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RADICAN'S DGUSA "Mercury Rising 2012" iPPV Report 3/31 - Gargano vs. Yoshino DGUSA Title match, return of traditional Six-Man Tag

Mar 31, 2012 - 10:00:33 PM

MARCH 31, 2012


Davis has new gear tonight. Fish hit a big dropkick, but Davis got right up. Fish hit a pair of kicks, but Davis caught him coming off the ropes with a spinebuster. Davis hit a big slam and put the boots to Davis. The fans booed Davis’s offense and began chanting for Fish. Some fans chanted for Davis and we got the standard cliché chant for both men, although Fish’s chant was bigger. Fish fired back with some kicks to Davis’s legs, but Davis decked him with a punch. There are a small bunch of vocal fans booing everything Davis does. Davis picked up Fish in the suplex position and held him up high before droppking him down and the fans applauded.

Davis fired back with a big knee strike to the head and got a nearfall. The fans chanted for Fish as he stalked Davis. Fish took Davis down and went for a moonsault, but Davis got out of the way. Fish landed on his feet and hit a couple of kicks on Davis before taking him down with a dragon screw. Davis pushed Fish off. Fish charged at Davis, but Davis caught him by surprise with the pounce. Davis when for 3 seconds around the world, but Fish slipped out of it. Davis then hit an impressive powerslam for a nearfall. The fans chanted for Fish after he kicked out. Davis blocked a kick, but Fish slipped around him and went for the cross-arm breaker. Davis blocked it, so Fish slipped down to his legs and applied the fish hook for the win.

Winner: Bobby Fish

Star rating: (**3/4) – A good opening match here with the fans behind Fish. Davis hit some impressive power moves and looked good here. Fish was really good as well selling for Davis before getting the win.

Fish got on the mic after and put over Davis on the mic. Davis limped to the back. Fish made reference to Low Ki’s promo about EVOLVE having a title. Fish said he agreed with Ki that a title is needed in EVOLVE. Fish said if EVOLVE was going to have a title, he wanted to be in the mix of contenders.

PAC came down to the ring for an interview. They’ve got new entrance graphics designed for this show, which is a nice touch. PAC thanked Low Ki for their match last night. PAC said he wanted to have the opportunity to do it again before the weekend is done. PAC said CIMA still isn’t 100%. PAC asked DGUSA to put him in CIMA’s spot in the six man tag. The crowd chanted “Yes, yes, yes.” Chuck Taylor came out and a chant of “No, no, no” broke out. PAC said he didn’t even want to be in the same ring as Taylor and walked to the back.

Taylor got on the mic and told the fans to shut up. The fans chanted for Taylor to shut the f--- up. Taylor said if PAC is in the mic, there would be no PAC invitational. Taylor said he would have his own match and would have it whenever he wants.

2 - - ARIK CANNON (w/Pinkie Sanchez) vs. A.R. FOX

Cannon tossed Fox to the outside. Colt Cabana came into the booth on commentary. Fox fired back and wiped out Cannon and Sanchez with a kick flip off the ringpost to the outside. The fans went ballistic. Cannon fired back with a neckbreaker on Fox back inside the ring and taunted the fans. Cannon tied up Fox’s legs and applied a submission. Sanchez gave Cannon a beer and he drank it while applying the submission. Fox fired back and went for lo mein pain, but Cannon blocked it.

Fox did an awesome evasion and eventually took Cannon down with an enzuguri. Fox went up top, but Cannon cut him off. Fox pushed Cannon to the mat and nailed him with a springboard missile dropkick. Fox followed up with a springboard 450 to the outside to take out Cannon and Sanchez. The crowd went nuts again and chanted for Fox. Fox set up Cannon on the apron and hit a guillotine legdrop off the top. He rolled Cannon back into the ring and covered him for a nearfall. Cannon blocked a hurricanrana and hit a buckle bomb. Cannon followed up with a big lariat. Cannon nailed Fox with a superkick a short time later and hit total anarchy for a nearfall and the crowd went crazy when he kicked out. Fox cut Cannon off and hit a springboard splash, but Cannon kicked out. Cannon countered Fox a short time later and hit a brainbuster for a nearfall and the crowd clapped for Fox again.

