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RADICAN'S CHIKARA "ALL THE AGENTS AND SUPERHUMAN CREW" REVIEW 2/9 - Steen & Young Bucks vs. 3.0 & Akuma, Peck-Mr. Touchdown blow off No DQ match

May 7, 2013 - 12:25:41 PM

By Sean Radican, Torch columnist


FEB. 9, 2013

Deviant said he had gotten the win at the season finale and told Soldier Ant he was going to listen to him. Soldier Ant got mad and walked away.

Soldier Ant & Deviant made their entrance and pushed and shoved each other all the way down to the ring. Solider then cheered Fire Ant and Assailant as they came down to the ring.

(1) Fire Ant & Assailant beat Soldier Ant & Deviant. The director of fun was in on commentary and seemed happy that his meddling with the stables had caused this kind of disruption on the roster. Soldier did some comedy with Assailant before taking him down to the mat. Fire Ant tagged in and both men sat down back to back and refused to wrestle each other. Fire Ant and Soldier Ant began working as a unit to take down Assailant and Deviant. They then bumped back to back and teased going at it, but ended up hitting stereo dives on opposite sides of the ring. Even though Fire and Solider were working together, they were technically going after their opponents. Deviant teased shaking Assailant’s hand, but ended up punching him down to the mat before going to work on Fire. The crowd fired up and chanted for Fire, who tried to mount a comeback, but got cut off.

Fire finally made the hot tag to Assailant. Deviant tried to shake his hand, but Assailant would have one of it and went to town on him. The action broke down with Soldier and Assailant going at it. Soldier hit a German with a bridge on Assailant for a 2 count. Deviant and Soldier began arguing after Deviant kicked him while he had Fire on his shoulders. Soldier left the ring and Assailant took down Deviant with a clothesline from behind. Fire and Assailant hit ants marching on Deviant for the win.

The crowd seemed to accept Assailant after the match because he was able to work with Fire Ant successfully.

Star rating: (**1/2) – This was a good opening match, although the booking really made you concentrate to see what was going on with the mixed and matched ants. It was clever the way Soldier and Fire worked together at times in the match while still going after their respective opponents. The crowd seemed lively and into the action, but this was more about storyline advancement than in-ring action.

(2) Dasher Hatfield beat Delirious. Delirious wrestled barefoot and quickly took control of the match during the early going. Hatfield then rolled up Delirious out of nowhere for the win.

After losing the match, Delirious went nuts and attacked Hatfield. Hatfield fired back and nailed Delirious with a big punch, but Kobald attacked him from behind with a baseball bat. Delirious then hit a series of panic attacks in the corner and the crowd booed.

Star rating: (n/a) – This was more of an angle it seemed to set up something else down the line.

(3) The Batiri (Obariyon & Kodama) vs. Los Ice Creams (Ice Cream Jr. & El Hijo del Ice Cream). The Batiri managed to scare Hijo during the early stages of the match by screaming at him. Hijo ran around the building before jumping into Jr.’s arms. Kobald was in on commentary and he was pretty funny saying that on one side of the ring is a tag team and on the other side is Los Ice Creams. Jr. tagged in and shook the ropes, but immediately was put in a chin lock, by Obariyon. Kodama ended up hitting a big kick on Jr. before putting him in another chin lock. Hijo tried to sneak in to break up the submission, but the ref sent him out of the ring. The Batiri used the distraction to hit a series of moves on Jr. in the corner. Kodama covered Jr., but only got a 2 count. Hijo snuck into the ring yet again, but was successful in breaking up the chin lock. Jr. made the hot tag and hit a pair of slams on both members of the Batiri. The Batiri cut Jr. off and nailed him with a combination of moves for a 2 count. Hijo tagged himself into the match and accidentally knocked Jr. off the apron bouncing off the ropes. The Batiri went up top and hit a blockbuster and then a swinging DDT on Hijo for the win.

The crowd booed the Batiri winning the match.

