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RADICAN'S DGUSA DVD REVIEW SERIES: "Chasing the Dragon 2011" - PAC vs. Ricochet Captain's Six Man Tag, Doi-Callihan, Taylor & Gargano vs. YAMATO & Yoshio

Mar 26, 2012 - 7:31:40 PM

By Sean Radican, Torch columnist

SEPT. 9, 2011

PAC cut a promo backstage with A.R. Fox and Rich Swann. PAC talked about how they were in a he was leading his team in a Captain’s match tonight against Ricochet’s team. PAC said it didn’t matter who the best high-flyer is between them because he, Fox, and Swann are all great high-flyers. Swann spoke in Japanese and said they were #1. Swann is awesome.

Jon Davis cut a promo. He said he wanted to continue his momentum from winning the FRAY! On the last show and had made a request of the DGUSA office. Davis said DGUSA had granted his request and given him Arik Cannon. Davis said he hoped Cannon was ready.

Radican Note: I like that Davis doesn’t scream his promos, but he should speak more confidently and not be soft-spoken like he was here.

The picture looks good. They have the lights on for this show, which isn’t usually the case. The graphics for the entrances are nice as well.

1 - - THE SCENE (Caleb Konley & Scott Reed) vs. TRIPP CASSIDY & REMI WILKINS

Cassidy and Wilkins must be local guys. They look very indy. Leonard said this was a tag team discovery match, as DGUSA is looking for new tag teams. Cassidy looked really awkward attacking Konley before Reed dragged him to the outside and put a beating on him. Konley continued to work over Cassidy. Reed tagged in and powerbombed Cassidy into the corner. Reed and Konley then hit a combination of moves on Cassidy, but Wilkins broke up the pin. Cassidy tagged out and Wilkins ran wild. Reed quickly wiped out Cassidy, who had run into the ring with a clothesline. They dispatched Wilkins before hitting a tandem wheel barrow suplex on Cassidy for the win.

Winners: Scott Reed & Caleb Konley – This wasn’t a bad showcase match Konley and Reed, who looked good picking up a quick win.

After the match, Larry Dallas ran into the ring. Dallas said the Scene is the greatest tag team in DGUSA. Several officials ran out and escorted Dallas from the ring since he’s not allowed to manage in DGUSA.

Ricochet cut a promo backstage with CIMA and Akira Tozawa. Ricochet said he had picked his own team for the Captain’s match. CIMA laughed while Ricochet talked. Ricochet said tonight is about him showing he’s the best high-flyer in the world. Ricochet said tonight after he beat PAC tonight, the fans would know he’s better than PAC.


Draven offered a handshake, but Nation punched him in the face. Leonard said Nation and Draven had impressed during the seminar held earlier in the day. Draven rolled through a sunset flip and hit a kick for a one count. He followed up with a slingshot leg drop on the apron, but only got a one count. Nation fired back and caught Draven with a backbreaker. Draven fired back with a series of kicks and nailed Nation with a senton again the ropes for a 2 count. Draven went up top, but Nation caught him and hit 2 powerbombs and a slingshot powerbomb on Draven and the crowd went nuts. Draven kicked out, so Uhaa hit a standing SSP for the pin. The crowd stood and applauded after the finish as Naylor went mental on commentary.

Winner: Uhaa Nation – Wow! Nation’s power moves were impressive and the crowd reaction to seeing him hit the series of powerbombs on Draven and then a SSP press was fun to watch.

Johnny Gargano and Chuck Taylor were shown backstage. Gargano talked about facing Yoshino and YAMATO in a tag match later on the show. Taylor was reading a paper and wasn’t paying attention to Gargano. Gargano got mad at Taylor and asked where Swann was. Taylor said he didn’t care where Swann was. Gargano reminded Taylor who they were wrestling tonight and he got excited. Gargano said they were going to show why Ronin deserves all the gold. Taylor got mad tonight and began reading the paper again. Gargano told him he needs to shave his legs and left the room.

Radican note: Is this the start of the angle of dissension in Ronin?

