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METZGER'S ROH VS. NEW JAPAN IPPV REPORT 5/15: Bullet Club vs. Team ROH mega-main event, Lethal defends TV Title, top NJPW stars in action, Chris Sabin, Addiction, more

May 15, 2015 - 10:46:29 PM


Ring of Honor iPPV Report
ROH vs. New Japan Night 3
May 15, 2015
Toronto, Ont., Canada
Report by Mike Metzger (@mD0uble), PWTorch contributor

The ROH “Creating Excellence” signature aired.

Video Package: Last year, the two most respected wrestling promotions in the world went to war. Tonight, the war continues at Global Wars 2015!

Ringside: Kevin Kelly & Steve Corino hyped tonight’s main event of the Bullet Club versus the ROH All-Stars, as well as some other big matches on the card.

1 - SILAS YOUNG & WATANABE vs. MOOSE (w/ Veda Scott & Stokely Hathaway) & GEDO

It was good to see Silas Young back after being on the shelf for several months with a knee injury. The crowd added the word “sucks” to Moose’s self-titled theme music. Watanabe and Gedo started the match, although Watanabe did not comply with Code of Honor. Gedo took advantage early with an eye rake. The fans chanted for Moose and he tagged in, as did Young. Both men collided in the center. Silas broke the stalemate with some chops. Young talked trash to Moose, who responded with a big dropkick!

Moose tagged Gedo, but Silas was ready for him when he nailed a backbreaker/lariat combo. Watanabe tagged in and remained in control of the match. Watanabe hit a modified curb stomp for a nearfall. They remained in control for another minute or so. Gedo went for a hot tag, but Silas ran over and nailed Moose on the apron. Moose eventually did get the tag and dominated both his opponents and then splashed them both in the corner. He followed up with a flying cross body off the top rope onto Young and Watanabe!

All four men were in the ring. Silas went for a moonsault, but missed. Watanabe went for a German suplex, but couldn’t lift Moose off his feet. He tried again and nailed the suplex that time. Watanabe went for some lariats, but they had little effect on Moose, who actually lifted Watanabe in the air and clotheslined him for a close nearfall! Silas was distracted by Veda on the outside, as Moose hit a big spear out of nowhere for the pin!

WINNER: Moose & Gedo via pinfall in 7:35.

ANALYSIS: Solid opener. A nice change of pace from the multiple-man spotfest that typically opens an ROH show. (**1/4)

After the match, Young and Watanabe seemed to be on the same page, until Silas nailed his partner with a cheap shot.

Video Package: Three weeks ago on ROH TV, the Addiction defeated reDRagon for the ROH World Tag Team Titles and they along with Chris Sabin were revealed to be the Knights of the Rising Dawn.


Sabin was originally scheduled to face Alex Shelley’s partner KUSHIDA one-on-one, but Kyle O’Reilly was inserted into the match because Bobby Fish had travel issues. Sabin shook hands with KUSHIDA, but obviously did not show O’Reilly the same courtesy. The bell rang and all three men jockeyed for position with a series of arm drags and then a triple dropkick! Sabin rolled out of the ring, while O’Reilly and KUSHIDA exchanged blows in the center. Sabin yanked O’Reilly out of the ring, but KUSHIDA was quick to respond with a dive to Sabin on the outside!

KUSHIDA threw Sabin into the ring and controlled the match for a bit. KUSHIDA rammed Sabin’s head into the mat with his knees Velvet Sky-style and then did the same to O’Reilly. Sabin mockingly humped the mat and then attacked KUSHIDA. Sabin choked the Time Splitter on the middle rope, as the fans started an “asshole” chant. O’Reilly came in and hit several chops and strikes on Sabin. KUSHIDA went after O’Reilly and they struggled in the ropes, until Sabin hit a superkick on KUSHIDA as he hung upside down on the ropes!

KUSHIDA fought back with a pair of enziguiris on both of his opponents and then slammed both of their arms across the top rope. They did a fun spot where KUSHIDA hit a German suplex on Sabin while tied up in an O’Connor roll on O’Reilly, but no one was pinned. When the smoke cleared, O’Reilly and KUSHIDA squared off in the center and traded kicks. O’Reilly eventually won out with a Regalplex into a pinning combination, but KUSHIDA kicked out at two!