Star rating: (**3/4) – This was a lot of fun to watch. Los Ice Creams are funny with their mannerisms in the ring and there was a lot of comedy in this match. Kobald was also funny on commentary talking about how the only channel he gets on his crystal ball is YouTube.

Ophidian came out for the next match to boos and didn’t seem happy to see two fans with Amasis masks on. Frightmare made his entrance, but Ophidian was still on the outside going crazy because a girl was wearing an Ophidian mask. Frightmare went outside to go after him and ate a big boot.

(3) Frightmare beat Ophidian. The bell rang and Ophidian put the boots Frightmare. Frightmare mounted a comeback and hit a running dropkick on Ophidian. Ophidian countered a hurricanrana into a powerbomb, but Frightmare kicked out and the fans applauded. The crowd fired up as Ophidian went back to the outside and took an Amasis mask off of one of the fans. Frightmare followed Ophidian to the outside and attacked him from behind. Frightmare hit a nice crucifix style pinning combination, but only got a 2 count. Ophidian fired back and hit a nice kick to Frightmare’s arm. Frightmare hit the double knees in the corner and then did a headstand on the top turnbuckle and dropped down and hit the double knees again. Ophidian went outside after another person in an Amasis mask, but Frightmare nailed him with a running dive off the apron. Both men exchanged counters and Frightmare caught Ophidian with a version of the 2K1 bomb for a nearfall. He followed up with a big ace crusher and went for a standing moonsault, but Ophidian kicked him away. Ophidian went for kneecolepsy, which is Frightmare’s finish, and connected for a 2 count. Ophidian applied a cobra clutch, but Frightmare climbed the turnbuckles and pushed himself backwards into the pin for the win.

Star rating: (**1/2) – This match was more about furthering the Amasis-Ophidian angle than anything else, although the action was good at times. They kept this one relatively short and told a solid story with Ophidian being constantly distracted by people on the outside wearing Amasis masks. Frightmare capitalized just about every time Ophidian got distracted and ended up getting the win with a nice counter out of the cobra clutch.

Sugar Dunkerton was singing backstage. Icarus yelled at him for singing old 80s songs. Icarus said he had gotten some tips on tag wrestling for Dunkerton and ran them down for him. He told Dunkerton to have his back. Dunkerton said he had Icarus’s ugly back.

Jigsaw and the Shard came out to boos. Icarus and Dunkerton came out next to a mixed reaction because of the mixed heel/face dynamic on their team.

(4) Jigsaw & The Shard beat F.I.S.T. (Icarus & Sugar Dunkerton). The bell rang right when Icarus and Dunkerton got into the ring as Jigsaw and Shard jumped them. Dunkerton made a one man comeback and locked in a double leg submission on both of his opponents. Dunkerton celebrated and Icarus ran in to celebrate with him and the crowd booed. Dunkerton danced around and missed an elbow on Shard a short time later. Jigsaw then jumped him from behind and went to work on him. Shard and Jigsaw hit a series of kicks on Dunkerton and covered him for a 2 count after working him over for a long period of time. Jigsaw and Shard continued to take short cuts behind the ref’s back to maintain the upper hand. Dunkerton continually tried to fire back, but continued to get cut off. Dunkerton finally made the hot tag and Icarus ran wild on Jigsaw with a series of rolling suplexes capped by a suplex into the turnbuckles for a nearfall. The crowd booed the hot tag to Icarus, who caught Shard with a spear when he ran into the ring. The numbers game finally caught up to Icarus, who ate a brainbuster/kick to the head combination for a 2 count.

Dunkerton came back into the ring once Icarus rolled out. The action broke down and Icarus ended up leaving the ring while they had Jigsaw isolated in the ring. Dunkerton tried to fight back against Shard and Jigsaw on his own while Icarus stood on the outside. Jigsaw finally caught Dunkerton with a superkick. Shard then slammed him down with a spinebuster and Jigsaw followed up with a double stomp off the top for the win.

