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RADICAN'S DGUSA DVD REVIEW SERIES - "REVOLT!" 11/11: Ronin vs. Blood Warriors, Tozawa sings, YAMATO-Hulk No Rope match

Sep 10, 2012 - 1:03:00 PM

By Sean Radican, Torch columnist

NOVEMBER 11, 2011

The DVD began with a Ronin promo backstage with Rich Swann, Chuck Taylor, and Johnny Gargano. Gargano asked Taylor if they were on the same page. They ended up bickering while Swann tried to make peace. Swann finally tried to make them do a cheer together, but they messed it up.

Radican note: Swann, Taylor, and Gargano came across like middle school kids arguing here.

A.R. Fox cut a backstage promo. He said he was going to deal with D.U.F. later. Fox promised to get the job done tonight in the high flyers Fray.

Caleb Konley got on the mic and showed Larry Dallas his stream of this iPPV on the iPhone. They were attacked by D.U.F. and the match began.

1 - - CALEB KONLEY & SCOTT REED (w/LARRY DALLAS) vs. D.U.F. (Pinkie Sanchez & Arik Cannon w/Sami Callihan)

Sanchez choked Konley with his shirt in the corner. Konley fired back and tagged in Cannon, who went to work on Konley. Cannon hip tossed Sanchez onto Konley as they continued to work him over. Sanchez drove his butt into Konley’s face several times. Reed made a blind-tag and went to work on Sanchez. The crowd is dead quiet. Konley lifted Sanchez into a vertical suplex position while Reed chopped him several times before dropping him down to the mat. Sanchez escaped Konley and tagged in Cannon, who locked in a leg submission on Konley. Someone tossed Cannon a beer and he drank it while applying the submission. Reed tried to interfere, but Cannon spit beer in his face. The crowd chanted for D.U.F.

Sanchez went to work on Konley and nailed him with a bulldog. Sanchez kicked away at Konley’s leg and then tied up one of his legs in the rope and pulled down on it. Konley fired back with a German and tagged in Reed, who hit a big powerbomb, but Cannon broke it up with a dropkick. Cannon saved Sanchez after a wheel barrel suplex. Konley went for a step up moonsault, but Sanchez got out of the way. Cannon went for a brainbuster on Konley, but he slipped out. Cannon hit a superkick and a brainbuster for the win.

Winners: Arik Cannon & Pinkie Sanchez

Star rating: (**) – This was a solid opening match with some good action.

Radican note: The sound and picture are much improved compared to the iPPV offering of this show where the crowd seemed dead most of the night.

Callihan got on the mic and told the referee to get back in the ring. He said the D.U.F. wasn’t done yet. Callihan said John Davis should get his rear end into the ring so he could beat him and then drink some beer.


It didn’t take long for both men to brawl outside. Davis lifted Callihan above his head and dropped him down on the ring apron. Davis kicked Callihan on the outside like he owed him money. Davis tied up Callihan in the ropes and nailed him with a series of punches. Davis slammed Callihan. Callihan got up and Davis hit another move. Callihan got up again and Davis hit a big powerslam for a 2 count. Davis whipped Callihan into the corner and he hit the turnbuckle stomach first. Davis whipped Callihan into the opposite turnbuckles and he crumpled to the mat. Callihan ducked a charge in the corner and nailed Davis with a kick. Callihan then nailed with a bicycle kick in the corner. Callihan hit another running kick in the corner. Sami asked the fans if they wanted another kick, but Davis cut him off and hit a spinning powerslam, which drew some gasps from the crowd.

Davis taunted Callihan and nailed him with a series of kicks. Callihan fired up as Davis nailed him with some blows. Davis spit in Callihan’s face and Sami nailed him with a big right hand. Callihan tossed Davis to the outside and nailed him with a dive through the ropes. Callihan nailed Davis with a big chop on the outside. Callihan set up for a suplex, but Davis blocked it. They continued to counter each other with suplex attempts. Callihan finally locked in a guillotine choke. Davis struggled, but got to his feet and drove Callihan into the corner. Callihan got the choke again and Davis started to fade. The crowd started to rally behind Davis as the ref checked on him. Davis got to his feet and hit a jackhammer.

