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RADICAN'S EVOLVE 13 iPPV REPORT- Live coverage of event from Concord, N.C.

May 12, 2012 - 8:52:03 PM

By Sean Radican, Torch columnist

MAY 12, 2012

1 - - A.R. FOX vs. SAMURAY DEL SOL vs. RICOCHET vs. JIGSAW – Winner receives Open the Freedom Gate Title shot later tonight

Ricochet and Jigsaw kicked things off. Gargano is in on commentary. They both tagged out and Del Sol and Fox went at it. The venue looks much better tonight and although the crowd isn’t huge, they are loud. Del Sol sent fox to the outside and teased a dive, but ended up bouncing back into the ring off the ropes. The pace picked up big-time with Jigsaw and Ricochet going at it inside the ring. Jigsaw finally ended the exchange with a dropkick that popped the crowd. Ricochet fired back on Jigsaw and grounded him. He tagged in Fox, who continued to work over Jigsaw. Jigsaw ended up being forced out of the ring and Fox and Ricochet went at it. That was strange. The pace picked up again as people took turns hitting springboards on Fox. Jigsaw went for a cover, but it got broken up.

Ricochet worked over Fox before tagging in Del Sol, who grabbed a cross-arm breaker. Fox rolled over, but Del Sol modified the submission. Fox finally got the ropes and Jigsaw tagged himself into the match. Ricochet got a blind-tag on Jigsaw, who was mad. Ricochet continued the work on Fox’s arm as Gargano put over his potential opponents. Fox tried to fire back, but Ricochet caught him by surprise with an ace crusher. Fox finally tagged out and Jigsaw went at it with Del Sol. The action broke down and Fox hit a missile dropkick on Ricochet. Fox hit a dropkick, but Ricochet no-sold it and surprised him with a neckbreaker. Ricochet followed up with a big springboard lariat moments later for a nearfall.

Fox finally caught Ricochet with a DDT, but only got a 2 count. Everyone ran into the ring and hit moves. Fox capped the exchange with a code breaker on Del Sol and the crowd exploded. The amazing moves from Del Sol continued as he hit a reverse hurricanrana on Fox. Fox spilled to the floor and Del Sol hit an insane dive to the outside to wipe out Fox. Ricochet took Jigsaw down and went up top, but Jigsaw cut him off. Ricochet pushed Jigsaw off. Jigsaw hit a German on Del Sol. Ricochet then hit a SSP press on Jigsaw, but Fox broke it up and the crowd erupted again. Fox caught Ricochet with a spinning brainbuster, but Jigsaw broke up the pin. Another big exchange saw Del Sol finish with a 450 out of nowhere on Fox, but he kicked out at the last second. Gargano said he was shaking in his boots due to the efforts of the men in the ring. Fox caught Del Sol with a kick up top. He then hit Lo Mein Pain for the win.

Winner: A.R. Fox

Star rating: (***3/4) – This was simply excellent non-stop action throughout the match. Everyone was impressive, especially Del Sol, who is becoming one of my favorites lately. The crowd was hot for the match as well.

Leonard interviewed Fox, who said he was going to take all of his momentum and capture the Open the Freedom Gate title. The fans chanted for Fox as he left the ring.


Paige asked for a handshake, but Young put a beating on him. He told Paige he doesn’t shake hands with punks. Young continued to put a beating on Paige. Paige finally fired back with some chops. He then hit a standing SSP on Young for a 2 count. Young hit a full-nelson bomb and held on with a submission, but Paige wouldn’t let go. Young hit a series of forearms on Paige. He told Paige to give up, but he wouldn’t. The ref finally called for the bell.

Winner: Silas Young – That was different with Young putting a beating on Paige and forcing the ref to make him tap. Impressive showing from Young.

Young said he was sick of the other wrestlers caring about what the internet says instead of kicking a--. He said he was going to get even more aggressive.

Caleb Konley came out with a girl and Jonny Fairplay. Konley made out with the girl. Fairplay and Konley then double teamed the girl on the apron

3 - - CALEB KONLEY (w/Jonny Fairplay & Amanda) vs. KYLE MATTHEWS

Chuck Taylor is in on commentary. He said he was never friends with Gargano. Matthews worked over Konley’s arm. Konley fired back and snapped Matthews’s neck over the top rope. Fairplay taunted Matthews. Konley then drove Matthews back-first into the apron. Konley grabbed a chinlock as Fairplay worked the fans at ringside. Taylor said he had no idea who the kid was that he’s wrestling tonight. Matthews tried to fire back, but Konley hit a lariat and a diving senton for a 2 count. Konley continued to work over Matthews as Taylor admired his trunks. Konley grabbed a cravat and Fairplay told a fan they had never seen anything like that before.

