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RADICAN'S DGUSA "Bushido 2011" iPPV coverage 11/12 - YAMATO vs. Taylor, CIMA & Ricochet vs. Cannon & Callihan

Nov 12, 2011 - 5:41:37 PM

NOVEMBER 12, 2011


Well we have no sound to kick things off and the stream has frozen. Fox and Yoshino exchange holds on the mat in the early going and come to a stalemate. Fox hits a kick that sends Yoshino to the outside and then nails him with a dive off the apron a short time later. Fox then threw Yoshino into the ring and grabbed a headlock, but Yoshino got the ropes. The stream froze again.

Yoshino is in control with the show working again minus sound. Fox hit a 450 and the stream froze again. The sound and feed are back working again with Yoshino hitting a missile dropkick to big chants from the crowd. Both men exchanged big chops. Yoshino hit the spinning face buster and locked in sol naciente. Fox tried to get to the ropes, but he collapsed and the ref called for the bell.

Winner: Masato Yoshino

Star rating: (n/a) – I only saw a little bit of this match because of the technical difficulties, but the crowd chanted for Fox after the match.

CIMA and Ricochet came down to the ring. Ricochet told Yoshino he wouldn’t beat CIMA tomorrow. CIMA then attacked Yoshino with Ricochet until PAC made the save. Ricochet got the mic on the outside and said they weren’t here to cause trouble. Ricochet said if he wanted to fight, he knew someone who would fight him. Brodie Lee then came out with Tozawa.

2 - - PAC vs. BRODIE LEE (w/Blood Warriors)

PAC caught Lee with a big dive, but the Blood Warriors attacked him right away to give Lee the advantage. PAC flipped around and Lee nailed him with a big dropkick. PAC tried to fire back, but Lee sent him out of the ring and nailed him with a big dive to the outside that popped the crowd huge. PAC fired back on the outside and nailed Lee with a kick from the apron. Lee ducked a moonsault and nailed PAC with a big punch on the floor. Tozawa put the boots to PAC on the outside before tossing him back into the ring where Lee worked him over.

Lee grabbed a headlock as the crowd chanted for PAC. PAC fired back and hit a huge dive to the outside and the crowd began clapping as both men recovered. PAC hit a phoenix splash off the second rope for a one count. PAC then went for a springboard, but Lee caught him with a punch. PAC countered a liger bomb, but ate a superkick from Lee. PAC fired back, but Lee wouldn’t go down. PAC eventually caught Lee with a German as he came off the ropes and both men were down on the mat again. PAC went up top, but Lee got up. PAC jumped right over him right into a half-nelson suplex. Lee then hit the truck stop, but PAC kicked out. Lee put PAC on the top rope and spiked him to the mat with a hangman DDT. PAC kicked out at the last second again and the crowd roared.

PAC caught Lee in a bridge for a 2 count. PAC then hit an enzuguri and went up top. PAC hit a big SSP. He got right up hit another SSP for the win.

Winner: PAC

Star rating: (***) – This was a good back and forth match with Lee looking impressive. There was a little too much flipping around and high-flying for my liking from PAC.

Tozawa tried to attack PAC after the mic, but Swann came out with Gargano beat boxing the Ronin theme. He went face-to-face with Tozawa and said he wanted to do a rap battle. Tozawa got on the mic and sang for the crowd. Swann then nailed Tozawa with a punch before he could finish.


Swann hit a couple of chops on Tozawa during the early going. He charged at Tozawa, but Tozawa pitched him to the outside. Tozawa followed up with a bicycle kick on the outside. Swann fired back and charged at Tozawa, but Tozawa dropped him onto the ring steps. Tozawa choked Swann against the ropes before grabbing a headlock. Tozawa faked a chop and punched Swann right in the face. Tozawa hit a couple of kicks on Swann before covering him for a 2 count.

Swann fired back and caught Tozawa with a standing hurricanrana off the turnbuckles. He followed up with a big dive to the outside. Swann went for a cross body, but Tozawa got his knees up. Tozawa went for a suplex, but Swann blocked it. Swann hit a handspring into an ace crusher for a 2 count. Swann missed a standing 450, but managed to flip out of a German attempt. Swann then rolled up Tozawa for a nearfall. Swann followed up with a running 450 that barely connected for a nearfall. Tozawa caught Swann with a German suplex for a 2 count. Tozawa went for another German, but Swann rolled him up for a nearfall. Swann then pinned Tozawa with a crucifix.

