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RADICAN'S DGUSA "FEARLESS 2012" iPPV REPORT 11/2 - virtual time results from Everett, Mass.

Nov 2, 2012 - 10:20:58 PM

By Sean Radican, Torch columnist

NOVEMBER 2, 2012

The lights went momentarily after Gargano made his entrance. EITA then came out for his debut match in DGUSA

1 - - Open the Freedom Gate Champion Johnny Gargano vs. EITA – non-title match

Arda Ocal is on commentary filling in for Lenny Leonard. EITA dominated early, but Gargano went on the attack after he missed a chop on the outside and hit the ringpost. Gargano worked over EITA on the mat with a submission, but EITA fired back and regained the upper hand. Gargano managed to fight back and hit his signature rolling kick. Gargano hit a spear through the ropes a short time later and the crowd applauded. Gargano followed up with a tope through the ropes and the crowd chanted his name. EITA fired back and took Gargano down. They went back and forth and EITA connected with a springboard kick.

Gargano spilled to the floor and EITA hit a huge moonsault to the outside and the crowd applauded. EITA put Gargano over the second rope and hit a backwards springboard legdrop. EITA then hit a variation of the cop killer for a nearfall. That was ridiculous. EITA hit a springboard moonsault. He went up top for another moonsault, but Gargano got his knees up. Gargano hit a lawn dart a short time later. He followed up with a superkick, but EITA countered hurts don’t it into a rollup for a nearfall. Gargano got right up and hit the hurts don’t it. He followed up with the Gargano escape for the win.

Winner: Johnny Gargano

Star rating: (**3/4) – This was a solid opening match. EITA hit a sick modified cop killa on Gargano that really should have been saved for another time to protect the move. The crowd seems a bit tepid at this point, although some were into the action.

After the match, Gargano said the match the fans just saw is what DGUSA is all about referring to the fact he had heard about some first time fans being at the show. Gargano then put over EITA and the fans chanted his name. Gargano said he wasn’t going to talk anymore, but then he talked more. Gargano said he was proud to stand in the ring with the title every DGUSA weekend. Gargano said this weekend marked the one year anniversary of him winning the title. He said he lives his dream every single night in the ring. The fans chanted for Gargano.

Jon Davis ended up running down and interrupting Gargano’s promo. He clotheslined Gargano and hit a big spinebuster. Davis hit another spinebuster to very little reaction. Davis hit a third spinebuster and a few fans booed him. Several officials came down to ringside, but Davis hit him with another spinebuster. Davis finally left as Ocal talked about Gargano facing Davis tomorrow night. The officials took forever to get Gargano to the back. Ocal got into the ring and previewed the rest of the card.

2 - - The Scene (Caleb Konley & Scott Reed) w/Larry Dallas & Trina vs. Arik Cannon & Pinkie Sanchez

Cannon and Sanchez ran into the ring and attacked Konley and Reed. All four men brawled on the outside with Cannon and Sanchez dominating most of the action. Cannon and Sanchez cornered Dallas, but Konley and Reed made the save. Cannon managed to roll out of the way of a double elbow and he tagged in Sanchez, who ran wild until Reed cut him off. Reed and Konley tagged in and out to work over Sanchez for a long period of time. The crowd rallied behind Sanchez, who tried to mount a comeback, but Reed pulled the ropes down when the ref was looking away. Sanchez finally hit a double dragon screw on the Scene and tagged in Cannon, who ran wild. Cannon hit a nice bulldog/clothesline combo on Konley and Reed. Cannon hit total anarchy, but Konley made the save.

The crowd got into the action as Sanchez got the tag and hit a double missile dropkick. Sanchez hit a flip dive over the top to take out both members of the Scene and the fans applauded. Trina slapped Sanchez on the outside and he began stalking her in a perverse manner. Trina got into the ring as Sanchez rubbed himself. Cannon confroted Trina, but Konley tried to make the save. Cannon nearly ran into Trina, so Konley tossed him to the outside. Sanchez tried to hump Trina against the ropes, but Dallas ran in and kicked the rope into his crotch. Reed ran in and hit a neckbreaker for the win.