Matthews hit a chinbreaker and a hurricanrana. Matthews hit an enzuguri and modified DDT out of the corner for a nearfall. The crowd clapped as Matthews continued to work over Konley. Konley fired back with a rolling elbow and a leg trap suplex for a nearfall. Matthews ducked a charge from Konley and hit a big dropkick in the corner for a 2 count. Konley crotched Matthews up top moments later. Matthews shoved him to the mat and connected with a missile dropkick. Konley caught him with a spinebuster off the ropes. Konley followed up with a leg/arm trap submission for the win.

Winner: Caleb Konley

Star rating: (**1/2) – A good showing for both men here. Matthews looked good and Konley continues to improve in the ring.

Jake Manning got a pop coming out and Leonard said it was shocking to see him get a pop. Taylor told Leonard that Manning is awesome. Reynolds didn’t get much of a response coming out.


They exchanged holds before coming to a stalemate and Manning consulted his manual. Taylor informed the fans at home the other information available in Manning’s manual. Reynolds grounded Manning coming off the mat and grabbed a headlock. Manning got the ropes and Reynolds offered a break. Manning called for a timeout and consulted his handbook. Taylor told him to check page 22. Manning hit a kick to the gut and put the boots to Reynolds in the corner. Reynolds fired back with a backdrop. Reynolds picked up the pace and went to town on Manning. Manning backdropped Reynolds to the outside.

He drove Reynolds back-first into the apron. Manning then tossed Reynolds back into the ring and hit a delayed vertical suplex. Reynolds tried to fire back, but Manning caught him with a running knee and applied a headlock. Reynolds fought to his feet, but Manning slammed him to the mat by his hair. Manning grabbed another chinlock on the mat. Reynolds drove Manning into the corner, but he held on to the hold. Reynolds drove him into the corner, but Manning still held on. Reynolds caught Manning with a knee as he charged him near the ropes. Reynolds then hit a back elbow to take Manning down. Reynolds hit a jumping knee that sent Manning to the outside. Reynolds faked a dive to the outside, but caught Manning with a springboard that didn’t connect cleanly because he slipped. Taylor said Manning would never try something like that.

Manning countered a code breaker attempt. He tried to catapult Reynolds into the corner, but he landed on his feet and connected with a code breaker off the second rope. Reynolds went up top, but Manning cut him off. Manning connected with a butterfly suplex off the top and the crowd popped. Manning took down his straps and the crowd applauded. They exchanged nearfalls out of the backslide position. Reynolds hit a stunner out of the suplex position to get the win.

Winner: Alex Reynolds

Star rating: (**1/4) – The match dragged in portions as Manning did a lot of stalling and grabbed several chinlocks. The action picked up down the stretch with both men hitting some nice maneuvers. Manning was over in North Carolina where he wrestles frequently.

Jon Davis came out to a small reaction. Low Ki came out to a good pop to his own music instead of the on hold music typically used in EVOLVE.

5 - - LOW KI vs. JON DAVIS

Davis drove Ki into the corner, but offered a clean break. Ki drove Davis in the corner, but ended up offering a clean break. Davis hit some clubbing blows on Ki. Leonard wondered why Ki was able to come out to his own music in EVOLVE. Davis drove Ki into the corner, but offered a clean break. Ki caught Davis with a kick out of the corner and hit a big running forearm. Ki hit several punches on Davis in the corner. Ki went for a suplex, but couldn’t lift Davis. Ki let go of Davis and nailed him with a big chop. Davis fired back and shoved Ki face-first into the turnbuckles. Davis hit a big slam on Ki as Leonard put over his power. Davis hit a big forearm on Ki in the corner as the crowd tried to rally behind him. Ki fired back with several strikes and charged at Davis, but he dropped him throat-first over the top rope. Davis then nailed Ki with a buckle bomb and covered Ki for a 2 count.

