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RADICAN'S CHIKARA "High Noon" iPPV coverage 11/13 -Quackenbush vs. Kingston, Young Bucks vs. The Colony

Nov 13, 2011 - 5:37:26 PM

NOVEMBER 13, 2011

Gavin Loudspeaker introduced the show and said the clock has just struck “High Noon.” A video package aired to kick off the show.

1 - - YOUNG BUCKS (Matt & Nick Jackson w/Marty Jannety) vs. THE COLONLY (Red Ant & Soldier Ant)

The footage went to Matt Jackson working over Solider Ant after showing the entrance of the Young Bucks. The fans chanted for the Colony as Nick worked over Solider Ant and nailed him with a suplex. The Young Bucks hit a tandem neckbreaker on Solider Ant, but Fire Ant broke up the pin. The Young Bucks dispatched Fire Ant to the outside with a double team headscissors/dropkick that sent him to the outside. The crowd tried to rally behind Soldier Ant as Matt continued to cover him. Nick tagged in and went after Solider Ant’s leg. The fans tried to rally behind Solider Ant once again, but the Young Bucks hit a double team arm wringing/sledgehammer off the top. Solider Ant got a rollup on Matt, but Nick kicked him right off with the ref holding back Fire Ant. Matt nailed Solider Ant with a series of kicks and grounded him with a chin lock.

Solider Ant got an inside cradle on Matt, but he kicked out and nailed him with a dropkick. Solider Ant got another rollup, but Matt pushed him forward right into the hot tag from Fire Ant, who ran wild on the Young Bucks. The crowd popped huge as Fire Ant sent the Young Bucks to the outside. Solider Ant hit a saluting dropkick through the ropes on the Young Bucks and Fire Ant followed up with a big dive and the crowd went nuts. The Colony went to work on Matt Jackson and nailed him with Ants marching. They followed up with a double DDT on Nick, but Matt broke up the pin. Some fans chanted for the Young Bucks and got booed. A loud Colony chant broke out as Matt nailed Fire Ant with some punches. Nick caught Fire Ant with a spin kick as the action broke down. Nick went for a superkick, but Solider Ant ducked and hit a big suplex on him. Matt nailed Solider Ant with an ace crusher. Fire Ant ran in and countered Matt’s suplex attempt into a stunner. Fire Ant hit a brainbuster on Matt, but he kicked out at the last second.

Fire Ant countered Matt Jackson. The Colony went for Ants Marching, but Nick broke it up. Matt then nailed Fire Ant with a series of powerbombs capped by a buckle bomb. The Young Bucks then hit a spiked piledriver on Fire Ant, but Solider Ant ran in and broke up the pin. The crowd clapped as the Young Bucks went after Solider Ant. Soldier Ant tried to fire up, but ate a double superkick. Fire Ant also ate a tandem superkick. The Bucks stacked the Colony in the corner. The Young Bucks went for the more bang for your buck, but Solider Ant got his knees up and rolled up Matt for the pin.

Winners: Fire Ant & Solider Ant

Star rating: (n/a) – What I was pretty darn good, but I missed a portion of the match when the feed skipped forward.

The crowd chanted for the Colony after that match, who are now in line for a tag title shot after earning three points.

A commercial for a CHIKARA iPhone App aired.

Jacob Hammermeier came to the ring and spoke in foreign tongue. He then introduced himself as the man with the greatest hair in the B.D.K. He then ran backstage and came back out to B.D.K.’s new entrance theme. Hammermeier came out to a chorus of boos and jawed with the fans at ringside. He then strutted up the stairs and got into the ring. Sara Del Rey then came out and was introduced as being a former B.D.K. member.

Torch VIP members can now access a 25 minute interview with Sara Del Rey conducted earlier this week discussing her career and appearance on this show.

A chant of “Sara’s going to kill you” began before the match. It’s also Sara Del Rey’s birthday and the fans chanted “happy birthday.”