Both men struggled to their feet. Callihan blocked a charge with his boot from Davis and went up top. Davis caught him with a kick. Both men battled for position up top. Callihan went for a sunset bomb, but Davis blocked it. Callihan kicked Davis’s legs and powerbombed him off the top for a 2 count. Callihan then got a leg submission, but Davis got the ropes. Both men battled near the ropes. They eventually began battling on the apron. Both men exchanged kicks and strikes on the apron. Callihan hit an enzuguri from the floor to Davis’s leg and he fell to the floor. Callihan hit a couple of bicycle kicks on the outside. Davis told him to bring it and he countered a kick and nailed Callihan with a spinebuster on the apron.

Callihan beat the ref’s count, but Davis immediately nailed him with a big buckle bomb and a clothesline for a nearfall. Callihan caught Davis with a Saito suplex out of nowhere and a diving forearm for a nearfall. Davis blocked a chop from Callihan and nailed him with a big kick. Callihan countered a kick into a dragon screw. Callihan called for the stretch muffler, but Davis got up and caught him with a spinning powerbomb for the win.

Winner: Jon Davis

Star rating: (***) – Both men mixed in some good, hard-hitting action here. The upgrade on the crowd audio for the DVD version of this show boosted my enjoyment of this match. The crowd wasn’t going crazy, but you could hear that the fans were into most of the action here.

After the match, Sanchez and Cannon attacked Davis. Sanchez went and got a guardrail, but Davis fired back and speared Callihan. D.U.F. set up several guardrails over Davis and then slammed another one down on him several times. Several wrestlers ran out from the back to break it up.

Sanchez and Cannon went to ringside to join Lenny Leonard on commentary.


The crowd came alive and clapped at the start of the match. Leonard reminded Sanchez to talk into the mic so people could hear him. The fans chanted for Yoshino and Tozawa got upset and teased going backstage. Cannon told Leonard the D.U.F. had already been in action tonight and the rest of the show was going to suck. Both men went at it on the mat during the early going and came to a stalemate. Yoshino pushed Tozawa into the ropes and offered a clean break. The match suddenly went to warp speed and Yoshino eventually caught Tozawa with a big arm drag. He followed up with a headscissors takedown moments later. Tozawa asked for a timeout, but didn’t get one. Yoshino put the boots to Tozawa and choked him with his boot in the corner. Yoshino got his boots up twice when Tozawa charged him in the corner, but Tozawa got angry and hit a huge running kick. Leonard told Sanchez he didn’t mind if he left the booth as Tozawa put the boots to Yoshino in the corner.

Tozawa grounded Yoshino and grabbed a headlock. The crowd clapped as Tozawa adjusted his grip and flattened out Yoshino on the mat. Yoshino eventually got the ropes to break the hold. Tozawa continued to work over Yoshino as some of the crowd tried to rally behind him. Tozawa grabbed a single leg crab, but Yoshino eventually got the ropes. Tozawa nailed Yoshino with strikes and told him to bring it. Yoshino fired back with some loud chops and took Tozawa down as he came off the ropes with an elbow. The fans chanted for Yoshino lightly as he went on the attack. Tozawa went for a hurricanrana, but Yoshino countered it into a powerbomb for a 2 count. Tozawa caught Yoshino with a bicycle kick in the corner and hit a Saito suplex for a 2 count.

Tozawa went for a German, but Yoshino escaped and caught him in the from jungle submission. Tozawa eventually got the ropes. The crowd got louder and applauded as both men were down. Yoshino went up top and hit a doublestomp on Tozawa’s arm. Yoshino ducked a bicycle kick and hit the lighting spiral for a 2 count. Tozawa hit a shining wizard after a rapid exchange and both men were down as the crowd lightly chanted for Tozawa. Both men got up and exchanged chops to a light response for each blow. Tozawa hit a kick to Yoshino’s back, but he countered him into a rollup for a 2 count to no reaction. Yoshino went for the lighting spiral, but Tozawa countered it into a German for the win.

Winner: Akira Tozawa

Star rating: (***1/2) – The action in the ring was very good, but the response of the crowd made it really hard to get into the match. Tozawa has a dynamic personality in the ring and it was fun to watch him fight the tide when the crowd cheered him. Once again, the improvement in the crowd audio on this DVD made this more enjoyable.

