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RADICAN'S CZW "WANTED" iPPV BLOG 3/9 - Fox-Azrieal, Cole-Jacobs, Masada defends CZW Championship in Four-Way

Mar 10, 2013 - 1:34:21 PM


MARCH 9, 2013

Pre-show results:

(1) Ben Ortiz & Vik Delicious vs. David Starr & Hale Collins. Starr took the heat before tagging in Collins, who ran wild on Ortiz and Delicious. Collins hit a big elbow on Delicious for the win.

Winners: David Starr & Hale Collins – This was a fine pre-show match. Starr and Collins looked good working with two bigger opponents here.

Nate Wallace and DMC came down to the ring next. Wallace got on the mic and introduced DMC. I couldn’t here Wallace. DMC got on the mic and said he liked to smash broads. I couldn’t hear a thing they said.

(2) Roberto Castillo vs. Pepper Parks (w/Cherry Bomb). This is Castillo’s first match ever according to the announcers. Parks stopped beating on Castillo to kiss Cherry. The ref went to talk to Cherry and Parks choked Castillo with his workout equipment. Parks made short work of Castillo and got the pin.

Winner: Pepper Parks – This was a squash. I’m surprised Parks doesn’t have a deal somewhere at this point. He’s got a good look and comes off well as a heel in the ring.

Main show results:

(1) Bandido Jr. (W/Chrissy Rivera) vs. Shane Strickland. Bandido dominated the action during the early stages of the match after catching Strickland with a flip dive over the top to the outside. Strickland and Bandido both went for a flying cross-body at the same time and both men were down. Strickland got the better of a strike exchange and the pace picked up with Strickland hitting a twisting kick that sent Bandido to the outside. Strickland then went for a crazy dive and landed hard on the outside. Bandido hit eye of the hurricane and went right into an elevated DDT, but Shane kicked out. Strickland landed on his feet after Bandido went for a DDT off the top and hit a superkick. Strickland then hit a double stomp off the top for the pin.

Winner: Shane Strickland

Star rating: (**3/4) – This was a solid opening match with some exciting action. Bandido dominated a lot of the action, but Strickland looked good here making a comeback and winning the match.

(2) Jessicka Havok vs. Neveah. Denver Colorado came in on commentary for this match. Neveah dominated the action during the early stages of the match. The action spilled to the outside and they exchanged punches. The official called a double count out and the crowd booed.

Winner: No winner via double count out

Officials came out and separated both women. They both managed to get away and went back after each other.

(3) Greg Excellent vs. Alex Reynolds vs. Alex Colon (w/Chrissy Rivera) vs. Shane Hollister.

Everyone went after Excellent after he took them all down to start the match. They then got together and triple teamed Excellent. Excellent poked Reynolds and Hollister in the eye and went after Colon. Excellent put his top singlet on Colon and nailed him with a big chop. Excellent then put on a referees shirt and slapped the ref’s but. Reynolds and Hollister went after Colon because he was wearing Excellent’s gear. Excellent acted like he was the ref and Hollister and Colon finally realized it. They went for a double team, but Excellent took them down with a double clothesline. Reynolds cut off Excellent on the apron and went for a German, but Excellent countered him into a Rock bottom on the apron. Colon wiped out Excellent with a blockbuster over the guardrail. Hollister then followed up with a big flip dive on Excellent and the fans popped.

Hollister and Colon went at it back inside the ring. They did a ton of moves and Hollister elevated Colon upside down on the top rope and nailed him with a superkick. Reynolds ran in and hit a modified code breaker on Hollister, but Colon broke up the pin. Excellent ended a big sequence by breaking up Hollister’s pin on Colon with a leg drop off the top and the crowd popped. The fans fired up with all four men down on the mat. Excellent took down his straps and hit a cannonball in the corner on Hollister and Colon. Reynolds then ran in and stole the pin with a rollup on Excellent.

Winner: Alex Reynolds

Star rating: (***) - This was a fun action packed match with some comedy from Excellent. Hollister, Reynolds, and Colon were all impressive here creating a lot of action with Excellent down on the outside.

Excellent took off his tights and started mooning the fans after the match. Gross.

Cherry Bomb came out with Pepper Parks to educate the fans on their diet. It was hard to hear them when they spoke. Cherry told the fans there were a lot of carbs in potato chips. Parks said on April 4 at WrestleCon they had something special planned. They told the fans to treat their bodies like temples and maybe one day they could treat someone else’s body like a playground. Parks and Cherry kissed as the fans booed.