Sabin reappeared and hit a Tornado DDT on O’Reilly after bouncing off KUSHIDA in mid-air. All three men then traded blows, with O’Reilly coming out on top after hitting a Dean Ambrose-style double rebound lariat on both of his opponents! O’Reilly applied a cross arm-breaker on Sabin, but KUSHIDA broke it up with a moonsault! KUSHIDA went for Sliced Break on Sabin. Sabin tried to counter, but KUSHIDA caught him in a Kimura lock! Sabin had no choice but to tap out!

WINNER: KUSHIDA via submission in 9:45.

ANALYSIS: Action-packed throughout. All three men came up with some creative sequences, especially Kyle O’Reilly who is quickly cementing his spot as the hottest star in ROH right now. (***)

3 - MATT SYDAL & JUSHIN “THUNDER” LIGER vs. IWGP Hvt. Tag Team champions THE KINGDOM (Michael Bennett & Matt Taven w/Maria Kanellis) - non-title match

The crowd exploded for Liger’s entrance. Taven and Sydal started the match. They went into a chain wrestling sequence for the first minute, until Taven cowardly crawled over to Bennett for relief in the corner. Liger and Bennett tagged in. They traded Kung Fu poses and then went into a chain sequence of their own. The baby faces hit double dropkicks on each of their opponents. Maria grabbed Liger’s leg from the outside, which allowed Bennett to seize control of the match.

The Kingdom pummeled Liger in their corner and then controlled the match for the next several minutes. Bennett and Taven hit a nice series of double-team moves, which culminated in a moonsault from Taven. They went for an enziguiri/superkick combo, but a miscue caused Bennett to superkick Taven by accident! Liger made the hot tag and Sydal was a house of fire. He hit a standing moonsault on Taven, but couldn’t put him away. Sydal hit a nice jawbreaker/legdrop combo on both of his opponents and then went to the top. Bennet cut him off, though. Liger reappeared and clotheslined Bennett and Taven out of the ring! He went for a dive, but Maria got on the apron and did a striptease.

The Kingdom tried to attack Liger from behind, but he fended them off. Liger strutted over toward Maria, as she pulled his head into her breasts! This went on for several moments, until the Kingdom hit a double superkick on Liger from behind! Sydal went for a shooting star press, but got super kicked in midair! The Kingdom hit a spike piledriver on Sydal and Bennett scored the pin!

WINNERS: The Kingdom via pinfall in 8:56.

ANALYSIS: Fun and memorable. The Kingdom are a very hot act right now and they looked good here. I haven’t been the biggest fan of Sydal since he returned to ROH, but he was fine in this role. The Liger/Maria spot should generate some sort of buzz and it set up a hot finish to the match. (***)


Both men wrestled on the mat to start. They traded armdrags, but it ended in a stalemate. The announcers talked about how Cedric had been frustrated lately. They went back-and-forth again, but this time Cedric hit a big dropkick! Cedric kicked Okada in the back of his head and went for a cover. Okada kicked out and then dropkicked Alexander to the outside. The lights in the arena then went out, as the crowd booed (hey, at least it’s not a streaming issue). After a brief hesitation, referee Todd Sinclair began counting. The fans chanted, “Pay your bills.” The lights came back on and the crowd cheered! Okada hit a DDT from the apron and onto the floor!

Okada stomped Cedric in the corner, but Cedric got up and traded chops with Okada. Okada came right back with a running dropkick and then applied a chin lock. Alexander fought out after a minute or so, but Okada remained in control. Cedric then hit a 540 Kick out of nowhere and followed up with a huge flip dive to Okada on the outside, as the house lights went out again! They came back on as Cedric hit a clothesline from the top rope! Cedric followed up with a Michinoku Driver, but Okada kicked out at two!

Both men traded blows in the center. Okada flap-jacked Cedric on the mat and then splashed him in the corner. He hit a DDT on Cedric and then nailed a sliding European uppercut, but Cedric kicked out at two! Okada slammed Cedric and went up top. Okada hit an elbow smash from the top rope and then did the “Rainmaker” pose as the camera zoomed out on cue! Okada went for the Rainmaker, but Cedric moved out of the way! Both men struggled to get to their feet. Cedric charged at his opponent, but Okada caught him and hit White Noise over his knee! He went for the cover, but couldn’t put Cedric away!