Star rating: (**1/2) – This was a solid bout and was heavily based on the story of Icarus and Dunkerton not being able to get along. They had some fun spots mixed in with Dunkerton dancing and missing an elbow drop early in the match, which caused Icarus to get mad at him. There was some good action down the stretch before Icarus left Dunkerton alone in the ring to fend for himself.

Green Ant cut a promo backstage. He said he was facing the Grand Champion tonight. He said people felt sorry for him facing Eddie Kingston, but tonight he was here to show the world he’s ready for Eddie Kingston. Good promo.

Kingston and Green Ant got a good reception coming out for their non-title match. Kingston told Green Ant he has to earn his title shot while holding the belt up in his face.

(5) Green Ant beat CHIKARA Grand Champion Eddie Kingston in a Non-Title match. Chikarason mentioned on commentary that the Director of Fun decides whether or not the title is on the line in Kingston’s matches. He speculated a system to determine challengers would be put in place at some point in the near future. Neither man could get the upper hand in the early going. Green Ant hit a big chop in the corner and backed away from Kingston. He hit another chop a short time later, but Kingston nailed him with a big forearm and he bailed to the outside. Green Ant hit a flurry of offense on Kingston, but Kingston caught him in the corner and nailed him with a leg and arm capture suplex. Kingston worked over Green Ant for a long period of time. Kingston tried to cover Green Ant several times, but could only get a one count. Kingston grabbed a STOMACH CLAW, but Green Ant turned it into an arm submission. Green Ant tried to fire back, but Kingston caught him with a headbutt to the mid-section as he came off the ropes. Kingston continued to focus on Green Ant’s mid-section as he grabbed a body lock on the mat.

Green Ant ended up rolling on top of Kingston, who shoved him to the mat with his legs. Kingston nailed Green ant with a series of chops in the corner. Kingston came off the second rope with a knee to the back of Green Ant’s head, but appeared to hurt his leg. Kingston continued to favor his knee while maintaining the advantage. Kingston tried to surprise him with a cloverleaf, but Kingston rolled him up for a nearfall. Kingston then countered Green Ant and hit the scorpion death drop for a 2 count. The crowd fired up in support of Green Ant. Kingston ended up getting cut off up top. Green Ant followed up with a dragon screw off the top. Kingston rolled to the floor and Green Ant followed him and kicked away at his leg. Green and hit a double springboard dropkick for a 2 count. Kingston went for a desperation back fist, but Green Ant ducked and eventually managed to apply the figure 4 on Kingston. Kingston struggled, but eventually got the ropes. Green Ant taunted Kingston while kicking him. Kingston fired up and hit a German suplex and a big clothesline while selling his leg for a 2 count. Kingston then hit a modified suplex for another 2 count and both men were down as the crowd applauded. The crowd was split and chanted for both men.

Both men got up and exchanged forearms and chops. Green Ant managed to lift Kingston and hit a modified Samoan drop for a 2 count and both men were down again with Kingston still favoring his leg. Kingston hit a Saito suplex after another exchange, but was slow to get up. Kevin Steen ran out and taunted Kingston. Kingston ended up hitting the Wink Vavasseur, who was trying to separate them, by accident. Steen ran to the back and Kingston went for a back fist, but Green Ant ducked it and eventually locked in a clover leaf. Kingston immediately tapped out for the win.

Fire Ant ran into the ring and celebrated with Green Ant. Vavasseur was down on the outside and told the people trying to help him Kingston had done it on purpose. Vavasseur got into the ring and yelled at Kingston, who struggled to get up because of his leg injury. Vavasseur told him nothing could undo what he had done today. Vavasseur said his match against Steen on the next show was now for the Grand Championship. The crowd gave Kingston a round of applause as he yelled at the cameraman to get out of his face.

Star rating: (***1/2) – This was a very good match. Kingston worked over Green Ant during the first half of the match and was dominant until tweaking his knee coming off the second rope. Green Ant was able to mount a comeback and targeted Kingston’s injured leg every chance he got. The post-match angle with Vavasseur was a nice way to put Kingston’s title in jeopardy on the next night with Kingston now having to defend against Steen with an injured leg.