3 - - JON DAVIS vs. ARIK CANNON (w/Pinkie Sanchez)

The crowd chanted for Davis prior to the bell. Cannon took control and hit a dropkick for a 2 count. Cannon nailed several Davis with several forearms, but Davis caught him coming off the ropes with a powerslam. They went out to the floor and Cannon nailed Davis with a punch against the guardrail. Davis fired back and hit a couple of kicks on Cannon. Davis then fought Cannon off and kicked him over the guardrail. They brawled through the crowd and Cannon cut Davis off with a big right hand that the announcers put over nicely. Davis fired back and punched him back over the guardrail. Sanchez tried to surprise Davis with a clothesline, but he shrugged it off. Sanchez then held Davis’s leg as he got back in the ring and Cannon nailed Davis with an enzuguri. Cannon choked Davis with his shirt, but had to let it go due to the ref’s count.

Cannon continued to work over Davis, but Davis fired back with a big chop. Cannon hit a thumb to Davis’s eye and nailed him with a big chop. Cannon then tied Davis up and targeted his eye with a couple of punches, but Davis kicked out at two. The crowd tried to rally behind Davis as Cannon nailed him with a series of punches in the corner. Davis finally took Cannon down with an elbow and went on the attack. Davis hit a big one-armed powerbomb for a nearfall.

Naylor quote: “Jon Davis’s power at times is downright scary.”

Cannon cut off Davis with some elbows when he went for another power move. Cannon then hit a big lariat and went for a brainbuster, but Davis wouldn’t go up. Cannon went for total anarchy and connected after a kick to Davis’s gut for a good nearfall. Davis struggled to get to his feet and suddenly hit a spinebuster out of nowhere. Sanchez came off the top, but Davis easily avoided him and hit a huge pounce. Cannon hit a big punch, a superkick, and a brainbuster, but Davis kicked out and the crowd applauded. Davis ducked a punch and hit a huge lariat moments later. He then hit 3 seconds around the world for the win.

Winner: Jon Davis

Star rating: (**3/4) – They started slow, but the finish of the match was really good with the crowd getting behind Davis. Davis looked good nailing Sanchez with the pounce and then putting away Cannon with an impressive variation of the powerbomb.

After the match, Sanchez tripped and Cannon gave him a small kick to the head. He yelled at Sanchez to follow him to the back. Sanchez flipped off the fans as he staggered to the back.

Larry Dallas was backstage with Konley and Reed. Dallas was mad about being tossed out of the building. Konley said the important thing was that they won. Reed said they were going to destroy tag team after tag team until people took notice. Dallas was excited and said he was going to get the women to celebrate the win.

Gregory Iron made his entrance. The Blood Warriors led by Brodie Lee then came out. Lee got on the mic and asked Iron if he’s Gregory Iron. He asked him if he was the one C.M. Punk put over. Lee said he got put over by Nash, who’s better than Punk. Lee trash talked Iron before nailing him with a big boot. The crowd booed as Lee nailed Iron with a big powerbomb. Lee then hit a huge powerbomb on Iron. Ricochet got on the mic and said he and CIMA are the best tag team on the planet. He said Doi and Tozawa are among the best on the planet. Ricochet then put himself over. The fans began chanting for PAC. Lee picked up Iron and Ricochet said he was going to do this to Iron before slapping him across the face. CIMA then wiped out Iron with a variation of the air raid crash. Lee then tossed Iron out of the ring.

Lee got on the mic and said there’s a spot open the elimination match now. Leonard said Lee had stolen Iron’s spot. Mike Sydal came out next, but Lee hit him with a huge spinebuster. The crowd booed as the Blood Warriors posed for the crowd. Sugar Dunkerton was out next. Dunkerton slapped Lee in the face. Doi and Tozawa attacked Dunkerton from behind. They then hit a double suplex on him and he rolled to the floor as Ricochet danced in the ring. Flip Kendrick came down to the ring next, but Lee simply nailed him with a running boot when he got up on the apron. Billy Roc was out next, but Lee nailed him with a big punch on the apron. B.J. Whitmer then made his entrance.

