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RADICAN'S PWG DVD REVIEW SERIES: "Battle of Los Angles 2012: Night 2" (9/2/12) - BOLA Finals, rise of Adam Cole as a heel, Generico-Steen feud continues

Jan 12, 2013 - 1:07:35 PM

By Sean Radican, Torch columnist


SEPT. 2 2012

1 - - Sami Callihan vs. T.J. Perkins - 2012 BOLA Quarter-Final Round match

Callihan kissed Perkins before the bell rang. They went at it quickly and the exchange ended with Perkins holding a unique submission, but Callihan countered it into the stretch muffler. Perkins countered the hold into a rollup for a 2 count and the fans applauded. The action continued and both guys fired up shoving each other. Callihan sent Perkins outside with a backdrop and nailed him with a dive through the ropes. Perkins fired back a short time later with a dive through the ropes of his own. Perkins controlled the action and began working over Callihan inside the ring. Perkins grabbed Callihan’s hands from his back and kicked Callihan several times with both feet, which drew a pop from the crowd. ‘

Perkins blocked a sunset bomb, but Callihan managed to superkick his leg and Perkins fell to the mat. Callihan locked in a leg submission on the mat as the tide shifted in his favor. Callihan taunted Perkins and continued to work over his leg. Perkins fired back with a dropkick. Callihan charged at him, but Perkins caught him with an arm breaker against the ropes. Callihan fired back and went for a springboard, but Perkins kicked his arms. Perkins followed up with a missile dropkick that sent Callihan through the ropes. They went to a strike exchange in the middle of the ring. Perkins blocked a chop and turned it into a S.T.F., but Callihan was near the ropes. Perkins tried to counter a charge in the corner, but Callihan caught hi and dropped him head-first over his knee. Callihan went for a dive off the top, but Perkins got out of the way.

Callihan and Perkins went back and forth. Callihan went for a kick, but Perkins countered it into a Liger bomb for a 2 count. Perkins got the S.T.F. again, but Callihan got the ropes. Perkins tried to reapply the submission, but Callihan rolled him up for a nearfall. They went to another exchange and Perkins went for a GTRS, but Callihan countered it into the stretch muffler for the win.

Winner: Sami Callihan

Star rating: (***1/4) – Fantastic and intense opening round match. They had some nice exchanges on the mat, but their counters down the stretch really got the crowd into the match.

2 - - Adam Cole vs. Eddie Edwards - 2012 BOLA Quarter-Final Round match

Cole got a “We Will Rock You” clap started and sang “suck my d—k” to Edwards, who got very angry. Cole told Edwards to suck his d—k and slapped him across the face. He took down Edwards and told him to suck his d—k again and Edwards kicked him in the junk. Edwards took Cole down and hit a shining wizard. He then sat on Cole’s face, which started a teabag chant from the crowd. Edwards draped Cole over the ropes and applied a Boston crab before kicking him to the floor. Cole dodged a dropkick through the ropes and pointed to his head, so Edwards nailed him with a hard chop. Edwards went for another chop on the outside, but Cole got out of the way and he ended up chopping the post.

Cole began working over Edwards’s hand back inside the ring. Cole teased a big kick, but hit a boot rake on Edwards instead and the crowd booed. Cole signaled that he was going for a dive and did a dance instead. Cole slowly climbed the ropes and indicated he was doing a dive off the top. Edwards recovered and watched Cole’s display. Edwards finally walked over and crotched Cole up top. Edwards hung Cole upside down, but Cole kept getting up. Edwards kicked Cole in the face and nailed him with a dropkick in the corner. Edwards went outside and a fan whipped him into a running dropkick from the floor to Cole, who was still hung upside down in the ring. Cole fired up and caught Edwards and dropped him down on his knee.

Both men exchanged running strikes against the ropes until Edwards sent Cole to the outside. Edwards went for a dive, but Cole nailed him with a roundhouse kick to the head from the floor. Cole climbed up to the apron, but Edwards kicked him to the floor and nailed him with a dive through the ropes and the crowd went nuts. Edwards went back to work on Cole inside the ring and nailed him with some big chops in the corner. Cole fired back and taunted Edwards, so Edwards nailed him with a kick and hit a backpack chin breaker. Edwards went for the single leg crab right away, but Cole got the ropes.