Steen came out with the Young Bucks. He wore one of their jackets down to the ring, which was pretty funny.

(6) Kevin Steen & Campeonas de Parejas The Young Bucks (Matt & Nick Jackson) beat 3.0 (Scott Parker & Shane Matthews) & Gran Akuma. The action was hot and heavy during the early going with no tags required to switch the legal man. Akuma got the better of Matt and sent him to the outside. Matthews and Steen then went at it. The action continued at a rapid pace until Steen and The Young Bucks cut off Akuma and began working him over. Akuma took a sustained beating from the Bucks & Steen, who were working heel. The Bucks & Steen triple teamed Akuma in the corner. Matt capped the cheating sequence with a handspring back rake on Akuma. Steen tried to join the Bucks in a triple back flip into a triple dropkick sequence on Akuma, but he couldn’t do it, so the Bucks hit the double dropkick and Steen followed up with a big running senton. Akuma ducked a dropkick from Matt, who ended up kicking Nick instead. Steen then ran in and cut off Akuma before taunting his partners. Akuma finally fired back on Steen and nailed him with a missile dropkick that left both men down. Both men tagged out. 3.0 got into the ring and ran wild on the Young Bucks and then Steen. The crowd fired up, as 3.0 and Akuma hit a series of forearms on Steen in the corner. The Young Bucks also got stacked in the corner on top of Steen. Steen and the Young Bucks fired back and hit a buckle bomb/double enzuguri on Akuma in the corner for a nearfall.

The action continued at a rapid pace. They went to a big sequence that ended with Akuma taking down Nick with a pair of kicks. 3.0 isolated Nick and nailed him with a combination of moves capped by a frog splash from Akuma. Matthews then locked in a Boston crab on Nick, but Steen broke up the submission. Nick tossed Akuma to the outside and nailed him with a big dive through the ropes. Steen and Matthews then went at it and exchanged forearms in the middle of the ring. Matthews went up top with Nick, but he pushed him off into a package piledriver from Steen. The Young Bucks then hit more bang for your buck for the win.

Star rating: (***1/2) – This was a really fun match to watch with Steen and the Bucks teaming together. They built the match well with a long heat segment on Akuma to start. The action really picked up during the second half of the match as the crowd got into it. Both teams put together some nice sequences before Steen and The Young Bucks got the win.

(7) Hallowicked (w/UltraMantis Black) beat Chuck Taylor. Black joined the commentary booth. The commentators mentioned this was the first singles match between these two men. Taylor got upset as the crowd got behind Hallowicked during the early stages of the match. The pace picked up as both guys went back and forth. Hallowicked got a 2 count with a pinning combination and went to work on Taylor’s arm. Taylor ended up grabbing Hallowicked’s horn to break free. Taylor cut off Hallowicked going for a shoulder tackle through the ropes and connected with an ace crusher. Taylor began working over Hallowicked before working a chin lock on the mat. The pace picked up, but Taylor finished a big sequence with a belly-to-belly suplex and the fans booed. The fans started a big chant for Hallowicked moments later as he tried to mount another comeback. Taylor raked Hallowicked’s eyes and snapped him neck-first over the top rope before hitting a missile dropkick for a 2 count. Taylor went for a moonsault, but Hallowicked rolled out of the way and began his comeback.

Hallowicked hit a big senton for a 2 count. Taylor fired right back with soul food a short time later. They went back and forth as the pace picked up. The fans chanted for Hallowicked, who went for go 2 sleepy hallow, but Taylor countered it into a single leg crab. Hallowicked got the ropes, but Taylor dragged him back to the middle of the ring. Hallowicked shoved Taylor off and nailed him with a dive through the ropes. They battled on the outside and ended up on the apron. Taylor eventually hit an inverted DDT after counting go 2 sleepy hallow. The ref began counting Hallowicked out after Taylor rolled back into the ring. They went back and forth and Hallowicked countered a springboard into a sit down powerbomb for a 2 count. Taylor ducked a charge in the corner and countered it into a German. Taylor followed up with a running kick for a 2 count. Hallowicked fired back and countered the awful waffle into go 2 sleepy hallow. He followed up with a running Yokuza kick for the win.