Del Rey immediately grounded Jacob and the crowd chanted for him to tap to an arm submission. Jacob pushed Del Rey and she nailed him with a series of kicks. Del Rey tied up Jacob in the ropes and nailed him with a series of kicks to the chest from the apron. Jacob fired back and went on the attack. Del Rey fired back and nailed Jacob with some chops. She then went after his pony tail before using it to slam him to the mat. Hammermeier fired back and choked Del Rey with his tie as the crowd booed. Jacob went into his tights and grabbed a second tie after the ref took the other one and choked Del Rey again. Jacob jawed with the ref and turned around and tried to punch Del Rey, but she caught his fist and began wrenching back on his fingers.

Del Rey hit a flip kick in the corner and followed up with a running boot. Del Rey hit another series of kicks on Jacob before taking him down with a big German suplex. Del Rey nailed Jacob with an axe kick, but Jacob kicked out. Del Rey set up for the royal butterfly, but Jacob got a backslide for a nearfall. Del Rey locked in the royal butterfly submission and then suplexed him to the mat for the win.

Winner: Sara Del Rey

Star rating: (**) – This was a fun match with Del Rey getting revenge on another member of the B.D.K. There wasn’t a whole lot to the match, but it was fun while it lasted.

A commercial aired that said “Mr. Touchdown” is coming.

The Osirian Portal then made their entrance to the ring. This is Amasis’s first appearance since getting into an accident back in April. The crowd chanted welcome back as Amasis got on the mic. Amasis thanked the fans for the ovation and called them the best fans in the world. Amasis said he won’t be back to wrestle. The fans chanted please don’t go. Amasis said the doctors had told him he could be in a wheelchair for the rest of his life if he wrestled again. Amasis addressed Ophidian and said he knew he’d gone through a lot. Amasis talked about their history together wrestling all over the world and as tag champs in CHIKARA. Amasis said they were the best tag team in the world.

Amasis gave the mic to Ophidian and he seemed hesitant to speak. Amasis told him he knew he was choked up and said let’s do what we do best. Amasis then called for music to play and they began dancing. Ophidian then blew mist into Amasis’s eyes and nailed him with a running kick. Several officials came out and tried to hold him back. Ophidian went back on the attack and the officials got him off Amasis. Ophidian ran back into the ring and took Amasis’s mask as the crowd booed. He then got on the mic and said the problem had been solved.

Tursas came out with the heel ref to a chorus of boos from the crowd. Green Ant then came out to a nice reaction from the crowd.

CHIKARA has a nice entrance set and has been running commercials and vignettes during the show. I don’t see why DGUSA and ROH can’t do this regularly if they can to make these iPPVs feel more like a real PPV and less like a series of matches.

3 - - TURSAS (w/ referee Derek Sabato) vs. GREEN ANT

Green Ant hit a dropkick, but Tursas fired back with a slam. Green Ant got right up and went after Tursas, but he pushed him off. Tursas went for a charge, but Ant got out of the way and Tursas ended up taking out the ref. Green Ant looked to have the pin and another ref ran in, but Tursas kicked out at the last second. Fire Ant & Solider came out and took away the heel ref. Well, the marched off as the crowd sang the goodbye song. Green Ant countered another charge in the corner, but Tursas got him up on his shoulders. Tursas then slammed Green Ant down to the mat and rolled through with the slam. Tursas dropped an elbow and covered Green Ant for a 2 count. The crowd chanted for Green Ant, but Tursas hit a big splash in the corner. The crowd booed as Tursas set up for another splash, but Green Ant got out of the way. Ant went for a DDT and it looked like Tursas was going to counter, but ended up getting spiked on his head with a high-angle suplex.

Tursas fired back and choked Green Ant against the ropes. Tursas followed up with a high-angle suplex and covered Green Ant with his knee for a 2 count. The crowd chanted for Green Ant again. Green Ant fired back and ducked a charge from Tursas, who crumpled to the mat. Green Ant signaled for a forearm shot, but Tursas recovered and nailed him a running dropkick. The crowd chanted “USA,USA” as Tursas continued his attack. Tursas hit another big slam and went up top as the announcers talked about Green Ant slamming him twice and embarrassing him on previous shows. Green Ant cut off Tursas up top and hit a fall away slam off the top that popped the crowd big time.

