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RADICAN'S CHIKARA "Tomorrow Never Dies" iPPV Report 12/6: Torneo Cibernetico match, Throwbacks vs. Devastation Corp. 2/3 Falls match for tag titles, Icarus-Deucalion Steel Cage main event

Dec 27, 2014 - 1:50:52 PM

By Sean Radican, Torch columnist


DEC. 6, 2014

Pre show match: Heidi Lovelace vs. Missile Assault Ant – 2014 Young Lions Cup Championship. Assault Ant refused to shake hands with Lovelace before the match started. Assault Ant dominated the action during the early going thanks in part to some interference from his buddies on the outside. Lovelace no-sold a series of northern light suplexes. Assault Ant nailed her with a gunshot dropkick, but Lovelace kicked out at 1 and the fans fired up. Assault Ant continued to dominate the action, but the fans continued to get behind Lovelace. Lovelace hit an enzuguri, but Artic Ant tripped her from the floor. Lovelace knocked Assault Ant to the mat after they battled up top and then wiped out Colony XTreme Force on the floor with a dive off the top. Lovelace spiked Assault Ant, who was on his knees, with a hurricanrana to get the win.

Winner: Heidi Lovelace to win the 2014 Young Lions Cup

Star rating: (**3/4) – This was a solid match with Lovelace playing the underdog role before overcoming the outside interference and winning the match. The crowd was way into Lovelace during the match and dug the finish.

The main show opened dedicated to those that were lost in 2014, which is a reference to Deucalion killing off several CHIKARA roster members with his choke slam. A cool video package then aired highlighting the matches on the show.

Juan Francisco De Coronado came out first to a chorus of boos. He was accompanied by two women dressed in ridiculous garb. He was introduced as the German suplex machine by Gavin Loudspeaker, which was pretty funny. Ashley Remington came out next and he outdid Coronado by coming out with four lovely ladies. They were introduced as Ashley’s Angels. The fans chanted “Let’s go sailing” once Remington got into the ring. Remington got a big pop when he told the fans they were welcome on his yacht.

(1) Juan Francisco De Coronado vs. Ashley Remington – Winner must win by pinfall after a German suplex. Coronado offered a handshake, but tried to pull Remington into a German. Remington blocked it and managed to get the ropes. Remington then tried to bait Coronado into a German, but he quickly got to the ropes. Remington broke at 1 because he is a good sport. They kept building to a spot where Remington would point at Coronado. He eventually made him take a bump with a double finger point. Remington went for a German on the floor a short time later, but Coronado blocked it. Coronado went for a German and held on as Remington climbed up the ropes. They went back and forth and Coronado eventually speared Remington through the turnbuckles to the floor and the fans gasped. Coronado eventually began working over Remington’s back inside the ring. Remington mounted a comeback and ran wild on Coronado, but Coronado fired back and decked him with a dropkick. Remington fired right back with a spinning face buster and covered Coronado, but the ref wouldn’t count. Coronado locked in the Coronado clutch, but the ref wouldn’t check for a submission because of the stipulation. The ref did ask for a rope break when Remington got to the ropes. Both men went back and forth going for German suplexes and Coronado eventually hit a German with a bridge for a 2 count. Coronado hit a German on the apron and Remington spilled to the floor. Coronado tossed Remington back into the ring and began peppering him with strikes. Remington fired up and hit a belly-to-belly suplex. He went for a running knee in the corner, but Coronado got out of the way and Remington spilled to the floor. Coronado followed up with a huge dive and the fans fired up. Remington fired back with a 619 hurricanrana on the floor. He then lifted Remington off the apron and hit a German with a bridge back into the ring for the win.

After the match, Remington presented Coronado with a fruit basket. The fans chanted fruit basket. Coronado looked upset and glared at Remington. Remington left Coronado in the ring with the fruit basket. The fans wanted Coronado to eat the fruit, but he refused to take the basket and the fans booed.

Winner: Ashley Remington

Star rating: (**3/4) – The match dragged a bit with both guys going for Germans throughout the match. The action picked up nicely down the stretch, but the stipulation dragged things down a bit overall.