Star rating: (***) – This was a good singles match from these two. They had a hard time getting the crowd into the action during the match, but they were able to bring them up for Hallowicked’s comebacks. There were some good exchanges throughout the match, especially down the stretch as both men countered each other’s finishers. They told a nice story with Hallowicked being unable to hit the finish until the end of the match when he was finally able to put Taylor away.

Tim Donst came out with Jakob Hammermeier before the main event began and interrupted the ring announcer. Donst said wrestling isn’t fun, cool, or an art. He said wrestling is physical, pain, and disappointment. Donst said he should be the Grand Champion right now. Donst said nobody gets it. Hammermeier told him that he gets it and showed Donst his shirt. Donst took out a pair of scissors and cut up his shirt. Hammermeier told Donst that he wants to be like him. Donst took Hammermeier down and began cutting his hair. The crowd gasped as Donst cut away at Hammermeier’s hair. Hammermeier begged Donst to stop. Donst left the ring and said if Hammermeier wanted to be like him, now he was. Hammermeier then ran to the back.

Archibald Peck cut a promo and said it was time to fight. He left the picture and then came back into the picture. He said he doesn’t blame Mr. Touchdown for stealing Veronica from him. He said what he blames Mr. Touchdown for being is a bully. He said tonight the playing field is even and there are no unfair advantages for Mr. Touchdown. He said he is ready for the fight of his life.

Mr. Touchdown came out to boos for the main event. Archibald Peck then made his return to CHIKARA to a big pop.

(8) Archibald Peck beat Mr. Touchdown (w/Veronica) in a No DQ match. Peck charged the ring and traded blows with Mr. Touchdown. He teased a dive, but Mr. Touchdown ducked down, so Peck stopped and marched around the ring. Dunkerton talked about Peck’s exile from CHIKARA and said he was finally back in the promotion. Peck “split the uprights” with a headbutt to the groin and the announcers said normally that would be a DQ in CHIKARA. Peck went for a dive a short time later, but Mr. Touchdown caught him and slammed him onto the apron. Mr. Touchdown dominated the action for several minutes and taunted the fans along the way. The fans fired up behind Peck as he struggled to free himself from a chin lock. Peck struggled to get to the ropes, but since it was no DQ, Mr. Touchdown held on once he got to the ropes. Peck began trying to crawl down the ring apron before biting his way free of the hold. Peck went under the ring to get something, but Mr. Touchdown put the boots to him. Peck got tossed into the ring and was clutching an object that turned out to be his MMA gloves. Peck fired back and put his gloves on before wailing away on Mr. Touchdown. The fans fired up with Peck holding the advantage. Mr. Touchdown tried to return the favor and went for a headbutt to the groin, but Peck turned it into a triangle. Mr. Touchdown ended up powering up and tossed Peck into the turnbuckles with one arm.

Mr. Touchdown took Peck’s gloves off and told him he’s not a fighter. Peck fired back and went up top, but Mr. Touchdown cut him off and hit a superplex. Mr. Touchdown did his running in place splashes before Tebowing next to Peck. Peck ducked a charge in the corner and snapped the back of Touchdown’s head over the top rope. Peck fired up and went on the attack. Touchdown fired back and hit the flea flicker for a 2 count. Mr. Touchdown went under the ring and grabbed his shoulder pads. He went up top and Peck tried to cut him off, but Mr. Touchdown shoved him off. He then connected with a splash off the top with the pads on, but Peck kicked out at 2. Mr. Touchdown ended up clotheslining Peck to the outside and both men spilled over the top to the floor. Mr. Touchdown got the upper hand and tossed Peck into the ring. He taunted some fans before getting back into the ring and going on the attack. Peck got up and turned around wearing the Mysterious and Handsome Stranger mask. Peck fired up on Mr. Touchdown and hit a big lariat for a 2 count. Peck went for a springboard, but Mr. Touchdown caught him with a spear for a 2 count. Mr. Touchdown took the mask and appeared to be talking to it. He went under the ring and brought a bag into the ring. Mr. Touchdown opened the bag and there was a bird inside of it. It wasn’t Sapphire, but it was the statue that Peck had made in honor of his fallen bird.