Whitmer got on the mic on the outside. He told Lee to stop being a p---y and to send his boys to the back and fight like a man. Lee agreed and sent the Blood Warriors to the back.

4 - - BRODIE LEE vs. B.J. WHITMER vs. SUGAR DUNKERTON vs. MIKE SYDAL vs. FLIP KENDRICK vs. BILLY ROC – Six Man Elimination match

Everyone gaged up on Lee and Whitmer clotheslined him to the floor. The action continued at a rapid pace between Kendrick and Whitmer. Kendrick sent Whitmer to the outside with a headscissors takedown. Roc entered the ring and went for a crucifix pin on Kendrick, but he kicked out. Lee tried to get back in the ring, but Roc and Kendrick kicked him to the floor. Dunkerton eventually tripped up Roc and rolled over him before applying a chinlock. Dunkerton hit a pop-up kick on Roc followed by a big lariat. Lee got up on the apron, so Dunkerton nailed him with a punch. The action continued at a rapid pace with men coming into the ring at a rapid pace. Sydal and Whitmer went at it. Whitmer nailed Sydal with a buckle bomb before kicking Lee off the apron to the floor. Dunkerton told Whitmer he’s not so big. Dunkerton then began trading forearms with Whitmer. Dunkerton and Whitmer then began exchanging big chops. Whitmer and Dunkerton both went for suplexes. Whitmer eventually suplexed himself and Dunkerton over the top rope to the floor. Roc took out Kendrick in the ring and took out Whitmer and Dunkerton with a dive to the outside. Sydal then went up top and hit a big moonsault off the top to the outside.

Kendrick went up top as Naylor went crazy and took out Whitmer, Dunkerton, and Roc with a corkscrew plancha. Lee was the last one left inside the ring. Sydal ran in and tried to roll him up, but Lee kicked out and hit a big lariat. Lee followed up with a diving powerbomb for the pin as the crowd booed. The action continued at a rapid pace with Dunkerton taking out Lee and Whitmer with a dive off the top. Roc tied up Lee’s legs and nailed him with a series of handstand kicks. Dunkerton countered Roc and hit an elevated lariat for a nearfall. Roc tied up Dunkerton and pinned him with a backslide. Lee waited for Roc and nailed him with a huge kick to eliminate him.

Ricochet ran down and tossed a chair into the ring, but Lee caught it and nailed Lee with several chairshots to the back. The ref called for a DQ and Whitmer flipped out, but eventually left the ring. Kendrick crawled over to Whitmer and covered him for a 2 count. Kendrick went up top as the crowd applauded. Kendrick hit one and a half rotation leg drop on Lee, but only got a 2 count. Kendrick flipped out of clothesline, but lost his balance going for a springboard. Kendrick went for another springboard, but Lee caught him and hit the truck stop for the win.

Winner: Brodie Lee

Star rating: (***1/4) – This was a fun match that build up to several really good exchanges. The match was wrestled at a frantic pace, but it was a really good showcase for Lee and the Blood Warriors as heels. Whitmer’s DQ also sets up a potential match between him and Lee down the line.

Uhaa Nation cut a promo backstage. He said he’s here to stay. He said tonight was just a little taste of what’s to come. He challenged the other wrestlers in the back to challenge him.

Sami Callihan was out next and he got a big ovation from the crowd. There wasn’t much of a reaction to Doi making his entrance. Once Doi got in the ring the fans began chanting for Callihan.


Doi charged at Callihan and nailed him with a running dropkick while the ref checked him. Doi kicked away at Callihan, who screamed at Doi to bring it. Callihan tried to kick Doi, but Doi caught his leg and nailed him with a big slap to the face. Callihan fired back and took down Doi with a big chop. Doi fired back and took down Callihan with an elbow. Doi hit some light kicks to Callihan’s head. Callihan glared at him, but Doi took him down with a big kick. Doi nailed Callihan with a series of overhead slaps to the chest in the corner. Callihan fired back and nailed Doi with some huge chops.