Cole fired back and hit a springboard DDT on the apron. Cole went up top and hit a big splash off the top for a nearfall. Edwards tried to counter Cole, but ate a running kick for another nearfall and the crowd applauded. Cole went up top again, but Edwards nailed him with a running kick. Cole fired back, but Edwards back dropped him to the mat. Edwards followed up with a double stomp. After another exchange, Edwards got a single-leg crab on Cole. Cole slipped out and got a pair of nearfalls with two different pinning combinations. Edwards fired back and hit a code breaker. Both men traded blows, but Cole hit a superkick to the back of Edwards’s head and a straightjacket German with a bridge for the win.

Winner: Adam Cole

Star rating: (***3/4) – This was a really good, hard-hitting match. Cole’s heel mannerisms were awesome here. Edwards and Cole had some great exchanges throughout the match that set the crowd on fire. The last few minutes were fantastic and the finish came off great.

3 - - Brian Cage vs. Michael Elgin - 2012 BOLA Quarter-Final Round match

They locked up and came to a stalemate during the early stages of the match. Cage pushed Elgin into the corner and told him he’s going to get his s—t in tonight. Elgin went for a shoulder tackle, but Cage didn’t move. Cage went for a shoulder tackle, but Cage didn’t move. They began trading shoulder tackles and bouncing off the ropes. Elgin caught Cage off the ropes and pressed him over his head before slamming him and the crowd popped huge. Cage fired back with a basement dropkick and a low flatliner for a 2 count. Cage lifted Elgin in a vertical suplex and held it for a 12 count, but only got a 2 count. The crowd chanted for both men as Cage went back on the attack. Elgin blocked a suplex and hit a slingshot elbow back into the ring for a count. Elgin lifted Cage in a delayed vertical suplex the crowd hit the count of 50 and began pounding the mat. Elgin dropped him down to the mat at the count of 65 and got a two count. The crowd went nuts for that spot.

Both men began trading big strikes and chops in the middle of the ring. Elgin eventually bounced off the ropes. Cage caught him with an exploder suplex, but Elgin got right up and hit one of his own. Both men began trading clotheslines until Elgin ducked a clothesline and hit a leaping enzuguri that left both men down on the mat. Elgin got up and hit a series of knees to the head. Cage fired back, but Elgin followed him into the corner and hit a rolling German suplex with a bridge and the crowd went nuts for the nearfall. They went back and forth and Cage hit a pump-handle Olympic slam for a nearfall. They battled up top and Elgin fought Cage off, but Cage caught him with a super hurricanrana and a lionsault for a nearfall. They continued to exchange big moves and Elgin hit a pump-handle into a Michinoku driver for another nearfall.

Cage ducked a clothesline and Elgin nearly hit the ref. Cage then connected with a neck breaker that took the ref out. Steen ran in with the ref down and hit the F Cinq to a huge pop. The ref recovered, but Cage kicked out and the fans went nuts chanting for both men. Elgin hit a running buckle bomb, but Cage fired up and nailed him with a huge clothesline for a nearfall and the crowd went ballistic. Cage went for weapon X, but Elgin got a backslide for a nearfall. Elgin hit a power bomb, a buckle bomb, and a spinning Liger bomb for the win. Good grief that was awesome.

Winner: Michael Elgin

Star rating: (****) – This was an awesome back and forth battle with Elgin and Cage engaging in a hard-hitting war. Both guys got to show off their strength and Steen’s run in made for a great nearfall down the stretch. Elgin’s finishing sequence of power bombs was sick.

Steen attacked Cage after the match. The Young Bucks came out, but referee Rick Knox ran down and broke it up. Cage ended up hitting Knox from behind. They set up Knox for more bang for your buck, but Generico chased them away with a chair. Knox got on the mic and said he didn’t have a conflict with Cage, but now he had pissed him Knox challenged them to a Six Man Tag match. Knox asked Steen to tag with him and Generico and the crowd went nuts. Steen smiled at Generico and flipped him off before leaving the ring. The crowd then chanted for Willie Mack.