(4) Gulak Campaign (Kimber Lee & Alexander James) w/Dewey Donovan vs. OI4K (Jake & Dave Crist).

Jake hit a leg lariat on James and tagged in Dave, but James ran to his corner and tagged in Lee. Lee slapped Dave in the face. She then nailed him with a hard chop. Lee took Jake down with a dropkick. Jake fired right back and hit a standing moonsault for a 2 count. Lee tagged in James, who went at it with Jake. OI4K began working over James with quick tags. Jake went after Lee on the apron and turned right around into a clothesline from James. Jake quickly tagged off James and tagged in his brother and they nailed James with a series of kicks and knees, but only got a two count. Lee took out Dave and Jake went after him, but James cut him off and hit a neck breaker over his knee.

Jake ran in and wiped out James. James saved Lee, but Dave nailed him with a tiger suplex for a 2 count. OI4K then hit a tombstone/missile dropkick on James for the win.

Winners: Jake & Dave Crist

Star rating: (*3/4) – This was short and the action was solid, but it wasn’t a very exciting match to watch. The match was more of a backdrop to the post-match angle.

The Front came out after the match and beat down OI4K. They then beat down Lee and James. The Front isolated Lee, but Mr. Topenga came out. Robbie Mireno jumped him from behind with a pipe. The Front went back after Lee. James tried to make the save. One fan yelled boring. They held up James and nailed hmi with a foreign object. James then got hit with a chairshot to the head. One man got on the mic and said the message from the boss was that they would see Gulak Campaign at WrestleCon.

Azrieal came out to face A.R. Fox for the CZW Wired Championship wearing a funky looking mask and a tunic. Fox came out next to a good reaction. He has new tights with an American flag design on them. I wonder if Jack Swagger would approve.

(5) CZW Wired Champion A.R. Fox vs. Azrieal (w/Chrissy Rivera & Bandido Jr.). The announcers mentioned that Fox would compete in aerial assault at WrestleCon. Azrieal took control early after catching Fox by surprise with a dropkick. Fox fired back and hit a crazy outside in quebrada. This guy just keeps doing stuff that you don’t see from many people. Fox grabbed a chinlock causing the commentators to speculate that he might have an injury. Fox hit a legdrop off the top to the apron on Azrieal and the crowd fired up. Fox went for a flip dive, but Azrieal got out of the way and Fox crashed and burned. Azrieal then slid through the ropes and clotheslined Fox into the crowd. Azrieal got a running start and hitting a running dropkick on Fox, who was seated against the guardrail. The crowd tried to rally behind Fox, but Azrieal grabbed an octopus submission. Fox struggled as Azrieal transitioned the hold into an arm submission, but Fox got the ropes. Azrieal tossed Fox to the outside and Bandido and Rivera put the boots to him.

Azrieal continued to dominate the action and the crowd tried to rally behind Fox. Fox countered a suplex from the apron inside the ring and hit a twisting brainbuster that left both men down on the mat. The crowd fired up as both men struggled to get to their feet. Fox got up and mounted a flurry of offense on Azrieal. Fox hit a crazy rolling ace crusher on Azrieal for a 2 count. Azrieal bailed to the outside and Fox nailed him with a huge splash over the top to the outside. Fox then got a running start and wiped out Bandido and Azrieal with a flip dive over the ringpost to the outside. Holy crap! Fox went for a 450, but Azrieal got his knees up and hit a brainbuster. He then went up top and hit a frogsplash, but Fox kicked out at the very last second. Fox ducked a superkick and matrixed under a clothesline, but Azrieal caught him with an enzuguri. Fox fired right back with a blue thunder powerbomb and a gorgeous swanton for a nearfall.

Rivera got up on the apron to distract the ref. Fox went for Lo Mein pain, but Bandido held Azrieal in place. Azrieal then hit a double stomp on Fox, but he kicked out at the last second. The crowd applauded after the nearfall. Fox hit a package suplex and put Azrieal up top. He then followed up with Lo mein pain for the win.

Winner: A.R. Fox to retain the CZW Wired Championship

Star rating: (***3/4) – This was an awesome display of action from both men. Fox and Azrieal pulled off some great sequences and the nearfalls down the stretch were really well done. I love watching Fox perform. He’s becoming one of my favorite in-ring performers at this stage of his career.