Davis grounded Ki and worked over both arms in a surfboard variation. Ki got to his feet, but Davis nailed him with a clubbing blow. Davis charged at Ki on the apron, but Ki nailed him with a kick to the stomach. The crowd began to clap as Ki went up top and hit a doublestomp on Davis, who spilled to the outside. Ki took some time to regroup with Davis down on the outside. Ki finally went to the outside and slammed Davis’s head into the apron. Ki nailed Davis with several blows to the mid-section. He then nailed Davis with a big chop against the guardrail and the crowd gasped. Ki tossed Davis back into the ring and covered him for a 1 count. Ki continued to struggle to regain his faculties. He kicked Davis several times capped by a kick to the head, but only got a 2 count. Davis fired back with some forearms. Both men began trading forearms. Ki nailed Davis with a kick. Davis ducked a kick, but Ki caught him with a second attempt. Ki went for a handspring into the corner, but Davis ran out and nailed him with a huge spinebuster for a nearfall.

The crowd gasped as Ki tried to recover. Davis lifted Ki over his head, but Ki slipped out and applied a dragon sleeper. Davis began to fade. Ki let go of the hold and went for a Ki crusher. Davis reversed it and went for three seconds around the world, but Ki slipped out and hit a doublestomp for a good nearfall. That move pinned Jigsaw last night. The fans chanted for Ki as he went back on the attack. Ki went for the Ki crusher again, but Davis countered it into the jack hammer for a nearfall. Davis pounded on Ki’s back. Ki fired back with an uppercut. They began exchanging blows. Ki went for the Ki crusher, but took Davis down instead. Ki set up for a springboard, but Davis pounded him out of the ring.

Davis tossed Ki back inside the ring and covered him for a 2 count. Davis pounded the mat and the crowd fired up. Davis tried to lift Ki, but he grabbed the ropes. Davis hit a knee to the gut and put Ki on the top turnbuckle. Davis nailed Ki with a big punch. Ki tried to fight off a superplex. Ki nailed Davis with 2 big kicks to the face. Davis ended up hung upside down and Ki nailed him with a doublestomp off the top. Ki covered Davis and covered him for the win.

Winner: Low Ki

Star rating: (****1/4) – I can’t say enough about Davis’s performances against Finlay and Ki this weekend. At times, Davis looked downright dominant and Ki sold like a beast for Davis. Congratulations to both men for making believe Davis was going to win this thing. It was a hell of a match.

After the match, Leonard interviewed Ki, who is now the first man to be 4-0 in EVOLVE. Ki said he was in EVOLVE to compete at a high level. Ki said Davis proved his point today and the crowd applauded. Ki said he hadn’t wrestled a heavyweight in a long time and Davis was damn good. Ki sold his mid-section while cutting the promo. Ki said what’s the point of all these wins unless we’re aiming for something. Ki said EVOLVE needs a championship and the men in the company deserve a championship to fight for. Ki said today was the first step and he asked fans to join him on the journey to the first EVOVLE championship.


6 - - CHUCK TAYLOR (w/The Gentleman’s Club) vs. MIKE CRUZ

Cruz tripped Taylor and took him down. Cruz nailed Taylor with a big chop coming off the ropes and he went outside and hugged the Swamp Monster. Cruz teased a dive, but stopped. Cruz caught Taylor with a dropkick off the ropes back inside the ring a small group of men chanted for the Swamp Monster. Taylor caught Cruz with a suplex and posed for the crowd. Taylor put the boots to Cruz and hit him with a big slam. Taylor hit another big slam and flexed for the fans before covering Cruz for a 2 count. Taylor grabbed a headscissors on the mat. Taylor tripped Cruz and flexed while covering him for a 1 count. Taylor held onto a leg submission before letting it go and nailing Cruz with a backbreaker.

Taylor set up and hit a really slow springboard on Cruz. The crowd chanted holy s—t at the ridiculous spot. Cruz fired up and punched away at Taylor. Taylor caught him with a knee in the corner before hitting an uranagi for a 2 count. Taylor went for a moonsault, but Cruz got out of the way. Cruz nailed Taylor with an enzuguri in the corner. He followed up with a springboard blockbuster of a short time later for a 2 count.

Taylor fired back with sole food, but Cruz caught him coming off the ropes with a combination of kicks. Cruz then hit a big German for a nearfall. The crowd clapped as Cruz went on the attack. Taylor rolled through on Cruz and applied a half crab. Cruz struggled, but got the ropes to break the hold. Cruz countered the awful waffle and hit a variation of an ace crusher. He went for a swanton, but Taylor got his knees up. Taylor followed up with the awful waffle for the pin.

Winner: Chuck Taylor

Star rating: (**1/4) – Taylor doesn’t carry himself like someone I want to see challenge for the title. He’s a heel, but he does so many comedy spots and makes funny noises during his match that it’s hard to take him seriously at all. Once again, Cruz looked good at times here.

