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RADICAN'S EVOLVE 11 iPPV REPORT 4/13 - Virtual time coverage of live event from Toronto

Apr 13, 2012 - 9:50:31 PM

By Sean Radican, Torch columnist

APRIL 13, 2012

Lenny Leonard previewed the card for the card, which was quite loud. Leonard announced that some of the wrestlers advertised weren’t able to make the show due to travel issues. The Super Smash Bros. ran down to the ring to join Leonard. Player Uno asked the fans if they were excited. He said they wanted to get to 1 million points. Uno called out Chuck Taylor’s mystery team. Taylor then came down to the ring with Jake Manning and another man. Taylor got on the mic and told everyone to shut up. Taylor said he was sick and tired of doing what he should do. Taylor said they would be known as the Kentucky Gentleman’s Club.

1 - - THE SUPER SMASH BROS. (Player Uno & Player Dos) vs. DREW GULAK & JAKE MANNING

Uno grounded Manning, who read his scout manual in the corner. Dos took down Gulak with a nice dropkick, but Gulak fired right back with a headbutt to the mid-section. Dos fired back and took down Gulak and Manning with a double hurricanrana. The Super Smash Bros. then set up for a dive, but ended up bouncing back into the ring and posing for the crowd. Manning offered Dos a handshake, but ended up slapping him. Dos chased Manning around the outside. Gulak made a quick tag and nailed Dos from behind. Manning went to work on Uno and nailed him with an elbow drop. Gulak tagged in and grabbed a headlock. Uno fired back and tried to make the tag, but Manning pulled Dos off the apron. The fans tried to rally behind Uno, who went for a rollup, but Gulak fell into the ropes. He then made the tag to Dos, who ran wild.

Dos hit a springboard DDT on Gulak on the apron and the crowd popped. Super Smash Bros. hit a double team lung blower on Manning, but Gulak broke up the pin. Uno missed a chop on the outside and ended up hitting the ringpost. He then distracted Dos, which allowed Manning to hit a backbreaker/flatliner combo for a nearfall. Gulak hit a suplex on Dos and applied a submission. Uno finally managed to shove Manning into Gulak to break up the submission. Dos and Manning ended up alone in the ring. Dos pulled the ropes on Manning. He then held the ropes up and Uno dove through his legs to the outside to wipe out Manning and Gulak. The crowd popped as Super Smash Bros. stood tall on the outside. Super Smash Bros hit a Gory special/blockbuster combination on Gulak for the win.

Winners: Player Uno & Player Dos

Star rating: (**1/2) – The match dragged at the beginning, but finished strong. Super Smash Bros. were impressive once again after a slow start to the match.

Leonard interviewed Uno and Dos after the match. Uno asked if the fans wanted to see more of them in EVOLVE. Uno said they weren’t just going to come back to EVOLVE, but would also be in DGUSA. Taylor glared at them from the apron. He grabbed the mic and said they didn’t care if they didn’t win.


Alexander got some cheers from the crowd. McKinnan blocked a kick from Alexander. He went for a springboard and wiped out. Alexander quickly put the boots to McKinnan. Alexander hit a big chop on McKinnan in the corner. Alexander continued to work over McKinnan for several minutes. Alexander hit a nice delayed suplex and the crowd chanted his name. McKinnan blocked a pedigree attempt. He sent Alexander to the floor with a kick and hit a nice tope con hilo to the floor. Alexander fired back with a big forearm and followed up with a pedigree for the win.

Winner: Josh Alexander – Good debut for Alexander. McKinnon hit a couple of nice spots after botching a springboard early on in the match.


The announcers said these two are veterans of the Toronto wrestling scene. Mike took down Sixx and flexed for the crowd. Mike followed up with an airplane spin a short time later. He then punched Sixx down to the mat. Rollins tossed Sixx out of the ring and mumbled something to the ref about being psycho. Sixx drove Mike into the apron on the outside. The pace picked up and Sixx nailed Mike with a running dropkick. Mike fired back and hit a double chop for a 2 count. Mike caught Sixx with a spinebuster coming off the ropes a short time later for another 2 count. Sixx cut Mike up top moments later. He followed up with a springboard hurricanrana for a 2 count. Mike kept sitting up after Sixx kicked him. Sixx went for a senton and Mike sat up to avoid it. Mike caught Sixx with a spinning boot as he came off the ropes and hit the Psycho Mike driver for the win.