Okada went for Tombstone, but Cedric reversed into Kick to Kill: Part 2! Cedric then followed up with a series of running dropkicks in the corner. He went for the cover on Okada, but the Japanese superstar somehow kicked out at two! Cedric followed up with another spin kick, but didn’t cover his opponent right away. Okada was able to capitalize with a Tombstone and then the Rainmaker for the victory!

WINNER: Okada via pinfall in 14:09.

The fans were chanting “Alexander,” as Okada extended his hand. A frustrated Cedric refused to shake hands and instead walked away.

ANALYSIS: This match told a great story. Cedric was so close to winning the match, but got frustrated when he couldn’t get the job done. Okada seized the opportunity and won the match. This built up to quite the climax and played into Cedric’s slow-burn heel turn well. (***1/2)

5 - ROH World Tag Team champions THE ADDICTION (Christopher Daniels & Frankie Kazarian) vs. THE DECADE (B.J. Whitmer & Adam Page w/Colby Corino) vs. RPG VICE (Rocky Romero & Trent Barreta) - non-title match

Before the match, The Addiction demanded to be referred as the “ROH World Tag Team Champions of the World.” The ref called for the Code of Honor and it was adhered to by RPG Vice and The Addiction, but the Decade were unwilling to participate. The bell rang and Page and Barreta started the match. Kaz tagged himself in and took Page’s place. Kaz and Barreta wrestled on the mat and exchanged roll-ups for about a minute. Kaz hit a modified neckbreaker, which caused Trent to crawl over and tag Romero. Kazarian mounted the slightest bit of offense, which caused Romero to crawl over and hug the legs of his partner.

Romero raked Kazarian’s eyes and then tagged Barreta. They double-teamed Kaz, but he escaped and tagged Page into the match. Page aggressively hit Trent in the face, but Romero came in and they double-teamed Page. Daniels tried to run in, but RPG Vice kept him at bay. Whitmer tagged in and took control of Romero. Romero kicked Whitmer several times. Daniels tagged Whitmer, but ate a dropkick from Romero as well. Barreta tagged in and made a big fuss before simply raking Daniels in the face with his foot. Barreta remained in control, until Kaz distracted him from the outside. Daniels punched Trent in the face several times and then tagged in Kazarian.

The champions continued to dominate Barreta with several quick tags. Whitmer tagged in and picked up right where the Addiction left off. Whitmer threw Trent to the outside, where Page hit a Shooting Star Press off the apron! Page threw Barreta back into the ring, but Whitmer couldn’t put him away. Page tagged in, but got too close to the Addiction’s corner. Daniels and Page exchanged words and then face palms in the center. Daniels eventually tossed Page out of the ring. In all the confusion, Barreta was finally able to make the hot tag to Romero!

Romero attacked both Addiction members with clotheslines in opposite corner. The Addiction tried to get out of the way, but Romero hit them with a double-clothesline! Trent tagged back in and they double-teamed Daniels. Romero went for the cover, but Whitmer broke it up. The Decade took over and went for the All Seeing Eye, but RPG Vice fought back and knocked both Decade members to the outside. Barreta went for a dive, but Kazarian cut him off. The champs hit a neckbreaker/powerbomb combo on Romero, but Rocky kicked out at two!

Whitmer was tagged in and Page followed him in. They double-teamed Romero, but could’t put him away. They went into a sequence where each man hit a signature spot. When the smoke cleared, Daniels and Romero both went down after they clotheslined each other! Barreta made a blind tag to his partner. RPG Vice hit their finisher on Page, but Daniels quickly ran in and broke it up. Kaz tagged in, covered Page and stole the victory!

WINNERS: The Addiction via pinfall in 15:15.

After the match, Kyle O’Reilly ran in and attacked both Kaz and Daniels! The champions retreated, as O’Reilly grabbed one of the tag title belts and posed with it in the corner!