Leonard interviewed Taylor after the match. Leonard said Taylor has the most wins in EVOLVE. Taylor said he’s also the most handsome man in EVOLVE. Taylor said he had heard about Ki trying to get a belt in EVOLVE. Taylor said that belt would look good on his mantel. Taylor said he was going home with Swamp Monster and Manning.

El Generico came out to a good response from the crowd. Sami Callihan came out to a chorus of boos.


Both men glared at each other and didn’t move. Callihan charged at Generico, who tripped him and nearly got the win. Low Ki came in with Leonard on commentary. Generico took Callihan down and covered him for a 2 count. Ki wondered if Generico had taken his advice to heart from the previous night. Callihan backed Generico into the corner and teased hitting him, but offered a clean break instead. Ki said Generico had just gotten punked by Callihan. Generico backed Callihan into the corner and teased nailing him with a chop. Generico then nailed Generico with a huge chop. He backed Callihan into the corner again, but Callihan stomped on his foot. Callihan mounted Generico on the mat. The crowd clapped in support of Generico, but Callihan drove his head into the mat. Callihan drove a big forearm into Generico’s head from the mount position.

Callihan continued to dish out punishment, but he couldn’t get the pin on Generico. Callihan pushed Generico against the ropes and nailed him with a series of strikes. Generico fired back and nailed Callihan with a vicious slam and the crowd applauded. Ki said Callihan’s style in the ring would result in a shorter career. Ki then talked about Davis and said he was one of the few heavyweights in EVOLVE. Generico nailed Callihan with a big chop before hitting a backbreaker on Callihan for a 2 count. Generico continued to put a beating on Callihan wresting a very physical style. Callihan fired back and caught Generico with an ace crusher over the top rope. Callihan sent Generico to the outside and nailed him with a forearm through the ropes to the outside.

Ki talked about how both men need to not waste any time in the ring. Callihan tossed Generico back to the outside and slammed him into the guardrail on the outside. Callihan followed up with a big slam on the concrete. Callihan went back to the ring as the ref continued to count. Generico struggled towards the ring, but managed to beat the count. Callihan tossed Generico to the outside again and hit an exploder onto the timekeeper. Ki said Generico can’t take much more of this. Generico began rolling around on the outside as the crowd began chanting for him. Generico barely beat the count and Callihan couldn’t believe it.

The fans began clapping in support of Generico, but Callihan nailed him with a running kick. Callihan set up in the corner and hit another running kick on Generico in the corner. Ki said Callihan was wasting too much time and asked whether Callihan wanted to win or not. Generico caught Callihan by surprise with an exploder into the turnbuckles, but he couldn’t cover Callihan. The ref began counting for both men that were down in the ring. Both men began trading blows in the middle of the ring. Generico fired up and hit a flurry of offense on Callihan. Callihan got his boot up on Generico as he went for the running Yokuza kick in the corner. Callihan went up top, but Generico nailed him with a surprise Yokuza kick and Callihan spilled to the floor. Generico hit a huge running flip dive over the top and the crowd applauded. Generico finally tossed Callihan back into the ring. He went up top as the crowd applauded and hit a cross body, but Callihan kicked out at the last second. Ki said Generico shouldn’t be playing to the crowd.

Callihan struggled to get to his feet. Generico set up for a running kick in the corner, but Callihan nailed him with a bicycle kick. Callihan charged at Generico in the corner, but ate an elbow. Generico fired back and hit a tornado DDT for a nearfall after quickly covering Callihan. Generico glared as he kneeled next to Callihan. Callihan blocked a suplex attempt. He then hit a shoulder breaker and a superkick to the knee. Callihan covered Generico, but only got a 2 count. The fans began to rally behind Generico, who was down on the mat. Callihan began working over Generico’s leg. He went for a diving forearm, but Generico blocked it with a kick. Callihan then caught Generico with a big clothesline for a nearfall. Generico caught Callihan with a boot to the arm as he came off the ropes. Callihan nailed Generico with a big boot to the face. Generico then fired back with a blue thunder powerbomb for a nearfall. The crowd applauded with both men down. One boy chanted that the match was awesome. Several people joined him.

Generico sold his leg while setting up for a move off the top. Callihan popped up and hit a superkick to Generico’s knee. Callihan then went up top and hit a dive on Generico’s knee. Callihan applied the stretch muffler. Callihan then applied a body scissors. Generico struggled, but got the ropes. Callihan nailed Generico with a running kick in the corner, but Generico hit a Yokuza kick in the corner. Callihan countered a brainbuster into the stretch muffler. Generico managed to roll up Callihan for a nearfall. He caught Callihan by surprise with a Michinoku driver for a 2 count. The child chanted the match was awesome. He was joined by a man with a deep voice. Generico went for the brainbuster, but Callihan dropped down. Generico hit a double underhook suplex and a brainbuster for the pin.

