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RADICAN'S WWN SUPERSHOW: MERCURY RISING 2015 iPPV REPORT 3/28 - Galloway-Gargano title vs. title & Hero-Thatcher MOTYCs, GeNext reunion, Shine Tag, more

Apr 4, 2015 - 5:33:02 PM


MARCH 28, 2015

The show began with Rich Swann making his entrance and singing “All Night Long.” As you know, this was awesome. The fans chanted big for Swann once he finished. He cut a promo and said it’s because of nights like this that he loves wrestling. Swann said there’s nothing more he would love to do than perform for the fans and beat Caleb Konley’s ass, but he’s not cleared to wrestle. Swann said last night they declared his match over because he’s injured. He said he has two eyes and he saw Konley tapping in the ring in front of all the fans. Swann challenged the PAB to a match in April at the next set of EVOLVE shows. He said he wanted them to put their tag titles on the line against Ronin. The PAB then made their way to ringside.

Val got on the mic and said it must be nice to be Rich Swann in EVOLVE with a 20 minute entrance, but when things get rough he quits his match because he has a boo boo. Val said if he wants a title shot, they will give him one. The PAB then attacked Swann and Konley gave him a belt shot to the ribs. Gargano and Page ran down to the ring and the PAB bailed. Page wanted Konley in the ring right now.

(1) Ethan Page vs. Caleb Konley (w/The PAB). Page went after Cage on the apron and Konley jumped him from behind. Page fired back and sent Konley to the floor with a clothesline. He set up for a dive, but Andrea got in the way. Page hit a dropkick through the ropes that sent Konley into the guardrail and went on the attack on the floor. Konley fired back on the outside and went to work on Page. They ended up back inside the ring with Konley holding the upper hand. Konley had the upper hand for a long period of time and he raked at Page’s face against the ropes. Page finally mounted a comeback and hit a DDT and the fans applauded. Page fired up on Konley and hit a big back drop. He followed up with a folding powerbomb for a 2 count. Page hit a lawn dart on Konley and followed up with a slingshot ace crusher for a 2 count. Konley fired back and hit a tornado DDT and followed up with a sliding lariat and a quebrada for a 2 count. Konley went for the o face, but Page kicked his way out of it. The fans got behind Page. He caught a running kick and hung Konley in the ropes and nailed him with a big kick. Both men went back and forth trading strikes. Konley hit a falcon arrow to end the exchange for a 2 count. The fans fired up behind Page. Andrea distracted the ref and Cage grabbed Page’s leg. Page sent Konley out to the floor with a backdrop and he landed on Cage. Cage then hit a huge dive through the ropes to wipe out both men.

Page hit a spinning face buster, but Val got on the apron to stop the count. Cage then got into the ring and went for a clothesline on Page, but ended up hitting Konley. Page bounced Konley off the ropes, tripped him, and then rolled him up with a handful of tights for the win.

After the match, Andrea hit a low blow on Cage. Konley then wiped him out with a belt shot. Another member of The PAB is gone too soon.

Winner: Ethan Page

Star rating: (**3/4) – This was a much needed win for Page. He looked good here and ended up outsmarting the heels and fighting fire with fire by rolling up Konley with a handful of tights.

Nikki Storm got on the mic before the Six Women Tag match and said she ran down Matthews and Perez’s taste in music. Andrea came out and wiped out Nikki Storm. She nailed her with three seconds around the world and booted her out of the ring. Val said Andrea is now part of this match.

(2) SHIMMER Champion Nicole Matthews & Andrea & Portia Perez vs. SHINE Champion Mia Yim & SHINE Tag Team Champions The Kimber Bombs (Kimber Lee & Cherry Bomb) in a Six Women Tag match. Yim and The Kimber Bombs cleared the ring during the early going. The action spilled to the floor and Yim wiped out Matthews and Perez with a big dive. Yim sent Andrea into the guardrail and then the ringpost. Cherry worked over Matthews back inside the ring. Matthews raked Lee’s eyes and tagged in Perez. The Action broke down with the ref distracted, but Matthews and Perez held up Lee for a big dropkick from Andrea for a 2 count. Lee took a beating for a long period of time. The fans tried to rally behind Lee, who tried to fire back on Perez and they eventually hit a double clothesline and both women were down. Yim got the hot tag and ran wild on Matthews. She hit a rolling senton in the corner, but Perez broke up the pin. The action broke down and Yim took out Perez and Matthews with a double dropkick. She then got the upper hand on Andrea.

Cherry and Lee worked over Andrea in the corner and whipped her into a missile dropkick from Yim. The action continued at a furious pace and Yim was left alone in the ring with Perez and Matthews, who nailed her with a double suplex. Yim mounted a comeback and eventually rolled up Perez for the win.