4 - - Ricochet vs. Roderick Strong - 2012 BOLA Quarter-Final Round match

They had a really nice exchange early that ended with Ricochet taking Strong down with a dropkick. Strong hit a chop and Ricochet fired back with one of his own. Strong nailed Ricochet with another chop and his chest was already red. Strong caught Ricochet with a big backbreaker moments later for a 2 count. Strong worked over Ricochet and they ended up on the outside. Strong lifted Ricochet by the ears and nailed him with a big chop. Strong lifted Ricochet and dumped him back-first on the apron. Strong worked over Ricochet with a submission in the ring, but he broke free with a chinbreaker. Ricochet ducked a clothesline and hit a nice spinning enzuguri that left both men down on the mat as the fans clapped.

Ricochet blocked a punch on the apron and hit a springboard meteora for a 2 count. Strong ducked a dive off the top and hit a knee. They continued to counter each other and went to a great sequence that ended with Ricochet hitting a diving ace crusher and a standing corkscrew for a 2 count. The crowd applauded as both men tried to recover. Strong blocked a hurricanrana attempt and tossed Ricochet over his head, but only got a 2 count. Strong blocked a kick through the ropes and hit a nice slingshot suplex moments later for a 2 count. Strong went for a powerbomb, but Ricochet countered it mid-air into a hurricanrana for a nearfall. Ricochet then hit a back flipping kick. The crowd went nuts as Ricochet got to his feet. Ricochet went for a dragon suplex, but Strong blocked it and hit a gutbuster. He then tossed Ricochet high into the air and hit a backbreaker for a 2 count. Strong then applied the Stronghold. Ricochet climbed the ropes to escape and hit a leg scissors takedown on Strong and the crowd went nuts. Holy crap. Ricochet went up top. Strong recovered and they went at it up top. Ricochet nailed Strong with a kick and hit a huge SSP for the win.

Winner: Ricochet

Star rating: (***3/4) – This was another fantastic match on this card. Ricochet and Strong had some breathtaking exchanges. Ricochet’s athleticism allows him to pull off some crazy maneuvers and the exchange where he countered a powerbomb mid-air into a hurricanrana was incredible.

5 - - Team Statutory (Joey Ryan & Davey Richards & Kyle O’Reilly) vs. B-Boy & Willie Mack & Drake Younger

It was quite the site to see O’Reilly and Richards dressed like Joey Ryan. Nice to see them having some fun in the ring as opposed to their usual seriousness in the ring. The crowd chanted for Team Statutory once they were announced. B-Boy took exception to Ryan’s poses and went to get a chair. B-Boy grabbed a handful of Ryan’s chest hair and tossed him across the ring. B-Boy ran wild on Team Statutory with hip tosses and they all bailed to the outside. Drake tagged in, but Richards didn’t want any part of him, so he tagged in O’Reilly. The crowd chanted sleazy Kyle at O’Reilly. O’Reilly went and got a couple of chairs and had a chair swinging battle with Drake. He told Drake he just wanted to wrestle and went for a chairshot on Drake, but missed and hit the rope, so the chair bounced into his head. Drake then slammed O’Reilly with a chair on his back. Richards tagged in, but Mack ran wild on him and hit a standing moonsault. Mack followed up with a reverse rolling thunder elbow on Richards. Mack’s team continued to work over Richards in the ring for a long period of time. Ryan and O’Reilly tried to help Richards block a sunset flip from Mack, but Drake and B-Boy pants them. Younger then wiped all of his opponents out with a dive to the outside.

The crowd chanted pull your pants up, as Richards continued to take a beating with his rear-end hanging out. Mack got distracted by Ryan and O’Reilly, which allowed Richards to nail him with a German. The crowd cheered when Richards pulled up his tights, so he took them back down and the crowd booed. Team Statutory continued to tag in and out to work over Mack. O’Reilly grinded around in the corner and missed a knee drop on Mack, but managed to cut him off. Richards tagged in and continued to work him over. Richards tied up Mack in a leg lock and grinded around before tweaking his nipples and fondling himself, which made the crowd upset. The crowd chanted this is awkward. Mack finally nailed Ryan with a running kick to the head and tagged in Drake, who ran wild on everyone. Drake eventually tripped Ryan and Richards into a very sexual position with O’Reilly in the corner.