Uhaa Nation cut a promo backstage. He said tonight everyone would find out why they call him the one man nation in the Fray. Larry Dallas entered the picture with Konley and Reed. He invited Nation to join them at the after party. Nation said no and Dallas got upset and said nobody embarrasses the Scene. Dallas said they would

Every time Ronin doesn’t come out to Rich Swann rapping their theme I get a little sad inside.

4 - - BLOOD WARRIORS (CIMA & Brodie Lee) vs. RONIN (Chuck Taylor & Johnny Gargano)

Gargano grounded CIMA and got him in a front face lock. CIMA countered and went to work on Gargano’s arm. Gargano fired back and tagged in Taylor. Ronin hit a series of double team moves on CIMA to no reaction for a 2 count. Lee ran into the ring and wiped out Gargano and Taylor with a double clothesline. CIMA nailed Gargano with a running boot to the head from the floor. Lee went to work on Taylor and stood on his head in the corner.

CIMA tagged in and went to work on Taylor with some kicks. CIMA applied an abdominal stretch, but Taylor grabbed CIMA’s hair and escaped before tagging in Gargano. Gargano hit a suplex with a bridge, but the ref was tied up with Lee and he only got a 2 count. Gargano whipped CIMA into the corner and tagged in Taylor. Taylor and Gargano danced before putting the boots to CIMA. Leonard kicked Cannon out of the booth and went solo. Lee got the tag and nailed Taylor with a big punch. Lee tagged in CIMA, who nailed Taylor with a kick. Lee went into the crowd and addressed some fans. CIMA told some fans to get into the ring. Taylor caught CIMA and drove him into the corner. He nailed CIMA in the mid-section with his shoulder several times before tagging in Gargano. Gargano tied up CIMA in a pinning combination for a 2 count. CIMA drove Gargano into the corner and tagged in Lee.

The ref was distracted as CIMA went to work on Gargano on the floor. Lee went to work on Gargano inside the ring before tagging CIMA back into the match. CIMA grounded Gargano and locked in a leg submission as Lee taunted the fans. CIMA locked in a cross arm breaker on the mat, but Gargano got the ropes with his foot. CIMA hit a slingshot senton and Lee followed with a slingshot senton of his own, which got the biggest pop of the night for a 2 count. Lee held Gargano’s legs up and CIMA came down from the top with a doublestomp to his gut for a 2 count. Lee hit a pump-handle fall away slam, but only covered him with one knee for a 2 count.

The crowd tried to rally behind Gargano lightly. Gargano fired back with a sunset flip out of the corner. Lee countered, but Gargano caught him with an enzuguri and Taylor nailed Lee with a springboard dropkick. CIMA ran in and Taylor caught him with a belly-to-belly suplex. Taylor took down CIMA with a series of dropkicks, but didn’t get much of a reaction. Gargano tagged in and hit a rolling kick to CIMA’s head. CIMA rolled outside and Gargano went for a dive, but Lee dragged him to the outside. Taylor then tripped CIMA going for a dive. Taylor and Gargano then hit dives on opposite sides of the ring to take out Lee and CIMA. That was a good spot. The crowd grew a little louder as Gargano tossed CIMA back into the ring. Ronin hit CIMA with a series of moves capped by a powerbomb/ace crusher combo, but Lee broke up the pin.

Taylor caught Lee with soul food and charged at him, but Lee hit the truck stop. Gargano ran in and broke up the pinfall. Gargano went for a springboard to the outside, but Lee caught him. Gargano slipped out and drove Lee into the ringpost. He then caught CIMA with a spear through the ropes. Gargano then hit a flat liner variation for a nearfall as the crowd began to get louder and chant for Gargano. Gargano went up top, but CIMA held him and Lee nailed him with a big punch. Lee slammed Gargano to the mat and CIMA hit him with double knees. CIMA and Lee hit Gargano with a series of moves capped by a big suplex from Lee, but Taylor broke up the pin. Gargano hit the hurts don’t it and locked in the Gargano escape on CIMA, but Lee broke it up.