Winner: Rich Swann

Star rating: (**3/4) – This is a huge win for Swann, but this was mostly just a showcase of high spots and big moves.

Hulk came into the ring, but Gargano ran right into the ring and they went right at it.


Hulk got the upper hand and went to work on Gargano. Lee came in on commentary and didn’t seem too upset about losing. Gargano fired back with a knee strike and took Hulk down as the crowd chanted for him. Gargano put the boots to Hulk in the corner, but he kicked Gargano low. Lee said he’s enjoying Hulk’s darker side. Hulk kicked Gargano to the outside and dropped him crotch-first over the guardrail. Hulk nailed Gargano with several kicks on the outside and took a sip from his wine bottle before blowing it right into Gargano’s face. Gargano tried to fire back on the outside, but Hulk caught him with a big kick.

Hulk worked on Gargano back inside the ring and nailed him with several knees on the mat before covering him for a 2 count. The crowd chanted for Hulk and then they chanted for Gargano. Hulk locked in a leg submission, but Gargano eventually got the ropes. Hulk tied up Gargano in the turnbuckles and then stood on his crotch. Hulk then hit a superkick to Gargano’s gut and the crowd chanted for Hulk. Then the crowd chanted for Gargano. Hulk hit a standing SSP and covered Gargano for a 2 count. Gargano fired back and caught Hulk with a kick from his back. Gargano then caught Hulk with a spear through the ropes and the crowd popped. Gargano blocked a charge from Hulk in the corner and then nailed him with a double stomp to the back off the top. Hulk went for a leap frog moments later and Gargano caught him with a powerbomb. Gargano followed up with a dive to the outside and then a senton off the apron. The crowd began and loud Gargano chant. Some fans then chanted for Hulk. Gargano nailed Hulk with several forearms, but Hulk fired back with a series of kick that sent Gargano to the mat. Hulk went for E.V.O., but turned it into a suplex. The crowd chanted for Gargano as Hulk went on the attack. Hulk hit more kicks on Gargano. He then tripped Gargano and then nailed him with a standing moonsault for a two count.

Hulk nailed Gargano with several kicks. Gargano got up and began exchanging strikes with Hulk. Both men no-sold big moves and ended up down on the mat after a Gargano clothesline. Gargano hit a boot and tied up Hulk in the ropes. Gargano then nailed Hulk with a big superkick. Gargano went up top, but Hulk caught him with a superkick. Hulk put Gargano on his shoulders and Gargano tried to fight back. Hulk eventually hit Gargano with the E.V.O. off the top, but Gargano kicked out at the last second and the crowd went nuts. Gargano slipped out of the E.V.O. and ducked a kick. He then rolled up Hulk for a nearfall. Both men exchanged counters, but Hulk caught him with a blow in the corner. Gargano then nailed Hulk with a big kick in the corner. He then hit the lawn dart on Hulk. Gargano hit the hurts don’t it, but Hulk kicked out at the last second. Gargano locked in the Gargano escape and the crowd chanted for Hulk to tap. Hulk struggled, but tapped out.

Winner: Johnny Gargano

Star rating: (****) – Great performance for Hulk and Gargano with Gargano coming from behind to beat Hulk. The action was really good throughout the match with proper pacing for the crowd to rest. The fans chanted loudly for Gargano after the win.

Leonard plugged the black Friday sale from DGUSA and Lee said he hates black Friday because he has to drive his truck all over the place.

5 - - PINKIE SANCHEZ vs. SABU – South Philly Street Fight

Sanchez jumped Sabu after he came out to a big reaction. The action spilled to the outside where Sabu tossed Sanchez into the guardrail. Sanchez cut Sabu off back inside the ring and put the boots to him on the mat. Sabu whipped Sanchez into a chair set up in the corner and followed up with a clothesline. Sabu hit a springboard leg drop for a 2 count. Sabu then locked in the camel clutch. Sabu set up a table on the outside, but Sanchez caught him with a dropkick. Sanchez then nailed Sabu with a dive to the outside. Sanchez set up Sabu on the table and went for a springboard, but Sabu cut him off. Sabu sent Sanchez back into the ring, but missed a springboard leg drop. Sanchez then nailed Sabu with a dropkick off the top. Sanchez sent Sabu to the outside and set up for a dive, but Sabu tossed a chair at him as he came through the ropes. Sabu set up a chair and hit air Sabu to the outside and the crowd popped huge.