After the match, Val yelled at Matthews and Perez. Storm ran out and wiped out Andrea with a missile dropkick. Storm got on the mic She told Andrea that she’s the best in the galaxy and pie-faced Andrea. She challenged Andrea to a match at Shine 26 on April 3.

Winners: Mia Yim & Cherry Bomb & Kimber Lee

Star rating: (**3/4) – The action was good and it was really picking up when Yim got the rollup win on Perez. I wouldn’t have minded giving them five more minutes to take the match up another notch.

Drew Galloway was introduced by Heather Lynn and he came out to a good reaction from the crowd. He got on the mic. He said he had been trying to prove himself for 8 months as the best in the world. He said tonight was his chance to take both titles to Scotland and said he had a flight in the morning. Galloway said it’s time to prove who the man is in EVOLVE.

(3) DGUSA Champion Johnny Gargano (w/Ethan Page) vs. EVOLVE Champion Drew Galloway in a Title vs. Title match. Both men went face-to-face after the bell rang to start the match. The fans chanted for both men as they backed away before going at it. Gargano caught Galloway with a rolling kick during the early stages of the match. Gargano sent Galloway to the floor with a head scissors and went for a slingshot to the floor, but Galloway caught him and dumped him onto the apron. Galloway picked Gargano up and slammed him on the apron again. Gargano clotheslined Galloway over the guardrail. He then nailed him with a big dive over the guardrail. They went at it near the wall behind the crowd. Gargano hit several chops, but Galloway picked up Gargano and tossed him into the wall. Good lord! They brawled through the crowd and Galloway went for a piledriver, but Gargano fired back with a big punch. Gargano then hit a tornado DDT on the floor and the fans fired up. Gargano tossed Galloway back into the ring and nailed him with a slingshot spear for a 2 count. Galloway fired back and planted Gargano with a big face buster for a 2 count. Galloway went up top, but Gargano cut him off. He lifted Galloway off the top and hit a big lawn dart, but could only get a 2 count. Galloway nearly countered a slingshot spear attempt into his double underhook DDT, but Gargano sent him to the floor. Galloway cut off Gargano going for a dive and began working him over on the outside. Galloway nailed Gargano with a big running boot to the head. Gargano fired back with a superkick and went for a dive, but Galloway got out of the way and Gargano nailed the ref with a dive into the guardrail.

Galloway had Gargano down, but the ref was still on the floor. Gargano countered Galloway’s DDT again. Page got on the apron and offered Gargano a rope. Gargano seemed to think about doing it, but he threw the rope at Page. Galloway kicked out Gargano’s leg and hit a double underhook DDT. Another ref came down to the ring, but Gargano kicked out at the last second. The fans began loudly chanting for both men. Galloway went for a running dropkick, but Gargano pushed the ref into the way. Galloway nailed the ref and he flew to the outside. Gargano got the Gargano escape on Galloway. The ref chanted for Galloway not to tap. Galloway rolled up Gargano for a 2 count after the ref recovered, but Gargano kicked out and nailed him with a roundhouse kick. Gargano skinned the cat and Galloway went for a tombstone, but Gargano countered into the Gargano escape. Galloway lifted Gargano and hit the Gotch piledriver for a great near fall. The fans went nuts for that kick out. Galloway climbed the ropes with Gargano on his back and went for a piledriver off the top, but Gargano countered it into a DDT for a near fall.

The fans fired up as both men regrouped. Gargano nailed Galloway with a superkick. Galloway told him to bring it and Gargano nailed him with another superkick. Galloway told him to bring it and Gargano sent him down to the mat after a second superkick. Galloway dragged himself to his knees and flipped off Gargano. Galloway ducked a superkick and hit two DDTs, but Gargano kicked out. Holy s---t! The fans went nuts after Gargano kicked out. Gargano tried to drag himself to his feet and hit Galloway, but he couldn’t get anything behind his punches. Gargano spit in Galloway’s face. Galloway lifted Gargano and hit a huge jumping tombstone for the win.

Galloway got on the mic after the match. He said he was wearing his old WM gear, but tonight this was his WM moment. Galloway said he wants to send the message to his brothers and sisters that there’s life after WWE. He said the fans will believe in you and you will rise to the top. The fans applauded as Galloway said he has risen to the top. Galloway thanked the fans for believing in him. He told Gargano that he’s the f----ing man. The fans chanted for Gargano. He said this is the house that Gargano built. He said Gargano is that good and he’s damn proud to give the fans the best match of his life. He said they both said a lot of heated things before the match. He said they both said this is their ring. He said this is everyone’s ring. Galloway said this is EVOLVE’s ring and the fans applauded. Galloway said he would be honored to shake Gargano’s hand. Both men shook hands and hugged.