The action broke down. Team Statutory hit a combination of moves on Drake, but Mack and B-Boy ran in to break up the pin. Richards ended a big sequence with a discus lariat on Drake, but he kicked out. Mack came into the ring and Richards charged at him only to take the chocolate thunder driver for the pin.

Winners: Drake Younger & B-Boy & Willie Mack

Star rating: (***) – This was a really fun match to watch. Team Statutory was surprisingly funny and once the shenanigans ended, these six men put together a really fun tag match with a hot finishing sequence.

6 - - Sami Callihan vs. Adam Cole – 2012 BOLA Semi-Final Round match

Callihan hit a big bicycle kick after the bell rang and put the boots to Cole in the corner. The ref tried to drag him off, so Callihan shoved the ref to the mat. Cole hit a low blow and suplex into a neck breaker over his knee for a nearfall. Cole dominated the action for a while, but Callihan fired back and hit a Death Valley bomb. He went for a snap splash off the ropes, but Cole got his knees up. Callihan fired back a short time later and hit a springboard clothesline on the apron. He went for a sliding kick through the ropes, but Cole caught him and suplexed him into the apron. Cole spit in Callihan’s face and Callihan nailed him with a headbutt. Callihan then hit a series of running knees on Callihan in the corner.

Cole fired back with a low superkick and applied a figure 4. The crowd chanted for Callihan, who managed to grab the ropes to break the hold. Cole went for a Canadian destroyer, but Sami blocked it and applied the stretch muffler. Callihan turned it into a seated stretch muffler and started to kick Cole, but he got the ropes. They battled up top and Cole went for a sunset bomb. Callihan fought him off and superkick Sami’s leg. Cole went for the figure 4, but Callihan countered it into a small package for a 2 count. Cole hit a big superkick and another neckbreaker on his knee. Cole hit a kick to the back of Sami’s head and applied the figure 4 again. Sami struggled, but eventually ended up tapping out.

Winner: Adam Cole

Star rating: (**3/4) – This was a good match, but it wasn’t given a lot of time to build into anything special like some of the prior tournament matches on this card. Cole continues to show good in-ring charisma as a heel.

7 - - Michael Elgin vs. Ricochet - 2012 BOLA Semi-Final Round match

Elgin went for a powerbomb early, but Ricochet countered it into a hurricanrana. Elgin recovered and sent Ricochet flying with a big shoulder tackle. The crowd started chanting for Elgin as he went on the attack. Ricochet slipped out of a release German and went for a dragon suplex, but Elgin drove him into the corner. Ricochet tried to around Elgin several times, but Elgin finally caught him and ended the exchange with a big hellavator. Elgin began working on Ricochet. He tried to fire back with a swinging DDT, but Elgin turned it into a backbreaker. Elgin lifted Ricochet for a vertical suplex and the announcers said he should think about conserving his energy. The crowd began pounding the mat as Elgin reached 50, but Ricochet countered it into a DDT and the crowd popped in surprise.

They went to an exchange of strikes. Elgin hit a backfist to the back of Ricochet’s head, but Ricochet countered him and hit a standing SSP for a nearfall. Elgin hit a pump-handle suplex with a bridge moments later for a nearfall. Ricochet fired back and hit a kick that sent Elgin to the outside. He then got a running start and hit a huge flip dive over the ringpost to the outside and the crowd went nuts and chanted his name. It even more impressive given that Ricochet landed on his feet. Ricochet went for the meteora, but Elgin caught him and hit the air raid crash for a nearfall and the crowd went nuts. Elgin hit a powerbomb into the corner and went for a spinning powerbomb, but Ricochet turned it into a reverse hurricanrana. The crowd went nuts as Ricochet went up top and hit a gorgeous SSP, but Elgin kicked out. Ricochet went up top, but Elgin cut him off.

The crowd chanted for both men as they battled up top. Ricochet went for a hurricanrana, but Elgin turned it to a Liger bomb off the top. Elgin then hit the spinning Liger bomb for the win.