Winner: Psycho Mike – This was alright. Psycho Mike came off like a cheesy derivative of something TNA and WWE might present on the undercard.


Alexander worked over Silver’s arm during the early stages of the match. They did some chain wrestling and Reynolds and Silver traded counters on the mat. Silver hit a springboard arm drag. They exchanged counters and Alexander got a rollup for a one count before they came to a stalemate. Reynolds grabbed a headlock on Silver. Silver tried to escape, but Reynolds was able to hold on. Silver fired back and hit a big dropkick, but only got a one count. Silver ducked a springboard from Reynolds and played to the crowd. He went for a kick, but Reynolds caught him with a rollup for a 2 count. Silver got up and drove Reynolds’s face into the mat. He followed up with a running kick for a 2 count. Reynolds ducked a charge in the corner and eventually took Silver down with a running knee. Reynolds got a running start and kicked Silver in the head as he was leaning over the second rope. He then hit a springboard for a 2 count.

Silver fired back with some forearms. Reynolds then connected with a backbreaker into a northern lariat, but only got a 2 count. The crowd is just dead for this match. Reynolds grabbed a submission. Silver fought free and eventually took down Reynolds with a clothesline. He followed up with a big splash for a 2 count. Reynolds hit a chin breaker. They began exchanging blows in the middle of the ring. Reynolds went for a suplex, but Silver landed on his feet and hit a doublestomp, but could only get a 2 count. Silver went for an arm bar, but Reynolds fought him off. Silver went for it again and got it on the second try. He turned it into a variation of a necktie choke with one arm, but Reynolds got the ropes. Reynolds got a rollup after breaking the submission, but only got a 2 count. Reynolds hit a variation of the code breaker and followed up with a standing SSP, but he only got a 2 count. The crowd finally woke up with both men down. Reynolds went up top, but missed a moonsault. Silver hit a running kick in the corner before tossing Reynolds into the turnbuckles. He followed up with a wheelbarrow German for a nearfall. Silver went for a superkick. Reynolds blocked it, so Silver turned it into an enzuguri. They did an odd spot that saw Silver end up dropping neck-first over the top rope. Reynolds then connected with a pump-handle neckbreaker for the win.

Winner: Alex Reynolds – This match really dragged most of the way and the crowd wasn’t into it. They did some good work at times, but overall this just wasn’t very exciting.

Leonard interviewed Reynolds after the match. Reynolds said it sucks he had to beat his buddy, but he was off to a good start.

Taylor got booed when he was introduced as the wins leader before facing Del Sol. Johnny Gargano came out to a big pop. Gargano got on the mic and asked Taylor how he’s doing. Gargano told Taylor they make up a decent tag team called Ronin in DGUSA. Gargano said Taylor had attacked his injured back in Miami two weeks ago and ended Ronin. Gargano said he didn’t know why Taylor attacked him. He told Taylor he had defended him in the back to the Dragon Gate office. Gargano said the Dragon Gate office thought he was a two bit out of shape wrestler. Gargano said he had defended Taylor to the other wrestlers, who thought he was a douche bag. Gargano said Taylor is nothing more than a douche bag and he can’t wait to punch Taylor in the face. Gargano said A.R. Fox isn’t there tonight. The crowd chanted “Triple Threat” The crowd applauded when Gargano asked for the match to be made a Triple Threat.

5 - -Open the Freedom Gate Champion JOHNNY GARGANO vs. SAMURAI DEL SOL vs. CHUCK TAYLOR – Three Way Elimination match

Gargano and Del Sol had a great exchange during the early stages of the match with Taylor bailing to the outside. Gargano eventually fired up on Del Sol and hit a neckbreaker. Taylor tried to interfere, but Gargano got up and chased him. Del Sol ended up dropkicking Gargano to the floor. Taylor and Del Sol went at it at a rapid pace. Del Sol tied up Taylor in a leg submission on the mat, but Taylor got the ropes. Del Sol went for a dive on Taylor, but Gargano cut him off with a slingshot spear. He then wiped out Taylor with a dive through the ropes and the crowd popped. Del Sol fired back and hit a falcon arrow on Gargano for a 2 count. Taylor immediately ran in and attacked Del Sol from behind. Gargano tried to get back in the ring, but Taylor booted him back to the floor. Del Sol leapt up from the mat and rolled up Taylor with a headscissors takedown for a 2 count.