Gargano and Taylor caught Lee with a pair of superkicks and then stereo superkicks and he spilled to the outside. The action picked up and CIMA nailed Gargano with a back stabber. CIMA hit shwine on Gargano, but he kicked out at the last second and the crowd lightly applauded. Lee hit a big running powerbomb and CIMA hit Gargano with meteora for the win.

Winners: Brodie Lee & CIMA

Star rating: (***3/4) – The crowd came across better here than they did on iPPV. This was a very good tag match with some fantastic exchanges between both teams leading to a hot finish.

CIMA got on the mic and laughed. He laughed in Gargano’s face, but Taylor dropped him with a superkick and dragged Gargano out of the ring. CIMA got back on the mic. A fan told him to shut up and CIMA told the fan no you shut up. CIMA said he hated Boston.

YAMATO cut a promo backstage saying he would get revenge on BxB Hulk tonight for costing him his hair in Japan.

BxB Hulk then appeared backstage with a new look. He said he hates YAMATO and promised to kick him until he was down for good. Hulk then took a big swig of wine to close the promo.


Whitmer got an ovation coming out as a surprise for this match. He caught Vinny with a nice leg lariat for a one caught. Whitmer followed up with a belly to back suplex for a 2 count. Whitmer then hit a series of suplex capped by a suplex with a bridge for a nearfall. Vinny fired back and caught Whitmer with a side Russian leg sweep for a one count. Whitmer fired right back with a spinebuster for a 2 count. Vinny fired back, but Whitmer countered him and locked in a nasty looking head submission using his legs for the win.

Winner: B.J. Whitmer

Star rating: (*1/4) – Nice showcase for Whitmer now that he’s back on the independent scene.

Whitmer got on the mic and said it is good to be back in Boston. Whitmer said he didn’t want to wait until Sunday to face Lee and called him out to the ring. Lee came out and Whitmer got out of the ring and went after him. They went at it in the crowd. Lee tossed Whitmer into the ringpost and dragged him back into the crowd. They continued to brawl and finally went to the back.

Chuck Taylor came into the commentary booth. Taylor said Ronin has had this music for a year as Rich Swann made his entrance and didn’t even know it. Taylor promised to win the title tomorrow and take it back to Kentucky. Taylor asked who was coming out when the next entrance theme played and Leonard informed him PAC was coming out.

6 - - UHAA NATION vs. RICH SWANN vs. RICOCHET vs. PAC vs. A.R. FOX vs. SABU in a FRAY match

PAC and Swann started the match. Eliminations can happen anytime and a new wrestler will come out every two minutes until the last wrestler is in the ring. Both men went at it at a rapid pace. The crowd gasped at PAC kipping up and nailing Swann with a kick. Swann sent PAC out of the ring and faked a dive at PAC by bouncing off the ropes with his shoulders. Ricochet came out next and sent PAC right back to the floor. Ricochet and Swann went at it at a rapid pace and Ricochet sent Swann to the floor. Ricochet sent PAC to the floor and hit an insane twisting dive using the ropes for leverage. The action spilled back into the ring and all many insane moves occurred that left Ricochet down on the mat. PAC and Swann isolated Ricochet until A.R. Fox came out. Fox took out Swann and PAC with a springboard splash.

Fox continued to shine hitting some nice combination maneuvers jumping off one man and hitting Ricochet with an ace crusher. Swann got eliminated with after a 450 from Fox and PAC sat down on top of him. Fox went to work on PAC with a big suplex for a 2 count. Fox hit the “flying taint” on PAC according to Chuck Taylor. Fox cleared the ring and Uhaa Nation made his entrance. Nation no-sold a dropkick from Fox and hit a dropkick of his own. Nation lifted Fox over his head and dropped him to the mat. Nation missed a standing moonsault, but landed on his feet. Fox tossed Nation to the outside and nailed him with a wall walk up the ring post into a kick flip. Fox went for a dive off the apron, but Nation caught him and powerbombed him into the ring apron for a big pop. Fox caught Nation with a dropkick and hit him with a springboard 450 to the outside that popped the crowd, but Nation popped right up and nailed him with a pump kick.