Winners: Caleb Konley & Scott Reed

Star rating: (**1/2) – The match heated up down the stretch and the crowd were into Cannon & Sanchez. If the Scene is going to have any credibility, they needed the win here, so it made sense for them to go over.

The fans chanted for Cannon & Sanchez after the match.

3 - - Samuray Del Sol vs. Sami Callihan

Del Sol and Callihan spilled to the outside after Del Sol’s attempt at an inverted hurricanrana was botched. Del Sol hit a nice arm drag off the apron and followed up with a crazy hurricanrana off the apron to the outside a short time later. Del Sol went for a splash to the outside, but Callihan caught him and suplexed him to the wood floor. Callihan began working over Del Sol’s leg with a submission in the ring. He tried to tie up Del Sol’s leg and head, but he got the ropes. Callihan tossed Del Sol into the turnbuckles several times. Del Sol finally fired back with a dropkick and the fans chanted “Lucha, Lucha.” Callihan fired back with a kick and nailed Del Sol with a running boot to the face in the corner. Callihan hit another running boot. He went for a third, but Del Sol sprung up and hit a leg lariat. Del Sol followed up with an inverted hurricanrana and Callihan spilled to the floor.

Del Sol gathered himself inside the ring before hitting a big flip dive over the top to the outside to take out Callihan. Del Sol went up top and jumped down into a code red on Callihan all in one motion. The fans began another chant for Del Sol. Callihan went for a springboard to the apron, but Del Sol caught him with a superkick. Del Sol followed up with a big springboard DDT for a 2 count. Del Sol went for sliced bread, but Callihan caught him with a big shoulder breaker. The fans applauded as both men regrouped. Callihan hit a big clothesline in the corner, but Del Sol matrixed out of a clothelsine. After a brief exchange, Callihan nailed Del Sol with a big clothesline for a 2 count. Callihan went up top and missed a splash. Del Sol connected with sliced bread, but only got a 2 count. Both men were slow to get up, but when they got to their knees, they began exchanging headbutts. They eventually got to their feet and began trading blows. Del Sol hit a flurry of strikes and went for a springboard, but Callihan superkicked his legs out from under him. Callihan followed up with a big powerbomb, but Del Sol kicked out. Callihan went right into the stretch muffler, but Del Sol eventually countered it into a rollup for a 2 count. Callihan caught Del Sol with a huge running kick in the corner. Callihan lifted Del Sol up to the top rope and hit a super brain buster for the win.

Winner: Sami Callihan

Star rating: (***1/4) – This was a good match with some solid back and forth action. Del Sol is really impressive, but Callihan needed the win here before facing Generico. I liked the design of the finish with Callihan sending a message to Generico.

Arda Ocal explained that in the following match, only the captains can pin each other.

4 - - The Gentleman’s Club (Chuck Taylor (c) & Orange Cassidy & Drew Gulak w/The Swamp Monster) vs. Rich Swann (c) & ACH & CIMA – Captain’s match

Ocal explained that Taylor was only fighting Trios matches now and that if Swann won, he would get a singles match with Taylor on Sunday. The action was fast-paced during the early going with guys from both teams exchanging moves in and out of the ring. Taylor went for a couple of cheap rollups on Swann during the early stages of the match. I guess they’re going with Lucha rules here with tags being allowed when someone rolls out of the ring. Cassidy hit a drunken splash on Swann inside the ring and stumbled around before getting cut off. Ocal acted outraged at the act Taylor had brought with him to DGUSA. Gentleman’s Club began working over Swann. Taylor got mad at Gulak and called him an idiot when he tried to pin Swann. Ocal explained that both Taylor and Swann could easily pin each other. I hope this is just a case of him making a wrong word choice. Ocal explained that if Taylor wins he gets to whip Swann in the ring on Sunday. I can only imagine how that would go over if it went down.