Naylor quote: “Oh my God, Sami is battering Naruki Doi.”

Doi fired back and took control once again. Doi hit a huge chop to Callihan’s chest. Callihan ended up tied up in the ropes and Doi nailed him with a running kick. Callihan slumped over the middle rope and Doi hit a big senton off the top. Doi took Callihan down in the corner, but Callihan avoided his charge and took him down. Callihan then nailed Doi with a running bicycle kick in the corner and the crowd applauded. Callihan hit another kick in the corner, but Doi fired up and caught him with a series of forearms. Callihan fired up and nailed Doi with a suplex for a 2 count as the crowd applauded. Callihan hit a springboard lariat that sent Doi to the outside. Callihan followed up with a dive through the ropes and the crowd applauded. Callihan went to work on Doi on the outside. He set up Doi against the barricade and nailed him with a huge running chop. Callihan hit another running chop on Doi before tossing him back into the ring.

Callihan went up top, but Doi got out of the way and he missed a splash. Doi hit a pop-up dropkick and began stomping away at Callihan in the corner. Callihan fired up and nailed Doi with a big lariat. Callihan lifted Doi up on his shoulders. Doi tried to fight out with elbows. Callihan went to his knees, but fired up and hit a DVD for a 2 count. The crowd fired up with both men slow to get to their feet. Callihan and Doi began exchanging blows in the middle of the ring.

Naylor quote: “Just a standing war of attrition right here.”

Doi ended up catching Sami coming off the ropes and he slammed him to the mat for a 2 count. Doi hit a running senton in the corner. The crowd applauded. Doi took his time and Sami fired up and hit a backdrop driver. Callihan followed up with a diving forearm on Doi for a nearfall and the crowd applauded again. Both men were slow to get up again. The crowd clapped as both men tried to stagger to their feet. Both men eventually got to their knees. They began exchanging strikes on their knees. Callihan hit a big headbutt. They continued to exchange strikes on their feet. Doi fired back and lit up Callihan with a series of slaps to the face as the crowd applauded. Callihan spit in Doi’s face and he nailed him with several more strikes. Callihan ducked a charge from Doi and applied the stretch muffler. Doi struggled and rolled him up for a nearfall. Doi caught Callihan coming off the rope with Doi 5’s he followed up with a sliding kick for a nearfall. The crowd applauded with both men down on the mat once again. Doi dragged Callihan towards the corner, but Callihan nailed him with an enzuguri. Callihan went up top with Doi. Callihan nailed several elbows to Doi’s head, but Doi lifted him up and hit Doi 5’s off the top. Doi hit another sliding kick for the win.

Winner: Naruki Doi

Star rating: (***3/4) – A great all-out war between both men. Callihan’s facials were great during the match as he glared at Doi while he kicked away at him. There were perhaps a nearfall or two too many down the stretch, but Callihan’s performance against Doi goes a long way in establishing him as a singles wrestler.

After the match, Doi showed respect to Callihan before heading to the back. Callihan recovered and also got a nice ovation from the crowd as he headed to the back.

Louis Lyndon was out next. Pinkie Sanchez then came out and mocked Sabu during his entrance.


Lyndon hit a headscissors take down, but Sanchez landed on his feet. The pace picked up and Sanchez bailed to the corner and claimed Lyndon was pulling his hair. Sanchez offered a handshake, but ended up kicking Lyndon in the gut. Callihan went for a shoulder tackle off the ropes, but Lyndon got out of the way. Lyndon tripped Sanchez and went up top. Lyndon connected with a big splash off the top for a 2 count. Sanchez grabbed the ref and tried to kick Lyndon, but Lyndon caught his leg and shoved him into the corner before connecting with a running forearm. Lyndon went for a springboard, but Sanchez shoved him to the outside. Sanchez went outside and dropped Lyndon over the guardrail. Sanchez grabbed a bottle of water from a fan and spit on Lyndon’s face. He set up Lyndon on the ring steps and nailed him with the running double knees off the apron. That looked painful.