Winner: El Generico

Star rating: (****) – Awesome match that would have played out better in front of a bigger crowd. I don’t know if the audio dropped or not, but the crowd sounded louder after the match without the announcers talking. Both men were very intense during this match and put forth a fantastic effort here.

Leonard interviewed Generico after the match. Generico said “Si” to Leonard after he asked him about his tough match. Leonard referenced Low ki. Generico asked Ki if he thought he’s not as good as he and the fans think. The fans clapped. Generico said tonight he was pretty good. Generico said he was good because he beat Callihan. Callihan jumped Generico after the match. Leonard told Callihan he can’t do that in EVOLVE. Leonard begged Callihan to listen to reason. Callihan attacked an official. Ki ran in and shoved him off the official. Callihan told Ki he’ll touch whoever he wants. Callihan sold frustration before heading to the back.

Generico got to his feet and the crowd applauded. He stood in the ring with Low Ki. The fans chanted for Generico. Both men then bailed from the ring.

It’s time for the main event with Fox taking on Gargano for the Open the Freedom Gate Championship. Fox got a good reaction coming out. Leonard said this match has no impact on EVOVLE records. Gargano and Fox came out to their own music. Gargano also got a good reaction coming out. Leonard did the formal ring introductions. Fox got a good pop when introduced. Gargano got a slightly bigger ovation.

8 - - Open the Freedom Gate Champion JOHNNY GARGANO vs. A.R. Fox –Open the Freedom Gate title match

Fox bailed to the outside and confronted Gargano. Both men began shoving each other. Fox caught Gargano a short time later with a dropkick and followed up with a sick splash over the top to the outside. Fox went up top for a legdrop on the apron, but Gargano got out of the way. Gargano then nailed Fox with three dives to the outside. That spot just bothers me in that I don’t get why a move that takes that kind of timing needs to be done three times. Gargano rolled Fox back into the ring and covered him for a 2 count. Gargano continued to work over Fox and he followed a flurry of offense with a dropkick to the back of the head for a 2 count. Gargano worked over Fox with a submission on the mat, but Fox fought free. Gargano hit a big slam and continued on the attack. Gargano hit a belly-to-back suplex on Fox for a 2 count.

Gargano applied an abdominal stretch as the pace of the match slowed. Fox tried to fire back and eventually hit a springboard ace crusher. Both men were down, but Fox nailed Gargano with a skin the cat dropkick in the corner. Fox followed up with a SSP bomb in the corner, but didn’t get much of a reaction. Gargano was slow to get up in the corner. Gargano tried to fire back, but ate a DVD. Fox then hit a big swanton for a 2 count. Leonard compared Fox’s recent run to the Giants recent Superbowl run. Gargano fired back and hit a springboard DDT for a 2 count. Gargano applied the Gargano escape, but Fox got the ropes. The crowd clapped as both men regrouped. Fox caught Gargano with a chinbreaker moments later and Gargano spilled to the outside. Fox called for some crowd support and went for a dive, but Gargano avoided it. They exchanged counters, but Fox finally nailed him with an enzuguri. Fox then hit a sliced bread #2 on the apron and the crowd popped big chanting for Fox.

Fox set up for a springboard and nailed Gargano with the inverted 450, but it didn’t get much of a response because he fell a little short. Gargano still managed to catch him. The crowd fired up as Fox nailed Gargano with a springboard 450 back inside the ring for a nearfall. Both men were down after the kickout. Both men got to their knees and traded blows. They got to their feet and continued to trade blows. Both men traded running boots. Gargano ended up catching Fox coming off the ropes. He hit the lawn dart and a superkick. Gargano went for hurts don’t it, but Fox hit a twisting brainbuster and the crowd went nuts with both men down on the mat. The crowd chanted “This is awesome” as both men struggled to get to their feet.

Fox hit a big kick on Gargano in the corner. Fox went for Lo Mein Pain, but Gargano countered it. Gargano got a rollup for a 2 count. Fox fought off the Gargano Escape and went for a springboard, but Gargano caught him and went right into the Gargano escape. Fox struggled as Gargano applied pressure, but Fox got the ropes. The crowd was slow to react, but fired up again. The crowd began chanting for Gargano, who got up and hit a heat seeking missile in the corner. Gargano followed up with a second HSM in the corner. Gargano put Fox on the top rope. Fox tried to fight back. He got Gargano on his shoulders and hit a DVD off the top. Fox followed up with the emerald frozien for another nearfall and the crowd popped. Fox went up top again and went for a 450, but Gargano nailed him with a superkick and hurts don’t it, but Fox kicked out at the last second.

