for the three count and the victory.

Winners- Ronin in about 20 minutes. Great tag team match, it really picked up a little over half-way through. (****)

Ronin then shouts out a bunch of nonsense and "Ronin baby!". They may not be that great on the mic, but the can work in the ring. Not a horrible faction either, just a bit annoying. Which as heels, isn't a bad thing. Swann calls out Aries for the next match. A major problem with this show though has been that it's so fast-paced, there is no room for storytelling or letting any of the matches sink in. It's wearing out the crowd from what I can tell, although the tag match that will finish off the night will be fantastic in my opinion. Aries hits a missle dropkick after his entrance on Swann to start the match.

(6) Austin Aries vs. Rich Swann

Aries tries the Last Chancery early but Swann escapes with help from Ronin. They exchange irish whips before Swann slaps Aries. They mat wrestle a bit and Aries returns the slap to Swann. Followed by another. Aries stomps on Swann before they work their way to the corner where Aries elbows Swann out to the floor. Aries attempts a heat seeking missile but Swann hits a dropkick to the face. He gives Aries some right hands before Aries whips him to the stage but Swann jumps up and hits a reverse kick to the head. They brawl back towards the ring where Aries gets the upper hand and eventually hits the heat seeking missile to the outside. He puts Swann on the apron and hits a slingshot double ax-handle, followed by a slingshot legdrop to the inside of the ring for only two.

They exchange more blows before Aries hits a jaw-breaker and STO before another elbow drop to the back. He covers for only a one and 1/2 count. Aries then goes for another submission hold while sitting on the head of Swann while grabbing his arm. Ouch, pretty painful looking. Aries whips him to the corner but Swann regains momentum and ends up hitting a splash off the drop rope for two. Aries though bounces back and hits a Finley roll but misses a frog splash. Swann tries to cover and only gets a two-count. Both men are down.

They slug it out again mid-ring and Swann eventually gets Aries into the corner and hits a jump-spin kick to the face. Aries though gets back in control and pummels Swann in the opposite corner. Swann though hits a kick to the back of the head and places Aries on the top turnbuckle. Aries blocks the superkick attempt but Swann hits another spinning kick. Swann pulls Aries off the turnbuckle and hooks the leg for another two count. He hits a standing shooting star press for another two count. He heads to the corner and attempts a jumping move but Aries quickly gets up but falls down in an unfortunately botch. Probably would have been a nice exchange. He then just runs back to Swann and beats him down a bit before heading to the outside of the ring favoring his shoulder. Swann goes to work on the shoulder when Aries gets back to the ring.

Swann continues to work on the arm before Aries hits him with a japanese arm drag and a shin-breaker into a back-suplex combo. That was pretty freakin' sweet actually. Aries then goes for a cover for only two. He then locks in the Last Chancery but can't hang on due to his shoulder. As he sells the shoulder he sets him up for the brainbuster.Swann reserves it but then gets dumped back into the ring. Aries goes for the pin but Swann is by the ropes. Aries heads up to the top rope but misses the 450. Swann then gets a head-scissors on Aries followed by a brainbuster of his own, but only gets a two count.

He puts the boots to Aries in the corner followed by kicks to the back. He tries his jumping move but Aries blocks it yet again and gets Swann to the top rope. He hits a brainbuster from the second rope and rolls him into the Last Chancery for the submission win. A cool exchange that led to the finish.

Winner- Austin Aries in about 17 minutes (***1/4)

The audio jumps back up at this point which is becoming a bit annoying at this point in the show. Blood Warriors and Ronin then have a star down in the ring after the match as Cima and Doi make their way to the ring.

(7) Open The United Gate Title Tournament Match
CIMA & Dragon Kid vs. Masato Yoshino & PAC

I will do my best to call this but as any DGUSA fan knows, it ain't gonna be easy! Mr. Radican must have supernatural powers to have typed the reports he did previously! They introduce both teams with each faction at ringside. Dragon Kid breakdances during his introduction and gets an early chant from the crowd.