Lyndon kicked Sanchez off of him and Sanchez spilled to the corner. Lyndon fired up on Sanchez with a series of kicks and Sanchez bailed to the outside. Lyndon got a running start and hit a flip dive through the ropes to wipe out Sanchez. Lyndon went for a suplex, but Sanchez blocked it. Lyndon caught Sanchez with a dragon suplex out of nowhere for a 2 count. Lyndon went for another dragon suplex, but Sanchez hit a dragon whip on Lyndon’s groin. Sanchez went for the flying a--, but Lyndon ducked and nailed him with a palm strike for a 2 count. The crowd clapped as Lyndon went for a springboard, but Sanchez got out of the way. Sanchez hit the flying a—for a nearfall. Sanchez put Lyndon on the top rope and lifted him on his shoulders. Sanchez then hit the burning hammer for the pin.

Winner: Pinkie Sanchez

Star rating: (**1/2) – This was a good back and forth match with Sanchez getting his disgusting personality over with a variety of foul wrestling maneuvers on Lyndon. Lyndon looked good here as well getting the crowd behind him at certain times during the match.

Sanchez grabbed the camera after the match and said he was going to shove a fork up Sabu’s a--.

Jon Davis cut a promo backstage. He said he had won one match this weekend, but he had two more matches to win. Davis said he was facing Swann tomorrow and promised to beat him.

Johnny Gargano and Chuck Taylor were out next. Then YAMATO and Masato Yoshino came down to the ring for their tag match.

Gargano got on the mic before the match started. There were some problems with the mic, so Gargano got another mic. Gargano told YAMATO he knows he can beat him for the Open the Freedom Gate title. He vowed to make Yoshino tap out. Gargano said Taylor and Swann were coming for Yoshino’s Open the United Gate titles. Taylor got on the mic and said he was going for the Open the Freedom Gate title and Taylor and Swann could go for the Open the United Gate titles held by Yoshino and PAC. The mic had some bad feedback and Taylor told the ringside attendant he was going to be fired.

7 - - RONIN (Chuck Taylor & Johnny Gargano) vs. JUNCTION 3 (YAMTO & Masato Yoshino)

Taylor and YAMATO exchanged holds and came to a stalemate. Gargano and Yoshino tagged into the ring. Yoshino pushed Gargano against the ropes and offered a clean break. The announcers discussed Swann getting over in Japan wrestling for Dragon Gate. Yoshino wiped out Gargano with a dropkick, but Gargano fired back with a flurry of strikes capped by a neckbreaker. Gargano tagged in Taylor, who continued to work over Yoshino. Yoshino eventually pushed Gargano into his own corner. He tagged in YAMATO and they made a wish with Gargano’s legs. YAMATO charged at Taylor and he fell off the apron. Gargano then pushed YAMATO into his corner and tagged in Taylor. Taylor hit a headbutt and fell to the mat. Gargano tried to hit a headbutt from the apron and he collapsed to the floor. The announcers said Ronin should have known not to headbutt YAMATO.

Yoshino grounded Taylor and tied him up in a headscissors submission on the mat. YAMATO knocked Gargano off the apron and tied up Taylor in a figure 4. The ref made YAMATO and Yoshino break the submission. Taylor fired back and tagged in Gargano. They nailed Yoshino with a double elbow. Gargano and Taylor then danced around before putting the boots to Yoshino. Yoshino fired back with an arm bar before tagging in YAMATO. Yoshino came off the top and hit a doublestomp on Gargano’s arm while Yoshino held it in place. YAMATO and Yoshino continued to work over Gargano’s arm inside the ring. Yoshino tied up Gargano in a nasty submission while YAMATO held Taylor at bay. The pace picked up with YAMATO tripping Gargano as he came off the ropes. Yoshino immediately followed up with a running dropkick on Gargano. Gargano fired back and hit a DDT/flatliner combination on YAMATO and Yoshino. The crowd clapped and Taylor tagged into the match. Taylor caught YAMATO with a springboard missile dropkick. He then hit an overheard belly-to-belly suplex on Yoshino. Taylor hit a northern lights suplex on Yoshino a short time later as the crowd began to get into the action. Yoshino fired back and caught Taylor in an octopus submission, but Taylor managed to get the ropes. Yoshino went up top and hit a doublestomp on Taylor’s arm. Yoshino then came off the ropes, but Taylor nailed him with a superkick and both men were down.