ANALYSIS: This was fun to watch, but it was essentially a spotfest where the action never stopped. It made sense for The Addiction to go over the way they did. It’s unfortunate that Bobby Fish had travel issues because reDRagon could have definitely brought this match up a few notches. Fine for what it was but ultimately forgettable in the long-run. (**3/4)

[Intermission: The announcers threw to Steen-Nakamura from last year’s War of the Worlds, but a technical glitch wouldn’t allow the match to be shown. They tried to just film the big screen in the arena that was playing the match, but it was eventually aborted in favor of the Global Wars graphic. The production department eventually got their act together and aired the match.]


Both men felt each other out for the first couple minutes. A.C.H. mocked Nakamura, but Nakamura responded by doing his schtick correctly to the approval of the crowd! A.C.H. hit a dance move, to which Nakamura was impressed. Nakamura went to shake his opponent’s hand, but A.C.H. sprang into offense. He hit Nakamura with a big chop and then charged at him, but Nakamura dropped him to the arena floor! Nakamura positioned A.C.H. on the hockey boards and delivered a running knee strike. Nakamura then positioned A.C.H. on the apron and delivered two more knee strikes for good measure!

Nakamura was in firm control and things remained that way for the next minute, until A.C.H. fought back with a dropkick from the middle rope! A.C.H. followed up with some forearm strikes and then about a dozen kicks! A.C.H. hit a big lariat, but Nakamura kicked out at two. Nakamura fought back wit a spin kick and both men were down on the mat. They got to their feet and exchanged blows in the center. Nakamura came out on top with a stiff blow followed by an enziguiri! Nakamura charged at A.C.H. in the corner and went for a cover, but A.C.H. kicked out.

A.C.H. fought back, flipped off Nakamura and then hit a Stunner! He went to follow up with a German suplex, but couldn’t get Nakamura off his feet. Both men traded suplex attempts, but neither man would budge. Nakamura eventually delivered a knee to the face of A.C.H. then then slammed him to the mat! A.C.H. came right back with a flying STO! A.C.H. then dropkicked Nakamura to the outside. He went for his Air Jordan dive and nailed it! A.C.H. rolled Nakamura back into the ring and went for a 450 Splash but missed. Nakamura capitalized with a kick to the back of A.C.H.’s head! He went for a cover, but A.C.H. kicked out. Nakamura quickly followed up with an inverted suplex. A.C.H. flipped off of Nakamura, but Nakamura came right back with a superkick out of nowhere to score the pin.

WINNER: Shinsuke Nakamura via pinfall in 13:28.

ANALYSIS: I thought this was just okay, perhaps a bit disappointing considering the two men involved. Both guys were really over with the crowd, though, which brought things up a notch. Not a bad match, just not outstanding and perhaps that was done on purpose considering this match’s position on the card. (**1/2)

7 - ROH TV champion JAY LETHAL (w/Donovan Dijak) vs. TETSUYA NAITO - ROH TV Title match

The announcers couldn’t recall the last time Lethal came to the ring without Truth Martini. No explanation was given for his absence. Both men shook hands and the bell rang. A brief distraction from Dijak allowed Lethal to gain the early advantage. Naito fought right back with a running dropkick to Lethal. Dijak grabbed a chair and took a seat in the aisle, as Naito hit a huracanrana in the ring. Naito followed up with a back drop, which caused Lethal to roll to the floor to regroup. Naito charged at Lethal on the outside, but Lethal moved out of the way and threw him into the chair Dijak had set up in the aisle!

Lethal hit three consecutive dives to his opponent on the outside! Lethal posed on the apron and then threw Naito into the hockey boards. Naito eventually made it back into the ring, but ate a double axe handle from Lethal off the top rope. Lethal then applied a chin lock in the center. Before long, Naito elbowed his way out but Lethal took him right back down and covered him for a nearfall. Lethal quickly reapplied the chin lock.

Naito fought out again and this time mounted some offense with a couple of lariats and a swinging neckbreaker. Naito went up top and hit a missile dropkick and then hit a springboard dropkick to Lethal while he was down in the corner. Naito stared wildly into Lethal’s eyes, but Lethal seized the opportunity and hit the Lethal Combination! He followed up with his Hail to the King elbow-smash and covered Naito, but the Japanese star kicked out at two!