Fox hit an enzuguri from the apron. He went for a 450 and Cannon got out of the way, but Fox landed on his feet. After a short exchange, Fox hit a springboard ace crusher for a nearfall. Fox then hit a SSP on Cannon in the corner. Fox set Cannon up for lo mein pain, but Callihan tossed a chair at him causing the DQ.

Winner: A.R. Fox via DQ.

Star rating: (***) – This was really good while it lasted, but the finish brought things down a notch. Fox showed some great athleticism in this match.

Cannon, Sanchez, and Callihan beat down Fox. Callihan spit his dip in Fox’s face. Callihan got on the mic and said he loves dip. He called out Sabu and called him a waste of life.

SAMI CALLIHAN (w/D.U.F.) vs. SABU – Street Fight Rules

D.U.F. beat on Sabu once the lights came back on, but Davis made the save. Callihan nailed Sabu with a big chairshot. Sabu fired back after Callihan missed a stomp on a chair. Sabu tried to set up a table, but Callihan nailed him with a chairshot. Cabana put over how crazy in the head Sabu was back in the day and now Callihan is at that level. Callihan set up a table on the apron, but Sabu kicked it into his face. Sabu went for a triple jump to the outside, but he crotched himself on the ropes. Callihan dragged Sabu to the outside and nailed him with a chairshot. Both men brawled in the crowd before coming back to ringside. Sabu tossed a chair at Callihan, but he got out of the way.

Both men got back inside the ring. The fans chanted for both men. Callihan and Sabu both grabbed chairs and had a chair battle. Sabu finally tossed a chair into Callihan’s head and he spilled to the outside. Sabu then tossed Callihan into the crowd and he wiped out a bunch of fans. Callihan fired back and went to work on Sabu, who came up busted open after Callihan nailed him with a bottle shot. Callihan got the ring bell and trapped Sabu’s arm underneath it. Callihan then rang the bell on Sabu’s arm. Callihan continued to target Sabu’s arm and hit a conchairto on it. Callihan hit another conchairto on Sabu’s arm and the crowd gasped. Callihan then set up a chair on Sabu’s leg and slammed a chair on it. Callihan covered Sabu, but only got a 2 count. Callihan tossed a chair at Sabu’s head and he collapsed to the mat.

Callihan set up a chair on Sabu’s chest and drove another chair into it. The crowd chanted for fire, but another section of fans chanted that they didn’t want fire.

Sabu cut off Callihan with a dropkick through the ropes to the outside. Sabu tried to set up a table, but Callihan cut him off. Both men went for a springboard at the same time and collided in the middle of the ring. They then did a double clothesline and both men were down again. Sabu lifted Callihan up and DDT’d Callihan onto a chair. He then applied a camel clutch on Callihan using a chair for leverage. Davis, Sanchez, and Cannon ended up brawling back down to the ring. Davis tossed Sanchez out of the ring and onto Cannon then took out Cannon and Davis with a springboard splash to the outside and the crowd went nuts. Callihan went up top, but Sabu tossed a chair at him. Sabu then hit a triple jump to the outside to take out all three members of D.U.F.

Sabu hit air Sabu on Callihan. He tried to charge at Callihan on the corner, but Callihan tossed a chair right into his shin. Callihan wrapped a chair around Sabu’s ankle and slammed it over and over with another chair. The crowd chanted for Callihan, but another portion of the crowd chanted for Sabu. Callihan put hit boot over Sabu’s ankle and held it in place before driving a chair down on it. Callihan then applied the stretch muffler on Sabu. Sabu got a chair and tried to break the hold by hitting Callihan with it. He eventually got Callihan to break the hold and hit a leg drop with a chair on Callihan for a 2 count. Sabu set up some plunder, but Callihan spit beer in his face. Callihan then got his dip bottle and poured it on Sabu’s head. Callihan sent up a chair on Sabu’s arm and went up top with another chair, but Fox ran in and nailed Callihan with a kick that knocked the chair right into Callihan’s head. Fox followed up with lo mein pain. Sabu set up Callihan on a table and hit the Arabian face buster for the win.

Winner: Sabu

Star rating: (**3/4) – The match dragged in spots. They tried to use a lot of short cuts and wrestlers running in to break up the action. Sabu took a hell of a beating, but didn’t sell much of the work Callihan did on his arm and leg. The crowd was hot at times, but the match didn’t have the kind of heat you would expect given the build.