Sabu tossed the table and then Sanchez into the ring. Sanchez fired back and hit a big DDT for a 2 count. Sabu tossed a chair at Sanchez again that he blocked with his hands. Sabu set up Sanchez on the table and tossed the chair at him again. Sanchez rolled right off the table and tossed the chair at Sabu. Sanchez then tossed the chair into Sabu’s back. Sanchez went up top, but Sabu tossed him over the table. Sabu then went up top and hit the Arabian face buster and the crowd popped again. Sabu went up top again after setting up Sanchez on the table. Sabu hit another Arabian face buster through the table. Sabu applied the camel clutch and Sanchez wouldn’t tape. Sabu put the boots to him and applied the hold again, but he wouldn’t tap. Sabu then used a chair for leverage and sat back on it with the camel clutch forcing Sanchez to tap.

Winner: Sabu

Star rating: (**1/4) – This was good at times, but I didn’t like when both men tossed chairs at each other’s head. Sanchez showed a lot of guts towards the end by not tapping out and the crowd was into Sabu, but this sort of match is hard to pull off without feeling cliché.

Callihan and Cannon attacked Sabu after the match. Fox ran in, but Callihan cut him off. Callihan and Cannon cleaned house, but Davis ran in and took out Callihan and Cannon. Callihan tried to come off the top, but Davis turned it into the jackhammer. Davis saw Sanchez and he lifted him up and tossed him to the outside to set up the big six man tag tomorrow.

Lee left the booth and Leonard said there’s a lot left to come.

Swann came into the boot, but it was hard to hear him.

6 - - Open the Freedom Gate Champion YAMATO vs. Chuck Taylor (w/Johnny Gargano)

The crowd was hot before both men locked up to start the match. YAMATO grabbed an arm bar, but Taylor grabbed the ropes. The crowd chanted for YAMATO after the break. YAMATO went after Taylor’s arm and pulled at his hair. Taylor struggled, but got the ropes. Swann is really soft spoken on commentary. Taylor got the upper hand, but they came to a stalemate and backed off each other. Taylor got the better of YAMATO and locked in a variation of the abdominal stretch. He then grounded YAMATO and grabbed a leg submission. YAMATO countered, but Taylor grabbed his leg right away and bit at it forcing a break. Taylor then grabbed a figure 4. YAMATO struggled and managed to roll over, but Taylor got the ropes. Taylor put YAMATO’s leg over the bottom rope and wrenched at it until breaking the hold due to the ref’s count. Taylor then grabbed a headlock on the mat and turned it into a stranglehold.

The fans chanted for YAMATO, who eventually got the ropes. YAMATO got up favoring his leg as Taylor worked him over. YAMATO fired up with some forearms, but Taylor locked in another leg submission. The crowd chanted for YAMATO again, who struggled, but got the ropes. YAMATO caught Taylor with an elbow off the ropes, but was slow to capitalize because of his leg. YAMATO dropped an elbow for a one count before grabbing a chin lock. YAMATO continued to favor his leg as he worked over Taylor. The crowd clapped for Taylor, but YAMATO nailed him with an elbow and then a kick to the face. YAMATO set up Taylor in the corner and nailed him with a series of big chops. Taylor fired back and they took turns chopping each other in the corner until Taylor collapsed from a big chop. YAMATO hit a running dropkick in the corner for a 2 count.

YAMATO kicked lightly at Taylor’s head as the crowd chanted for him. YAMATO continued to work over Taylor in the corner with a knee to the back of the head. Taylor countered YAMATO and hit sole food. He then nailed YAMATO with a flip dive to the outside and the crowd chanted for Taylor. Taylor tossed YAMATO into the barrier several times around the ring. Taylor then choked Taylor with the camera wire. Taylor continued to choke Taylor with the wire, but Taylor let it go. Taylor tossed YAMATO back into the ring and nailed him with a big dropkick for a 2 count. Taylor locked in another leg submission in the middle of the ring as the ref asked YAMATO if he wanted to give up. YAMATO struggled and teased tapping, but eventually got the rope.

YAMATO fired back with a running kick and then a running knee against the ropes. He then rolled Taylor up for a 2 count. YAMATO kicked Taylor and hit a brainbuster, but Taylor kicked out. YAMATO immediately locked in the crossface. Taylor struggled as the crowd clapped and eventually got the ropes. Taylor caught YAMATO with a knee and got a jackknife cradle for a 2 count. Taylor then hit a modified Rock bottom for a 2 count. The crowd chanted for both men as Taylor went back on the attack. Taylor went up top, but YAMATO cut him off. Taylor sent him to the mat, but landed on his feet after a moonsault. Taylor sold a leg injury and YAMATO tried to attack him, but Taylor caught him with a cradle for a nearfall. Taylor hit two superkicks for another good nearfall and the crowd clapped. Taylor went for the awful waffle, but YAMATO slipped out and kicked Taylor in the back of the head. YAMATO locked in a sleeper. YAMATO tried to go for galleria, but Taylor countered. Taylor hit the awful waffle off the top and Taylor got the three count, but YAMATO’s foot was on the ropes.