(6) CZW Tag Team Champions The Catalyst (Eric Ryan & Dustin Rayz) vs. Nation of Intoxication (Devon Moore & Lucky 13). BLKout stole the tag titles last month, but The Catalyst are still defending them in this match. Moore and Lucky worked together to take out Ryan during the early stages of the match. Rayz hit a kick on Moore from the apron to give Ryan the upper hand a short time later. Rayz and Ryan hit a flurry of moves on Moore in the corner capped by a coast-to-coast dropkick from Ryan, but Lucky made the save from the pin. The Catalyst continued to get the heat on Moore for a long period of time. The crowd tried to rally behind Moore, but Rayz tossed him to the mat. Moore tried to mount another comeback, but the Catalyst nailed him with a powerbomb/neck breaker combination. Lucky once again had to run in to make the save from the pin. The crowd tried to rally behind Moore. Raze sold frustration about not being able to put Moore away. Moore went for a SSP into the corner, but Raze got out of the way. Moore then flipped up out of the corner and caught Raze with an ace crusher. That was a nice spot.

Both men were down in the ring. The crowd heat isn’t great, but the action has been good so far. Both men tagged out. Lucky ran wild on Ryan and Rayz. The Nation hit a combination superkick/crucifix bomb on Ryan, but Rayz made the save. Rayz got sent to the outside and Moore went up top, but Rayz crotched him up top. Lucky went for a dive to the outside, but Rayz got out of the way. Moore went for a SSP on Ryan, but Rayz pulled him out of the ring. Rayz hit a running kick to Moore’s head and Ryan covered him for the win.

Winners: Dustin Rayz & Eric Ryan to retain the CZW Tag Team Championship

Star rating: (***) – This was a good match. The crowd heat wasn’t great, but both teams did a good job of building the match up with a long heat segment on Moore leading into a fast-paced back and forth finishing sequence. These men really should wear different gear when they wrestle each other, as it was hard to tell them apart during the match.

After the match Jeez and Ruckus jumped the Catalyst. The announcers were outraged that BLKout was in the building. Jeez and Ruckus bailed after several officials ran down to the ring. The announcers said BLKout was suspended indefinitely until they could come to an agreement about their status in the company.

Adam Cole and Sami Callihan came out to pick opponents for each other. Cole was up first and he had D.J. Hyde, Jimmy Jacobs, and Tommy Dreamer to pick from. Cole told the fans he wanted to make it clear that he’s not gay. Cole said he was going to choose and friend and a mentor to destroy Callihan. Cole announced Callihan’s opponent would be Jimmy Jacobs.

(7) Jimmy Jacobs vs. Sami Callihan – Pick Your Poison match #1. Callihan hit a running kick and a big suplex right away on Jacobs for a nearfall. Jacobs caught Callihan by surprise with a spear and the crowd roared for the nearfall. The ref threw Cole out for interfering in the match. Dreamer then tripped Jacobs from the outside and the ref threw him out. Dreamer took some Lucky Charms from a fan and then ate them before leaving ringside. Callihan sent Jacobs off the apron a short time later and nailed him with a suicide dive. The crowd fired up as Callihan hit a signature running chop on Jacobs on the outside. Callihan went for a chop against the ringpost, but missed. Jacobs went for a kick from the apron, but Callihan tripped him on the apron. Jacobs countered Callihan and hit a hurricanrana off the apron that sent Callihan into the guardrail. Jacobs then hit the Cactus Jack elbow off the apron and immediately grabbed his hip.

Callihan countered Jacobs up on the mat and nailed him with a big forearm to the back of the head. Jacobs countered him out of the corner and hit a tornado DDT for a 2 count. Jacobs continued to dominate the action for a long period of time. Jacobs hit a slap and Callihan fired up. Callihan hit a big clothesline and capped a big sequence with a powerslam for a 2 count. Callihan set up Jacobs a short time later and began hitting a series of running boots. Callihan went for a third running kick, but Jacobs fired up and hit a big clothesline and a springboard ace crusher for a nearfall. Callihan caught a boot from Jacobs out of the corner and hit a big powerbomb for a 2 count. Jacobs hit a reverse frankensteiner, but Callihan popped up and hit a big clothesline and both men were down.