After the match, Sabu stood in the ring with Fox. The fans applauded for Sabu after the match. Callihan flipped out after the match. Several people ran down. Callihan went after one of the people that came out. Leonard said it was Johnny Vandal. Callihan put Vandal through a table in the corner. He then applied the stretch muffler on Vandal on the outside. Callihan tore Vandal’s shirt off and blasted him with a chair to the legs.

Several people came out from the back to clean up the ring. Gabe Sapolsky came into the booth and thanked Cabana for coming in on commentary. They both plugged Cabana’s Art of Wrestling podcast. Gabe put over the podcast Cabana did with PAC.

Lince Dorado and Samurai Del Sol came out. Taylor ran into the ring and put the boots to both men and said the Chuck Taylor Invitational Tournament begins now. CIMA and Rich Swann hit the ring and Taylor bailed. Taylor told CIMA that he hates. He said he hates Swann and Luchadors as well. El Generico’s music played and he ran down the aisle and tossed Taylor into the ring. Taylor bailed and the crowd went nuts with Generico standing in the ring.

4 - - LINCE DORADO vs. SAMURAI DEL SOL vs. RICH SWANN vs. CIMA vs. EL GENERICO vs. CHUCK TAYLOR –Chuck Taylor Invitational

Swann and CIMA kicked things off. They wrestled and came to a stalemate. CIMA shook Swann’s hand, but ended up kicking him low. Swann sent CIMA to the outside and the pace picked up with Del Sol and Dorado entering the ring. The crowd chanted “Lucha, Lucha.” Del Sol went for an insane springboard flip, but Dorado caught him and eventually caught him with an arm drag. This is frigging crazy. I can’t even describe how fast Dorado and Del Sol are. Both men came to a stalemate and the crowd came to their feet. Taylor ran in and took out Dorado and Del Sol, but he bailed when Generico went after him. The crowd went nuts for Generico as he squared off against Del Sol. Generico and Del Sol had an insane fast-pace exchange that ended with Generico taking down Del Sol with a drop kick. Taylor then ran in and took out Generico and the crowd booed. Taylor put the boots to Generico before tagging in Dorado.

CIMA and Generico went at it. CIMA took out Generico with a dropkick and went after Generico’s tassels. CIMA ended up tying Generico’s tassel to the middle rope. Taylor took a cheap shot, but CIMA ended up chasing him off and untying Generico from the ropes. Generico and Swann went at it. Generico tossed Swann into the corner and landed ten punches on Swann as the fans counted in Spanish, but Taylor blind-tagged himself into the match and Generico had to exit. Swann and Del Sol went at it next with Del Sol taking down Swann with a nice dropkick. Del Sol hit a slingshot splash on Swann and the fans chanted “Lucha, Lucha.” Swann fired right back a short time later and took out Del Sol with an elbow.

Generico got the hot tag from Del Sol and hit a tornado DDT on Taylor. The crowd went crazy chanting for Generico. Taylor raked Generico’s eyes, so Dorado and CIMA ran in and took him out. Everyone ganged up on Taylor and nailed him with a plethora of maneuvers. Generico capped the sequence with a running Yokuza kick in the corner. They teased a dive with Dorado, but Generico cut him off. Generico charged at Dorado, but he hit a quebrada to the floor. Generico was surprised and Swann got a nearfall on Generico with a DDT. Generico fired back and hit a blue thunder power bomb, but CIMA broke it up. CIMA countered a Del Sol headscissors and nailed him with a tombstone for a 2 count. Taylor ran in and sent CIMA to the outside. Taylor is wrestling barefoot. Del Sol caught Taylor out of nowhere with a hurricanrana for a 2 count. The action is going by like a blur with guys running in and out of the ring.

They did a crazy sequence of moves ending with Dorado taking out Generico with a huge SSP off the top and everyone was down. The crowd went nuts and chanted “Dragon Gate, Dragon Gate.” Del Sol then hit an insane twisting splash wiping out a number of men on the outside where he stepped off the second rope. Taylor cut off Swann going for a dive. CIMA then ran in and cut off Taylor. He hit shwine, but Dorado made the save. Dorado and CIMA battled up top. Dorado tossed CIMA to the floor, but Generico nailed him out of nowhere with the running Yokuza kick. Generico then hit a top rope brainbuster on Dorado for the win.