(2) Jimmy Jacobs (w/The Lithuanian Snow Troll & Volgar) vs. Eddie Kingston. The fans were behind Kingston before the opening bell. Kingston charged at Kingston after stalling on the turnbuckles to begin the match, but Kingston got out of the way. They brawled on the outside Kingston got the upper hand and took out Volgar and the Snow Troll. Kingston then turned around into a Contra code on the floor from Jacobs. Jacobs went up top for a big senton a short time later and connected, but Kingston kicked out. Jacobs locked in the end time and Kingston tried to muscle him up and go for a suplex, but Jacobs countered and applied it again. Kingston struggled, but managed to get his foot on the bottom rope. Jacobs went for the Contra code again, but Kingston dumped him to the mat. Kingston then fired up and began working Jacobs over. The announcers mentioned that if Kingston won, he would have the 3 points needed for a shot at the Grand Championship. Kingston fired up and wiped out Volgar with a dive before going back to work on Jacobs. Volgar grabbed Kingston’s leg from the floor a short time later and Jacobs speared Kingston off the apron to the floor. Kingston ended up flying into Volgar as well when taking spear. Kingston cut off Jacobs going up top a short time later and eventually hit a superplex that left both men down. Both men exchanged blows from their knees. They got up and continued to exchange blows. Jacobs ducked a spinning backfist and hit a springboard ace crusher for a 2 count. Jacobs went for another spear, but Kingston blocked it and hit a brainbuster for a 2 count. Volgar got up on the apron and Kingston went for a backfist on Kingston, but ended up hitting Volgar. Kingston nailed Jacobs with a spinning backfist. Kingston held Jacobs up and hit another spinning backfist for the win.

After the match, Kid Cyclone attacked Kingston and the fans booed. He got on the mic and the fans drowned him out with boos. He said the fans claim to love CHIKARA, but there’s nothing fun about your brothers getting taken from you. Kid said Kingston shouldn’t be forgiven so easily. Kid eventually began taking off his mask and said he never wanted to wear a mask and chase monsters. He said his name is Kevin Condron. He continued and said Kingston is the first in a long list of names he’s going to go after. He asked the fans to follow him and he wouldn’t break their heart. He told Jacobs to give him his cape back. Condry took the cape and placed it next to his mask. He left the ring holding a wrench. He handed it to The Snow Troll and freed him from his collar.

Winner: Eddie Kingston

Star rating: (***) – The action was solid, but the fans didn’t provide much of an atmosphere during parts of the match. The lack of selling after big spots seemed to hurt things during the middle part of the match, but the action was good down the stretch and Kingston got a convincing win over Jacobs to earn his third point, so he gets a title shot. The post-match promo from Kid Cyclone was hard to hear at times, but I’m interested to see what he does going forward.

A video package aired for The Throwbacks vs. Devastation Corporation tag title match.

(3) Campeonatos de Parejas The Throwbacks (Mr. Touchdown& Dasher Hatfield) vs. Devastation Corporation (Max Smashmaster & Blaster McMassive w/Sidney Bakabella) – 2 out of 3 Falls. The fans were hot for the start of the match. Smashmaster wanted a test of strength during the early going, but Touchdown slapped him across the face. Smashmaster returned the favor a short time later. Both teams went back and forth the exchanges weren’t crisp at times. The action broke down and all four men went at it in the ring. The Throwbacks sent Devastation Corporation to the floor and hit a pair of dives to the floor to wipe them out and the fans went nuts. That was a great spot. McMassive nearly took Touchdown’s head off with a huge lariat a short time later inside the ring. The Devastation Corporation then hit the death blow on Touchdown while Bakabella held onto Hatfield’s foot. He couldn’t make the save and it was good for the first fall.