Winner: Michael Elgin

Star rating: (***1/2) – This was an awesome match with Ricochet showcasing why he works so well with big men. He made Elgin’s offense look devastating. Elgin countered Ricochet’s top rope hurricanrana into a powerbomb was a crazy spot. I’d love to see these two get just a little more time in a rematch at some point.

8 - -The Young Bucks (Nick & Matt Jackson) & Brian Cage vs. Rick Knox & El Generico & Kevin Steen

The match started with Generico and Knox without a third partner. Generico started, but Nick tagged in and said he wanted Knox. The fans chanted for Knox and Generico finally tagged him in. Nick asked for a test of strength and kicked Knox low. Knox fired back and took Nick down before tagging in Generico. Generico went to work on Matt with a series of arm drags. Matt fired back once Knox tagged in, but he cut him off with a dropkick and tagged in Generico. Matt ended up cutting off Generico with a big lariat before tagging in Cage. Nick began over Generico’s arm while taunting Knox. Matt hit a slingshot splash and taunted Knox. Knox tried to get into the ring, but the ref held him back. Generico ended up getting a rollup on Matt, but the ref wasn’t there to count and he was immediately cut off. Generico managed to take out the Young Bucks, but Cage cut him off when he went for the tag.

Generico fought back again, but this time he tried to go around Cage by going in and out of the ring, but Cage cut him off again. Generico backdropped Cage to the outside and he fell all the way to the floor. Generico fought off Nick. He then hit an exploder on Matt into the turnbuckles. Generico crawled to his corner to tag in Knox, but Nick dragged Knox to the floor and tossed him into the ringpost. Cage went for a suplex, but Generico countered it into a brainbuster and both men were down. Steen ran down and checked on Knox. The fans chanted help Steen help. Generico hesitated, but ended up tagging in Steen. Steen ran wild and cleaned house and the fans went nuts. Steen set up for a dive, but Generico stopped him. Steen stopped Generico when he went for a dive. Knox got in the ring and made peace between them. They then hit triple tope con hilos over the top and the fans went nuts.

Steen hit a cannonball on Cage in the corner, but only got a two count. Cage cut off Steen on the apron and suplexed him back into the ring. Steen tagged in Generico, who went at it with Nick. Generico hit a blue thunder powerbomb on Nick, but he had made a blind tag to Matt. Matt tried to take his mask off, but Generico caught him with a Michinoku driver. Knox got the hot, but got cut off with a double superkick. The Young Bucks tried to hit more bang for your buck twice on Knox, but Generico and then Steen cut them off. Knox then countered more bang for your buck and sent Cage to the outside. Knox shoved Matt in the corner and hit punches and chops on him. The crowd went nuts until Nick cut him off. The Young Bucks fired up, but Knox sent Nick’s kick into Matt and nailed him with a superkick. Knox then took out both Young Bucks with a double clothesline. Steen powerbombed Cage onto the apron. Generico hit the Young Bucks with a Yokuza kick. Knox hit a super swinging DDT on Matt. Steen hit Matt with the package piledriver and Generico hit a brainbuster. Knox then covered Matt for the win.

Winners: Rick Knox & El Generico & Kevin Steen

Star rating: (***1/2) – This was just a blast to watch. Steen coming out midway through the match had the fans going crazy. Rick Knox was awesome in this match getting his hands on the Young Bucks. He isn’t the most graceful wrestler at times, but he hit his big spots perfectly. The exchange where he countered a superkick from Nick and sent it into Matt was awesome. Then he nailed Nick with a superkick of his own. This match is an example of what makes PWG so much fun.

Steen and Generico stared at each other after the match. Steen offered a handshake and then flipped off Generico. Generico stopped Steen from leaving and flipped him off.