Kid and PAC open the match where PAC starts off taunting Blood Warriors. Holds are exchanged and mat wrestling starts the match but they quickly break to their corners. They start next with a test of strength where PAC quickly gets control. PAC gets control with a chinlock but Kid twists around, escapes, and hits a headscissors. PAC though comes back with a back breaker and Kid heads back to his corner to tag in CIMA. PAC then tags in Yoshino and they both lock up with CIMA in early control. CIMA poses before they exchange irish whips before PAC comes in to start a double-team on CIMA. PAC gets a rotation splash on CIMA before throwing him head first into the corner.

Tag back to Yoshino who hits multiple double-ax handles on CIMA and locks in a headscissors submission hold. CIMA rolls out of it though and gets back to his feed. Kid gets the tag and he hits an ax-handle of his own to the arm of Yoshino. He hits multiple knee drops after taking Yoshino down but only gets two. Apparently the tag teams matches work where the winner gets two points. PAC and Yoshio though work on Kid in their corner and Yoshino hits a double-stomp to the arm of Dragon Kid. PAC and Kid exchange punches before getting a boot to the face on PAC. CIMA gets the tag and hits a setan on PAC for two. He then hits a legdrop form his knees before Kid comes in for a double dropkick to PAC. Kid takes PAC to the corner and hits another standing dropkick. Another one follows as Kid rushes him from the opposite corner.

CIMA gets the tag and locks in a leg-hold to PAC but Yoshino rushs in and is caught by CIMA who holds both in submission holds. Tough to describe that one. Dragon Kid comes in to assist with an assisted-setan for CIMA on PAC for a two count. Kid takes out Yoshino in his corner. Inside the ring PAC grabbed a chair but got caught as CIMA used it to whip PAC throat-first from the floor. PAC and CIMA exchange blows in the center of the ring and PAC catches him with a kick. CIMA whips him into the corner but PAC hits an kick to the back of the head. Kid and Yoshino now are in the ring and exchange lightning fast clotheslines. Kid is then setup by Yoshino for a submission hold into the ropes but kid escapes.

Kid then hits a stunner from the apron into the ring. He then hits another mid-ring but only for a two count. CIMA pulls Yoshino to the outside and PAC does the same to Kid. PAC and CIMA in the ring now as PAC hits a sunset flip but CIMA counters with a kick to the face and setan splash. CIMA hits a palm strike into a over-head toss from the top turnbuckle. PAC recovers and gets to the apron before sling-shoting in with an ace crusher. Yoshino gets the tag and hits a great looking missile dropkick.They doubleteam CIMA in the corner but Yoshino misses and hits PAC. Kid and CIMA now double team and CIMA hits a double bulldog and double dropkick with Kid. Kid attempts the super hurrancanrana but PAC catches him and Yoshino connects with a kick.

CIMA then helps Kid attempt a hurrancanrana off his shoulders to Yoshino. He follows up with a craddle-slam but only for two. CIMA and Yoshino exchange blows before Kid hits a headscissors. CIMA and Kid attempt a combination suplex-pin but Yoshino kicks out at two! It's heating up now! Flashy moves follow flashy moves as Kid gets caught in the lightnining spiral for two. Yoshino catches CIMA in another move that I can't even describe before PAC comes back into the ring and hits another high risk move into a German suplex for the three count! Phew.

Winners- Matsato Yoshino and PAC in about 22 minutes. (***3/4) Great tag team match, but not quite as good as the first for me. I think my expectations were a bit high.

After the match Ronin comes out to also taunt that their 2-0 as far as points are concerned. They sign off the iPPV and encourage viewers to check out the show tomorrow night!

Overall thoughts-

Fun iPPV and was heavy on wrestling and not much in storytelling or organization. It was fast-paced, but sloppy at times. I'll have more thoughts with Sean Radican tonight on his quick audio recap. I really enjoyed the show despite those flaws though. When did we ever have a PPV with no backstage segment or interviews?! It was solid with two great tag matches, even if I had my hopes too high. Bring on tomorrow night though! I hope you all enjoyed following along with me tonight and until next time, this has been your perspective, from a common fan!

What did you readers think of the show? Feel free to E-Mail me at, via Twitter @TheCommonFan, or at Also feel free to tune in to the Perspectives of the Common Fan podcast over at and on iTunes. Check out for more excellent editorials!

Jimmy hails from Kissimmee, FL, now residing in Brentwood, TN, just south of Nashville. Despite reports of sneaking around TNA's Corporate office, he's flatly denied any involvement with the second coming of "They".

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