Green Ant tripped Tursas, who landed over the middle rope and nailed him with a kick from the apron. Tursas spilled to the outside as Green Ant went up top. Green Ant hit a dive off the top, but Tursas caught him and threw him onto the apron. Green Ant caught Tursas with a kick and then a running knee to the head off the apron. Green Ant lifted up Tursas and slammed him on the floor and the crowd applauded. Green Ant pointed that he was going up top and the crowd chanted please don’t die. Green Ant then hit a big splash to the floor and the crowd applauded. Both men were slow to recover as the ref counted from inside the ring.

I like the Lex Lugar vs. Yokozuna parallels being tied into this storyline. The crowd chanted for Green Ant as they traded blows in the middle of the ring. Tursas hit a head butt and ended up hurting himself. Green Ant lit up Tursas with strikes and bounced off the ropes, but Tursas caught him with a cross body block. Tursas then hit an insane powerbomb, but Green Ant kicked out at the last second. Tursas argued with the ref as Green Ant tried to recover. Tursas went up top, but Green Ant cut him off. Green Ant went for a superplex and the crowd gasped. Tursas shoved Green Ant off, but he got up and nailed Tursas with a big strike. Green Ant then hit a big superplex and the crowd applauded and chanted “holy poop.” Green Ant staggered over to Tursas, but only got a 2 count.

Green Ant kicked Tursas across the back before applying a Texas cloverleaf. Green Ant turned Tursas over and kicked him a few more times before locking in a variation of CHIKARA special. Green Ant pulled back on the hold and Tursas tapped.

Winner: Green Ant

Star rating: (***1/4) – I loved the story and the drama of this match, especially with the fun Lex Lugar vs. Yokozuna parallels. The crowd was really into this with Green Ant putting in a gutsy performance. This was a lot of fun.

The show went to intermission.

Archibald Peck made his way to the ring with his mascot Colt Cabunny and Veronica. Peck abused Cabunny with his baton on the way down to the ring. The crowd booed as Peck marched around the ring. Colt Cabana then came out to a decent pop. The crowd chanted for Cabana after he backdropped Peck trying to go for a cheap shot. Peck tried to charge at Cabana again, but he got out of the way. Cabana hilariously ducked a dive off the top while picking up his ring jacket.

4 - - COLT CABANA vs. ARCHIBALD PECK (w/Colt Cabunny & Veronica)

The bell rang and Peck looked sour. Peck pouted and refused to lock up with Cabana. Peck then looked sad and sat down in the corner. Cabana told Peck to stop when he ran at him and took him down to the mat. Peck countered and got a headscissors submission. Cabana struggled to escape and faded, but eventually he simply lifted Peck’s legs off his head. Peck tripped Cabana and marked out. He marched around the ring, so Cabana stuck out his foot and tripped him. Cabana then returned the favor and tripped Cabana again and mocked Peck’s marching style.

Peck took down Cabana and smiled. Cabana widened Peck’s legs and got up. Peck swiped at Cabana, but eventually fell over. Peck pouted on the mat. Cabana offered to help him up. Peck eventually accepted, but Cabana just tossed him to the floor. Peck snapped Cabana’s head against the top rope and went on the attack. Peck continued the assault with a neckbreaker for a 2 count. The crowd chanted for both men with Cabana getting a bigger chant. Cabana fired back and hit a chop in the corner. He went for a charge on Peck in the corner, but he got his boot up. Peck distracted the ref and wanted Cabunny to attack Cabana, but the bunny refused. Peck missed a legdrop against the ropes and Cabana charged at him moments later, but Peck caught him with a dropkick.