I’ll do my best there’s a lot going on here with some awesome three-way exchanges. Taylor ended up powerbombing Del Sol into Gargano in the corner. He covered Del Sol, but only got a 2 count. Del Sol hit a crazy hurricanrana on Taylor from the apron. He then wiped out Taylor with a dive to the outside and the crowd popped. Gargano went for a dive, but Del Sol nailed him with a kick. Del Sol went for a springboard, but Gargano countered it into a spinebuster. Gargano hit a big kick to the head on Del Sol. Taylor then tossed Gargano to the floor before pinning Del Sol for the elimination.

With Del Sol out of the picture, Taylor begged off when he realized it was now a one-on-one match. Gargano lit up Taylor with lefts and rights in the corner before putting the boots to Taylor. Gargano nailed Taylor with a dropkick and he rolled to the outside. Gargano followed Taylor to the outside and nailed him with a big slap to the face. Gargano ended up hitting a body slam on the floor and the crowd popped. Gargano went for a bulldog on the outside, but Taylor countered it into a belly-to-back suplex on the apron. Taylor continued to work over Gargano inside the ring as the crowd booed. Taylor targeted Gargano’s back and applied a body scissors submission. Gargano struggled, but eventually got the ropes. The crowd booed as Taylor put the boots to Gargano’s back in the corner. Taylor grabbed a chinlock and the crowd booed again. The crowd tried to rally behind Gargano, who fought free and nailed Taylor with a slap to the face. Gargano hit a rolling kick on Taylor a short time later and followed up with a springboard splash. The then hit a running senton out to the floor, but was slow to capitalize because of Taylor’s work on his back.

Gargano caught Taylor with a powerbomb after Taylor went for a leap frog for a 2 count. Gargano transitioned right into the Gargano escape, but Taylor quickly got the ropes. Taylor left the ring and walked to the back. Gargano went after him and brought him back to the ring. Gargano grabbed his back and Taylor nailed him with an elbow. Gargano went for a slingshot spear, but Taylor turned it into a backbreaker. He then hit the Orton DDT on Gargano for a 2 count. Taylor went for a moonsault, but Gargano got out of the way. Gargano was really slow to get to his feet, but he got up and hit a dropkick on Taylor in the corner. Gargano followed up with the lawn dart and a superkick, but Taylor kicked out at the last second. Both men were slow to get up as the crowd tried to rally behind Gargano.

Taylor and Gargano countered their finishers. Gargano hit a judo throw and rolled right into the Gargano escape, but Taylor rolled through into a half crab. Gargano struggled, but ended up getting the ropes. Taylor slapped Gargano across the face. Gargano spit at Taylor. Taylor brought Gargano to his feet and slapped him. Gargano finally fired back with a slap, but ended up collapsing because of his back. Both men began exchanging blows. Gargano collapsed to his knee again. Gargano no-sold a pair of kicks from Taylor and hit a discus lariat that left both men down on the mat. Gargano’s back gave out when he went for hurts don’t it. Taylor applied the half crab. Gargano crawled towards the ropes, but Taylor dragged him to the middle of the ring. The crowd chanted “please don’t tap” at Gargano. The ref checked Gargano’s arms and rang the bell after his arm went down for the third time.

Winner: Chuck Taylor

Star rating: (***1/2) – The match got off to a hot start with Del Sol involved. The crowd seemed into the match at times, but I can’t help but think this would get over more in front of a different crowd, which has seemed dead outside of the beginning of the show. Taylor and Gargano told a really good story here and if this is the first chapter of their feud, I’ll take it as Taylor worked on Gargano’s back and drew boos throughout the match.

Leonard interviewed Taylor after the match. Taylor is now the wins leader in EVOLVE. Taylor said the Gentleman’s Club loves to win and he walked to the back. The ref checked on Gargano as the show went to intermission.

Caleb Konley came out with Larry Dallas. Scott Reed didn’t make it into Canada. They only have one woman this time. The woman grinded on Dallas and Konley on the apron before Dallas and Konley exchanged a high five.