Both men got to their feet and traded enziguiris in the center of the ring! Both men were down again, as the ref began to count. They got up and traded blows. The hesitation between blows was a bit comedic. Naito yelled out and went for a move, but Dijak grabbed his foot from the outside. The ref saw it, however, and ejected Dijak! Naito then delivered a baseball slide to Dijak for good measure. Lethal tried to take advantage, but Naito caught him on the top rope and hit a super huracanrana! He covered Lethal, but the champion kicked out at two!

Lethal went for a Lethal Injection, but Naito caught him and delivered a German suplex! Naito went up top, but missed the Stardust Press. Naito was favoring his knee, as Jay snuck up from behind and rolled up Naito for two. He tried again and held the tights, but Naito kicked out. Out of nowhere, Lethal hit the Lethal Injection and scored the pin.

WINNER: Jay Lethal via pinfall in 12:50 to retain the ROH TV Title.

ANALYSIS: These guys had great chemistry and the match flowed very well because of it. The outside shenanigans were kept to a minimum, which also helped. Lethal continues to be one of the most consistent performers on the ROH roster and I am very excited to see him face ROH World Champion Jay Briscoe at Best in the World next month. (***)


The announcers positioned this as a chance for Elgin to defeat a former IWGP Heavyweight champion. Both men tied up in the center, but Tanahashi got the early advantage when he threw Elgin to the outside. Elgin quickly re-entered the ring and knocked Tanahashi to the mat. Tanahashi hit a cross body off the second rope, followed by an armdrag. Elgin fought back with some blows and then both men fought to the outside. Tanahashi took advantage by throwing Elgin into the hockey boards!

Elgin quickly fought back as Tanahashi tried to re-enter the ring. He got caught in the ropes, which allowed Elgin to hit a somersault legdrop onto Tanahashi. Elgin then hoisted up Tanahashi for a delayed vertical suplex. Elgin went for the cover, but Tanahashi kicked out. Elgin applied a chin lock, but Tanahashi quickly fought out of it. Both men jockeyed for position for a bit and then Elgin hit a Northern Lights suplex into a pinning combination, but Tanahashi kicked out at two.

Elgin remained in control with a series of elbow drops and then a splash, but Tanahashi kicked out of the pin attempt. Elgin went back to the chin lock. Tanahashi fought out after about thirty seconds, as the announcers were distracted by a fan in the crowd who resembled Memphis wrestling legend Jamie Dundee. Meanwhile, Tanahashi slammed Elgin to the mat and went up top. He hit a somersault senton and covered Elgin, but the former ROH champ kicked out at two. Elgin fought back with some strikes and then an enziguri. He hit a deadlft German suplex into a pinning combination, but Tanahashi kicked out at two.

Tanahashi regained control of the match with a Dragon Screw leg whip. He went up top and jumped toward Elgin, but Elgin caught him and then clotheslined him in the back of the head. He went for the cover, but still couldn’t put Tanahashi away. Elgin went for a piledriver on the apron, but Tanahashi fought out. Elgin quickly jumped down and swept Tanahashi’s legs out from under him. Elgin went for a suplex on the floor, but Tanahashi escaped. The Japanese star went up top and hit a cross body to Elgin on the floor! Tanahashi rolled Elgin back into the ring, but both men collided with each other and went down to the mat.

Both men got up and traded blows in the center. Tanahashi charged at Elgin, but didn’t get all of it. Elgin quickly capitalized by covering his opponent, but Tanahashi kicked out. Tanahashi went for a German suplex into a pinning combination, but Elgin kicked out. Tanahashi followed up with a big splash from the top rope. He went for another, but Elgin got the knees up! Elgin followed up with a stiff lariat and then a Buckle Bomb, but Tanahashi fought right back with a lariat of his own! Tanahashi went up top again and hit a frogsplash! He then covered Elgin for the three count!

WINNER: Hiroshi Tanahashi via pinfall in 15:15.