Winner: El Generico to win the Chuck Taylor Invitational.

Star rating: (****) – Wow that was just an insane display of athleticism that made the crowd explode. The crowd was so hot at times during this match that it was just an adrenaline rush to watch. Do yourself a favor and go out of your way to see this.

The crowd chanted along to Generico’s music after the match. Taylor walked to the back looking disgusted. The rest of the wrestlers celebrated in the ring to conclude the segment.

Leonard was in the ring and he said this is a special weekend for wrestling fans. Leonard said next year the weekend is moving to the northeast. Leonard then introduced CIMA to make a special announcement about the shows for WM weekend next year. CZW’s D.J. Hyde also came out with CIMA and drew some boos. CIMA thanked the fans for coming tonight and then he thanked the fans for watching iPPV. CIMA said his family was watching on iPPV in Japan. CIMA waved to his wife and daughter. CIMA said this was an important weekend. He asked if the crowd understood him and they chanted “Yes, yes, yes.” CIMA said next year was also important. CIMA asked Hyde to explain things to the fans. Hyde thanked CIMA for welcoming CZW. The fans booed Hyde. Hyde said DGUSA and CZW are two of the greatest wrestling promotions going. The fans didn’t pop for that one. Hyde announced that DGUSA and CZW were going to do a super weekend. Hyde announced that CHIKARA would also be involved. The crowd went crazy for the CHIKARA announcement. Leonard announced that shows would be held at the Meadowlands Convention Center with DGUSA/EVOLVE, CZW, and CHIKARA running shows that weekend.

Los Ben Dejos came out first. The Scene then came out with Shelley Martinez and Amber O’Neal. Konley made out with O’Neal as they came down to the ring. Martinez grinded on Reed as well. They then did their five way orgy spot with O’Neal simulating triple sex with Dallas, Reed, and Konley. Martinez then got in the middle of the pile. Reed and Konley took out condoms and tossed them into the crowd.

5 - - LOD BEN DEJOS (Ben Dejo & Cruz vs. THE SCENE (Caleb Konley & Scott Reed w/Larry Dallas)

Ben started in the ring with Konley. Los Ben Dejos got the upper hand and went to town on Reed. Taylor was in on commentary. Reed cut off Ben and Konley went to work on him. Ben fired back on Konley with a head scissors and sent him to the outside, but Dallas cut him off going for a dive. Reed ended up sneaking up behind Ben and he tossed him to the outside. The Scene tagged in and out to work over Ben. Konley and Reed hit a chop/suplex combination on Ben, but only got a 2 count. Ben fired back and tagged in Cruz, who hit a double springboard clothesline. Cruz then cut off Konley going for a sunset flip and hit the double knees to his chest, but Reed broke it up.

Los Ben Dejos hit a nice series of double team maneuvers and the crowd chanted for both men. Reed and Konley cut both men off with stereo hip tosses into the turnbuckles. The Scene then hit that’s obscene on Cruz for the win.

Winners: The Scene

Star rating: (**) – Cruz & Dejo are one heck of a fun team to watch, as I’ve seen them in DGUSA and ROH now getting spot appearances. The Scene looked good, but Los Ben Dejos had the wow factor here. They’re impressive.

After the match, O’Neal and Martinez grinded around on Dallas, Reed, and Konley. They then danced on each other before exiting the ring.

Leonard was in the ring to do the formal introductions for the Open the Freedom Gate title match with Gargano defending against Yoshino. Yoshino came out first. Then Gargano came out to a big pop.

6 - - Open the Freedom Gate Champion JOHNNY GARAGANO vs. MASATO YOSHINO

The crowd was hot for the opening bell. Taylor said Gargano lost his sense of humor and was taking things way to seriously now. Taylor said he saw through the facade of what DGUSA is. Gargano sent Yoshino to the outside and wiped him out with a dive through the ropes. He followed up with a senton off the apron and the crowd popped. Gargano went after Yoshino’s arm and began to work it over. Gargano and Yoshino began exchanging big strikes. Yoshino eventually grounded Gargano coming off the ropes with an elbow. Taylor said on commentary that Gargano’s back would eventually give out during this match. Leonard ran down the list of Yoshino’s recent wins in DGUSA. Taylor said nobody took into account how Gargano’s injury affected him. He mentioned Gargano missed several CHIKARA appearances and he had lost them. Taylor actually missed more shows than Gargano last year, but he and Leonard danced around that. Yoshino tied up Gargano with a nasty looking submission, but Gargano got the ropes.