Peck grabbed a chinlock on the mat, but Cabana countered and went on the attack. Peck got a sleeper and Cabana immediately fell to the mat. Peck didn’t know what to think about Cabana going to sleep so soon. Peck got too his feet and smiled. Peck tried to see if Cabana was still sleeping and eventually went up top. Peck went for a diving headbutt, but Cabana woke up and wiped his eyes. The fans chanted for Cabana as he went after Peck. Cabana hit a springboard moonsault and flexed for the crowd. Cabana then hit a series blows, but Peck fired back and danced before winding up for a punch. Cabana also wound up his elbow from behind and connected for a 2 count. Peck ducked a flying hip attack in the corner. Peck went for a flying hip attack, but Cabana cut him off with one of his own.

Cabana went up top, but Peck slammed him to the mat. Peck went for the diving headbutt and connected. Peck covered Cabana, but he kicked out at the last second. Peck tossed Cabunny into the ring. He then held Cabana and told Cabunny to hit Cabana. Cabana drove Peck and Cabunny into the corner. Peck caught Cabana with a boot. Veronica tossed the baton to Peck, but Cabana blocked it. Cabunny got the baton with the ref distracted. Cabunny teased hitting Cabana and Peck as the crowd cheered and booed. Cabunny hit Peck with the baton and Cabana covered him for the win.

Winner: Colt Cabana

Star rating: (**3/4) – This was a hilarious comedy match with some good wrestling mixed in. Peck and Cabana really play their roles well in CHIKARA and the element of the match with Colt Cabunny was just hilarious, especially the finish.

After the match Cabunny and Cabana hugged.

A commercial for the upcoming “Joshimania” events aired.

Icarus came out to a chorus of boos. Iron came out to a nice ovation. The announcers noted how much Iron had overcome in his life after being diagnosed with cerebral palsy at a young age. Icarus is claiming that Iron is faking cerebral palsy in their ongoing storyline.


Iron hit a clothesline during the early going and Icarus bailed to the corner. Iron got the upper hand again moments later and drove Icarus down on his knee head-first for a 2 count. Icarus grabbed the ropes again to avoid more damage. The fans chanted “worst in the world” at Icarus. Icarus walked down the ramp and left. The fans chanted “don’t come back,” but Iron went after him and tossed him back into the ring. Icarus snapped Iron’s neck over the top rope and then suplexed back into the ring for a 2 count. The crowd booed as Icarus got the heat on Iron. Icarus grabbed a headlock as the announcers talked about Icarus’s hideous back tattoo. The crowd tried to rally behind Iron, but Icarus drove his head into the mat.

Icarus snapped Iron’s neck over the ropes again and continued his attack. He chocked Iron over the bottom rope as the crowd booed. The crowd was all over Icarus as he continued his attack. Icarus hit a suplex and went for another, but Iron cut him off and hit a bulldog. Iron blocked a clothesline, but Icarus hit an elbow for a 2 count. The crowd applauded and tried to rally behind Iron. Icarus went for a slam, but Iron countered it into a DDT and both men were down. The crowd chanted for Iron as he struggled to get to his feet.

Iron fired up on Icarus with slaps and ducked several punches from Icarus. Iron then fired up and took down Icarus several times. Iron hit a back elbow, but only got a 2 count. Icarus shoved Iron to the floor, but Iron fired back with a series of strikes. Icarus countered Iron and whipped him into the ring steps and Iron crumpled to the floor. Icarus grabbed a chair, but the ref stopped him. The fans booed Icarus as the ref yelled at him. Icarus grabbed a loaded fanny pack and nailed Iron with it while the ref put the chair away. Iron was down on the outside as the ref counted. Iron finally got to his feet and the crowd booed while the ref continued his count. Iron struggled to get into the ring, but he beat the ref’s count. Icarus hit the wings of Icarus right away, but Iron kicked out.

Icarus lifted Iron again and went for wings of Icarus again, but Iron countered. Iron hit a series of punches on Icarus and lit him up with forearms in the corner. Iron wound up as the crowd clapped and Icarus ran into a double sledgehammer, but Icarus kicked out. Icarus locked in the crossface and the crowd chanted for Icarus to tap. The announcers claimed there were 800 fans in the building. Icarus escaped and Iron went for a German, but Icarus held the ref and hit a low blow. Icarus then hit a DVD into the turnbuckles for the pin.