With Devastation Corporation up 1-0, Hatfield and Smashmaster went at it. Smashmaster sent Hatfield to the floor and that made Touchdown the legal man. Devastation Corporation began working over Touchdown in their corner. Touchdown took a beating for a long period of time as Devastation Corporation kept him from tagging in Hatfield. The fans tried to rally behind Touchdown, as it appeared Devastation Corporation were getting cocky. Touchdown finally began to mount a comeback on McMassive, but he ended up eating a huge belly-to-belly suplex for a 2 count. Touchdown tried to mount another comeback, but ended up eating a huge kick to the head from McMassive. Touchdown no-sold it, but McMassive drove him into the corner. Touchdown went for a splash out of the corner on Smashmaster, but he caught him and lifted him into a suplex for a 2 count. The fans fired up with Touchdown showing some signs of life. Touchdown finally hit a huge spinebuster on McMassive and the announcers went insane, but Smashmaster knocked Hatfield off the apron. Touchdown finally made the hot tag to Hatfield a short time later and the fans went insane. Hatfield ran wild and ended up sending Smashmaster into McMassive in the corner with a hip toss. He then hit both men with a running dropkick in the corner, but he could only get a 2 count on Smashmaster. The Throwbacks hit a double suplex on McMassive, but he kicked out at the last second. The fans fired up as the action continued at a rapid pace. McMassive sent Hatfield to the outside and Devastation Corporation hit the death blow on Hatfield, but Touchdown ran in and rolled up Smashmaster for a three count to tie the match at 1-1 and the fans and announcers went bonkers. Wow!

The third fall began with Smashmaster and Touchdown exchanging blows after the rest period. The action broke down quickly and McMassive stood alone in the ring after sending Hatfield to the floor with a clothesline. McMassive then wiped out everyone with a flip dive over the top to the floor and the announcers and fans went insane again. Smashmaster dragged The Throwbacks further away from the ring as the ref began counting them out. They managed to beat the 20 count and both teams began exchanging blows in the middle of the ring. Hatfield hit a jackhammer on McMassive, but Smashmaster broke up the pin. Smashmaster signaled for the finish and they set up Hatfield for the death blow. They hit the death blow on Hatfield, but he kicked out at the last second and the fans went crazy. The fans chanted for The Throwbacks as Touchdown tried to work over both of his opponents by himself. He eventually ran into a black hole slam from McMassive. Devastation Corporation set up Touchdown for the death blow, but Hatfield jumped on top of touchdown and catapulted into Smashmaster. He then launched Smashmaster into a super 3D, but Bakabella grabbed the ref’s arm to stop the three count. The fans booed and Touchdown went after Bakabella. He ended up grabbing his toupee and Bakabella escaped. Devastation Corporation then hit the master blaster on Touchdown for the win.

The fans booed after the match was over. Bakabella gave Smashmaster and McMassive the titles.

Winners: Max Smashmaster & Blaster McMassive 2 falls to 1 to become the new Campeonatos de Parejas.

Star rating: (***3/4) – This was an awesome match with a bad finish. They built some great heat on Touchdown during the first part of the match after Devastation Corporation went up 1-0 early. The fans really got into the match after Hatfield got the hot tag and things escalated from there. This was on track to be an incredible match, but the ending with Bakabella breaking up the pin after a super 3D on Smashmaster felt like a really flat way to set up the end of the match. This was still really good, but I think a more creative finish was called for here given how good this match was.

A video package aired for the Delirious vs. UltraMantis Black match.

(4) Delirious vs. UltraMantis Black in a Loser Leaves CHIKARA match. Delirious was painted black from head to toe with green designs. He took his jacket off and he had Delirious Never Dies painted on his back. The announcers talked about Delirious promising he would have his revenge on UltraMantis Black by 2014. Delirious went for the praying mantis bomb right away, but Black blocked it. Black fired back and hit the praying mantis bomb, but Delirious kicked out at the very last second. Delirious tried to escape to the outside, but Black nailed him with a dive through the ropes. Black went for a praying mantis bomb on the floor, but Delirious drove him into the apron after blocking it. Delirious caught Black with a praying mantis bomb once he got back into the ring, but Black kicked out at the last second. Delirious went after Black’s mask and Quackenbush mentioned that the rules were still in place and Delirious could lose via DQ. Delirious hit a panic attack in the corner and shadows over hell, but Black kicked out. Delirious hit a sloppy praying mantis bomb, but Black kicked out at one and the fans fired up. They teased a ref bump several times as Black and Delirious counted each other. Delirious finally connected on the ref with a clothesline when Black ducked. Black eventually nailed Delirious with a million dollar dream leg capture suplex, but the ref was down and the fans counted to 11 with Black making the cover. Delirious got Black’s staff and broke it when he connected to Black’s mid-section. Delirious hit another praying mantis bomb and Derek Sabato ran down to count the pin, but Black kicked out at the last second. Delirious and Sabato jawed back and forth. Black countered a praying mantis bomb and rolled Delirious up for a near fall. They hit a series of double clothesline and after the third one both men were down and the fans applauded. Both men got up and exchanged blows in the middle of the ring. Black hit cosmic doom out of nowhere and immediately hit the praying mantis bomb after for the win.