The Gentleman’s Club continued to work over Swann. Cassidy was shown slumped on the apron. The ref was tied up and the Swamp Monster ran in and hit a cartwheel into an elbow on Swann in the corner. Cassidy hit a headbutt and collapsed in the ring. He continued to stagger around the ring. Swann fired back with a kick on Cassidy before nailing him with a jumping hurricanrana off the top. CIMA got the hot tag and ran wild on Cassidy. CIMA got a submission on Gulak and then hit a suplex on Cassidy to put more leverage on the submission. ACH hit his videogame kicks on Gulak in the corner. ACH caught Gulak with a scissors kick as he tried to get back into the ring. ACH was finally overcome by the numbers game as he ate a triple assisted powerbomb from the Gentleman’s club.

The Gentleman’s Club got a triple submission in the middle of the ring, but Swann managed to get to the ropes. Swann and Taylor ended up alone in the ring. Taylor went for the awful waffle, but Swann blocked it. Swann hit a springboard ace crusher and ACH hit a springboard kick on Taylor out of nowhere. Swann and ACH then hit a pair of dives to wipe out Cassidy and Gulak. CIMA got Taylor in the ring and took him down. Swann followed up with a frog splash, but Gulak made the save. ACH hit another sick dive to the outside to take out Gulak. Taylor and Swann went at it inside the ring. Taylor nailed Swann with the awful waffle, but CIMA made the save. CIMA went to town on Taylor and hit the meteora. Swann then rolled up Taylor for the win.

Winner: Rich Swann – Swann gets a singles match with Taylor on Sunday

Star rating: (***1/2) – This was a fun match with a lot of great back and forth action. I loved the chemistry that both teams had in this match. You just want to see Taylor and his crew get their butts handed to them. The crowd heat was good for this match as well.

Ocal said doctors were checking on Gargano’s back. He said they would get an update soon on whether or not he could compete tomorrow against Davis. Davis came out for his match and stared down some fans. Tozawa got the biggest pop of the night making his entrance.

5 - - Jon Davis vs. Akira Tozawa

Huge Tozawa chants once the bell rang. Davis took control right away and put the boots to Tozawa. Davis has a definite presence as a heel. His facials and body language are spot-on. Davis tried to military press Tozawa onto the apron, but he landed on his feet. Tozawa charged at him off the apron, but Davis ducked and nailed him with a big forearm. Tozawa fired back a short time later and tossed a chair into Davis’s face. Tozawa shouted, “I got it” into a headset at ringside after slamming Davis’s face into the commentator booth. Tozawa went for a dive, but Davis caught him and hit a huge spinebuster on the apron to regain the upper hand. Davis continued to dominate the action for several minutes and landed a nice delayed vertical suplex for a 2 count.

Tozawa fired back and hit a pair of dives on Davis and the crowd exploded. Tozawa ran into the ring and hit a third dive and the fans went nuts. Davis blocked a suplex, but Tozawa slid behind him and hit a belly to back suplex for a 2 count. After a big exchange of strikes, Davis caught Tozawa with a huge clothesline off the ropes for a 2 count. The crowd tried to rally behind Tozawa again as Davis continued to work him over. Tozawa hit a pair of kicks and a German on Davis, but Davis got right up and nailed Tozawa with a running kick that left both men down. The crowd applauded as both men tried to regroup.

Both men exchanged chops in the corner. Tozawa held up his hands and slapped Davis across the face. He then hit a shining wizard for a nearfall. Davis ducked a spinning kick, but Tozawa slid behind him and hit a German with a bridge for a nearfall. Davis fired back and hit a nasty looking slam on Tozawa, but he kicked out. Davis followed up with a pair of big clotheslines for the win.

Winner: Jon Davis

Star rating: (***3/4) – This was a really good match that the crowd was hot for throughout. They had some really nice exchanges, especially down the stretch. The finish came out of nowhere and seemed to surprise the crowd at first before they got upset that Davis had won.