The crowd chanted for Sabu as Nation hit a series of powerbombs on Fox capped by a slingshot powerbomb. Ricochet came in, but ate a standing moonsault. PAC went for a springboard, but Nation countered him and hit a standing SSP. I feel like I’m playing a videogame watching this. Nation got a running start and took out everyone with a huge flip dive over the top. Holy crap my jaw just hit the floor and the crowd is going nuts. Sabu came out after all of this went down.

Reed and Konley came out and attacked Nation on the outside. PAC went for a handspring on Ricochet, but he caught him and turned it into a suplex. The crowd chanted for Sabu, who was down on the outside. Fox hit a big frogsplash on PAC, but he kicked out at the last second. Ricochet and Sabu were shown going at it on the outside. PAC countered the springboard Spanish fly and nailed FOX with a SSP for the elimination. Ricochet ran up from behind and pinned PAC with a pinning combination. Sabu and Ricochet went at it with Nation down on the outside.

Sabu and Ricochet brawled on the outside with Sabu holding the upper hand. Sabu went under the ring and found a chair. Sabu asked the fans to move away and he tossed a chair right in Ricochet’s face. Sabu set up a chair in the ring as the crowd went nuts. Sabu jumped off the chair, hit the top rope, and nailed Ricochet with a splash for a big pop. Sabu missed a springboard legdrop and Ricochet caught him with a springboard clothesline moments later. Sabu fired back with a clothesline and looked a little sluggish, but he managed to hit the triple jump moonsault. Sabu tossed the chair at Ricochet again and set it up before nailing Ricochet with leaping leg lariat. Sabu then hit a face buster using the chair for a 2 count. Sabu missed a legdrop off the top with the chair. Ricochet pushed Sabu off top rope and hit a 630. He slowly rolled Sabu over and got the pin. I guess Nation could never recover from the beating.

Winner: Ricochet

Star rating: (***3/4) – Uhaa Nation managed to really wake the crowd up with an incredible display of power and high-flying. There was a ton of high-flying in this match, so if you’re really into that sort of thing, you might like this a lot more than I did, but the crowd seemed to lose steam once Nation was eliminated. The final minutes with Ricochet and Sabu also dragged a little, but overall this match was action packed.

The crowd chanted for Sabu once he recovered.

Leonard said he was going to conduct a special interview in the ring. Tozawa came out and said he had something to say to Boston. He then told the fans to shut up as the crew took down the ropes in the ring. Tozawa said he wants to be the Open the Freedom Gate Champion. He then began speaking in Japanese and one fan in the crowd asked for English. The crowd applauded whatever Tozawa said in Japanese. Rich Swann came down to ringside. Swann said he wanted to challenge Tozawa to a rap battle. Tozawa told Swann to shut up. Tozawa said he doesn’t rap, but he can sing. Tozawa asked for quiet and began singing beautifully in Japanese and the crowd got up and applauded. Swann looked stunned. Swann took the mic and began to beat box. He said it’s all about being Rich and Tozawa is a bitch. Swann said he’d see Tozawa tomorrow in Philly. Tozawa turned his back and then hit Swann with a bicycle kick. He said Swann was “big bullshit.” Tozawa then said he’d see Swann tomorrow.

They aired a really good video package prior to the main event chronicling the long feud between Hulk and YAMATO.

BxB Hulk came out looking very different with long black hair and black lipstick. YAMATO then came out with a towel covering his head. Tozawa took off the towel and revealed a shaved head. The crowd chanted for YAMATO once he got into the ring.

7 - - Open the Freedom Gate Champion YAMATO vs. BxB HULK in a Non-title No Rope No DQ match

YAMATO looks like a badass with no hair. Nice change in look for Hulk and YAMATO. YAMATO took Hulk down to the mat and locked in a front face lock. YAMATO floated over Hulk and worked him over by rubbing his elbow into his head. YAMATO went to work on Hulk’s arm, but Hulk eventually countered an got an arm lock of his own. Hulk bit at YAMATO’s fingers and peppered him with kicks as Leonard touched on the changes in Hulk’s personality. YAMATO escaped and backed into the corner and the crowd applauded. Hulk nailed YAMATO with several kicks and teased throwing YAMATO out of the ring. YAMATO countered a series of kicks and nailed Hulk with a dropkick of his own and the crowd applauded. YAMATO then tossed Hulk right to the floor. YAMATO took a sip of beer from a fan at ringside and spit it in Hulk’s face. YAMATO peppered Hulk with kicks and stalked him on the floor. Hulk fired back, but YAMATO nailed him with a big punch and drove him into a chair at ringside. YAMATO then tossed a chair at Hulk at ringside. Both men then exchanged some hard forearms as the crowd gasped, but Hulk nailed him with a dropkick to the groin.