Hallowicked and Frightmare came down to the ring after the match to celebrate with Black as the fans applauded. Delirious came into the ring with the Eye of Tyr and took control of Frightmare and Hallowicked’s minds to make them turn on Black. Hallowicked wiped out Black with a running boot. Frightmare writhed around on the ground as he tried to fight the mind control, but he ended up leaving with Hallowicked. Delirious laughed manically at Black before leaving the ring. Black recovered and stood alone in the ring. The fans chanted his name and Black asked, “Am I the only one?”

Winner: UltraMantis Black

Star rating: (***1/2) – This was a very good match. Both guys went for broke from the beginning and this was a fitting end to their feud. I wasn’t a fan of the obvious ref bump to set up Sabato coming out, but that part of the match aside, this was very good.

A video package aired announcing season 15. They announced that they were going to England in 2015. The video package also announced King of Trios 2015 with a Harry Potter theme.

(5) Team Flood (Jacob Hammermeier & Nokken & Flex Rumblecrunch & Oleg The Usurper & Jaka & Oliver Grimsly & Soldier Ant & Volgar w/Sidney Bakabella) vs. Team CHIKARA (Silver Ant & Worker Ant & Amasis & Ophidian & Kodama & Obariyon & Jervis Cottonbelly & Fire Ant) in a Torneo Cibernetico (16 Man Elimination match). The fans were behind Team CHIKARA before the opening bell. Several people tried to get the better of Soldier Ant during the early going, but he wouldn’t go down. Soldier Ant began working over Cottonbelly. The fans tried to get behind Cottonbelly, who managed to tag in Fire Ant. The fans gasped as he slowly got into the ring. Hammermeier made the blind tag and the fans weren’t pleased that they didn’t get to see the confrontation. Team Flood worked over Fire Ant for a long period of time. Fire Ant fired back on Rumblecrunch and set up for a dive, but Soldier Ant got in his way. Nokken wiped out Fire Ant from behind and everyone began to brawl inside the ring. Cottonbelly set up for a big dive to the floor and then other members of Team CHIKARA hit dives to the floor as well to wipe out Team Flood and the fans fired up. Cottonbelly set up for another dive, but Nokken picked him up and powerbombed him onto a pile of men on the floor. The Colony then hit the antapult to the floor to wipe out a pile of men. Jaka ended up being the first man eliminated for Team Flood when Worker Ant obliterated him with a clothesline. The Batiri eliminated Volgar next with a drop toe hold into a knee strike that was good for a 3 count. Rumblecrunch then eliminated Kodama with a Liger bomb. Team CHIKARA is still up 7-6. Solider Ant continued to absorb blows from Amasis and Ophidian and he wouldn’t go down. Quackenbush wondered what had happened to Solider Ant since we last saw him. Solider Ant hit a huge forearm on Cottonbelly to eliminate him and the fans booed. It is now 6-6.

Hammermeier tossed Fire Ant and Worker Ant out of the ring after it looked like we were going to see Fire Ant vs. Soldier Ant. Worker Ant ended up rolling up Usurper after he splashed Grimsly by accident. Team CHIKARA is now up 6-5. Hammermeier yelled at Usurper and told him to leave. Grimsly was eliminated after taking a series of double team maneuvers from The Osirian Portal. Nokken wiped out Amasis and then hit a huge powerbomb on Ophidian. Nokken hit the praying mantis bomb on Amasis to eliminate him. Soldier Ant ended up tying up Worker Ant in a leg submission and he tapped out quickly. Obariyon hit a leaping DDT off the top on Soldier Ant, but he kicked out at 2. Quackenbush said nobody had kicked out of that move before. Soldier Ant quickly fired back and hit a northern lights bomb on Obariyon for the elimination. Soldier Ant locked up Ophidian in a sleeper hold to eliminate him. It’s now 4-2 in favor of Team Flood. Silver Ant ended up hitting a body slam on Nokken and the fans applauded. He then locked in the CHIKARA special on Nokken and he tapped out. The Flood still holds a 3-2 advantage. Fire Ant ended up catching Rumblecrunch in the prawn hold and its now 2 on 2. All four men squared off in the middle of the ring. They teased Soldier Ant vs. Fire Ant. The fans chanted for The Colony. Hammermeier yelled at Soldier Ant, who glared at him and Hammermeier bailed to the floor. Soldier Ant squared off with Silver Ant and Fire Ant. Hammermeier pulled Fire Ant to the floor and Soldier Ant went after Silver Ant. Silver Ant tried to reason with Solider Ant. He told him he doesn’t want to hurt him. Soldier Ant and Silver Ant eventually began exchanging blows. Hammermeier ended up tagging himself in when Silver Ant was down. He nailed him with a knockout punch to eliminate him and it was down to Hammermeier and Solider Ant against Fire Ant, who was down on the outside.