Gargano and YAMATO went toe-to-toe in the middle of the ring. YAMATO ducked Gargano’s signature rolling kick and applied the crossface, but Gargano got the ropes. YAMATO went for a brainbuster, but Gargano reversed it for a nearfall. Gargano locked in the Gargano escape, but Yoshino broke it up. Taylor yelled at Gargano to get up so they could finish off YAMATO. YAMATO caught Taylor with a spear and wiped out Gargano with a dropkick as the crowd applauded. Yoshino and YAMATO hit a series of moves on Gargano capped with Yoshino coming off the top with a missile dropkick on Taylor that he transitioned into a senton on Gargano. The crowd applauded as Junction 3 ran wild. Gargano fired back out of nowhere with a slingshot spear on Yoshino. Taylor followed up with a moonsault and got a nearfall. Taylor locked in a single-leg crab, but YAMATO broke it up. Taylor and YAMATO exchanged blows. YAMATO took Taylor down with a clothesline and followed up with a brainbuster for a 2 count.

YAMATO and Yoshino hit another combination of moves on Taylor, but Gargano broke up the pin. Gargano tossed Yoshino into the ringpost on the outside. Taylor countered YAMATO inside the ring. Gargano and Taylor hit a combination ace crusher on YAMATO a short time later for a nearfall and the crowd applauded. Gargano and Taylor hit a combination hurts don’t it on YAMATO, but Yoshino made the save. After a big exchange, Gargano locked in the Gargano escape on YAMATO. Yoshino tried to break it up, but he couldn’t. Yoshino then tied up Taylor a short time later in sol naciente. Taylor struggled, but verbally submitted while Gargano held YAMATO in the Gargano escape.

The crowd didn’t know how to react to the finish, but the ref declared Yoshino and YAMATO as the winners. YAMATO got on the mic after the match and told Taylor and Gargano they both could challenge for the Open the Freedom Gate title. Taylor smiled as he left the ring. Gargano was left in the ring alone, but he eventually walked to the back with Taylor.

Winners: YAMATO & Masato Yoshino

Star rating: (***1/2) – The crowd wasn’t into the match early on at times, but once the pace picked up, the fans responded accordingly. The match told a good story by showing the early stages of friction between Taylor and Gargano, who both want to face YAMATO for the Open the Freedom Gate title. The finish confused the crowd as it seemed they weren’t sure who the legal men were. The impression I got was that perhaps Taylor submitted because he didn’t want Gargano to be able to tap out YAMATO.

Whitmer cut a promo backstage and said he was told he had to win his match tonight to get more bookings in DGUSA. Whitmer said he liked everything about DGUSA except Brodie Lee. Whitmer asked for a match against Lee if DGUSA would have him back.

Lenny Leonard ran down the rules for the main event Six Man Tag match featuring one team captained by PAC and another team captained by Ricochet. Leonard stated the only way to win the match was for one captain to pin the captain of the other team. (Radican’s note: Sounds complicated)

Blood Warriors came out first. Then PAC came out. He paused and went backstage. Rich Swann then came out doing his signature beat boxing and rapping. The crowd applauded as he led the crowd in a chant for Junction 3 and Ronin. Lenny Leonard then did the formal ring introductions.

Ricochet teased starting the match against PAC, but Tozawa ran in at the last second. PAC then left the ring and Swann started against Tozawa.