The crowd applauded as both men struggled to get back to their feet. Both men got up and began exchanging headbutts. They began exchanging strikes and Jacobs fired up with a series of forearms. Callihan flipped off Jacobs and Jacobs spit in his face. Jacobs ducked a kick moments later and got a rollup for a 3 count. He went for another springboard ace crusher, but Callihan countered it into a Russian leg sweep for a 2 count. Callihan applied the stretch muffler after Jacobs kicked out. Jacobs struggled and managed to get the ropes. Jacobs shoved Callihan to the outside and hit a dive through the ropes that sent both men into the guardrail. Jacobs got a pair of chairs and set them up on the outside. Callihan tried to surprise him with a Saito suplex into the chairs, but Jacobs shoved him into the ringpost. Jacobs hit the contra code through the chairs on the outside and both men were down. Callihan barely beat the ref’s count getting back into the ring. Jacobs argued with the ref after Callihan beat his count. Cole ran out and nailed Callihan with a cane shot. Jacobs then went up top and hit a senton, but Callihan got his hand on the bottom rope to break the pin.

Cole and D.J. exchanged some words on the outside as Jacobs sold frustration in the ring. The crowd seems to have gone flat. Jacobs and Callihan went back and forth. Callihan countered a contra code attempt. Jacobs went for it again, but Callihan countered and dumped him over the top turnbuckle. Callihan went for a powerbomb, but Jacobs grabbed the end time. Callihan tried to fight out of it, but Jacobs hit several knee strikes and applied the hold again. Callihan reversed the hold and got a pinning combination for a nearfall, but Jacobs applied it again. Callihan tried to power out, but Jacobs countered. Callihan then got the stretch muffler after an exchange for the win.

Winner: Sami Callihan

Star rating: (***1/2) – The crowd heat for the match sucked, but the action was really good. I don’t know what this crowd is looking for, but these two put on a fantastic match with only a couple of parts of the match dragging.

Callihan got on the mic and said that Cole is gay. Callihan asked the crowd who he should pick to face Cole. Cole ended up picking Dreamer and the crowd went nuts.

(8) Adam Cole vs. Tommy Dreamer – Pick Your Poison match #2. Dreamer came out and brawled with Cole outside the ring. The action spilled into the ring and then back outside with Dreamer in control. Cole fired back and dropped Dreamer crotch-first over the guardrail before nailing his leg with a chair shot. The crowd was mad that Cole was in control now. Cole began working over Dreamer with some chops inside the ring. Cole worked over Dreamer’s leg as the heat from the crowd died down. Cole went outside and grabbed a chair. Cole dropped Dreamer leg-first over the chair. He then nailed Dreamer’s leg with a dropkick with it still stuck inside the chair. Cole tried to whip Dreamer into the chair he set up in the corner, but Dreamer couldn’t stand. Cole went for a figure 4, but Dreamer kicked him into the chair set up in the corner.

Dreamer began mounting a comeback and hit a big suplex. Dreamer then applied the crossface on Cole. Cole struggled, but got the ropes. Dreamer went for a DDT onto the chair, but Cole tripped him onto the chair and hit a leg lariat for a 2 count. Dreamer blocked a superkick and went for a DVD, but Cole slipped away and hit a superkick for a nearfall. Cole went for the Florida Keys German, but Dreamer hit a low blow. Dreamer whipped Cole into the ref and hit a DDT, but the ref was down. Cole countered a piledriver onto the chair a short time later and hit a superkick to Dreamer’s knee. He then went over and nailed the ref with a shot before applying the figure 4 on Dreamer. Callihan ran into the ring and obliterated Cole with a cane shot. Dreamer then covered him for the win.

Winner: Tommy Dreamer

Star rating: (**) – They told the story they needed to tell, but the crowd was dead for a lot of the action. Dreamer went for his usual bag of tricks with weapon shots and brawling segments. When Cole was in control, he did a pretty good job, but there were too many gimmicks for me in this match.

Cole got on the mic after the match. He told Callihan he hates him. He said he would prove that he’s better than Callihan. He said their feud had gone on for a very long time. He said they’re too of the best in the industry today. Cole said at the Best of the Best they will meet one last time. Cole said it would be the best vs. second the best. Callihan got upset and hit a bicycle kick on Cole’s face. Callihan told Cole that he is the best and called Cole gay.

Radican note: This was a really good exchange on the mic between Cole and Callihan, but why go with the cheap comments with Callihan calling Cole gay? That’s just unnecessary when you have two great wrestlers and the fans are directed to chant homophobic slurs at Cole after the segment.

Larry Legend came out before the main event and got one of the bigger pops of the night. Larry is one of my favorite ring announcers in the business. Legend handled the introductions for the main event. Larry said he would be back at WrestleCon and for Best of the Best. The crowd popped big for his announcement.

Larry wished Tremont a happy birthday before doing the formal introductions for the main event.