Fire Ant ended up hitting a dive to the floor to wipe out Fire Ant after jumping over Hammermeier. Hammermeier shoved him into the ringpost and set up for the knockout punch, but Fire Ant ducked and hit the beach break. It was finally down to Fire Ant vs. Solider Ant. Fire Ant didn’t seem to want to go at it with Solider Ant, but they each hit a punch. Solider Ant grabbed Fire Ant’s throat. Fire Ant couldn’t fight out of it and Solider Ant nailed him with a choke slam to win the match. Quackenbush said it was like the fight just went out of Fire Ant. Soldier Ant stood over Fire Ant as he was announced as the winner of the match. The fans booed.

Winner: Solider Ant

Star rating: (***1/2) – This was a really good match. It dragged at times, but they did a nice job of building the match around a confrontation between Solider Ant and Fire Ant. Soldier Ant seemed to be nearly impossible to hurt during the match and once it came down to Soldier Ant vs. Fire Ant in the end, Solider Ant quickly put Fire Ant away. It seems like there’s more to come between Soldier Ant and Fire Ant in the future.

A series of video packages aired while the steel cage was set up for the main event.

Deucalion came down to the ring with no music. He held the masks of the wrestlers he had vanquished. The announcers said they were trophies. The fans booed as he held them up in the ring. Deucalion wasn’t wearing his usual outfit. Icarus came out with Thunder Frog’s hammer. Quackenbush said it could only be carried by someone worthy and that man is Icarus. The fans chanted CHIKARA, CHIKARA once Icarus got into the ring.

(6) CHIKARA Grand Champion Icarus vs. Deucalion in a Non-title Steel Cage match. The winner must win by pinfall or submission. Icarus was announced as defending the honor of his fallen friends. He got a big ovation when he was introduced before the match began. Icarus went for sliced bread during the early going, but Deucalion tossed him into the cage. The announcer talked about how Deucalion is a fighter and not a wrestler. Deucalion threw some light looking punches at Icarus. Icarus ducked a punch and Deucalion ended up punching the cage. Icarus went after Deucalion’s arm and began working it over. Deucalion caught Icarus charging at him and powerbombed him into the cage. Icarus fired back and tossed Deucalion into the cage. Icarus used the cage to step on Deucalion’s throat, but he slipped under him and tripped Icarus head-first into the turnbuckles. Icarus fired back a short time later and hit a double stomp off the top on Deucalion’s injured arm. Icarus tried to take Deucalion down a short time later, but ended up eating a huge knee to the head. Icarus fired back and finally took Deucalion down with a spear and the fans chanted for Icarus. Icarus was slow to recover and couldn’t make a pin attempt. The CHIKARA roster came down to the ring and stood at ringside in support of Icarus. Icarus hit a series of enzuguris to take down Deucalion. He then covered him, but barely got a 1 count. Deucalion went for his kill move, but Icarus countered it and hit sliced bread off the cage for a 2 count.

Icarus went for the Blu-ray, but Deucalion shook him off. Icarus lifted up Deucalion and hit the Blu-ray into the cage for a near fall. The fans chanted for Icarus with both men down on the mat. Icarus went for a hurricanrana, but Deucalion caught him and catapulted him into the cage. He covered Icarus with one foot, but he kicked out at 2. Deucalion glared at the ref and went after him. Deucalion grabbed the ref by the neck, but Icarus made the save and grabbed a sleeper. Deucalion drove Icarus into the corner. Icarus invited Deucalion to come up and go at it on the ropes. Icarus called Deucalion a coward. Deucalion grabbed Icarus and set up for a powerbomb, but Icarus held onto the cage and turned it into a super hurricanrana and the fans went nuts. Icarus rolled over and covered Deucalion, but he kicked out at the last second. Deucalion grabbed Icarus by the throat and lifted him up for the kill choke, but Icarus rolled through into the CHIKARA special for the submission win.