Winner: Icarus

Star rating: (***) – Another solid match with a great storyline. Iron is so inspirational in the ring and the crowd hates Icarus with a passion. Icarus got the win after hitting a low blow, so I’m assuming this feud must continue.

Icarus tried to attack Iron after the match, but a man entered the ring covered with a hood. Gran Akuma made his return to CHIKARA and the crowd chanted his name. Akuma went for a kick on Icarus, but he got out of the way and Akuma ended up hitting Iron by accident. Akuma checked on Iron and acted despondent as Icarus bailed to the back. It’s been 16 months since Akuma last appeared in CHIKARA after being kicked out of F.I.S.T. The fans clapped as Iron got to his feet and was helped to the back.

An ad with the twitter handle @mysteriump played.

Ares & Donst came out to very little reaction. The crowd began clapping before Hallowicked & UltraMantis Black made their entrance.

6 - - ULTRAMANTIS BLACK vs. ARES & TIM DONST – Mask/Mask vs. Eye of Tyr/Hair No DQ match

Both teams brawled in the entranceway to start the match. Black and Hallowicked hit a tandem arm drag and continued to work over Ares back inside the ring. Hallowicked and Black continued to double team Ares in the ring while keeping Donst at bay on the outside. The crowd applauded as Hallowicked set up for a dive to the outside. Hallowicked missed Donst, who attacked black from behind as he worked over Ares. Ares and Donst then went to work on Black. They tied him up in the ropes and choked him. Ares and Donst continued to work over Hallowicked in the ring. The crowd started chanting for Black, who continued to take a beating while Hallowicked continued to get knocked off the apron when he tried to get back into the ring to help Black.

Hallowicked dragged Donst outside and hit the GTS. He then clotheslined Donst to the outside. Hallowicked nailed Donst and Ares with a dive through the ropes. Both teams brawled on the outside as the announcers said this style of match was rare in CHIKARA. Both teams went back and forth on the outside with the crowd seeming to have lost some steam. Ares and Donst got the upper hand and tossed Black and Hallowicked into the crowd. Donst and Ares hit tandem suplexes on Hallowicked and Black onto a pile of chairs and the crowd booed. Donst lifted up Hallowicked, but Hallowicked countered. Donst drove Hallowicked head-first into a chair and then slammed him on the apron. Ares set up Black near the ring steps on the other side of the ring. Ares set up for a tiger driver on the steps. Donst nailed Hallowicked with a chairshot to the back as he tried to make the save. Black countered Ares and dumped him onto a pile of chairs with a backdrop. Hallowicked nailed Hallowicked with a kick up top and suplexed him onto a chair, but Donst kicked out. Hammermeier ran out and went to work on Hallowicked. Crossbones ran out and took out Jacob as the crowd went nuts. Donst hit Hallowicked with the ring bell, but he kicked out.

The crowd chanted for Hallowicked as Donst set up the ring bell on Hallowicked’s crotch before ringing the bell. Donst set up a chair in the corner, but Black countered and drove him into the chair. Black hit the UltraMantis driver, but Ares broke up the pin. Ares hit a low blow on Black and nailed him with the tiger driver, but Black kicked out and the crowd roared. The crowd went nuts and chanted for Black as he struggled to get to his feet. Ares went for a tiger driver on a chair on Black, but Hallowicked nailed him with a big boot. Donst bailed on Ares and Black drove him through a chair for the win. This means Black wins the Eye of the Tyr.

Winners: UltraMantis Black & Hallowicked

Star rating: (***) – The match started really slow and the crowd wasn’t into the brawling segments, but the action picked up down the stretch with Crossbones coming back to take out Hammermeier and Black kicking out of some big moves. The finish sets up some question marks going forward when
It comes to the B.D.K.