6 - - CALEB KONLEY (w/Larry Dallas & Leah) vs. ADAM PAGE

The fans heckled Konley. They did some chain wrestling to begin the match. Leonard mentioned EVOLVE 12 and 13 would be coming up next month from North Carolina. Page and Konley went back and forth and came to a stalemate. Konley hit a back chop on Page and ran out of the ring. Page chased Konley and caught him with a punch as he came off the ropes. Page hit a backdrop from the apron and Konley spilled to the floor. Page hit a running SSP off the apron to the floor and the crowd popped. Page charged at Konley moments later, but got hip tossed into the turnbuckles. Konley went to work on Page before slamming him to the mat by his hair. Konley countered Page moments later and hit a wheel barrow into a lung blower for a 2 count. Page hit a big chop and went to work on Konley. The fans chanted under age at Leah. Page went up top, but Konley crotched him. Konley then hit a nice delayed superplex, but he only got a 2 count.

Konley got frustrated after Page kicked out. Page flipped out of a suplex and rolled up Konley for a 2 count. Page fired up on Konley with chops. He then hit a powerslam, but only got a 2 count. Konley nicely countered a clothesline and swept Page’s legs out from under him. Konley then hit a standing senton for a 2 count. Both men struggled to gain the advantage in the middle of the ring. Page eventually got Konley up on his shoulders before dropping him head-first over his knee for a 2 count. Konley ducked a clothesline and hit a big punch. He then slammed Page to the canvas before locking in a nasty leg/arm combination submission for the win.

Winner: Caleb Konley – This was a good showcase for Konley, who looked good against Page. They had some nice exchanges and Page looked good in his debut.

Konley and Dallas grinded around Leah after the match before heading to the back.

Generico vs. Ki is up next. Generico came out to the slow generic music. It’s too bad they are still using this music in EVOLVE, as Generico would have likely gotten a big pop coming out originally to his own music. The crowd chanted for Generico. The music stopped and the fans chanted for Ki. Of course, Ki came out to his own music and not the generic music that Generico used.


Ki backed Generico into the corner, but backed away after teasing a chop. Generico backed Ki into the corner and teased a chop. He then wound up and hit a huge chop on Ki. The crowd chanted for Generico before both men locked up again. Leonard said they would have Generico on future shows if his schedule allowed him to make appearances. Ki grounded Generico and went on the attack. Ki grabbed a headlock, but Generico managed to back him into the corner. Generico backed away, but gave Ki a small shoved before doing so. They circled before Ki too Generico down and slapped away at the back of Generico’s head. Ki went for a cross-arm breaker, but Ki turned it into a pinning combination. Ki kicked out, but held on and Generico had to get the ropes to break the hold. Ki stayed on his back and tried to bait Generico into taking his leg. Generico finally got on top of Ki, but Ki grabbed a triangle. Ki then rolled over and hit several strikes from the mount on Generico. Ki grabbed a headlock and the crowd began clapping. The pace picked up and Generico eventually caught Ki with a leg lariat off the ropes and the crowd applauded.

Generico and Ki began exchanging chops. Ki hit a chop and a suplex, but only got a 2 count. Ki then applied a headscissors on the mat. Generico got the ropes, but Ki greeted him with a big chop when he got to his feet. Ki tossed Generico to the outside and went to work on Generico. Ki then set up Generico on the stairs and nailed him with a running dropkick. They ended up back inside the ring where Ki continued to assault Generico with chops. Ki grabbed a body scissors on the mat. The crowd chanted for Generico, who struggled towards the ropes. Generico eventually got the ropes. Ki lit up Generico with a couple of big chops. Generico fired back with several forearms. Ki hit a mule kick and charged at Generico, but he pulled the ropes down and Ki spilled to the outside. Generico got a running start and nailed Ki with a big flip dive and the crowd applauded and sang Generico’s theme. Generico went up top and nailed Ki with a big splash inside the ring for a 2 count. The crowd applauded as Generico held the advantage. Generico no-sold a knee lift from Ki and hit a blue thunder powerbomb for a 2 count. The fans clapped as Generico set up for a running Yokuza kick, but Ki got his foot up. Ki caught Generico with a dragon sleeper a short time later. Generico struggled to get the ropes, but eventually got them. They should have shown the hold from a different angle because it looked very light. Ki tried to grab another dragon sleeper, but Ki drove him into the corner. Generico then lifted Ki up all in one motion and hit a falcon arrow for a nearfall.