Hulk asked for assistance from Tozawa at ringside and they drove YAMATO crotch-first into the ringpost. Hulk stomped away at YAMATO at ringside as Taylor said he loved this given that he faces YAMATO tomorrow night. Hulk nailed YAMATO with another low blow and posed for the crowd. Hulk locked in a chinlock as the crowd tried to rally behind YAMATO. YAMATO tried to escape, but Hulk cut him off and kicked him in the back. Hulk drove his knees into YAMATO’s back several times before nailing him with a dropkick, but YAMATO quickly kicked out. Hulk locked in an abdominal stretch in the middle of the ring as the crowd tried to rally behind YAMATO. Hulk nailed YAMATO with several knees and an axe kick to YAMATO’s head for a nearfall.

Both men began exchanging chops in the middle of the ring. Hulk hit several kicks, but YAMATO caught one and turned it into an ankle lock, but Hulk grabbed the ref and Tozawa ran in and nailed YAMATO with a bicycle kick. Taylor pointed out there was no need for the ref distraction given the stipulation. Hulk hit a big spin kick to the side of YAMATO’s head and Hulk covered him without hooking the leg and only got a 2 count. Leonard said both men had 27 months of frustration culminating in this match. The crowd tried to rally behind YAMATO, who finally escaped a leg submission from Hulk. Hulk picked up YAMATO and dropped him down on the top of the ring post. YAMATO dropped down and caught the notches that hold the turnbuckles on his crotch. The crowd tried to rally behind YAMATO again as Hulk slammed his head into the ringpost.

YAMATO fired back with a headbutt and swung around the ringpost and went right into a dropkick on Hulk. The crowd chanted for YAMATO as he slugged it out with Hulk in the middle of the ring. Hulk went after YAMATO’s eyes and went for a kick, but YAMATO blocked it and sent him crashing down to the mat. Hulk fired up with a series of kicks. Hulk hit a standing twisting splash on YAMATO for a nearfall. Tozawa went under the ring and tossed a chair into the ring. Hulk drove the chair into YAMATO’s stomach before nailing him with a series of chairshots to the back. YAMATO caught a chairshot attempt and they battled over the chair. YAMATO nailed Hulk across the back with the chair and then suplexed him onto the chair. YAMATO said brainbuster on the chair and picked up Hulk. Hulk tried to counter, but YAMATO eventually nailed him with a brainbuster on and the crowd popped big and chanted for YAMATO. YAMATO looked at the crowd and set up Hulk on the chair YAMATO climbed to the top of the ringpost and went for an elbow, but Hulk got out of the way.

Hulk lit up YAMATO with kicks and nailed him with a big overhead throw. Hulk nailed YAMATO with a series of kicks to the chest and head for a nearfall. Tozawa went and got a garbage can that he gave to Hulk. Hulk put the garbage can on top of YAMATO and nailed him with several kicks and then the first flash. Hulk taunted YAMATO before lifting him up for the E.V.O. YAMATO countered and both men battled for position. YAMATO got a choke sleeper, but Hulk slipped out. YAMATO hit a big enzuguri, but Hulk fired right back with a kick to the head and both men were down.

Hulk lifted up YAMATO and hit E.V.O., but YAMATO kicked out at the last second. YAMATO fired back and hit a sleeper suplex and a brainbuster, but Hulk kicked out at the last second. YAMATO set up Hulk for galleria on the chair and nailed him with it for the pin.

The fan chanted for YAMATO loudly after he won the match.