Gargano tried to fire back, but Yoshino grounded with a chop. The crowd was split and took turns chanting for both men. Gargano fired back and hit a rolling kick to Yoshino’s back. Gargano then hit a spear through the ropes a short time later and the crowd chanted for him. Taylor asked Leonard if he remembered when Gargano had charisma. Gargano then tied up Yoshino in a submission using the ropes for leverage a short time later. The pace picked up and Gargano caught Yoshino with a powerbomb as he tried to leapfrog him for a 2 count. They went back and forth. Yoshino went for a sunset flip, but Gargano hit a spinebuster, a kick to the head, and applied the Gargano escape, but Yoshino got the ropes quickly. Taylor said Yoshino’s submission was more effective than Gargano’s. Leonard really put over Yoshino’s sol naciente on commentary.

Yoshino went up top after taking down Gargano and connected with a nice missile dropkick for a nearfall. Both men exchanged counters. Gargano tried to apply sol naciente on Yoshino, but he got rolled up for a nearfall. Yoshino fired right back and put the Gargano escape on Gargano and the crowd woke up and chanted for Gargano. Gargano faded, but raised his hand just in time to avoid the ref dropping it for a third time. Gargano then struggled to the ropes and managed to grab the bottom rope to break the hold. Yoshino and Gargano went back and forth, but Yoshino caught Gargano in the sol naciente. Leonard said he couldn’t think of many people that escaped with the hold applied in the middle of the ring. Gargano managed to slip out and Taylor was shocked. Gargano immediately applied the Gargano escape. The ref checked Yoshino’s arm, but he managed to stir before it could drop a third time. Yoshino struggled, but got the ropes and both men were down.

Both men exchanged strikes from their knees. The exchange built and built until Gargano finally ended it with a huge clothesline and both men went down with the crowd exploding. Gargano hit a big dropkick in the corner. He followed up with the lawn dart. Yoshino and Gargano exchanged counters and Yoshino eventually rolled up Gargano for a great nearfall. Gargano hit the superkick and hurts don’t it for another good nearfall and both men were down again. Yoshino recovered, but Gargano hit hurts it and the Gargano escape for the win.

Winner: Johnny Gargano to retain the Open the Freedom Gate title

Star rating: (****1/4) – This was an excellent back and forth match and the announcers (Taylor and Leonard) did a tremendous job of putting over how dangerous Yoshino’s sol naciente submission is. The last 10 minutes here were amazing after a bit of a slow start and Taylor did a heck of a job on commentary.

The crowd chanted for both men after the match. Gargano offered Yoshino a handshake and he eventually accepted. Both men hugged. Yoshino clapped and the crowd chanted about the match being awesome.

Taylor ran into the ring and attacked Gargano from behind. He nailed Gargano with a superkick and tossed him to the outside. Taylor ran Gargano back-first into the ringpost several times. He then slammed Gargano back-first into the guardrail and the fans booed. A couple of refs came out and then Swann finally chased Taylor away.

It’s main event time with the Six Man Tag match. Low Ki came out first followed by Tozawa and Hulk. PAC, Ricochet, and Mochizuki then came out together.


The action started hot and heavy. Cannon came into the commentary booth. PAC and Ki went at it during the early stages of the match and Ki sent PAC to the floor with a shoulder tackle. Ki went for a dive, but PAC got out of the way, so Ki caught himself in the ropes. Ki drove PAC into the corner a short time later and hit a huge chop. PAC fired right back and took down Ki with a headscissors. PAC went to work on Ki. Ki fired back with a mule dropkick a short time later and got a 2 count. PAC tagged out and tagged in Mochizuki. Ki and Mochizuki began exchanging kicks. Mochizuki lit up Ki with a series of thunderous kicks. Ki fired back and nailed Mochizuki with a kick to the top of the head. He then kicked Ki off the apron and into the guardrail. Ricochet tagged in, but Ki lit him up with a big chop. The pace picked up and Ricochet sent Ki to the floor and went for a dive, but he ate a kick from Ki coming through the ropes. Tozawa, Hulk, and Ki isolated Ricochet and began to work him over in the middle of the ring.