Galloway left the ring and Gargano got on the mic. The fans fired up and got a huge Johnny Wrestling chant going. He went to thank the fans and Page decked him. Page blew Gargano a kiss and then put the boots to Gargano. Page got on the mic and said he doesn’t know if Gargano has been saying over and over that he learned from Gargano and Ronin and it was all about taking the top spot. Page said this is just the beginning. He told Gargano he would end his WWN career. The fans booed Page.

Winner: Drew Galloway to retain the EVOLVE Championship and become the Open the Freedom Gate Championship.

Star rating: (****3/4) – This was just an incredible war between both men that built from the beginning with a long brawling segment and then both guys going all out after some bells and whistles with ref bumps that really fired up the crowd. The near falls down the stretch were unreal and the finish was incredible.

(4) Tommy End vs. T.J. Perkins vs. Drew Gulak vs. Biff Busick in a Four Corner Survival match. Gulak and Perkins paired off, as did End and Busick. Thing settled down after a big exchange with Busick and Perkins going at it. Perkins sent Busick to the floor and set up for a dive, but End cut him off. Gulak tossed Perkins into an uppercut from Busick, as the action continued at a fast pace. Busick and Gulak seemed to be working together to wear out Perkins. End recovered and went at it with Gulak and Busick, but Busick cut him off with a big uppercut. End caught his feet going for a slingshot and it caused Busick to miss an uppercut. End appeared to have hurt his wrist taking a fall. Busick stood tall after wiping out End with a half-nelson suplex, but Gulak broke up the pin. Busick and Gulak went face-to-face and the fans fired up, but Perkins wiped out Busick with a dropkick. End fired back on Gulak and caught him with a running knee to the face. He then hit a moonsault to the floor to wipe out Gulak and Perkins. End then hit a double stomp o Gulak. Busick charged at him and End nailed him with a big kick to the head, but Perkins broke up the pin.

Perkins locked End in an octopus submission. Perkins had a double submission on End and Gulak. Busick couldn’t break it up and Gulak eventually slipped out and got a front chancery, but Perkins fired back and hit a double underhook lung blower. They went to a big sequence with everyone hitting moves capped off by Gulak hitting a missile dropkick and everyone was down. The fans fired up as everyone regrouped. Gulak and Busick went at it. They began exchanging some big bombs in the middle of the ring. Busick eventually hit a big German, but Perkins nailed him with a spin kick. Perkins eventually caught Gulak with a cross-arm breaker and he had to tap out.

Busick went after Perkins after the match, but the ref got in the way.

Winner: T.J. Perkins

Star rating: (***1/4) – They did some cool sequences, but I was surprised to see Gulak just tap out to a cross-arm breaker so quickly at the end. It was surprising to see End not pick up a win the entire weekend.

(5) A.R. Fox vs. P.J. Black. They went at it right away and Fox surprised Black with a dive through the ropes. Fox blocked a third dive attempt and Black moonsaulted off the apron to avoid Fox, but Fox wiped him out with a kick flip off the ringpost. The fans fired up as both men continued to go at it. Fox got caught with a superkick after he went for a springboard off the guardrail. Black fired back inside the ring and got the upper hand. Both men ended up exchanging big blows in the middle of the ring. Black eventually caught Fox with a sit out powerbomb as he came off the ropes for a 2 count. Fox fired back and hit a springboard clothesline, but Black turned it into the Koji clutch. Fox eventually managed to get his foot on the ropes. They ended up going at it near the apron. Fox eventually dumped Black stomach-first on the apron. Black went for a 450 and landed on his feet when Fox got out of the way. Fox got up and hit a shotgun dropkick, but missed a big cannonball into the corner. Black followed up with springboard moonsault for a 2 count. Black was going up top when the lights cut out. Fox ended up hitting a lung blower on Black. He followed up with a swanton as the lights came back on partially. Fox ended up hitting Lo Mein pain and went for a 450, but Black got his knees up and rolled him into a cover for a 2 count. Black went up top, but Fox crotched him.

Fox followed Black up top and they went back and forth. Fox went for another Lo Mein pain, but Black blocked it and got Fox on his shoulder. He then hit a DVD off the top onto the apron. Holy crap! Black followed up with a springboard 450 back inside the ring for the win.

Winner: P.J. Black

Star rating: (***) – This was a good back and forth match if you like this style. They had some really good exchanges and things slowed for a moment when the lights went out, but they managed to regroup and put together a good finishing sequence.