CZW Champion Masada vs. Christina Von Eerie vs. Joe Gacy vs. Matt Tremont – Four-Way CZW World Title match. Von Eerie kicked away Gacy before hitting a bulldog on Tremont. Von Eerie continued to run wild, as she hit a tornado DDT on Gacy. Gacy fired back inside the ring on Von Eerie. Masada came back into the ring and nailed Gacy with several shots with a trashcan lid. Gacy and Von Eerie brawled on the outside with Tremont working over Masada in the ring. Von Eerie doesn’t come across as credible in terms of being able to match up physically with these three men so far. Von Eerie wiped out Gacy with a trashcan lid on the outside. Masada shoved the ref into the ropes to crotch Tremont up top. Tremont fought him off and hit a big splash for a 2 count.

Tremont got a fork and stuck it into Masada’s head. Masada started bleeding from the head. Gacy and Von Eerie continued to brawl on the outside as Gacy and Masada did the walk and fork spot against the ropes. Von Eerie went to town on Gacy with a cane on the outside. Von Eerie got back into the ring and went after Tremont. She nailed him with the fork. Masada shoved Von Eerie aside to avoid a charge from Gacy. Gacy and Masada then botched a spot. Gacy decided to repeat the spot and it turns out they were going for a DVD. Tremont ended up breaking up the pin. Gacy dumped Von Eerie on top of Masada and went up top, but Tremont cut him off with a punch and everyone was down. Tremont was busted open as well.

Masada and Tremont went after each other’s cuts. Von Eerie ran into the ring and went after Tremont, but he shoved her off. Von Eerie went after Tremont again and he tried to powerbomb her through a pile of chairs, but Masada saved her. Tremont powerbombed Masada through the chairs and then hit a sit out powerbomb on a chair, but Gacy made the saved. Gacy and Tremont brawled on the outside. Von Eerie ended up hitting a dropkick on both of them through the ropes. Gacy tried to steal a pin on Masada inside the ring, but he kicked out. Masada got a pinning combination on Gacy, but Tremont made the save. Masada hit a DVD on the open chair on Gacy for the win.

Winner: Masada

Star rating: (**) – This was a decent brawl, but it seemed predictable with blood, spots with chairs, forks, and other weapons. This style is not my thing, but at least they didn’t do anything reckless in this match. Von Eerie seemed a little out of place at times, but played nicely into the story they were telling down the stretch.

Gacy and Tremont brawled on the outside after the match to end the show.

Overall thoughts: (7.0) – This was just a really solid card from top to bottom. RF Video did a fantastic job with their debut on live iPPV. I had a chance to watch the live test before finishing up a couple of matches that I missed live. The picture looked close to DVD quality and the stream was flawless when I hooked my television into my computer. I’ve watched CZW in the past on demand and there was a lot of pixilation on the iPPV replays, but “Wanted” had a clear picture live and as a VOD.

A lot of this show was about setting up the CZW roster for WrestleCon and Best of the Best. The show did a good job on both fronts given that they were hyping two different shows. The card started off with a good match between Bandido and Strickland. The card built from there; although I was disappointed Havok and Neveah were only given a couple of minutes in the ring.

A.R. Fox-Azrieal was the best match on the card. Fox amazes me every time I see him and he put together a fantastic match in defending the Wired title. Fox hit a number of jaw-dropping moves in this match and some of the crowd actually woke up.

I liked the idea behind the continuation of the Cole-Callihan feud with both men picking opponents for each other, but I wasn’t a fan of the company baiting the fans into chanting homophobic slurs at Cole. Callihan vs. Jacobs was a really good match, although the crowd was dead in spots.

The main event was the usual hardcore style match from CZW with Masada defending the CZW Championship against Gacy, Von Eerie, and Tremont. The crowd was into this action, but even this style of match suffered from the lack of fan reaction. It was tough watching a match of this style with Von Eerie involved. I don’t think women should be wrestling in a match of this style, especially with men. They didn’t do anything too crazy during the match and told a decent story, so it was fine in that respect.

I liked most of this show. There were some really good matches up and down the card, although some parts of the show didn’t appeal to me. CZW did a good job of not only putting on an entertaining card, but also building towards their big show at WrestleCon and then Best of the Best next month.

RF Video Now also did a good job in their iPPV debut. The show looked and sounded good except for when wrestlers were on the ring mic, which has nothing to do with RF Video’s stream. I’ve watched a number of iPPVs in the past and their stream provided one of the better viewing experiences I’ve had. Thumbs up.

You can purchase CZW’s “Wanted” as a VOD at or by clicking HERE


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