9 - - Michael Elgin vs. Adam Cole – BOLA 2012 Tournament Final

Elgin sent Cole to the outside and went for a dive, but Cole nailed him with a jumping enzuguri. Cole went for a splash, but Elgin caught him and hit a fallaway slam. Elgin nailed Cole with a big forearm on the outside and he spilled to the floor. Steen was in on commentary and he was upset for Knox tugging on his emotional strings. Elgin hit several more forearms on Cole on the outside as he m to work him over. Cole ran up near the commentary booth and tried to take the BOLA trophy. Elgin followed him and cut him off. Cole tried to run away, but Elgin picked him up and slammed him on the wood floor. Elgin began nailing Cole with knee strikes on the outside. Cole cut Elgin off coming back into the ring and hit a DDT on the apron for a 2 count. Cole went for a German on the apron, but Elgin blocked it. Cole went for a superkick, but Elgin blocked it and hit an air raid crash on the apron as Steen went nuts on commentary. Elgin covered Cole, but he only got a 2 count.

Elgin hit a slam and went up top. He went for a twisting senton, but Cole rolled out of the way. Cole followed up with a shining wizard for a 2 count. He hit another shining wizard, but only got a two count. Elgin rolled up Cole and he kicked out, so Elgin turned it right into a German with a bridge for a nearfall. They went back and forth and Elgin hit a huge lariat for a nearfall. The crowd chanted for Elgin with both men down. Elgin went for two buckle bombs, but Cole countered the second one and hit a neckbreaker over his knee. Cole applied a figure 4 and the crowd chanted for Elgin not to tap. Cole yelled at Elgin to quit. Elgin struggled, but managed to get the ropes.

The crowd clapped as both men regrouped. Elgin blocked a figure 4 and shoved Cole away. Cole went for a DDT the corner, but Elgin blocked it. Cole then countered Elgin and hit a straightjacket German with a bridge for fall. Elgin hit a pair of backfists on Cole. Elgin hit a buckle bomb and a spinning Liger bomb, but Cole kicked out and the fans went nuts. Elgin placed Cole on the top turnbuckle and set up for a powerbomb towards the post. Cole countered it into a sunset bomb. Cole then hit a shining wizard, but Elgin kicked out. Cole went for a suplex, but Elgin countered it into a hellavator for a nearfall and the fans went crazy. Cole caught with a kick to the knee as he charged at him in the corner. Cole hit a Canadian destroyer off the second turnbuckle. He then hit a superkick to the back of Elgin’s head and pinned him with the straightjacket German.

Winner: Adam Cole.

Star rating: (***3/4) – This was an excellent main event. It dragged at the beginning, but really picked up during the last five minutes. Elgin firing up out of big moves from Cole down the stretch set the crowd on fire. Cole kicking out of Elgin’s finishing combination was also a highlight.

Cole got on the mic after the match. He said the label of him being the future of professional wrestling was horses—t. Cole said he’s not the future, but the best there is today. Cole talked about Steen and said they should make a shirt that says Win Adam Win. Cole told Steen the Panama City Playboy was coming title.

Steen came to the ring with his belt and got on the mic. Steen said Cole was very good, but he had caught lighting in a bottle once. Cole suddenly nailed Steen with a kick and hit him with the belt. The crowd chanted F—k you, Adam. Cole picked up the title and the trophy and left the ring. The crowd booed as he left. Steen began to recover and chased Cole to the back.

Overall thoughts: (9.0) – This was another fantastic show during BOLA 2012 weekend. There were so many highlights and great in-ring action dominated the card. The Cage-Elgin Quarterfinal match stole the show on the undercard. They had a hard-hitting war and the crowd got really hot after Steen interfered to get revenge on Cage, but he magaged to kick out of the F Cinq.

Seeing Kyle O’Reilly and Davey Richards join Joey Ryan to form Team Statutory was hilarious, especially when all three of them got pants mid-way through the match. Once the match got serious, the second half was amazing.

This weekend was all about Adam Cole showing what an amazing heel he is in the ring. He had three awesome matches on this card and got genuine heat from the crowd. His last match in the finals against Elgin had amazing crowd heat. If they had been given a little more time to work with, it could have turned into an epic match, but given the matches both men had already been in earlier in the card, it was amazing the type of match they were able to pull off.

I highly recommend picking up both nights of BOLA 2012. The shows featured amazing matches, the breakout performances of Adam Cole, and the reuniting of Steen and Generico in a Six Man Tag match. Ricochet also has to be considered a runner-up MVP of this weekend as well. His matches were really good and he does amazing things in the ring. Buy these shows now!

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