The ref saw YAMATO’s foot on the ropes after giving the title to Taylor. The ref asked Gargano if his foot was on the ropes. Gargano told the ref his foot was on the rope and the ref called for the match to restart. Taylor went for a belt shot, but YAMATO ducked and rolled him up for a 2 count. YAMATO lifted Taylor up and hit galleria, but Taylor kicked out. The crowd clapped as YAMATO locked in the crossface. The crowd chanted for Taylor not to tap. Taylor struggled, but tapped out. The crowd booed the finish.

Winner: YAMATO to retain the Open the Freedom Gate Title

Star rating: (****) – This was a really good showing from Taylor, who stepped up and delivered a quality performance worthy of a title match. Both men showcased some good submission work with the crowd split in their support. The match also set up more tension between Gargano and Taylor given that Gargano told the ref the truth about YAMATO’s foot being on the bottom rope. It was also nice to see the crowd invested in the match and not chanting for the company or about how awesome the match was.

Taylor grabbed the title from YAMATO after the match and ran backstage.

The feed froze and came back. The feed then froze again. Callihan cut a promo, but the sound isn’t working. The feed then froze again. The feed came back and Callihan was still cutting a promo. I’m not sure what he said. CIMA got on the mic and told Callihan and Cannon they suck. Callihan said that wasn’t English and told CIMA to learn English when he comes to Philadelphia. Callihan said tonight Philadelphia would become the capital of Philadelphia.

7 - - Open the United Gate Champions CIMA & RICOCHET vs. D.U.F. (Arik Cannon & Sami Callihan)

Callihan lit up Ricochet with some kicks and sent him to the outside, but Lee interfered and nailed him with a big boot as he went for a dive. Ricochet then hit a big dive taking out D.U.F. and CIMA. Whitmer then ran down to the ring and went at it with Lee. Callihan nailed Ricochet with a lariat and then took out everyone with a dive to the outside. Cannon tagged in and locked in a standing figure 4 on Ricochet. Someone tossed Cannon a beer and he took a sip before blowing it in CIMA’s face. Callihan then spit beer in CIMA’s face and locked in a standing figure on CIMA as the crowd booed. A light “don’t waste beer” chant started. D.U.F. hit a combination moves on Ricochet before Cannon slammed Callihan on top of Ricochet for a 2 count. Ricochet cut off Callihan and tagged in CIMA, who went to work on Callihan with some kicks. The crowd seems a little burned out at this point. CIMA bit at Callihan’s arm as he worked on his arm. Ricochet and CIMA tied Callihan up in the ropes and went to work on both of his arms. CIMA and Ricochet hit a nice double team move where CIMA flipped Ricochet into a kick on Cannon. Ricochet locked in a leg submission. CIMA tagged himself in and knocked Cannon to the floor. CIMA put the boots to Callihan and locked in an arm submission in the center of the ring. Callihan rolled over and tried to make a tag, but CIMA dragged him away and taunted Cannon.

CIMA landed a series of blow on Callihan in the corner and leered at the crowd. Ricochet then choked Callihan from the outside, but broke it because of the ref’s count. Ricochet and CIMA then double teamed Callihan with Ricochet holding him up on the top rope for a double stomp off the top for a 2 count. CIMA kicked away at Callihan and gave an angry smile to the fans. Callihan fired up and yelled CIMA to bring it. CIMA spit on Callihan and Callihan fired back with a big punch. Callihan kicked CIMA in the head and finally made the tag to Cannon to no reaction. Cannon lit up CIMA with a chop in the corner and hit a swinging neck breaker, but Ricochet caught him with a springboard dropkick. Cannon caught Ricochet in the corner with a t-bone suplex, but Ricochet got out of the way and hit a SSP for a 2 count. Callihan came off the top, but ate a dropkick.