Trevin Adams came out and thanked the fans for being at the show. He said they had a lot of options to spend their money. He said all WWN has is them to support the company. He said EVOLVE would take place on April 17 in Florida. He said on April 18 there would be another EVOLVE show.

Timothy Thatcher simply glared at Hero as he made his entrance for their match and then continued to glare at him during the formal introductions. The fans chanted for Hero when he was introduced. The fans went nuts chanting for both men as Hero jawed with fans.

(6) Chris Hero vs. Timothy Thatcher. Hero yelled at Thatcher in the middle of the ring. The fans went insane as Thatcher glared at him and chanted for both men. Hero went around ringside and pumped the fans up before getting back into the ring. Thatcher glared at Hero and Hero offered a handshake and continued to talk s—t to Thatcher. Both men shook hands and Thatcher continued to glare at Hero. The crowd continued to chant different chants for both men. Both men went back and forth during the early going on the mat, but could not get a sustained advantage. Both men were being very careful during the early going. They began exchanging chops and Thatcher decked Hero with a series of uppercuts before dumping Hero to the group with a suplex. Both men went back and forth ono the mat again and Thatcher got a bow and arrow, but Hero grabbed the ropes and dragged himself to the outside. Thatcher blocked another rolling elbow attempt and hit several uppercuts, but Hero nailed him with a rolling kick to the head for a 2 count. Hero hit a sliding kick to Thatcher’s head and hit another kick to the head before dropping a knee on Thatcher. Hero hit a pair of big elbows in the corner that dropped Thatcher. Hero jawed at Thatcher, who glared at him from his knees. He tried to get up, but Hero kicked him right in the face. Hero got the upper hand on the mat and began working on Thatcher’s arm.

Thatcher fired back and got the mount. He hit several elbows and went for a kimura, but Hero got to the ropes and went to the floor. Thatcher tried to follow him, but Hero quickly slid into the ring and nailed him with a dropkick through the ropes. Hero posed on the outside after nailing Thatcher with a big elbow. Hero went for a rolling elbow, but Thatcher blocked it and grabbed a standing Fujiwara arm bar. Hero managed to break free by rolling into the ring. Thatcher tried to follow him, but Hero nailed him with a dropkick. The fans chanted for both men before Hero went back on the attack. Thatcher tried to block a cradle piledriver, but Hero lifted him up and nailed it for a 2 count. Thatcher hit a German, but Hero got right up and nailed him with a kick to the head. Thatcher hit another German and Hero went for a rolling elbow, but Thatcher nailed him with a headbutt and both men were down. The fans went nuts and chanted this is awesome. Thatcher got to his feet first and glared out to the crowd. He kept trying to charge at Hero in the corner. Hero kept kicking Thatcher in the head. Thatcher finally blocked a kick and went to town on Hero. He went off the ropes, but Hero nailed him with a running boot and a pair of rolling elbows. Hero hit another rolling elbow and lifted Thatcher to the middle of the ring. Hero took his elbow pad off and hit a forth rolling elbow. He made the cover, but Thatcher kicked out at 2 and grabbed the fujiwara arm bar and Hero tapped. Leonard screamed that it came out of nowhere.

The fans stood and applauded. A huge chant for Thatcher started. Hero rolled to the outside and looked upset. Hero then got back into the ring and both men glared at each other. Hero slapped Thatcher in the face. Thatcher fired back. They slapped each other in the face again and shook hands. Hero left the ring as Thatcher glared at him.

Winner: Timothy Thatcher

Star rating: (****3/4) – This was amazing. The crowd was so jacked to see this match and they put on a brilliant match. They went back and forth on the mat during the early and Hero got the upper hand. Thatcher was able to block Hero’s rolling elbows throughout the match until the end. The finish was brilliant with Hero nailing Thatcher with four rolling elbows, but Thatcher kicked out at 2 and then got the Fujiwara arm bar out of nowhere for the win. The intensity from both men in this match was off the charts.

GeNext came out to their original music first for the main event. Aries and Strong came out wearing original GeNext shirts as well. Aries got on the mic and said they had forgotten how bad their entrance music is. Nation and Ricochet came out next and the fans clapped to Nation’s Dragon Gate music. The fans then got a big Uhaa chant going.