8 - - RICOCHET (C) & AKIRA TOZAWA & CIMA vs. PAC (C) & RICH SWANN & A.R. FOX – PAC vs. Ricochet Challenge Series match #1 – Captain’s match

Swann teased locking up and then danced in front of Tozawa. Tozawa responded by kicking him in the gut. The pace picked up with Tozawa and Swann going back and forth. Swann sent Tozawa out of the ring. He faked out Tozawa with a dive, but Ricochet tossed him out of the ring. Fox and Ricochet went at it next. Fox caught Ricochet with a dropkick and the crowd chanted for Fox. Fox hit a springboard off the top turnbuckle and connected with an elbow on Ricochet. Ricochet ducked a kick flip off the apron from Fox, but he landed on his feet. CIMA and Ricochet ended up on the outside and PAC and Fox caught them with stereo dives over the top to the outside. I think Naylor might implode.

Swann and Tozawa went at it next inside the ring. Swann tied up Tozawa in the corner and nailed him with several big chops. Swann then mounted Tozawa and hit 10 punches and then a chop. PAC tagged in and continued to work over Tozawa. Tozawa fired back and tagged in CIMA. Ricochet’s team tagged in and out to work over PAC. PAC fired up and drove Ricochet into his corner. Fox tagged himself in and went to work on Ricochet. Fox hit a split-legged twisting senton on Ricochet. He covered Ricochet, but the ref told him only PAC could get the pin. PAC tagged in and went to work on Ricochet. Ricochet drove PAC into his corner and CIMA tagged in and went to work on PAC. The crowd tried to rally behind PAC, who managed to hit a suplex on CIMA. Tozawa ran right into the ring and made sure PAC couldn’t tag out of the match. Ricochet ran in to get a cover on PAC, but he kicked out.

Ricochet stomped away at PAC and posed for the crowd. PAC tried to kick away at Ricochet from his back, but Ricochet landed several punches to PAC’s head before dancing in front of Fox and Swann. Ricochet’s team continued to work over PAC with all three members kicking away at him in the corner. Ricochet’s team hit a series of moves on PAC capped by a doublestomp off the top by CIMA. Ricochet then covered PAC, but Swann made the save. PAC fired up and began exchanging strikes with Tozawa in the middle of the ring. PAC finally dodged Tozawa in the corner and hit a springboard missile dropkick. PAC tagged in Swann, but CIMA raked his eyes right away. Swann finally connected with an enzuguri after an insane sequence with CIMA.

Fox ran into the ring and hit a springboard 450 on CIMA and Tozawa. PAC and Swann hit a series of moves on Ricochet capped by a standing SSP from PAC, but CIMA made the save. CIMA went to work on Swann and nailed him with a running senton. Swann fired back and hit several kicks to CIMA’s head. Swann then set up CIMA for the standing 450, but CIMA got his knees up. Fox and Tozawa had an insane back and forth sequence before Tozawa cut off PAC going for a springboard with a dropkick. Everyone nailed PAC with running kicks in the corner. Ricochet capped off a sequence with a standing rolling senton, but Swann ran in and broke up the pin.

A.R. Fox hit Low Mein Pain on Ricochet. PAC followed up with a springboard 450, but CIMA broke it up at the last second and the crowd went crazy. Swann and Fox got sent to the outside. Tozawa nailed PAC with a big German. CIMA hit shwine on PAC. Ricochet then came off the top with a 630 for the win.

Winners: PAC & Rich Swann & A.R. Fox

Star rating: (****1/4) – This was an insane display of athleticism. I thought the stipulations with PAC and Ricochet having to pin each other to win the match would complicate things, but it actually made the match more interesting as it went on. There were some incredible exchanges in this match after a long beat down on PAC by Ricochet’s team. The announcers really sold the action well and this was a perfect example of the athleticism and excitement DGUSA can deliver in a Six Man Tag main event.

The crowd went crazy and stood and applauded the finish. Ricochet put the boots to PAC after the match. CIMA and Tozawa joined in on the attack. Ricochet then slapped PAC across the face as CIMNA and Tozawa helped him. Yoshino and YAMATO ran into make the save. Doi and Lee then ran in and tossed them out of the ring. Taylor and Gargano ran down and went after Lee and CIMA. The Blood Warriors finally left the ring. The crowd applauded as the babyfaces stood tall in the ring.