Hulk tagged in and stood on Ricochet’s head. Hulk and Tozawa took Ricochet down and took turns kicking him for a nearfall. Ki’s team continued to work over Ricochet, as the crowd tried to rally behind him. Tozawa hit a series of Kobashi chops on Ricochet in the corner. Ricochet fired back, so Tozawa punched him right in the face for a 2 count. Cannon said he wanted to see a counter on the DVD to show how many chops Tozawa had landed on Ricochet. Tozawa then held Ricochet in a camel clutch. Hulk got a running start, but stopped and hit an axe kick on Ricochet. Hulk smiled and laughed after hitting the kick. Ricochet finally fired back and took out Tozawa and Hulk. Hulk recovered, but Ricochet ended up in his own corner allowing Mochizuki to tag in and run wild.

The action both down with Ricochet taking out Tozawa and Hulk with an insane dive to the outside. PAC and Ki went at it inside the ring. PAC hit a series of big elbow strikes on Ki in the corner. Low Ki rolled through a hurricanrana off the top and hit a doublestomp on PAC, but Mochizuki broke up the pin. Hulk and Mochizuki had an insane exchange of kicks. Tozawa and Ricochet then went at it. Ricochet went for a springboard, but Tozawa got his knees up. Hulk and Tozawa went for a double team and eventually connected on a missile dropkick/Saito suplex combo for a nearfall on Ricochet and the crowd went nuts. The action broke down with all six men in the ring. Tozawa ended up alone in the ring with all three of his opponents, who went to town on him in the corner. PAC flipped Ricochet into a kick onto Tozawa. PAC then hit a standing SSP for a great nearfall. The entire crowd stood and lost their mind.

Hulk and Mochizuki went at it. Hulk lit up Mochizuki with kicks and went for first flash, but Mochizuki caught him with a leg sweep. Low Ki caught PAC with an elbow in the corner. Ki hit a springboard kick on PAC with Hulk and Tozawa holding him up high, but it got broken up. The action continued at an insane speed. Ki came out of nowhere and sent Ricochet flying into the turnbuckles to close the sequence. PAC and Ki ended up alone in the ring. PAC hit a twisting leg drop onto Ki’s head off the top as Ki was leaning over. The crowd went f---ing insane with both men down on the mat. Wow! Mochizuki and Tozawa exchanged running kicks inside the ring. They continued to go at it blow for blow. Tozawa ducked a charge and hit a German on Mochizuki. Hulk hit first flash on Mochizuki. Tozawa then nailed Mochizuki with a dead-lift German, but he kicked out and the crowd erupted. Tozawa then followed up with a straightjacket German on Mochizuki for the pin.

Winners: Low Ki & BxB Hulk & Akira Tozawa

Star rating: (****1/4) – This was a fantastic Six Man Tag match that was fought at a breathtaking place at times, although it did build quite nicely and tell a good story with PAC and Ki ending up alone in the ring at times. The match seemed to end before it could take it to that next level to be a MOTYC, but it was darn close.

Ki got on the mic after the match. The crowd chanted for Ki. Ki said he was lost for words. Ki told PAC he was ready to face him whenever he was ready. The crowd wanted the match right now. Ki turned his attention to Ricochet and put him over as a rising star. Ki told Ricochet they could fight anytime he wanted to sign on the dotted line. Ki said the sport of professional wrestling still exists. The crowd chanted “Dragon Gate, Dragon Gate.” Ki said DGUSA was the ultimate proving ground. Ki said his mission to make everyone to understand it’s not the size of the fighter, but the size of the fight he brings. Ki said he pours his heart and soul into this ring and left the ring. The crowd chanted for Ki as he walked down the aisle. Leonard then signed off to end the show.

Brief thoughts: (9.0) – When you think about the number of awe-inspiring matches on this card, it really was a special night for DGUSA. The PAC invitational, which turned into the Chuck Taylor Invitational was fantastic, especially with Generico’s heel turn. The Gargano-Yoshino Open the Freedom Gate title match and Six Man Tag matches were also excellent. There’s bound to be something between those three matches that will blow your mind.

The rest of the card was fine given how good the three aforementioned matches were and everything held down its spot well. I liked the pacing on this card, as it built nicely and really exploded with back-to-back fantastic matches. This show is well worth ordering.

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