(7) GeNext (Roderick Strong & Austin Aries) vs. Team Best Friends (Uhaa Nation & Ricochet). Nation hit a big dropkick off the ropes on Strong and Ricochet got into the ring to do the too easy pose with him. Strong fired back on Ricochet and tagged in Aries. Aries hit his signature dropkick out of the head scissors, but Ricochet fired right back and nailed him with a dropkick before flexing for the crowd. Aries caught a kick and hit a knee breaker into a suplex. Strong tagged in and put the boots to Ricochet, who ended up on the floor. Ricochet eventually fired back and tagged in Nation, who hit a big delayed vertical suplex on Strong. Ricochet then ran in and hit a standing moonsault and Nation covered Strong for a 2 count. Ricochet lifted Strong over his shoulders and drove his head into the middle turnbuckle several times before dumping him down to the mat for a 2 count. Strong fired back and tagged in Aries, who nailed Ricochet with a neck breaker over the top rope. Aries followed up with a missile dropkick for a 2 count. Aries and Strong tagged in and out to work over Ricochet. GeNext hit their signature back breaker/ slingshot elbow combination on Ricochet, but Nation ran in to break up the pin. The fans tried to fire up behind Ricochet, but Strong nailed him with a back breaker. Ricochet fired back and hit a neck breaker on Aries that made him DDT Strong. I hate that spot.

Ricochet made the hot tag to Nation, who ran wild on GeNext. Nation eventually hit a pop-up DVD on Strong, but only got a 2 count. The action broke down with Ricochet nailing Aries with a springboard missile dropkick as he went for a rolling elbow on Nation. Nation and Ricochet hit a tandem ace crusher on Strong, but Aries broke up the pin. Nation and Strong went back and forth and Strong nailed him with a back breaker. Aries then hit the heat seeking missile on Ricochet followed by a brainbuster. Aries and Strong hit a combination of moves on Nation capped by a sick kick, but Nation managed to kick out at 2. Nation fired back and tossed Strong into the corner to knock Aries off the top. Ricochet got the tag and went up top, but Strong cut him off. Strong then hit a superplex and went for another suplex, but Ricochet countered it into a hurricanrana for a near fall and the fans fired up big time. Wow! Strong blocked a hurricanrana attempt and held onto Ricochet. Ricochet tried to kick his way free, but Aries hit a 450 and then wiped out Nation with a dive to the floor. Strong got the Stronghold on Ricochet, but he eventually countered it into a jackknife cradle for a 2 count. Ricochet hit the benadriller and went up top. Ricochet fought Aries off and went for a SSP, but Strong got out of the way. Strong wiped out Ricochet and hit a huge flipping lung blower for the win. Wow!

After the match, Strong got on the mic and called Uhaa back into the ring. He told Nation it was an honor to work with him. He said it was about him and Aries right now. He told Aries he had helped make him the wrestler he is today. Strong said he realized that everything had changed and he attacked Aries and then Nation. Strong said he destroyed Galloway last time he faced him. Strong said he was coming for his title and nobody could stop him. Thatcher then ran down to the ring and nailed Strong with a big uppercut. Strong ran out of the building.

Thatcher got on the mic and said the road to the EVOLVE Title goes through him. He said he’s not a man of many words, but he said that they are all grateful for the fans coming out this weekend. The fans chanted that they respect Thatcher. Thatcher thanked the fans again for coming out to conclude the show.

Winners: Austin Aries & Roderick Strong

Star rating: (***1/2) – The match started out slow, but they turned things up during the second half of the match. It was great seeing GeNext reunited and they hit all of their signature offense before Strong put away Ricochet to end the show. Thatcher coming out to clear the ring of Strong after he turned on Aries and wiped out Nation was fantastic.

Quick overall thoughts: (9.5) – This show was right up there with Wrestle Kingdom 9 in terms of the best shows I’ve seen so far in 2015. You’ll be hard pressed to find two better matches this year in Galloway-Gargano in a DGUSA title vs. EVOLVE title match and Thatcher-Hero, which was brilliant.

The show got off to a bit of a slow start, but Black-Fox, the Four-Way, and the main event nicely supported the two big matches on the show. I enjoyed the character development for Ethan Page as well on the undercard.

The Gargano-Galloway match had a lot of bells and whistles, but they worked and the crowd got hotter and hotter until Galloway ended up picking up the win.

It’s clear that EVOLVE made a star out of Timothy Thatcher during WM weekend. He had some fantastic performances this weekend. His match against Hero is well-worth going out of your way to see. Hero was portrayed as a badass cocky heel throughout the weekend, but Thatcher always lurked in the background as the person that wasn’t intimidated by him and wouldn’t engage in verbal warfare. I loved the way he came out to make the save for Nation to end the show and told Strong that he’s going to have to go through him to get an EVOLVE Title shot. This sets up some great possibilities going forward.

Go out of your way to see this show and EVOLVE 40. Shows like this need the support and these two shows are more than worth the price of admission.


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