The fans chanted for Generico as Ki struggled to get up in the corner. Generico went for another yokuza kick in the corner, but Ki got out of the way. Generico sold his knee after connecting with the turnbuckles. Ki went back to work on Generico with strikes. Generico collapsed to the mat and the ref began the 10 count. Generico got to his feet and Ki nailed him with a big kick. Generico told Ki to bring it on and he nailed him with another big kick. Generico fell to his knees and Ki hit him with a big kick to the chest, but Generico kicked out. The fans chanted for Generico as he struggled to get to his feet. Ki went for a running dropkick in the corner, but Generico got out of the way. Generico hit the running Yokuza kick in the corner. The crowd fired up as Generico placed Ki on the top rope. Ki managed to slip away at the last second. Generico collapsed after the spot and Ki hit the warrior’s way for the win.

Winner: Low Ki

Star rating: (***3/4) – A very good match. Both men had some big exchanges, but it didn’t quite get to the four-star level as they had just entered the higher gears before going to the finish.

Low Ki got on the mic after the match and said something that made the crowd boo. Generico was still down on the mat after Ki left. The fans chanted for Generico as the ref helped him to the back. That was odd for Ki to say something to cause the crowd to boo.

It’s main event time now. Callihan came down to the ring first to a good ovation. Finlay was out next to a big pop.


Callihan shoved Finlay during the early stages of the match. Finlay drove Callihan into the corner. Finlay went after Callihan, but eventually let him go. Finlay backed Callihan into the corner. Callihan nailed him with a slap to the face. Finlay stared at him before wiping him out with a big headbutt. Callihan came up bleeding from the forehead. Callihan hit another slap, but Finlay elbowed him off the apron to the floor with a big forearm. The crowd chanted for Finlay to f—k Callihan up. Finlay hit an elbow to Callihan’s nose and Callihan yelled at Finlay. Finlay hit a short clothesline on Callihan and covered him for a 2 count. Finlay dragged Callihan out to the apron and lifted him up before slamming him head-first onto the apron. The fans chanted for Finlay. Callihan flipped Finlay off on the floor, so Finlay chopped him down to the floor. A short time later, Finlay drove Callihan into the ringpost and the crowd applauded. Callihan tried to hit a series of chops on Finlay, but Finlay fired back and tossed Callihan into the ring. Finlay went to work on Callihan’s arm with several knee drops.

Finlay hit several chops in the corner. Callihan fired back with a headbutt and Finlay sold surprise before sweeping Callihan’s leg and applying a leg submission. Finlay continued to work over Callihan’s leg, but Callihan grabbed a chinlock. Finlay managed to hold onto the submission, but Callihan mounted Finlay and tied up his arm. Callihan began driving big forearms down on Finlay’s back. Callihan began slamming Finlay with Forearms over and over. He then covered Finlay, but only got a 2 count. The crowd chanted for Finlay, who had a small cut on his forehead. Finlay turned the tables on Callihan and tossed him into the turnbuckles. Callihan fired back and hit a knee lift to ground Finlay. He tied up Finlay’s legs and slammed them down to the mat. Finlay sold pain before Callihan covered him for a one count. Callihan continued to focus on Finlay’s leg. He then went after Finlay’s arm before nailing him with a couple of chops.

Finlay fired back with a big forearm out of nowhere to ground Callihan. Finlay whipped Callihan chest-first into the turnbuckles and he collapsed to the mat. Callihan managed to duck a charge in the corner and he nailed Finlay with a kick for a 2 count. The crowd fired up as Callihan and Finlay regrouped. Callihan ducked a punch on the apron and nailed Finlay with a kick. Callihan then sent Finlay to the floor with a diving lariat off the second rope. Callihan ended up finished off the sequence with a dive through the ropes, as the crowd died down again. The crowd finally fired up as Callihan went on the attack. Callihan went up top, but Finlay tossed him to the floor. The crowd began chanting for Finlay, who rolled to the outside to resume the attack. Finlay nailed Callihan with a big kick to the back and the crowd gasped. Finlay tossed Callihan back into the ring. Finlay picked up Callihan and slammed him right into the bottom rope. That looked brutal. Finlay lifted Callihan and slammed him into the ropes again. Callihan screamed and sold his legs. Finlay went to work on Callihan’s leg with a kick on the mat. Finlay continued to kick at Callihan’s leg before slamming it into the ringpost. Finlay slammed Callihan’s leg into the post again before entering the ring.