ANALYSIS: Great action from both men. These guys also had a great chemistry and it showed here. It’s a shame that Elgin had all of his issues late last year because he is another of ROH’s consistent wrestlers in the ring. (***1/4)


There were a lot of streamers and fanfare for the Bullet Club. All ten men in the ring together was quite the sight. They all lined up and shook hands. The Bullet Club then made the “suck it” gesture in unison! All ten men began brawling and the bell rang. Things settled down with Nick Jackson and Roderick Strong in the ring. Nick tagged Matt and they hit Roddy with a double dropkick! Both Matt and Roddy were yanked out of the ring by the opposing team. Nick hit a crazy spinning dive onto a sea of humanity at ringside and then a bunch of wrestlers brawled at ringside. Mark Briscoe went for his Cactus Jack elbow drop from the apron, but ate a superkick from the Young Bucks!

Back in the ring, Anderson and Gallows double-teamed Strong. Strong tried to fight back with some chops, but was quickly knocked back down to the mat by Gallows. Styles tagged in and nailed Strong with a backbreaker. The Bullet Club continued to dominate Strong, until he was able to create separation and tag Mark Briscoe. Mark hit some Red Neck Kung Fu and then The Briscoes double-teamed Anderson. Nick ran in and went for a superkick, but Jay Briscoe fought back with some fists. Jay tagged Rowe, and he along with Hanson double-teamed Nick. Jay tagged back in and had his way with Nick for a little while. Jay then tagged in Mark who hit a suplex which was good for a nearfall. Strong tagged in and hit Nick with a back suplex. The crowd was firmly behind the Bullet Club.

Nick began to mount a comeback with some elbows, but Roddy quickly cut him off with a dropkick. Hanson came in, but he ate a superkick from Nick. A.J. Styles tagged in and hit a Pele on his opponents in the corner. Hanson and Gallows then squared off in the center. Hanson hit his cartwheel clothesline. The Bullet Club took control, though, and then hit a five-man superkick! The ROH All-Stars tried to fight back, but A.J. and the Bucks hit a triple moonsault on the outside!

The Bullet Club then hit three consecutive 450 splashes on Hanson, but couldn’t put away the big man! Mark Briscoe was somehow able to tag in, and then the ROH All-Stars fought back. A.J. went for a springboard moonsault on the outside, but Hanson cut him off and then hit a huge flip dive on a sea of humanity! When the smoke cleared, Strong hit a superplex on Nick and then ran into the opposite corner and hit another superplex on Styles! Strong then positioned Anderson up to and superplexed him! Superplex City! Roddy went for a fourth consecrative superplex on Gallows, but was finally cut off by Nick Jackson. Roddy responded by superplexing Nick Jackson onto the sea of humanity at ringside!

Back in the ring, Gallows hit a Baldo Bomb on Hanson. Rowe came in, but ate a DDT from Styles. A.J. went for the Styles Clash, but Strong broke it up with a kick! Jay Briscoe hit Matt Jackson with a superkick and then Jay followed up with a Jay Driller. Mark followed up Froggy Bow on Matt JAckson for the victory!

WINNERS: ROH All-Stars via pinfall in 16:54.

ANALYSIS: This match was quite the spectacle. The star-power was unbelievable and these men did not disappoint. There were creative spots and unique sequences throughout. My one critique is that it was a bit anti-climactic. The finishing sequence with all of the ROH stars hitting their finishers worked, but it was only 10:40 p.m. EST, which is quite early as far as ROH iPPVs go. Still, this match is definitely worth seeking out if you call yourself a wrestling fan. (****1/4)

After the match, ROH World champ Jay Briscoe and IWGP World champ A.J. Styles stared each other down in the center of the ring. It looked like they were about to shake hands, but ROH TV champ Jay Lethal ran in out of nowhere and nailed both men with his ROH TV Title belt! Lethal declared himself the “Best in the World” and held up his title as the show faded to black.

FINAL REAX: Overall, this was an enjoyable way to spend a Friday night. The undercard was solid, but did not overshadow the star-studded main event. The show was wrestling-heavy for sure, without any in-ring interviews or backstage promos. That aspect was fine, but I feel like the viewer was unable to stop and fully appreciate what they were witnessing. This stuck out to me especially during the quick transitions between matches. It just seemed rushed. Sometimes this type of a show strikes me as more of an exhibition than a hot wrestling card, but this definitely worked as several ROH storylines were forwarded throughout, culminating with Jay Lethal’s attack at the end of the show. I definitely recommend this show to any ROH or NJPW fan, as well as casual fans who would like a pulse of what’s going on outside of WWE/NXT right now.

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