Callihan caught Ricochet with a forearm. CIMA ran in and ducked a charge from Cannon, who hit Callihan. CIMA nailed Callihan with a kick and went up top and nailed him with a coast-to-coast dropkick. The fans tried to cheer CIMA, but he flipped them off. CIMA hit the perfect driver on Callihan, but he kicked out at the last second. CIMA tried to lift Callihan, but he couldn’t get him up. Callihan fired up with a Saito suplex and a superkick. Callihan then locked in the stretch muffler, but Ricochet made the save. Ricochet got tossed to the outside and D.U.F. hit a double shoulder tackle. Ricochet ran in and saved the pin moments later. Ricochet countered Cannon and Callihan in the corner and nailed Cannon with a handspring inverted hurricanrana. Callihan ran in and Ricochet countered him into another inverted hurricanrana and everyone was down. The crowd lightly clapped as all four men tried to recover. Ricochet went for a hurricanrana, but Cannon caught him and powerbombed him into the turnbuckles. Cannon then hit a huge clothesline and set him up for the brainbuster, but CIMA cut him off.

Callihan hit a DVD on CIMA and went for a splash, but CIMA got out of the way. Ricochet hit a quebrada, but Callihan kicked out at the last second. Callihan hit a series of lariats on Ricochet in the corner. Ricochet went for a handspring, but Callihan caught him and hit a Liger bomb. Cannon then grabbed an ankle lock. CIMA and Cannon went at it and CIMA slammed Cannon off the top onto Callihan. All four men ended up down and a small “this is awesome” chant started. Cannon and CIMA went at it and CIMA nailed him with a kick. CIMA then tied up Cannon in the ropes and nailed him with the double knees. Callihan took down CIMA with a chop, but Ricochet cut him off with an enzuguri. Cannon then hit a brainbuster on Ricochet, but he kicked out at the last second. Swann is really grating on commentary. CIMA pushed Callihan off the top to the outside. Ricochet and CIMA hit a series of double team manuvers on Cannon. CIMA hit the shwine on Cannon and Ricochet followed up with a 630 for the win.

Winners: CIMA & Ricochet to retain the Open the United Gate titles

Star rating: (***1/4) – This match started slow with the crowd not into the heel vs. heel dynamic, but the action picked up down the stretch. It certainly wasn’t one of the better DGUSA main events. CIMA is certainly a good heel and does a good job getting the crowd to root against him, but this match was hard to invest in at times because of the dynamic between both teams.

Ricochet got on the mic after the match. He said they had no competition. Ricochet said they’ll always be the best. Ricochet and CIMA taunted the crowd. Ricochet said this was too easy. He said tomorrow CIMA will beat Yoshino. He then said he would beat PAC tomorrow once again. CIMA got on the mic and taunted a fan in the crowd. He called a fan gay. The fan flipped him off. CIMA then said something in Japanese. He then said the Eagles suck. The crowd booed as they closed the show with CIMA giving the FU gesture to the crowd.

Overall thoughts: (n/a) – The feed cut out during most of the opening match and at other times throughout the night, but I saw every match. The pacing of the show made most of it go by like a blur. The crowd was much better than last night, but it was hard for anything to sink in given the pacing of the show. I thought the guest commentators were a mixed bag tonight. Brodie Lee was fine, but Swann was too soft-spoken at first and then he seemed to kick it into overdrive with excitement during the last two matches.

The in-ring action was very good tonight with the fans investing in the Hulk-Gargano and Taylor-YAMATO matches, which were both outstanding. Everything else on the show was good outside of the Sabu-Sanchez match. The pacing of the show made everything hard to digest.

Gargano-Hulk was a really good match with Gargano coming from behind and getting a huge submission victory over Hulk heading into his match tomorrow night against YAMATO for the Open the Freedom Gate title. Gargano is really hot right now and this was the highlight of the undercard.

I really enjoyed the angle they did with Gargano telling the ref YAMATO had his foot on the ropes when Taylor pinned him to set up tension for tomorrow night. Taylor getting upset after the match and walking out with the Open the Freedom Gate title after YAMATO beat him adds some intrigue for the next show as well.

The main event started out flat given the heel vs. heel dynamic and the crowd seemed to have a hard time getting into the match until the frantic finish. Both teams pulled off some really slick exchanges and built to a good finish. The ending of the show felt flat with the heels going over and CIMA cutting a heel promo on the crowd.

I liked “Revolt” last night a little more than this show because it had better pacing with a really good second half setting the stage for the intense Hulk-YAMATO match. If you’re a fan of shows with a frantic pace, you’ll likely like this show more than me. The Gargano-Hulk and Taylor-YAMATO matches are certainly worth checking out alongside a slew of fast-paced matches on the undercard.

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