The crowd chanted “please come back.” Taylor got on the mic and asked Swann if he was in Ronin or Junction 3. Taylor said he and Gargano had come to save them from the Blood Warriors. Taylor said he was still coming for the Open the Freedom Gate title. He then said Gargano and Swann were coming for Yoshino & PAC’s Open the United Gate title. Taylor then hit a big superkick on Yoshino. Swann stood around and looked confused. Taylor and Gargano asked Swann to come with them. Taylor asked Swann, “Who are you with?” Swann finally left with Taylor and Gargano leaving Junction 3 inside the ring.

PAC got on the mic. It was hard to hear what he said on the mic. PAC said tomorrow he would beat Ricochet. PAC then thanked the crowd and the crowd chanted Dragon Gate. PAC then gave the mic to Yoshino. The crowd chanted for Yoshino, who thanked the fans for coming tonight. He asked the fans if they enjoyed the show. The fans roared. Yoshino promised they would come back to Indianapolis.

Sami Callihan was shown throwing up backstage. Cannon and Sanchez laughed at him. Callihan said he was in a bad mood about what happened tonight. He said it hurt to be slapped by a Japanese man and nailed Sanchez with a huge chop. Callihan told Cannon to get serious and slapped his nachos out of his hands. Sanchez came back into the picture and ate the nachos off the floor. Sanchez turned his attention to Fox. He promised D.U.F. would kick his a--. Sanchez continued to eat the nachos. Callihan knocked the nachos away from Sanchez and slapped his nachos to the ground. He then chopped Sanchez and told him to be ready for Sabu.

Bonus feature: Alternate Angle Highlight Video

Overall thoughts: (8.0) – If you think this was just another show for DGUSA because it was taped for DVD, you’re sadly mistaken. DGUSA did more storyline enhancement and character building on this show than on any of their other shows that I can recall. The bottom line with this release is DGUSA did a fantastic job of building angles using backstage segments and in-ring confrontations to set the stage for the last five shows of 2011. This is an important show.

Nearly everything had a purpose on this show. The undercard featured solid segments building up the Scene, Jon Davis, and Uhaa Nation. Although the matches involving The Scene and Nation weren’t great, they were effective because they introduced Konley, Reed, and Nation to the DGUSA audience. Nation’s debut was impressive as hell and having him save his power moves for the end of the match was a blast to watch. The crowd reaction to Nation was great as well.

The friction within Ronin began on this show as well and it was a story that played throughout the entire show and came to a head after the main event. I really like how Taylor stirred the pot a bit when it came to whether he or Gargano would go for the Open the Freedom Gate title. Even the finish of the Taylor & Gargano match against YAMATO & Yoshino seemed to play into storyline as Gargano had YAMATO submitted, but I was left to wonder whether or not Taylor submitted to Yoshino’s submission just to prevent Gargano from getting a win over YAMATO.

Callihan was great on this show despite losing to Doi in a really good match. He showed great fire and his promo at the end of the show where he tried to fire up Cannon and Sanchez for the rest of the weekend was really good.

The main event was awesome. Everyone should check out this match just to see the athleticism brought to the table by all six men. This wasn’t just a spot-fest. All six men did a good job of telling a story in the ring revolving around the rules where only PAC and Ricochet could pin each other. There was a great nearfall near the end of the match on Ricochet before his team took control and put away PAC in spectacular fashion.

The post-match brawl that resulted in Gargano and Taylor clearing the ring of the Blood Warriors after they attempted to beat down PAC was really well down. Swann also has a purpose now after Taylor superkicked his Junction 3 stable mate Masato Yoshino. The segment was another example of good storytelling and the kind of thing that will help DGUSA grow if it’s featured regularly. This show is well-worth purchasing. It doesn’t feature the best in-ring action, but it is the most well-rounded DGUSA show I’ve seen in 2011 in terms of storytelling. This show is definitely worth checking out given how important it is to DGUSA storylines.

You can purchase “Chasing The Dragon 2011” at DGUSA.TV

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