6 - - The Super Smash Bros (Player Uno & Player Dos) vs. Ryo Saito & Genki Horiguchi – Open the United Gate #1 Contenders match

Dos and Saito kicked things off and after some back and forth exchanges, Dos took him down with a hurricanrana. Uno and Horiguchi tagged into the match. Horiguchi called Uno fat and he got mad. Uno and Horiguchi went at it and UNo took him down with a shoulder tackle. Horiguchi went for a kick, but Uno caught his foot and tossed it to the ref before hitting a neckbreaker. The Super Smash Bros began tagging in and out to work over Horiguchi. Uno then slammed Horiguchi before posing with Dos and the crowd popped. Horiguchi fired back and took Uno out on the outside. Saito began working over Dos inside the ring. Horiguchi tied up Dos’s leg on the rope and nailed him with a running dropkick. He continued to work on Dos’s leg with a submission on the mat. Uno tried to make the save, but Saito tossed him back to the floor. The fans chanted for Horiguchi as he applied a figure 4 on Dos. Saito stayed in the ring in case Uno tried to make the save. The ref got distracted and Saito slammed Dos down to the mat while Horiguchi held him in the figure 4. Saito and Horiguchi hit a series of moves on Dos capped by a big dropkick from Saito for a 2 count and the crowd applauded.

With the ref tied up Horiguchi pulled a long string into the crowd and snapped it back into Dos’s face. The crowd went nuts for that spot. I wish they could show a replay of that. Horiguchi pulled the string back again and did another countdown, but Dos avoided it and it went into Horiguchi’s face. Dos took him down and tagged in Uno, who ran wild. Uno slammed Horiguchi while clotheslining Saito and the crowd popped. Horiguchi took Uno down and then went for a slam, but Uno fell on top of him for a 2 count. The Super Smash Bros hit an Alabama slam/gutbuster combination on Horiguchi. Dos wiped out Saito with a dive while Uno held Horiguchi in a sharpshooter. Horiguchi eventually struggled to the ropes to break the hold.

Horiguchi caught Uno with a DDT and went for a suplex. He managed to land it and Saito came off the top with a splash, but Uno kicked out. Dos ran in and ducked a double clothesline and hit a double pele kick on Horiguchi and Saito. Dos followed up with a 450 off the top on Horiguchi while Uno came under him with a spear on Saito for a 2 count. Dos went up top, but Saito pushed him off. Horiguchi the rolled up Uno out of the fatality for a 2 count. They went to a crazy sequence with Saito and Horiguchi hitting some great double team maneuvers on Uno and then Dos. Horiguchi finally hit a straightjacket piledriver on Dos for the win.

Winners: Ryo Saito & Genki Horiguchi to become the new Open the United Gate #1 Contenders

Star rating: (***3/4) – This didn’t quite have the heat on the iPPV to take it to four stars, but the match featured some excellent action, especially down the stretch. DGUSA features some great tag team action and this was an example of that.

The server seems to have crashed on I will keep you posted.

7 - - A.R. Fox (w/CIMA) vs. Ricochet – Respect match

I joined the match in progress with Fox down on the outside and the announcer selling concern on commentary. Several officials came down and checked on Fox. The ref began to count as officials helped Fox to the back. Fox shoved them off and eventually crawled back into the ring. Ricochet went right after Fox’s leg, which was apparently injured after he missed a dive to the outside. Ricochet took Fox to the outside and slammed his leg into the barrier. The ref began counting, but Ricochet tossed Fox back into the ring. Ricochet hit a standing moonsault on Fox and did some break dancing in the ring. Ricochet went back after Fox’s leg and slammed it into the ringpost. The crowd tried to rally behind Fox, but Ricochet kicked his leg out from under him. He then applied a Texas cloverleaf and Fox grimaced in pain. Ricochet shifted the hold and nailed Fox with kicks to the back, but Fox got the ropes.