A ref came out with the Grand Champion strap as Loudspeaker said this is the most important match in CHIKARA history. A graphic with the CHIKARA Grand Championship was shown. A graphic of Quackenbush and Kingston aired. Loudspeaker announced this was the finals of the 12 Large Summit tournament and the winner would be crowned the Grand Champion of CHIKARA. This was a fantastic way to set up the match.

Quackenbush got a solid reaction coming out. The crowd then began chanting for Kingston. Kingston’s music played and he got a nice ovation. The fans then began chanting his name. Kingston got some streamers once he got into the ring and the crowd chanted his name. This tournament was held in memory of Larry Sweeney, who passed away earlier this year.

Loudspeaker did the formal ring introductions. Quackenbush started intensely at Kingston as Loudspeaker ran down his accomplishments while introducing him. Quackenbush got a mixed reaction with a small amount of boos. Kingston was accompanied by Tommy Dreamer, who got a small pop when he was introduced as Kingston’s second. Loudspeaker then ran down Kingston’s nicknames and why he got them. Kingston looked emotional as Kingston’s pretended to cock a gun and fire it at Quackenbush. The crowd chanted for Kingston as the ref showed Quackenbush and Kingston Grand Championship title.

The announcers said this was the biggest match in CHIKARA history prior to the opening bell.

7 - - MIKE QUACKENBUSH (w/Jigsaw) vs. EDDIE KINGSTON (w/Tommy Dreamer) – 12 Large Summit Tournament Finals to crowd the first CHIKARA Grand Champion.

The bell rang and the fans applauded. The crowd chanted “sweet and sour” as both men had a stare down in the middle of the ring. The announcers said Sweeney was here to see a champion crowned. The announcers said Sweeney was very close to Kingston, who is a private person. They also mentioned that Dreamer was Kingston’s hero while he was growing up. Both men locked up and broke away as the crowd applauded. Kingston sent Quackenbush to the mat, but favored his injured leg. The announcers said Kingston had injured the knee further two weeks ago. Quackenbush fired back and slammed Kingston’s knee against the apron and the crowd booed. The announcers said many of Quackenbush’s submission focus on the knee. Kingston hit a big clothesline on Quackenbush and went for a suplex on the apron, but Quackenbush counter and slammed his knee on the apron again.

Quackenbush went to work on Kingston’s leg on the match as the crowd started a chant for him. Kingston escaped the submission, but Quackenbush lit him up with a big kick and went back to work on Kingston’s leg on the mat. Kingston grabbed a headlock to counter Quackenbush’s leg submission, but Quackenbush slipped out and applied the submission again. Kingston struggled, but got the ropes.

Quackenbush went right back after Kingston’s leg and the crowd booed. Quackenbush locked in another leg submission and transitioned the hold before applying it again. Kingston screamed in pain and tried to kick Quackenbush, who eventually let go of the hold. Kingston caught Quackenbush with an elbow and went for a powerbomb, but Quackenbush rolled through and got another leg submission. Kingston grabbed the ropes and Quackenbush let go of the hold at the last second. The crowd chanted for Kingston and a small amount of fans chanted for Quackenbush. Quackenbush poked Kingston in the eyes and the announcers expressed shock. Quackenbush grabbed another leg submission and the crowd tried to rally behind Kingston. Kingston raked at Quackenbush’s face to escape the hold. Several wrestlers came down to ringside to watch the match.

Kingston caught Quackenbush with a kick as he came off the ropes, but Quackenbush kicked out. Quackenbush immediately kicked out Kingston’s leg from under him and he went down. Quackenbush locked in figure 4 and raked his boot against Kingston’s face. Kingston fired up and told Quackenbush to bring it. Both men traded slaps as they were tied up. Kingston hit a big forearm and rolled away from Quackenbush. Kingston ate a big palm strike from Quackenbush, but caught him with a big suplex and a clothesline for a 2 count. Kingston looked at the crowd and signaled for the spinning back fist as more wrestlers came out to watch the match. Quackenbush blocked the back fist and hit a slam before locking Kingston in a pinning combination for a 2 count. More wrestlers came out as the crowd applauded. Quackenbush went up top and hit a swanton, but Kingston kicked out. Just about everyone from CHIKARA history came as Quackenbush continued his attack.