Finlay applied a modified half crab. He then stepped on Callihan’s head while applying the hold. The crowd chanted for Callihan to tap. Callihan struggled, but ended up getting the ropes. It’s fascinating how every strike from Finlay manages to look brutally painful. They battled up top. Callihan tried to fight his way out. Callihan went for a sunset bomb, but Finlay nailed him with a punch. Callihan then slipped out and nailed Finlay’s legs with a kick and he spilled to the floor. Callihan went for the stretch muffler, but he pushed Callihan through the ropes and onto a table at ringside. Finlay dragged Callihan back into the ring and hit the air raid crash, but Callihan kicked out at one. Finlay lifted Callihan up again for a second air raid crash and then a third before covering Callihan for a nearfall. The fans fired up and chanted this is awesome. Finlay went for a tombstone, but Callihan countered. Finlay then hit a big clothesline and the fans began chanting for Finlay. Finlay went for the tombstone and hit it, but Callihan kicked out at the last second and the crowd gasped.

Callihan flipped off Finlay, who lifted him again. Callihan slipped away from another tombstone and hit a big kick to the back of Finlay’s head. Finlay fired back with a kick of his own. Both men then hit simultaneous kicks before collapsing to the mat. The crowd clapped as both men got to the feet. They both connected with running kicks at the same time again and went down to the mat. The crowd began clapping as both men were slow to get up. Both men got up and hit running kicks at the same time again before collapsing to the mat. The ref began his count again. The crowd began to fire up as the ref counted. Both men kicked at each other from the mat. Finlay went for a backslide out of nowhere, but Callihan kicked out. Callihan went for the stretch muffler, but Finlay kicked out Callihan’s legs from his back and applied the cross-arm breaker. Callihan struggled, but Finlay dragged him away from the ropes and Callihan tapped out.

Winner: Fit Finlay

Star rating: (****1/2) – What a war. These two had a really excellent hard-hitting match with some great submission and technical wrestling thrown in. Finlay is so good at making every little thing count. Every strike, slam, and submission in this match looked brutal. The match really had a great pace bringing the crowd up and then slowing things down before picking the action back up again. Callihan showed some great fire before eventually tapping out in the end.

The crowd chanted for Finlay after the match. Leonard put over the performance of Callihan and Finlay and asked for his thoughts. Finlay told Callihan he needs to forget about Sabu and all of the other idiots. He told Sami he needs to get his head straight and take advantage of his wrestling abilities. Finlay yelled at Callihan to get up. Callihan managed to get to his feet and the crowd popped huge and chanted for him. Callihan got on the mic and said he didn’t have anything to say. Callihan then limped to the back. Finlay said Callihan just got beat by an old man. The crowd chanted for Finlay, who bowed to the fans.

Leonard signed off for the night plugging the EVOLVE events in May.

Overall thoughts: (7.0) – The crowd sounded red hot for the beginning of the show and then exited stage left for several matches full of mostly unknown talent. The matches weren’t bad or anything, but this show was lacking a headline match due to A.R. Fox being unable to get into Canada. The show picked up from there, but the crowd was just dead and it took a hell of an effort for the last two matches to get a response from the crowd.

The show picked up right before intermission with a very good Taylor-Gargano-Del Sol three-way elimination. They set a blazing pace before Del Sol was eliminated. The crowd was in and out of the match, but the action in the ring was really good with Taylor targeting Gargano’s back before eventually submitting him with a half crab.

Generico-Ki was very good, although Ki’s methodical pace took the crowd out of the match at times. The finish came out of nowhere as I was expecting Generico to take more of a beating to set up the finish. I wasn’t surprised that Ki won, but I was expecting more out of this match even though it was very good.

The main event saved the show and woke the crowd up as Callihan and Finlay had another brutal fight in the ring. When Callihan and Finlay are in the ring, it looks more realistic than the other matches on the card. They have really good chemistry and everything Finlay does looks brutal. Callihan bladed early and it added to the match as he showed great fire before going down to Finlay.

There was nothing that was bad on the show. The undercard didn’t hold up, but the show got appreciably better beginning with Gargano-Del Sol-Taylor. The mic work was mixed tonight with it being hard to hear what some of the wrestlers were saying. I was confused as to why Ki heeled on Generico after their match on the mic. Taylor really needed a strong promo after beating Gargano, but instead he said something goofy. Their feud just want attract as much attention as it could unless Gargano takes a more serious tone on the mic.

I thought maybe we would hear more about EVOLVE bringing in a singles title, but there was no mention of it on the show. Technically the show worked fine and there was enough on the second half of the show to give it a sold recommendation.

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