Ricochet lifted Fox on his back and applied a leg submission of his shoulders. Ricochet then drove Fox’s knee into the corner several times before dropping him knee first onto the mat. Ricochet continued to pose for the crowd before continuing his attack. The crowd tried to rally behind Fox again, but Ricochet applied another leg submission. Fox eventually ducked a clothesline and tried to kip up, but ended up collapsing to the match. The announcer said the ref was threatening to stop the match. Fox fired up out of nowhere while Ricochet held him and hit a huge twisting brainbuster. The fans popped and chanted for Fox.

Ricochet charged at Fox, but he got his elbow up and hit a springboard ace crusher on one leg out of the corner for a 2 count. The crowd tried to rally behind Fox, who pulled the ropes down on Ricochet as he charged at him. Fox went for a springboard to the outside, but Ricochet shoved him into the ring and hit a springboard knee strike for a 2 count. Ricochet hit a series of moves on Fox capped by a standing SSP for a nearfall. Fox sold pain as he held his knee after kicking out. Fox lifted Ricochet and eventually hit a one-legged rolling DVD. He then went up top, but ended up missing a swanton. Fox tried to pull himself up on the ropes, but Ricochet nailed him with a backslide driver for a nearfall. Ricochet went up top for a SSP, but Fox got his knees up. Fox screamed in pain after using his injured knee to block Ricochet’s attack.

The crowd applauded as both men tried to regroup. Fox hit an enzuguri up top. He then hit Lo Mein pain, but couldn’t immediately make the pin and Ricochet kicked out at two. The crowd began to clap as Fox went back on the attack. Ricochet ducked a clothesline and suplexed Fox into the turnbuckles. Ricochet went up top and hit a phoenix splash, but he made a cocky cover and Fox kicked out at two. The fans tried to rally behind Fox again. Ricochet lined up Fox’s leg and hit a big kick to his knee. Fox countered Ricochet and they ended up going at it on the turnbuckles. Fox fought Ricochet off and hit a code breaker off the top. Fox then hit a SSP press into the corner. Fox sold his leg before hitting Lo Mein pain for the win.

Winner: A.R. Fox

Star rating: (n/a) – I missed the beginning of the match, but what I saw was very good. The crowd didn’t really add a lot to the match, especially at the end when Fox fired up and hit a series of maneuvers to win the match. They seemed stunned at first before applauding.

Ocal said Ricochet now had to tell Fox he respected him. Ricochet got on the mic and didn’t say anything. Fox offered him a handshake. Ricochet put down the mic and didn’t say anything. CIMA prevented Ricochet from leaving the ring and told him to shake Fox’s hand. Ricochet lightly shook Fox’s hand and mumbled something before leaving the ring.

Horiguchi and Saito came down to the ring and told Fox they would take the tag titles tomorrow night. CIMA got on the mic and told Saito he looks like Gonzo. The crowd chanted Gonzo at him. CIMA promised to kick Saito’s Gonzo nose tomorrow night.

CIMA gave Fox the mic. He limped and asked the fans if they enjoyed the show. He gave the mic to CIMA, who asked the fans if they enjoyed the show. The fans roared. CIMA thanked the fans to close the show.

Overall thoughts: I can’t give a score without seeing the entire main event, but overall this was a solid show. Nothing seemed like it was must-see, but there were a number of very good matches, especially during the second half of the show that when strung together made for a solid night of wrestling action.

Davis-Tozawa, Super Smash Bros vs. Horiguchi & Saito, and what I saw of Fox-Ricochet were all very good. Callihan-Del Sol was also a good match on the undercard. The crowd heat wasn’t great throughout the nights. Only Tozawa seemed to get a superstar reaction on this night, as the crowd was fired up for him from the time he came out and throughout his match against Davis.

They did some good things on this show to build towards the rest of the weekend with the Gargano injury angle at the beginning of the show and the continued ascension of Davis up the card. I only had my stream drop out during the beginning of the main event and the sound and picture were good throughout the night. If you’re picking and choosing which shows to watch, I would recommend waiting until the end of the weekend to see how the next two shows are before buying this show, but if you want to see a card of solid action, by all means order the replay.

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