The atmosphere for this match is electric. Quackenbush got the lightning lock on Kingston. The crowd chanted for Kingston not to tap and eventually grabbed the ropes. The crowd broke out in a big chant for Kingston. Kingston went for a back fist, but Quackenbush ducked and hit Quackendriver three for a 1 count and the crowd popped huge. Quackenbush went up top, but missed the double knees. Kingston got to his feet and began kicking at Quackenbush’s legs. Kingston held his knee and set up for a charge in the corner as the crowd got to their feet. Quackenbush got his feet up to block Kingston’s charge. Both men brawled up top. Kingston hit several headbutts, but Quackenbush pushed him off. Kingston favored his knee, but managed to a hit a back fist to Quackenbush’s injured leg. The crowd chanted for Kingston as he stalked Quackenbush. Kingston locked in a standing cloverleaf and the crowd chanted for Quackenbush to tap. Kingston then took the hold down to the mat with a body scissors as the crowd chanted for Quackenbush to tap. Quackenbush eventually got the ropes and the crowd chanted this is wrestling. The crowd broke out in a CHIKARA chant as both men exchanged blows on their knees.

Quackenbush hit a running slap. Kingston told him to bring it and Quackenbush hit several slaps, but Kingston got up and hit a big clothesline. Kingston hit a series of suplexes and two back fist to win the match!

Winner: Eddie Kingston

Star rating: (****1/2) – This was simply an incredible match with a big time atmosphere. Quackenbush went after Kingston’s injured leg for most of the time, but Kingston was intense and had the entire crowd behind him. The finish of the match and the explosion from the pro-Kingston crowd was incredible to witness.

The crowd chanted for Kingston after the match ended. It was quite the scene with all of the members of the roster stood at ringside. Loudspeaker announced Kingston as the winner and the crowd applauded. Larry Sweeney’s brother Oliver and his fried Amy came out to present Kingston with the title. The crowd chanted sweet and sour. Kingston appeared to get emotional and slumped in the corner. Kingston favored his knee as he hugged Amy. Kingston pointed to the sky as the entire crowd clapped on their feet. The crowd chanted “Larry Sweeney” and Kingston hugged Amy again. Wow, this is emotional. Kingston got the title and held it up while looking at the sky.

Kingston got on the mic. Kingston said they had just seen the best wrestling product available today. Kingston emphasized the word wrestling. He dared anyone in New York or Florida to bring themselves to CHIKARA. Kingston called out Cena, Punk, and Triple H. Kingston said nobody could beat him, including A.J. Styles. Kingston said no one touches CHIKARA. The fans went nuts as Kingston paused. Several wrestlers came in and hugged Kingston. The ref raised Kingston’s hand and he saluted the crowd.

Overall score: (n/a) I missed part of the Young Bucks-Colony match, so I can’t give this show a final score yet, but this was one heck of an iPPV. CHIKARA mixed in video packages, graphics, and event commercials for their iPhone app making this feel like a big show and not a series of matches played out in front of a live crowd.

Every match here had a story or a purpose. The show featured some big returns throughout the night. I have to say I smiled, laughed, and even got emotional when Sweeney’s brother and friend Amy came out to present Kingston with the Grand Championship at the end of the show.

I can safely say you should definitely order this show if you missed it live. It felt like a huge show and the main event and post-match presentation are worth the price of admission alone. CHIKARA really did well tonight in their debut on iPPV putting on a fitting blow off show to end 2011.

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The following features come with a VIP membership which tens of thousands of fans worldwide have enjoyed for many years...

-New Digital PWTorch Newsletter every week
-3 New Digital PDF Back Issues from 5, 10, 20 years ago
-Over 60 new VIP Audio Shows each week
-Ad-free access to all free articles
-VIP Forum access with daily interaction with PWTorch staff and well-informed fellow wrestling fans
-Tons of archived audio and text articles
-Decades of Torch Talk insider interviews in transcript and audio formats with big name stars.


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