The fans exploded when Icarus won the match. Deucalion called The Flood down to the ring after the match. The fans chanted for CHIKARA as The Flood made their way down to ringside. Jacobs held everyone back and he turned and told Deucalion that he had made his bed and now he could die in it. Deucalion turned around right into a Icarus coming off the top with Thunder Frog’s hammer. The fans chanted for CHIKARA and Jacobs told the remaining Flood members they were survivors.

Winner: Icarus

Star rating: (***1/2) – This was a good match considering Deucalion’s limitations in the ring. They worked the match to tell the story of Icarus working over Deucalion’s arm while trying to avoid his deadly choke slam. The end of the match seemed to come out of nowhere, but overall the match and post-match told a good story when tied together.

Overall thoughts: (7.0) – This was a good show. There weren’t any matches that blew me away, but there were a number of good matches on the card and every match had something on the line. The first few matches were a bit slow, but things picked up nicely from there. The highlight of the show was The Devastation Corporation vs. The Throwbacks match for the CHIKARA tag team titles, but there were several other matches on the card as well that were very good and the main event was memorable with Icarus getting his revenge on Deucalion for taking out his brothers in CHIKARA.

The undercard started slowly, but picked up with the Jacobs-Kingston match. They had a standard brawling match that Kingston ended up winning convincingly in the end to capture his third point and a future shot at the CHIKARA Grand Championship.

Things picked up nicely from this point forward with a series of good to very good matches. I enjoyed The Throwbacks vs. Devastation Corporation match the most. They built the match nicely around the 2 out of 3 Falls stipulation. The fans really got into the match as it went on, especially after the long heat segment on Touchdown. I wasn’t a fan of the finish with Bakabella interfering to help Devastation Corporation get the win, but overall the match was really good and a fitting close to the hot run of Devastation Corporation during the second half of 2014.

Delirious vs. UltraMantis Black in a Loser Leaves CHIKARA match was years in the making, but it didn’t have the crowd heat I expected it to have. The fans were certainly into the match and UltraMantis Black and Delirious delivered the goods, but I was expecting more out of this. The post-match angle with Delirious taking control over Hallowicked and Frightmare to make them turn on Black certainly didn’t give this story a sense of finality in the end.

The Torneo Cibernetico was another match on the card with good storytelling elements that helped to compliment the action, although once again, it didn’t seem to resolve anything, but it did set up some angles for the future. I enjoyed how the match was built around a confrontation between Fire Ant and Soldier Ant. Soldier Ant showed a new side and seemed nearly indestructible during the match. The fans finally got the showdown between Fire Ant and Soldier Ant they wanted in the end, but Soldier Ant quickly won the match leaving the door open for the storyline to continue in 2015.

The main event Steel Cage match was a really good way to wrap up the ongoing storyline between Icarus and Deucalion, who had killed many of his friends in 2014 with his deadly choke breaker. The match was nicely designed to work around Deucalion’s limitations in the ring and built to a satisfying finish, although the heat for the big heat for the match didn’t seem to be there. The post-match angle with Icarus taking out Deucalion with Thunder Frog’s hammer put an end to Deucalion, as Jimmy Jacobs held The Flood back from helping Deucalion. The end of the show seemed to not bring about a sense of finality, as Jacobs was still seemingly in charge of the other members of The Flood with Deucalion out of the picture.

This was a good show, but there wasn’t a sense of finality with many of the ongoing storylines that I expected heading into the show. There’s some questions as to what is going to happen with the remaining members of The Flood, but I think the show would have been more memorable had a final stamp been put on the feud between CHIKARA and The Flood. I’m definitely willing to wait and see what happens in 2015. I thought King of Trios did a good job of setting up Tomorrow Never Dies and there’s definitely a lot of fans to look forward to in CHIKARA from a storyline standpoint in 2015 as the company will continue to tour in their regular markets as well as head to England for a tour as well.

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