Winner: YAMATO

Star rating: (****1/4) – This was a really fantastic match with a unique atmosphere as both men went at it hard and heavy inside a ring with no ropes. The fans really got into YAMATO and connected with him going against Hulk’s new dark character. I can’t say I’ve seen anything like this before and I was wrapped up in the tension between both men. The finish of the match was insane, especially the sleeper suplex and galleria on the chair for the win. I felt emotionally invested in the atmosphere and the hatred between both men.

YAMATO got on the mic and thanked the fans for coming. The crowd chanted for YAMATO. He asked the fans if they enjoyed the show. The fans roared. YAMATO promised they would come back to DGUSA.

Lenny Leonard signed off as the crowd applauded for YAMATO. Leonard asked if YAMATO would leave Philadelphia or NYC with the Open the Freedom Gate title.

Bonus features: The bonus features are Chuck Taylor’s occupy Philly promo and an alternate angle highlight reel. I always dig the alternate angle highlight package that DGUSA puts on all of their DVD releases. The Taylor video is a good setup for his title shot against YAMATO on the next show.

Overall thoughts: (8.0) – The DVD version of Revolt was much improved from the iPPV offering. The backstage skits, slick graphics, and sharp picture looked very good by independent wrestling standards. This was a really enjoyable show to watch for the most part. The biggest benefit of post-production on this release was that DGUSA was able to improve the sound of the crowd in the building, which didn’t come across well at all on iPPV.

The action on the show logically built throughout the night in that there weren’t a bunch of matches with a ton of nearfalls with one match trying to outshine the other. There were a lot of different styles of action on this card, which was one of the more diverse lineups I can remember in DGUSA.

Uhaa Nation is someone that has to be seen. He really woke up the crowd with his electric power moves and jaw-dropping high-flying. The rest of the Fray featured a non-stop sprint of high-flying and slick exchanges that had my jaw on the floor, but once Nation got taken out by Konley and Reed on the outside, the match lost a lot of steam towards the end with Sabu seemingly worn out quickly given the pace he was exposed to in the ring.

The Yoshino-Hulk and Ronin-Blood Warriors matches were both really good and built up nicely. This still wasn’t the hottest crowd even with the improved sound, but you could definitely tell with the benefit of post-production that the fans were more into the show than I originally thought watching it live. The crowd did create a really good atmosphere for the Hulk vs. YAMATO No Rope No DQ match. I can’t say I’ve seen anything like the Hulk-YAMATO encounter before. There was a really feeling of intensity with the brooding Hulk against the badass YAMATO. Hulk did just about every dirty thing you can think of to YAMATO. Both men went toe to toe exchanging strikes and this match build up well to a sick looking finish when YAMATO put Hulk away.

This was a solid show all-around with a lot of good wrestling and fun moments, including Chuck Taylor on commentary and the Tozawa vs. Swann musical battle. It was nice to see the DGUSA shows, which seem ultra-serious at times, have some fun moments mixed in with Tozawa having his personality highlighted. The main event is really worth going out of your way to see and Uhaa Nation’s big burst of offense injected a big adrenaline rush into the show.

Overall, I give this show a recommendation. There’s good action up and down the card and the variety of matches on the card will leave you wanting to see more from this tripleshot weekend.

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He has conducted "Torch Talk" insider interviews with Hulk Hogan, The Rock, Steve Austin, Kevin Nash, Scott Hall, Eric Bischoff, Jesse Ventura, Lou Thesz, Jerry Lawler, Mick Foley, Jim Ross, Paul Heyman, Bruno Sammartino, Goldberg, more.

He has interviewed big-name players in person incluiding Vince McMahon (at WWE Headquarters), Dana White (in Las Vegas), Eric Bischoff (at the first Nitro at Mall of America), Brock Lesnar (after his first UFC win).

He hosted the weekly Pro Wrestling Focus radio show on KFAN in the early 1990s and hosted the Ultimate Insiders DVD series distributed in retail stories internationally in the mid-2000s including interviews filmed in Los Angeles with Vince Russo & Ed Ferrara and Matt & Jeff Hardy. He currently hosts the most listened to pro wrestling audio show in the world, (the PWTorch Livecast, top ranked in iTunes)


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James Caldwell, assistant editor

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Pat McNeill (since 2001)
Greg Parks (since 2007)
Sean Radican (since 2003)

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