Gargano questioned the ref and sold frustration. Gargano lifted Fox and hit another hurts donut. Gargano locked in the Gargano escape as the crowd chanted for Fox to tap. Fox struggled, but finally tapped.

Winner: Johnny Gargano

Star rating: (****) – This was an excellent match that the crowd really exploded for at time during the second half. The first half was a bit slow, but Fox and Gargano did a great job of picking up steam during the second half of the match. A heck of a night for Fox, who was in two really good matches in one night.

After the match, Leonard interviewed Gargano. Leonard put over Fox for his performance and the crowd chanted his name. Gargano got on the mic and said he might have retained his title, but Fox is the definition of a champion. Fox shook hands and the crowd applauded. Fox bailed and Leonard said Gargano had a lot on his mind coming into this weekend and to come away with the title tonight was a huge accomplishment. Gargano said being a professional wrestler and having the title means the world to him. Gargano said he’s proud of one other thing. He said he’s proud to pour his heart out to these fans that deserve the best that money can buy. Gargano said there’s someone in the building right now. He said there’s a little girl named Peyton. (I wrote a take about Gargano’s relationship with her last month and she called into the Livecast on Wednesday.) Gargano brought Peyton into the ring. He said her father contacted him online and told him that she had written a school paper about Gargano. Peyton appeared to be hyperventilating. The fans chanted for Peyton.

Gargano quoted Peyton’s paper and told her that she’s special. He said he shared her paper that she wrote for school with everyone. Gargano told Peyton that sharing her paper with everyone was the most important thing he’s done. Gargano said right now this moment is about Peyton and she is his Open the Freedom Gate Champion. Gargano then gave her the title. Gargano asked for his song to be played and Peyton would do his pose. Peyton stood on the chair with Gargano’s title and posed with his title as Gargano ran around her. Peyton got on the turnbuckles and then high-fived Gargano. Gargano closed the show thanking the fans for coming out.

Overall thoughts: (8.5) – Hard to collect my thoughts after what I saw tonight. The venue looked much better and the crowd was more vocal than last night. They really brought the heat for the main event and Fox deserves credit for really getting the crowd to make a ton of noise during the main event.

The show started off hot with a great Four-way to determine who would face Gargano later in the night. Fox came out on top, but I continue to be impressed with Del Sol. Speaking of impressive, Jon Davis had a hell of a match with Low Ki that was different from Ki’s other matches to the point where Davis dominated him so much at times that I was expecting him to win. These two guys brought it in this match and Davis had a huge weekend in EVOLVE.

The other two matches worth touching on are the semi-main and main events. Generico-Callihan was really intense and Ki did a great job on commentary putting forth what was on the line for both men with Leonard keeping up his end of the bargain. Generico and Callihan both needed a win badly and they wrestled like they needed a win. The crowd seemed into the match, but I don’t know if the sound got lower during the match or not, so I’ll need to see the final edit. Callihan beat down Generico after the match and then put his hands on the EVOVLE officials, so it’s likely that he’s going to be on the sideline per EVOVLE rules. Either way a great match, but the small crowd didn’t really bring a ton of noise until the main event.

Gargano-Fox put on a heck of a main event. It started slow, but things really picked up during the last 2/3 and the crowd really got into the action, which saw Fox nearly have the match in hand several times before falling short. This is a match well-worth checking out. The post-match with Gargano bringing in the little girl who wrote a school paper about Gargano being her hero, which I wrote about last month was one of the most touching things I’ve ever seen in wrestling. What a great gesture by Gargano and I’m sure Peyton will never forget this night.

The show was in a better looking venue with a hotter crowd tonight, which made a difference. Although the crowd was small, they really got into the action at times, especially during the main event. I still think that the timing was off in terms of EVOLVE expanding this way and the attendance showed that, but these guys busted their butts tonight. There was also a great deal of storyline progression and everything was capped off by a heck of a main event. Gargano, Taylor, and Low Ki all filled in well on commentary. Ki is especially good in getting over the sporting aspect of EVOLVE. Check out this show.

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-Decades of Torch Talk insider interviews in transcript and audio formats with big name stars.


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