The crowd chanted “You’re a monster” at Mr. Touchdown. A man came down to ringside with Sapphire in a wheel chair with a neck brace and a blanket on. Mr. Touchdown shoved the nurse away and wheeled Sapphire down to ringside. The announcers sold shock at Mr. Touchdown’s actions. Mr. Touchdown put Sapphire in the bag. Mr. Touchdown was about to spike the bag with Sapphire in it, but Peck low-blowed him with the other bird statue. Peck grabbed Sapphire and attached her to his leg. He then hit go 2 tweet, but Mr. Touchdown kicked out at the last second. Peck held up the bird and the fans started a huge “Sapphire” chant. Peck gave Sapphire to the nurse and he wheeled her to the back. Peck then went to the back and got his base drum. Mr. Touchdown fired up and hit a spinebuster for a 2 count. Both men got up and fought over the baton. Mr. Touchdown got it and swung at Peck, but he ducked. Peck got the baton, but Veronica got into the ring. She tried to come onto Peck and Mr. Touchdown went for a spear, but Peck got out of the way and hit Veronica. Peck slammed the base drum over Mr. Touchdown’s head. He put his hat on and went up as the fans went nuts. Peck hit a diving headbutt off the top and finally got the win.

The fans stood and applauded after the match. They chanted for Sapphire as Peck celebrated in the ring. Veronica yelled at Mr. Touchdown and told him he had embarrassed her.

Star rating: (****) – I loved this match. It wasn’t something you’ll see in any other promotion, but it was the perfect blow off to the long running feud between Peck and Mr. Touchdown. Peck went through all the different iterations of his feud during the course of the match. The drama built up as the match continued to play into the different elements of the storyline between these two. Sapphire’s return to the ring was a great moment and Peck’s post-match celebration was a blast to watch.

Overall thoughts: (8.0) – This was a good start to CHIKARA’s 2013. The season opener featured matches on the undercard that were more focused on moving forward various storylines than in-ring action, but that’s one of the benefits of CHIKARA is that they tell long-term stories that build to satisfying conclusions more often than not. The mixed partner storylines are still ongoing and I’m hoping they come to a conclusion soon, as it seems that it’s time for the storylines between the various feuding tag teams has run their course.

I enjoyed the build towards the inevitable Ophidian vs. Amasis match. I liked how Ophidian was distracted during the course of his match with Frightmare by people in the crowd wearing Amasis masks. It was also fun to see Los Ice Creams back in the ring to take on the Batiri. They have a fun gimmick and were the perfect foils for the heel unit of Obariyon & Kodama.

The second half of the card was really strong. Kingston-Green Ant had a very good match and Vavasseur getting involved in the match and being accidentally hit by Kingston when he went to the outside played into the ongoing storyline with Vavasseur abusing his power as the Director of Fun. The Six Man Tag with Steen & The Young Bucks vs. 3.0 & Akuma was also a blast to watch and they had some very good exchanges. Steen was hilarious during the match doing everything from coming out wearing a very small Young Bucks ring jacket to trying to aid the Bucks in hitting their signature athletic tandem offense only to fail.

CHIKARA allows their fans to invest in storylines and if you’ve followed the long-term build to the No DQ match between Archibald Peck and Mr. Touchdown, this is a must-buy release. They had a match that incorporated all of the different elements of their feud and Sapphire’s return down the stretch got the crowd red hot. I also loved how Peck incorporated all the different variations of his gimmick during the match.

This was a really good show to start the year for CHIKARA. The second half was very strong and I give this show a two big thumbs up.

You can purchase “All the Agents and Superhuman crew” at on DVD and as a VOD.


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